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Heritage_ Hospitality and Hope

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     and Hope

 2009–2010 Annual Report
Presidential M
 Presidential                                  It gives me great pleasure to reflect back on the 2009–10 year at Marian
                                               University during which I served as Interim President. During that
                                               transitional period, our guiding mantra was Heritage, Hospitality and
                                               Outrageous Hope!

                                               Marian’s heritage is the teaching ministry of our founders and
                                               sponsors, the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA). With
                                               a courageous spirit, CSA opened Marian at a time not unlike today —
                                               during a recessionary period — when others might have shied away from
                                               such a venture. With a vision in mind Marian prevailed, and look what
                                               we are today! We proudly continue to build on that heritage and strive
                                               to achieve our vision of transforming lives through academic excellence,
                                               innovation and leadership.

  hospitality is what every person who crosses the
  threshold of our campus or any of our outreach sites must            “We proudly continue to
  encounter. Every member of the faculty and staff sees it as          build on our heritage and
  their responsibility to create a welcoming environment for all
  people. We are all creatures of God and are called to treat          strive to achieve our vision
  everyone accordingly, respecting our diversity as individuals
  while encouraging, challenging and nurturing one another.
                                                                       of transforming lives
  Diversity does not only mean the color of one’s skin, but also       through academic excellence,
  age, origin, religion, abilities, learning style and anything else
  that makes one person different from another. These                  innovation and leadership.”
  differences are to be embraced, welcomed and celebrated!

  Our hope … our Outrageous Hope … 2009–2010 included the opportunities for the future that would result from
  our search for the 14th president of Marian University as well as for new Deans for the School of Education and the
  School of Nursing. New leadership offers endless opportunities for future successes.

  We also saw Outrageous Hope in the enrollment in the traditional undergraduate programs and in the budget
  for the 2009–10 fiscal year. As was the case at many institutions across the country, sacrifices were made as this
  budget was prepared. However, as you will read in the pages that follow, those sacrifices were worthwhile and
  a positive year-end result was achieved.

  Now that Dr. Steven DiSalvo has assumed the presidency, he will no doubt develop his own mantra to inspire the
  work that he and the faculty and staff of Marian University must undertake to serve the students who seek to pursue
  their educational dreams at this university. For my part, I will continue to have outrageous hope for this wonderful
  institution — my alma mater — Marian University.

  With God’s blessings and outrageous hope for the future of Marian University.

  S. Mary Mollison, CSA ‘69
  Interim President 2009–10
l Messages
 It was with a great sense of pride yet humility that I accepted the
 opportunity to serve as the 14th president of Marian University and to
 provide leadership to the institution. As we prepare to commemorate our
 75th anniversary, we celebrate the past and embrace our future — a future
 that is full of hope.

 A Catholic university in the Agnesian tradition, Marian University provides
 an excellent education to those who wish to achieve their professional and
 personal academic goals at an institution such as ours, where the mission
 and core values are at the heart of all we do.

 My hope for the future is that we will build on what has been
 accomplished over the last year and focus on improving the quality of the
 entire Marian experience: our academic programs, our operations and our
 infrastructure. We have all heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff,”
 but it is the small stuff that can make a big difference in a student’s life on campus and in the classroom.

 My hope is also to get more exposure for Marian University. For some, we are a hidden gem. Expanding our
 geographic reach can reap many benefits for Marian and for the new areas into which we extend our footprint.
 More potential students will know about the excellent programs we offer and the opportunities that await them
 here. More foundations, corporations and philanthropic organizations and individuals will know about the great
                                                       things we are accomplishing, so they might want to be part of
                                                       the excitement we are creating. More alumni will be proud to
    “My hope for the future is                         call Marian their alma mater.
   that we will build on what
                                                         One more hope is to improve student retention. While we
 has been accomplished over                              can boast about a better-than-average retention rate currently,
                                                         there are still too many students who — for whatever reason
   the last year and focus on                            — do not persist through graduation. We will be exploring
 improving the quality of the                            why these students leave and determining if there are things
                                                         we can do to positively influence their decision about
  entire Marian experience.”                             completing their degree at Marian University.

 In closing, I will borrow from Sister Mary Mollison’s mantra of last year and express my Outrageous Hope that there
 are great things ahead for Marian University! Please pray for us as we embark on this ambitious journey together.

 Most sincerely,

 Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.
     Marian University
      Annual Report
                        Katie Bey
                 Sr. Joann Sambs, CSA
                                                                                       ............................................. 5–10
                    Monica M. Walk
                   Kim Schuenemann                                The Marian Legacy ..................................................6
                        Lisa Kidd                                 The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ ......................7
                                                                  Traditions Continue ................................................8
                 Graphic Design
                                                                  Heritage of Recognizing Excellence ......................9
                       Angela Mies
                                                                  Marian Athletics Maintain Sabre Pride................10
                   Published by the
         Office of University Relations, 2010.

           For more information contact
                                                             Hospitality                      .................................... 11–14                    Living the Values ...................................................12
                                                                  Welcome Home .....................................................13
          2010–11 Alumni Board                                    Opportunities to Experience Hospitality .............13
                    Heidi Bremer ‘05
                                                                  Gang Leader for a Day Visits Marian ...................14
                     Lori Cardinal ‘83

                   Stephanie Dean ‘01
                    Lori Garbisch ‘06
                    Randy Hatlen ‘99
                                                                              ..................................................... 15–21
                Lindee Graff Kimball ‘83                          Alumni & Friends Golf Outing..............................15
                      Steve Matz ‘01
                    Karen Roberts ‘82
                                                                  The My Story Project .............................................16
                  Mary Ann Salter ‘72                             University Selects 14th president .........................17
                    Chris Stolarski ‘02                           Answering a Call: DiSalvos’ Interview............ 18–21
                     Kerry Strupp ‘04
                                                             Highlights ....................................................... 22–24
         2010–11 Executive Team
                  Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo                      Fiscal Year in Review .......................................... 25
                      Stacey L. Akey
                                                             Marian at a Glance .............................................. 26
        Vice President for Enrollment Management
                                                             Marian Enrollment .............................................. 27
                   Dr. James van Dyke
            Interim Vice President of Academics
                                                             Donor Listing.................................................. 28–30
                     Mary K. Kosmer
      Controller and Director of Business and Finance

                      Carey Gardin
            Executive Assistant to the President

                Sr. Cyndi Nienhaus, CSA
      Assistant to the President for University Mission

                       Kerry Strupp
                     Dean of Students

                  Sr. Marie Scott, CSA
                     Campus Minister

                      Kate Candee
Director of the Office of Learning, Engagement & Retention

                         Lisa Kidd
              Director of University Relations
 MeMbers of the Congregation of sisters of st.
                                                                       Mission Statement
 agnes have always possessed a pioneering spirit.                      Marian University is a Catholic
 In early spring 1936, when the Sisters faced adversity while          applied liberal arts institution of
 student–teaching in the classroom and were unable to wear             higher learning sponsored by the
 religious habits, the pioneering spirit again took root. Sisters      Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
 Aloysia Leickem and Vera Naber petitioned the DPI to create
                                                                       offering undergraduate, graduate,
 their own college. In honor of our patroness, the doors of
                                                                       and continuing education programs.
 Marian College opened on September 8, 1936, the Feast of the
 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Called to fulfill the            As a community, it welcomes
 teaching ministry of Christ, CSA began a rich heritage of             diverse spiritual traditions and is
 educating women and men committed to the service of others.           committed to the transformation
                                                                       of the individual and the world
 The Marian legacy is one that has enriched the lives of nearly        through lifelong learning. Marian
 13,000 alumni who, today, share joyful memories of their years
                                                                       University is dedicated to the
 at Marian. Whether students studied in the original classrooms
                                                                       education of the whole person,
 in the Halls of St. Agnes Convent, on the Fond du Lac campus
 grounds or at one of the university’s many outreach                   striving to nurture intellectual,
 locations around the state, the lives of Marian’s proud alumni        spiritual, aesthetic, psychological,
 and current students are enriched by the dedicated faculty,           social, and physical dimensions.
 staff, administrators and congregation members who teach,             The University’s personal concern
 pray and care for them. Nurses and health care practitioners,         for students serves as the
 educators, social service professionals, those committed to           foundation for academic and
 justice and law as well as countless business leaders have
                                                                       student-life as well as professional
 graced the various halls of the university and graduated
                                                                       experiences. University programs
 transformed, living the values espoused at Marian.
                                                                       integrate professional preparation
 Although times have changed since the fledgling college               with liberal arts foundation. The
 opened, this pioneering spirit pervades today in the academic,        University embraces justice,
 co-curricular, residential, student life and spiritual dimension of   compassion, and service to the local
 all members of our Marian University community.                       and global community.

                                                                            MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   5
      The Marian Legacy
      Steeped in history and a commitment to our                 on the university’s Web page. It is distributed to
      Catholic heritage, the Marian community is                 prospective students and families to help them
      proud to continue the legacy of our founders,              understand how our heritage reflects the university
                                                                 and is lived today.
      the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA).
      The Agnesian tradition, rooted in Christ’s                 Various students enjoyed opportunities throughout the
      teachings, has fortified Marian as a community             year to engage in discussion, retreats and workshops
      of learners dedicated to service and social                about mission, vocation and understanding the role
      justice, and joined together by spiritual                  of leaders in a religiously diverse world. Whether
      traditions. We continue to find strength and               attending an overnight retreat, experiencing a different
      purpose in the legacy of the institution.                  religious practice or meeting with peer student leaders
                                                                 at a conference, Marian students have actively
      Embracing and welcoming people of all faiths and           participated in opportunities to explore religious
      walks of life, the legacy of CSA has enabled the           traditions and our own Marian legacy.
      university to live the Mission and Core Values in
      a manner that enriches the lives of all members of the     Campus has been further beautified with respect to
      Marian community and those we serve. Beginning             the heritage of the university and our Catholic religious
      with new student orientation activities and continuing     traditions. Each classroom, department and public
      throughout the educational journey, students explore       area at the Fond du Lac campus and the Appleton and
      the nuances of the mission, embrace and actively begin     Watertown sites have been enhanced with a handmade
      living the Marian values.                                  Nicaraguan crucifix and a framed copy of Marian’s
                                                                 Mission Statement and Core Values. The Quad on the
      The Office of University Mission has rededicated the       main campus has been transformed as well. What once
      university to our Catholic Agnesian heritage that          was a reflecting pool and font adjacent to the university
      continues to inspire the academic, co-curricular and       flag poles has been replaced by a Lilium Garden. This
      student life experiences for students. Faculty and staff   place of serenity bears Marian’s official seal, depicting
      were engaged on the topics of spirituality and servant-    the lily amongst thorns, artfully displayed in a cement
      leadership at Marian to ascertain the level of commit-     pathway surrounded by gardens and contemplation
      ment to these on campus and to dialogue ways to fur-       benches. These subtle and thoughtful touches have
      ther engage our students and professionals. In a series    reinforced the legacy of CSA on campus.
      of discussions, including one led by Marian University
      Trustee, Brother Louis DeThomasis, Marian has evalu-       The Marian legacy flourishes even while the university
      ated the institution’s Catholic identity and the need to   continues to evolve. Students, faculty, staff and alumni
      increase the understanding of it. A “Catholic Identity     support the purpose, mission and direction of the
      Fact Sheet” was developed and is displayed                 institution as we continue to be a teaching ministry of
                                                                 Christ in the Agnesian tradition.

