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Detractors will

                                                                               18 June 2010
eat their words
iPhone 4 is getting slammed by the
media, but it’ll still fly off the shelves.

     Phone 4. What a surprise. Were you disappointed? I was.
     Not with the specs. Not with the hardware. Not with the forthcoming
     and slightly awkwardly named iOS4, but by the lack of, well,
surprise. But enough of the spoilers. We all might have been able
to write Jobs’ script on his behalf, as his job was really no more than
confirming what we already knew, but that didn’t make the specs any
less impressive.
     The case is subtly improved, being smarter and sleeker, and the
addition of a front-facing camera for use with FaceTime, Apple’s name
for video calls, which is about as close to VoIP as the Cupertino giant
is ever going to get, is as logical as it’s overdue. Moreover, while I don’t
buy into the alleged higher-than-retina-resolution screen – hold the
phone close enough and I bet you can make out the pixels – I’m quietly
impressed nonetheless.
     So why isn’t everyone else?
     Most of the coverage – factual pieces aside – has been
resoundingly negative, and this is before 99.9% recurring of the global
population has got their hands on one (factory workers aside). Clicks,
it seems, are becoming more important than reasoned,
considered argument, and 10 reasons why the iPhone is
not for you/is a waste of money/won’t work underwater
seem to be more effective at dragging in the viewers
than a proper hands-on review.
     Expect this all to change when review units
become available.
     There are few companies that can attract the kind of
unwarranted hatred that Apple does right now. Fewer
still could attract such inaccurate reporting. iPhone
4’s case will scratch easily because it’s made
of plastic, said one such report. No it’s not. It
uses Bing rather than Google for search, said
another. Nope. It’s expensive. Really? Bear in
mind that many of these stories were written
before the UK networks announced their
prices and make up your own mind.
     iPhone 4 has had an unprecedented
amount of bad publicity, but that will make no
difference. Despite being an evolution of an
evolution of an evolution of what was once a
radical and original product like nothing we had
seen before it will sell and it will sell well.
     So let’s see the naysayers put their
money where their collective mouths are. If
you really do think the iPhone 4 is destined
to fail, then pick a number – whichever
number it would need to sell to prove to
you that it’s done pretty well – and take it
to your local bookie with some cash. See
if they’ll take a bet that it won’t reach that
level. If iPhone 4 really is as underwhelming
as you seem to believe, you’ll turn a quick
profit. Quicker, perhaps, than Apple.

Nik Rawlinson is the editor. This
issue he’s been eating too many
croissants and enjoying a break
from the online world.
      18 June 2010

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                                                             Steve Jobs shows off slinky iPhone 4 at
                                                             WWDC + US Justice Department puts
                                                             Apple under scrutiny.

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                                                                                                                                                                                            18 June 2010

                          Steve Jobs introduces stylish
                          new iPhone 4 at WWDC keynote
                                  teve Jobs used the opening
                                  keynote presentation for this                                                                                 which is used to monitor background
                                  year’s Worldwide Developers                                                                                   noise and eliminate it so the person
                          Conference (WWDC) to talk about the                                                                                   which whom you’re speaking can hear
                          much-anticipated fourth-generation                                                                                    you more clearly.
                          iPhone. Speculation and supposed                                                                                          The accelerometer is supplemented
                          leaks turned out to be incredibly                                                                                     by a three-axis gyroscope, which tracks
                          accurate. The iPhone 4 dispenses with                                                                                 acceleration, angular velocity and
                          the two-year-old design of the 3G and                                                                                 rotation rate. Apple is pitching this at
                          3GS models, and introduces a new                                                                                      the gaming market, an area to which it’s
                          look and feel that’s only 9.3mm thick,                                                                                increasingly paying attention, thanks to
                          which Apple says makes it the world’s                                                                                 the explosion in the popularity of games
                          thinnest smartphone.                                                                                                  on the App Store.
                              The front and back of the phone                                                                                       The iPhone 4 can connect to
                          are made of a specially engineered                                                                                    802.11n wifi networks, although only
                          aluminosilicate glass that Apple                                                                                      those operating in the 2.4GHz band.
                          claims is very durable and more                                                                                       That differs from the iPad, which can
                          scratch resistant than previous iPhone                                                                                also connect to networks that are
                          models. A stainless steel band runs                                                                                   broadcasting at 5GHz and so support
                          around the edges and serves as                                                                                        faster transmission rates.
                          the mounting point for all of the
                          components and also as the antenna                                                                                    External hardware
                          for the various wireless transmissions.                                                                                There are no changes to the iPhone
                              The iPhone 4’s screen size hasn’t                                                                                  4’s physical button configuration. The
                          changed – it’s still 3.5in diagonally                                                                                  switch that silences ringtones and
                          across – but the resolution has doubled                                                                                other sounds still serves that function.
                          to 960 x 640 pixels, making the overall                                                                                On the iPad, that switch’s function is
                                                                       ▲ The iPhone 4 has a high-resolution 940 x 640-pixel screen with
                          resolution only slightly less than the       a pixel density of 326ppi, which gives it incredible sharpness.           to lock the screen orientation so that
                          1024 x 768 resolution of the iPad.                                                                                     the accelerometer doesn’t trigger the
                          However, the smaller screen means the pixel          camera that allows this feature, which only                screen’s contents to rotate. This is expected
                          density is far higher than in any previous           works over wifi networks. The camera on the                 to be a software-based feature in the new
                          iPhone, up from 163ppi to 326ppi. Apple says         back of iPhone 4 can record HD video (720p)                version of the iPhone’s operating system,
                          that, at 78 micrometres across, the pixels are       at up to 30fps, while the front-facing camera              accessed by double-tapping Home to call up
                          so tiny that the human eye can’t distinguish         records at 640 x 480 pixels at up to 30fps.                the task switcher and swiping right.
                          one from the next. Developers won’t have to          Tap to focus now works with video, too.                        Apple’s 30-pin Dock Connector is still
                          re-engineer their apps to make use of this, as           There’s also an LED flash on the back                   present for syncing the iPhone. Nothing was
                          the operating system will simply render text         of the phone, which should help alleviate                  announced about the possibility of wireless
                          and graphics more crisply on the new display,        previous models’ problems with shooting in                 syncing. iPhone 4 is compatible with the Dock
                          giving unprecedented sharpness for a mobile          low light, although Apple claims it has made               Connector-to-VGA adaptor that was released
                          phone. The display uses IPS technology,              improvements to image quality in those                     alongside the iPad, which allows for playback
Image Courtesy of Apple

                          which is also used in the iPad and iMacs, and        circumstances anyway. The flash also stays                  of video up to 1024 x 768 pixels in resolution.
                          has an 800:1 contrast ratio.                         on when you’re recording video in order to
                                                                               light up scenes. Furthermore, there’s now a                Under the hood
                          Video and stills                                     five-megapixel sensor on board, up from three               The heart of the iPhone 4 is Apple’s internally
                          Another significant new feature is FaceTime,          megapixels in the 3GS.                                     designed A4 processor, first used in the
                          Apple’s name for video calls. As long-                   Apple has added a second mic to the                    iPad. Apple says that this processor’s power
                          rumoured, the iPhone 4 has a front-facing            phone, situated near the headphone jack,                   efficiency means longer battery     Page 009
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                          Apple claims that its new-look iPhone 4

                                                                                                                                                                                     18 June 2010
                          is now the world’s thinnest smartphone
                          life, giving seven hours of                                           still only two colour options
                          talk time on a 3G network                                             – black and white – which
                          and 14 hours on a 2G                                                  is consistent between the
                          network, an increase of two                                           front and back panels, unlike
                          hours over the iPhone 3GS in                                          previous versions. A new
                          both instances. Meanwhile,                                            8GB version of the iPhone
                          Internet use is quoted at                                             3GS will be made available
                          six hours over 3G and nine                                            for $99, the entry-level price
                          hours over a wifi connection,                                          point previously occupied by
                          an improvement of one hour                                            an iPhone 3G model of the
                          over the iPhone 3GS in both                                           same capacity.
                          instances. Apple’s figure                                                   The iPhone 4 will be
                          for video playback remains                                            available in the UK along with
                          10 hours, yet it claims the                                           the US, France and Germany
                                                            ▲ Apple claims the iPhone 4’s
                          iPhone 4 will last an extra 10
                          hours when playing audio,
                                                            A4 chip prolongs battery life.      from 24 June, and pre-
                                                                                                ordering is now open. At the
                                                                                                                                  Google offers
                          taking it to 40 hours, which exceeds the iPod
                          classic’s quoted playback time by four hours.
                                                                               time of going to press, O2, Orange, T-Mobile
                                                                               and Vodafone all indicated that they would
                                                                                                                                  new encrypted
                                                                                                                                  search option
Image Courtesy of Apple

                               The iPhone 4 uses a Micro Sim card, the         carry iPhone 4 at launch.
                          same as the iPad. O2’s website suggests it               O2 announced that existing iPhone
                          will be sending these to interested customers        owners will be able to upgrade to the new

                          ready for the handset going on sale. In the          model even if they’re currently within a                    oogle has started offering a new,
                          US, the iPhone 4 will cost $299 for a 32GB           contract period, but this offer will be time-               secure method for accessing its web
                          model on a 24-month contract and $199 for a          limited. Orange and Vodafone have yet to                    search, using industry-standard SSL
                          16 model on a 24-month contract. There are           announce their plans.                              encryption. Entering a search query at https://
                                                                                                                         creates a secure connection
                                                                                                                                  between the web browser and Google,
                                                                                                                                  preventing a third party from snooping on the

                          New York Times unleashes                                                                                search terms used and results delivered.
                                                                                                                                      The service does come with some

                          lawyers on Pulse RSS app                                                                                reservations – hence the ‘beta’ tag. Results
                                                                                                                                  won’t include Google Images and Maps,
                                                                                                                                  as they don’t currently support SSL, and

                                  he New York Times Company, which              from the App Store. ‘The Pulse News Reader        the encryption process might mean that
                                  owns the eponymous US newspaper               app makes commercial use of the NYTimes.          searching could be slightly slower.
                                  and The Boston Globe, has                     com and RSS feeds, in violation            Although encryption should protect
                          despatched its lawyers to take action against         of their Terms of Use. Thus, the use of our       searches from prying eyes, it won’t hide your
                          the Pulse RSS reader app for the iPad,                content is unlicensed. The app also frames        data from Google. ‘Google will still maintain
                          claiming it illegally makes commercial use            the and websites           search data to improve your search quality
                          of its news feeds.                                    in violation of their respective Terms of Use,’   and to provide better service,’ noted Evan
                              Richard Samson, senior counsel for The            he wrote.                                         Roseman, software engineer on the Google
                          New York Times Company, wrote to Apple                    A few days later, Apple CEO Steve Jobs        Blog. ‘Searching over SSL doesn’t reduce the
                          last week asking that Pulse be removed                featured Pulse during his opening address to      data sent to Google – it only hides that data
                                                                                the audience at Apple’s Worldwide Developers      from third parties who seek it.’
                                                                                Conference at the beginning of this month.            Roseman added that clicking on search
                                                                                However, within hours it had been removed         results could break the secure connection
                                                                                from the App Store.                               (in fact, that’s likely). ‘Our hope is that more
                                                                                    Apple emailed Pulse developer Akshay          sites and services will add support for SSL
                                                                                Kothari, saying: ‘The New York Times              to help create a better and more consistent
                                                                                Company believes your application named           experience for you,’ he explained.
                                                                                “Pulse News Reader” infringes The New York
                                                                                Times Company’s rights. Accordingly, we have
                                                                                pulled your application from the App Store.’
                                                                                    Then, without explanation, Apple had a
                                                                                                                                      Quote, unquote
                                                                                change of heart, restoring Pulse to the store.                                           rent
                                                                                                                                     ‘Sure, of course it is. It’s a different
                                                                                Kothari was certainly nonplussed. ‘We’re trying      form factor of a PC. It wouldn’t
                                                                                to figure that out ourselves,’ he said when           surprise me to see competition try
                                                                                asked why the app was back.                          to eliminate the role of what they’ve
                                                                                    Robert Christie, a spokesman for The New         had that hasn’t been popular, in
                                                                                York Times Company, was equally baffled. ‘We          order to popularise the thing that’s
                                                                                think it has been reinstated by error, and we        new and fashionable. That’s a
                                                                                have asked Apple for an explanation,’ he said,       legitimate approach.’
                                                                                adding that the company wanted to work with          Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when
                          ▲ Pulse, an RSS news reader for the iPad, allegedly
                                                                                Pulse, ‘but only under our terms of use’.            asked if the iPad was a PC.
                          infringes The New York Times Company’s rights.            Apple has yet to comment.

                                               Justice Department
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                                                                  Microsoft reshuffle
                                                                                                                                                                  finds MBU part of
                                               turns gaze on Apple                                                                                                Business Division

                                               A                                                                                                                  M
                                                         pple’s music sales operation in                 In retaliation, it was claimed that Apple began                     icrosoft’s Mac Business Unit
                                                         the US is being investigated by                 to withdraw marketing support for tracks that                       has a new home, following the
                                                         the Department of Justice (DoJ),                were sold early on Amazon.                                          reorganisation of the company
                                               according to reports. The New York Times                      There are other ongoing investigations into          in the wake of the departure of two of its
                                               claims an inquiry has so far led to DoJ staff             Apple by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),             most high-profile executives.
                                               talking to lawyers or legal departments at                which is looking at its rules for developers                 The Unit, which develops the Mac version
                                               major music labels and other online retailers.            after complaints from Adobe, and by the                  of Office, is to become part of Microsoft’s
                                                   Apple currently has a 70% online market               DoJ, which is examining hiring practices.                Business Division, home of Office for
                                               share in the US. As a vast amount of music is             Although the news is unlikely to be welcomed             Windows. The company isn’t saying if the
                                               now bought online rather than in bricks-and-              at Apple, some analysts suggest that this                move has any implications beyond the
                                               mortar shops, this means it can claim more                attention from regulators is a good sign for
                                               than a quarter of all music sales.                        investors, and indicative of the influence and
                                                   It’s not clear on what the investigation will         reach that the company now has.                           ‘The reorganisation has seen the
                                               focus, but it’s likely that as Apple’s market                 Apple, Amazon and the DoJ have all
                                               share is growing, it will look at the influence it         remained tight-lipped on the claims, despite
                                                                                                                                                                   departure of two of the company’s
                                               now has on the market. Rival Amazon is the                close scrutiny from the US media. Speaking                most high-profile executives’
                                               second largest online music retailer, with 8%             to The New York Times, antitrust lawyer
                                               of the US market. Earlier this year, it came              Daniel Brown said: ‘Certainly if the Justice
                                               under fire for allegedly asking labels to allow it         Department is getting involved, it raises                organisational. A new Office for Windows
                                               to sell tracks one day before other retailers in          the possibility of potential serious problems            was released earlier this month, with a Mac
                                               return for promotional help for those artists.            down the road for Apple.’                                version expected some time next year.
                                                                                                                                                                      The reorganisation has seen the departure
                                                                                                                                                                  of two of the company’s most high-profile
                                                                                                                                                                  executives, J Allard and Robbie Bach. They
                                                                                                                                                                  were the brains behind the Entertainment
                                                                                                                                                                  and Devices Division, which is responsible
                                                                                                                                                                  for the Xbox, Zune and Windows Mobile.
                                                                                                                                                                      Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer
                                                                                                                                                                  has assumed direct control of the division as
                                                                                                                                                                  it prepares for the release later this year of
                                                                                                                                                                  Windows Mobile 7, its last chance to recover
                                                                                                                                                                  its slumping share of the smartphone market.
                                                                                                                                                                  In an email to staff, Ballmer thanked the
                                                                                                                                                                  departing executives and said the changes
                                                                                                                                                                  were necessary to ensure that the company
                     Image Courtesy of Apple

                                                                                                                                                                  had ‘the right leaders in the right positions’.
                                                                                                                                                                      ‘As we finalise and ship so many of our
                                                                                                                                                                  key products, it is a natural time for us to
                                                                                                                                                                  look ahead and make sure we have the
                                                                                                                                                                  right talent in the right roles to fuel our next
                                                                                                                                                                  set of offerings. I am confident that the
                                                                                                                                                                  changes above will set us up well for the
                                               ▲ Apple currently has a 70% market share of online music in the US and accounts for 25% of all music sold there.   months and years ahead,’ he wrote.

                                               Jobs hints at Flash volte-face                                                                                      Steve Jobs discussed the
                                                                                                                                                                   development of the iPad
                                                                                                                                                                   at the recent D8 conference.

                                                         teve Jobs has insinuated that Apple             come back and tell us. We shipped iPhone
                                                         could reconsider its decision not to            without Flash, too. [It] wasn’t until iPad that
                                                         allow Adobe’s Flash technology on               Adobe raised a stink.’
                                               the iPhone or iPad. Speaking at the All Things                Jobs also discussed the early
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Image Asa Mathat/All Things Digital

                                               Digital D8 conference in California, Apple’s              development of the iPad. ‘I had this idea
                                               CEO answered questions on the issue. ‘Some                about a glass display, a multitouch display
                                               things are good in a product, some things                 you could type on. I asked our people about
                                               are bad,’ he said. ‘If the market tells us we’re          it and six months later they came back with
                                               making bad choices, we’ll make changes.                   this amazing display,’ Jobs said. ‘And I gave it
                                               We’re just trying to make great products.’                to one of our really brilliant UI guys. He then
                                                   Jobs maintained his stance that Apple’s               got inertial scrolling working and some other
                                               objection to Flash is a technical one: ‘We just           things, and I thought, “my God, we can build
                                               made a technical decision. [We] told Adobe                a phone with this,” and we put the tablet
                                               [that] if you ever have this thing running fast,          aside, and we went to work on the phone.’

                                                                                                                          News flash

                                                                                                                                                                                             18 June 2010
                                                                                                                         iPad sales hit 2 million
                                                                                                                         Apple has announced that it sold two
                                                                                                                         million iPads in the first 60 days of its
                                                                                                                         availability. At this rate, it will outsell the
                                                                                                                         Mac in the June to September quarter,
                                                                                                                         although it’s likely that with the US and
                                                                                                                         international launches now accounted
                                                                                                                         for, the rate of sales will slow.
                                                                                                                              Apple sold the first million units in
                                                                                                                         the 28 days following the US launch
                                                                                                                         on 3 April and took 31 days to sell the
                                                                                                                         second million. Debut sales for the iPad
                                                                                                                         were stronger than that of the original
                                                                                                                         iPhone, which took two months to sell
                                                                                                                         one million units, but not as impressive
                                                                                                                         as the iPhone 3G, which sold three
                                                                                                                         million units in its first month.
                                                                                                                              Apple doesn’t break down sales
                                                                                                                         figures by model or geographic region,
                                                                                                                         but the Financial Times reported that
                                                                                                                         anecdotal evidence showed that the
                                                                                                                         wifi models had proved more popular
                                                                                                                         in the US, while in the rest of the world
                                                                                                                         the 3G line seemed to be selling more

                                                                                                                                                                           Image PA Photos
                                                                                                                         in the first few days after launch. The
                                                                                                                         3G model didn’t launch in the US until
                                                                                                                         four weeks after the wifi model, which
                                                                                                                         may have a bearing on this.

Sales of the iPad have been much stronger than even the most bullish of predictions, with Apple selling more than two million devices since its launch two months ago.

Apple streaks past Microsoft to
become world’s largest tech firm
           pple has done what seemed                      has been devoid of innovation and significant               the iPhone (see story, above), and hopes to
           impossible a decade ago and passed             new product launches.                                      shift four times that amount by the end of the
           the software giant Microsoft and is                However, these financial figures,                        year. However, as Microsoft’s core business
now the world’s largest technology firm.                   interesting as they are, paint only half the               still revolves around software, and Apple’s
      Last month, for the first time ever, the             picture. While Apple has grown from niche                  around hardware, it will be difficult for the
market value of Apple Inc. rose past $220                 player to a producer of must-have gadgets,                 Cupertino company to squeeze the same
billion (about £151.09 billion) and surpassed             Microsoft has decades of proven ability to                 profit from its market value.
Microsoft, which is currently valued at $219              bring in profit under its belt.                                  This market capitalisation is also based
billion (about £150.4 billion).                                                                                      entirely on share price, driven by investor
     Just 10 years ago, the scene was                                                                                confidence in the firm. This can be a fickle
extremely different, with Microsoft worth                    ‘This market capitalisation is also                     metric, and a bad day of trading could easily
more than half a trillion dollars on paper                   based on share price, driven by                         see Apple dip back below Microsoft’s value
and Apple just $15.6 billion. It was only 13                                                                         – BP’s recent catastrophe shows just how
                                                             investor confidence in the firm.
years ago that Microsoft offered a $150                                                                              quickly investors can abandon a company.
million investment just to help Apple stay                   This can be a fickle metric’                                  Expectations are riding high for Apple
afloat. After returning to Apple that same                                                                            at the moment, following the introduction
year, 1997, Steve Jobs took just a year to                                                                           of the iPad, but this excitement could
release the iMac, which was to act as a                        In the last accounting period, Microsoft              wane quickly, and many analysts believe
catalyst for 12 years of innovation and                   brought in more than $14 billion (about                    that Microsoft’s value is built on stronger
market share growth.                                      £9.6 billion) for its shareholders, but Apple              foundations. Apple was at one time struggling
     The first iPod, launched in 2001, was also            managed less than half of this, at $5.7                    for survival, but has enjoyed just over a
to become a worldwide phenomenon and                      billion (about £3.91 billion). In terms of                 decade of staggering growth. Within the
open new business opportunities for Apple,                revenue, Apple fell $22 billion (about £15.11              company there will be celebrations about
such as the iTunes Store and eventually                   billion) short of Microsoft’s income of $58.4              the significant milestone, but also concerns
the App Store. And now, with the iPad, the                billion (about £40.1 billion).                             that without constant innovation to keep
company looks set for yet another huge                         Apple recently announced that it had                  customers and investors happy, the firm
success. Microsoft, on the other hand, has                already sold two million iPads, a full six                 could find the bubble bursting even quicker
seen a long period that many analysts claim               months before it hit the same milestone with               than it inflated.
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                                    Medical app lets
                                                                                                                                    surgeons practice
                                                                                                                                    hernia repairs

                                                                                                                                              urgeons with an iPhone, iPod touch
                                                                                                                                              or iPad can now use their device
                                                                                                                                              to brush up on procedures on a
                                                                                                                                    bus, in a lift or waiting in a line at a café.
                                                                                                                                    Medical simulation and training software
                                                                                                                                    firm Simbionix USA Corporation has released
                     ▲ Many of us already buy Fairtrade consumables, so why not a laptop that we can use with a clear conscience?   Ethicon PVP, an interactive app that trains
                                                                                                                                    surgeons to carry out an ‘umbilical hernia

                     Eco-Pad, anyone?
                                                                                                                                    repair using a partially absorbable mesh
                                                                                                                                    patch’. The application, which is free to
                                                                                                                                    download, is now available on the App Store.
                                                                                                                                          It uses high-fidelity 3D animations, text

                                pple is many things to many                At first it seems like a ludicrous idea, but              descriptions and voice-over narration to train
                                people, but with its slick, constant  our society is increasingly worrying about the                surgeons how to carry out the procedure.
                                innovations that drive us fanboys     consequences of its actions, and realising                    It also provides a useful testing feature so
                     and girls to constant upgrading, to some         that perhaps the greatest power is wielded                    doctors can check to see whether they’ve
                     it’s the very concept of consumerism made        when it chooses where to spend its hard-                      remembered the relevant information.
                     solid. And those people have a point.            earned money. Many of us are already willing                  Handily, the application doesn’t need a live
                          Few of us truly need the performance        to pay a little extra for coffee, tea, bananas                web connection, so can be used anywhere
                     of the latest and greatest model, and a lot      and a host of other consumables if we can                     – including hospitals, which often ban the
                     of new purchases are not so much driven          eat or drink them with a clean conscience.                    use of mobiles. Quite how effective it is as a
                     by necessity as                                                             We buy eco-friendly                training tool isn’t yet known, as the application
                     lust. And, of course,                                                       washing powder at                  currently has no ratings on the App Store.
                     this isn’t good for           ‘Few of us truly need the                     twice the price of more                 Paul Jensen, general manager of
                     the environment.              performance of the latest model,              harmful products, opt              Simbionix’s medical education division,
                          It would be better                                                     for a Prius instead of             said: ‘Smartphones are rapidly becoming
                     all round if everyone
                                                   and a lot of purchases are not so             a less-economical but              an indispensable tool for physicians. The
                     held on to their ageing       much driven by necessity as lust’             cheaper car. Why not a             addition of mobile-based training gives
                     phones and laptops                                                          laptop that we can use             medical device manufacturers an efficient
                     until they literally                                                        without worrying about             way to communicate the safe and effective
                     crumbled, finally unusable after years of         what chemicals seeped into the soil after                     use of surgical devices.’
                     faithful service. Despite the new iPad being     its creation, or who leaped off a roof after                       The company claims that in just two
                     really rather admirable when compared with       worrying about filling that next shipment?                     years’ time, smartphones will be the primary
                     some devices, with its mercury-free display,         The truth is that electrical goods are vastly             method for professional research for 81%
                     arsenic-free glass and total absence of BFR      complex, include components made all over                     of doctors. Launching the application is an
                     and PVC, if you don’t need one (in the true      the world and require some truly horrendous                   attempt to capture that market, and the firm
                     sense of the word need), then buying one is,     chemicals. But the technology industry seems                  said it was also working on versions for other
                     by definition, waste.                             to be dragging its heels where others are at                  mobile platforms.
                          On top of this, those wonderful websites    least ambling, shuffling or strolling. Personally,                  Simbionix also claimed that it would
                     and applications we use on our fancy new         I’m opting for a small compromise: I’ll keep                  release a library of mobile apps to address
                     gadgets require city-sized clusters of servers   my gadgets, but give up a car for a bike. And                 a variety of medical topics and procedures,
                     whirring away, out of sight and almost out       the second Apple launches a Fairtrade iPad                    and sees it as an ‘important step in the
                     of mind, sucking up power and spewing out        for a 20% premium, I’ll take one.                             company’s evolution’.
                     emails, API calls and, indirectly, tonnes and
                     tonnes of carbon dioxide. And now, as if all
                     that wasn’t enough bad news, we hear from
                     human rights campaigners that working
                     conditions in the Chinese plants where
                     the devices are made are little better than
                     sweatshops. Eleven people in one factory
                     alone have committed suicide this year.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Image Simbionix

                          Can we, in good conscience, continue
                     to buy new gadgets at the rate we are?
                     Perhaps it’s time somebody stepped up to
                                                                                          Matthew Sparkes has a couple of
                     solve these issues and launched a Fairtrade                 degrees in computer science, but has yet
                     laptop or mobile phone. Would there be a                         to pay even one of them off. He made          ▲ The Ethicon PVP app lets surgeons practice hernia
                     market for such things?                                 the leap from Redmond to Cupertino in 2006.            repair, and apps for other procedures are on their way.
                                         Pro Mac Expansion Tools
                                                             SONNET STORAGE & COMPUTER CARDS

                                                                                                                                            AWARD 2010

 Fusion F2                                                                                                   Qio
 Portable 2-Drive 1TB RAID SATA Storage                                                                      Professional
 System with eSATA Interface                                                                                 Universal Media
 Sonnet’s multi-award winning Fusion™ F2 delivers speed                                                      Reader/Writer Plus eSATA
 (sustained read/write transfer rates up to 180 MB/s with                                                    Host Controller
 drives configured as a RAID 0 set), reliability (each drive is                                               Winner of a 2010 NAB Best of Show Black Diamond award
 individually shock-isolated and has its own eSATA interface),                                               from DV Magazine, Sonnet’s Qio™ is a multi-tasking marvel.
 and convenience (it can be bus-powered by your computer’s                                                   Qio embraces multiple media card format workflows—its
 FireWire® port) in a rugged package about the size of a DVD                                                 dual P2, SxS™, and CompactFlash® slots plus an SDHC card
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 storage options.                                                                                            Connected to your computer through an included PCIe or
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                                                                                                                                        Speed is good.

  ExpressCard/34 Adapter Cards & Accessories
                           Tempo™ SATA edge.                                                      Tempo SATA Pro.                                                           FireWire 400-to-800
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                                                                                                                                                                            FireWire 800 port.

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                          Card Reader & Writer.                                                  Adapter. Dual-slot CF                                                     Monitor mounting
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                          popular storage formats.

                                                                        UK, Ireland & Benelux Distributor for
                                                                                           Sonnet Products
                                                                                       Unit 2 Waterside Business Park | Hadfield | Glossop | Derbyshire | SK13 1BE United Kingdom
                                                                                                      Tel.: +44 (0) 1457 851 000 | E-Mail: |

©2010 Sonnet Technologies, Inc. Sonnet, the Sonnet logotype, Fusion, MacCuff, Tempo, Qio, Creativity Stored Here, and Simply Fast are trademarks of Sonnet Technologies, Inc. Mac is a trademark of Apple, Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries. Other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
      18 June 2010

                                       Apple’s suicide probe
                                       Apple investigates working conditions at Chinese
                                       manufacturing plant after tragic spate of suicides.
                                                 pple has launched an investigation      and it’s a factory, but, my gosh, they’ve got    stopped, and has employed 100 counsellors
                                                 into conditions at Foxconn              restaurants and movie theatres and hospitals     and even taken on Buddhist monks to see to
                                                 Technology Group’s manufacturing        and swimming pools. For a factory, it’s pretty   the spiritual well-being of staff.
                                       plants in China after it was reported that 11     nice,’ he said.                                      Safety nets have also been installed
                                       workers had committed suicide this year.              Nevertheless, he also admitted the           around buildings, as each of the suicide
                                       Ten of those deaths occurred at the firm’s         situation was ‘troubling’ and added that the     victims had jumped off the plant’s roofs.
                                       Shenzhen plant, which is also contracted to       company was looking into the issue. ‘We’re       The company pledged in May to employ a
                                       manufacture devices for Nintendo and Sony.        trying to understand right now, before we go     more traditional method of staff motivation
                                           Devices including the iPad, iPhone and        in and say we know the solution,’ he said.       and gave workers a 30% rise in pay. It then
                                       iPods are all produced in the factory by mostly   He added that the number of deaths, given        announced a further 70% pay rise from 1
                                       young workers who can be placed under             the huge size of the plant, which employs        October if certain conditions were met. Entry-
                                       enormous pressure to meet tight deadlines.        400,000 workers, was less than the overall       level workers at the plant earn around £90
                                           The latest victim was a 19-year-old man       suicide rate in the US.                          per month, but often work long, 12-hour shifts
                     Image PA Photos

                                       called Li Hai who had only worked at the              The comments were the first time that         and get only one day off per week.
                                       plant for 42 days. However, speaking at the       the Apple boss had commented publicly on             Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn’s parent
                                       All Things Digital D8 conference last month,      the tragic situation, which has shown no sign    company, Hon Hai, has been reported in the
                                       Apple CEO Steve Jobs denied that the factory      of improvement this year. Foxconn has also       Taiwanese media as saying that he plans
                                       was a ‘sweatshop’. ‘You go in this place          attempted to ensure the spate of suicides        to relocate around a fifth of the Shenzhen

                                                Ballmer at WWDC

                                                                                                                                                                                18 June 2010
                                                rumours quashed
                                                           icrosoft used Twitter to deny            at WWDC would have made a contrast to
                                                           Steve Ballmer would be attending         Jobs’ stylish and relaxed talk. Making Visual
                                                           this month’s WWDC, after several         Studio open to Apple developers would be a
                                                websites reported he would be speaking.             pragmatic move by the company, as it would
                                                    Ballmer is employee number 24 at                give it market share in a growing sector. It
                                                Microsoft, and took over as CEO in 2000.            would also allow more developers to work
                                                It was rumoured that he would appear at             on the platform, even if they don’t own an
                                                WWDC and unveil a slew of tools to allow            Apple computer, iPhone or iPad.
                                                developers to create iPad and iPhone
                                                applications in Visual Studio.
                                                    However, Microsoft squashed
                                                the rumour flat with an update on
                                                its official Twitter account. ‘Steve
                                                Ballmer not speaking at Apple Dev
                                                Conf. Nor appearing on Dancing
                                                with the Stars. Nor riding in the
                                                Belmont. Just FYI,’ said the tweet.
                                                    The claims first emerged on a
                                                blog owned by The Wall Street
                                                Journal, which quoted industry
                                                analyst Trip Chowdhry as saying
                                                that Ballmer had a seven-minute
                                                slot at the Apple event. However,
                                                Chowdhry later explained that it
                                                wasn’t true, leaving the blog to
                                                post: ‘Thursday afternoon, the
                                                analyst who floated this rumor
                                                in the first place now says it
                                                isn’t true. Too bad, it would
                                                have been fun if it was. My

                                                                                                                                                              Image Microsoft
                                                deepest apologies for creating
                                                such a ruckus over nothing.’
                                                    Ballmer is famous for his
                                                energetic – and often sweaty –          Microsoft denied on its official Twitter account that its CEO, Steve
                                                                                        Ballmer, would be making a speech at this month’s WWDC.
                                                presentations, so an appearance

                                                Google releases ‘stable’
                                                Mac version of Chrome
workforce to western China. This is where               oogle has rolled out the first ‘stable’              Existing Chrome installations will
many young workers are from and it’s                    Mac version of its Chrome web                   automatically update to the non-beta release
hoped that this would help to alleviate                 browser, five months after the first              (v. 5.0.375.55); otherwise the browser is a
homesickness. Other firms that contract out      public beta. The browser now has feature                free download from
their manufacturing to Foxconn, including HP,   parity with the Windows and Linux versions,
                                                                                                        Google claims that
Nokia, Sony and Dell, also promised they        with support for 4500 extensions and                    its Mac offering has
would investigate conditions at the plant.      ‘most-requested’ options such as bookmark               the same features
                                                                                                        as the Windows
    ‘We are concerned and take this very        and preference syncing between computers                and Linux versions.
seriously,’ said a statement released           and a full-screen mode.
by Nokia. ‘Given the concerning reports            ‘Today, I’m happy to announce that
regarding Foxconn, we are in continuous         Google Chrome for Mac is being promoted
contact with Foxconn to ensure any issues       out of beta to our stable channel,’ said Mike
are identified and addressed.’                   Smith, product manager of the Google
    Foxconn was founded in 1974 and is          Chrome Team. ‘We believe that it provides not
headquartered in Tucheng, Taipei County,        only the stability, performance and polish that
Taiwan. In 2009, it recorded revenues of        every Mac user expects, but also a seamless
$61.8 billion (about £42.5 billion) and         native Mac application experience that Mac
profits of $1.74 billion (about £1.2 billion).   users will feel instantly at home with.’
                            Enterprise Class Storage

                                    2x                                        Raid
              Up To                                     iSCSI                                     UPS
                                   GbE                                       5, 6 &
              16TB                                      Ready                                    Support
                                   Ports                                       10

Thecus N8800 - 8 Bay 2U NAS Server
Equipped with eight 3.5” SATA hard drive bays the N8800 provides enterprise storage capacity and performance to
match. This combination brings a powerful yet cost effective network attached storage solution that is perfect for all
sizes of organisations.

