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Elementary Lesson Plan_ by malj


									Corps Member Advisor Scenario
During the summer institute, corps member advisors (CMAs)
assist corps members in developing strong, daily lesson
plans aligned with the Teaching as Leadership rubric. CMAs
do this by leading lesson planning clinics, where they
provide real-time support to corps members in crafting
plans, and by providing feedback on individual lesson
plans. The following exercise asks you to complete an
actual task that you will likely do in the corps member
advisor role.

Please imagine that you are a corps member advisor who has
just received this lesson plan from one of your corps
members during Week Three of the summer training
institute. This is a final lesson plan for a corps member
who will be teaching this lesson tomorrow to her summer
school students.

Your task is to review the lesson plan, providing the
following feedback:
  1. As you read, consider the questions included in the
     template on which the lesson plan is written. If the
     lesson plan does not adequately answer a question,
     mark an X next to the check-box provided.
  2. Identify strengths within the actual lesson plan,
     highlighting at least one specific example.
  3. Identify weaknesses within the actual lesson plan,
     highlighting at least one specific example.
  4. Utilize the Teaching as Leadership rubric to rate this
     CM on the P1 and P3 rows of the rubric.

Based on your feedback, write a quick note at the bottom of
the lesson plan to the corps member sharing:
  1. One strength.
  2. One to two weaknesses.
  3. Two to three strategic next steps that the corps
     member should take in revising his/her plan.
  4. Rate this CM on the P1 and P3 rows of the rubric.
     Please briefly explain why you chose this rating.

You may organize the messages in   your note however you
think will be most useful to the   corps member and however
fits best with your own style of   coaching; however, please
limit the length of your note to   a half-page of typed text.
*Please note that we recognize that the lesson plan is
literacy based. If you do not teach literacy, we
understand that you may not have the specific content
knowledge discussed in the lesson plan; however, we ask you
to provide the best feedback possible based on your
knowledge as an educator.

When you have completed your letter, please:
  1) Save the letter to your desktop as
     LastName_FirstName_CMA.doc (example:
  2) Return to your online application.
  3) Scroll to the resumes and attachments section of the
     application, and click on “Add Resume & Attachments.”
  4) Use the Browse button to search your computer, and
     attach this “LastName_FirstName_CMA.doc” document.
  5) In the description field, please record the
     description as LastName_FirstName_CMA.doc (example:

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