The Healing Ministry
of Jesus Christ
This year has brought a joyous centennial celebration for the women and men who have devoted
their lives in service to others through nursing and nurse education either in the hallowed halls
of the St. Agnes School of Nursing or the Marian School of Nursing. Jointly, these two institutions,
through the gift of inspiration by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, celebrate 100 years of
providing quality nursing education program opportunities in Fond du Lac and greater Wisconsin.

Written by Sr. Joann Sambs,             University, in 1967. The Marian         guide and instruct nursing
General Superior, the                   University School of Nursing began      students — faculty, clinical
Congregation of Sisters of              educating nurses in 1964 and            instructors, supervising nurses and
St. Agnes                               continues to be one of the nation’s     physicians — because your
                                        top-rated nursing programs. SASN        support continues the original
From the inception of the               and Marian graduates have served        efforts started 100 years ago at
Congregation of Sisters of St.          the physical and mental health          the St. Agnes School of Nursing.
Agnes (CSA) just over 150 years         needs of patients not only in
ago, the sisters were called to serve   Fond du Lac, but across the globe       We wish continued success to
the communities in which we live.       as well.                                Marian University and the School
The fledgling group of women                                                    of Nursing. May you continue to
religious was pioneering in the         We, the Sisters of St. Agnes,           serve, educate, and inspire many
teaching and healing ministries of      celebrate this year with the women      more generations of nurses and
Jesus Christ. Through combined          and men alumni of both SASN and         guide them to be outstanding
efforts of the St. Agnes School of      Marian University and their families.   clinicians, devoted humanitarians,
Nursing and Marian University, we       100 years of nursing education is       and loyal practitioners of the
have been educating nurses to           a monumental milestone and              healing ministry to which we are
serve our communities for               a testament to the presence and         all called.
100 years!                              grace of God at work!
                                                                                Reprinted from
                                                                                the Wednesday,
CSA met a growing need at St.           On behalf of the entire                 June 23, 2010
Agnes Hospital in 1901 by               Congregation, I gratefully              section of the
                                                                                Fond du Lac
establishing the St. Agnes School       acknowledge the religious and lay       Reporter, dedicated
of Nursing (SASN). Nurses               women and men who have                  to 100 years
                                        devoted themselves to serve             of nursing education.
graduating from the program were
well trained, caring and devoted to     the healthcare needs of others
patient care. Hundreds of nurses        throughout Fond du Lac and
walked the halls of SASN until the      surrounding communities. Addi-
program became part of another          tionally, we most sincerely appreci-
CSA sponsored ministry, Marian          ate the dedication of those who

                                                                                MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   7
      Traditions Continue:
      Welcoming the new student class
      First day jitters are nothing new on college campuses
      across the country. At Marian University, however, we         Admission Statistics
      have become adept at welcoming our new students,
      identifying their concerns and setting them at ease in
      order to begin the new year on the correct foot.              Total applicants: 1,390
      Each summer, approximately thirty student leaders             Percent admitted: 80%
      are trained as Resident Assistants (RA) or Student            Total enrolled: 468 (42% of admitted)
      Mentors. These unique groups of students are an
      extremely valuable resource to the university and play        New Student
      a vital role. Mentors and RAs work with new and
      continuing students to help them transition to college
                                                                    Statistics 2009–10
      and promote academic, social, co-curricular and               New students: 468 (largest in history)
      personal success.
                                                                    Freshman students: 318
      All new students are assigned a Student Mentor who            Transfer/readmit students: 150
      will guide them through Orientation activities and will       Number of new resident students: 261
      also offer peer support throughout the First Year             Female-to-male ratio: 75% to 25%
      Seminar course. The role of mentor is that of guide,          First generation college student: 53%
      contact and resource. In the classroom, Mentors
                                                                    Furthest domestic student
      support FYS studies and offer study session and other
                                                                        hails from: California
      strategies toward academic success. Mentors also
      sponsor social group activities for first year students and   Furthest international student is from: Haiti
      create a welcoming and supportive environment for             Percentage of new students
      dialogue and interaction.                                         from Wisconsin: 91%
                                                                    Varsity athletic recruits: 111
      For resident students, the RAs serve a similar role within
                                                                    Report Catholic religious affiliation: 33%
      university housing facilities. RAs often are the ‘first
      responders’ to students experiencing homesickness
      during the first days of school. Because of the               Notable new student enrollments
      opportunity to develop peer relationships, RAs are often      by major:
      able to help students move beyond initial fears and           Biology: 34
      adjust to on-campus living while transitioning fully to       Criminal Justice: 42
      college life. These resident life staff members provide       Elementary/Middle Education: 20
      critical academic and resource programming throughout         Nursing: 143
      the year while building community with floor/wing social
                                                                    Radiologic Technology: 32
      activities, as well.
                                                                    Social Work: 16
      First year students have always struggled with the initial    Sport & Recreation Management: 12
      days of the “freshman experience.” We are proud that          Undeclared: 52
      our First Year Experience, Student Life and Residence Life
      professionals and student employees have discovered
      a method of easing the discomfort for our students
      as we welcome them to their new home.

Heritage of Recognizing Excellence
Annually, Marian University recognizes individuals and organizations for outstanding performance
or service to the university, academics, the Mission and to students. The 2009–10 academic year
was complete with outstanding scholars, dedicated faculty and staff, and service oriented
individuals. During various award ceremonies throughout the spring semester, the university was
pleased to bestow recognition on many deserving members of the Marian community.

faCulty and staff reCognition awards                                 Student Senate Awards:
Social Justice Award: John Morris, Ph.D.                             Most Improved Club/Organization: Black Student Union
Graduate Excellence in Teaching Award: Bradd W. Stucky, Ed.D.        Senator of the Year: Matt Mueller
Marian University Academic Advising                                  Sr. Marie Scott Award: Brenda Stobb
  Excellence Award: Mary Klein, Ed.D.                                Student of the Year: Sarah Lawler
James R. Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate                     President’s Cup: Marian University Student Nursing Association
  Teaching Award: Shane F. Boeder, Ph.D.
Professor Emeriti for Excellence Dedicated to Teaching and           reCognition awarded by sChools
  Distinguished Service: Robert Zande, MA Education
                                                                     School of Arts, Humanities & Letters
Service Learning Award: Leslie Jaber-Wilson, MSW
                                                                     Communication Student of the Year: Luis Cortes-Avila
                                                                     Music Scholar Award: Steven Steinert
student reCognition banquet honors
Faculty/Staff Scholarships:                                          School of Business
                                                                     Student of the Year: Laura Whyms
  Arts, Humanities & Letters: Holli Koepsell & Justin Stevenson
                                                                     Account Student of the Year: Nicole Weinert
  Business: Jenney Essmann & Kathleen Kollath
                                                                     Information Technology Student of the Year: Alexander Becker
  Criminal Justice: Jim Chavez & Sharif Said
                                                                     Economics/Finance Student of the Year: Ryan Hitchcock
  Education: Brittany Schregardus & Stephanie Zwirchitz
                                                                     Management Student of the Year: Joshua Ingram
  Marian Adult Accelerated Program: Nadine Janik & Lindsy Phillips
                                                                     Sport & Recreation Management
  Math & Natural Science: Megan Monette & Jennifer Pentek
                                                                        Student of the Year: Lucas Nieman
  Nursing: Kathleen Mulhern & Katie Pynenberg
                                                                     MAAP Human Resource Management
  Social & Behavioral Science: Phyllis Becker & Theresa Sokup
                                                                        Student of the Year: Kristy Stiefvater
Merit Scholarships:                                                  MAAP Marketing Student of the Year: Nicole Molenda
  Arts, Humanities & Letters: Andrea Milis & Kathleen Mulhern        MAAP Overall Student of the Year: Lynn Allen
  Business: Shane Goggins, Mat Pena & Nicole Weinert                 President Awards:
  Criminal Justice: Kris Carter & Cody Ullsperger                       Business Club: Joel Clark
  Education: Jim Farrel, Xee Xion & Deb Zerbel                          Student Chapter-Human Resources Management: Joshua Ingram
  Marian Adult Accelerated Program: Heather Burnesch,                   Students in Free Enterprise: Laura Whyms
    Lawrence Pope & Lisa Susdorf                                        Sport & Recreation Management Club: James Wick
  Math & Natural Science: Amber Burtard, Dennis Mudd, &
                                                                     School of Criminal Justice
    Emily Roeske
                                                                     Excellence in Criminal Justice Award: Bridget Kohlmann
  Nursing: LaChandra Butler, Morgan Covarrubias, Andrea Kamphuis,
                                                                     Professional Development Award: Everett Zank
    Brittney Kleinhans & Mai Lutfiyya
  Social & Behavioral Science: Jennifer Frydryk, Kimberly Kriese &   School of Education
    Amber Messner                                                    Teacher Education Division Scholarship: Debra Zerbel
Special Awards:
                                                                     School of Social and Behavioral Science
  Community Involvement Award: Elizabeth Stafford                    Tori Heimann Excellence in Social Work Award: Nicole Sanfilippo
  Social Justice Award: Maria Zimmer                                 Professional Development Award, Social Work: Stephanie Herdina
  Outstanding Greek Organization of the Year:                        Excellence in Psychology Award: Amanda Books & Jessica Shepper
    Kappa Beta Gamma                                                 Professional Development Award, Psychology:
  Student–Athletes of the Year: Male – Ryan Hitchcock,                 Shannon Henning & Shelly Lawonn
    Female – Danielle Grable
  Spirit of Marian Award: Josh Schuenemann

                                                                                               MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   9
                                 University Athletics
                                 Maintain Sabre Pride
       The storied history of Marian athletics dates back to       coaches also represent Marian with pride. Men’s Hockey,
       the original campus grounds where many of the Sisters       Women’s Soccer and Softball all advanced
       played volleyball in their religious habits. Today’s NCAA   past the first round of their respective conference
       Division III scholar-athletes compete in the Sadoff         tournaments. Men’s Hockey Coach Jasen Wise was
       Gymnasium, on Smith Fields, at Herr–Baker Field,            named MCHA Coach-of-the-Year and led his team
       Whispering Springs Golf Club, Buttermilk Park and           to the best season in school history, going 20–7
       Center Court tennis facilities, or at the Blue Line Ice     overall. The university is equally proud of the 25
       Arena. Facilities aside, the men and women                  student–athletes who garnered NAC All-Conference
       representing Marian University in fifteen intercollegiate   honors including First Team, Second Team, Honorable
       sports are some of the finest students on campus. Our       Mention and All-Freshman Team.
       athletes compete for the love of sport, team work and
       camaraderie, leadership and the opportunity to              Sabre spirit is alive and well on the Fond du Lac campus.
       represent the institution.                                  The university continues to offer more for our fans and
                                                                   supporters, including a new athletic Web site
       Women’s Hockey is the latest addition to the university’s   ( that showcases the talent
       athletic offerings. Twenty young women joined Head          at Marian. Our dedicated coaching staff continues to
       Coach Mike Cowan for the inaugural season on the ice        strengthen programming, opportunity and performance.
       in the very competitive Northern Collegiate Hockey          It’s a great time to cheer on the Sabres!
       Association (NCHA). The Women’s Hockey team had
       two members selected to the NCHA All-Academic Team
       for maintaining, at minimum, a 3.20 GPA with at least
       50 semester hours completed. The honors bestowed
       upon these women are not alone in the recognition of
       Sabre athletes for their accomplishments on and off
       the field.