• Stackable Storage - Connect Up To 5 Additional N8800’s          • Multiple File System Support - ext3 & ZFS Support
• iSCSI Ready - Supports iSCSI Initiators For Direct Access       • Remote Replication & Version Control
• Microsoft Active Directory Integration                          • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity

                                           Up To      Thecus N7700 - 7 Bay NAS Server
                                                      The N7700 is an enterprise class NAS server that makes no
                                                      compromises and brings all the latest technologies to users.
                                           GbE        • Stackable Storage - Connect Up To 5 Additional N7700’s
                                                      • iSCSI Ready - Supports iSCSI Initiators For Direct Access
                                            Raid      • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
                                           5, 6 &     • Online Raid Expansion and Level Migration

 0844 288 6868                              

                                                    BBC embraces cult of iPad with

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  18 June 2010
                                                    specially written iPlayer service
                                                             he BBC has created a version of its
                                                             hugely popular television catch-up
                                                             service, iPlayer, specifically to take
                                                    advantage of the increased screen real estate
                                                    on Apple’s iPad.
                                                        The BBC hinted in February that it would
                                                    bring the iPlayer to the iPhone in April, but
                                                    made no mention of the then-secret iPad. The
                                                    site launched last month and uses QuickTime
                                                    to stream video unlike the standard version,
                                                    which uses Flash, because of Apple’s
                                                    continuing refusal to support Adobe’s player
                                                    on its iPad and iPhone platforms.
                                                        iPlayer for the iPad is free to use and is
                                                    capable of streaming high-definition television
                                                    programmes broadcast in the last seven days
                                                    to the iPad. While still in beta, the service
                                                    provides access to the same programs and
                                                    features as its desktop cousin.
                                                                                                     The new BBC iPlayer can stream high-definition programmes from the last seven days to the iPad.
                                                        The title bar of the program shows the
                                                    name ‘Bigscreen’, which may be an internal
                                                    development codename from the BBC.               Apple struggles to match supply to massive              a surprise that the BBC News application was
                                                        Apple said that it had sold two million      demand for the device.                                  one of a handful of news apps selected by
                                                    iPads in the first two months availability,          The BBC’s support for the iPad came                  Steve Jobs and Apple to support the launch
                                                    which means the audience for the iPlayer         early, as it worked with Apple to have a news           of the iPad, or that it continues to be one of
                                                    application could already be significant in the   application ready for the tablet’s launch. In           the most popular applications in the iTunes
                                                    UK. However, those who haven’t already pre-      a speech last month, BBC director general               store.’ The BBC News app, however, is
                                                    ordered an iPad may face yet more delays as      Mark Thompson said: ‘It shouldn’t come as               only available outside the UK.

                                                    Government rejects repeal
                                                    of Digital Economy Act
                                                             he new UK government has                frontbencher Adam Afriyie described the
                                                             decided that it won’t repeal the        proposals as a ‘cobbled together mismatch’
                                                             Digital Economy Act, despite            and a ‘washed-up bill from a washed-up
                                                    previous commitments to address its more         government’, although he and his party later
                                                    contentious provisions.                          voted in favour.
                                                        Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that,         Moreover, during the election campaign,
                                                    instead, the government would review the         Liberal Democrat leader, now Deputy Prime
                                                    legislation to see how it worked in practice     Minister, Nick Clegg said the legislation
                                                    and make any changes deemed necessary.           ‘badly needed to be repealed’.
                                                                                                         The decision to stick with it has delighted
Image The Department for Culture, Media and Sport

                                                                                                     the law’s supporters, such as John Lovelock,
                                                      ‘Campaigners had hoped                         chief executive of the Federation Against                Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the government
                                                                                                                                                              would ‘review’ the Digital Economy Act.
                                                                                                     Software Theft (Fast).
                                                      the new government would                           He said that: ‘This is great news for the
                                                      repeal at least some of the Act’               software industry, long struggling with Internet
                                                                                                     piracy, together with other intellectual property
                                                                                                                                                                  Quote, unquote
                                                                                                     rights holders.                                             ‘Within five years there will be more
                                                       Campaigners led by the Open Rights                ‘Our hope is that the graduated response                digital content sold than physical
                                                    Group had hoped the new government would         provisions of this Act will be proportionate                content. Three years ago, I said
                                                    repeal at least some of the Act, particularly    and drive traffic towards legitimate                         within 10 years, but I realised that
                                                    the sections providing for ‘technical            downloads. At this time of economic                         was wrong – it’s within five.’
                                                    measures’ to be taken against alleged            pressure, this is great news for the country                Steve Haber, head of Sony’s digital
                                                    persistent file sharers.                          too, since more legitimate sales will mean                  reading business division on the
                                                       During the House of Commons debate            more tax revenue and more workers in                        growth of eBooks.
                                                    shortly before the election, Conservative        employment – everyone wins.’

                                              SPECIAL REPORT
      18 June 2010

                                              UK iPad launch
                                                                                                                                                                                  ▲ Bleary-eyed Apple
                                                                                                                                                                                  fans line Regent
                                                                                                                                                                                  Street to get their
                                                                                                                                                                                  paws on an iPad.

                                                                Up at the crack of dawn, Camille Neilson caught up with
                                                                some keen consumers in the queue at Apple’s Regent
                                                                Street store for the launch of the much-anticipated iPad.

                                              First in line Jake Lee, 17, Essex                  Jewels Lewis, 32, London                         Kukpin Tan (special T), 51, Malaysia
                                              Arrived 12pm Thurs Model 64GB wifi                  Arrived 4.30am Model 64GB wifi                    Arrived 6pm Thursday Model 32GB wifi
                                              What convinced you to buy the iPad?                What convinced you to buy the iPad?              What convinced you to buy the iPad?
                                              I love all the applications and the specs:         Nothing, really… I just love all the Apple       I saw the presentation by Steve Jobs and
                                              there’s so much to do on it and it’s so fast.      products. It’s part of your five a day.           I think it’s cool. I use my iPhone a lot for
                                                                                                                                                  email, but the keyboard is too small. With the
                                              Will you take your iPad everywhere?                What are you going to do with it?                iPad, I can really write emails without errors.
                                              Yeah. Hopefully, it will replace my laptop.        I’m going to see all the World Cup games
                                                                                                 that are available while I’m at work, and then   Will you take your iPad everywhere?
                                              What do you plan on using it for?                  sneak it out to watch them at lunchtime.         Yes, I travel a lot, so it will be very useful.
                                              Mainly for the Internet and video.
                                                                                                 Do you plan to buy any accessories?              Do you think it will replace your laptop?
                                              Which applications are you going to buy?           I’m going to have to buy a man bag, so I can     No, I love my MacBook at the same time,
                                              I’m definitely going to buy the iWork apps, so      take it everywhere with me.                      and I want to have it all.
                                              I can do my college work.
                                                                                                 Do you own any other Apple products?             Which applications do you plan on getting?
                                              Do you plan to buy any accessories?                I think I’ve got the whole family now: the       The news apps. If I’m at the airport, I can
                                              Griffin has given me loads for being first in the    Book, the Pro, the Pad… I’ve got everything      catch up on what’s going on, as I don’t have
                                              queue, but I still want the official Apple case.    that begins with ‘i’.                            time to read newspapers.

                                              Fay, 32, and Anna, 30, East London                 Ade Famuboni, 36, Penge                          Natasha Horne, 23, Hackney
                                              Arrived 10pm Thursday Model 16GB wifi 3G            Arrived 5.40am Model 64GB 3G wifi                 Arrived 4.15am Model 16GB wifi
                                              What are you going to do with it?                  Are you going to take it everywhere?             What are you going to do with it?
                                              I’m getting it for web browsing and the apps.      Of course. It’s gonna be with me everywhere,     It’s actually for my grandad. He’s not very
                                                                                                 even if I’m going to the toilet.                 well at the moment and he’s bedridden. He
                                              Will you take your iPad everywhere?                                                                 absolutely loves gadgets and it’s one of his
                                              Yes, I’m looking forward to looking at maps        Do you plan to buy any accessories?              greatest wishes
                                                                             on it. Sat nav is                              Yes, I really         right now to
                                                                             better because                                 want to get           have one of
                                                                             the iPad screen                                something that        these iPads.
                     Images Camille Neilson

                                                                             is bigger than                                 keeps it safe.        He’s already
                                                                             the iPhone’s.                                                        got an iPod
                                                                             It will give you                                   What will you     and a Mac,
                                                                             a better view,                                     do with it?       and he’s really
                                                                             so you can                                         Emailing,         up to date, but,
                                                                             see where                                          browsing and,     sadly, he’s not
                                                                             you’re going.’                                     well, games.      very well.

                                                                                                                                                            18 June 2010
                      ▲ Mac fan Stephen
                      Fry was quick to bag                          ▲ A limit of two iPads per shopper                ▲ For those who were in the queue
                      one of the first UK                           was in place on the day – and                     early enough, Apple donated branded
                      Apple tablets.                                many took advantage of it.                        umbrellas in case of rain.

Kenneth Ginell, 22, Hackney                       Ai Shimohama, 30, Japan/London                         Mike Lehnert, 35 York
Arrived 9pm Thursday Model 16GB                   Arrived 6.10am Model 16GB wifi                          Arrived 6.30pm Thursday Model 64GB wifi
What are you going to do with it?                 What are you going to do with it?                      What convinced you to buy the iPad?
I’m a concept artist, so I like the apps you      I want to see how it works, as I’m thinking of         It was destiny. I was in London on business
can use for drawing. I can then convert those     buying it for my mum too, so I have to try it          and there were no hotel rooms available
drawings to Photoshop formats, which is           out. I’ll probably use it for email and watching       because of the Chelsea Flower Show, so
going to be really useful to me.                  some videos. I used to do photography, so I            I thought, why not get an iPad? I bought a
                                                  also want to compile my photos.                        canvas chair to sit on, and then enjoyed an
Which applications are you going to get?                                                                 evening drinking wine and people-watching.
Basically, just the drawing apps really.          Do you already own any Apple products?                 Everyone was really friendly.
Whenever I get an idea, it’s important that       I have an iPod nano and an iPod mini, but                  I would say that the whole experience
I can record it straightaway.                     they’re quite old. I’m quite excited, because          was, I imagine, a bit like giving birth: 13
                                                  I don’t have any touchscreen products, so I            hours in labour being hot, uncomfortable
Do you plan to buy any accessories?               want to see how they work.                             and in pain, and then the ecstasy of giving
A pen so I can draw with it, but not a case                                                              birth and having the iPad in the end.
at this stage.                                    Do you plan to buy any accessories?
                                                  Yes, I definitely need a case. My mum said              What are you going to do with it?
Do you own any other Apple products?              she could make some accessories for me,                I’ll use it for web browsing, watching movies,
I’ve got an iPod.                                 and she said I should buy an iPad for her.             the iBook Store and musical apps.

Andy Parkinson, 51, Stevenage                     Jason Warner, 20, Stratford
Arrived 6.10am Model 32GB wifi                     Arrived 5.30am Model 32GB wifi
What are you going to do with it?                 What made you decide to buy the iPad?
Mainly for the Internet, email and remote-        I really love all of Apple’s products and the                                          all my pictures
controlling the computers I have at home, so      iPad is similar to the iPod touch. However,                                            on it, and
I won’t have to go upstairs to work on them.      the larger screen means that you can do                                                organise and
                                                  a lot more with it. Watching videos is a                                               view them.
                               Which apps?        lot easier too, so that’s probably what I’ll
                               I’ve already       mostly use it for.                                                                   Applications?
                               downloaded                                                                                              I definitely
                               the iBooks         Are you going to take it everywhere?                                                 want to get
                               app. And,          Yeah, I hope so for the amount of money                the Pages app to do my university work,
                               obviously, some    that it costs.                                         and I also want to get a couple of games
                               of the apps                                                               – probably racing ones.
                               I have on my       Do you plan to buy any accessories?
                               iPhone will port   Yes, the official Apple case just to protect it,        Do you own any other Apple products?
                               straight across.   and maybe the SD card adaptor so I can put             I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro.

                     coming soon
      18 June 2010


                     This issue’s round-up of the latest products features a rugged mobile hard
                     drive from LaCie, an NEC display and a compact camera from Panasonic.

                                                                   LaCie Rugged Safe
                                                                   Price £169 (£144 ex VAT)
                                                                   Contact LaCie +

                                                                   LaCie describes the Rugged Safe as ‘the safest
                                                                   mobile hard drive on the market’ The reason for
                                                                   such a bold claim? According to its maker, it features
                                                                   ‘government-grade 128-bit AES hardware encryption,
                                                                   the safest biometric authentication technology and a
                                                                   military-grade shock-proof enclosure’ The biometric
                                                                    authentication takes the form of a fingerprint reader
                                                                    on the top of the drive, and additional protection for
                                                                     the drive is provided by the black rubber bumper
                                                                     that surrounds the drive.

                                                                                                                   18 June 2010
NEC SpectraView
Reference 241
Price £1667 (£1419 ex VAT)
Contact NEC +

This NEC 24in display has an IPS panel, a
native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and
a maximum brightness of 360cd/m2. The
Reference 241 has one DisplayPort and two
DVI-D interfaces, and a programmable USB hub.
The stand’s height is adjustable, and the display
can be used in portrait mode. According to NEC, the
display’s ‘Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) and
Backlight Ageing Control ensure controlled and peak
performance throughout the entire life cycle’.

                                                          Iomega 1TB eGo
                                                          BlackBelt Mac Edition
                                                          Price £tbc
                                                          Contact Iomega +

                                                          The 1TB eGo BlackBelt Mac Edition is a portable hard
                                                          drive with two FireWire 800 ports and one USB 2
                                                          port. It also comes with a FireWire 400-to-800 cable,
                                                          so you can connect it to a Mac that only has the older
                                                          type of socket. The drive also features Iomega’s Drop
                                                          Guard Xtreme, which helps protect the drive from
                                                          accidental drops of up to seven feet.

Panasonic Lumix
Price tbc
Contact Panasonic
Panasonic’s latest compact camera has an F2.2
24mm ultra-wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Summicron
lens and 5x optical zoom (equivalent to 24mm
to 120mm on a 35mm camera). The FX70 also
records HD movies in AVCHD Lite format. It uses
Panasonic’s intelligent zoom to extend the zoom
range to 6.5x, and there’s the usual AF tracking,
face detection with face recognition, optical image
stabiliser, and intelligent ISO control, scene selector
and exposure features.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       18 June 2010
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      18 June 2010


                     Jake Blanchard was born in the Peak District. Afer finishing his degree
                     in illustration in Brighton, he moved to London and is now a freelance
                     illustrator. Clients include the BBC, Nike, The Guardian and Habitat
                     Skateboards. He has exhibited throughout the UK, the US and France.

                                                        What was your first Mac?                          330C A4 printer and scanner, an HP Deskjet
                                                        It was one of the anglepoise-style iMacs, with   1220C A3 printer, a LaCie external hard drive
                                                        the dome-shaped base and the stem bearing        and an Akasa laptop cooling pad.
                                                        a flat-screen monitor.
                                                                                                         What’s your favourite software program and
                                                        What Mac you are using?                          what was the first program you used?
                                                        A MacBook Pro. I’ve had it for around three      I suppose Photoshop is my favourite, as I use
                                                        years now and plan to upgrade soon.              it in pretty much all of my work and I’ve been
                                                                                                         using it since I first employed a computer for
                                                        What other equipment do you use?                 artwork. I suppose the first artistic program
                                                        Obviously, I use a lot of drawing equipment      I used was Flash – I used to make little
                     CONTACT DETAILS                    – pens, pencils and so on. In terms of           animations when I was a kid.
                     Name Jake Blanchard                electronics, I use a Wacom Intuos 3, which
                     Current employment Self-employed   has become a pretty important part of my         Can you offer any tips for success?
                     Email             working process. I also have a Brother DCP-      I think if you really love what you do, then
                     URL                                                         you’ll find a way, but it doesn’t hurt to do a
                     Tel +44 (0)7905 656464                                                              bit of self-promotion – you won’t get any work
                                                                                                         unless people know you exist.
                                                                    Creative workspace                   As a child, what did you want
                                                                                                         to be when you grew up?
                                                                                                         Some kind of art was always on the cards,
                                                                                                         but for a while I wanted to be a biologist of
                                                                                                         some sort. I’m still really interested in the
                                                                                                         sciences and I try to keep up to date with
                                                                                                         what’s going on.

                                                                                                         How did you get your first big break?
                                                                                                         It doesn’t really feel like I’ve had a ‘big break’.
                                                                                                         If there was one, I suppose it was a book cover
                                                                                                         I did for Random House – someone there saw
                                                                                                         my degree show gave me a commission. I also
                                                                                                         did some skateboards for Habitat about two
                                                                                                         weeks after my show.

                                                                                                         Talk us through these examples:
                                                                                                         01 Rainforest
                                                                                                         This was a window Display for Douglas &
                                                                                                         Gordon. As with all my work here, it was hand
                                                                                                         drawn, and then scanned and coloured in
                                                                                                         Photoshop. This piece was then separated

                                                            18 June 2010

          to make positives and screen printed into
          mountboard. The individual elements were
          then cut out by hand. Some of the larger
          pieces were digitally printed onto plastic and
          then Cad cut.

          02 Enjoy Nature
          This was a T-shirt design for Howies. Again, it
          was hand drawn, scanned, coloured and then
          laid out in Photoshop.

          03 Hell Horse and Heady Stratus
          A record sleeve for Moon Unit, under the
          Blackest Rainbow Records label. Once
          again, this was hand drawn, scanned
          and digitally coloured.


      18 June 2010

                             04 Mammoth Hunt                          drawn and digitally coloured piece, and
                          This is artwork for a wrapping paper        then the image was separated to make
                          repeat pattern for Frinton Press. To make   positives for screen printing.
                          the repeat pattern, I used a square
                          image and then cut it into quarters in      What or who inspires your work?
                          Photoshop. Once the corners had been        I have a huge number of influences. I grew
                          reversed, I simply filled the gaps with      up on Maurice Sendak and Quentin Blake,
                          more drawings.                              who initially made me consider doing
                                                                      illustration. Also Hayao Miyazaki and Isao
                          05 MV&EE                                    Takahata of Studio Ghibli. More recently,
                          These works were for UK and European        I think Stuart Kolakovic and Pietari Posti
                          tour posters for MV&EE. The finished         are producing some amazing work.
                          pieces were separated to make positives          I’m also inspired by the films of
                          for screen printing.                        Wes Anderson, Takeshi Kitano and
                                                                      Shane Meadows.
                          06 Bait Ball                                     Music is also a huge influence, and I
                          This was personal work for an exhibition.   have to thank my brother for introducing
                          Halftone dots were added to the hand-       me to so much of it.


                                                   18 June 2010

What mistakes have you learned from?
Learn to play an instrument when you’re
young, because you’ll regret it in later life
if you don’t.

What’s your ideal project?
I always enjoy working with Habitat
Skateboards, but really I love the variety
of working on different things. I think just
working with nice people who respect the
illustrators with whom they work is what’s
most important to me.
     Oh, actually, I’d like to do a vinyl sleeve
with a gatefold.

Tell us something good...
Pangolins are good.

What’s your favourite gadget?
My lap steel guitar, if that counts as
a gadget. I just wish I could actually
play the thing.
            10 YEARS
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      18 June 2010


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                     Half-Life 2                               31    HOW…                                                        Editor’s Choice
                     Immersive and exciting game that has you        MacUser firmly believes that a proper,                       This award can be given at the
                     taking on aliens who have taken over Earth      detailed review can be carried out              CHOICE      editor’s discretion to a product
                                                                     only by rigorously testing the product.                     judged as outstanding and a
                     Leica M9                                 34
                                                                     We don’t believe value is derived from                      must-buy in the issue.
                     A compelling choice for professionals who
                     need a full-frame CCD in a compact body         describing a product’s features without
                                                                     any analysis. We’ll never give a positive
                     Clickfree C2N 250GB                       35                                                                Labs Winner
                                                                     review to a product that we believe isn’t
                     A neat solution to the problem of backing                                                                   Given to the products that in
                                                                     worth our readers buying, which means            LABS
                     up multiple computers over a network                                                                        the opinion of the reviewer are
                                                                     that a positive MacUser review is of            WINNER      the best in their field at the
                     Adobe Lightroom 3                        36     enormous value to both the reader and
                                                                                                                                 time of testing.
                     This top-class photographic workflow             the manufacturer of the product.
                     application is bursting with useful features
                                                                       Products are tested in-house wherever
                     Monotype Web Fonts                       38     possible, using a mix of industry-standard                  Best Value
                     The easiest way so far to use custom            and bespoke testing software suites.                        Only the very best products
                     typefaces in a website. And it’s free                                                                       make it into our Hot Kit
                                                                        Top-rated products earn themselves
                                                                                                                                 section. They are the products
                     NeatImage Pro 6.2                        40     a place in our exclusive Hot Kit section to
                                                                                                                                 on which the editorial team
                     This Photoshop plug-in is perfect for           provide you with an issue-by-issue update
                                                                                                                                 would spend their own money.
                     removing noise from digital images              of the best products in any category for use
                     Samsung NX10                             42     on a Mac. This, along with our definitive
                     This compact from Samsung is an attractive      awards system (below), lets you see at
                     alternative to Micro Four Thirds cameras        a glance which products are worth the
                                                                     manufacturers’ asking price.
                                                                                                                    MacUser ratings
                     Camera Connection Kit                    43
                     If you’re a photographer, you’ll get more out
                     of your iPad thanks to this accessory
                     iBomber 2                                44     PRODUCT SELECTION
                                                                     We give priority to mainstream products,
                     Take to the skies with this highly addictive
                                                                     but we also make every effort to cover a       A perfect product with great features
                     game that uses the iPhone’s accelerometer
                                                                     broad range of items, and regularly feature    at a great price.
                     Canon 5D Mark II:                        44     ‘niche’ products.
                     Basic Controls
                     This app is of interest to novices of both
                     the Canon Eos 5D Mark II and photography
                                                                     COMPLAINTS                                     A product with minor flaws but which
                     Everything iWant                         46     We do everything we can to publish fair
                     A round-up of the latest, most-desirable                                                       is nonetheless excellent.
                                                                     and accurate reviews. If errors do occur we
                     gadgets available for the iPad and iPhone
                                                                     correct them in ‘Search and Replace’ in the
                     Plug-ins for InDesign                    48     Mailbox section.
                     and QuarkXPress
                     Boost the performance of these programs                                                        A good product that does everything
                     with our favourite third-party add-ons
                                                                                                                    it’s designed to do.

                                                                                                                    A product that’s outclassed by
                                                                                                                    others in its field.

                                                                                                                    A poor product that we can’t
                                                                                                                    recommend in its current state.

                                                                                     18 June 2010
                                           Half-Life 2

                                           Price £6.99 for Half-Life 2 alone;
                                           £16.99 as part of The Orange Box
                                           Contact Steam +
                                           Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later +
                                           Nvidia GeForce 8 Series or better + ATI
                                           X1600 or better + Steam application
                                           and account + Internet connection
Illustrations Courtesy of Valve Software

                                           Pros Thrilling storyline + Exciting
                                           gameplay + Superb characterisations
                                           and dialogue + Decent graphics
                                           despite its age
                                           Cons Story continues with two shorter
                                           episodes but has yet to be concluded
                                           Verdict Half-Life 2 is an enduring
                                           masterpiece and, regardless of its age,
                                           it’s the most thrilling game to hit the
                                           Mac in a very long time.

      18 June 2010

                               alf-Life 2 puts you in the boots of
                               Doctor Gordon Freeman, a survivor
                               of an incident at the Black Mesa
                     Research Facility, chronicled in the original
                     game, in which an experiment opened a
                     gateway to another world, allowing alien life
                     forms to spill through. In that game, Freeman
                     found himself caught in the crossfire of the
                     aliens and the US military’s attempts to clean
                     up the situation and dispose of all witnesses.
                     You don’t need to have played the original,
                     though, as Half-Life 2 picks up long after the
                     events of the original game.
                          Freeman finds himself on a train bound
                     for City 17, having just been woken from
                     stasis by G-Man, a character spotted at
                     several points wandering through Black Mesa
                     with a mysterious agenda. In his absence,                                                            ▲ A shadow is cast over City 17 by The Combine’s
                                                                                                                          Citadel. Wherever you go, surveillance officers and
                     Freeman’s world has changed dramatically                                                             floating scanners are in hot pursuit.
                     and it’s clear something is amiss the moment
                     he steps off the train. Video screens tower
                     above, playing platitudes from Doctor Breen,         in and barely relax their grip during the long    aqueducts. The intensity of that segment
                     the city’s human administrator, but they offer       and arduous journey, which takes in a variety     mounts over time, like a solid action movie.
                     little comfort as you guide Freeman through          of locations that steadily reveal more of this    It’s an exhilarating ride that incorporates
                     the train station, bearing witness to masked         world’s horrors.                                  some stunning battles where you face foot
                     Civil Protection officers that brutalise the              It’s vital that you keep watch for lambda     soldiers taking aim from bridges overhead all
                     human population.                                    symbols painted on walls, which indicate a        the way up to some of the most frightening
                          When you step outside of the railway            nearby cache left by the human resistance         military hardware.
                     station, you’re greeted by an eastern                movement. Reassuring crates of first aid kits           Half-Life 2 is devoid of traditional
                     European city with the distinctly unearthly          may also conceal cruel surprises as alien         cutscenes that wrestle control from your
                     Citadel towering in the distance. Seconds            head crabs (a lot like face huggers from the      hands to deliver exposition. You’re always in
                     later, a robotic camera floats into view and          Alien films) leap at
                     blasts a camera flash in your face. Not long          you and try to attach
                     after that, the weaponless protagonist is on         to Freeman’s cephalic        ‘Freeman’s torch can only power itself for a short time,
                     the run in this dystopian nightmare, dashing         region. They’re among
                     through buildings and down alleys in flight           the least aggressive
                                                                                                       although it will quickly recharge, but that’s enough for
                     from the city’s police force. An alien force         enemies you’ll face,         the alien/human hybrids to swarm around you’
                     known as The Combine is behind this hellish          but they can still
                     vision of the future. Breen refers to them as        overpower you when
                     ‘our benefactors’, but you won’t be mistaken         reeling from an intense Combine attack. Far       control of Freeman and free to move about
                     for a second that their intentions towards the       more nerve wracking are moments spent in          a room as a conversation takes place. The
                     humans are hostile.                                  dark, confined spaces. Freeman’s torch can         story’s background is rooted in science
                          Despite the game’s age, its art direction       only power itself for a short time, although it   fiction, but most of the technobabble in
                     and soundscape hold up well after six years          will quickly recharge, but that’s enough for the  the dialogue actually helps fill in the gaps
                     and portray a convincing environment, enough         zombie-like alien/human hybrids that dwell in     in Freeman’s understanding of what has
                     that you’ll ignore any signs of ageing and           unwelcoming places to swarm around you.           happened to the world.
                     focus on the storyline. The characters you               Not all of the action takes place on foot.         Characters turn their heads to look in
                     meet and the events that take place pull you         Early on, there’s a spectacular – and lengthy     your direction and, when you stand close,
                                                                          – water-based sequence in which Freeman           their eyes aren’t glassy and cold but warm,
                        One of the game’s early highlights is Freeman’s   attempts to leave the city, fleeing along          like real flesh and blood. They also exhibit a
                     attempt to flee the city via aqueducts and canals.
                                                                                                                            sense of personality and mental state through
                                                                                                                            their facial expressions. There are some
                                                                                                                            wonderfully tender moments in which Freeman
                                                                                                                            gets to know Alyx, the feisty young woman
                                                                                                                            who helps him adjust to his surroundings.
                                                                                                                                 Freeman doesn’t utter a word during
                                                                                                                            the game, which is important, as it lets
                                                                                                                            you imprint your own personality upon him.
                                                                                                                            The game is heavily scripted, both in these
                                                                                                                            moments and in the action, and although
                                                                                                                            your path is guided and linear, there’s enough
                                                                                                                            room to manoeuvre in every scene that,
                                                                                                                            should Freeman be killed, you get a real
                                                                                                                            sense that you can try a different approach.
                                                                                                                                 A large part of that is down to the arsenal
                                                                                                                            at your disposal, which includes standard
                                                                                                                            fare such as shotguns and rifles. You also
                                                                                                                            have a crowbar, but pray you never have to fall
                                                                                                                            back on it because that’s a sure sign you’re

                                                                                                      18 June 2010
▲ Half-Life 2’s cast of characters is brought to life with great dialogue and expressive animation.

outmatched. Half-Life 2 also introduces the
gravity gun, which lets you pick up large objects
such as metal drums and wooden planks, then
toss them away with a forceful blast: pick up an
explosive barrel and wipe out a bunch of your
enemies. You can even pick up some of your
humanoid foes and use their flailing body to
knock down their squad like bowling pins. The
gravity gun is also the basis of many puzzles in
Half-Life 2, balancing out the action with some
more thoughtful moments.
     The environment feels like a living,
breathing world, although there are pauses
at specific points as the next area is loaded.
They’re carefully positioned for the most part,
and not too intrusive to the flow of the story. By
the time you reach the end, you’ll be relieved
and breathless, like you’ve just enjoyed a
great novel. The journey is substantial, but
make no mistake: this is definitely not one for
young kids to play. Although there are puzzle
elements, there is a considerable amount of
violence, even though Half-Life 2 justifies it
as a battle against subjugation. With an open
mind about that, you’re in for one hell of a ride.
It’s easy to see why Half-Life 2 has garnered a
reputation as one of the best PC games ever
released, and that’s why it’s right at the top of
our list as the best Mac game.
Alan Stonebridge

   The story
    Half-Life 2 is followed by two episodic
    installments that depict the aftermath
    of the main game’s events. Episode 1
    is the weaker of the two, although it
    fleshes out more of the background
    and shouldn’t be skipped, as it’s
    an important bridge into Episode 2.
    We’re fast approaching Episode 2’s
    third anniversary with little information
    available about the next installment. At
    least you’ll endure a shorter wait for it
    to materialise than PC gamers. In the
    meantime, the best-value option is to
    snap up Half-Life 2 and its expansions
    in The Orange Box (£16.99), which
    also includes Portal (see MacUser
    4 June, p47) and online multiplayer
    Team Fortress 2, which will be
    available to download at a later date.
      18 June 2010

                        Digital rangefinder camera         CHOICE
                        Leica M9

                        Price £4850 (£4128 ex VAT) body
                        only; £6810 (£5796 ex VAT) with
                        Leica 35mm f/2.0 Summicron
                        Contact Leica +
                        Needs Mac OS X 10.3 or later
                        Pros Picture quality + Lens choice
                        + Discrete operation + Build
                        Cons Price
                        Verdict A compelling choice for
                        professionals who need a full-
                        frame CCD in a compact body.

                             he pressures on photographers in              Detractors also cited Leica’s use of an         news is the new 24 x 36mm 18-megapixel
                             public spaces these days means that       exceptionally thin hot-mirror filter over the        Kodak-sourced, purpose-made CCD. There’s
                             the need for smaller, lighter and more    sensor to prevent infrared pollution, giving rise   no anti-aliasing, or moiré, filter, so images are
                     discreet cameras is higher now than at any        to the occasional magenta tinted skin-tones         extremely well detailed and the slightly thicker
                     time previously. Perhaps that’s one of the        and mauve tint to black synthetics under            cover-glass is much more efficient at blocking
                     reasons why ‘mirrorless’ cameras, such as         certain incandescent lighting. Noise levels         infrared. We couldn’t detect any contamination
                     the Micro Four Thirds Olympus Pen E-P2 (see       weren’t great at high ISOs, for instance, but in    in our test shots and fringing was very low, too.
                     MacUser, 26 February, p38) and Panasonic          fairness the M8.2 was capable of the highest            As well as the new full-frame sensor,
                     Lumix GF1 (see MacUser 1 January, p30), are       quality stills using most of the ISO range, while   the M9 has sensitivity running natively
                     so popular. With the Samsung NX 10 (see           providing access to some remarkable lenses.         from ISO160 through to IS02500 with a
                     p42) and now Sony joining the fray, it’s ironic                                                       ‘pull’ setting of ISO80, continuous shooting
                     that the bulky SLR was a direct adaptation                                                            at around 2fps for eight Raw files and a
                     from the original mirrorless camera, the            ‘The M3 rangefinder has evolved                   2.5in 230,000-pixel screen. All somewhat
                     coupled rangefinder, in the late 1950s.              into the digital M9. It’s the                     conservative, but with top and bottom
                         Leica’s iconic M3 rangefinder has evolved                                                          plates made of brass and a shell made from
                     into the digital M9. It’s the first M-series
                                                                         first M-series digital body from                  magnesium alloy, build quality is high.
                     digital body from Leica to adopt a full-frame       Leica to adopt a full-frame CCD’                      The body is remarkably similar in design to
                     CCD, the same size as a 35mm negative.                                                                the M8 models, but the small top-plate LCD
                     With its physically smaller APS-H size CCD,                                                           depicting the battery status has gone. This
                     the M8.2 (see MacUser, 28 August 2009,                In many respects the M9 can be viewed           has been replaced now with an info panel,
                     p32) was unable to fully exploit the original     as an upgrade. Rangefinder lenses sit very           depicting battery life as well the remaining SD
                     angle of view of Leica’s extensive range of       close to the sensor, and so are smaller than        card’s capacity using the rear screen. While
                     highly-regarded lenses. Existing users would      DSLR lenses, though corner shading is an            not as large or as detailed as the majority of
                     have been forced to accept the cropped            issue. Boasting offset micro-lenses with a low-     panels now on offer, it’s size doesn’t affect
                     image or replace valuable lenses with more        refractive index to capture the most oblique        the M-series, clean lines. At the rear, the
                     costly wider alternatives.                        rays and to reduce fringing, the headline           controls look identical, though some of the

                                                                                                                              NO IR CONTAMINATION
                                                                                                                              Infrared contamination, an issue for
                                                                                                                              the M8.2, has been largely eradicated
                                                                                                                              thanks to a new, thicker, more efficient
                                                                                                                              hot-mirror cover-glass over the CCD.

                                                                                                                              HIGH BUILD QUALITY
                                                                                                                              Both top and bottom plates are made
                                                                                                                              of brass, while the body is made
                                                                                                                              high-strength magnesium alloy. Largely
                                                                                                                              hand-made in Porto, Portugal and
                                                                                                                              Solms, Germany, build quality of the
                                                                                                                              Leica M9 is very high.

