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					                     Element Cube Project Template

                                                           Side #2
     Side #1                                         Pictures of (Element)

                                           You must have at least two pictures of your
                                         element. One picture must be the shell pattern

                                          (Bohr Model) of electrons. The other is your
                                        choice. Pictures can be easily downloaded from
                               Important: you must place a
                                         caption under each photo. The caption for the
                                           shell pattern of electrons should say, “Bohr
                                               Model for (name of your element).”

Name of Element
               Your Name
                     Side #3                                 Side #4
Physical & Chemical Properties             Periodic Table Information

Color:                    Odor:
                                          Type of Element:        Period:

State of matter at        Texture:
room temp:
                                          Atomic Number:          Group:
Density:                  Flammability:

Melting Point:            Reactivity:
                                          Atomic Mass:            Family:

Boiling Point:
                       Side #5                                                 Side #6

          About (Element)                                       Uses of (Element)
Provide background history of your element. Who       How and where is your element used? Where do you
discovered or first identified your element? What     “bump into” your element in everyday life? (either in its
country? When?                                        pure form, in compound form, or in mixture form)

Where is your element found and how is it obtained?
How is your element separated from other materials
found with it?
                                          Element Project Rubric

Be accurate: You must be able to produce your information in print. Therefore, along with your cube,

you will be asked to turn in a research info sheet and bibliography of resources used. (10 pts)

Be creative: Dig deep and come up with something that expresses your creativity. For example,

Tungsten is used for a lot of electrical purposes, so there might be something related to electricity on it.

Be Aesthetics: Take pride in your project. Don’t turn in something that looks like it was done in

preschool. Your cube must be durable. (10pts)

Must include: SIDES MUST BE LABELED AND CONTAIN the same as template above - (don’t

forget units) (20pts)

Presentation: Delivery, Preparation, Knowledge of subject and Accuracy (10pts)
Name: _________________________________________ Period : ______ Project: _______________

Element: ______________

Research Info Sheet:

 1. Name of element: ____________________________________________________
 2. Element symbol: _____________________________________________________
 3. Atomic number: _____________________________________________________
 4. Atomic mass #: ______________________________________________________
 5. Number of protons: __________________________________________________
 6. Number of electrons: _________________________________________________
 7. Number of neutrons: _________________________________________________
 8. Date of discovery: ____________________________________________________
 9. Discoverer: __________________________________________________________
10. Country of discovery: _________________________________________________
11. Boiling point: ________________________________________________________
12. Melting point: _______________________________________________________
13. State of matter: ______________________________________________________
14. Family name: ________________________________________________________
15. Names of other members of the group: _____________________________________________
16. Period : ______________________________________________________
17. Uses for element: ______________________________________________
18. Type of element: ______________________________________________________
19. Density: _______________________________________
20. Physical Property: _____________________________________________________________
21. Chemical Property: __________________________________________________________________

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