       Marian University is exceptionally proud of our
       student–athletes for their achievements in the
       classroom. The Northern Athletics Conference (NAC),
       to which 13 of our teams belong, recognized 68 Sabres
       as NAC Scholar Athletes. Additionally, the Midwest
       Collegiate Hockey Association (MCHA) named 13
       Men’s Hockey players to the All-Academic Team. Of
       course, the university is extremely proud of the two
       men and one woman recognized with ESPN the
       Magazine Academic All-District honors for their
       scholarly accomplishments. Although these
       individual athletes received distinction, all
       Sabres do their part to maintain grades; in
       fact, Marian athletes maintain an
       average 3.2 GPA!

       On the field, in the arena, on the court
       and on the course, athletes and

 welCoMing. The one word most often used by
 prospective students, alumni and other guests who        Core Values
 enter the doors on the main campus or our outreach
 sites. True hospitality begins with genuineness and      Community
 the desire to respect each individual. Members of        Respecting our diversity as individuals, we encourage,
 CSA established Marian University as a place of active   challenge and nurture one another, joining together
 learning where a diversity of thought, experience and    to accomplish our shared mission and vision.
 ability were welcomed and service to others through
 academic learning, social justice and philanthropy
 fulfilled their mission. Hospitality at Marian thrives   We engage in a collaborative life-long process of
                                                          seeking truth and appropriating knowledge and
 in the hearts and minds of each member of
                                                          values to transform the individual, our communities,
 the community.
                                                          and the world.

 When living the values and Mission of the university,    ServiCe
 students, faculty and staff alike are compelled to be
                                                          Through active service and ministry, we support
 women and men in community, justice and service.         one another and seek to meet the needs of the
 We provide academic opportunity in the classroom,        larger community.
 the learning laboratory and pre-college programs.
 Resident and commuting students are exposed              SoCiaL JuStiCe
 to guest lecturers, unique performances and pure         We work to create individual and societal change
 entertainment revues to broaden experiences. All of      which supports the value, dignity, and opportunity of
 these are offered, experienced and participated in by    every person.
 members of the Marian family, for this is the Marian
 experience. We welcome service. We welcome               SpirituaL traditionS
 opportunities. We welcome each other.                    Valuing Marian’s Catholic religious heritage, we
                                                          respect each individual’s freedom to explore
                                                          a diversity of spiritual beliefs.

                                                                          MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   11
        Living the Values
       It’s second nature at Marian. Giving back to the
       community, the university and the individual is
       just what we do. It’s also why so many students
       select Marian as their college choice. Because
       Marian is a community of learners, dedicated to
       service and social justice, and joined together by
       spiritual traditions, we are collectively called to
       embrace these ideals and make a difference in
       the lives of others.

       Within student organizations it is the norm to require
       community service hours. What is unique, however, is
       that most students come prepared to do more. Marian
       students continue to make a difference in the
       community, volunteering more than 10,000 hours this
       year in service to others. Working with children and
       families affected by Autism, volunteering tax preparation
       services, coordinating donation drives or even
       spending a day sprucing up campus are all examples
       of the philanthropic efforts of our students. And Marian
       faculty and staff give back in similar fashion. This year,
       university professionals provided nearly 6,500
       philanthropic hours in the greater Fond du Lac area.
       Serving at Loaves and Fishes, caring for the elderly,
       mission trips and commitments to various houses of
       worship conservation projects are additional ways we
       reflect the importance of servant leadership. The Social
       Justice Series on campus heightens awareness as we
       work to create individual and societal change which
       supports the value, dignity, and opportunity of every
       person. Compassion, tolerance and understanding
       are espoused and often reflected in service learning
       opportunities and academic enrichment. Students
       actively learn about and perpetuate our Core Values in
       understanding our responsibility to care for all of God’s
       creatures and the planet He created.

       Marian University continues to find strength in the
       gifts of the individual, the guidance of CSA and the
       appropriateness of our ever-present values. We fulfill
       the mission of our sponsored ministry while
       recognizing, welcoming and serving — all to the greater
       glory of God.

Alumni and Family Weekend 2009,
October 2–4, saw the greatest
return of Marian alumni and student
families for any single event.
Alumni and students, along with
their families and guests, were
treated to a weekend of Marian
hospitality including fun, reminiscing
and memory making.

More than 400 guests participated
in a variety of activities designed for   Opportunities to Experience
all. Boat cruises on Lake Winnebago
drew a sophisticated crowd while          Marian Hospitality
the Student & Family Bowling event
                                          Another successful series of            capacity yet again. Participants
entertained true revelers. The entire
                                          pre-college programming was             receive instruction on infection
Marian community was represented
                                          presented throughout the                control, sterile techniques,
at Regatta Fun Zone, with its
                                          academic year. In collaboration with    confidentiality and other topics
interactive breadth of activities
                                          the Schools of Business, Criminal       important to future nurses.
including a Punt, Pass & Kick
                                          Justice, Education and Nursing,         Campers also become
Competition, kiddie games, live
                                          hundreds of young adults                knowledgeable about the nursing
DJ, and Human Foos Ball, to name
                                          experienced Marian hospitality,         healthcare profession through tours,
just a few. Concluding the evening,
                                          academic opportunities and the          shadow opportunities and discussion
guests were further entertained by
                                          renowned ‘applied experience.’          with nursing professionals.
two bands featuring alumni artists,
Maple Road Blues Band and                 Eighth grade students from              Business Camp and Criminal Justice
The Kingfish.                             Milwaukee joined School of              Camp, sponsored by the Schools
                                          Education faculty and students          of Business and CJ, respectively,
In honor of our spiritual traditions,                                             were established in 2007 and create
                                          for an 2 day, 3 night college
the weekend concluded with                                                        unique opportunities for high
                                          experience. Students are exposed
a celebration and student–athlete                                                 school students to gain an
                                          to the demands of college life and
commissioning during Mass. With                                                   understanding of the numerous
                                          what it takes in high school to be
Dorcas Chapel at capacity, all                                                    opportunities available to them in
                                          prepared for the experience. This
members of Sabre athletic teams                                                   each area. High school students
                                          program, in its tenth year under the
received a special blessing upon                                                  intrigued with business are
                                          direction of Dr. Aida Michlowski, has
themselves, their teams and                                                       introduced to the challenges of
                                          inspired both the Marian collegiate
their respective seasons. Each was                                                being successful in the business
                                          hosts and the young participants to
also given a commemorative cross                                                  world. Similarly, CJ campers have
                                          strive to achieve their goals.
to carry with them. This was                                                      hands-on experiences with the
a beautiful way to conclude a             Summer Nurse Camp, a week-long          numerous career options available
weekend of tribute to the university      day camp run by Marian’s School         while learning from experts in the
we all call home.                         of Nursing in partnership with          field. Both camps have been a credit
                                          Agnesian Healthcare, reached            to the faculty coordinators!

                                                                                  MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   13
      Gang Leader for a Day
      Visits Marian
       Submitted by Jennifer Krueger, director of first
       year experience and Kimberly Schuenemann,
       Secondary Education & English major and
                                                                              Sudhir Venkatesh                                                                                        AUTHOR OF
       Student Mentor                                                                                                                                              Gang Leader
       First Year Experience partnered with departments to                                                                                                          for a Day
       sponsor a presentation by novelist, Sudhir Venkatesh,                                                                                                    and contributor
                                                                                                                                                                                                       to Freakonomics
       Ph.D. Venkatesh wrote of his experience with a Chicago
       gang, in his book Gang Leader for a Day. This book
       was the “Common Read” for the 2009–2010 First Year
       Seminar course. More than 240 students, faculty, and

                                                                                    Monday, December 7 • 7 p.m.
       staff were in attendance.

                                                                                    Stayer Center Auditorium
       Venkatesh’s journey began when he walked into an
       abandoned building in one of Chicago’s most
       notorious housing projects, the Robert Taylor                         In the late 1980s
                                                                                                 and 1990s, rogue
       community, and went looking for people to take                         and gang life in
                                                                            Day, the First Yea
                                                                                                 Chicago’s Robert
                                                                                                                    sociologist Venkat
                                                                                                                   Taylor Home pro
                                                                                                                                        esh in ltrated the
                                                                                                                                                           world of tenant
                                                                                               r Seminar commo                      jects. In his boo
                                                                                                                                                      k Gang Leader for
       a survey on urban poverty. Over the next seven years,                 between the com
                                                                                                 munity and the
                                                                                  to enlighten rea
                                                                                                                  n reading selectio
                                                                                                                  gangs. Venkatesh
                                                                                                                                     n, Venkatesh reve                   a
                                                                                                                                                        als the relationship
                                                                                                   ders about the reso                shares his experie
                                                                                                                                                         nce and insight
       Venkatesh managed to gain entrance into the gang,                                    in contrast to a            urcefulness of imp
                                                                                                             society that has                overished commu
                                                                                                                              virtually abando                  nities
                                                                                                                                                ned them.
       learn about the economic interworking deals of the                                     45 S. National Ave
       gang, and begin a complicated friendship with the                                      Fond du Lac, WI
                                                                                                                                                                               Honors Program, O ce RED BY:
                                                                                                                                                                            First Year Experience, Camp Learning and Engagement,
       gang leader.
                                                                                              Founded 1936 •
                                                                                                               Sponsored by the
                                                                                                                                Congregation of Sisters of
                                                                                                                                                                         Mission, Social Justice       us Ministry, O ce of
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Committee, Science and University
                                                                                                                                                             St. Agnes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Math Association

       Venkatesh discussed his interactions with the people
       who lived in the Robert Taylor Homes, a Chicago                While reading Venkatesh’s story, readers also learned of
       Housing Authority project that contained 28 buildings          the importance of family, community, and perseverance.
       with 16 stories. While doing his research, he learned          Students finished the semester by completing either
       that many of the community members did not trust               a reflection paper or a poster presentation discussing the
       government agencies (e.g. police and medical responders)       themes in Gang Leader for a Day.
       and believed that they were on their own when solving
                                                                      Taylor Putz, a sophomore International Studies major,
       community issues.
                                                                      commented, “This book gave me a new perspective
       Venkatesh worked to build trust within the community           on a different way of life in the Robert Taylor Homes in
       and wanted to use his education as a sociologist to            inner city Chicago. I would recommend this read, so
       help. As the story progresses, the people of the               that they understand how people’s circumstances do not
       Robert Taylor Homes were displaced from the projects           define them.”
       and had to move to different housing units, because of
                                                                      Overall, students were impacted by Venkatesh’s research
       the gang activity. Although not all the members of the
                                                                      of the urban poor, drawn from the interconnectedness
       Robert Taylor Homes were part of the gang, they still
                                                                      of statistics and his hands-on experience in the Robert
       felt the economic effects of them being a part of
                                                                      Taylor community. Discussions throughout the semester
       their community.
                                                                      helped students, faculty, and staff, reevaluate
       First-year students read the book over the semester to         expectations and beliefs about the definition of
       explore the issues of poverty, gangs, and social injustices.   character and the individual.