                                                                                                                                                          18 June 2010
                                                                                                     the network can run scheduled backups to
                                                       Portable backup tool                          it over the network.
                                                       Clickfree                                         As with every backup tool, the first backup
                                                                                                     isn’t quick. Copying tens of gigabytes of
   WIDE LENS CHOICE                                    C2N 250GB                                     data, comprising tens of thousands of files,
   The Leica M9 has the widest range                                                                 takes several hours, even over USB 2. Once
   of high-quality lenses available for a                                                            that’s done though, subsequent backups,
   camera of this size. Rival mirrorless                                                             which only copy files that have been added
   cameras simply don’t offer professional             Price £119 (£101 ex VAT)                      or changed since last time, are relatively
   image makers the choice.                            Contact Clickfree +             quick. And the performance hit on your Mac
                                                       Needs Mac OS X 10.5 or later + Intel          when the backup is running, is minimal.
                                                       processor + USB port
                                                       Pros Easy to back up data + Portable
                                                       + Can use over a network                        ‘You can customise the backup
                                                       Cons Restoring individual files and              set by clicking on the Options
   SMALL BUT POWERFUL                                  folders is difficult
   Boasting laterally displaced micro-                 Verdict If retrieving data was as easy
                                                                                                       button, and checking and
   lenses to reduce corner-shading, the                as backing it up, the C2N would get full        unchecking folders as required’
   M9 is the smallest camera to feature a              marks. As it is, it’s a neat way to back
   full-frame 35mm format CCD purpose-                 up multiple computers over a network.
   made for the M-series RF lenses.                                                                      So far, so good. Things start to go a little
                                                                                                     awry though, when you need to restore from
                                                                                                     a backup. If you want to restore everything, or

                                                                                                     the entire contents of, say, your Documents
functionality has been changed for the better;               lickfree has built its business on      or Pictures folder, it’s easy. If, on the other
most notably, selection of EV compensation.                  encouraging us to back up our data      hand, you want to restore specific files, it’s
You can make adjustments in three different                  by making the process as simple as      very difficult. Folders are listed in the Clickfree
ways now, two of which can be made without          possible. The C2N is its latest offering. The    software’s window in an apparently random
taking the camera from your eye.                    basis of the device is a 250GB USB hard          order, and there’s no way to change the view
    From our test shots, noise levels have          drive, but there’s a lot more to it than that.   or the way they’re listed. This makes locating
been improved, but even though the sensor               The drive can connect directly to your       nested folders or individual files very tricky.
is larger, the pixel density remains the same       Mac, or sit in a dock that hooks up to the           That aside, the C2N is a neat solution to
as the previous models. All but the maximum         computer. The dock cable has a second            the problem of backing up multiple computers
sensitivity of ISO2500 is usable, and even          USB plug, in case you use it with a laptop       over a network. The fact that it works on both
                                                    that doesn’t supply enough power over            Macs and PCs will be a boon if you have both
                                                    a single USB connection to run the drive.        on your network and, as the drive is easily
  ‘Picture quality is excellent,                        When you first connect the C2N to your        portable, you can remove it and store it away
  with great colour rendition,                      Mac, it mounts a disk image that contains        from the premises when it’s not in use. At
                                                    the Clickfree software. Run the application,     £119 for 250GB, it’s not a cheap solution, but
  smooth out-of-focus highlights                    and it immediately starts a 60-second            it may just be worth it for the convenience.
  and superb tonal gradation’                       countdown before it starts backing up the        Kenny Hemphill
                                                    contents of your Home folder. If you don’t
                                                    want all the contents of that directory
then with very careful exposure it can still        backed up, you can customise the
be selected in emergencies. While there             backup set by clicking on the Options
are no electronic contacts between camera           button, and checking and unchecking
and lens the latest lenses are ‘coded’, a           folders as required.
series of black and white dots are ‘read’               Each time you plug-in the C2N
optically to compensate for vignetting. We          thereafter, it will perform an incremental
saw some evidence of it, though with the            backup according to the settings that
superbly mounted, manual-focus 35mm f/2             you’ve chosen. Or, if you’d rather, you can
Summicron lens we had during review, but it’s       keep the drive plugged in and create a
common with ‘fast’ aperture lenses. Picture         schedule for back-up routines.
quality is excellent overall, with terrific colour       If that was all there was to the
rendition, smooth out of focus highlights and       C2N, it would be useful, but not
superb tonal gradation. Raw file conversions         particularly newsworthy. What takes
are especially striking in Aperture 3 and in-       it beyond that is the way it allows you
camera Jpegs are improved over the M8.2.            to back up multiple machines. So
    While we were impressed with that               long as the Macs or PCs you want to
model, the M9 is clearly a step forward. At         back up are on the same local network,
this price though, it’s a considered choice.        all you need to do is connect the drive
For existing M-series film users with a handful      to each of them once, and install
of lenses, the M9 is the camera they will           the Backup Link software.
have been waiting for. As the smallest, most        The first backup takes place
discreet camera available with a full-frame         locally, but after that, as long
35mm sensor and a range of lenses that              as the C2N is connected to
can’t be bettered, professional image-makers        a computer on the network,
will find the Leica M9 just as compelling.           and that device is switched
Kevin Carter                                        on, every other machine on
      18 June 2010

                        Digital darkroom                  CHOICE

                        Lightroom 3

                        Price £233 (£198 ex VAT); upgrade
                        £75 (£64 ex VAT)
                        Contact Abobe +
                        Needs Intel-based Mac + Mac OS X
                        10.5 or higher + 2GB Ram
                        Pros Very fast + Easy to use + Useful
                        new features
                        Cons Expensive compared to Aperture
                        Verdict A top-class photographic
                        workflow application, bursting with
                        features and adding some important
                        new ones to the old version.                             The Lightroom environment features many tools that will already be familiar to Photoshop users, such as the
                                                                                 histogram and curves control. The strip running along the bottom of the screen is the library.

                                                                                   Lightroom 3 also includes a new tool for              ability to export a slideshow to an Mpeg-4

                               fter an enormously successful                   adding film-like grain to your shots, which                video. However, it still can’t set differing
                               beta program that saw 600,000                   is useful for making low-ISO images more                  display times for individual slides and still has
                               pre-launch downloads, Lightroom                 textured. Life is otherwise as it was in the              relatively few templates. It adds some muscle
                     3 is out. It promises performance                         Develop module – Lightroom continues to                   to the series’ watermarking capabilities,
                     improvements, new features and compatibility              offer swift performance, and its powerful                 though: you can now choose the font (or an
                     with the image libraries generated by previous            brushes and graduated filter tools are just                image), as well its size, location in the frame,
                     versions of Lightroom, as well as those from              as useful this time around.                               its shadow and its colour.
                     Photoshop Elements 6 and upwards.                             Previously, tethering a camera to a Mac                    All of these features add up to a good,
                          The bones of the application are the                 running Lightroom required a complicated                  if not essential, upgrade. Lightroom’s core
                     same as in previous versions, but that’s not              series of workarounds, and third-party plug-ins           editing suite remains as powerful as ever.
                     to say there haven’t been some important                  or applications. Now it’s included out of the             Performance is exceptional and, although
                     changes. A major new feature is the Lens                  box for a decent selection of mid-range and               there’s a perceptible difference in how it
                     Profile tool. Select a lens you own from the               above Nikon cameras, and nearly all current               handles noise reduction, it’s only really
                     list and its flaws are smoothed out. You can               Canons from the 1000D up. It works well,                  obvious when viewing images at 100%.
                     even change exactly which alterations are                 too. You can’t change shooting settings                        Upgrading from an earlier version of
                     made to suit your own preferences. A decent               from the software, but you can trigger the                Lightroom is good value – it will cost you
                     number of lenses are supported – if you own               shutter, and the delay between taking a                   £75 to upgrade from an old version. The
                     a Canon or Nikon consumer DSLR and use                    10MB Raw file and it appearing in Lightroom                big question comes if you’re looking to
                     the kit lens, you’re probably covered. For more           is comfortably under five seconds on a mid-                invest in a new software package and
                     esoteric lenses, you might find yourself using             range MacBook. It’s entirely usable and an                are deciding between Lightroom and the
                     Adobe’s free Lens Profile Corrector, though.               excellent addition for studio photographers.              excellent Aperture 3. The full version of
                     For instance, Lightroom 3 supports just one                   There’s some good news for slideshow                  Apple’s program costs £169, while Adobe’s
                     lens each from Sony and Tamron.                           aficionados, with Lightroom 3 adding the                   is more than £60 more expensive, at £233.
                                                                                                                                         Aperture also offers a few consumer-friendly
                                                                                                                                         touches – features such as Faces and Places,
                                                                                                                                         which place your images on a map and pick
                                                                                                                                         out people automatically.
                                                                                                                                              Lightroom is, however, streets ahead in
                                                                                                                                         some important areas. New features such
                                                                                                                                         as lens profiles give photographers more
                                                                                                                                         editing flexibility, and it continues to offer
                                                                                                                                         tools missing from Apple’s photo-editing
                                                                                                                                         application, not least the landscape-saving
                                                                                                                                         graduated filter. It’s also much faster and
                                                                                                                                         more stable than Aperture.
                                                                                                                                              In this latest version, Lightroom 2’s
                                                                                                                                         limitations, such as poor watermarking
                                                                                                                                         and lack of tethered shooting, have been
                                                                                                                                         addressed, while Adobe has wisely avoided
                                                                                                                                         attempting to fix features that didn’t need
                                                                                                                                         it. The result is a fast, stable workflow
                                                                                                                                         application that addresses virtually every
                                                                                                                                         need a photographer might have and,
                      Like Aperture, Lightroom has a slideshow feature, allowing you to show off your best images in the way that        crucially, still produces stellar images.
                      suits them best. Adding a watermark to your images will help protect them from online theft.
                                                                                                                                         Dave Stevenson
“Getting the perfect wildlife shot
 becomes your life. Losing it would
 be like losing part of yourself.”
 Stefano Unterthiner |

                                                        Award-winning wildlife photographer Stefano Unterthiner has
                                                        learned to be tough, resilient and fast. For his hard drives, it
 Portable Bus-Powered Dual-Drive System                 comes naturally.

                                                        Stefano spends months in the wilderness, often in brutal conditions,
                                                        making friends with his elusive, wary subjects so he can convey their true
                                                        character. On location, he uses a bus-powered G-RAID Mini to store
                                                        the extraordinary, up-close images he takes with his Nikon D3 camera,
                                                        always confident he’ll get them home in one piece.

                                                        Back in the studio, Stefano processes and edits in Adobe Lightroom,
                                                        backing up on a G-SAFE drive as he makes fine adjustments to coax out
                                                        even more drama and intensity.

                                                        Losing his precious images at any stage would be hard to bear. But that’s
                                                        one danger he’ll happily live without.

                                     ,           800,
   UP TO                 FireWire 400* and USB 2.0
                                                        Comes with leather
   1TB                   Firewire bus powered – even
                         when connected eSATA
                                                        carrying case

 *via included FireWire 800 to FireWire 400 cable

 Stefano Unterthiner trusts his creativity to G-Technology drives. Find out more at

                     The changing face of
      18 June 2010

                     typography online
                     There are lots of ways to use custom fonts on websites, but they all have
                     their caveats. Monotype’s Web Fonts service could change all that.

                              ay ‘web’ and ‘typography’ in                All these methods also present custom                not all font foundries are exactly happy with
                              the same breath and you know            typeset words to most visitors, but they’re              this because it requires allowing fonts to be
                              you’re facing a tough challenge.        not all equal. sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash                copied whenever a web page is visited.
                     Using type effectively, from the design          Replacement), for example, replaces text                     This point meant that Monotype’s
                     side, in web pages has been problematic          elements with Flash graphics; clever but                 recently announced Web Fonts service,
                     since the dawn of web browsers. Having           reliant on Flash, which isn’t quite as sure              currently running as a free beta program,
                     to stick to typefaces installed on visitors’     a bet as it used to be. Cufón, on the other              took us somewhat by surprise. This uses
                     computers – the so-called web-safe               hand, uses VML or HTML5’s canvas element                 the company’s own take on the @font-face
                     fonts – is a painful lesson every designer       to draw character shapes, but fonts need to              process, and it offers a large chunk of
                     has to learn.                                    be converted to an SVG format first.                      Monotype’s core font library to play with.
                         The big news is that in recent years             The @font-face format is a little more                   Now, calm down – yes, this is one of
                     custom fonts have become not just possible,      direct: it effectively downloads and ‘soft               the key foundries, and, yes, it does make
                     but easy to implement. The @font-face CSS        installs’ the required typeface to the                   custom font use easier than ever before,
                     rule, sIFR and Cufón all satisfy the basic       browser. This works in the majority of                   and, yes, it costs nothing... oh okay, go
                     requirement of having real text in the web       browsers, including (don’t faint) Internet               ahead and get excited. However, read our
                     page, keeping things search engine-friendly      Explorer 4. It’s effective and it works with             review below and digest everything before
                     and accessible.                                  standard web production techniques, but                  making any decisions.

                        Typeface library
                        Web Fonts

                        Price Beta is free for the moment;
                        pricing to be confirmed.
                        Contact Monotype +
                        Pros Easy way to get non-web-safe
                        fonts into web pages + Broad selection
                        Cons Uncertain future cost + Will
                        encourage use of unsuitable fonts
                        Verdict Monotype Web Fonts lets you
                        use a broad range of typefaces in web
                        pages. It’s worth exploring, but keep an
                        eye on the site in case of changes.
                                                                       Once a selection of fonts has been made, Web Fonts lets you override the web page’s existing type settings.

                                  onotype’s Web Fonts beta            scripts, ornaments, technical curiosities                to style your text now) and pick the font you
                                  program is free, which is a great   and everything else that you’d expect from a             want. Paste a single line of JavaScript code
                                  deal considering that you get       mature type catalogue.                                   into the body of your HTML page and the job’s
                     web-use access to a generous selection               Using the Web Fonts service is easier than           done. You should still set up regular CSS font
                     of Monotype’s typeface library. Not all of it,   the alternatives. First, set up a project – you          styles for browsers that don’t work with this
                     but an impressive 2312 fonts, weights and        can have multiple projects. You’ll need to               font trick, and for those that can’t or won’t
                     styles at the time we tested it. This puts       add the web domain that will be used – for               process JavaScript, too, but in our tests it
                     the alternatives to shame: Google currently      example, To test pages                seemed to be a robust process.
                     offers just 18 fonts, and even FontSquirrel’s                       /
                                                                      locally, add ‘file://’ as a domain as well. At                Changing the fonts that are shown in a
                     library is less than half the size.              this point, you can browse the font library and          site is just a matter of logging into,
                         Searching through the library (filtering      add likely candidates to your project. This              picking a selector and changing the font that’s
                     fonts alphabetically, by classification,          builds a font shortlist. Once you have some              assigned to it. Your sites will instantly show
                     designer, foundry and by language support)       fonts to try, you set up style sheets. Simply            the new selection, using the same one-liner
                     shows a good selection of classics and font      add the appropriate selectors (for example,              JavaScript string you added in the first place.
                     workhorses, plus quirky headliners, flourishing   h1, body, .navigation, or whatever you use               The fonts are served from Monotype’s

                                                                                                                                                                           18 June 2010
 ‘Monotype’s Web Fonts beta
 program is free, which is a great
 deal considering you get web-use
 access to a generous selection of
 Monotype’s typeface library’
                                                           Monotype’s claims for the Web Fonts service – font selection, speed, ease of use, and so on – seem justified.

                                                                                                             contains a large number of different
                                                                                                                      fonts, although many are only suited to headlines.

                                                                                                                      Restrain yourself
                                                                                                                      Just because you can now use almost any
                                                                                                                      font you like in a website doesn’t mean
                                                                                                                      you should. For one thing, looking good
                                                                                                                      in print is no guarantee of looking good
                                                                                                                      on screen, especially at body text sizes.
 The end result of using the Web Fonts service is true custom typefaces in regular web page layouts with              One of the reasons why the core web-safe
 no impact on standard production methods or search engine visibility.
                                                                                                                      fonts were made back in the early 1990s
                                                                                                                      was to create fonts that were exceptionally server network, an array of hundreds            library. If you want to use custom fonts, this              clear at small sizes on computer screens.
of machines, so accessing the font data is                is a very tempting method and commercial                    Matthew Carter’s Verdana and Georgia
likely to be the fastest part of your overall site.       projects should be able to swallow the                      are amazing at this, whereas Gill Sans at
     The bottom line is that this Web Fonts               eventual fee without a problem. But if you’re               9pt or 9 pixels just isn’t. By all means use
service does what it promises. But although               dabbling and you use this in a public site, you             custom Web Fonts, but start with display-
the service is free now, it won’t be when                 should keep an eye out for when the service                 level text and tread carefully with smaller
it leaves beta – or at least not fully free.              leaves beta and be ready to remove it, switch               sizes and longer runs of type.
Pricing hasn’t been finalised, but current beta            to a different font-replacement method, or                      We’re still not sure how Monotype
accounts will be converted automatically to a                                                                         squares the inherent insecurity of the
free ‘Trial Tier’ account rather than become                                                                          @font-face process with its own interests
chargeable. According to Monotype, these                   ‘The Web Fonts beta program is                             and basic copyright questions. Extracting
will have access to all the fonts currently                the easiest way so far to use                              an @font-face TrueType font from the
available, although it reserves the right to                                                                          browser cache is simple, although
serve adverts on Trial Tier account websites.
                                                           custom typefaces in a site, and it is                      admittedly, in Monotype’s case, the file
     Is this fair? Uninvited ads aren’t exactly            linked to a world-class font library.’                     naming was hashed up impressively.
endearing. This sort of thing can turn people                                                                         Will the company rely on licences and
off, but it isn’t at all unfair, just perhaps                                                                         copyright awareness to prevent font
not the friendliest approach. Professional                upgrade to the paid-for service if ads appear.              pilfering or is it working on more robust
typeface designs do take staggering levels                Switching the free beta service to an ad-                   methods for later beta or final versions
of effort to make, and Monotype is in the                 supported free service transparently is both                of the service? We’ll have to wait to be
business of selling typefaces, and what we                understandable (from Monotype’s position)                   certain. For now, this is impressively easy
choose to use on our sites is up to us.                   and worrying (from the user’s position).                    and offers a huge range of faces. But be
     The Web Fonts beta program is the                    Turn these things over in your mind; if it still            warned: if you pick and use a Comic Sans
easiest way so far to use custom typefaces                bothers you, then use a different method.                   lookalike, we will hunt you down.
in a site, and it’s linked to a world-class font          Keith Martin
      18 June 2010

                         Photoshop plug-in                 CHOICE
                         Pro 6.2

                         Price $49.90 (about £34); Pro version
                         (supports 16-bit images and Actions)
                         $79.90 (about £55)
                         Contact Neat Image +
                         Needs Mac OS X + Intel or PowerPC
                         + 1GB Ram
                         Pros Fast, effective noise removal +
                         Fine detail is retained +Slick interface
                         Cons None
                         Verdict The perfect solution for
                         removing noise from digital photos

                                                                                ▲ Taken without a flash in an art gallery this photo shows a high degree of noise, making it unusable as it stands.

                         f there’s one thing that frustrates                    image. By matching the file with a profile that              And the results can be extraordinary: all
                         photographers more than anything,                      describes the noise typical of that particular             the noise – and only the noise – is filtered
                         it’s noise. Taking photographs indoors,                combination of camera, file and ISO setting,                out, leaving the rest of the image sharp
                     without a flash, requires either a tripod or                NeatImage is then able to apply a standard                 and clear. The really surprising result is
                     a high ISO setting – and this necessarily                  noise reduction that best suits the generic                that fine detail is retained, even when the
                     produces a lot of grainy noise in the image.               image in question.                                         detail is so small that it’s apparently finer
                         While Camera Raw in Photoshop CS5 at                       The second method is to build an                       than the noise itself.
                     last offers some noise-reduction technology,               automatic noise-reduction algorithm on the                      The NeatImage interface is in two
                     the NeatImage plug-in performs a far better                fly, and this is the really ingenious part.                 panes. The first is the Device Noise Profile
                     job, and offers a high degree of user control              First of all, the application examines your                pane, where we choose the noise reduction
                     over the finished image.                                    photograph, looking for a blank region –                   method (building a profile from the image,
                         NeatImage works in two ways: the first                  which may be an area of sky, or a wall,                    or matching to an existing file). Here, you
                     is to use an existing profile for your camera,              or a piece of white paper. It needs a region               can choose to view a graphical read-out of
                     freely downloadable from the huge range                    128 pixels square in order to produce a                    the noise levels, together with a view of the
                     of camera models, file types and even ISO                   good result: if it can’t find one automatically,            blank area sampled by Auto Profiling. You
                     profiles available on the NeatImage website.                you can select an area yourself.                           can also switch to an Advanced Mode, which
                     Once these are placed in the Profiles folder,                   Once a blank area has been identified,                  displays a graph showing the RGB component
                     the plug-in will automatically match the                   NeatImage examines the noise in that area                  that you can tweak manually.
                     image it’s working on with the appropriate                 and then proceeds to remove exactly that                        When you switch to the Noise Filter
                     profile, using the Exif data stored within the              type of noise from the rest of the image.                  Settings pain, you can see the results of the
                                                                                                                                           operation. In Standard Mode, NeatImage
                                                                                                                                           offers two sliders that control the amount
                                                                                                                                           of luminance and colour noise reduction, as
                                                                                                                                           well as a single slider to adjust sharpening.
                                                                                                                                           Initially, the whole image is shown with the
                                                                                                                                           filter applied, but you can select any region to
                                                                                                                                           see the effect applied just there, allowing you
                                                                                                                                           to see the unfiltered image behind.
                                                                                                                                                In Advanced Mode, the Filter Settings
                                                                                                                                           pane expands to show sliders for high, mid-
                                                                                                                                           and low-value noise, as well as for each of
                                                                                                                                           the Lab channel components: you can adjust
                                                                                                                                           each of these settings individually to fine-tune
                                                                                                                                           the results, and can also apply sharpening to
                                                                                                                                           specific noise types and Lab components.
                                                                                                                                                This latest version of NeatImage works in
                                                                                                                                           64-bit mode with Photoshop CS5, is speedy
                                                                                                                                           in operation and produces dramatically
                                                                                                                                           enhanced images even from seemingly
                                                                                                                                           irreparable images. It also has the ability
                                                                                                                                           to prepare the plug-in for bulk Actions.
                                                                                                                                           Speedy, intuitive and remarkably effective,
                                                                                                                                           NeatImage is the single Photoshop plug-in
                                                                                                                                           we couldn’t live without.
                     ▲ Advanced Mode offers a high degree of control, but even its automatic settings produce vastly superior results.     Steve Caplin
                                                                       CMOS SENSOR
042                                                                    With over a 60% increase in the
                                                                       surface area of an MFT sensor, the
                                                                       NX10 is the first mirrorless camera to
      18 June 2010

                                                                       adopt an APS-C-size Cmos sensor.
                        Digital compact camera
                        Samsung NX10

                        Price £499 (£425 ex VAT)
                        with 18-55mm OIS kit lens
                        Contact Samsung
                        Needs Mac OS X 10.3 or later
                        Pros Compact size + Excellent
                        build and ergonomics + Detailed
                        EVF + Quality AMOLED screen
                        Cons Lenses + Clear rolling shutter
                        effects in HD video capture
                        Verdict An attractive alternative
                        to Micro Four Thirds cameras, but
                        Panasonic and Olympus have the edge.

                                                                                                                          IMAGE STABILISATION
                                                                                                                          Rather than in-camera anti-shake like

                             amsung has both trumped former              While the outer shell is of a polycarbonate      the rival Olympus Pen models, the
                             collaborator, Pentax, and targeted     material, it’s impressively solid. We were sent       18-55mm (28-80 equivalent) kit lens
                             rival Micro Four Thirds cameras by     the 18-55mm (28-80mm equivalent) f/3.5-5.6            has built-in optical image stabilisation,
                     unveiling a new mirrorless camera system.      kit lens, a decent performer complete with            but bear in mind that the optional
                         Dubbed NX, the first offering in the        optical image stabilisation, but it’s a little        pancake lens doesn’t.
                     range is the NX10, a DSLR-style camera         larger than rival Micro Four Thirds offerings.
                     with interchangeable lenses, an electronic     We suspect that future lenses will be big too,
                     viewfinder, built-in flash, a 3in AMOLED         a consequence of the sensor size.                       Both are usable, the electronic viewfinder
                     screen and 720p HD video using an APS-C-            We were, however, sent an optionally          surprisingly so. While the image is decent, part
                     size 14.6-megapixel Cmos sensor. Despite       available 30mm (45mm equivalent) f/2 prime,        of the reason is the clear layout of viewfinder
                     a sensor that’s physically larger than most    a fast, incredibly small ‘pancake’ lens. While     information and the various menus. Some
                     rivals, measuring 123 x 87 x 39.8mm, the       less versatile than the zoom, the two together     of the sub-menus use an innovative circular
                     NX10 is no larger than the Panasonic Lumix     are smaller than the Canon Eos 550 (see            display of settings, controlled by the top-plate
                     G2. Weighing in at around 400g with the        MacUser, 23 April, p32) body on its own and        command dial. It’s all mirrored in the rear
                     battery, the body is quite hefty but it’s an   easily fitted in a coat pocket, making them         AMOLED panel and it’s head and shoulders
                     indication of the quality of the build.        an extremely attractive proposition.               above rivals. With super-fast refresh rates and
                                                                         In the hands, the NX10 is well thought        excellent colour and detail, the rear screen is
                                                                    out and while ergonomics are subjective,           a highlight. It’s supposed to be better in bright
       AMOLED DISPLAY                                               most who handled the camera thought it             light than conventional panels and while that’s
       With excellent refresh rates, good                           well-balanced and comfortable. It’s sprightly      true, the screen is still highly reflective.
       colour and detail, the NX10 has a                            in operation too, taking a second only to               With all the usual features, auto-focus
       3in AMOLED display. Unfortunately,                           power up and focus for the first shot. You          options are extensive and perform largely to
       the surface is highly reflective.                             can choose between either the electronic           expectations, though the NX10 adopts the
                                                                    viewfinder or AMOLED screen.                        usual contrast AF mode of mirrorless cameras
                                                                                                                       so while it’s faster than the Olympus Pens it’s
                                                                                                                       still slightly behind that of a DSLR. Moreover,
                                                                                                                       it’s accurate in low-light at short distances
                                                                                                                       thanks to a AF assist lamp.
                                                                                                                            Picture quality is impressive, with very
                                                                                                                       good colour and detail at low ISOs, but out-of-
                                                                                                                       camera Jpegs lose more fine detail through
                                                                                                                       the range to the maximum ISO3200. Both
                                                                                                                       that and ISO1600 aren’t likely to be used
                                                                                                                       except for the web or smaller size prints.
                                                                                                                       We also noticed heavy rolling shutter effects
                                                                                                                       during HD video capture, and while useful, the
       WEIGHT LOSS                                                                                                     optical image stabiliser in the kit lens wasn’t
       Like the MFT cameras, the NX10                                                                                  as effective as some rival options.
       lacks the bulky mirror box and                                                                                       There’s no doubt that the Samsung NX10
       pentaprism of DSLRs, allowing for a                                                                             is an attractive proposition and a great first
       substantial reduction in the size and                                                                           effort from a company with such a short
       weight of the bodies and lenses.                                                                                track record, but its limitations mean there’s
                                                                                                                       no clear cut advantage over the already
                                                                                                                       established Micro Four Thirds models.
                                                                                                                       Kevin Carter

                                                                                                                                                         18 June 2010
                                                  tab. Its contents are shown as a long
   iPad accessory                                 list of small thumbnails, and you
   Camera                                         can import everything or just a
                                                  selection of images. Ticks in
   Connection Kit                                 circles make it clear what’s
                                                  already been imported
                                                  (green) and what you’ve
                                                  queued (blue). At the
                                                  end of the process,
   Price £25 (£21.28 ex VAT)                      a dialog asks if you
   Contact Apple                                  want to delete
   Pros Attractive for photographers and          or keep the
   bloggers + Quick preview and import            images on the
   + Small and easy to store in a kit bag         card, in case you
   Cons Poor options for browsing images          want to carry a second
   before importing them + One of the             copy. Images shot in both Jpeg
   adaptors may be totally redundant              and Raw formats are flagged up
   Verdict There’s nothing wrong with the         as such in a single thumbnail,                     ▲ The adaptors are small and light, so you’ll
   kit per se, but Apple needs to improve         and both are imported so you can                   easily find a place for them in your kit bag.
   to the Photos app – especially full-size       do more with the Raw version once
   previews before importing.                     synced back to your Mac.                           you view a card’s contents by date or some
                                                       Our issues aren’t with the adaptors,          other arrangement.
                                                  which do their job well. Thumbnails appear             It’s a little objectionable having to pay for
                                                  quickly enough when you scroll down then           both adaptors, even if it makes sense from

         he Camera Connection Kit consists        stop, but the inability to see images full-size    a marketing point of view that you should
         of a pair of white adaptors that plug    without importing them is a limitation on          only need to buy a single, complete kit to
         into the iPad’s Dock port. One is a      the software’s side. The organisation of           connect a camera. Despite the poor software
straight SD card reader and the other adds a      a camera’s contents is also poor. There’s          interface, if you’re a blogger or a photographer
USB port, so you can connect cameras that         no way to hide previously imported photos          you’ll get a lot more out of your iPad thanks to
use other media. You will need to be in PTP       altogether, and with today’s huge storage          this kit, and the weight reduction over carrying
mode to transfer photos, and you can also         you might end up scrolling past hundreds           a MacBook is a bonus, so long as you can
import images from an iPhone.                     of photos to reach your newest shots.              cope with the limited photo manipulation
    Once the media is recognised, the Photos      Momentum scrolling alleviates that a little,       tools available for the iPad.
app opens at the hitherto unavailable Camera      but Apple has missed a trick by not letting        Alan Stonebridge

   Finally, a way to connect your
   pre-2009 Mac with an Apple
   LED 24” Cinema Display

   If you bought your Mac before 2009 you may already be aware that you can't directly connect it to one of Apple's new 24" Cinema
   Displays. This is because the new LED screens only have a Mini DisplayPort input and your older Mac only has a DVI output.
   But now atlast, this barrier can be removed thanks to the AT-DP200 DVI to Mini
                                       Technologies                                 for
   DisplayPort converter from Atlona Technologies. Exactly what you've been waiting for.

   Buy the DVI to Mini DisplayPort
   converter from
   For sales and expert advice please call 020 8905 1555
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                                            The game’s missions
                                                                                                                                          range from destroying
                         iPhone app                                                                                                       the launch site for

                         iBomber 2
                                                                                                                                          the V-2 rocket to
                                                                                                                                          sinking the enemy’s
                                                                                                                                          super battleship.

                         Price £1.79 from the App Store
                         Verdict Take to the skies with this
                         highly addictive and good-looking
                         arcade-stlye game that makes full                                                                                         You’re armed with an
                         use of the iPhone’s accelerometer.                                                                                    unlimited supply of bombs,
                                                                                                                                               although you can pick up a
                                                                                                                                             variety of specialist weaponry
                                                                                                                                             with the help of power-ups.
                                                                                                                                             New for iBomber 2 are depth

                                                                                                                                             charges, torpedoes, artillery
                         Bomber 2 is the sequel to the successful                                                                            support, blanket bombs and
                         iBomber from developer Cobra Mobile.                                                                                fighter support in the form
                         Again, you’re in the cockpit of a bomber                                                                            of two spitfires. A nice touch
                     sent on hazardous missions in a bid to wipe                                                                             here is that you can now hold
                     out specific enemy targets. There are 12                                                                                 off using these until just the
                     new missions to choose from, ranging from                                                                               right moment.
                     destroying enemy bunkers to sinking a super                                                                                  The graphics are highly
                     battleship, with each having a different set                                                                            detailed and it’s easy to lose
                     of objectives.                                                                                                          a considerable amount of time
                         The game is viewed through the                                                                                      as the gameplay draws you
                     bombsights as you fly over enemy territory,         screen, you control your aircraft by tilting right   in. If you liked iBomber, you’ll see this as a
                     and clicking on the red button releases your       and left. To increase your aircraft’s speed, you     must-have app. For those who might dither
                     load. Meanwhile, the enemy will try to shoot       tilt forwards while tilting back decreases it.       over the purchase, there’s a lite version,
                     you down with an array of military hardware.       The controls are easy to get to grips with and       so you can at least try before you buy this
                     With the bombsight in the centre of the            you can set the sensitivity to suit your needs.      highly addictive game.

                                                                        just two choices: Play all or Select Chapter.        entire video from the beginning, which makes
                         iPhone app                                     The chapters are fairly short and are based          this app only of real interest to absolute
                         Canon 5D Mark                                  around topics such as Aperture Value, ISO
                                                                        and White Balance. The explanations are
                                                                                                                             novices of not just the Eos 5D Mark II but
                                                                                                                             also of photography.
                         II: Basic Controls                             succinct, but with just the right level of           Jon Lysons
                                                                        information, and it’s handy
                                                                        to see the camera’s controls
                                                                        being manipulated so you can
                         Price £14.99 from the App Store                do the same on your own.
                         URL                              Nevertheless, the benefit of
                         Verdict There’s a lot of video here            being able to view the video in
                         on the Eos 5D Mark II, but the cost            the field to remind yourself of a
                         is too high considering that there’s           certain control is a real boon.
                         an app for the camera’s advanced                    Other apps look at different
                         controls with the same price tag.              camera models, with the
                                                                        Canon Eos 7D, Nikon D90 and
                                                                        the D5000 already covered,
                                                                        as well as apps for those

                             he first thing you notice about Canon       manufacturers’ flashguns.
                             5D Mark II: Basic Controls is the price.   Annoyingly, there’s another
                             At £14.99, it’s not an inexpensive         app for the Eos 5D Mark
                     purchase. The next thing you notice is that,       II’s advance controls, which
                     at 214MB, it’s not a quick download, either.       means that if you want detailed
                     This is due to the amount of video, as this        coverage of this camera’s
                     isn’t just a digitisation of the text manual       system, including flash, you
                     for the Canon Eos 5D Mark II like the Handi        would have to spend over £50.
                     5Dmk2, but an app version of Blue Crane                 If you’re already an Eos 5D
                     Digital’s training DVD.                            Mark II owner, you’re unlikely
                         As such, it’s a straight translation of        to benefit from watching the
                     the DVD edition, complete with reference
                                                                          Fortunately, the presenter isn’t on
                     to having your remote handy so you can             screen for much of the video, with the
                     pause the DVD player, and there’s over 90          real benefit being the ability to see the
                                                                        controls set on the camera, so you can
                     minutes of video. On starting, you have            do the same on yours.
                                                                                                                                  0800 08 27753

                                                 Meet the new                                                 Bundle Of The Month! Save £75
                                                 MacBook Pro                                                                                          15-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro
                                                                                                                                                            4GB memory / 320GB Hard Drive
                                                                                                                                                            AirPort / Bluetooth / SuperDrive
                                                      Available in 13-, 15-, and 17-inch                                                                             ≠
                                                      models. Now featuring faster Intel                                                                      Be-ez Notebook Bag
                                                       processors, new next-generation                                                                               ≠
                                                        NVIDIA graphics, and a battery
                                                                                                                                                              Apple Care 3 Year Protection
                                                        that lasts even longer.

                                                                                                                                                              RRP: £1827.98

                                                                                                                                                              OUR PRICE:    £1752.98
                                                                                                                                                               All prices are including VAT at 17.5%
                        Make sure you look out for the
                        MONEY OFF promo codes!
                                                                                 “The perfect companion for Adobe CS5.“                   The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen records everything you
                        Enter them at checkout to save £££’s!
                                                                                  The Bamboo Fun combines multi-touch                     hear, say and write and links your audio recordings
                                                                                  functionality and pen tablet technology.                to your notes.“Find the most important information
                         World renowned Swiss hearing aid company                 Let your creativity run wild and express                from your meetings or lectures just by tapping
                         Phonak have used their industry-leading                  yourself naturally.                                     on what you wrote. You’ll never
                         expertise to create an all-round class act
                                                                                                        Wacom Bamboo                      miss a word again.“
                         headphone “The sound is remarkable:
                         refined, detailed and natural with                                               Fun Medium
                                                                                                                                                   mo cod
                                                                                                                                           Use pro a0b9c
                         phenomenal midrange fidelity.”
                                                                                                                                            4b f54ee2 ut to
                        Phonak Audéo PFE with Mic                                                                            e:                     ecko
                                                                                                                      mo cod               at the ch £25 off!
                                                                                                              Use pro 3b52d                        xtra
                                                                                                                       a2                  get an e
                                    £129.99                                                                           eckout
                                                                                                             at the ch £10 off
                                                        c                                                           xtra
                                                  23101d                                                    get an e Medium               2GB LiveScribe Pen
                                            4bf54e et an
                                    o code:         g                                                      amboo
                           Use prom e checkout to £30 off!                                                 B
                                  at th          extra                                                                                          £129.99

                        We’ve made it our mission to find you the best selection of iPad accessories to protect, hold, charge and clean your new iPad.

      Griffin A-Frame                                     Incipio Feather Case                            Cygnett OpticClear Screen Protector                              Incipio Kickstand Case
 Simple, beautiful, rock-solid tabletop          Inconspicuous first class protection made out of           Give your iPad screen the best protection possible.     Allows you to watch your videos while the case holds
            stand for iPad.                             ultra-light, ultra-strong polymer.              Guards against dust, fingerprints, smudges and scratches.       your iPad. An elegant folding leather design.

              £39.99                                                £29.99                                                    £19.99                                                   £24.99

        QDOS CleanTouch                             Griffin PowerJolt for iPad                                     Cygnett Agenda Sleeve                                 Griffin Elan Passport Case
Screen cleaning kit specially developed        Delivers 2.1 amps of power for fastest possible in-car       This hardwearing sleeve has a padded interior,         Flips open to reveal the touch screen display, then
          for iPad and iPhone.                        charging of your iPad, iPhone or iPod.              keeping your iPad snug and protected on the move.           closes like a book for privacy and protection.

              £19.99                                                £16.99                                                     £24.99                                                  £34.99

     is now a Square Group Company. Reg address: 78 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1HB 0800 08 27753.

      18 June 2010

                     Words Kenny Hemphill
                     Photography Danny Bird

                        iPad Case
                        Price £30 (£25
                        Price £30 (£25.53 ex VAT)VAT)
                        Contact Apple
                        Contact Apple
                        Apple’s hard shell iPad
                        App e’s hard shell iPad
                        case has rubberised
                        case has a rubberised
                        exterior and micro-fibre
                        exterior      micro bre
                        lining, hich serv
                        lining, which serves to
                        protect the iPad from
                        protect the iPad from
                        scratches. It can be
                        scratches. It
                        used portrai ode,
                        used in portrait mode in
                        which case it’s rathe
                        which case it’s rather like
                        reading a book, or you
                        reading book, you
                             turn around flip
                        can turn it around, flip
                        over the cover        tuck
                        over the cover and tuck
                           underneath to crea
                        it underneath to create a
                        stand. There are holeoles
                        stand. There are holes for
                             headphone jack, dock
                        the headphone jack, dock
                        connector port, and on/o
                        connector port, and on/off/off
                             volume buttons.
                        and volume buttons.

                                            18 June 2010

Apple iPad Dock
Price £25 (£21.74
Price £25 (£21.74 ex VAT)
Contact Apple
Contact Apple

     iPad’s Dock Connector is the same
The iPad’s Dock Connector is the same
   that on the iPod and iPhone, though
as that on the iPod and iPhone, though
    design of the Dock for those
the design of the Dock for those
devices means that it’s      suitable for
devices means that it’s not suitable for
    iPad. Hence this specially designed
the iPad. Hence this specially designed
Dock, which has a line-out jack on the
Dock, which        line-out jack on the
back for connection to      fi amplifier.
back for connection t a hifi amplifier.

                     Plug-ins for InDesign
      18 June 2010

                     and QuarkXPress
                     Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are both great desktop publishing tools,
                     but you can boost their performance with these third-party add-ons…

                                                                            Barcoder XT                                          Cropster
                                                                            Price £68.15 (£58 ex VAT)                            Price $109 (about £74)
                                                                            Contact XChange UK +                   Contact Gluon +

                                                                            B                                                   I
                                                                                    arCoderXT lets you add high-quality             nDesign may offer some detailed settings
                                                                                    EPS barcodes to your XPress layout              for registration and crop marks, but they
                                                                                    without the need for an external                apply to entire documents. If you want
                                                                            third-party product. There are a number of           to create crop or fold marks for particular
                                                                            symbiologies from EAN, which is used in book         purposes, such as creating oversized
                                                                            publishing, to UPC and Bookland.                     pages, adverts and so on, then you need a
                                                                                 Creating the barcode is easy. Once you’ve       lot more versatility.
                                                                            chosen the symbiology from the XTension’s                Cropster, which is also available
                     ▲ If short-run printing is your thing, then Xdata is
                                                                            pop-up menu, you enter the relevant barcode          for XPress, allows you to add crop and
                     a highly useful and powerful tool for your arsenal.    details and any supplemental data.                   registration marks, guides and fold marks
                                                                                 You can also enter a width reduction, set       to page elements. When creating crops, you
                     Xdata                                                  a colour and produce half-height barcodes            can specify bleed, trim and safety settings
                                                                            (if allowed by the symbiology). Barcoder             from a single dialog and choose where those
                     Price $400 (about £272)                                checks the validity of the barcode – at least        marks should appear on the page.
                     Contact Em Software +                   in the sense that you’re entering the correct            Handily, your registration marks appear in
                                                                            number of digits – and then lets you save            their own, locked InDesign layer, so they can

                                hile not a full-blown cataloguing           the resulting EPS.                                   be hidden from view if needed.
                                XTension (a role filled by its sister
                                product, xCatalog), Xdata for
                     QuarkXPress 6, 7 and 8 essentially works as
                     a high-powered and scriptable mail merge
                     application for short-run tailored printing.
                         Taking source data from a file such as
                     a spreadsheet, or tab or comma-delimited
                     text, you can set up matching fields in the
                     XPress document and then define English-
                     like scripts that tell it what to do with the
                     imported data. For example, you can store
                     variables and apply conditional formatting to
                     a page element based on the contents of any            ▲ You don’t need a third-party tool to create        ▲ Add crop or registration marks, guides and fold
                     field in the source document.                           barcodes. This will do all the hard work for you.    marks to any object on a page with Cropster.

                       Page Control 2.2
                       Price €59 (about £50)
                       Contact DTP Tools +

                              uccessfully putting together print publications              send, for example, the A4
                              containing different pages sizes, such as those              pages in your document
                              including cover spines or gatefold spreads, has              to one printer and an A3
                       become something of an art in itself. However, this                 spread to another.
                       plug-in simplifies the whole process.                                    The plug-in comes
                           Page Control, available for InDesign CS to CS4,                 with scripts, including
                       lets you create different page sizes within the same                one that automates the
                       documents. For all its power, it’s surprisingly easy to             creation of book covers
                       use: just right-click the page you want to resize in the            based on the page count
                       Pages palette, choose the Resize Pages option and set               of the current document, and it’s reassuring to note that          ▲ PageControl
                                                                                                                                                              simplifies the process
                       your preferences for that page. You can even assign a               documents created using Page Control can be edited                 of altering page size
                       different print preset to each page size, so you could              elsewhere with a freely downloadable reader plug-in.               and adjusting content.
                                                                                                           0800 08 27753

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                Update your software. Update your skills.                                                         remainder of the balance in full or
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                                                 Where better to buy an Apple product than
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                     EasyCatalog for
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                                                               Not cheap, but a
                                                                                                                                                            very powerful way of

                     InDesign CS5
                                                                                                                                                            integrating a layout with
                                                                                                                                                            a background database.

                     Price $1299 (about £885); Lite version $299 (about £204)
                     Contact 65bit +

                            etting information from a database – whether
                            it’s stored on the network or held locally – is vital
                            for publishing data-heavy documents such as
                     directories. EasyCatalog InDesign CS5 takes raw data
                     from source files or – through an additional module – SQL
                     or FileMaker databases, or XML data.
                         Through its control panel, you can not only quickly
                     synchronise data from the external source file into                the database data so only information matching criteria
                     InDesign, but data changed in the document itself can             you specify appears on the pages is a powerful extra.
                     also be copied back to the original database. That’s both             That said, EasyCatalog InDesign CS5 isn’t cheap, and
                     a timesaver and a reassurance when you have to make               some of its better functionality, such as ODBC integration
                     last-minute change to information on page layouts. The            and the ability to script the integration through AppleScript
                     control panel highlights any differences in data from the         or JavaScript, is only available through add-on modules.
                     source file, so you can approve or reject changes.                 However, if you’re a data-driven publisher, the benefits
                         As you’d expect, you automatically apply formatting to        should recoup the costs quickly, and a much cheaper
                     imported text and set parameters for imported pictures,           Lite version of the software, which has basic linking and
                     such as how they should be scaled, but the ability to filter       updating features, is also available.

                      Atomik XML                                                                                               Price £68 (£58 ex VAT)
                                                                                                                               Contact XChange UK +
                      Price £293 (£249 ex VAT)

                      Contact XChange UK                                                                                                one are the days when you needed
                      +                                                                                                   third-party plug-ins to add simple
                                                                                                                                        effects such as drop-shadows to your

                         f there’s value in the ‘write once,                                                                   page, but the diverse ways that XPress and
                         publish anywhere’ mantra, then the                                                                    InDesign are used means that there’s still a
                         currency is XML. Exporting data in this                                                               strong market for plug-ins and XTensions for
                      format from XPress documents means                                                                       specific purposes.
                      that it’s easy to repurpose elsewhere, not                                                                    One such purpose is extracting the text
                      just for web publication, but for integration      ▲ Atomik makes it easy to perform filtered export of   from your layout to be used elsewhere. It’s
                                                                         XML data so that it can be repurposed elsewhere.
                      into any of the increasing number of                                                                     long been possible to extract text from XPress
                      environment where XML is used.                     content that you want – for example, text             documents through a helping of AppleScript
                          Atomik seamlessly manages the export           formatted with a particular style. Information        allied to a dollop of patience and liberal
                      and conversion of data in XPress tables            can flow both ways, too. Raw XML content               use of the Save Text command. TexTractor,
                      and images can be exported as XML. There           can also flow into an XPress layout and be             available for XPress 6 to 8, gives better
                      are also filters, so you can export only the        automatically formatted as it comes in.               options. Alongside a standard text export,
                                                                                                                               you can choose to only export text matching
                                                                                                                               a specific style sheet or limit extraction to a
                                                                                                                               particular part of the page, so running heads
                                                                           Add a History palette to InDesign and changes of
                                                                         mind will no longer be a source of frustration.       and footers are automatically excluded.
                                                                                                                                    And there’s a great timesaving extra:
                                                                         to be better than the one you’ve just finished.        you can also automatically extract text from
                                                                         Wouldn’t it be good to switch between edits           multiple XPress documents in a batch, thanks
                                                                         like you can in Photoshop?                            to a powerful auto-extraction tool, which can
                                                                              EasyHistory, a plug-in for InDesign CS2          be set to check particular folders at set times
                                                                         to CS4, lets you do just that by adding a             and automatically process them.
                                                                         Photoshop-like History palette to the program.
                                                                         It tracks changes to your document in its own
                                                                         palette. Double-clicking an item in the panel
                                                                         takes you to a particular point in its history.
                                                                              It also takes snapshots of a document
                     EasyHistory                                         automatically whenever it’s saved, or you can
                                                                         create your own by clicking a button in the
                     Price £7 (£5.96 ex VAT)                             palette. The snapshots appear as clickable
                     Contact 65bit +                           preview thumbnails in the palette.
                                                                              For all that, EasyHistory runs speedily –

                           reating a page layout is rarely a             at least on the smaller documents we tried it
                           linear process. Ideas arrive and              on. It’s inexpensive, too, and is one of those
                           flounder, and a layout that didn’t make        add-ons you would expect Adobe to have                ▲ TexTractor’s AutoXTract feature lets you batch-
                     sense half an hour ago turns out in retrospect      added to InDesign’s built-in plug-in list.            extract text from multiple documents at set times.

                                                                                                                                                                                            18 June 2010

                                                                                                 How to enter

                                                                                                Simply answer the question below
                                                                                                and enter for FREE online at

                                                                                                Are Macs with DVI output

An Atlona DVI to Mini                                                                           compatible with Apple’s
                                                                                                24in LED Cinema Display?

DisplayPort converter                                                                                      Yes
MacUser has teamed up with Future Shop                                                          The first three names out of the
                                                                                                hat will win an AP-DP200 DVI to
to offer you the chance to win one of three                                                      Mini DisplayPort converter.
                                                                                                Closing date: 15 July 2010

Atlona AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort                                                         On completing and submitting this competition, you will automatically be entered into
                                                                                                a draw for one of these prizes. No correspondence will be entered into and the

converters, worth £170.
                                                                                                winners will be notified by post or email within 28 days of the closing date. The
                                                                                                competition is not open to employees of Dennis Publishing or participating
                                                                                                companies. No cash alternative will be offered. The prize(s) described are available at
                                                                                                the date of publication. Events may occur that render the promotion or the rewarding
                                                                                                of the prize impossible due to reasons beyond MacUser’s control, which may at its

                                                                                                discretion vary or amend the promotion and the reader agrees that no liability shall
                                                                                                be attached to MacUser as a result thereof. Proof of emailing will not be accepted as
         acs with DVI or mini-DVI output        resolution. This compact converter              proof of delivery and no responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, delayed,
         can’t connect to monitors that have    features an attached DVI cable and USB          mislaid or for any technical failure or for any event, which may cause the competition
                                                                                                to be disrupted or corrupted. Where necessary, in order to determine an outright
         the Mini DisplayPort connector. This   power cable, which means you don’t need an      winner or winners to a competition, the editor reserves the right to request entrants
                                                                                                to take part in an eliminating contest (or ‘tie breaker’). Where for any reason there are
means these Mac models aren’t compatible        external power supply.                          more winners than prizes on offer, the editor reserves the right to conduct a simple
                                                                                                draw to determine the winner or winners of the prizes. Unless otherwise stated, entry
with Apple’s new 24in LED Cinema Display or         The unit can pass resolutions of up         to all competitions is restricted to entrants of 18 years of age or over. Names of
the 27in iMac.                                  to 1920 x 1200 pixels on 24in Cinema            winners will be available on receipt of a request, enclosing a stamped self-addressed
                                                                                                envelope, to: Competitions Manager, Dennis Publishing, 30 Cleveland St, London
   Fortunately, Atlona Technologies has come    Displays and 720p on 27in iMacs, and            W1T 4JD. If the winner of a competition is unable to take up a prize for any reason,
                                                                                                the editor reserves the right to award it to an alternative winner, in which case the
up with a neat solution. The AT-DP200 DVI to    offers full HDCP compatibility.                 first winner chosen will not be eligible for any share of the prize whatsoever. The
                                                                                                editor’s decision is final, and it is a condition of entry to any competition that the
Mini DisplayPort converter enables pre-2009         For more information on the Atlona          entrant agrees to be bound by these rules whether they be published or not, and that
Macs to connect to an Apple 24in Cinema         AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter,     the decisions of the editor and judges on any matter whatsoever arising out of or
                                                                                                connected with the competition are final. No purchase of the magazine is necessary.
Display or 27in iMac, while maintaining         visit or call 020 8905 1555.
      18 June 2010

                                                               18 June 2010
Words Kenny Hemphill Photography Danny Bird

        eciding that you need a new Mac is one thing,
        choosing which to buy is quite another. Desktop or
        laptop? Mac Pro or iMac? MacBook Air or iPad? The
choices on offer can make even the most avid follower of
Apple’s new Mac releases dizzy with indecision.
    The first choice you need to make is what you
want the Mac for. Will it be your main work machine or
a secondary computer to carry with you when you’re
away from the office? Will you be using it to crunch
high-definition video or large audio files? Or will it be
required to do nothing more strenuous than juggle a few
Excel spreadsheets and the odd Keynote presentation?
The answers to these questions will shape your decision,
ruling out some machines and putting others in the frame.
    You might think that once you’ve determined which
model to buy the decision-making is over, but that’s not
the case. Each type of Mac, except for the MacBook,
is available in at least different two versions. And once
you’ve chosen the precise model, there’s still the build-to-
order options to wade through. Do you want extra Ram, a
bigger hard drive or perhaps that anti-glare high resolution
display on the MacBook Pro? Over the next few pages,
we’ll help you navigate the decision-making process and
guide you step by step to the perfect Mac for you. So turn
the page and follow our flow chart to begin…
      18 June 2010

                            SO YOU NEED
                            A NEW MAC?
                         Start by deciding what you need it to do...
                                            Are you likely to need
                                             to take your Mac to
                                              another location?
                                                 yes     no

                        Is portability more                    Will you be encoding
                      important than power                    video, recording music,    no
                        and performance?                       or working with large
                                                                  Photoshop files?
                               no yes
                                               Do you need
                                                an internal     no
                                                DVD drive?                  MacBook

                      Do you need                                      Do you need      yes
                        a large,        yes                             an Express
                     high-resolution                                    Card slot?      no
                        screen?        no

                                                                     Pro 13in

                                                                  18 June 2010
              Mac Pro

    yes                       Do you regularly
                               play games?              yes
Do you need
  slots for   no                       no
 expansion                                             Will you be
   cards?                                              using it for
                                                       or design?
           Do you need
             to watch                    MacBook
           online video                    Air
              or view
           web content?

          Pro 17in

                                                       Mac mini

                        Pro 15in

      18 June 2010

                     As you can see from the chart, there are a number of
                     factors to consider. Some are fairly obvious, others
                     less so. For example, you may think that if you spend
                     all day manipulating huge Photoshop files, your
                     only option is a Mac Pro. However, the current crop
                     of iMacs – in particular, the Core i5 model, which
                     comes with a decent amount of Ram – are more
                     than capable of handling just about anything you
                     could throw at them in Photoshop. This is particularly
                     true at the moment, as the Mac Pro is overdue for
                     an update. The most compelling reasons for buying
                     a Mac Pro are if you’ll need to draw on its multiple
                     cores and its expansion slots. Serious number-
                     crunching tasks, such as encoding high-definition
                     video and rendering large 3D animations, will see the
                     most benefit from the Mac Pro’s eight cores.
                          You should also consider a MacBook Pro, even if
                     you don’t plan on travelling with your Mac. While the
                     performance difference between the fastest model
                     and the fastest iMacs or Mac Pros is noticeable, for
                     most tasks the MacBook Pro is more than adequate.
                     And when you consider that you can take it with you
                     wherever you go and that, when you finish working on
                     it, you can close it up and lock it away in a drawer,

                       ‘The reasons for buying a Mac Pro are
                       if you’ll need to draw on its multiple
                                                                                 The graphics processing unit, or GPU,
                       cores and its expansion slots’                            is responsible for rendering 2D and
                                                                                 3D graphics. The design of GPU chips
                                                                                 makes them much more efficient at
                     there’s a strong case for choosing a laptop over a          manipulating graphics than CPUs, and
                     desktop Mac. If you don’t like the idea of spending         allows them to take that load off the
                     all day hunched over a laptop, you can always buy           main processor.
                     a separate keyboard and mouse, and connect the                  Apple’s current range of Macs uses
                     MacBook Pro to a full-size display. That way, you           two types of GPU: one that shares
                     can have the best of both worlds. And, remember,            Ram with the CPU, known as integrated
                     both the iMac and Mac mini are effectively laptop           graphics; and one that has its own
                     computers in desktop cases and aren’t any more              Ram. The Nvidia GeForce 9400m found
                     expansible than a MacBook Pro.                              in the Mac mini, the low-end iMac
                          If you want a second Mac to use when you’re            and the MacBook Air is an integrated
                     away from the office, but plan to keep a desktop             graphics chip, as is the GeForce 320
                     Mac for doing most of your work, the key issue is           in the MacBook. The rest of the iMac
                     portability. It’s unlikely you’ll need the raw power        models use GPUs with dedicated Ram,
                     in a second machine that you have in your main              as does the Mac Pro. The MacBook
                     Mac, and so there’s every reason to consider the            Pro range has an integrated GPU, the
                     13in MacBook Pro, or even the MacBook. Both of              Intel HD, and one with dedicated Ram,
                     these Macs are more than capable of performing              Nvidia’s GeForce 330M.
                     day-to-day office tasks.                                         While integrated graphics chips are
                          The most portable Mac of all is the MacBook Air.       fine for all day-to-day work and even for
                     It’s svelte shapes and light weight make it very easy       working with large 2D images, games,
                     to slot into a laptop bag and carry with you. It, too,      high-definition video and 3D graphics
                     is a very capable second machine, but it lacks a            all benefit significantly from GPUs with
                     DVD drive and FireWire 800 port. It also has only one       dedicated Ram.
                     USB port and if you need to connect to an Ethernet
                     network, you’ll need to buy Apple’s USB-to-Ethernet
                     adaptor, robbing you of that single USB slot.
                          The only reason for choosing a MacBook Air over
                     a white MacBook or 13in MacBook Pro, looks aside,
                     is its size and weight. And if that really is your chief
                     consideration, you should ask yourself whether an
                     iPad wouldn’t fit the bill just as well. It is, of course,
                     smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Air. You won’t
                     be able to do any serious image editing on it, and
                     it will involve re-thinking the way you work, but an
                     iPad will allow you to check your email, surf the
                     web, work with text documents, spreadsheets and
                     presentations, and give you access to your contacts

                                                                                                          18 June 2010
                                             Ram, or Random Access Memory to give it its full name,
                                             consists of a number of integrated circuit boards that
                                             store data and enable them to be accessed in any
                                             order. It’s used to allow data to be passed to and from
                                             the CPU quickly, though that data is lost soon after the
                                             computer is shut down. The more data that is held in
                                             Ram and the faster that it can be passed to the CPU, the
                                             less chance of a bottleneck occurring, so the computer
                                             will run faster. In general, the more Ram you have and the
                                             faster it runs, the better.

Processor                                  families in its Macs, ranging from Core
The processor, or CPU, is responsible      2 Duo, through Core i5 and i7, to Xeon
for executing instructions passed to       3500 and 5500. The Core 2 Duo is
it by software programs. In the most       the oldest and least powerful of these,
general terms, the faster the processor    while the Core i5 and i7 are Intel’s latest
can execute instructions, the quicker      mid-range CPUs. The Xeon processors
the Mac will run. There are a number       are fast workstation CPUs, but are well
of other factors to consider, however.     over a year old.
These include the speed of the                 Complicating matters still further,
system bus, and the size of the cache      processors can have multiple cores and
– local storage used by the CPU to store   be employed in different configurations.
the results of common calculations.        For example, Apple employs the i5 and
The quantity and speed of Ram, and         Xeon 3500 quad-core processors in
the speed of both the graphics chip        a single-processor configuration, but
and hard drive are also important.         doubles up the Xeon 5500 to give the
Apple uses five different Intel processor   top-end Mac Pro eight cores.
      18 June 2010

                      Ethernet is a wired networking standard
                      that has been on the Mac for around
                      15 years. The current incarnation on
                      the Mac has a data transfer rate of
                      1Gbits/sec. Known as Gigabit Ethernet,
                      it provides faster, more secure data            Mini DisplayPort                                 SD Card Reader
                      transfer over a network than wifi, but           The Mini DisplayPort allows the                  MacBook Pros come with an SD card
                      is less convenient.                             MacBook Pro to connect to the latest             slot for reading media cards from
                                                                      range of Apple Cinema Displays.                  digital cameras and video cameras.

                      FireWire 800                                    USB 2                                            Audio
                      FireWire 800 is a faster version of             USB 2 has become the standard                    Most Macs, with the exception of the
                      the original FireWire interface first            for connecting printers, hard drives,            MacBook Air, have 3.5mm audio input
                      introduced on Macs in 1999, and has             memory sticks, digital cameras and               and output jacks. Both support line-
                      a theoretical data transfer rate roughly        anything else that doesn’t require really        level audio and double as analogue
                      twice that of USB 2. It’s used to               fast data transfer. USB 2 can also pass          and digital ports. The output jack is
                      connect hard drives and other storage           power to connected devices and is                most often used as a headphone
                      devices that need fast data transfer.           used to charge iPods, iPhones, iPads,            connector. The MacBook Air only has
                      It’s much less common than USB 2,               and so on. USB 2 has been superseded             a headphone jack.
                      and many peripheral manufacturers               by USB 3, which can transfer data at
                      have chosen to support eSata for                10 times the rate of USB 2, but Apple
                      external hard drives.                           hasn’t yet adopted it on any Mac.

                                                                                                                    and calendars. And if those tasks are all
                                                                                                                    you’re likely to do, then an iPad may well be
                                                                                                                    your best bet for a second machine.
                     Every Mac has at least one USB 2 port,        to a FireWire 800 port with a FireWire 400-to-
                     with most having several ports. Its           FireWire 800 cable.
                     transfer rate means that it’s suitable            If you need to use a PCI Express card        Tests and benchmarks
                     for external hard drives, printers, card      – for example, to add a second video card        Don’t get too hung up on test results and
                     readers and most other peripherals.           or to connect a Sata storage device – you’ll     benchmark scores. We publish them to give
                     Those tasks that need very fast data          have to buy a Mac Pro. However, before you       you an idea of the comparative performance
                     transfer, such as video and audio             do make that decision, it might be worth         of different Macs. However, even the most
                     editing, will need a hard drive connected     considering whether you actually need the        carefully designed tests rarely reflect the way
                     to a FireWire 800 port.                       expansion card. Many of the functions            a Mac performs over a period of weeks or
                         The iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro         for which a PCI card was once necessary          months. There are so many different variables
                     all have FireWire 800. If you have an older   can now be fulfilled by an external device        that influence performance that the best we
                     FireWire 400 drive, this can be connected     connected by FireWire or USB 2.                  can do is give you a guide, and that’s exactly
                                                                                                                    how you should treat test results.

      18 June 2010

                     iPAD APPS
                     We’ve raided the App Store to bring you the
                     best apps you should download on to your iPad.

                                               18 June 2010
Words Alan Stonebridge
Photography Danny Bird

             ithin days of its launch, there
             were already hundreds of
             iPad-specific apps on App Store.
And because this much choice can leave
you feeling bewildered, we’ve chosen the
cream of the crop so you know that you’re
downloading the best ones. We’ve picked
a range of apps that covers reading,
research, media consumption and even
browsing the web, because as good as the
iPad is, the Safari web browser is a little
underwhelming when it comes to features.
    All of the apps featured are written
specifically for the iPad, so they make full
use of its increased screen resolution.
None of them are simply iPhone apps
blown up to fill the screen. Although
that’s possible – and you can install
your favourite iPhone apps on your
new iPad – the apps that have been
properly designed for the larger hardware
feel more comfortable and make for
better interaction.
    We’ve also highlighted some
applications that are universal, which
means if you buy it for your iPad, you don’t
need to buy a separate version for your
iPhone or iPod touch. Instead, the same
download can be installed on all of Apple’s
touchscreen devices, but the interface is
optimised for the different screen sizes.
You’ll see why that’s useful when you read
about Instapaper Pro (see p63).

                                   Air Display
      18 June 2010

                                   Price £5.99

                     Air Display turns your iPad into a second
                     display for your Mac, and it does so without
                     you having to plug in any cables. All that’s
                     needed is for both devices to be on the same
                     wifi network, the iPad app to be installed and
                     running, and another small application to be
                     installed on your Mac. That app lets your Mac
                     see the iPad and make Mac OS X think that
                     it’s actually a display.
                          With those pieces in place, the iPad
                     appears in System Preferences’ Display pane,
                     so you can position it relative to your Mac’s
                     main display. Alter the iPad’s orientation and
                     the app sends that information to your Mac to
                     reflect the change. You’ll need a way to prop            Don’t expect Air Display to work as
                     up your iPad to make the most of Air Display,      well as a monitor connected via a cable.
                     so it’s good to have a dock or a stand like        It isn’t great for streaming video and
                     Apple’s official case to hand.                      other rapidly changing content to the
                          The Mac component uses Mac OS X’s             iPad’s screen, but it’s useful for windows
                     screen-sharing technology to talk to the iPad      that infrequently update. It makes your
                     app. If you’re concerned about how much            iPad’s display a great place to tuck your
                     bandwidth will be sapped by the wifi activity,      Twitter application, Facebook or palettes
                     don’t be. We checked Activity Monitor to see       for applications such as Photoshop that
                     what the Mac component was doing, and              benefit from as much screen space
                     it only consumes a significant amount of            as possible. As such, Air Display is
                     network bandwidth and processing power             especially useful if you’re travelling with
                     when the picture that’s transmitted to the         your iPad and a small MacBook, as it
                     iPad’s display changes.                            gives you room to play with.

                                   TweetDeck                            or down, and if you add additional columns,      and to visit web addresses mentioned in the
                                                                        they can be reached by swiping horizontally.     tweet without having to carefully tap them
                                   Price Free                           Among the most useful columns that you can       inline in the message.
                                   URL               add are searches, which look for new tweets           You can’t connect this version to your
                                                                        on subjects that interest you.                   Facebook account to keep track of friends’
                     You might recognise this Twitter app, as it’s          TweetDeck’s interface is incredibly clear,   status updates, but don’t let that put you
                     also available for the Mac and it feels right at   much more so than apps on the iPhone,            off: it’s still a great app for monitoring Twitter,
                     home on the iPad. It uses the same column-         whose icons and interactions can be esoteric.    especially if you spend any length of time
                     based layout as the Mac version. Each              Tap a tweet and you’ll see a straightforward     conversing with other people on the service.
                     column scrolls independently as you swipe up       menu that includes options to reply, retweet          In fact, TweetDeck feels inherently
                                                                                                                         suited to the iPad’s way of working. We
                                                                                                                         experienced a few crashes during testing,
                                                                                                                         which is frustrating, but the short nature of
                                                                                                                         tweets means they’re easy to recover from,
                                                                                                                         and we expect these occasional issues will
                                                                                                                         be resolved with updates.

                                                                                                                            What about Facebook?
                                                                                                                             At the time of writing, Facebook hasn’t
                                                                                                                             updated its app to make use of the
                                                                                                                             iPad’s screen resolution, and it’s
                                                                                                                             probably easier to use Safari to add
                                                                                                                             the site to the iPad’s Home Screen.
                                                                                                                             Scroll to the bottom of the page and
                                                                                                                             choose to view the full site rather
                                                                                                                             than the mobile version, too. It’s still
                                                                                                                             worth installing the Facebook app to
                                                                                                                             post photos transferred to the iPad
                                                                                                                             using the Camera Connection Kit, as
                                                                                                                             the Facebook website can’t access
                                                                                                                             images stored in the Photos app.