Hope                                                       Alumni Turn Out in
                                                           Force for Alumni &
                                                           Friends Golf Outing
strength, Courage and wisdoM are
ingrained in the very fabriC of Marian                     Only in its second year, the Alumni & Friends Golf
university. When the forward thinking CSA began            Outing has fast become a marquee event for the
the college, they faced adversity at nearly every turn.    Alumni Association. On Friday, June 25, more than 100
Over the years, the university has faced various           alumni and friends of the university gathered at the
obstacles, but the endless belief in the value of the      picturesque Whispering Springs Golf Club in Fond du
institution, the quality of the opportunity provided and   Lac for 18 holes, cocktails and conversation, dinner and
the potential in each of our students have been            silent and live auctions. The participation this year more
tantamount in overcoming the challenges. Today,            than tripled the attendance from the inaugural event
Marian University has again called upon the spirit of      in 2009.
our religious founders and, with outrageous hope, we
are prepared to continue serving students for another      Golfers of all skill levels enjoyed a beautiful day and
seventy-four years.                                        competed for a variety of prizes, including a $10,000
                                                           hole-in-one contest. Following the scramble round,
Like many colleges and universities, Marian University     golfers and their guests enjoyed fellowship in the Whis-
was affected by the economic decline and recession.        pering Springs’ clubhouse. The evening concluded with
While other institutions reached into endowments to        a silent auction where guests bid on golf items, sports
fulfill obligations, Marian emerged from the murky         memorabilia, food and entertainment packages, and a
economic waters by refocusing, realigning and              live auction featuring a pearl necklace, one-week stays
recommitting to what matters — our students.               at a private condo in Ixtapa, Mexico, a Wisconsin golf
Dedicated leadership, committed faculty and                package for two and a private gourmet dinner for eight.
passionate staff have helped the university stay within
budget, resulting in an operating surplus. Sound           Considered a resounding success,
strategies and forward thinking resolve will continue to   the event raised $11,850
propel Marian into a future of success.                    toward student scholarships
                                                           that will offer hope for many
The leadership of Sr. Mary Mollison ’69, CSA as            future students, enabling
interim president was the driving force behind the         them to realize their
transitionary success of Marian this year. We are          educational dreams.
indebted to Sr. Mary for visionary leadership, and
staunch advocacy for Marian University and the students
we serve. Inspired by Sr. Mary Mollison’s pure belief in
the significance of Marian, our Mission and Core Values
and the potential of our students, the Marian
community has been transformed and is optimistic
about the future.

                                                                                 MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   15
       The My Story Project
       Every member of our Marian family       long-time faculty and staff members    students and families, alumni and
       has a story to tell. Alumni, current    and a few alumni were recently         friends of the university. The beauty
       students, members of the faculty        asked to share their personal Marian   of the project is that the Marian
       and our staff have heartwarming         story with us — and the results        story resonates across many
       experiences about the people, the       are heartwarming, funny and            different plains and with many
       moments and the outcomes of             inspirational.                         different audiences.
       their days as part of the Marian
       community. The people of Marian         Some familiar faces grace the          My Story has evolved into much
       are the inspiration for the My          video links found on the Web at        more than just a fundraising
       Story Project.                              campaign. In fact, the project has
                                               mystory — Dr. Bruce Prahl, Kate        taken on a life of its own, reaching
       What would people say if asked to       Candee, and Coach Craig Peltonen,      admission inquiries, current students
       share their Marian story? This          to name a few — and fresh faces of     and Marian alumni and friends.
       question was the impetus for a          young students grace the cover of      As students search the internet for
       campaign series that reaches all        My Story postcards. Through the My     information about colleges, they can
       facets of the Marian community and      Story Project, their stories and       find My Story videos on YouTube
       beyond. Current students, some          experiences have been captured         or the Marian Web site. This
                                               and can be viewed by prospective       information gives the prospective
                                                                                      student another perspective on
                                                                                      Marian, a real and inviting
                                                                                         perspective from the people who
                                                                                         live the values of
                                                                                        the university. Current
                                                                                        members of the university commu-
                                                                                       nity view the transcripts of inter-
                                                                                      views and are
                                                                                      reengaged in the Marian
                                                                                      message. The Office of
                                                                                      Institutional Advancement has also
                                                                                      seen many alumni and friends of
                                                                                      the university be motivated by My
                                                                                      Story and give generously to the

                                                                                      There is life to the My Story Project
                                                                                      that makes the opportunities
                                                                                      endless. The university gladly
                                                                                      welcomes alumni, friends and
                                                                                      Marian community members to
                                                                                      continue to share their
                                                                                      Marian stories.

              We’d love to hear from you and keep the My Story Project going strong.
               Visit to learn more. Tell us your story.

University Buoyed by
Selection of 14th President
A great deal of time and energy            institution makes toward student            universities. Additionally, Dr.
during the 2009–2010 academic              success. Ultimately, we sought an           DiSalvo’s resume features
year was spent searching and               individual who has the ability to           professional private-sector business
preparing for the next presidential        connect and inspire others to believe       and not-for-profit philanthropic
leader of our university. Candidates       and invest in our great university          agency leadership. He is a man
were screened, evaluated and               allowing us to continue the 74 year         whose varied skill-set, experience
interviewed by a cross-section of          heritage well into the future. The          and personal/professional network
Marian representatives. In deciding        university community is confident           seamlessly align with the
our search expectations, we                that the search has resulted in the         institutional desires established
determined what we need and                best possible chief executive at this       during our presidential search.
wanted in our next president,              time in Marian’s storied history!
including the importance of                                                            The Marian community is excited
a willingness to support the Mission       On February 12, 2010, the Marian            for Dr. Steven DiSalvo to begin his
and values of the university.              University Board of Trustees                presidency and develop the
Marian University demands a                announced the selection of Steven           forward-thinking strategy that will
visionary leader, an individual who        R. DiSalvo, Ph.D. as the fourteenth         move the university forward. With
has an academic history and                president of the university. Dr.            outrageous hope for our future,
commitment to lifelong learning;           DiSalvo possesses experience in             Marian University welcomes
someone who understands the                academic, student affairs, residence        Dr. DiSalvo to the family!
intrinsic value of each individual         life and institutional advancement
student and the commitment the             from other national Catholic

                         Steven R. DiSalvo Background
                                 Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Fordham University, 2002
                                       M.B.A. in Marketing, Fordham University, 1990
                                      B.S. in Psychology, Fordham University, NY, 1984

                                 The Hopewell Group, Inc., NY, President & Founder (2006–10)
                             Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, NY, Executive Director (2002–06)
             Junior Achievement of New York, Inc., Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (2001–04)
      Fairfield University, Fairfield, Conn., Director of Major Gifts for the Capital Campaign; Adjunct Professor (1998–01)
                           Loyola University Chicago, Executive Assistant to the President (1994–98)
     Fordham University, NY, Development Officer; Adjunct Professor (1989–92); Resident Director/Headmaster (1988–89)
                          IBM Corporation, New York Region, Corporate Trainer/Manager (1984–88)

                        Board Chair, Center for American Catholic Studies at Fordham University, NY
                                              Board Member, SF Foundation
                        Advisory Board Member, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Congregation

                                                                                        MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   17
       Answering a Call:
       President and Mrs. DiSalvo Share How
       Marian Changes Lives (Including Their Own)
       By Monica M. Walk                       to know about the presidential         MW: You’ve been quoted in local
                                               opportunity at Marian because he       news outlets as saying Fond du Lac
       Sometimes you feel a higher power       knew DiSalvo so well. Two decades      ‘already feels like home.’ Describe
       tap you on the shoulder. That “tap”     ago, McGowan had observed              what feels like home to you.
       may take the form of a telephone        DiSalvo’s professional trajectory
       call from a long-time mentor, but       at Fordham University where            sd: We most recently lived in a
       the unexpected contact redirects        McGowan was the long-time vice         town of 57,000 (Milford, CT), so this
       your life path in a way that — while    president for student affairs and      is the size of town we are used to.
       previously unanticipated — now          DiSalvo earned triple degrees:         But, it’s the people. This place is so
       feels clear and right.                  a B.S. in psychology, an M.B.A.        welcoming in every way. That makes
                                               in marketing, and a Ph.D. in           it feel like home, and has made the
       Marian University’s 14th president,
                                               educational leadership with a focus    transition easier. My parents, who
       Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., accepted
                                               on student retention.                  live in Milford, brought our three
       the call to university leadership by
                                                                                      boys here after we settled into the
       first answering the phone.
                                               The experienced educator and           house. My parents were nervous
                                               administrator saw how DiSalvo’s        about us not being close to them
       Bellarmine University President Dr.
                                               career choices in business (IBM),      anymore. But once they were here,
       Joseph J. McGowan wanted DiSalvo
                                               education (Fordham, Loyola and         they said ‘We can see why you
                                               Fairfield universities, Junior         did this.’
                                               Achievement), and fundraising
                                               and philanthropy management            ed: People are friendly, open and
                                               (Fairfield University, Joe Torre       warm. It’s a combination of things.
                                               Safe at Home Foundation, The           We most recently came from
                                               Hopewell Group, Inc.) make him         a similar community, with neighbors
                                               a presidential candidate in a new      and friends close by. I like to know
                                               mold: Steve DiSalvo understands        my neighbors, yet we have the
                                               the business of education, and what    perfect blend of both privacy and
                                               makes young people tick.               community here. Steve and I grew
                                                                                      up in New York neighborhoods —
                                               After only 11 weeks in office and      Flushing, Queens for Steve, Bayside
                                               in town, President DiSalvo and his     for me — with lots of trees and
                                               wife, Eileen, welcomed me into their   children on the block.
                                               warm and family-focused Fond du
                                               Lac residence. We sat around the       sd: Having lived and worked in New
                                               kitchen table and shared why Mar-      York City, I know there can be 8
                                               ian University resonated with them,    million people on the island of
                                               and how they discovered home half      Manhattan at any given time. By
                                               a continent away from their New        comparison, we have 5 million here
                                               York City roots.                       in the entire state of Wisconsin. We
                                                                                      have open space, and it is easier to