                                                                                                                                                      18 June 2010
               Price £2.99

Instapaper is an essential download if you
find yourself bookmarking web pages in
Safari with the intention of reading them
later but then forget about them. It’s a great
alternative to subscribing to RSS feeds for
sites you stumble upon by accident, or which
you discover from other people’s tweets and
Facebook updates.
    The app has been available for a long
time on the iPhone, and several other apps
integrate with the service, enabling you to
stack up reading material from a variety
of different sources. Instapaper benefits
hugely from the iPad’s large screen and that
makes this version genuinely indispensable,
as you can work your way through your
repository with greater comfort.
    You can install a special bookmark in         effect. Once you’ve read an article that you
Safari that uploads a link to the page you’re     think is worth sharing, you can direct others
viewing to your Instapaper account, which         to the original version on the web via Twitter,
saves you from having to jump back and forth      Tumblr and email.
between two apps.                                     Instapaper is a universal app, so you
    Instead, a couple of taps adds the            can install it on your iPhone as well. That’s a
page to your collection of reading material,      sensible approach, as you might not always
so you can keep yourself informed about your      have your iPad to hand and an interesting
chosen topics.                                    page could simply be too long to bother
    If you’ve taken our advice on replacing       reading on your iPhone’s screen. It doesn’t
Safari with iCab Mobile (see p64), you can        matter, though. Flag up the story and you
replicate Instapaper’s bookmark in that           can look at it later, when you can find time
application by hand and use it to the same        to settle down with your iPad.                                  Air Video
                                                                                                                  Price £1.79
              Bento                                                                                               URL

              Price £2.99                                                                           Air Video makes video content stored on your
              URL                                                               Mac available on your iPad over a network,
                                                                                                    converting any files that are incompatible with
Bento is a great place to store an inventory,     and you’ll also have to pay for it even if you    the device to a format it can play. It requires
a record of your business expenses as you         bought it for your iPhone.                        a small application to be installed on your
travel, or any other valuable information that        Nonetheless, the iPad’s larger screen         Mac, which you instruct to keep an eye on
you want to keep at your fingertips, ready to      and keyboard make Bento more pleasant to          particular folders or iTunes playlists and make
browse at a moment’s notice.                      use and easier to enter a large amount of         their contents available to the iPad app.
     Like the Mac version, it’s a great-looking   information into your databases. That makes           Videos can be converted ahead of time
app with a range of templates and visual          it worth every penny if you need a good-          or on the fly, provided your Mac is powerful
themes, and you can adjust the form layouts       looking database while you’re on the move.        enough. You also get to choose the resolution
used to enter information                                                                           (up to the iPad’s native 1024 x 768-pixel
so they suit your needs.                                                                            display) and bitrate of your video. This is
You don’t actually need the                                                                         controlled from the iPad, enabling you to
Mac version of Bento 3 to                                                                           balance your desired quality against the
use the iPad app. It lets                                                                           bandwidth needed by other members of
you create new databases,                                                                           your household in order to browse the web.
or libraries, on the iPad.                                                                              Don’t bother trying to stream DRM-
     We have already                                                                                protected video such as TV shows and
reviewed the iPhone                                                                                 movies from the iTunes Store, as Air Video
version of Bento and found                                                                          won’t do anything with them. However, it will
it lacking in some areas,                                                                           work with movies that you’ve created yourself
especially because it omits                                                                         in an application such as Final Cut Express or
the Mac version’s Smart                                                                             iMovie, as well as other unprotected files.
Collections, which is one                                                                               You’ll find it especially useful if you’ve
of its most useful search                                                                           settled on a 16GB iPad and want to watch
features. The iPad version                                                                          a few hours of video without having to wipe
suffers from that too,                                                                              other content from its memory.
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                       to reveal the toolbars. Alternatively, you can
                                                                                                                       drag pages up or down a short way until
                                                                                                                       GoodReader snaps to the next one.
                                                                                                                           A slider runs down the left of the screen,
                                                                                                                       so you can quickly get to any point in a book,
                                                                                                                       but it doesn’t show a thumbnail preview of
                                                                                                                       each page to which you scroll. However, PDFs
                                                                                                                       that are properly formatted with different
                                                                                                                       heading styles work a treat with GoodReader.
                                                                                                                       Tap the bookmark icon in the toolbar to pull
                                                                                                                       up a table of contents. Nested headline
                                                                                                                       styles appear as submenus in this pop-up,
                                                                                                                       so as long as your books are well-structured,
                                                                                                                       you’ll have no trouble getting around them.
                                                                                                                       Like iBooks, you can add your own bookmarks
                                                                                                                       to pick up where you left off.
                                                                                                                           Books can be transferred to it by
                                                                                                                       connecting to the app’s built-in server
                                                                                                                       using your Mac’s web browser, which lets
                                                                                                                       you upload one file at a time. You can
                                                                                                                       also drop multiple files onto the iPad via
                                   GoodReader                         GoodReader, then, is an excellent choice.
                                                                      Unlike iBooks, it can cope with unprotected
                                                                                                                       the File Sharing box, which appears under
                                                                                                                       your iPad’s Apps tab in iTunes.
                                   Price 59p (introductory price)     PDFs – those that don’t include any DRM –            Since iBooks doesn’t currently support
                                   URL          including those you’ve created from Mac OS       the PDF format, GoodReader is an essential
                                                                      X’s Print dialog. And by and large, it manages   download for reading eBooks and other
                     Apple’s iBooks app can display books bought      to make reading PDFs on the iPad a graceful      documents in that format.
                     from its own store, and it works with ePub       experience. However, try the app with a
                     files bought elsewhere, as long as they           protected PDF and it will simply display blank
                     aren’t protected with any DRM technology.        pages throughout the book.
                     However, iBooks can’t read PDFs, which is            You’ll have to negotiate a slight learning
                                                                                                                          Broaden your reading
                     a bit of a problem if you’ve bought anything     curve at first, as the interface is a little         The iBookstore isn’t the only source
                     in the past that uses this well-established      more complex than that of iBooks. Pages             of eBooks for your iPad, which is good
                     format. That might be eBooks purchased           flow vertically, rather than being turned over       news, as the selection available is
                     from other online stores, reports that you       horizontally like a traditional book. In that       fairly small at present. You can also
                     need to reference while working on the           respect, GoodReader is more like using              download Amazon’s free Kindle app
                     move or even just manuals that you want          Preview on your Mac, but rather than showing        and purchase books from its online
                     to store in one place.                           pages continuously, it requires you to tap in       store. You can also read those books
                         You’ll need a more versatile document        particular regions of the screen to advance         on your iPhone and Mac.
                     reader to view such documents on your iPad.      through books, or in the centre of the screen

                                   iCab Mobile
                                   Price £1.19

                     iCab is one of several alternative web
                     browsers now available on the App Store.
                     Last issue we looked at Atomic Web
                     Browser (see MacUser, 4 June, p42) and
                     recommended it as a replacement for Safari
                     on the iPhone due to additional gestures that
                     speed up navigation on the smaller screen.
                     iCab doesn’t do that, but it has many of the
                     same features, including a traditional tabbed
                     browser (albeit without site icons on the
                     tabs), full-screen mode, ad filtering, bookmark
                     import and the ability to turn off images.
                        The reason we’ve included iCab in this
                     round-up is its ability to download files as
                     you would on a Mac, and you can open
                     files in other applications, too. For instance,
                     we downloaded a PDF then opened it in
                     GoodReader, which is a far better tool for
                     working with that type of file than a web
                     browser. Due to this flexibility, iCab has
                     ousted Safari from our iPad’s dock as our
                     preferred web browser.

                                                                                                                                                       18 June 2010
              Price App is free; £1.19 per
              issue (there are some free
sample issues available)

If you need a great showcase of the iPad’s
capabilities, you can’t go far wrong with
Marvel’s comic app. It was one of the first iPad
apps to really take our breath away, and none
of the MacUser team is especially a fan of
comics. It lets you view pages full-screen, but
if you find the text a little too small, you can
double-tap a picture box to zoom into it. That
strips away all of the other nearby content on
the page, so you don’t glance at any spoilers
in forthcoming frames.
     While you’re zoomed in, swiping the
screen triggers a transition to the next frame.
When you’re in a large box, sometimes that
means it’ll slide over a little to reveal a bit   and you get a different, full-screen transition,       The sense of motion is wonderful, helping
more of the drama and dialogue, which             which steadily builds up an idea of how much       to dispel our preconceptions of what it would
adds extra suspense to the experience             of a comic you’ve got through.                     be like to lose the experience of flipping pages
of reading a comic.                                   This all adds up to a great experience         and poring over the fine detail in frames. In
     Transitions between picture boxes respect    because it preserves the feel that you’re          that regard, Marvel has done a great job for
the flow of the page, so the transition feels      reading a physical comic, so if you’re a comic     its publications. The bold colour illustrations
like your eyes are simply glancing across and     fan, you needn’t worry about the artform being     look fantastic on the iPad’s screen, and it’s a
down the page. Reach the end of a page            destroyed by the transition to digital.            superb app to show off the iPad.

              IMDb                                site users, photographs and links to the top
                                                  billed cast. Scroll down and you can access
                                                                                                     that next time you’re sunk into a sofa trying
                                                                                                     to decide what to download on Apple TV, you
              Price Free                          the wealth of other information that’s stored      can find out more about your options through
              URL                 about movies, including quotes, reviews and        an interface that’s a joy to use.
                                                  parental guidance about the content.
The Internet Movie Database’s app is an               With so much movie trivia in your
extremely good example of how information         hands, it’s far too easy to get carried away
normally presented in a mundane website           exploring connections from films and actors,
interface can be spruced up and dispensed in      perhaps even more so than on your Mac.
a better fashion through a dedicated app. We      Even if you get deep into the film industry’s
were expecting something more reminiscent         family tree, you can quickly get back to the
of the less-attractive web version, so IMDb       root of your exploration by tapping your way
took us by surprise.                              back up the trail of breadcrumbs stored in
    It divides the screen into clear,             the back button.
independently scrollable regions. The cast            We can’t imagine checking IMDb in a web
appears on the left, while the right-hand side    browser anymore because it has done such
shows the movie poster, its rating among          a sterling job with the app. Grab it now so

      18 June 2010

                                   Price Free

                     National Public Radio, or NPR, is a syndication
                     network of radio stations across the US. The
                     news coverage available through its iPad app
                     won’t be of much interest in the UK unless
                     you take a keen interest in North American
                     affairs, but it’s also a conduit for some great
                     cultural programming that covers the arts,
                     lifestyle and music.
                         The app’s front page highlights some
                     of the latest content that might interest
                     you. Click Topics at the top-right and you’ll
                     find all sorts of content under three major
                     headings: News, Arts & Life, and Music, with
                     a whole heap of more specific categories
                     inside each one to help you find exactly the
                     content that appeals to you, whether it’s
                     written fiction, pop culture, art and design,
                     photography or something else.
                         You can stack up programmes in a playlist.
                     That’s preserved between sessions, so you         need wifi or 3G reception to listen to them.       Facebook and email. Although there’s a focus
                     can get up to date with listening later on.       NPR also has its finger on the pulse when it       on American culture, there’s still masses of
                     Text articles can be downloaded, but audio        comes to social networking, with buttons to       worthwhile content in the NPR app to appeal
                     programmes can only be streamed, so you’ll        share links to interesting findings via Twitter,   to music and film fans – and it’s free.

        If your wifi connection is a little
        slow, check whether the bandwidth                                                                                              Ignition
        setting is set too high. If it is, set it
        to the less-demanding option and try                              When you browse to           Price £17.99
        watching a programme again. You’ll                                in Safari, the toolbar will remain             URL
        also find parental controls in the                                 visible even while you’re watching
        settings page, which are worth a look                             programmes. To get rid of it, go back          We were impressed with LogMeIn’s iPhone
        if your iPad is left where your kids                              to the opening page, tap the ‘+’               app, and it works even better on the iPad.
        might get their hands on it.                                      button and add iPlayer to your iPad’s          With more pixels, it has been updated
                                                                          Home Screen. When you launch                   to make full use of the iPad’s screen, so
                                                                          iPlayer from that shortcut, the toolbar        it’s even more comfortable for controlling
                                   BBC iPlayer                            will be hidden so won’t distract you           your Mac remotely, as long as the network
                                    Sadly, there’s no native version      from gripping TV programmes.                   connection at both ends is up to scratch.
                                    of iPlayer on the App Store, but                                                          The app has a £17.99 price tag attached,
                                    the web version was ready in                                                         which isn’t that bad when you consider the
                     time for iPad launch day. Of course, you can’t                                                      benefits of being able to interact with your
                     download programmes to your iPad to take                                                            Mac at home or in the office from your iPad –
                     on holiday, and regional restrictions mean you                                                      useful if you were waiting for a task to finish
                     won’t be able to catch up on programmes                                                             but didn’t want to set a fixed time for it to go
                     when you’re abroad. That doesn’t make                                                               to sleep in the Energy Saver preferences. This
                     iPlayer worthless, though. You can use it to                                                        way, you can log in from your iPad and check
                     catch up on missed programmes while you’re                                                          how the job is progressing then shut down
                     on a wifi-equipped train or café, and other                                                          the Mac once it’s complete.
                     places if you’ve got a 3G iPad, although be                                                              If you’ve bought the iPhone version
                     careful about doing that, as you could quickly                                                      already, the latest update includes the iPad
                     exceed your tariff’s data allowance.                                                                version, so there isn’t a penny more to pay.
NEW                                                          APP
Take MacUser wherever you have
your iPhone or iPod touch!
• Never miss an issue
• Download and read on or offline
• Turn the pages like a print magazine
• Easy navigation and zoom function

                                                 59 p*

*Just 59p for your first issue; further/back issues only £1.79
each, available through the iTunes App Store (search: MacUser)

                                                                                                                                                                                              18 June 2010

WIN!AccountEdge Plus
MacUser has teamed up with Mamut to offer you the chance to win one of
three copies of Mamut AccountEdge Plus, worth £560.

         he new Mamut AccountEdge               access to a variety of card-related options
         products are Mac-specific               and enables you to complete multiple tasks
         accounting applications designed       without having to leave the card screen.
for small businesses. AccountEdge Plus              The Format palette makes it significantly
covers accounting and invoicing, contact        easier and more intuitive to customise
management, stock, payroll and powerful         forms, while contacts list searching has been
reporting. The software builds on the success   improved with new filters to help further
                                                                                                   How to enter
of MYOB’s award-winning Mac products and        define user searches.
boasts some useful new features.                    Furthermore, there’s also a network edition   Simply answer the question below
                                                                                                  and enter for FREE online at
    Business Insights is a new feature that     of AccountEdge Plus available, which allows
allows you to calculate important financial      multiple users to be in the accounting files at
ratios, providing current information about     the same time.
profits, turnover and operating balances.            If you would like more information on the     QUESTION
    Also debuting in the application is the     Mamut AccountEdge range of products, visit        What is the Mamut
Card File Action menu, which provides easy                                  AccountEdge range
                                                                                                  used for?

                                                               3 to be                            The first three names out of the hat
                                                                                                  will win a copy of AccountEdge Plus.

                                                               WON!                               Closing date: 15 July 2010

                                                                                                  On completing and submitting this competition, you will automatically be entered into
                                                                                                  a draw for one of these prizes. No correspondence will be entered into and the
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                                                                                                  the date of publication. Events may occur that render the promotion or the rewarding
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                                                                                                  the decisions of the editor and judges on any matter whatsoever arising out of or
                                                                                                  connected with the competition are final. No purchase of the magazine is necessary.

      18 June 2010


                     Using line graphs to
                     best represent your data
                     By making a few small adjustments to your line graph, you can ensure none
                     of the detail is lost and that it clearly shows all the relevant information.

                                                                         ine graphs are the simplest type             at the bottom-left corner, the variations are
                                                                         of graph. Each data point is plotted         so tiny that it’s hard to discern them clearly.
                                                                         against the x and y axis, and straight       What we’re interested in is not so much the
                                                                   lines drawn between the points make up the         absolute values, but the amount of change.
                                                                   line that shows the trend of the data. There           Modifying the axes so that they show
                                                                   are many ways of working with line graphs,         just the upper and lower bounds of the data
                                                                   and the format can be customised to show           variation produces a much more dramatic
                                                                   the data to its best advantage.                    result [02]. Now you can clearly see not
                                                                       At school, we’re taught to set the bottom-     only the overall trend – a worsening of the
                                                                   left corner of the graph to zero on both the x     exchange rate from a British perspective –
                                                                   and y axes. And this does, certainly, produce      but you can also discern smaller peaks and
                                                                   the most accurate way of displaying the            troughs on a day-to-day basis. Of course, you
                                                                   data. However, it’s not always an appropriate      have to read the legend to interpret the graph
                                                                   system: if there are only small variations in      correctly: the variation is spread over the
                                                                   the extent of the data over the period of the      whole height of the graph, and we’ve zoomed
                                                                   graph, this approach can make it difficult to       in on just the area of interest.
                                                                   discern the changes.                                   You can display multiple data sets on a
                                                                       Let’s take this graph as an example [01]. It   single graph if you wish [03]. Here, you can
                                                                   shows the variation in exchange rate between       see both the dollar/pound exchange rate (the
                                                                   the dollar and the pound between April and         upper line) and the euro/pound exchange rate
                                                                   May 2010. Although the zero point is correct,      (the lower line). In this graph, you can see not

                                                                                                              01                                                02

                                                                                                            03                                                 04

                     Steve Caplin is a designer and
                     illustrator working for a range of national
                     newspapers. His best-selling How to
                     Cheat in Photoshop, now in its fourth
                     edition, is published by Focal Press.

                                                                                                                                                       18 June 2010
                                                                                                        It’s possible to convey multiple sets of
                                                                                                    data on a single graph, if enough care is
                                                                                   05               taken. One of the best examples is this
                                                                                                    graph by Charles Joseph Minard, drawn up
                                                                                                    in 1869 [06]. He was a French civil engineer
                                                                                                    who devoted much of his time to developing
                                                                                                    the new discipline of information graphics.
                                                                                                    The graph shown here is perhaps his finest
                                                                                                    invention, and is often ranked among the
                                                                                                    most impressive graphs ever devised.
                                                                                                        The graph shows Napoleon’s Russian
                                                                                                    campaign 1812 and it’s based on a simplified
                                                                                                    map of the terrain through which his army
                                                                                                    progressed. The width of the brown line
                                                                                                    shows the size of the army as it marched
                                                                                                    towards Moscow, the black line showing
                                                                                                    the size of the army on its ignoble retreat.
                                                                                                    (When the army reached Moscow, it found
                                                                                                    the Russians had evacuated the city and
                                                                                                    destroyed all food stocks, leaving the invaders
                                                                                                    with no option but to return home.)
                                                                                                        As well as vividly depicting the diminishing
only the variation with respect to the pound,     we have two sets of data that are easy to         size of the army, the graph also shows the
but the variation between the dollar and the      read in the same visual space, even though        temperature on the return journey – this is
euro as well. By setting both graphs on the       they’re based on different value axes. Drawing    indicated by the line graph at the bottom.
same scale, we’ve had to adjust the legend        the graph in this way shows how the peaks         Starting at 0°C in Moscow, the temperature
to a scope that will take in both data sets,      and troughs align for the two currencies,         dropped to -37.5°C, resulting in many more
which means the peaks and troughs are less        demonstrating the different speeds at which       deaths (the data shown is in the Réaumur
pronounced. This makes it more difficult to                                                          temperature scale: multiply by 1.25 to get
judge the variation in graph, though.                                                               the Celsius equivalent).
    Another way of approaching the data is          ‘As well as vividly depicting the                   This combination of geographical
to use two sets of axes – one for the dollar,       diminishing size of the army,                   location, army size, direction of travel
and one for the euro [04]. We can make it                                                           and temperature should have produced a
clear which is which by setting the colour of
                                                    the graph shows the temperature                 meaningless array of data – and yet the
the axis numbers to match the colour of the         on the return journey’                          reverse is true: the graph is stunning in its
graph: so, here, blue represents the dollar                                                         clarity, and devastating in the story it tells.
and green represents the euro. However,                                                             We can clearly see, for instance, how the
there’s clearly a problem with this approach:     the two markets respond to events in the          already reduced army halved in size when
where the two graphs cross over each other,       UK. Note that when you overlay two sets of        crossing the Berezina river on its retreat:
one is hidden behind the other.                   data with different axis values, you can no       history tells us that many soldiers fell through
    The simple solution is to use an overlay      longer run the axis ticks all the way along the   the ice on the frozen river (the temperature
style – in this case, setting the colour fill of   width of the graph: even if you arranged the      was around -20°C) and froze or drowned.
the graphs to Multiply – which allows us to       values so that the ticks coincided, this would        Minard designed this graph as an anti-war
see one graph through the other [05]. Now         produce a confusing and misleading result.        poster: it doesn’t mention Napoleon once.


                     DESIGN FOR PRINT:
      18 June 2010

                     Keep your projects on
                     the straight and narrow
                     Designers aren’t known for their project management skills, but they’re
                     vital if you’re to finish a commission on time and on budget.

                               raphic design is about creative                       in general. it’s also precisely the reason
                               problem solving. That’s a simple                      why most designers need those project
                               statement, but it’s what sets                         managers, account handlers, accountants,
                     graphic design apart from fine art, and it’s                     and, yes, sometimes senior management as
                     what makes it actually more of a craft than                     well; to deal with the things they – okay, we
                     ‘art’. Ironically, because it’s about solving                   – don’t want to. But what if you don’t have
                     problems, the graphic design process itself                     this kind of setup around you? There’s just
                     can be prone to problems.                                       one answer: step up and take it on yourself.
                         I’m about to make a huge generalisation,                    Which can be pretty daunting.
                                                                                                                                                       Keith Martin is MacUser’s technical
                     but bear with me, as there’s more than a grain                      The biggest mistake a fresh-faced                                 editor. He has been using Macs
                     of truth in it. The average creative designer                   designer will make is over-promising. Until                            since the beginning, and has a
                     isn’t likely to be a great organiser, at least not              there’s some experience under your belt (and                    background in everything from graphic
                     by nature. They’re more likely to be the kind                   even after that), it’s so easy to get fired up                          design and print to multimedia.
                     of person who might take a new route on a                       and start promising the moon, on a plate,
                     whim, to try new things to see what they’re                     by next Tuesday. This is where the Project
                     like, even if that’s not the best, most efficient                Triangle comes in. You’ve probably
                     or most streamlined approach. That’s how                        heard this before, but it’s well
                     many ‘creatives’ (forgive the term, please)                     worth repeating. The idea is that          ‘Until there’s some experience under
                     keep their thinking fresh, how they keep their                  your work can be (a) good, (b) fast,       your belt (and even after that), it’s so easy
                     work and thinking new and interesting.                          (c) cheap... but only two of those
                         It’s also why designers can frustrate                       things at once. Sometimes one of
                                                                                                                                to get fired up and start promising the
                     project managers, account handlers,                             those factors is eliminated for you        moon, on a plate, by next Tuesday’
                     accountants and senior management                               – the deadline is short or, more

                        The Project Triangle is a handy graphic aid for designers.
                     It’s used to determine the goal of a particular project.


                                                Cheap                                                                                               Fast

                                                                                                                                                          18 June 2010
likely, the budget may be restricted. (Mind            I’m ENTP, also known as Extroverted         project, juggling things as they come, then
you, if you’re asked to do something both fast    iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving. An odd name,      try this: simply map out a set of dates
and cheap, forsaking good, perhaps you need       but ignore that. The descriptions of that        and dependencies – what things need to
to find new clients.)                              one are, well, interesting – and maybe a         be sorted out before something else can
     Planning and following through are other     little telling. This type enjoys playing devil’s progress, that sort of thing. This will keep you
typical problem areas. We all have things         advocate (yes, always), is fond of toys but      straighter and more narrow than ever before.
we’re good at, things that we can manage          moves on to new ones regularly (okay, I do            Here are some things you can do without
to do acceptably but don’t enjoy, and things      want an iPad), likes problem solving but can     making changes that might rock the boat too
that, frankly, we’re rubbish at and probably      outsmart themselves, is likely to be a genial    much. First, incorporate your brainstorming
always put off as long as we can. We may          optimist, but ‘can be oblivious to the rest of   into the whole project process and keep a
not even consciously realise we’re doing this,    humanity’. Ouch. Should I apologise now?         record to which you can refer at key stages.
but it’s a skill many of us perfect when we’re         But the point of this isn’t really to do    Do you use piles of Post-It notes to group your
students at college. It seems to be human         some Californian-style soul searching or         ideas? How about large sheets of paper and
nature, although some people are better           ‘personal improvement’, it’s more a way to       markers? Take photos of these and file the
than others at getting over this.                 help you recognise how you tend to deal          pictures away. Just being able to refer back to
     Every designer – in fact, almost everyone    with things and people. And perhaps how          all the ideas that bubbled up at the start can
full stop – could benefit from a little more                                                                                        help you stay on
discipline in how they handle projects. I know                                                                                     top of things.
I’m a great example of this need – I often find       ‘Get a dry-marker wall chart and draw yourself a simple                           Next, get a dry-
it hard to keep up momentum when the initial                                                                                       marker wall chart
excitement of a fresh challenge turns into just
                                                     project timeline with key stages marked out. Keep this                        and draw yourself
the same old problems, and something starts          where you can see it and keep referring to it’                                a simple project
dragging on and on. I need to make regular                                                                                         timeline with key
efforts to keep going. This is a factor of my                                                                                      stages marked
personality type, and although I’m not a fan of   to avoid getting stuck chasing problems in       out – calendar-style or Gantt-style, whatever
Jungian psychology, the old coot did come up      your design and production projects.             works for you. Keep this where you can see
with some interesting ways of identifying how          The trick with this lies in project         it and keep referring to it. It’s amazing how
people think and what makes them tick.            management. No, don’t yawn. It isn’t exciting,   much difference it can make just having those
     Knowing this about yourself can be an        it isn’t sexy, but it will generally keep things things in plain view rather than tucked away in
eye-opening insight into how you handle           on the rails. In fact, project management is     some slightly daunting document.
projects and people, so consider taking the       the key to managing almost everything, from           Finally, use iCal and set advance alarms
modern(ish) form of the Jung Typology Test,       design projects to shopping expeditions.         for those stages. This works even better if
introduced in the 1960s as the Myers-Briggs       (Okay, yes, it can also be over-used and kill    you’re an iPhone user, as you’ll be prompted
‘quantitative personality test’.                  the moment; project-managing a marriage          about impending milestones even when
     Don’t put too much into it, but try it       proposal is probably a rather bad idea.)         you’re not working on your Mac in the studio.
out and see how the results seem to fit.                Most of us probably can’t even spell        You may not like being auto-reminded of
Some online tests charge for the results,         ‘Gannt’ – whoops, ‘Gantt’ – but if done          deadlines when you’re at the pub, but that’s
but this can be done free at places such as       properly and completely, project management      a whole lot better than being reminded after (an academic research-based site)      means gantt charts, project owners, goals        the fact by an irate phone call or email.
and (which charges for           and deliverables, the whole nine yards.               You know what? It’s high time I practised
other tests). The results will be in the form     Fortunately, you don’t need to go to those       what I’m preaching. Visible and audible
of four letters, one of 16 different types that   jargon-filled extremes if you don’t want to. If   deadlines would help me get this column
define a set of general traits that you may or     you normally just do a bit of brainstorming      written on time, for one thing. But maybe
may not recognise.                                at the start and then launch into the design     I need an iPad to keep me reminded…

      18 June 2010

                     Push your gear to the limits
                     and not your budget
                     With a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, it’s possible to take
                     pictures that are truly out of this world, without costing the earth.

                         ’ve always wanted to go into space.              photograph from altitude and, like me, wanted
                         The initial surge of adrenaline of achieving     to photograph the Earth without spending
                         a life-long dream, a period of mystified          well into six figures. Unlike me, though, they
                     wonder and amazement at the sheer scale              had the time (to say nothing of the mental
                     of everything, followed by the crushing              horsepower) to do something about it.
                     realisation that you’ll eventually have to return         The idea is so simple it’s been done
                     to a troubled planet populated mostly by             dozens of times. Take a camera and a
                     stupid people.                                       balloon. Attach the camera to the balloon, fill
                          Various things prevent me from going. I’m       the latter with helium, and let her rip. What’s
                                                                                                                                          Dave Stevenson has been a camera
                     prone to travel sickness and the prospect of         interesting about this is the price. They put                     buff ever since the whirr-click of his
                     clearing up tiny specks of vomit in zero gravity     together a small point-and-shoot camera                           first auto-winding compact in 1993.
                     sounds disgusting. I didn’t much like my maths       (a Canon A470 worth about £50 in today’s                        His best friends are now his camera,
                     teacher at school, either, with the result that      money), a weather balloon and some helium.                          a tripod and a copy of Lightroom.
                     I’m as numerate as the cast of America’s             To help them track where their balloon came
                     Next Top Model. And, although I’m tempted by         down, they included a cheap mobile phone
                     Richard Branson’s latest wheeze of charging          with a GPS chip. The total
                     just over a hundred and thirty grand to fly           cost of their project was a
                     nearly in space, I would need to write literally     shade under $150 (about              ‘The idea is so simple. Take a camera and a
                     tens of MacUser columns to afford it.                £104), and after checking
                          But if you can’t reach space, you can           that their experiment
                                                                                                               balloon. Attach the camera to the balloon,
                     always look at pictures of it. The trouble is,       wasn’t going to clip an              fill the latter with helium, and let her rip’
                     if you want to take pictures of it, you’re going     airliner on the way up, they
                     to need to prepare to spend some serious             launched. When the balloon
                     cash. For instance, when Nasa was refitting           reached its elastic limit, it burst, and the
                     its astronautical photography gear, it opted         camera assembly and GPS tracker floated
                     for 11 top-of-the-line Nikon D3s’s and seven         back to Earth beneath a parachute.
                     14-24mm f/2.8 lenses. Assuming it bought                  The results were spectacular. Project
                     them off the peg, it spent in the region of fifty y   Icarus climbed 17-and-a-half miles
                     grand. And that doesn’t get us around the
                     problem of finding a seat on a shuttle.
                          Late last year, a pair of students
                     from the Massachusetts Institute of
                     Technology (MIT) had a similar yearning to
                                                                                                                                                                                     Images courtesy of

                                                                                         A pair of MIT students attached           The balloon climbed 17-and-a-half miles
                                                                                       this box containing a point-and-shoot    vertically and the results, as you can see from
                                                                                       camera to a helium filled balloon.        this image, were truly spectacular.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     18 June 2010
Images courtesy of

                                       vertically. That’s 92,000 feet, or roughly
                                       three times higher than you can expect to
                                       be on a transatlantic flight. It was a literally
                                       stratospheric achievement, and the pictures
                                       the students got back, taken at a rate of 12
                                       per minute, were stunning.
                                            This came to mind because the Brits
                                       are getting in on the act as well. In March,
                                       a Yorkshireman named Robert Harrison
                                       launched a similar project from his back
                                       garden, this time for £500. He got more
                                       bang for his buck, though, with one of his          Photographers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas
                                       helium-powered efforts climbing to more           built the BeetleCam to get close-up wildlife pictures.
                                       than 100,000 feet. He returned some                                                                        the latest or meatiest equipment because
                                       amazing images and plenty of cheap gags           the such – has always seemed like a rather               the amazing things they were photographing
                                       at the expense of the newly minted, single-       clinical exercise to me, but throw in the                – space or elephants’ toenails – transcended
                                       astronaut UK Space Agency.                        possibility of space exploration or a remote-            relatively petty arguments about ISO
                                            If this doesn’t put you in the mood for      control buggy getting pictures from the feet             performance or frames per second. That and
                                       a little remote-control photography, our          of elephants and I’m in.                                 the fact it’s easier to defend the loss of a
                                       next contenders will. Matt and Will Burrard-          Perhaps what I like best about these two             half-decade-old PowerShot into the Irish Sea
                                       Lucas, a pair of wildlife photographers,          stories is that neither involves top-end gear.           than it is a top-end DSLR.
                                       got tired of shooting their subjects with         Our intrepid space cowboys used out-of-                      All of this was going to culminate in me
                                       massive telephoto lenses. Some wide-              date compact cameras that no serious nerd                urging you not to send your camera into
                                       angle photographs were what they needed,          would be seen with, while the 400D used                  space or trundling it into the path of heavy
                                       but how to get them? The solution was             by the Burrard-Lucas brothers is getting on              wildlife, and to simply focus on knowing
                                       BeetleCam, a frankly mental remote-control        for four years old. Partly this embracing of             your camera’s limitations and taking the
                                       contraption consisting of four off-road wheels,   older camera technology is because progress              best pictures possible with what you’ve got.
                                       a chassis and a battery. A Canon Eos 400D         is slowing down somewhat: a four-year-old                Instead, I absolutely urge you to push your
                                       and a pair of flash guns were mounted to the       camera doesn’t present anything like the                 gear to the edge of destruction. Take stock
                                       top and the whole lot was promptly dragged        restrictions a camera the same age would                 of how much gear you have and how much
                                       into the bushes and mauled by a lion.             have in 2005. Between 2001 and 2005,                     you can afford to lose, then sacrifice the lot in
                                            But the rest of the pair’s images speak      we had the jump between essentially no                   an effort to get the most spectacular picture
                                       for themselves – a series of shots of             megapixels – I quite clearly remember a time             possible. A Mars bar to the first person
                                       elephants and water buffalo taken from            when 3.2 megapixels was the bee’s knees                  who manages to get some decent shots by
                                       angles you simply wouldn’t be able to get         – and having eight or more as a sensible                 attaching a camera to the outside of a deep-
                                       if you were actually behind the camera.           minimum. More than the technical aspect,                 sea robotic submarine. At any rate, that has
                                       Remote photography – infrared traps and           though, this issue’s heroes didn’t need to use           to be easier than getting into space.

      18 June 2010

                     Getting the best chroma
                     key from green screen work
                     Okay, you’ve shot your green-screen footage, but there’s still a lot of work
                     to do in terms of de-interlacing and chroma keying for the best results.

                         n the last column (see MacUser, 4 June      list, tick the box marked Deinterlace Video
                         2010, p80), we looked at shooting footage   and hit Make Movie.
                         against a plain green screen, which              When the video has finished transcoding,
                     can then be replaced on your Mac with a         you’ll now have a movie file you can drop
                     completely different background. This sort of   straight into Final Cut. There are basic chroma
                     technique used to be reserved for Hollywood     key effects bundled with Final Cut that could
                     blockbuster-size budgets, but you can create    work for well-shot footage, but you’ll need a
                     similar effects yourself with a reasonably      custom plug-in for best results. One of the
                     powerful Mac. The more you can do to ensure     best available is Keylight from The Foundry
                                                                                                                                                 Will Head is co-founder and director
                     you’ve got good footage to work with before     (, which has been used in                                    of Fixation Video – an online video
                     you start the keying process, the better your   countless Hollywood productions. Keylight                                  production company that specialises
                     results. We’ve already covered how to shoot     is available as a plug-in for Final Cut, so you                            in making video content for the web.
                     material to make it easier once you get the     can use it directly in the application. If you’ve
                     video onto your Mac.                            got After Effects CS4, then it’s bundled with
                        If the footage you’ve recorded is interlaced that as standard.
                     then de-interlacing it first before you start         The process is similar whether you’re
                     keying will increase your chances of getting    working in Final Cut or After Effects. Once
                                                                                      you’ve imported your green-
                                                                                      screen footage, apply the
                        ‘When chroma keying, you only need to                         Keylight effect. You won’t see
                        worry about the pixels that directly surround                 any difference initially, as
                                                                                      you need to tell Keylight what
                        your subject – the aim is to get a good edge
                                                                                      colour you want to cut out. By
                        around your moving subject’                                   using the eyedropper next to
                                                                                      the Screen Colour control in
                                                                                      the options, choose an area
                     a good result. This will obviously have         of the screen close to the subject. This on
                     implications later on, depending on where       its own does a decent job of removing the
                     the final edit will end up, but if you can       background, but you’ll usually need to tweak
                     de-interlace your footage first, then you’ll     a couple of settings to get a good result.
                     get a much cleaner cutout.                           By default, you’ll see the final result of the
                         There are many ways you can achieve         effect, but it’s useful to also look at the matte
                     this, but the free Mpeg Streamclip utility from view when you’re tweaking the settings, which
                     Squared 5 (        lets you see which areas of the image will be
                     streamclip-mac.html) is particularly handy if   transparent. Choose Screen Matte from the                         ▲ Mpeg Streamclip can also transcode HDV
                     you’re working with HDV footage.                View option in the settings. You’ll now see a                     to QuickTime format and de-interlace clips.
                         Mpeg Streamclip will allow you to play      white area, which is the subject
                     back M2T files directly, which are HDV files      you want to keep, and a black
                     created by a solid-state capture device         area, which is the screen that
                     such as the Sony HVR-MRC1 CompactFlash          will be removed. You’ll also
                     memory recording unit discussed in previous     probably see grey areas, which
                     video columns. It can also transcode M2T        will be semi-transparent and
                     files into QuickTime files, which means you       which you need to adjust to
                     can use them in Final Cut.                      either pure black or white to
                         Just open the clip you want to use in       get a good key.
                     Mpeg Streamclip and then select Export to            When chroma keying, you
                     QuickTime from the File menu. It’s best to use  only need to worry about the
                     a codec that’s better quality than the one you  pixels that directly surround
                     started with to save the QuickTime file – if you your subject – the aim is to
                     have Final Cut Studio installed, then Apple’s   get a good edge around your
                     ProRes codec is a good choice. Either ProRes    moving subject. Areas at
                     (LT) or even ProRes (Proxy) will work if your   the edge of the frame where
                     source footage is HDV. Once you’ve chosen       the green screen isn’t a
                     your codec from the Compression drop-down       consistent colour can easily          ▲ Mpeg Streamclip is a useful utility that lets you play back HDV M2T files.

                                                                                                                                                                           18 June 2010
                                                                                                                   from the Output Module Settings screen and
                                                                                                                   then choose the codec that matches that of
                                                                                                                   your original file – in this case, ProRes (Proxy).
                                                                                                                   Click Render to create the alpha file. The final
                                                                                                                   result will be a fraction of even the original file
                                                                                                                   size – around 30MB for a 30-second file.
                                                                                                                       Import your alpha file into Final Cut and
                                                                                                                   create a new sequence. Place the alpha file in
                                                                                                                   track one and then place your original green
▲ When you first apply Keylight, you won’t see any        ▲ Selecting the background colour in Keylight does
                                                                                                                   screen footage file above it on track two, so
effect, as you need to tell it what colour to cut out.   most of the work for you.                                 both clips start at exactly the same point.
                                                                                                                   Click on your source file on track two and then
                                                                                                                   from the Modify menu navigate to Composite
                                                                                                                   Type and choose Travel Matte – Luma. If
                                                                                                                   everything is lined up correctly, when you
                                                                                                                   scrub through the timeline, you should see
                                                                                                                   only your subject against a black background.
                                                                                                                       The advantage of adding the two clips to
                                                                                                                   a single sequence first is that you can then
                                                                                                                   treat that sequence as a normal clip with
                                                                                                                   transparency without having to worry about
▲ A garbage matte lets you discard elements around       ▲ Keylight’s Screen Matte view lets you see if there
                                                                                                                   the two individual video clips getting out of
your subject that don’t need to be chroma keyed.         are any semi-transparent areas in your shot.              sync. So you could add it to a sequence
                                                                                                                   you’re already working in and if you place it
be removed with a garbage matte. In After                includes the transparency information – also              above a clip that video will now become the
Effects, use the Pen tool to draw a mask                 called alpha. Apple’s Animation codec allows              background to your subject.
roughly around your subject. Keylight will               you to include an alpha channel, but it’s fairly              Now that you know the basics, the only
then only be applied to the area inside the              space intensive. A 30-second clip using the               limitation is your imagination.
mask and anything outside will simply be                 ProRes (Proxy) codec will take up around
transparent. Once you’ve drawn your mask,                130MB of space. The same shot once you’ve
quickly scrub through the timeline and check             cut out the green screen and saved it with
that any arm gestures or other movements                 transparency using Apple’s Animation codec
don’t go outside the mask you just created.              will take up nearly 1GB – nearly seven times
The other advantage of using a garbage                   as much space.
matte is that it allows you to easily eliminate              If you’re not pushed for space then the
                                                         Animation codec is definitely the way to
                                                         go. However, if that’s not the case, there is
  ‘The other advantage of using a                        another option. While only some codecs let                ▲ You can export just the alpha channel in any format
  garbage matte is that it allows                        you export the alpha channel along with the               you want from After Effects.
                                                         video, After Effects will let you export just the
  you to easily eliminate objects                        alpha channel in any codec. You can then
  you don’t want in the final shot’                       combine the alpha channel and the original
                                                         video in your editor.
                                                             To do this in After Effects, when you’re
objects you don’t want in the final shot – such           happy with your Keylight settings, choose Add
as lighting rigs or the edge of the screen.              to Render Queue from the Composition menu.
     Once you’ve isolated the area on which              Select Best Settings for the Render Settings
you want to work, the first settings to tweak             and Alpha Only for the Output module. Click
are Screen Gain and Screen Balance –                     on the Alpha Only link to manually adjust the             ▲ The Travel Matte Composite option lets you apply
although you don’t want to adjust them too               settings. Click the Format Options button                 an alpha channel from one clip to another.
drastically, otherwise you may affect the
subject. After you’ve changed a setting a little,
it’s worth switching from Screen Matte view
to Final Result to double-check that everything
still looks okay.
     The next values you need to adjust are
in the Screen Matte section – the Clip Black
and Clip White controls will help remove any
grey areas of the Screen Matte. Again, if you
adjust the values too drastically, this will be
noticeable in the end result, but if you adjust
them slowly until you can only see black and
white areas, then you should have a good
key. Again, it’s worth switching between matte
view and the final result to check that your
subject still looks good.
     If you then want to then edit your footage
and place it over a separate background,
you’ll need to export it in a format that                ▲ Once the Travel Matte is applied, you can place the sequence over another clip to replace the background.

      18 June 2010

                     Has digitising music
                     actually devalued it?
                     Apple’s digital music ventures have had their upsides, but there
                     have also been a few downsides for musicians.

                         ’ve ruminated on Apple’s domination           anyone to contravene copyright, of course,
                         of the pro audio world before, and that’s     but it’s a little ironic that a few years later the
                         something I don’t see changing any time       major labels would be forced to admit that
                     soon. As I’ve also observed before now,           Apple had the best system going for selling
                     Apple has found huge success in broadening        music legally online and jump on board. DRM
                     its customer base beyond professionals to         would be dropped from iTunes music several
                     regular people, generally through iPods and       years later in the face of competition primarily
                     iPhones, but also the MacBook, Apple’s best-      from Amazon, although the protection
                     selling Mac ever, and the iMac. In other ways,    remains on movie files.
                                                                                                                             Hollin Jones is a full time musician,
                     it has also changed the way we interact with          Apple didn’t invent digital music sales, it             music producer and writer. His
                     and think about music, and this is something      just found a way of doing it right, a bit like            music has been used in TV and
                     that’s particularly important for independent     it did with the iPhone. iTunes isn’t perfect               film. In a previous life he was a
                     producers and musicians.                          – neither is the iPhone – but that hasn’t                          Mac support specialist.
                         The technology
                     behind producing
                     music is easy to             ‘It’s great being able to get your music onto iTunes, but
                     access on any Mac.           so can everybody else, and so the playing field is as
                     Everyone with a new
                     Mac gets a copy of
                                                  crowded than it was in the days when people used to
                     GarageBand, while            send mountains of cassettes to John Peel’
                     the more adventurous
                     can pick up Logic
                     Express, Logic Studio or one of the other         stopped them from being wildly successful.
                     Digital Audio Workstations on the market.         And anything so successful becomes the
                     However, once the music is made, Apple still      ‘place to be’ for hopefuls, so before long
                     wants to be involved. When the company            small labels and independent producers
                     introduced the iTunes Music Store (as it was      wanted in on the act as well. Approaching
                     then called) back in 2003 off the back of the     Apple directly about this was a non-starter
                     success of the iPod, it managed to do what        but, gradually, online services began to spring
                     other companies, unsure of how to proceed         up that could get your music onto iTunes as
                     in the face of Napster and other then-illegal     well as other online stores through having a
                     file sharing networks, had failed to do. It got    standing arrangement with Apple.
                     the major record labels to agree to flat-pricing       If most people buy their digital music
                     structures, and also that no album would be       from iTunes, you want yours to be on there.
                     a single entity – customers would be able to      There are loads of these websites around – I
                     pick and choose tracks.                           use Tunecore. It’s not a great surprise that
                         This was unpopular among many big             Apple doesn’t get directly involved in handling
                     bands, who tend to feel that their albums are     individual submissions from musicians,
                     a body of work best enjoyed in the track order    who aren’t always the most organised or
                     they’ve decided. When asked about this,           coherent bunch. The systems seem to be
                     one high-up record company guy remarked           mostly automated anyway and judging by the
                     that the issue had gone ‘all the way to Steve     distinctly MOR nature of the acts that tend
                     Jobs’ desk’. The major concession that            to close Apple presentations these days and
                     Apple made to the labels was the inclusion        the slideshow music you get with iPhoto, they
                     in music files of digital rights management        might not ‘get’ a lot of it anyway.
                     (DRM) technology. An attempt by the labels            The iTunes Store has been massively
                     to maintain some control over the content,        successful and, in line with Apple’s master
                     it was always doomed to fail, since it could      plan, continues to drive sales of iPods and
                     be circumvented by simply burning tracks to       phones. However, there’s a school of thought
                     CD and then re-importing them, as clean as        which suggests that its success has had a
                     a whistle, into iTunes. In fact, Apple had form   detrimental effect on music and the way we
                     on this one – its publicity campaign for early    perceive it. Not really from a piracy point of
                     iMacs back in 2001 encouraged us to ‘rip,         view – that would have happened anyway
                     mix and burn’ our music. Not that it meant        and is something nobody seems to be able

                                                                                                                                                                      18 June 2010
                                                                                                                                                 Services such
                                                                                                                                               as Tunecore can
                                                                                                                                               submit your music
                                                                                                                                               to multiple online
                                                                                                                                               stores. In an
                                                                                                                                               ideal world, Apple
                                                                                                                                               could even offer a
                                                                                                                                               hardware pressing
                                                                                                                                               and manufacturing
                                                                                                                                               service for music.

to stop – rather, it’s about overload. It’s great   hadn’t done it, someone else would have                   can order a professionally printed album or
being able to get your music onto iTunes, but       and, having seen competing MP3 players, I’m               calendar through iPhoto, and they look great.
so can everybody else, and so the playing           still glad it was Apple and not someone else.             Logistics notwithstanding (you’d probably pay
field is as crowded than it was in the days          It recently attempted to restore some of this             a bit of a premium), couldn’t Apple manage
when people used to send mountains of               perceived value with the iTunes LP format,                a CD pressing service directly from Logic,
cassettes to John Peel.                             incorporating bigger artwork, animated lyrics,            GarageBand or Waveburner, or maybe even
    Trying to get ahead by setting up a             liner notes, videos and other bonus material.             vinyl pressing? I admit that vinyl probably
MySpace page and linking to iTunes has              It’s okay, but it’s still digital, and that doesn’t       isn’t very high up on Jobs’ list of priorities,
been compared not altogether inaccurately           have the ‘hold in the hand’, tangible quality             but you get the idea.
to ‘screaming into the void’. Everybody             of a vinyl or even well-produced CD package.                  With a recent, detailed patent emerging
does it, so in order to make any headway,                The fact remains that flogging music is               that shows Apple looking seriously into
you need an approach that’s far better              as difficult as it ever was, despite the huge              a system of selling concert tickets (see
planned. Old-fashioned things such as radio         technological changes pioneered mainly by       , it is clearly keen to
                                                    Apple over the past decade. Digital has to                exploit the other avenue by which bands
  ‘The digitisation of music that                   be one branch of your strategy, but rarely                are said to make money – live performance.
                                                    will it suffice on its own. Many bands survive             For all the hype, they’ll be aware that digital
  began with the MP3 file has                        by doing limited-edition hardware pressings               isn’t the be all and end all of music, and
  devalued music’                                   and selling them to loyal fans. In fact, this is          that people like something real that they
                                                    something I’d love to see Apple get into. You             can see and feel.

pluggers, press campaigns and even a
manager are really a necessity in tandem
with all the online stuff. That, and lots of
hard work. Don’t believe the PR people who
tell you an act went from playing in their
bedroom, got a million fans on the web and
is suddenly touring with U2. It just doesn’t
happen like that.
    The other factor that Apple has
contributed, or at least made popular,
involves the capacity of its players. The iPod
classic currently has a capacity of 160GB,
which Apple estimates as 40,000 songs.
But could anyone actually listen to 40,000
songs? Is it not more likely that you would
listen to a maximum of about 500 and
barely even scratch the surface of the rest?
The digitisation of music that began with
the MP3 file has devalued music, whether
people realise it or not, and made it a more
throwaway commodity. That’s not Apple’s
                                                    ▲ Anyone with a well-produced album can now get it on iTunes, but in the broader scheme of things, it has to be
fault, but it has helped it along. If Apple         part of a more focused, multimedia approach to selling music.

                     MAC TO THE FUTURE:
      18 June 2010

                     There’s a cloud hanging
                     over the iPhone
                     The iPhone has driven mobile web and data use through the ceiling, but the
                     freedom the online world offers could threaten its dominance.

                              loud computing is a buzzword                 My photos are already stored online,
                              phrase, but it’s far from empty – in     backed up using SugarSync and accessible
                              fact, over the next 18 months, it’s      via its iPhone app and website, and there’s
                     going to start having a big influence on           a fair few on Flickr and Facebook, too. I don’t
                     the hardware we buy. Consider this. My            watch much video on the iPhone, but those
                     first portable music player was a cassette         clips that I do watch stream from distant data
                     Walkman, followed swiftly by a portable CD        centers, thanks to YouTube, iPlayer and, at
                     player, followed at the end of the century        the time of writing, the NHL’s app, as it’s play-
                     by several MiniDisc players, a generic MP3        off time in the US ice hockey season.
                                                                                                                                                     Alex Watson is the editor of
                     player, then, in 2004, a genuine iPod. It was         Why is this a problem for Apple, then?                                 Custom PC and; he
                     a 20GB hard disk model that, thanks to its        Well, for this discussion, you need to bear in                            can survive both the blue screen
                     2in, 220 x 176 colour screen, was given           mind that Apple makes the vast bulk of its                                    of death and a kernel panic.
                     the ludicrous name iPod photo. Next was           cash from hardware sales – in its most recent
                     a 60GB 5th generation iPod
                     video. After that, a 16GB
                     iPhone. Plot the storage              ‘My photos are already stored online, backed
                     capacity of these on a graph,         up using SugarSync and accessible via its
                     and you’d see a steady rise,
                     and then a sharp fall.
                                                           iPhone app and website, and there’s a fair few
                         For technology, this is           on Flickr and Facebook, too’
                     strange to the point of being
                     heretical – if I charted the
                     amount of memory in my computers, it would        earnings call (Q2 2010), 40% of revenue
                     climb from the 1MB of memory in my 386            came from the iPhone, 28% from the Mac and
                     to the 8GB in my current gaming PC. It’s the      14% from the iPod, leaving iTunes, software
                     same with storage (from a 40MB hard disk to       and other miscellaneous services on 18%.
                     1.5TB), screen resolution, Internet connection    The iTunes Store isn’t quite a loss leader,
                     speed, processor speed – indeed, every key        but it’s not turning over the
                     measurement of the power and performance          kind of cash the iPhone is.
                     available to me has risen relentlessly over the       So, the cloud holds two
                     past 15 years.                                    worries for Apple: first, if
                         When I bought my iPhone 3G, 16GB was          hardware requirements
                     the maximum available, as it uses pricier         decrease to the point that
                     flash memory as opposed to the hard disks          you just need to be able
                     in my previous iPods – even now, you can          to connect, it’s harder to
                     only bump a 3GS up to 32GB (although the          sell new people kit, and
                     iPod touch and iPad are available with 64GB).     harder to sell the pricier
                     However, if I get a new iPhone, I won’t be        versions of new kit. The
                     looking at a 32GB or 64GB version; 16GB is        step up in price between
                     fine, and if I can save myself some cash, I        16GB and 64GB iPad
                     might be tempted to go for the 8GB version.       isn’t solely to do with the
                         I can thank Spotify Premium for this.         cost of the memory – the
                     As you can probably tell from my extensive        high-end machine will be
                     history of music players, being able to carry     more profitable. Apple has
                     around a relatively complete music library        worked hard to avoid the
                     every waking hour so I can choose what to         fate of PC manufacturers
                     play matters to me. The majority of space on      such as Dell who engaged
                     my iPhone – 11.04GB – is taken up by music.       in a nearly ruinous race
                     Two months into using Spotify Premium,            to the bottom, trying
                     which allows me to listen to a huge selection     to make machines as
                     of music for £10 per month, caching songs         cheaply as possible.
                     locally on the phone or streaming over both           That said, storing
                     wifi and 3G, and I’m beginning to think I can      media in the cloud mainly          ▲ With online storage being cheap and convenient, we’re likely to see
                     get by with much less storage on my phone.        impacts storage; I might not       major changes to the cost and configuration of computing hardware.

                                                                                                                                                                           18 June 2010
▲ The iTunes App Store contains software unique to the iPhone, helping keep customers loyal, but its music distribution business would benefit from going into the cloud.

need a 64GB iPhone 4G, but Apple can still             per year, MobileMe is something that could                iPhone. It works, too: on my iPhone, I prefer
attract me with faster 802.11n wifi, a better           be a much bigger deal. It’s made a start                  the IMDB app to the IMDB site, for instance.
camera and a higher-resolution screen.                 with music, purchasing Lala, an American                      It’s a good strategy, and one unlikely to
Current Internet connection speeds mean                streaming music firm, so an iTunes rival to                come under pressure for a while: Google
it’s rare that processing using a remote data          Spotify could be on the cards. The issue there            might allow apps on Android, but it has
center makes sense. I’m a hardware nut,                is that Apple likes selling music – it’s now the          fragmented its system by offering hardware
though – plenty of less power-obsessed users           US’s biggest music retailer – and Spotify’s               manufacturers freedom, so it’s hard for
will opt for a cheaper device if and when they         heavily ad-supported model isn’t likely to                coders to target all Android phones. Plus,
can, and storage has a big impact on the               appeal. More likely is that we’ll get a service           really, is its heart in apps?
cost of flash-based devices.                                                                                          The web works for Google, as so much
     Much more worryingly                                                                                        web use involves a search on Google, and
for Apple is the fact that              ‘You’ll see that I’m a customer who has very                             therefore more data and more ads. Nope,
online services are much                little tie to one hardware device over another,                          Google’s ploy isn’t likely to be software, or
more hardware-agnostic than                                                                                      just software – it’ll be hardware, too, and it
traditional software. I’ve got          as long as they can go online’                                           will attack on price and choice. Those of you
8223 audio files in iTunes –                                                                                      who are veterans of the 1980s will recognise
that’s 54GB in all, around 22.5                                                                                  these as the same tactics Microsoft
days of listening. It’s taken me around six            where you can listen to all the music you own             employed back in the day. No surprises,
years to build up, and all of these files have          on your iPhone, sent over the air if you don’t            then, that at the end of April, Google CEO
album art, genres, ratings and are sorted              have the files on the phone.                               Eric Schmidt told a conference that Google
into hundreds of playlists. Let’s say a new                That said, investing in online services               wanted Chrome OS Internet devices to be so
Android phone comes out as my contract                 to rival Google is a fool’s errand: it’s not              cheap that they’re ‘completely disposable’.
runs out and it’s one I like the look of. I’d          worth Apple trying to keep up.
have to really like the look of it to shift all        Google is bigger than you can
that music and metadata to some Android                believe; the lengths it will go
music management software. But if I’m using            to in building more, faster data
Spotify, well, I’d just have to get the Spotify        centers than anyone else is
app for Android and I’m set: my data moves             frankly ludicrous. Nope, Apple’s
across because my data is really managed               new religion is apps.
remotely on Spotify’s servers.                             I’ve probably spent around
     Add in the fact that my email is already          £50 on apps for my iPhone
run by Google, and my photos are online in             over the past year, and I’d
ways the Android phone can easily access,              be loath to give all those up,
and you’ll see I’m a customer who has very             which I’d have to if I moved
little tie to one hardware device over another,        to Android or Windows Phone
as long as they can go online.                         7. By not diluting the iPhone
     Jon Stokes, a writer for ArsTechnica              platform (the iPad and iPod
(, wrote a piece last month            touch both run iPhone OS) and
pronouncing Palm’s Pre dead in the water.              insisting iPhone apps aren’t
Perhaps slightly premature, but he blamed              made with cross-platform
the Pre’s demise on a variety of factors,              runtimes such as Adobe’s
one of which was the fact that its WebOS               Flash-to-iPhone compiler, Apple
was so tied into web services – from third             is trying to create incentives
parties such as Google and Facebook – that             for coders to create unique
switching away from the Pre was so easy.               iPhone apps. Not only does
And with a lack of apps and direction, that’s          it get to sell these through
precisely what he did.                                 iTunes, collecting money in the
     So what’s Apple to do? Well, it needs to          process, but it pulls people
provide better online services. Sooner or later,       away from the open web and              Until I bought my iPhone, every personal audio device I owned had
it’s going to wake up and realise that, at £59         to experiences unique to the            more storage than the last.

      18 June 2010

                     Finding the Keynote
                     within the keynote
                     Apple’s keynote addresses ofen offer up clues to what’s in store for its
                     presentation application, but deciphering them isn’t always easy…

                               uplicating Apple keynote effects

                                                                        However, rashly working on the assumption
                               can be tough. As Apple’s star has        that somehow the effect could be replicated
                               moved into the ascendant over the        with existing tools, I began a day-long exercise
                     past few years, the minutiae of its keynotes       of trial, error and taking Schiller’s name in
                     have been analysed at frustrating length by        vain to reproduce the effect.
                     technology pundits worldwide.                          I expect my initial complacency arose
                         However, within this group of analysts         because creating a chart so that its elements
                     lies a smaller and more extreme subset:            appear one by one is a fairly straightforward
                     those who study the software behind the            process. For example, if you have a slide
                                                                                                                                                     Tom Gorham has worked with Macs
                     presentation rather than the announcements.        with a 3D bar chart selected – the process                                 since 1991. Although his background
                     The Keynote within the keynote, if you will.       is slightly different for other chart types – you                                  is in print and web publishing,
                         Having noted that Apple CEO Steve Jobs         click the Build In tab in the Build inspector                                     he’s a devotee of any software
                     and other Apple presenters occasionally            and under the Delivery menu, choose By                                                  that makes his life easier.
                     tease us with effects and transitions not          Element in Series, and Grow as the effect.
                     present in any publicly
                     available version of Keynote,
                     spotting these can provide            ‘Apple presenters occasionally tease us with
                     small clues about the future          effects not present in any publicly available
                     of iWork’s presentation
                     application. A case in point:
                                                           version of Keynote, and spotting these can
                     the announcement of the               provide clues about the future of Keynote’
                     3 billionth App Store download
                     during Jobs’ iPad presentation
                     in January was accompanied by a Keynote            Set the duration for each build and – Jobs’
                     dust cloud effect applied to an element            your uncle – chart animation.
                     as it dropped to the bottom of the slide.              The critical part of ensuring smooth
                     ‘Unreleased feature!’ cried the Keynote            animation is to adjust the Build From menu
                     junkies excitedly.                                 to ensure that elements that aren’t part of
                         It was only when a friend asked me             the chart – for example, its background grid
                     whether it was possible to animate a Keynote
                     chart to show a chart rescaling as new data
                     was added to it that I temporarily joined this
                     gang of Keynote watchers. I remembered that
                     I’d seen such a transition demonstrated by
                     Phil Schiller during last year’s WWDC 2009
                     keynote, and when I looked back at the
                     video of the event in iTunes, the stunning
                     effect is shown – at around the three-minute
                     mark if you’re interested. To display the
                     exponential growth of ‘OS X’ active users,
                     Schiller displayed a chart showing steady
                     progress over a number of years, but to
                     compensate for the explosion in Mac OS
                     X use, the slide then adjusted its scale
                     before adding a further animation. Schiller’s
                     only – and in my subsequent view utterly
                     unhelpful – explanation of this effect was to
                     desultorily comment ‘Keynote, Magic Move,’
                     accompanied by a happy thumbs-up from him
                     and murmurs of appreciation by the audience.
                     I could swear there was a discernible – if
                     understandable – touch of smugness, too.
                         Many Keynote aficionados have put
                     this down as another unreleased feature.             Phil Schiller demonstrating Keynote chart rescaling at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2009.

                                                                                                                                                                            18 June 2010
                                                                                                                             The final slide contained the rescaled
                                                                                                                        chart. On this I added new chart data through
                                                                                                                        the Chart Inspector’s ‘Edit data’ button and
                                                                                                                        added basic build effects to animate the
                                                                                                                        appearance of this information.
                                                                                                                             Fitting it together was a question of
                                                                                                                        adding the necessary transitions. You don’t
                                                                                                                        need any transition between the first and
                                                                                                                        second slides, so that between the chart
                                                                                                                        and the image, to borrow words from the
                                                                                                                        late Eric Morecambe, you can’t see the join.
                                                                                                                        It’s between the second and the third slides,
                                                                                                                        which both contain images, that you use
                                                                                                                        Magic Menu to perform the scaling effect.
                                                                                                                        With the second slide selected, open the
                                                                                                                        Slide Inspector and select Magic Menu
                                                                                                                        from the Effects menu.
                                                                                                                             The duration of the effect is a personal
                                                                                                                        choice, but I’ve found that around two
                                                                                                                        seconds lets users see the scaling effect
                                                                                                                        most clearly. Make sure the Transition menu
                                                                                                                        is set to ‘automatically’ so the transition
                                                                                                                        occurs without user interaction. When the
                                                                                                                        effect is applied, it should give the effect of
 Setting up animation for a basic 3D bar chart is fairly simple affair in Keynote.
                                                                                                                        smooth scaling.
                                                                                                                             As with the first and second slides, there’s
– aren’t included in the animation. You need                                                                            no need for any transition effects between
to know the order of elements here, and you                    ‘My guess is images were used                            the third and fourth slide. When I added the
can see these in the Build Inspector’s drawer.                 to create the effect rather than                         additional data to this fourth slide, I wanted
In most cases, the background grid is the first                                                                          to ensure I didn’t redraw the same chart
element of the chart, so by selecting ‘2’, you
                                                               native charts, as that’s what I had                      elements that had already appeared in the
can ensure it isn’t included.                                  to use when replicating the effect’                      first slide. To do this, I adjusted the number in
    The default animation requires user                                                                                 the slide’s Build Inspector’s Build From menu
interaction to trigger each element’s                                                                                   so that the chart elements already drawn
animation. To automate this, in the Build                    tab, select the slide number to export and                 were ignored and only the one added in this
Order drawer you used to check on the                        choose a suitable format – PNG or Tiff – to                final slide was animated.
element order, select Series Elements and                    export the slide.                                               The effect was achieved after a fashion,
choose ‘Automatically after prior build’ from                    To create the effect, the first slide should            although I’m not convinced my labour was
the Start Build menu. Set a short delay                      contain the original chart. I added the first               worth it, as the results were nowhere near
between each element.                                        image – a copy of this chart – to the second               as polished as the chart in Schiller’s Apple
    However, the rescaling effect that Schiller              slide and the image of the rescaled chart to a             presentation. However, the process resulted
showed in his presentation was a little                      third slide. I used Keynote’s rulers and guides            in a new respect for Keynote watchers, and a
different, and I’m not sure he was being                     to ensure that the chart origins and axes                  shared hope that Schiller’s feature makes it
entirely truthful when he put the chart effect               were consistent across the slides.                         into the next version of iWork.
solely down to Magic Move. Magic Move
can automatically apply scaling or moving
transitions across slides, but while it works
with images and shapes, it simply doesn’t
play well with charts.
    My guess is that images were used to
create the effect rather than native charts,
as that’s what I had to use when I tried to
replicate the rescaling effect.
    I first had to create two slides – one
containing the chart before it was rescaled
and one after. On the second slide showing
the rescaled chart, I used the Graphic
Inspector to adjust its opacity so it would
gradually fade during the transition. I added a
second chart behind the rescaled chart with
x and y axes extended to take account of the
additional data I’d add later. The tricky thing
here was to match up the axes of both these
charts so they aligned. It required a bit of
fiddling in the Chart Inspector, adjusting the
axes values under the Chart tab.
    Furthermore, I also had to create copies of
these two slides as images through Keynote’s
File > Export menu. Under the Images                           An area chart doesn’t let you animate individual elements, so here we’ve just chosen to animate by series.
086                  RATING

      18 June 2010


                     Use Photoshop CS5’s Puppet
                     Warp tool to manipulate images
                     Photoshop CS5’s new Puppet Warp tool enables you to distort and
                     manipulate cutout objects with unprecedented ease. Here’s how…

                              hotoshop has long offered users the        by placing pins and dragging them to the
                              ability to make complex distortions,       position you want.
                              from simple Free Transform to the              The distortions we’ll perform here are
                     sophisticated envelope distortion offered in        possible with earlier versions of Photoshop,
                     Image Warp. In CS5, however, it takes both          to some extent. It would, however, involve
                     power and ease of use a huge step further,          separating each object into its constituent
                     with the introduction of Puppet Warp.               parts, transforming and rotating each part,
                         First seen in Adobe’s animation                 and then patching and tweaking to make all
                     application, After Effects, Puppet Warp             the elements join up with each other.
                                                                                                                                                     Steve Caplin is a designer and
                     enables you to make sophisticated,                      Now, with Puppet Warp, all that’s in the                     illustrator working for a range of national
                     organic distortions of cutout objects with          past. Whether it’s a minor adjustment of a                            newspapers. His best-selling How to
                     unprecedented ease. For the first time,              model’s pose or a radical reshaping of the                           Cheat in Photoshop, now in its fourth
                     you can bend, deform and manipulate your            form, Puppet Warp lets you work directly on                            edition, is published by Focal Press.
                     cutouts of people, animals, body parts and          the image, without having to work within a
                     just about any imaginable object simply             separate interface or learn new techniques.                                  Kit required Photoshop CS5

                         BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

                        Final image
                        It took less than two minutes to distort the original hand into one that could hold a tiny object, using Puppet Warp.

                                                                                                                                                   18 June 2010
  1. Mesh your object                                                   2. Pin down its anatomy
  Our first object is a profile of a dog, which has been cut out and is   Begin by clicking in place the first pins on the cutout. They don’t have
  on its own layer in Photoshop. When you choose Puppet Warp from       to be at the intersection of triangles and can be placed anywhere
  the Edit menu, a mesh of triangles appears automatically. You can     on the cutout. Since we want to deform this dog according to
  change the number of triangles using the Density pop-up on the        established rules of anatomy, it makes sense to position the pins
  Options bar, but for most cases the default density is fine. Once      at logical bend points: the shoulder at the front and the rump at the
  the mesh has appeared, you can start adding your pins.                rear. The points you place will be stationary unless you move them,
                                                                        allowing the figure to move around them.

3. Experiment with distortion                                             4. Fix limbs in place
If we add a third pin at the base of the skull, we can drag it down       Placing two further pins, on the legs, will prevent the dog from
to deform the shape – the black dot inside the yellow point circle        deforming when we move a pin at the head. At any point, we can
indicates a currently selected pin. When we now drag down on this         choose to hide or show the underlying mesh using the button on
pin, the two previously-placed pins remain in position, and the whole     the Options bar. Since it performs no useful visual function, we
dog deforms as we drag. This isn’t what we want for this image, so we     can hide it in order to see our object more clearly. We’ll leave the
need to Undo that last placed pin and place a couple more that will       mesh hidden for the remainder of this tutorial.
make the whole dog more rigid.

  5. A more realistic manipulation                                      6. Pivot around a pin
  Now, when we add a pin at the base of the skull and pull              You can even bend a figure so far it overlaps itself. If you hold the Alt
  down, the remaining pins stay in place. See how naturally the         key and hover over a placed pin, you can rotate the object around that
  head bends towards the ground: not only does the neck bend            pin. That performed a useful rotation of the neck – adding another pin
  convincingly, but the back also bends to follow the spine.            to the snout enables us to move the dog’s nose exactly where we want
                                                                        it. Note how the head sits seamlessly in front of the leg.
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                                         7. Change the order of overlaps
                                                                                                                         The dog’s head appeared in front of the leg
                                                                                                                         because the pins in the head were added
                                                                                                                         after those in the body, so they’re higher
                                                                                                                         up the stacking order. But what if we want
                                                                                                                         the head to be positioned behind the leg?
                                                                                                                         Simple: we just click one of the two Pin
                                                                                                                         Depth icons on the Options bar, each of
                                                                                                                         which moves the currently selected pins
                                                                                                                         either up or down the stack, taking the
                                                                                                                         underlying figure with them.

                                                                                                                         Here’s the result of that operation: the
                                                                                                                         dog’s head is now tucked in behind the
                                                                                                                         legs. And we’re not just limited to moving or
                                                                                                                         changing the stacking order of a single pin,
                                                                                                                         since holding the Shift key as we click on
                                                                                                                         pins allows additional points to be added
                                                                                                                         or removed from the current selection.

                       8. Add other pins for different poses                                   9. Removing pins also helps
                       By placing additional pins within the body, we’re able to transform     You can select multiple pins by holding the Shift key to move them all
                       the dog into a variety of lifelike shapes. We can add multiple          together, and you can remove pins altogether by holding the Alt key
                       pins close to each other, as has been done with the front paws,         and clicking on it. This follows the standard Photoshop approach to
                       in order to make them sit perfectly on the ground. With only the        multiple selections: use Shift to add to a selection, and Alt to remove
                       barest knowledge of canine anatomy, we’re able to pose the dog          from it. When making a radical change such as this, it can help to
                       exactly as we want it.                                                  remove pins in order to manipulate the whole object more easily.

                     10. Let your imagination go wild                                            11. Choose when to use Distort and Normal modes
                     As well as distorting objects organically, you can also choose Distort      Although the Distort mode of deforming objects is fun to use, you
                     mode from the pop-up menu on the Options bar. Now, the object               can’t apply it to only a couple of pins: it’s an all-or-nothing option.
                     will deform between pins: as you drag them further apart, the area          With the dog, we could, of course, scale body parts individually by
                     between the pins will enlarge, and will contract when you drag two pins     adding multiple pins in Normal mode and dragging the body part to
                     closer together. This lets you create fantasy creatures, adding and         the position we want it.
                     subtracting pins as you need in order to fine-tune the results.

                                                                                                                                                   18 June 2010
  12. Another practical application                                      13. Add a mesh and place the pins
  As well as producing wacky distortions, you can use Puppet Warp        We begin by calling up Puppet Warp from the Edit menu, and the
  to adjust individual body parts. In this second example, we have       familiar mesh of triangles appears on the layer’s surface. Since we
  a photograph of an open hand. The mission: to try to bend the          want the palm to remain largely untouched, we can start the process
  thumb and forefinger together, so the hand is able to hold a tiny       by placing four pins on the hand at the key anchor points. Whatever
  object. Without Puppet Warp, this would be a long and tedious          we do to the rest of the hand, the area between those four pins will
  exercise – if not one that’s downright impossible.                     remain stationary.

14. Bend the finger…                                                       15. …then the thumb
Once again, it’s easier to hide the mesh so that we can see the            It only takes a single pin, placed at the top of the thumb, to bend
hand more clearly. By placing the first pin at the lower knuckle of the     it towards the forefinger. But there’s a problem here: although the
forefinger, we’re able to pull it forward as much as we like; a second      whole thumb has indeed moved into position, the top is starting to
pin, placed within the top joint of the finger, allows us to bend that      curl back in an unnatural fashion. Fortunately, our stock of pins is
section towards the thumb.                                                 unlimited, so we can remedy this situation by adding an additional
                                                                           pin and rotating the existing one.

  16. Deal with unnatural deformations                                   17. Think about how real objects interact
  If we hold the Alt key and move the cursor over the existing pin at    When bending the fingers, we must bear in mind that they’re all
  the top of the thumb, we enter Rotate mode – and a tiny circle         connected: we can’t bend a single finger without the others being
  appears around the pin to indicate this. Now, when we move the         affected. So for a more natural appearance, we can place a few
  cursor just outside the pin, we can drag to rotate the element         additional pins on the remaining group of fingers, dragging them towards
  around that point.                                                     the bent forefinger. And because these pins were added afterwards, the
                                                                         fingers appear in front of the forefinger, rather than behind it.
090                  RATING

                     Working smarter with text
      18 June 2010

                     in InDesign CS5
                     InDesign CS5 introduced new and exciting ways of formatting text,
                     such as the Span Columns dialog. Here, we explore these features.