get around. With our home three-        MW: What were your impressions            MW: How has your path together
and-a-half miles from campus, I         of the Midwest before your                led to work in education, both
appreciate that I can see my            arrival here?                             individually and together?
family while taking care of the
university, even if there are evening   ed: We knew from our four years           ed: My undergraduate degree is in
commitments. An evening                 in Mt. Prospect, IL, while Steve          business marketing, and I worked
commitment on the East Coast            worked as executive assistant to          in the business world before we
meant I left at 5:30 a.m. and didn’t    the president of Loyola University in     became parents. I always wanted to
get back home until 11:30 p.m. I call   Chicago, that people generally were       teach, so I went back to school to
Fond du Lac ‘Shangri La’…. we can       friendly, and that has held true.         get a master’s degree while we lived
visit Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago,                                                in Illinois. I would drive to Loyola’s
and come home to this community.        sd: I like to tell the story of getting   education campus in Wilmette in the
                                        lost on my way to my first meeting        evening with baby Thomas in the
MW: How have you helped your            in downtown Chicago. I stopped            car. Steve would meet me there,
sons settle in?                         on a street corner, pulled out a          and we would switch cars so he
                                        map — and a person stopped to             could take the baby home. Last
sd: We got the house ready first,       help and was describing how to get        year, I worked full time as a
before they joined us. I think          where I needed to be. Then he said,       paraprofessional in a kindergarten
that helped.                            ‘I’m going that way — I’ll walk you       classroom. I am certified in
                                        there.’ My New York antenna went          Connecticut to teach Kindergarten–
ed: And we let them make their          up, and I thought it was a scam.          grade 6.
own choices about school. Thomas,       But, he was so nice and talked to
17, has returned to Connecticut         me the whole way, then shook my           sd: Since Eileen is also an
to finish his senior year of high       hand and wished me well. I went           educator, she fits in and understands
school. Andrew, 14, is a freshman       into my meeting and shared, in            the culture here.
at St. Mary’s Springs Academy High      some disbelief, what I had just
School. And Connor, 12, is in           experienced. A new colleague              I initially thought I was on a
seventh grade at Sabish Middle          said, ‘Honey, that’s just good            long-term business career path,
School, which felt most similar to      Midwestern hospitality.’                  although even at IBM I worked in
the school he came from.                                                          their education department. When
                                        MW: Have you done a full                  I returned to Fordham to earn an
sd: I’m a sports nut — my first         Wisconsin immersion: eaten a brat,        M.B.A., I lived in a residence hall as
job at 16 was as a vendor in Shea       tried cheese curds, attended              a headmaster, and I watched the
Stadium — and I created sports nuts     a Packers game?                           behavior of the students. I knew
in my sons. We have always taken                                                  then that I wanted to study that
them to sporting events, like Yankee    ed: Brats and cheese curds, but no        behavior … to understand why
and Mets games, and the U.S.            Packers game yet.                         bright students leave college. That
Tennis Open. Right after we moved                                                 became my dissertation. I stayed
here, I took Tom and Connor to the      sd: I toured a cheese factory and         on at Fordham when the president
P.G.A. event at Whistling Straits.      saw how string cheese is made. It         asked me to help raise money. I
We do sporting events like this —       was fascinating. And, I will root for     didn’t know anything about
and vacations to places like            the Packers as a resident — until the     fundraising, but he told me all I had
Williamsburg, Boston, Niagara Falls     Giants play at Lambeau Field. I do        to really do was go out and tell my
and Disney — to make memories.          have allegiances to my teams.             Fordham stories. I joined the capital
                                                                                  campaign team and learned the
                                                                                  trade, and found I was good at it.
                                                                                  Right after Eileen and I married, a

                                                                                  MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   19
       Jesuit I knew at Fordham — John J.      what I did at those times … and           embraces all faiths and draws
       Piderit, S.J. — asked me to be his      that is why I feel so prepared to do      students from outside of the
       executive assistant in his new role     this. There is a sense of calling to do   footprint. I believe a Catholic
       as president at Loyola University       this: a call to service and to serve      university is not just about being
       Chicago. It was a great experience      students. Higher education is able to     Catholic. It’s about values and the
       for me. I created the Loyola            change lives in unbelievable ways.        values proposition it brings to the
       Freshman Experience to integrate                                                  students and community. I had
       new students into the community.        MW: What about Marian University          witnessed this in New York, where
       It was the best learning experience     attracted you?                            a large percent of students in the
       for me. When I moved on to                                                        Catholic schools are Jewish; they
       fundraising at Fairfield University,    sd: When I accepted the                   are in those schools for the values,
       I landed the largest single gift in     invitation to come and talk, the          structure and outcomes.
       the university’s history: $10 mil-      people around the table sold us.
       lion from an anonymous donor. I         The sisters are wonderful; the board      Marian is not that different from
       realized I know how to raise money.     is committed.                             what we experienced in our own
       The non-profits I worked at were                                                  education. We are from middle
       also education organizations: Junior    Marian is a Catholic university in        class families, and our parents
       Achievement works with volunteers       the Agnesian tradition. The sisters       believed Catholic education was
       to educate students in K–12 about       believed they could bring                 the pathway to a better life. We
       business and entrepreneurship;          faith-based education and values          both attended Catholic grade
       the Joe Torre Foundation educates       to this community. The school             schools, high schools and colleges,
       young people about the signs of                                                   including our advanced degrees.
       domestic violence and where to go                                                 Eileen’s mom worked two jobs to
       for help.                                                                         pay for Catholic school. My mother
                                                                                         jokes: ‘You know, your career would
       I didn’t plan a path to lead me here.                                             be nowhere without the nuns.’ And
       But, I am convinced that every step                                               not to put too much pressure on
       of the way there was a reason I did                                               me, but I know of another graduate
                                                                                         like me from St. Francis Prep High
                                                                                         School in New York and of Fordham
                                                                                         University in the Bronx who also
                                                                                         came to Wisconsin: Vince Lombardi.

As Dr. McGowan had told me,                half-million dollar operating budget      them: the students are called by
Marian is a small Catholic institution     and I grew it to a $5-and-a-half          name, presented with a Marian pin
that, with the right attention and         million operation with a broader          that has been blessed, they cross the
leadership, can increase its impact.       reach into more schools and               stage and shake my hand and walk
I am attracted to the economic             new areas.                                through the symbolic arch of
challenges and the opportunity to                                                    knowledge. This tradition illustrates
build something on an established          Marian has so much to build on.           the great circle of life — in four
base. When I was asked to describe         The move-in day tradition where           years they will walk across that stage
myself during our interview                upperclassmen help new students           again and receive their diploma.
conversations, I said that I am like       unpack and organize and IT staff are
an architect: I like to build things       in student rooms to set up comput-        Our focus going forward is on
that last. I built a student residence     ers is a wonderful way to welcome         quality … of our programs, the
program at Fordham that is still           new residents to Marian. The pin-         students we attract, and our
going strong. The Loyola Freshman          ning ceremony for all new students        infrastructure. Our job is to help
Experience has been replicated at          and their families lets them know         our students — wherever their
other institutions. The Torre              they are now part of the Marian           starting point — reach their
Foundation started with a                  community and our job is to support       highest potential.

Connecting the Marian Catholic Network
While Steven DiSalvo was in conversation with Marian            When asked how he could possibly know about DiSalvo’s
University leaders about the president position, he found it    private professional business, the Archbishop replied that,
necessary to reschedule a follow-up meeting.                    as the former leader of the Milwaukee Archdiocese, he had
                                                                friends on the Marian board who knew DiSalvo would be
“I explained to board chair John Korb that I was due at a       meeting with him that evening.
holiday gathering at the home of the new Archbishop of
New York on that date,” DiSalvo recalled.                       “When Marian asked me to accept the president position,
                                                                I emailed Archbishop Dolan to tell him that I was accepting
When DiSalvo arrived at the holiday event, Archbishop           the position and to thank him for his prayers and
Timothy Dolan greeted him somewhat ominously: “Steve            support,” DiSalvo said. “He responded that he was
DiSalvo, I have to talk to you. Go into the other room.”        happy for our family, etc., and that the Marian board
The conversation continued with a positive but surprising       now owed him three pies from Fond du Lac’s famous
twist: “I know you are talking to Marian University. You will   Schreiner’s Restaurant.”
never meet nicer people. Please go there in January and         DiSalvo has been assured that the tasty wager was paid.
speak with an open mind and spirit.”

                                                                                  MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT     21
       August 2009                                                                     Higher Education
                                                                                       Diversity Summit
                                                                                       The four institutions of higher
                                                                                       education in Fond du Lac county
                                                                                       collaborated to present a student
                                                                                       leadership summit focused on
                                                                                       diversity. The Higher Education
                                                                                       Diversity Initiative organized
                                                                                       presenters to discuss multiple
                                                                                       aspects of diversity including
                                               Marian welcomes class of 2013
                                                                                       religion, sexual identity and poverty.
                                               The fall semester again brought an      The day long summit began with
                                               increased enrollment which included     each institution’s president’s diversity
                                               approximately 465 new traditional       initiatives both on campus and
                                               and transfer students. The new,         within the community.
       Marian and UW–Colleges sign             first-year student class consisted of
       articulation agreement                  315 full-time students and added
                                               to the more than 1,440 traditional
                                                                                       November 2009
       On August 14, representatives
       of the University of Wisconsin–Fond     undergraduates on campus for the        World record food drive at
       du Lac, University of Wisconsin         2009–2010 academic year.                Marian University
       Colleges, and Marian University                                                 Helping Hands Across America,
       signed an articulation agreement        October 2009                            a non-perishable food drive, was
       that clarifies transfer of credits                                              held on November 12 in the
       between the institutions. Under                                                 Hornung Student Center. Organized
       the agreement, Marian University                                                by Marian’s Campus Services
       will accept up to a maximum of 64                                               and Sodexo Food Services, in
       credits in transfer, if the student                                             collaboration with the Student
       has completed all requirements and                                              Athletic Advisory Committee, the
       received an Associate of Arts &                                                 24-hour food drive helped benefit
       Science degree from UW–Fond du                                                  the Fond du Lac Food Pantry, as was
       Lac or another University of                                                    able to donate 521.10 pounds of
       Wisconsin Colleges campus. This                                                 non-perishable food.
       is the first time an institution-wide
                                               Celebrating 10 years of
       agreement has been reached
                                               great coffee
       between Marian and the University       Quality conversation, good
       of Wisconsin Colleges.                  company, and a great cup of ‘joe’
                                               have been brewing at the Common
                                               Grounds Coffeehouse for the
                                               past 10 years. Members of the Fond
                                               du Lac and Marian communities
                                               celebrated the Coffeehouse’s
                                               anniversary on October 3.

December 2009 January 2010                                                      February 2010

Class donates to Boys’ and
                                      Model UN
Girls’ Club
                                      Marian students were awarded
Marian’s Organizational               Distinguished Delegation Award
Communication and Behavior class                                                “Growing Power” presents
                                      at the National Model United
organized three fundraisers and                                                 at Marian
                                      Nations Conference — Latin
donated the proceeds to the Fond      America, January 10–17 in Quito,          Will Allen of “Growing Power”
du Lac Boys’ and Girls’ Club.         Ecuador. To earn these awards,            from Milwaukee presented at
The class presented their             Marian students representing the          Marian University and UW–Fond du
fundraising projects and check to     United States competed at the             Lac on February 16 about “Growing
Dan Hebel, interim director at the    global level, remained in character,      Food and Community in the City.”
Fond du Lac Boys’ and Girls’ Club     demonstrated leadership in                Allen is an internationally known
on December 11.                       committees, and excelled at proper        urban farmer and food sustainability
                                      use of the rules of procedure.            advocate. In collaboration with this
                                                                                event, a free screening of the 2009
                                                                                film “Food, Inc.” was held at
                                                                                UW–Fond du Lac’s Prairie Theater.