                        n the past, creating text that spanned            control the spacing either side? How are the
                        multiple columns meant drawing a                  columns of regular text split to accommodate
                        separate text box. It’s been that way all         the headline?
                     the way through the evolution of InDesign,              All these issues are resolved with the
                     and of QuarkXPress before it, and of                 new Span Columns dialog, as well as using
                     PageMaker before that. Drawing new text              basic controls on the Options bar. In addition,
                     boxes for headlines was just one of those            you can use the Split Columns section of
                     things we had to do and never really                 the dialog to control how text behaves when
                     questioned the matter.                               multiple sub-columns appear within a single
                                                                                                                                             Steve Caplin is a designer and
                         Now InDesign CS5 breaks that rule, with          regular column of text.                                           illustrator working for a range of
                     the ability to create text that spans multiple          There are also changes to the way InDesign              national newspapers. His best-selling
                     columns. In order to do this, the team at            handles adding extra width to a text box, as                 How to Cheat in Photoshop, now in
                     Adobe has had to solve all kinds of issues           well as a new method for balancing text in                      its fourth edition, is published by
                                                                                                                                                                  Focal Press.
                     that arise: what happens to text before and          multi-column boxes. We’ll look at those new
                     after the multi-span headline? How do you            technologies first.                                                     Kit required InDesign CS5

                       FINAL RESULT
                       All this type is created with just a single text box in InDesign CS5, using the new Split and Span options.

                                                                                      18 June 2010
1. Text frames before CS5
We’ve long had the ability to split a text box
into multiple columns, set by a small controller
on the Options bar. When you make the whole
text box wider, the two columns widen to fill the
full width of the space. When you’re designing
to a grid layout, though, you need to maintain
the column width. In the past, this involved
making the text box wider and then changing
the number of columns.

                                                   Columns before widening text box

2. Snap frames to fixed column widths
A new item in the Text Frame Options dialog
lets you set a Fixed Column Width. Now, when
you make the text box wider, it snaps to the
next multiple of the column width you’ve
already used. This means you can change
from a two-column box to a three-column box
with a single action by dragging out the width.

                                                    Columns after widening text box

3. Balance words across columns
You can also check the new Balance Columns
box in the Text Frame Options dialog to make
InDesign automatically reflow the text so it
finishes flush at the bottom of the words. This
will override the actual text box height: note
how there’s space beneath all the text in this
box, but it isn’t used.
      18 June 2010

                     4. Justification on the last column
                     When you choose Vertical Justification as the
                     text fitting method, the default behaviour is to
                     fit the first two columns of type according to
                     the leading value you’ve set and then space
                                                                         Justified last columns
                     out the final column. With the Balance
                     Columns option checked, however, all the
                     type is spaced out evenly, right across all
                     the columns in the text box.

                                                                            Balanced columns
                     5. Different treatments for headlines
                     and body copy
                     A new feature in InDesign is the ability to
                     spread text across multiple columns using
                     the simple pop-up menu on the Options bar.
                     Curiously, this appears for the Character
                     section of the Options bar, and not for the
                     Paragraph section. Here, we’ve set the
                     headline to span the full width of the box, but
                     because we haven’t yet formatted the type,
                     the change is barely visible.

                     6. Words get in the way
                     When we set the type in our headline font, we
                     can see that problems start to appear. It
                     spans the full width, as expected, but the
                     descenders are interfering with the body copy
                     below: no self-respecting designer would ever
                     set a headline so close to the text that follows.

                                                   18 June 2010
7. Deal with disruptive descenders
The dialog to control this behaviour is in a
submenu named Span Columns, found in
the pop-up menu at the top of the Paragraph
panel. When the Span Columns option is
chosen, you can set the number of columns
to span, as well as the space before and after
the selected paragraph. Increasing this figure
produces a much cleaner result.

8. Intermediate spans
As well as setting a paragraph to span the full
width of the text box, you can also choose to
span just a limited number of columns. So
while your headline runs right across the page,
you can set your standfirst to occupy just the
width of the first two columns.

9. More spacing options
Once again, you can use the Span Columns
dialog to set the behaviour in more detail. If
you don’t have a baseline grid set for your body
text style, you can adjust the spacing within
this dialog to provide a line break between
the standfirst and the text that follows.

10. Clean breaks between paragraphs
When you add an additional headline, setting it
to span multiple columns, InDesign flows the
preceding text above it. When you set a new
paragraph to span the full width of the box, the
preceding text is placed above it and the text
that follows the new headline appears below.
      18 June 2010

                     11. Get smart with intermediate
                     spans and alignment
                     With the headline set to span just two of the
                     three columns, InDesign really starts to get
                     clever. Now, the first column of the main text
                     runs right to the bottom of the text box, while
                     the next two columns stop above the new
                     headline, with all the following text appearing
                     in two columns beneath the new headline.

                     12. Nest columns inside each other…
                     You can set text to occupy multiple sub-
                     columns within a single regular column as
                     well. In this example, we have a list of eight
                     countries in alphabetical order, each one typed
                     on a new line. If we want to split these within
                     the column, we first have to select all the text
                     we want to split.

                     13. …to improve presentation of lists
                     Choosing Split 2 from the pop-up menu on the
                     Options bar (again, in the Character section)
                     will divide the selected text into two columns
                     within the main column grid. There is no
                     option to control the order of placement,
                     however: as this example shows, the text
                     always runs down the left sub-column and
                     then down the right one.

                     14. Tweak the surrounding space
                     and the gutter
                     When you choose the Span Columns dialog
                     from the pop-up menu in the Paragraph panel,
                     you get a whole new set of options. You can
                     set the number of columns to split, as well as
                     the space before and after. You can also set
                     the inside gutter and the outside gutter (the
                     overall inset value of the new sub-columns).
                                                                                                                   RATING                       095

Enhance your iWeb

                                                                                                                                                18 June 2010
blog with widgets
If you want to add rich content to your blog but don’t know anything
about web programming, don’t worry, iWeb’s widgets have the answer.

         ince we showed you how to publish a       page template, but they’re rather dull. First,
         blog with iWeb (see MacUser, 21 May,      we’re going to spice up that page with a list
         p98), we’ve populated ours with a         of recent blog posts so that visitors can
small collection of gig reviews so that our site   jump straight to your latest thoughts and
has some real substance. Now we’re going           conversations with other people who come
to enhance our blog with widgets. In iWeb,         to your website.
widgets are a way to include rich content on           iWeb only has a small selection of widgets,
your site without having to know anything          but one of them – the HTML Snippet – is
about programming for the web.                     incredibly versatile. Some sites provide HTML
                                                                                                     Alan Stonebridge spends his working
    While the blog is a major section of our       code that lets you republish selected bits of         life in front of Macs – and they’ve
site, it’s only part of it. We want visitors to    information on other sites, such as MySpace                 taken over his free time, too.
see an opening page that better describes          or your own blog, and it’s this widget that
the content of the site. Every theme that’s        is key to using that code in a site built with
provided with iWeb includes a Welcome              iWeb. We’ll show you how to do that, too.               Kit required iWeb, TextWrangler

     Widgets can really
     bring your website to
     life. iWeb comes with
     nine widgets including
     HTML Snippet, which
     lets you pull in content
     from other websites.
      18 June 2010

                     1. Before you start…                                                         2. Add a Welcome page
                     You’ll need to add a few blog entries to your site, ideally a minimum        The blog is just part of our website. You can see above that we’ve
                     of three. We covered how to do this last time, but if you don’t have         added other sections to it. With that in mind, we want visitors to arrive
                     that tutorial to hand, quickly add a blog page to your site (File > New      on a Welcome page rather than the blog index. Choose File > New
                     Page), click its index page in the left pane then add a handful of new       Page and pick the Welcome page for your chosen theme. If this new
                     ones for the time being. They needn’t contain real content, but you’ll       page isn’t the top item (beneath your site’s name) in the left pane,
                     need these dummy entries for testing purposes.                               drag it up to the top of the list to set it as your site’s first page.

                                                                                                                              3. About widgets
                                                                                                                              This is just a page template, so you can
                                                                                                                              adapt it. We want to display recent blog
                                                                                                      1         2             entries beneath the picture on the left
                                                                                                                              by using a widget. iWeb’s widgets are
                                                                                                                              found in the Media Browser. If that’s not
                                                                                                      3         4
                                                                                                                              visible on the right-hand side of iWeb’s
                                                                                                                              window, choose View > Show Media
                                                                                                                              Browser, then click the Widgets tab.

                                                                                                      6         7


                       The widgets that come with iWeb
                       1. MobileMe Gallery                               satellite and hybrid views. However, Apple’s       6. Countdown
                       If you subscribe to MobileMe, you can             widget doesn’t let them switch to Street View,     When you’re looking forward to a big event,
                       publish photo galleries online with just          though, but there’s a workaround, which we’ll      you can display a timer that counts down
                       a few clicks. This widget displays these          show you in a moment.                              to a specific date and time, and you can
                       galleries within the structure and design                                                            choose whether it’s counted down in
                       you’ve picked for your website.                   4. Google AdSense                                  anything from seconds to years.
                                                                         AdSense looks at content on a web page and
                       2. YouTube                                        inserts ads that it thinks are relevant. You’ll    7. RSS Feed
                       You can publish videos direct to YouTube          need an AdSense account, but don’t worry if        RSS is a summary of a website’s contents
                       from iMovie and QuickTime. Add this widget        you don’t have one as iWeb provides a link         that tells readers when something new has
                       to display your own creations or others that      to more detailed information about AdSense         been published. Apple Mail has a built-in
                       you find interesting. Remember that some           and helps you create an account to use it.         RSS reader that works a lot like a mailbox,
                       YouTube videos can’t be played inside other                                                          and alternative applications are available
                       sites, so don’t forget to test the widget         5. iSight Photo and iSight Movie                   for the Mac and iPhone OS. We’re going to
                       once you’ve made it live on your site.            These widgets capture still photos and             use an RSS feed to show the latest blog
                                                                         movies from the iSight camera built into most      entries on the front page of our site.
                       3. Google Maps                                    Macs without having to do it with a separate
                       Enter an address into this widget and it’ll       application. Instead, they’re placed directly      8. HTML Snippet
                       display the location using Google Maps.           onto the page. It’s not a substitute for a         This is a general-purpose widget that pulls
                       You can pick whether the zoom control,            properly edited video but it’s fine for quick       in content from other websites. We’ll cover
                       search bar and address bubble are visible,        pieces to camera, and you can tweak colours        a few of the many things it can be used for
                       and visitors can switch between map,              in still photos using the Adjust palette.          later on in this tutorial.

                                                                                                                                                              18 June 2010
                                                                            4. Prepare a spot for your widget
                                                                            The blog is a major section of our website, so we want to prominently
                                                                            highlight recent entries on the Welcome page. Click the picture to
                                                                            select it and small handles will appear around its edges. Drag the
                                                                            middle one on the bottom edge
                                                                            upwards. Notice that iWeb defaults to
                                                                            resizing images in proportion, but we
                                                                            want to change the box’s dimensions.
                                                                                                                           TIP       Your picture
                                                                                                                                     may no
                                                                                                                         longer fill the frame.
                                                                            Undo this with Cmd-Z before.
                                                                                                                         In the floating palette
                                                                                Open the Inspector (View > Show
                                                                                                                         beneath the picture
                                                                            Inspector) and select the Metrics tab        frame, drag the slider
                                                                            (third from the right). Untick the box       to resize the image in a
                                                                            labelled Constrain proportions and           picture box. Click Edit
                                                                            drag the box’s bottom handle again.          Mask and reposition the
                                                                            Now it distorts. If you’ve already           image in the frame by
                                                                            placed your own image in it, press           clicking and dragging it.
                                                                            Cmd-C to copy it and Cmd-V to paste          Click Edit Mask to finish.
                                                                            it back in to fix the distortion.

                                                                                                                                 iWeb creates the RSS
                                                                                                                                 file for you. Removing
                                                                                                                                 the Subscribe button
                                                                                                                                 from a page doesn’t
                                                                                                                                 remove the RSS feed,
                                                                                                                                 and visitors will see it’s
                                                                                                                                 available from a button
                                                                                                                                 in the address bar of
                                                                                                                                 their web browser.

5. Think about what’s behind the widget                                        W k      the addr
                                                                            6. Work out th address of your RSS f d
Our Welcome page’s design includes a scrap of notepaper that                Before you can use the widget, you’ll need the address of your blog’s
contains some text (and another piece of text that says ‘keep out’          RSS feed. The easiest way to get it is to visit your live blog (File > Visit
which we’ve removed). Double-click the text on the paper and type           Published Site). Click to your blog, then right-click the Subscribe button
‘Latest blog entries’ to explain where the links go. We’ve resized          shown on the page and choose Copy Link. Keep this address on the
and repositioned the paper to form a background for the widget.             Clipboard or paste it into a text file for now. It should end with rss.xml.

7. Add the RSS widget                                                       8. Customise the content
Drag the RSS Feed widget from the Media Browser into the space              We only want to display entry titles.
beneath the picture on the Welcome page. Click the widget on the
page and paste the RSS feed’s address into the Subscription URL
                                                                            Click the widget and untick the box
                                                                            in the floating palette to turn off
                                                                                                                       TIP         Resize the
                                                                                                                                   widget to fit on
                                                                                                                       top of the paper, leaving a
field in the floating palette, then click Apply. Right now it looks a mess.   dates. Also drag the slider for article    comfortable margin around
We’ll fix that, but it’s best to show some real content in the box before    length to the left to turn them off.       it so that text doesn’t
you adjust its size and position to ensure text isn’t wrapping to the       We’ve reduced the number of                touch the background’s
point that it becomes hard to read.                                         entries to three. If there are too         edge or spill outside of it.
                                                                            many to fit in the box, iWeb adds
                                                                            a stylised scroll bar that is fiddly
                                                                            to operate on iPhone OS.
      18 June 2010

                                                                                                       9. Publish and test your widget
                                                                                                       Don’t forget to change the page’s title. Finally, choose File > Publish
                                                                                                       Site Changes so you can see the widget in action. Click a link and it
                                                                                                       will open in a new window. We’ll change this so that visitors don’t
                                                                                                                     get annoyed by the extra window. Download and install
                                                                                                                     TextWrangler (
                                                                                      TIP         iWeb should
                                                                                                  leave the
                                                                                      modified file alone, but
                                                                                                                     Go to your iDisk and browse to Web/Sites/<your_site_
                                                                                                                     name>/Scripts/Widgets/RSS Feed.
                                                                                                                         Copy the RSSFeed.js file to your Mac and open it in
                                                                                      software updates may
                                                                                      update iWeb’s widgets          TextWrangler. Don’t be scared by this code. All you need
                                                                                      and change that                to do here is press Cmd-F, then search for _blank and
                                                                                      situation, so test             rep
                                                                                                                     replace every instance in the file with _self. That tells a
                                                                                      that this behaviour is         web browser to open links from the RSS widget in the
                                                                                      retained if you update         same
                                                                                                                     sam window. This will also affect RSS widgets on your
                                                                                      or upgrade iWeb.               sit that link to external sites. Save the modified file and
                                                                                                                     cop it back to the server.

                           10. Use Google’s Street View on your site
                           iWeb’s HTML Snippet widget is the most versatile as it
                           allows you to pull all sorts of other content into your
                           site. Click your blog’s Entries page in the left pane
                           and create a new one. The example shown here talks
                           about an upcoming concert, so we want to show the
                           venue using Street View.
                               Visit and search for a location
                           you want to show. Drag the orange figure onto the
                           adjacent street to switch to Street View. Find the right
                           spot and viewing angle on the street, then click the
                           word Link at the top-right. Copy the contents of the
                           second box to the Clipboard.
                               Go back to iWeb, click the HTML Snippet widget
                           on the page and paste the Clipboard’s contents into
                           the floating palette that appears. Press Apply, then
                           publish the changes to the site to test it. We’ve
                           cheated a little by changing the height and width
                           values at the start of the code so that it fits better
                           in the space at the top of the blog entry.

                     There’s a range of visual                                                                                                  11. Automatically show
                     styles to choose from.
                     Other users might have
                                                                                                                                                your favourite music
                     created one that fits                                                                                                          Try the same widget with,
                     your site design.                                                                                                             which lets you publish details of
                                                                                                                                                   what you’ve been listening to.
                                                                                                                                                   You’ll need a free account and
                                                                                                                                                            the Scrobbler application
                                                                                                                              Pick which chart you          (look under Do More at
                                                                                                                              want to display. We’ve        the bottom of the site),
                                                                                                                              chosen My Recent
                                                                                                                              Tracks and left it at the     which tells
                                                                                                                              default of 10 tracks.         what you’ve played in
                                                                                                                                                            iTunes and on your iPod.
                                                                                                                                                   Spotify has this feature built in.
                                                                                                                                                   Once you’re set up, log into
                                                                                                                                          and look for Chart
                                                                                                                                                   Images under Do More.

                                                                                                                                                  CHART IN ACTION

                                                                                                         Select the code in this
                                                                                                         box, copy it to the
                                                                                                         Clipboard, paste it into
                                                                                                         another HTML Snippet
                                                                                                         widget, then apply and
                                                                                                         republish to see the
                                                                                                         widget live on your site.

             next issue

                                                                                                          18 June 2010
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                                                               iPhone 4
                                                               The fourth-generation
                                                               iPhone is the best
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                                                               features, a lovely
                                                               high-resolution display
                                                               and, finally, a front-
                                                               facing camera for video
                                                               conferencing. In the
                                                               next issue of MacUser,
                                                               we’ll be examining
                                                               its most important
                                                               features in detail, so
                                                               you can decide whether
                                                               it’s time to upgrade or
                                                               buy your first model.

                                                                 SAFARI 5
                                                                 Five is the version at which Safari
                                                                 comes of age, with a new reader
                                                                 feature and hooks for developers who
                                                                 want to create their own add-ons for
                                                                 Apple’s native browser. What does it
                                                                 mean for you, and is it good enough
                                                                 to see off increasing competition from
                                                                 Google and Mozilla?

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                     Cheat Sheet
      18 June 2010

                     Printing on the Mac
                     Working with printers is easier in Snow Leopard than in earlier versions
                     of Mac OS X. Even if you don’t own a printer, you can still print PDFs.

                     Words Alan Stonebridge

                             he Mac’s printing capabilities
                             are far friendlier than computers
                             from bygone ages. In fact, Snow
                     Leopard makes the whole business even
                     easier than in previous versions of Mac OS
                     X, as the latest version of Software Update
                     delivers updates to printer software from
                     many major manufacturers: HP, Canon,
                     Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox,
                     Fuji Xerox and Ricoh.
                         This means trawling through support
                                                                                                                                                  ▲ Snow Leopard downloads new printer
                     pages on a manufacturer’s website for                                                                                        software for you. Look in Software
                     the latest drivers is no longer necessary.                                                                                   Update’s preferences to see which version
                                                                                                                                                  is installed in case you’ve accidentally
                     Instead, open Software Update from the                                                                                       told Mac OS X to ignore an update.
                     Apple menu and look for a manufacturer-
                     specific bundle of new drivers, typically for
                     several printer models. The update is then
                     delivered and installed on your Mac in exactly
                     the same way as updates for Apple’s own
                                                                                 TIP        Although drivers come from Software
                                                                                            Update, check what else is on the
                                                                                 disc that comes bundled with new printers. There
                     software – and automatically, if you haven’t                may be some useful applications on it.
                     altered your settings.

                                                                                                                                       Snow Leopard has been around for a while
                        Just about to upgrade to Snow Leopard?                                                                         now and many applications have been
                                                                                                                                       updated to run on it. If you’ve brought your
                                                                                                                                       applications up to date and are looking to
                                                                                                                                       upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X,
                                                                                                                                       you should also check compatibility of your
                                                                                                                                       peripherals. You’ll find a list of compatible
                                                                                                                                       printers and scanners at Apple’s website
                                                                                                                                       (, but don’t
                                                                                                                                       panic if your printer is absent from the list.
                                                                                                                                       Apple regularly updates it, although it can
                                                                                                                                       be several weeks out of date at times.
                                                                                                                                           In that situation, it’s worth checking
                                                                                                                                       the manufacturer’s site. If nothing else,
                                                                                                                                       it may confirm that there are no plans to
                                                                                                                                       offer updated drivers that work with Snow
                                                                                                                                       Leopard, or it may list a date when new
                                                                                                                                       software is expected to become available.
                                                                                                                                           If that still fails to turn up any concrete
                                                                                                                                       information, there’s another option to try
                                                                                                                                       out before abandoning plans to upgrade
                        ▲ Check the date on Apple’s list of Snow Leopard-compatible printers. It could be several weeks out of date.   or buying a new printer.

                                                                                                                                                                        18 June 2010
Get older printers working with Gutenprint
Gutenprint is an open-source project that
provides software for a wide range of printers,
including many older models that aren’t
directly compatible with Snow Leopard. You’ll
find a list of supported models at gutenprint.
php. The Mac version is found at gimp-print.
    Unlike drivers provided by printer
manufacturers, new versions of Gutenprint
aren’t delivered through Software Update, so
you’ll have to go to the site if you run into any
difficulties. As well as checking what issues
the latest version fixes, visit the Help forum
to see if other users have encountered the
same problem. You can always start your own
topic to ask experienced users to help you
get to the root of the issue.                        Don’t throw out your old printer just yet. It may still work with Snow Leopard once you’ve installed Gutenprint.

Save money and the environment
                One of the most useful features
                in Mac OS X is the ability to
                print many kinds of documents
                and web pages to PDF files.
                This enables you to keep
copies of pages, so you can read them on
your iPhone or iPad in an appropriate app, or
keep them for archival purposes.
    Creating a PDF is as simple as pressing
Cmd-P. You don’t need to install any printer
software, as it’s built into the system and
is available right away from the first time
you turn on any Mac. It will also help you
reduce the amount of wasted paper and
ink, which is good for both your pocket and
the environment.                                            01

1   After calling up the print dialog (Cmd-P),
    look to its bottom-left corner for a button
labelled PDF. Click it to reveal a list of tasks
that includes saving to a file, emailing the                                     03
PDF, and even saving order confirmations
to a folder called Web Receipts in your
Documents folder – great if you make a lot          02
of online purchases, as it staves off the
temptation to save to the Desktop and file
it by hand at a later date.

2   Some applications, such as Evernote,
    may add their own plug-ins to the list.
                                                    4     Choose this item to customise the
                                                          list. Items can’t be reordered unless
                                                    you remove and add them back into the
That allows you to send content right to them       list one at a time. You’ll find the standard
without having to use more tedious methods.         plug-ins that come with Mac OS in /Library/
                                                    PDF Services (start browsing from the top of

3    You can create your own plug-ins to
     suit your way of working, perhaps to
                                                    your hard drive).

file different types of documents without
having to move them around with the
Finder. That’s done by creating a Print Plug-
                                                    5    To share your customised Print Plug-ins
                                                         with colleagues, browse to ~/Library/
                                                    PDF Services (~ means start at your user
in workflow in Automator, which contains             folder). They can add them to the PDF pop-up                05
a sequence of actions that tell your Mac            menu by clicking Edit Menu at the bottom of
what to do with the file. The plug-in is then        the list, and then clicking the ‘+’ button and
accessible from this list.                          pointing at the workflow file.

                     Beginners’ Guide to...
      18 June 2010

                     Mac OS X’s Dashboard is where you store and
                     run Widgets. Here’s a taste of how it works.

                               he Dashboard is a hidden layer           keyboard. If you have a modern aluminium
                               of Mac OS X. It sits behind the          Apple keyboard – either wireless or wired –
                               main interface and lets you run tiny     you’ll see that your F4 key has a symbol like a
                     applications, called Widgets, and call on          speed gauge. This is your Dashboard button.
                     them when you need them. But isn’t this the        On an older keyboard or a third-party device,
                     way all applications run – sitting dormant in      tap F12 to achieve the same end result.
                     your Applications folder until you give them           Your applications and interface will be
                     a double-click? Well, not quite. Each Widget       knocked back as the Dashboard fades
                     is like a tiny web page, built using HTML, style   in, complete with your active Widgets. To
                     sheets and JavaScript, which is the part that      return to your regular Mac OS X environment,
                     makes it intelligent.                              press the Dashboard button again or click
                          The Dashboard is called up from your          anywhere between your Widgets where
                     keyboard, but precisely what key you need to       you can see the Desktop or applications
                     use depends on the age and make of your            showing through.

                        MANAGE WIDGETS
                        Click on the Manage Widgets button                  However, third-party Widgets that
                        above the Springboard to call up the            you’ve installed subsequently can be
                        dialog through which you can activate and       deleted from your system entirely by
                        deactivate the Widgets that appear there.       clicking the red delete button to the
                        Widgets shown in this interface are split       right of each one.
                        into two types. Those that come as part             Click the More Widgets button at
                        of Mac OS X can’t be uninstalled entirely,      the bottom of this interface to visit
                        and so all you can do is hide them by           the Widgets download page on Apple’s
                        unchecking the box to the left of their         website to download a wide choice of
                        names in the dialog.                            extra Widgets.

                                                                                                                                        18 June 2010
WIDGET                                                      DASHBOARD
Each of the small windows on this layer                     The dimmed area that covers your
is a Widget. They can be rearranged                         screen is the Dashboard layer. This
however you like by clicking on any                         helps to separate the Widgets from
inactive area and dragging them. As                         the rest of your operating system.
you hover over a Widget, you’ll see a
small ‘i’ appear in a bottom corner.
Click it to flip over the Widget and
change its settings.

                                                                                                  CLOSE BUTTON
                                                                                                  Each Widget has its own close
                                                                                                  button. Click this and the Widget
RIPPLE EFFECT                                                                                     will disappear as though it’s being
                                                                                                  sucked down a plug hole. You
This isn’t distortion in our grab: the                                                            should close Widgets that you
ripple effect is caused by dropping                                                               aren’t using before leaving the
a Widget onto your Dashboard. It’s a                                                              Dashboard, as they each take
quirky touch that will only work if you                                                           resources from your Mac, even
have a suitably powerful graphics card,                                                           when you can’t see them.
and it quickly subsides as the Widget
fully loads.

Your Widgets are organised on the Springboard. Clicking
on one drops it onto the Dashboard area. If you have too
many Widgets to fit on one screen it will flow onto further
Springboards that run off the edge of the screen. Move
to either end and click the arrow to move to the next
or previous run of Widgets.

                     Switching to the Mac:
      18 June 2010

                     Instant messaging with iChat
                     Apple’s instant messaging application looks fab and is packed with
                     features, but you may want to install some alternatives alongside it.

                              n your old PC, you probably used             iChat also lets you share your screen with     downloading it, take a look at some of the
                              Windows Live Messenger (previously       other people, so you can work collaboratively      great features in iChat. It’s still good for
                              called MSN Messenger) to chat to         on a project or, if your computer is playing up,   chatting to friends who use Macs or have
                     friends and family online. You won’t find it       hand over control of the pointer and keyboard      AOL Instant Messenger (Aim) accounts, and
                     in your Mac’s Applications folder, though,        to a friend who’s more knowledgeable about         it’s packed with customisable features.
                     because Apple provides a different instant        the Mac and able to lend you a helping hand.            You’re not limited to one chat application,
                     messaging program called iChat for sending            However, iChat presents you with a             of course. There’s nothing stopping you from
                     short text messages. Most Macs have an            dilemma: it can’t connect to Microsoft’s           installing Microsoft’s application and running
                     iSight camera and a microphone built into         chat network, so it cuts you off from your         it alongside iChat, and there are some
                     them, and they can be used in iChat, too,         old friends. MSN Messenger is available            other excellent alternatives that are worth
                     so you can see who you’re talking to.             for the Mac, but before you skip straight to       downloading, too.

                                           1  When you first run iChat, it will prompt
                                              you for some account details. You can
                                               iChat with      accounts
                                                               accounts If you don’t
                                           use iChat with Aim accounts If you don’t
                                            ave one click this button run hrough
                                           have one click this button to run through
                                                              regis         rocess
                                           a short (and free) registration process.


                          01                                                                                                         02

                                                                                                                                     TIP         If you find it hard
                                                                                                                                                 to tell two people
                                                                                                                                     apart, right-click one of them
                                                                                                                                     and choose Show Info. In
                                                                                                                                     the window that opens, go
                                                                                                                                     to the Address Card tab.
                                                                                                                                     Here, you can override your
                                                                                                                                     friend’s chosen picture and
                                                                                                                                     fill out their full name.

                      2    Once you’re online, the Aim
                           Buddy List window should
                      appear. Add friends to the list
                                                                        3     Groups are shown as grey,
                                                                              horizontal bars. When they’re
                                                                         collapsed, they show the number
                                                                                                                           4     While you’re in a
                                                                                                                                 conversation, or with a
                                                                                                                           contact selected in the buddy
                      by clicking the ‘+’ button. You                    of people in that group and how                   list, these buttons let you start a
                      can organise them into groups,                     many of them are online.                          voice call or video chat, or share
                      to keep your family, friends and                                                                     your screen with that person.
                      work contacts separate.

                                                                                                                                                              18 June 2010
Customise iChat
1   Turn on the menu bar icon
   iChat is packed with preferences (Cmd-,) that tailor it to behave
better and not get in your way. Under the General tab, turn on the
                                                                                2    Peronalise iChat’s appearance
                                                                                    You can change the appearance of iChat in the Messages tab. If
                                                                                you dislike a friend’s colour and font choices, you can change them to
status icon in the menu bar, so you can flip between Available and               something more to your taste. This tab also stops your Desktop from
Busy in a couple of clicks as you work in another application.                  becoming cluttered with windows and lets you save chat transcripts.

                                                                                                          3   Tweak iChat’s behaviour
                                                                                                                The Alerts tab lets you specify how iChat
                                                                                                          responds to certain events. You can pick from
                                                                                                          a long list of sounds or choose your own to
                                                                                                          help identify that it’s iChat alerting you to a
                                                                                                          notification. If that’s too intrusive, you can set
                                                                                                          the application’s icon to bounce in the Dock,
                                                                                                          which it will do even if you’ve hidden the Dock
                                                                                                          to free up a bit of space. The icon will still
                                                                                                          bounce into view until you attend to it.
                                                                                                              iChat can also use Mac OS X’s speech
                                                                                                          engine to speak out loud, which may be
                                                                                                          helpful to family members who aren’t
                                                                                                          accustomed to using computers.

Alternatives to iChat
                        Messenger for Mac                                   Skype                                            Adium
                          Microsoft recently                                  Skype also supports                             Adium is a popular choice
                          released Messenger 8,                               audio and video chats                           because it supports so
                          which is the first Mac                               from one computer to                            many different messaging
                          version of the software                             another. It’s also a good                       networks. It’s also more
                          to let you speak to and                             choice if you want to                           customisable than any
see any friends who use Windows, although            speak to family who are a long distance away.                            of the other applications
it’s also still a beta version. Still, if all your   It’s not limited to talking over computers,          here. You can even strip away all the
friends use Microsoft’s chat network, this           though. Pay for some call credit and you’ll be       window borders and display your friends
is all you need to keep in touch with them.          able to phone their landline or mobile from          in a minimalist strip down the side of your
Get it from                       your Mac. Grab it from                    screen. Download it from

                     THE MAC RANGE
      18 June 2010

                     Apple has a variety of Macs to suit different
                     needs and pockets. Find out which one’s for you.

                              pple’s Mac range can be split into       but the most power-hungry user; the Mac mini
                              six families: three desktop and three    is a budget option for those who already have
                              laptop. Of these, two – the Mac Pro      a keyboard, mouse and display; the MacBook
                     and MacBook Pro – are aimed at professional       is the budget laptop; and the MacBook Air is
                     users. Of the others, the iMac will suit anyone   for anyone who values portability.

                                                                           MAC PRO
                                                                           The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in over          The quad-core model costs £1940 and
                                                                           a year and, with the imminent launch of      has 3GB of 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRam,
                                                                           Intel’s six-core ‘Gulftown’ processors, a    which can be upgraded to 8GB. The eight-
                                                                           new model is likely to appear soon. The      core Mac Pro costs £2553 and boasts
                                                                           new chips, which will be marketed as         6GB of the same high-spec memory, which
                                                                           Xeon 5600, will run at up to 3.33GHz         can be upgraded to 32GB.
                                                                           and have 12MB of Level 3 cache. They’ll          Both have 640GB Serial ATA, 7200rpm
                                                                           almost certainly be used in dual-processor   hard drives, although storage can be
                                                                           configurations the Mac Pro, giving a total    expanded up to 4TB via four 1TB serial
                                                                           of 12 cores.                                 drives in the Mac’s four drive bays. There’s
                                                                               The current Mac Pro range comprises      also an 18x double-layer SuperDrive for
                                                                           two models, one with a 2.66GHz quad-core     reading and writing DVDs and CDs.
                                                                           processor and the other with two 2.26GHz         The Mac Pro’s Nvidia GeForce GT 120
                                                                           quad-core processors. Both have 8MB of       graphics card with 512MB of GDDR3
                                                                           shared Level 3 cache and an option to        memory provides both Mini DisplayPort
                                                                           upgrade to 2.93GHz, and an integrated        and dual-link DVI video output, providing
                                                                           memory controller with three channels        almost three times the previous
                                                                           that delivers up to 2.4 times the memory     performance. For even more graphics
                                                                           bandwidth of the previous model, while       power, the ATI Radeon HD 4870 card
                                                                           cutting memory latency by up to 40%.         is also available.

                     The current family of iMacs features 21.5in and 27in
                     16:9 widescreen displays. The enclosure is aluminium and
                     the glass screen covers the full width of the computer.
                         The iMacs have Core 2 Duo processors starting at
                     3.06GHz, which can be upgraded to 3.33GHz. There’s also
                     a 27in model with a 2.66GHz Core i5 quad-core processor,
                     which can be upgraded to Core i7.
                         All four iMacs come with 4GB of Ram, which can be
                     upgraded to 8GB on the 21.5in models and 16GB on the
                     27in iMacs. One of the 3.06GHz, 21.5in models has a
                     500GB hard drive, while the others all ship with 1TB disks.
                     Those drives can be upgraded to 2TB, but the 500GB
                     disk can’t be changed. For graphics, the least expensive
                     model has an Nvidia GeForce 9400M, the next two have
                     ATI Radeon HD 4670 chips with 256MB of Ram, while
                     the Core i5 model has an ATI Radeon HD 4850 with
                     512MB of Ram. The Core 2 Duo 27in model can have
                     its graphics upgraded to the Radeon HD 4850.
                          All iMacs have a built-in iSight video camera, AirPort
                     Extreme 802.11n wifi networking, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR,
                     Gigabit Ethernet, a total of four USB 2 ports, one
                     FireWire 800 port and a built-in SD card slot.