                                                                                March 2010
                                                                                Doyle presents at Business &
                                                                                Industry awards
                                                                                At Marian University’s 28th annual
Presents for Pediatrics                                                         Business & Industry awards dinner
                                      “Pink Out” proceeds lead to               on March 4, Wisconsin Governor
The seventh annual School of
                                      free mammograms                           Jim Doyle addressed the members of
Nursing Presents for Pediatrics
                                                                                the Fond du Lac business community
campaign collected more than 700      Marian University’s men’s hockey
                                                                                on “Strengthening Our Economic
gifts for children in Wisconsin       team raised a total of $1500 from
                                                                                Future.” Also, the following awards
hospitals. Each advent season, the    their annual “Pink Out” game that
                                                                                were presented:
School of Nursing and the Student     was held on January 30. The money
Nurses Association (MUSNA)            was donated to Agnesian                   	 •	 2010 George Becker Business:
                                                                                     Wayne Matzke of Grande Cheese
collect toys and stuffed animals,     HealthCare’s Imaging Department in
                                                                                	 •	 Entrepreneur of the Year:
and deliver them to St. Agnes         an effort to provide mammograms                Orion Energy Systems (Manitowoc)
hospital in Fond du Lac and           for women who cannot afford to            	 •	 Business of the Year:
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in   undergo this screening.                        Oshkosh Corporation
Milwaukee and Neenah.                                                           	 •	 Regional Media Achievement:
                                                                                     Journal Communications,
                                                                                     Mountain Dog Media, Radio Plus,
                                                                                     and the Fond du Lac Reporter.
                                                                                	 •	 Special Achievement: Those who
                                                                                     assisted in helping Mercury
                                                                                     Marine remain in town.

                                                                             MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT    23
       April 2010

                                                                                       Dr. Shane Boeder receives
                                                                                       Underkofler Award
                                               Jay Sean performs at Marian
       Dr. Darold Treffert launches                                                    Marian University recognized
                                               Jay Sean and opening band Down          Dr. Shane Boeder, associate
       new book
                                               with Webster performed before           professor of Spanish, with the
       On April 28, Dr. Treffert presented     a sellout crowd on Marian’s campus      James R. Underkofler Excellence in
       his new book “Islands of Genius:        on April 22. Major music                Undergraduate Teaching Award on
       The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic,     sensation Jay Sean, a British R&B       April 15 at the annual Faculty and
       Acquired, and Sudden Savant”            singer/songwriter, is noted for being   Staff Recognition Ceremony.
       to an audience of over 200.             one of the first British-Asian          Dr. Boeder teaches a variety of
       Dr. Treffert spoke on the challenges    crossover stars, as well as for his     courses in the Spanish language,
       and opportunities of persons who        international popularity. Marian’s      literatures, and cultures of Latin
       are differently-abled and explored      annual big name musical acts are        American peoples.
       the startling phenomena of genetic      funded by a student activity fee and
       memory — things we “know” but           sponsored by Student Senate.
       never learned.

              Alumni                                    After graduation in May 2010, Aisha Carr headed toward
                                                        success in Washington, D.C., where she is a Legislative Staff

             Spotlight                                  Assistant for Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. She currently
                                                        works with constituents, and is conducting research on
                                                        educational policies that affect Wisconsin constituents.

                                                        Aisha Carr graduated from Marian with a bachelor’s degree
                                                        in Social Work. During her time at Marian, Carr was an
                                                        outstanding member of the Student Social Work Association,
                                                        president of the Black Student Union (BSU), and was
                                                        a member of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

                                                        “I honestly do not believe that I would be as strong,
                                                        determined, and focused as I am now, if I would have
                                                        attended another school,” said Carr. “I will always be
                                                        thankful for the blessings and knowledge that I have
              Aisha Carr ’10                            received during my time at Marian.”

Fiscal Year Review
Condensed Statement of Activities — Unrestricted (in Thousands)

                                               2008–09             2009–10
       Revenues                                $29,948             $32,560
       Expenses                                $32,065             $29,993

       increase in net assets                  ($2,117)            ($2,567)

Condensed Statement of Financial Position (in Thousands)

                                               2008–09             2009–10
       Cash, Cash Equivalents, & Investments   $11,776             $11,526
       Accounts and Notes Receivable (Net)     $ 4,691             $ 4,598
       Other Assets                            $ 249               $ 298
       Net Property, Plant, & Equipment        $24,339             $26,197

       total assets                            $41,055             $42,619

       liabilities & net assets
       Current Liabilities                     $10,035             $ 5,452
       Long Term Liabilities                   $ 5,682             $ 9,227
       Net Assets                              $25,328             $27,890

       total liabilities & net assets          $41,045             $42,619

                                                           MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT   25
       Marian at a glance
                                                                      Other Revenue Auxiliary Enterprises
                                                                           1%                9%
                                               Gifts, Grants, and Bequests


              Tuition                          $26, 471,000
              Investment Income                   1,105,000
              Gifts, Grants, Bequests            1,951,000
              Other Revenue                         275,000
              Auxiliary Enterprises              2,753,000

              total revenue                    $32,555,000


                      38%                                            Expenses
                                                  Support              Instruction              $11,362,000
                                                    14%                Academic Support           4,594,000
                                                                       Student Services           5,296,000
                                          Student                      Institutional Support      4,060,000
                        Support                                        Plant Operations           2,138,000
                                                                       Auxiliary Enterprises      2,543,000

                                                                       total expenses           $29,993,000

Marian Enrollment
                                          5 Year Fall Enrollment Totals 

Fall 09 

Fall 08 

Fall 07 

Fall 06 

Fall 05 

      2,000          2,200              2,400             2,600             2,800                                        3,000              3,200 

                                                                                                                1,500             Total Tradi4onal Enrollment 2000‐2009 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     1,389      1,386      1,383 


                                                                                                                1,250                                             1,203 
                                                                                       Tradi4onal Enrollment 

                                                                                                                              1,119      1,125 


                                                                                                                            Fall 00    Fall 01       Fall 02    Fall 03    Fall 04    Fall 05      Fall 06    Fall 07    Fall 08    Fall 09 

                                      FALL ENROLLMENT BY GROUP                                                                                                                    YEAR 

                                  TRAD TOTAL         ADULT UG               GRADUATE 

             898                914 
                                                   892                      895                                              856 

             757                737                679                      613                                              551 

            1,320              1,389              1,386                 1,383                                               1,434 

           2005               2006               2007                 2008                                                2009 

                                                                                                                                                                             MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT                           27
       Donor Listing July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010
       Trustees’ Associates                Fond du Lac Area Foundation         Jim Dunphy                          Mary Delfosse ‘81
       $2,500 and more                        - E.C. Kiekhaefer                Excel Engineering, Inc.             Thomas DePaoli
                                                Scholarship Fund               Catherine Flood ‘07                 Nadine Duffy ‘63
       Agnesian HealthCare                    - Leonard Lewis                  Terry and Jane Gaffney ‘72          Paul J Faris Plumbing, LLC
       Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ahern               Scholarship Fund               Margaret Grebe ‘57                  Elizabeth Feldmann SASN ‘65
       Anonymous Donor (3)                 Carey and Don Gardin                Linda Hammer                        Joan Ferguson ‘73
       Ted and Grace                       Mary Ellen Gormican ‘71             Joan Hanson SASN ‘47                Festival Foods
         Bachhuber Foundation, Inc.        Tom and Doris Gilles                Holiday Automotive                  Howard Fink
       Backyard Grill & Bar                Gretchen Hornung-Price SASN ‘48     Holiday Dodge                       First Presbyterian Church
       Estate of Ruth Nettekoven           Robert and Lori Hornung             Ideal Chiropractic of Fond du Lac   First Weber Realtors
         Becker ‘56                        Claudia Huettl                      Jack Twohig Carpet One              Doris Fischer ‘54
       Bonnie Bruns                        Jorgenson Education Services, LLC   R. Sharon Koenen ‘69                Fred and Marilyn Fleury
       Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chang            Donald Jorgenson                    Lakin for Assembly                  Fond du Lac Area Association of
       Congregation of Sisters of          Dr. Thomas and Mary Jo Kraus ‘97    Liberty Mutual Insurance            Commerce
         St. Agnes                         Anthony Manno ‘96                   Michelle Majewski                   Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality
       CSA Sponsorship Ministry            Mary McNamara                       Marian University                      & Healing
       Louis and Kathryn Cristan ‘74       Elizabeth Nunez ‘67                   Common Grounds                    Fond du Lac Credit Union
       Fond du Lac Community               Helen B. Perry                      Marine Credit Union                 Catherine Fowler ‘76
         Health Plan                       Scott and Sarah Ponath              Christine Martin ‘09                Lillian Fox ‘52
       Fond du Lac Rotary Charities Inc.   Corrine Reichert                    Elaine McCarthy ‘67/’88             Paul Frank
       Gretchen Franke ‘77 (SASN ‘60)      Katherine Schuessler                  (SASN ‘60)                        Robert and Dorothy Schneider
       The Grande Foundation               Matthew and Joretta Shinners        Michels Corporation                 Fuelling ‘68
       Bertrand Hopper                     Michael and Katherine Spaude        Jonathan Nicoud                     Arlene Funk ‘60
         Memorial Foundation               Joseph and Ann (Sheridan)           Jeffrey Nielsen                     John and Kathleen Gellings ‘04
       Johnsonville Foods, Inc.            Wenzler ‘65                         Orion Energy Systems, Inc.          MAG G & L
       John and Cathy Korb                 Wells Fargo Foundation              Pizza Rococo Inc.                   Giddings & Lewis Foundation, Inc.
       Michael and Stephanie Korb          Carol Whyms ‘67                     Jeffrey and Sylvia Reed             Mary Gilmore SASN ‘60
       Lallemand Specialties Inc.          Wisconsin Energy Corporation        Mary Russell                        Patrick and Mary Goebel
       Brian Lenz                                                              Saint Mary’s Springs High School    Mary ‘07 and Randy Hatlen ‘99
       Wayne and Mary Matzke               Founder’s Club                      Sanford-Brown College               Patricia Hawig ‘65
       Mercury Marine                                                          Sodexo                              Colleen Hayes ‘80
       Margaret Pennings SASN ‘51                                              Mary Ann Stiglitz ‘68               Ruth Heiser SASN ‘55
       Dr. R.G. Raymond & Sarah            Stacey Akey ‘92/’96                 Tobin Machining, Inc.               Amy Hennings
         Raymond Foundation                Ariens Foundation, Ltd.             Jack and Linda Twohig               Hierl Insurance
       Sargento Foods Inc.                 Baxter International Foundation     University of Wisconsin,            Sharon Hilbert ‘72
       James B. and Kathleen M.            Matching Gift                         Fond du Lac                       Laurie Hitchcock
         Simon ‘64                         BCI Burke Company, LLC              Ross Urven ‘06                      Hopper’s Custom Silk Screening
       Gary and Janet Smith                Beine Milk Transit, Inc             Rose Marie Vickery ‘82              James and Sharon Hubbard
       St. Mary’s Springs Athletic         Peni Beine                          Philip and Mary Wegmann             Leslie Jaber-Wilson ‘91
         Booster Club                      Vi Egan Candee                      Whispering Springs Golf Course      Jackson Kahl Insurance, LLC
       State of Wisconsin —                CitizensFirst Credit Union          Edward and Margaret                 Norine Janzen ‘65
         Public Instruction                Council of Independent Colleges       Woytych SASN ‘46                  Jim Pankow Inc.
       Ralph and Shelly Stayer ‘04         Frank and Lori Feingold                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jordan
       Dr. Darold Treffert                 Pam George ‘73                      Sabre Society                       Just Fare Market
       Mark Trepanier                      Grande Cheese                                                           Richard and Patty Kandiko ‘93
       Dr. James van Dyke                  Carol Henrichs ‘73                                                      Karen Karbowski ‘64
       S. Clay Willmington                 David Hornung                       3 Fish Entertainment LLC            Mary Jo Karnath ‘74
       Wisconsin Foundation for            Mary Kosmer                         Seymour and Shirley Abrahamson      Lisa Kidd
         Independent Colleges, Inc.        Ramona Krueger SASN ‘50             J F Ahern Co.                       Marian Klapperich ‘64
         - American Family Insurance       Gregory Matz ‘92                    William Albrecht                    Mary Klein
         - CR21                            National Exchange Bank & Trust      Dr. Edward and Bonnie Anderson      Richard and Joan Kleinfeldt
         - Sentry Insurance                Patricia O’Connor ‘77               Richard and Karen Baker             Mary Klink ‘73
         - United Parcel Service           Janet and Paul Osterholm ‘02/’05    Baker Cheese Factory, Inc.          Katherine Korecek ‘08
            Foundation                     Mary Polchert                       Dorothy Baumann SASN ‘45            Irving Koren
         - James R. Underkofler Award      Thomas Richardson                   Kathleen Baus ‘63                   Marie Kuber
            for Excellence in              Art and Donna Roggentine ‘75        Karen Bennett ‘95                   Ron LaBorde
            Undergraduate Teaching         C.D. Smith Construction             Berlin Journal                      Barbara Langman ‘06/’08
                                           Harlan ‘75 and Roberta Swift ‘75    Janice Beyer ‘68                    Steven Laurion
       President’s Club                    Sylvester Wargula                   Kathleen Searl Birkby ‘63           William and Pat Leker
       $1,000–$2,499                       Wells Fargo Advisors                Judith Blohm ‘78                    Robert Lesch
                                                                               Shane Boeder                        Marsha Lisowe ‘72
       Tripp and Colleen Ahern             Naber Society                       Broadjam, Inc.                      Bonnie Luhmann ‘72
       Mary Ann Austin                                                         Bonnie Clark Brown ‘73              E. Michael McCann
       Josefina Castillo Baltodano, J.D.                                       Randall and Agnes Buchwald ‘80      Janet McCord
       Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc.      Ahern - Gross, Inc                  Mary S. Bull ‘44                    Mary Mengel SASN ‘54
       Susan Coatney                       Anonymous                           Carla Clark                         Ellen Mercer
       Community Health Network            Sheryl Ayala                        Mary Cody ‘68                       Eugene and Gladys Moll
                                           Kate Candee                         Rosemary Curtin                     Roger Mueller ‘88

Donor Listing July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010
Bernice Mugan ‘60                  Adashun Jones Inc.                Jeannine Richter Guilfoile       Oshkosh Corporation
Judith Musolf ‘61                  David Anderson                      SASN ‘56                       Denise Osier ‘88
Mark and Rhonda Nelson             Jon and Rachel Anderson           Claudette Gunther ‘10            Page Electric Co., Inc.
Nancy Noble                        Ellen Balthazor                   Jane Halverson ‘90               Jacob Panzer ‘05
Jane Novak ‘80                     Andrew Bartosh                    Jonathan and Kathleen Hankins    Renee Peters
Jeffrey Ogle ‘80                   Robert Benson ‘89                 Robert and Cynthia Hansen        Amelia Petersen ‘05
Lisa and Douglas Olig ‘94/’05      Christine ‘81 and David           Denise Harmsen ‘06/’08/’09       Anne Marie Feucht Peterson ‘99
Open Circle Unitarian                 Beres ‘80/’95                  Jacob Harmsen ‘07                Eric Peterson ‘07
   Universalist Fellowship         Jessie Bertz SASN ‘47             Jody Hartzell                    Donna Pieper ‘90
Barbara Owings ‘67                 Esther Bethke SASN ‘54            Carol Heffner                    Susan Poepl ‘68
John Pautz                         Connie Betz ‘00                   Sue Held ‘91                     Kathryn Polmanteer
William Peters ‘96                 Barbara Beuscher                  Thomas and Sue Hierl             Nancy Polsin SASN ‘56
Phoenix Group of Wisconsin, Inc.   Kenneth Beuthin ‘93               Marcia Mertens Hletko ‘58        Bobbie Radocha ‘71
Carla Pierce                       Catherine ‘01 and Mohammed        Gina Homan ‘01                   Brian Rammer ‘01
Pilgrim United Church of Christ       Bey ‘04/’07                    Randal and Alysia Hopper         Mark Rasner
Jack and Barbara Pollei            Louann Biddick ‘83/’04            Betty Hungerford SASN ‘51        James and Patricia Rauth
Judith Pomeroy ‘87                 Patricia Boelhower ‘73/’95        Lenore Janda SASN ‘60            Kathy Redig
Alice Promen                       Joanne Borck ‘71                  Phyllis Janowski ‘06             Ann Reinke
Lalitha Ramamoorthy                Susan Bornstein-Forst             Debra Jones ‘95                  Dr. Richard and Leslie Ridenour
Elizabeth Reyburn SASN ‘57         Louise Bowen ‘70                  Kathleen Jurecki ‘06             Helen Rippinger SASN ‘43
Robert and Marilyn Rucks           Theo Bralick                      Denise Kaminsky                  Jean Rogers
Diane Ruhland ‘70                  Nathan Brooks ‘03                 Kaytee Products Incorporated     Elizabeth Russell ‘97
Dr. James and Shirley Rupple       Kathleen Brown ‘96                Kelly Leadership Group LLC       Beverly Sabel ‘02
Karolyn and Mehdi Samman           Allen Buechel                     Renee Kempfer ‘84                Mary Ann Salter ‘72
Karen Schaefer ‘68                 Mary Bush SASN ‘57                Sally ‘97 and Joshua             David Schill ‘80
Joan Schilke ‘65                   Paula Cardinahl-Winkel ‘91          Ketterhagen ‘97/’02            Brad and Sandra Schimel
Ann Schlaefer ‘80                  Lori Cardinal ‘83                 Kimberly-Clark Foundation        Colleen Schmidt ‘81
School Sisters of Notre Dame       Barbara Casey SASN ‘52            Kathleen Klegin ‘67              Michael Schrader ‘96
Mary Skinkis ‘84                   Donald Castelaz                   David Klumpyan                   Jack Schramm
John R. and Rachel Smith           Stephen Centinario                Amy Knutson                      Laurie Schuppe
Pauline Smith ‘68                  Marianne Chaudoir                 Athanasia Knutson                Shelly Schwingle ‘79
Smith & Hatch Insurance Agency     Tami Christian ‘03/’06            Helen Komplin ‘71                Linda Seefluth ‘95
Charlotte Snow ‘93                 Azor Cigelske                     Dave Krug                        Carol Seim SASN ‘60
Benjamin ‘01 and Noel Soman ‘03    Cheryl Clark                      Therese Kudick ‘83               Susan Sesing
Janet Spidell SASN ‘57             Caroline Coughlin ‘93             Thomas Kuenzi                    Susan Shikowski ‘83
Juanita Starr SASN ‘40             Theresa Cowan                     Andrew Kukec                     Suzanne Shinnick ‘78
Christine Stautz ‘74               Franklin Cumberbatch              Ray Lapierre                     Irma Smet ‘76
Tim Steger                         Stephanie ‘01 and Jeffrey         Amy Latus                        Carol Smith ‘71
Barb and Al Stephany                  Dean ‘09                       Edwin Lee ‘05/’07                Joyce Smith
Aimee Stevens ‘95                  Ellen Dehnel                      Ann Luker ‘92                    Richard Smith ‘08
Christopher Stolarski ‘02          Joanne Del Ponte SASN ‘62         Timothy Manzke                   Debra Sosinski ‘80/’95
Matt Szromba                       Amber Di Vilio ‘06                Christine Martino ‘01            Michael Starshak
Cheryl Teichmiller ‘93/’04         Becky Dineen ‘91                  Marian Matoska SASN ‘61          Lucy Steffen ‘78
Patricia Thompson ‘63              Rick Dittberner ‘99               Peter Mauel                      Jill Steffes ‘85
John and Maria Townsend            Mark Dodge                        Dorothy McClellan-Jackson ‘65    Mary Ann Steffes ‘68
Patricia Twohig ‘49                Janice Edelstein                  Ronald McCreedy                  Gregory Sterr
Twohig Family Dentistry, LLC       Frank Endejan                     Lori McEathron                   Anthony Stevens
Unilever US Foundation Inc.        Jean Engel ‘72                    Jeffrey and Patti McGovern       John Strands
Reyne Vanden Heuvel                Barbara Fischer ‘76               Angela McVitty ‘99               Kerry Strupp ‘04
Mark Walecka ‘94                   Janet Flaherty ‘75                David and Tammy Mead             Jessica Svatek ‘96
Lorette Wambach SASN ‘47           Fond du Lac Arts Council, Inc.    Donna Meinke ‘69                 Melissa Tate
James Wegmann ‘00                  Fond du Lac County                Gustave Mielkie                  Lindee Thill-Kimball ‘83
Mary Ann Welp ‘61 (SASN ‘54)          Economic Development           Anne Miers ‘69                   Gregory and Karen Toboyek
Marlys Welsch                      Donna Mae Frank SASN ‘52          Barbara Millage                  Christine Tower
Whatever, LLC                      Elizabeth Frank SASN ‘51          Kurt Miller ‘05                  Susan Trameri ‘82
Nancy Willard ‘70                  Jennifer Friedel ‘68 (SASN ‘66)   Mary Miller ‘70/’02              Todd Vahlsing
Sharon Wilson SASN ‘60             Mary Frohmader SASN ‘52           Sara Miller                      Cathy Van Deurzen
Amy Winninghoff ‘99                LuAnn Fugiel                      James and Janet Moore            Kay Vogel ‘87
John Wiskerchen ‘94                Mary Fuhrmann                     Barbara Moritz SASN ‘58          Nicholas Vogt ‘06
Lucille Wuest SASN ‘57             A. Darlene Ganz                   John Morris                      Karen Vornholt
Marjorie Zeigler                   Ashly Garner                      Mary Moser ‘71                   Tyler Vorpagel
Daniel Zimmerman                   GE Foundation                     Chad Muehlbauer ‘02              Jodi Wagner
                                   Margaret Giannoni                 Diane Murray                     Tre and Cathy Waldren
Friend                             Nicole Gifford ‘04                Mary Ann Nelson ‘87              Robert and Mary Catherine
                                   Terrina Goeden ‘01                Jean Neumann SASN ‘60               Wallin SASN ‘48
$99 and under
                                   Mary Jo Gould ‘61                 Kathryn Omernik ‘72              Patrick Walsh ‘86
Timothy and Catherine              Carl and Frances Gratton          Margaret O’Reilly ‘64            Florence Walter
  Abler ‘84/’89                    Steven Guell ‘00                  Debra Ortiz ‘00                  John Weir
Frank Adashun

                                                                                             MARIAN UNIVERSITY 2009–10 ANNUAL REPORT    29
       Donor Listing July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010
       Melanie Wentler ‘82                 Kaytee Products Incorporated        Annual Scholarships                Jordan-Brunswick
       Janet Wermes                        Kelly Leadership Group LLC                                             E.C. Kiekhaefer Memorial
       Jasen Wise                          Lakin for Assembly                  American Family Insurance          Helen Mary Dore Koehn and
       Anne Wondra ‘88                     Lallemand Specialties Inc.            Community Involvement               Joseph Koehn
       Barbara Wright ‘76                  Liberty Mutual Insurance            Ted and Grace Bachhuber            Sr. Irene Kohne, CSA/
       Ann Yockey ‘68                      MAG G& L                              Foundation Adult Education          St. Francis Home
       Dean Zakos                          Marian University                   Business Administration            Dr. Michael A. and Dolorosa
       Diane Zancanaro ‘86                    Common Grounds                     Division Merit                   O’Brien Korb Family
       Suzanne Zeihen ‘99                  Marine Credit Union                 Dr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chang        Michael J. Kraus Memorial
       Mark and Donna Zittel ‘78           Mercury Marine                      CR21                               Marian University Cabinet
                                           Michels Corporation                 CitizensFirst Credit Union         Marian University
                                           National Exchange Bank & Trust      Fond du Lac Area Foundation           School of Education
       Matching Gift                                                           Fond du Lac Noon Kiwanis- Robert   Belen Sanchez Mayorga
                                           Open Circle Unitarian
       Companies                              Universalist Fellowship          Waffle Memorial                    Dale R. Michels Family
                                           Orion Energy Systems, Inc.          Fond du Lac Rotary Charities       Clarinda T. Mischler and Sister
       Baxter International Foundation
                                           Oshkosh Corporation                 Ramona Schumacher                  Adalbert Nursing
       Giddings & Lewis Foundation, Inc.
                                           Page Electric Co., Inc.               Krueger Memorial                 Dr. Robert and Alice Moser
       The Grande Foundation
                                                                               Leonard Lewis Fund                 National Exchange Bank & Trust
       Kimberly-Clark Foundation           Jim Pankow Inc.
                                                                               Marian University Academic         James E. Nintzel
       Wisconsin Energy Corporation        Phoenix Group of Wisconsin, Inc.
                                                                                 Achievement                      Mildred and William O’Connor/
                                           Pilgrim United Church of Christ
                                                                               Marian University Alumni              Thomas Schevers
       Corporations,                       Pizza Rococo Inc.
                                                                               Marian University                  Mary O’Rourke
                                           Saint Mary’s Springs High School
       Companies, and                                                            Faculty/Staff/Student            Dr. Ewald and Dorothy Pawsat
                                           Sanford-Brown College
       Organizations                       Sargento Foods Inc.                 Marian University Naber            Robert N. and Alice M. Promen
                                                                               Marian University Presidential     Ira A. Ridenour Memorial
       3 Fish Entertainment LLC            School Sisters of Notre Dame                                           Lori K. Rieth Nursing
                                           C. D. Smith Construction            Marian University Trustee
       Adashun Jones Inc                                                                                          Ellen and Rachel Ritchie Memorial
                                           Smith & Hatch Insurance Agency      Marian Verette Pierce
       Agnesian Healthcare                                                                                        Gertrude H. Rodenkirch
                                           Sodexo                              Dr. R.G. Raymond and Sarah
       J F Ahern Co.                                                                                              Gladys Salter
                                           St. Mary’s Springs Athletic           Raymond Foundation
       Ahern - Gross, Inc                                                                                         Sargento Foods Inc.
                                              Booster Club                     Sentry Insurance Foundation
       Backyard Grill & Bar                                                                                       Elizabeth Schevers
                                           State of Wisconsin –                United Parcel Service Foundation
       Baker Cheese Factory, Inc.                                                                                    Tangen Memorial
                                              Public Instruction               Waldren Family
       BCI Burke Company, LLC                                                                                     Sr. John Baptist Shaja Memorial
                                           Tobin Machining, Inc.               Patricia Wargula Memorial
       Beine Milk Transit, Inc.                                                                                   James B. & Kathleen M. Simon
                                           Twohig Family Dentistry, LLC        Jeanne Zimmerman Nursing           Brother Bob Smith Urban
       Berlin Journal
       Broadjam, Inc.                      University of Wisconsin,                                               Social Work Program
                                              Fond du Lac                      Endowed Scholarships               Dorothy Theisen
       Capelle Bros & Diedrich
       CitizensFirst Credit Union          Wells Fargo Advisors                George P. and Helen B. Andrew      Sr. Mary Agreda Touchett, CSA
       Community Health Network            Whatever, LLC                       Mary Ann and Frank Austin          Dr. Edward W. and Myrtle Vetter
       Congregation of Sisters of          Whispering Springs Golf Course      George J. and Mary C. Becker       Dr. Ruth Willmington
          St. Agnes                        Wisconsin Energy Corporation        Ruth Nettekoven Becker             Agnes Ziegert
       Council of Independent Colleges                                         Leon and Asella Biederman
       Excel Engineering, Inc.             Foundations                         Sr. Cletus Blochlinger, CSA        Gifts-In-Kind
       Paul J Faris Plumbing, LLC                                              Ralph Breit
                                                                                                                  Badger Liquor
                                           Ariens Foundation, Ltd.             Sr. Dolora Brogan, CSA
       Festival Foods                                                                                             Comfort Inn
                                           Ted and Grace Bachhuber             Dr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chang
       First Presbyterian Church                                                                                  Michael Cowan
                                              Foundation, Inc.                    Award
       First Weber Realtors                                                                                       Creations Hair Studio
                                           Baxter International Foundation     Congregation of Sisters of
       Fond du Lac Area Association                                                                               Mary Ellen and John Gormican
                                           Fond du Lac Area Foundation            St. Agnes
          of Commerce                                                                                             Holiday Inn
                                           Fond du Lac Center for              Consultants Laboratory Nursing
       Fond du Lac Arts Council, Inc.                                                                             Tom Klatkiewicz
                                              Spirituality & Healing              and Medical Technology
       Fond du Lac Center for                                                                                     Lallemand
                                           GE Foundation                       Harry and Paschaleen Coonradt
          Spirituality & Healing                                                                                  Shane Leach
                                           Giddings & Lewis Foundation, Inc.   Lou and Kathy Cristan
       Fond du Lac Community                                                                                      Margaret Niederehe
                                           The Grande Foundation               CSA Legacy
          Health Plan                                                                                             Pepsi Cola
                                           Bertrand Hopper Memorial            Sr. Digna Desch, CSA
       Fond du Lac County                                                                                         Ramada Plaza Hotel
                                           Foundation                          Rita (Hewitt) Di Frances
          Economic Development                                                                                    Regis Salons
                                           Kimberly-Clark Foundation           Giles Doherty
       Fond du Lac Credit Union                                                                                   Donna Roggentine
                                           Korb Family Foundation Inc          Mary M. Brandl Draheim
       Fond du Lac Rotary Charities Inc.                                                                          Matt Rose
                                           Dr. R.G. Raymond & Sarah               Memorial
       Grande Cheese                                                                                              Gary Sadoff
                                                                               Dr. William and Elsie Egan
       Hierl Insurance                        Raymond Foundation                                                  Katherine Saemann
                                                                               Fond du Lac County Medical
       Holiday Automotive                  Unilever US Foundation Inc.                                            Sodexo
                                                                                  Alliance Nursing
       Holiday Dodge                       Vanguard Charitable                                                    Tre Waldren
                                                                               Angeline Jakovec Fritz Nursing
       Hopper’s Custom Silk Screening         Endowment Program                                                   Darylann Whitemarsh
                                                                               Ross and Viola Galbreath
       Ideal Chiropractic of Fond du Lac   Wells Fargo Foundation                                                 Margaret Zedan
       Jack Twohig Carpet One              J.P. & Ann Wenzler Foundation
                                                                               Elizabeth and Walter Goebel        Donations listed were made between
       Jackson Kahl Insurance, LLC         Wisconsin Foundation for            Nursing                            July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.
       Johnsonville Foods, Inc.               Independent Colleges, Inc        Dorothy Guelig                     We have made every effort to
       Jorgenson Education Services, LLC                                       Jeanette and Harry Heeb            provide an accurate list; however,
       Just Fare Market                                                        Gretchen Verbeten Hornung          if any error has been made, please
                                                                               Claire G. Hutter                   accept our apologies.

                  MARIAN UNIVERSITY
              Board of Trustees 2009–2010
                               John M. Korb, Chairperson of Of Counsel
                                        Wells Fargo Advisors, Fond du Lac

                          norMa tirado-Kellenberger, Vice Chairperson
           Vice President, HR & Health Information Technology, Lakeland HealthCare, St. Joseph, Mich.

                                     robin d. talbott ’90, Treasurer
                                 Senior Vice President, Legacy Bank, Milwaukee

                                       david J. hornung, Secretary
                                   President, Graphic Center Inc., Fond du Lac

     Mary noel brown, Csa — Executive Leader of Sponsorship, CSA Sponsorship Ministry, Fond du Lac
         gerald w. CuMMings, ph.d. — Senior Section Manager, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Racine
    louis dethoMasis, fsC, ph.d. — President, Christian Brothers Investment Services–Europe, Rome, Italy
                terri l. eManuel ’86 — Co-Owner/Operator, The Goldsmith, Fond du Lac
                  alonZo M. Kelly ’96 — President, Kelly Leadership Group, Milwaukee
                               irving Koren — Entrepreneur, Fond du Lac
                 wayne e. MatZKe — President & CEO, Grande Cheese Company, Lomira
                    Mary Mollison ’69, Csa — Interim President, Marian University
eliZabeth nuneZ ’67, ph.d. — Author and Distinguished Professor, Hunter College, City University of New York,
                                             New York, NY
              gary M. sMith — President & CEO, C.D. Smith Construction, Inc., Fond du Lac
 Jean steffes ’65, Csa — Chancellor and Director of the Office of Religious, Diocese of Phoenix, Phoenix, Ariz.
                        eriC p. stone — President, NEB Corporation, Fond du Lac
                      robert h. straub ’79, M.d. — Family Medicine, Milwaukee
darold a. treffert, M.d. — Author and Psychiatrist, Behavioral Health Services, St. Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac

                                       Trustee Emeritus
   riChard C. Kleinfeldt — Retired Vice President–Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Giddings & Lewis, Inc.,
                                              Fond du Lac

                    Executive Team 2009–10
                                    Mary Mollison, Csa, Interim President
                                          daniel J. Maloney, Provost
                       stacey l. akey, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Marketing
                               Carey C. gardin, Executive Assistant to the President
                               deborah golias, Csa, Vice President for Academics
                        Mary K. Kosmer, Cpa, Controller and Director of Business & Finance
                      Cyndi a. nienhaus, Csa, Assistant to the President for University Mission
                                 Marie scott, Csa, Director of Campus Ministry
                                        Kerry strupp, Dean of Students
45 S. National Ave.                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935-4699                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                        FOND DU LAC
Founded 1936 • Sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes   PERMIT NO. 337

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