                                                                                                                                          18 June 2010
MACBOOK                                    MACBOOK AIR                                        MACBOOK PRO
There’s only one MacBook currently         The two MacBook Air models have Core 2 Duo         The 13in MacBook Pro now has
available – a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo            processors running at 1.86GHz and 2.13GHz,         the Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics
model in a white polycarbonate             and cost £1174 and £1378 respectively.             processor, which has 48 processing
unibody enclosure, costing £849.           Both have 2GB of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRam                cores, three times more than the
It has 2GB of DDR3 SDRam, a 250GB          and Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics. The             9400M processor in its predecessor.
hard drive, an Nvidia GeForce 320M         1.86GHz model has a 120GB hard drive,              A 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with a
graphics processor and an 8x double-       while the 2.13GHz MacBook Air has a 128GB          250GB hard drive costs £999 and a
layer SuperDrive. There’s a Gigabit        solid-state drive. Neither has a SuperDrive        2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 320GB
Ethernet connection, two USB 2 ports,      nor an SD card slot. Both have a single USB        hard drive costs £1249. Both models
and digital/analogue audio input           socket and audio output jack. Battery life is      have 4GB of Ram and a quoted battery
and output. Battery life is quoted         quoted at five hours. The MacBook Air and           life of 10 hours.
at 10 hours.                               all the MacBook Pros have Mini DisplayPort              The 15in and 17in models get Intel
                                           connectors to attach external displays. These      Core i5 and i7 processors, and a new
                                           can be used to connect to DVI and VGA              graphics-switching technology that
                                           displays by using adaptors, which are sold         toggles between more powerful Nvidia
                                           separately. All have built-in iSight cameras,      GeForce GT 330M and energy-efficient
                                           802.11n wifi and Bluetooth.                         Intel HD Graphics processors. The
                                                                                              Core i5 and i7 processors include an
                                                                                              integrated memory controller, hyper-
                                                                                              threading, and Turbo Boost.
                                                                                                   The 15in MacBook Pro is available
                                                                                              in three configurations: one with a
                                                                                              2.4GHz Intel Core i5 and 320GB hard
MAC MINI                                                                                      drive priced at £1499; one with a
The Mac mini ships in three                                                                   2.53GHz Intel Core i5 and 500GB
configurations. Two have a                                                                     hard drive at £1649; and one with a
SuperDrive and Snow Leopard                                                                   2.66GHz Intel Core i7 and 500GB hard
installed, while the other                                                                    drive at £1799. The 17in model has a
one has two hard drives, no                                                                   2.53GHz Intel Core i5 and 500GB hard
SuperDrive and ships with                                                                     drive for £1899. All the above MacBook
Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server                                                                  Pros have 4GB of Ram.
installed on one drive.                                                                            All models have LED-backlit wide-
    The Server model has a 2.53GHz Core                                                       angle displays at up to 1920 x 1200
2 Duo processor, dual 500GB hard drives,                                                      pixels on the 17in, while the 15in
4GB of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRam and              2.26GHz model can have its processor               model is available with an optional
Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M graphics chip.      upgraded to 2.53GHz, its Ram boosted               high-resolution 1680 x 1050 display.
The hard drive, memory and graphics card   to 4GB, and the hard drive expanded to                  Apple also offers 128GB, 256GB
can’t be upgraded.                         320GB or 500GB. The other model can                and 512GB solid-state drives (SSDs) as
    Of the other two models, one has a     have a processor upgrade to 2.66GHz and            an option on all models, together with
2.26GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of       a 500GB hard drive.                                other build-to-order options that include
Ram and an 160GB hard drive. The other         Both of the latter models have the             bigger and/or faster 7200rpm hard
has a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor,        Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics chip and             drives and the option to double the
4GB of Ram and a 320GB hard drive. The     an 8x SuperDrive.                                  amount of memory to 8GB of Ram.

Every Mac desktop has Gigabit Ethernet,    while the iMac has four. The Mac Pro and        Pro also have Gigabit Ethernet, while
Bluetooth and 802.11n wifi as standard,     iMac also have FireWire 800 connections:        the MacBook Air needs a USB-to-
with the exception of the Mac Pro, on      four on the Mac Pro and one on the iMac.        Ethernet adaptor. All models have an
which the wifi card is optional. The Mac       All laptops have 802.11n wifi and             iSight camera, microphone and at least
mini and Mac Pro have five USB 2 ports,     Bluetooth. The MacBook and MacBook              one speaker.

                     iPOD/iPHONE/iPAD RANGE
      18 June 2010

                     Want one of these small objects of desire? Check
                     their specs to find the one with your name on it.

                     iPOD SHUFFLE                                      iPOD NANO                                   iPOD CLASSIC
                     The iPod shuffle comes in two capacities –         The nano is available in nine colours,      The iPod classic is the most capacious of
                     2GB (£46) and 4GB (£60) – and a choice of         including silver, black and (Product)       all Apple’s music players. It comes in either
                     silver, black, pink, blue and green. The latest   Red. There’s an 8GB version, which          black or silver. Both have a capacity of 160GB
                     model has a new feature called VoiceOver,         costs £118, and a 16GB model, which         and cost £193. The classic plays video, like
                     which announces the name of the artist and        will set you back £138. The nano now        its nano and touch siblings, and you can flip
                     track that’s currently playing. The supplied      has a built-in FM radio with a buffer, so   through album covers using the click wheel,
                     earphones have an inline remote control and       you can pause live radio. It also has a     thanks to Cover Flow.
                     there’s a clip on the rear of the shuffle to       built-in video camera.
                     allow you to attach it to clothing.

                                                                                                                   iPOD TOUCH
                                                                                                                   The touch is best thought of as an iPhone
                                                                                                                   without the phone features or a 3G data
                                                                                                                   connection. It comes in three capacities: 8GB
                                                                                                                   for £152, 32GB for £234 and 64GB for £306.
                                                                                                                   It features a 3.5in, 480 x 320-pixel display, and
                                                                                                                   comes with several built-in apps such as Safari,
                                                                                                                   Mail and Address Book. The touch supports
                                                                                                                   any iPhone app that doesn’t require a 3G
                                                                                                                   connection or GPS, or the iPhone’s camera.

                                                                                18 June 2010
                                                 The iPad, Apple’s new tablet
                                                 computer, has a 9.7in
                                                 screen with a resolution
                                                 of 1024 x 768 pixels. It
                                                 comes in 16GB, 32GB and
                                                 64GB versions, and you
                                                 can choose a model that
                                                 uses only wifi to connect
                                                 to the Internet or that has
                                                 a 3G chip to allow you to
                                                 connect from anywhere.
                                                 Like the iPhone and iPod
                                                 touch, it also has support
                                                 for Bluetooth. It uses the
                                                 same Dock connection
                                                 as the iPod and iPhone
                                                 for syncing and charging,
                                                 and also has a microphone,
                                                 built-in speaker and
                                                 headphone jack.

As you’ll know if you read our iPhone buyers’
guide (see MacUser, 12 March 2010, p44),
deciding which iPhone to buy is a minefield.
However, choosing the hardware is less
complicated than selecting a pricing plan.
There are two very different models available.
The iPhone 3G comes with 8GB of storage
and costs approximately £349 on a pay-as-
you-go tariff. It has a slower processor than
the 3GS though, and lacks that model’s built-
in compass and upgraded camera.

   There iPhone 3GS is available in two
   capacities: 16GB (£449 on pay as you
   go) and 32GB (£549 on pay as you go).
   Both are available in black or white. The
   3GS can record and edit video as well as
   still images, has a 3-megapixel sensor,
   and has a lens that can auto focus or
   allow you to focus manually. The other
   differentiating feature between it and
   the 3G is Voice Control – a feature that
   enables you to control some features of
   the iPhone by speaking into the mic.

                                                APPLE PERIPHERALS RANGE
      18 June 2010

                                                Whether you want to stream music and video to your
                                                TV or set up a wireless network, Apple’s got it covered.

                                                APPLE TV
                                                Apple TV is the company’s Trojan Horse             The idea of Apple TV is that you connect
                     Images Courtesy of Apple

                                                for the living room. Rather than produce       it over a wireless network to a Mac or PC
                                                a fully-fledged media centre as many PCs        running iTunes, and stream music, photos
                                                manufacturers did a few years ago, Apple       and video. You can also download media
                                                came up with a box that connects to a TV       directly from the iTunes Store and stream
                                                using HDMI or component video cables and       clips from YouTube. Apple describes it as a
                                                has very little inside it, save for a CPU, a   hobby, but it may take it more seriously now
                                                160GB hard drive and a wifi chip.               that Google has announced Google TV.

                                                                                                   18 June 2010
                                                 AIRPORT EXTREME
                                                 Apple’s wireless router is a Time Capsule
                                                 without the hard drive, or more accurately, the
                                                 Time Capsule is AirPort Extreme with a hard
                                                 drive. Like the Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme
                                                 can connect to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11n
                                                 bands at the same time, and it allows you to
                                                 set up a guest network with limited access.
AIRPORT EXPRESS                                  It has an NAT firewall with support for MAC
Airport Express is designed as a way to          address filtering and Radius authentication,
stream music from iTunes on your Mac to a        and you can limit access from specific
hifi in another room. You plug it into a power    computers to certain times of the day.
socket, connect the hifi to its minijack and
add it to your wireless network. You can then
select it in iTunes and send music to the hifi.
     AirPort Express can do more than that,
though. Connect its Gigabit Ethernet port to
your ADSL or cable modem, and you have a
                                                  TIME CAPSULE.
wireless access point. Connect a USB printer      When Apple introduced Time Machine
to its USB port, and it becomes a means of        with Mac OS X Leopard, it decided that
sharing a printer wirelessly. And if you plug     it needed new hardware to make the
it into a power socket on the outer limits of     most of it. Time Capsule is a combined
your current wireless network, it’s a bridge,     router and network hard drive. It can
extending that network.                           be used like any other network storage
                                                  device, but is designed to function as a
                                                  backup destination for Time Machine.
                                                      It comes in two versions; one with a
                                                  1TB hard drive, the other with double that
                                                  storage capacity. Both have four Gigabit
                                                  Ethernet ports, one to connect to an ADSL
                                                  or cable modem, the other three for local
                                                  network devices. There’s also a USB port
                                                  to allow you to connect an additional hard
                                                  drive or share a USB printer.

                                                     18 June 2010

Macshopper contents



                     cool kit
      18 June 2010


                     The who’s who of top products
                     Don’t shell out for a product until you’ve checked out our top-fives, from
                     video editing and DTP sofware to printers, monitors and digital cameras.

                                                              Top 5 displays

                                                             APPLE LED
                                                             CINEMA DISPLAY
                                                             The first LED-based Cinema
                                                             Display is designed for
                                                             MacBooks with a Mini
                                                             DisplayPort, and it can be
                                                             used to charge them, too.
                                                             Reviewed 16/01/09

                                                                 LG Flatron M2294 Wide LCD TV Monitor
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 07/11/08 URL
                                                                 Samsung SyncMaster F2380
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 26/02/10 URL
                                                                 Eizo CG301W
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 01/02/08 URL
                                                                 Samsung SyncMaster XL2370
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 06/11/09 URL

                                                              Top 5 external hard drives

                                                             DESK FOR MAC
                                                             An inexpensive 1TB external
                                                             hard disk that delivers good
                                                             performance. It has one USB 2
                                                             and two FireWire 800 ports.
                                                             Reviewed 02/01/09

                                                                 Western Digital My Book Studio II 4TB
                                                                 Rating 5 Reviewed 03/07/09 URL
                                                                 G-Tech G-Drive 2TB
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 26/02/10 URL
                                                                 Freecom Hard Drive Pro 1TB
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 02/01/09 URL
                                                                 LaCie 5big Network 5TB
                                                                 Rating 4 Reviewed 21/11/08 URL
Top 5 DSLR cameras

                                                        18 June 2010
A 12.3-megapixel sensor,
eight frames per second
shooting, HD video and dual
memory card slots all packed
into a sturdy metal body
make the D300S a winner.
Reviewed 11/09/09

     Nikon D5000
     Rating 5 Reviewed 03/07/09    URL
     Nikon D3s
     Rating 5 Reviewed 26/02/10    URL
     Olympus E-30
     Rating 4 Reviewed 05/06/09    URL
     Canon Eos 500D
     Rating 4 Reviewed 05/06/09    URL

Top 5 super-zoom cameras

The Coolpix S570 has a
12-megapixel sensor, 5x zoom
lens and slips easily into a
pocket. It also takes great pics
and offer good value for money.
Reviewed 12/02/10

     Olympus Pen E-P2
     Rating 4 Reviewed 26/02/10    URL
     Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR
     Rating 4 Reviewed 15/01/10    URL
     Ricoh GR Digital III
     Rating 4 Reviewed 29/01/10    URL
     Canon PowerShot SX1 IS
     Rating 4 Reviewed 09/04/09    URL

Top 5 video applications

Camtasia can record video
and audio from your Mac’s
iSight and mic, add transitions,
effects, and share the finished
video easily on YouTube.
Reviewed 08/05/10

     ScreenFlow 2
     Rating 5 Reviewed 20/11/09    URL
     Final Cut Studio 2009
     Rating 4 Reviewed 28/08/09    URL
     DV Kitchen
     Rating 4 Reviewed 24/10/08    URL
     Afer Effects CS4
     Rating 4 Reviewed 10/10/08    URL
                     Top 5 office applications
      18 June 2010

                     MERLIN 2.5
                     Merlin is a top-notch project
                     management application. It’s
                     powerful, easy to get to grips
                     with thanks to its manual and
                     templates, and works well with
                     Mail, Address Book and iCal.
                     Reviewed 01/02/08

                          Daylite 3.7.3
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 06/06/08   URL
                          Nisus Writer Pro 1.3
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 31/07/09   URL
                          Kerio Connect 7
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 12/03/10   URL
                          Studiometry 6
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 22/05/09   URL

                     Top 5 audio products

                     LOGIC STUDIO
                     Its headline grabbing new
                     features for guitarists, Amp
                     Designer and Pedalboard
                     are certainly the highlight,
                     however, there’s plenty
                     here for all musicians.
                     Reviewed 28/08/09

                          Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 15/02/08   URL
                          Logic Express 9
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 23/10/09   URL
                          Reason 4 Premium
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 26/09/08   URL
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 09/05/08   URL

                     Top 5 web publishing tools

                     For years, Dreamweaver has
                     been the de facto standard for
                     professional web development.
                     It’s now fully integrated with
                     Adobe’s Creative Suite.
                     Reviewed 26/09/08
                     URL  /u

                          BBEdit 9
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 30/01/09   URL
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 29/02/08   URL
                          Flash CS4
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 10/10/08   URL
                          Flux 2
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 26/02/10   URL
Top 5 laser printers

                                                           18 June 2010
A good choice for workgroups
that need mono printing.
The high purchase price is
offset by low running costs
and speed output.
Reviewed 09/04/09

     Samsung ML-1915
     Rating 4 Reviewed 20/11/09    URL
     Kyocera Mita FS-1300D
     Rating 4 Reviewed 26/09/08    URL
     Canon i-Sensys LBP5100
     Rating 4 Reviewed 21/11/08    URL
     Oki C710n
     Rating 4 Reviewed 24/10/08    URL

Top 5 multi-function devices

The MP990 does duplex
printing, labels discs, captures
35mm slides and negatives,
and it has six ink tanks:
including grey for mono prints.
Reviewed 04/12/09

     Samsung SCX-4600
     Rating 5 Reviewed 26/02/10    URL
     Canon Pixma MP540
     Rating 5 Reviewed 28/08/09    URL
     HP Photosmart C6380
     Rating 5 Reviewed 30/01/09    URL
     Epson Stylus Photo PX710W
     Rating 5 Reviewed 29/01/10    URL

Top 5 inkjet printers

Photo printer with slots for
common camera media cards.
Includes 120mm touchscreen
LCD and 20-sheet input feed.
Reviewed 10/10/08
URL hp.     /u

     Epson Stylus Pro 3880
     Rating 5 Reviewed 01/01/10    URL
     HP Photosmart Plus
     Rating 4 Reviewed 20/11/09    URL
     Epson Stylus Photo R2880
     Rating 4 Reviewed 02/01/09    URL
     Canon Pixma Pro9000 MkII
     Rating 4 Reviewed 08/05/09    URL
                     Top 5 publishing tools
      18 June 2010

                     INDESIGN CS4
                     Adobe’s latest page-layout
                     environment delivers various
                     improvements including tighter
                     integration with Flash, precise
                     alignment tools and numerous
                     other important tweaks.
                     Reviewed 26/09/08

                          QuarkXPress 8
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 15/08/08   URL
                          Fusion 2
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 21/11/08   URL
                          Universal Type Server
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 18/07/08   URL
                          Acrobat 9 Pro
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 04/07/08   URL

                     Top 5 photo editing tools

                     One of the most important
                     applications on the Mac, the
                     CS4 edition helps it retain its
                     crown as the king of all photo
                     editing and montage tools.
                     Reviewed 26/09/08

                          NeatImage Pro 6.2
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 18/06/10   URL
                          Aperture 3
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 26/02/10   URL
                          Portrait Professional 9
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 09/10/09   URL
                          Eye Candy 6
                          Rating 5 Reviewed 15/01/10   URL

                      Top 5 illustration/3D tools

                     The CS4 edition of Illustrator
                     builds on the rich toolset of
                     CS3, adding more intelligent
                     features and some fantastic
                     new tools.
                     Reviewed 26/09/08

                          Phantasm CS Studio
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 01/08/08   URL
                          Cheetah 3D 5
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 15/01/10   URL
                          Cinema 4D Release 11
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 10/10/08   URL
                          Live Interior 3D Pro
                          Rating 4 Reviewed 07/11/08   URL
122                  Apple dealers are thriving all over the
                     UK, ready to answer your Mac queries                                                                                         FINDER
      18 June 2010


                     local dealers


                             Albion Computers                                                    PowerPlay Services
                             London, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey                                     East Sussex
                             Call 020 7212 9090 Email                          Call 08448 157167
                             URL                                                    URL
                              22 years’ experience with Apple for Business and Education           Apple Authorised Service Provider PowerPlay offers a
                              Apple Premium Reseller Apple Authorised Service provider           local drop-in service or a nationwide courier service for
                              Apple Solutions Expert for Education New iStore in Crawley         all Apple repairs and upgrades

                             SupportPlan                                                         Cancom
                             Park Place, Lawn Lane, Vauxhall, London                             Brighton Cambridge Edinburgh Guildford
                             Call 0800 027 2292 Email                        Kensington High Street
                             URL                                                 Call 0845 6863500 URL
                               Supporting Mac and Windows in creative environments                 Part of a €420 million company Apple Solutions Expert
                             for 20 years Apple Service Provider Solutions Expert for            in Education Authorised Apple Service Provider
                             Print, Publishing and Web                                             Configure your Mac on our advanced website

                             Whellams Computer Services                                          iCentre:
                             Central London                                                      The Meadows Shopping Centre, Chelmsford
                             Call 020 71831969 Email                     Call 01787 477664 Email
                             URL                                               URL
                              Professional Mac support and solutions company,                     iCentre is the perfect environment for test-driving the latest
                             specialising in the print and publishing industries Flexible        Apple iPods, Macs and software, while also offering 1-2-1
                             support contracts Support for Xserve, backup and networks           demonstrations, advice and a full range of accessories

                             MR Systems                                                          Robert Harding Computers Ltd
                             Central London                                                      Sussex; South Coast
                             Call 020 7697 2200 Email                      Call 01273 728827 Email
                              Experienced Apple Authorised Service Provider                       Authorised Service Provider since 1979 Privately owned
                              Remote support and helpdesk                                        company, giving personal & professional service always
                              Competitive prices                                                 Student Discounts also available

                             Trams Ltd                                                           Encompass
                             Central London and Christchurch, Dorset                             Home Counties
                             Call Trams Sales: 020 7820 7111; Rapid Sales: 01202 703040          Call 01462 790773 Email
                             Email URLs and         URL
                             One of the UK’s premier Apple resellers and Authorised               Authorised Service Provider Mac OS X server specialist
                             Service Providers. With 20,000 items available online, we            Mac OS X Leopard roll-out Digital colour specialist
                             provide a comprehensive range of products and services               Consultancy (network design) Cross platform

                             MicroMend Ltd                                                       Visual Information Services Ltd
                             3 Tottenham Street, London, W1                                      Reading; International Services
                             (Near Goodge Street Tube station)                                   Call 0118 9886633 Email
                             Call 020 7636 6667 Email                       URL
                              Walk-in computer repair centre Fast turnaround                     Independent Apple parts supplier. We also repair and upgrade
                              Apple Authorised technicians Data Recovery Service                 all Apple computers at our workshop. Our engineers have over
                              iPod repairs                                                       20 years experience and knowledge of all things Apple.

                             Square Group Ltd                                          
                             Central London High Wycombe Derby                                   Harrem House, Ogilvie Road, High Wycombe
                             URL Email                 Call 01494 355333
                             Call 0800 08 27753                                                  URL
                               Apple Premium Reseller Video, Print & Publishing &                We sell refurbished and used Macs. We also do repairs and
                             Education Apple Solution Experts Apple Authorised Service           with a parts library spanning almost every Mac for the past
                             Provider Training Centre                                            10 years, why look anywhere else for the part you need

                             Core Technical Solutions                                            Apple Tree Graphics LTD
                             London, Surrey and surrounding areas                                Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
                             Call 0800 756 9905 Email       Call 01527 570535 Fax 01527 570355
                             URL                                    URL
                               On-site and workshop repair services Helpdesk and                  Apple Centre Retail and business showroom
                             remote support Apple Certified technicians Sales                      Training for major software packages Pre-sales
                             and installations Businesses and Home users                         and consultancy Network design and installation

                                                                                                                                                                    18 June 2010
Meet your local dealer…
We catch up with your local dealer to find out
what they offer Mac users. This issue, we talk
to Liverpool-based The Bookyard, which
specialises in Mac repairs and recycling.

          pple parts and repair specialists                 The family-run business based in
          The Bookyard combines computer                Liverpool started up four years ago and
          recycling with a comprehensive                now supplies Apple service spares to repair
online parts store to deliver expert, viable            centres and consumers across the globe.
options for Mac repairs. However, Apple has             We ask Gillard what’s been going on lately
a network of authorised repair centres so               down at The Bookyard.
what unique service does it offer?                          ‘We’ve been working hard on making
    ‘Repair costs through Apple authorised              this inherently complex field accessible to            The Bookyard Ltd
service providers (AASPs) for damaged or                consumers and your local computer repair              Liverpool, Nationwide Service
out-of-warranty Macs are often uneconomical             shops by a combination of online information
or simply not offered for older machines,’              and good old expert support,’ he says.
                                                                                                              Call 0151 291 6240
says Nick Gillard, director of The Bookyard.            ‘We’ve just launched a radically enhanced             Email
    He adds: ‘We aren’t bound by the                    online store with many new features based             URL
restrictions Apple imposes on AASPs. We                 on customer feedback.’
can sell service parts directly rather than                 Gillard cites one example as The                    Online store offering new and used Apple
                                                                                                              spare parts with next-day delivery Old or faulty
having to charge to fit them, recycle Macs               Bookyard’s ‘Serial Decoder’, which he says
                                                                                                              Apple hardware purchased and recycled Expert
and offer the used, tested parts as an                  takes much of the confusion out of buying             diagnosis and repairs with nationwide collection
alternative to new parts. We can supply parts           the right parts. ‘You can now type your Mac’s
long after Apple has discontinued spares for            serial number on our online store and view
that range, and offer the smallest of parts             only the parts specific or compatible with your
individually rather than Apple’s modular                exact model. Apple hardware support has
approach: a single keycap rather than a                 been a highly closed field, but we believe that
whole top case, a laptop hinge rather than a            freedom of information is a good thing.’
whole display. This is great for the customer               The Bookyard offers its Serial Decoder
and great for the environment, as it ensures            free of charge for embedding on any Mac-
maximum re-use of materials.’                           related website.

                  SL Electrotech (Instrumentation) Ltd                                             GBM Digital Technologies LTD
                  Loomer Industrial Estate, Staffordshire                                           Manchester
                 Call 01782 563999 Email                                 Call 0161 605 3838 Email
                 URL                                                           URL
                   Apple Authorised Service Provider & Reseller Fast                               Retail and business sales specialists with a technical
                 turnaround On-site and workshop repairs Helpdesk and                              support team to provide maintenance, installation and
                 remote support Apple Business Solutions and Consultancy                           support services for business and education

                  MCC Group                                                                        Evo Data UK Ltd
                  Warrington Chester Liverpool Stoke-on-Trent                                      North West
                  Call 0870 444 4990 Fax 0870 444 1373                                             Call 01539 898232 Email
                  URL                                                               URL
                    Apple Premium Reseller Apple Solutions Experts                                  Troubleshooting Hardware/software Repairs Full Mac
                  for Education/Creative Apple Authorised Service Providers                        Server network installations Re-designs Support contract
                    Training Installation Maintenance                                               Guaranteed response times Mac products and equipment

                  The Bookyard Ltd.                                                                RGB Solutions Ltd
                  Liverpool, Nationwide Service                                                    Edinburgh, Scotland
                  Call 0151 291 6240 Email                                    Call 0131 554 8888 Email
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      18 June 2010

                                                                                                         write to us explaining the        and help available online. Here
                                                                                                         problem in full. Please include   are some useful sites that may
                                                                                                         all the details of hardware and   be worth turning to along with
                                                                                                         software you use.                 the MacUser site.

                                                                                                         Email          Apple’s pages provide helpful
                                                                                                         Post Help, MacUser,               information; try the search
                                                                                                         30 Cleveland Street,              options to find specific help.
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                                                                                                                                           Keep abreast of software
                                                                                                                                           releases and fixes, and track
                       EMAIL YOUR PROBLEM TO HELP@MACUSER.CO.UK                                                                            down new utilities and tools.

                     Shaping the future
                     Apple has decided to constrain iPhone/iPad developers to its own
                     developer tools, but there’s more to this than a simple Flash snub…

                              he howls of protest following            developers to maintain a single code base
                              Apple’s decision to constrain iPad       that’s readily packaged into iPhone/iPad,
                              and iPhone OS 4 developers to its        Android and other executables.
                     own development tools were understandable:            As Adobe doesn’t own a hardware
                     telling professionals they must use               platform, if it’s to profit from this new
                     Objective-C or C++ is pretty insulting.           wave of consumer devices, it has to own
                     However, this decision needs to be peeled         a software platform such as Flash. Apple
                     away like an onion, one layer at a time,          could be blocking this to be rid of these
                     starting with the claim that this was a snub to   alien mid-platform results. There’s a problem
                     Adobe’s Flash. Judging from the more extreme      here in that many – maybe most – games
                     reactions from Flash evangelists and others,      use engines such as Lua interpreters;
                     it certainly succeeded in that.                   Apple needs full-bore support from games
                          However, Flash isn’t the whole onion.        developers, so could try to do deals to avoid
                     The next layer, spotted by some brighter          cutting them off.
                     bloggers, was that Apple intended to switch           Beneath this layer are yet more. Despite
                     processor architectures in future products        many of its features being common
                     and didn’t want the ugly debacle that ensued      knowledge long before the first iPad shipped,
                     when it moved Macs to Intel. Although our         Apple has stolen a headlong lead from the
                     user experience may have been relatively          whole of the rest of the industry. Buoyed by
                     seamless, it would have been a different story    the success of early iPad sales, it has the
                     had Apple not bought in Transitive’s Rosetta.     confidence to fight for control of this new
                     With some major third-party applications          market. The last thing that it could then
                     migrating with the alacrity of a tortoise, what   afford was dominating developers (particularly
                     should have been a quick, clean break is          those who own development environments)
                     even now, four years later, incomplete. Funnily   writing applications to the lowest common
                     enough, you may recall that Adobe’s Creative      denominator among Apple and latecoming
                     Suite was one of the latecomers. iPhone and       competitors. That would void Apple’s lead,
                     iPad futures mustn’t be constrained by the        effectively transferring its success to the
                     speed at which developers can change their        likes of Adobe.
                     in-house tools and source code.                       As we approach the innermost onion,
                          Below this comes a logical extension         there are layers steeped in Apple’s corporate
                     of the Flash story, that Apple wants all          history, formed by the long, bitter struggle it
                     iPhone/iPad applications to be consistent,        has had to achieve due recognition for Macs.
                     and compliant with its guidelines in every        A few of the most senior staff, including Steve
                     respect. Popular and important Adobe’s            Jobs himself, may still bear the scars and
                     Mac OS X applications may be, but they’re         scores to be settled for the way that PCs and
                     hardly models of consistency with Mac OS          MS-Dos, then Windows supplanted the early
                     X. Increasingly, their reliance on Flash and      runaway success of the Apple II.
                     related technologies such as Air throws               It’s exciting that Apple now aspires to
                     up idiosyncratic progress bars and other          complete control of its own destiny. Perhaps
                     interface devices.                                in peeling those layers away, the only tears        Howard Oakley has used Macs in science
                          The clear intent of Flash and other third-   we should shed are for the disappointments          and medicine for 20 years, and developed
                     party development environments is to allow        of the past.                                        commercial software.

                                                                                                                                                            18 June 2010
    Bug buster
   Aperture 3.0.3 fixes many bugs in                         for Canon, Leica S2, Olympus, and Sony        shares hosted on a server bound to Active
   applying adjustments, creating and using                 Alpha models. It’s available from support.    Directory containing Windows Server 2008
   Raw Fine Tuning presets, switching target                                domain controllers. Apple advises that
   printers and paper sizes when printing,                                                                enabling crypto algorithms compatible with
   duplicating Smart Albums, repairing and                  Final Cut Server 1.5.2 updates the Java       Windows NT 4.0 on the domain controller
   rebuilding Aperture libraries, and more.                 signing certificate to avoid authentication    should fix this, as will binding the clients
   It’s at                     issues, and fixes blockage of the              to Active Directory. Details are at support.
                                                            use of transcode settings for Matrox
   iMovie 09 may unexpectedly quit when                     CompressHD H.264 encoding cards.
   scrolling through the Media Browser’s                    Visit            Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.7
   Titles pane on some 2007 iMac, mini                                                                    fixes various bugs introduced in previous
   and MacBook models running Mac OS X                      iTunes 9.1.1 fixes unexpected quitting         releases, and supports new cameras
   10.6.3. Apple advises reverting to 10.6.2,               when using VoiceOver in several situations,   including Canon Eos 550D, Mamiya
   or avoiding revealing the Far Far Away title             bugs when converting songs to 128Kbits/       DM40, Leaf Aptus-II 8 and 10R. It’s
   when scrolling. A fix is awaited.                         sec AAC while syncing, and more. It’s         available from
   Digital Camera Raw Compatibility                                                                       Adobe Fireworks CS4 10.0.4 fixes
   Update 3.2 fixes Raw processing                           Mac OS X Server 10.4 and later cannot         many bugs, including several causing
   problems for Canon Eos 30D, Pentax                       authenticate users connected from clients     crashes, and crashing on quitting under
   K-x and K-7 models, and adds support                     not bound to Active Director, to SMB          Snow Leopard. Visit

                                                                                                           made the copy bootable, Disk Utility probably
                                                                                                           won’t be able to repair permissions. At least
                                                                                                           the previously incessant reports about SUID
                                                                                                           services seem to have stopped now.

                                                                                                           Time Capsule kaput
                                                                                                           From Stanley Salmons
                                                                                                           Q I’m afraid to say that I’ve just joined
                                                                                                           the burgeoning ranks of those whose
                                                                                                           Time Capsule has failed, with its mains
                                                                                                           light off and no sign of life. I bought it in
                                                                                                           February 2008 from the Apple Store. I hear
                                                                                                           rumours that in North America at least,
                                                                                                           Apple is replacing some Time Capsules
                                                                                                           in some serial number ranges. Does this
                                                                                                           apply to the UK as well?

                                                                                                           A It’s worth ringing Apple to report such
                                                                                                           failures. If you have a Mac that was
 Following the update to Mac OS X 10.6.3, the profuse list of incorrect errors reported when repairing     purchased before or at the same time as
 permission settings has been reduced to one persistent entry, about /usr/share/derby.
                                                                                                           you bought your Time Capsule, and your Mac
                                                                                                           has an AppleCare extended warranty, you
Permission slip                                           share/derby, containing files for the Derby       may find this covers your Time Capsule, too.
From David Ward                                           Java database, needs repairing on almost         Furthermore, Apple sometimes rectifies early
Q Running a health check on my hard                       every occasion, which suggests something         hardware failures without publicising a formal
disk, there were hundreds of permissions                  is later altering its permissions back to        extension to their standard free warranty.
that needed repair, all except two or three               incorrect ones. So you can safely ignore that        Support staff have access to internal
relating to AirPort. The remainder included               each time it appears.                            lists of products and serial number ranges
one, for usr/share/derby, which now recurs                    Depending on which software you’re           that have been recognised as having issues.
every time I repair permissions. Why is this,             using to maintain your cloned backup, files       Dig out your AppleCare support details and
and do I need to repair permissions on the                and folders whose permissions are changed        the original receipts, and give AppleCare
cloned copy to which I back up daily?                     should be reflected in the clone copy, so you     a ring to see what they say: you could be
                                                          shouldn’t need to run Disk Utility over the      pleasantly surprised.
A The pattern of errors reported when you                 backup disk. In any case, unless you
repair permissions differs from Mac to Mac,

and varies according to which software has                  Some batches of Time
                                                          Capsules may be prone to
been recently installed or updated. Updating              early failure. If you bought
iTunes to version 9.1, for example, commonly              AppleCare cover for
                                                          a Mac, you could
resulted in hundreds of incorrect permissions             find that it also
settings, which are those you’ve just seen.               covers your
                                                          Time Capsule.
Once repaired, they shouldn’t need further
attention. Even if they’re left unrepaired, they
don’t seem to have caused any problems.
    In Mac OS X 10.6.3, and possibly some
other releases, the hidden folder at /usr/
      18 June 2010

                       iMovie on a server
                       From Michael Wilks
                       Q Users with networked homes on our
                       Mac OS X Server 10.5.8 find that they
                       can’t import video into iMovie 09, seeing
                       the error message: ‘Can’t create event.
                       The import was cancelled. You may not
                       have permission to write to /iMovie
                       Events.localized’. However, users with
                       local homes have no such problem. How
                       can we fix this issue?                                    iMovie 09 and earlier offer no configuration option to locate their scratch files at a different path, which
                                                                                means that they need access to the top-level folder called ‘iMovie Events.localized’.

                       A iMovie 09 uses this top-level folder for
                       scratch files, and each user needs read/                 a folder named ‘iMovie Events.localized’ at                    mkdir "/iMovie Events.localized"
                       write access to it for this application to              the root level of each client Mac’s startup                    chown root:admin "/iMovie Events.localized"
                       run. Thankfully, its contents are regularly             volume, and then assign it permissions, so                     chmod 1777 "/iMovie Events.localized"
                       cleaned out, so it shouldn’t pose a                     that the user(s) of that Mac can read and
                       significant security risk. You could force a             write to that folder. The owner should be                     You can propagate this across the
                       purge using a login or logout hook if you               root, and group admin. You can accomplish                  Macs on your network using Apple Remote
                       prefer. The best solution to this is to create          this with the Terminal commands:                           Desktop’s Send Unix feature.

                     If you have a pro Adobe or Apple movie editor such       of iMovie, but you should be able to get
                     as Final Cut Pro, Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Instant HD
                     plug-in is capable of high-quality format conversions.   it working in any case if you convert the                        Did you know…
                                                                              different clips to a more compatible common
                                                                              format. If needs be, you might have to                           Many wireless base stations, such
                                                                              upconvert the SD video to 1080 resolution                        as Apple’s AirPort models, can
                                                                              and encode it to the same settings as you                        operate in ‘bridging’ mode, between
                                                                              have Voltaic configured for exporting.                            your local network and a modem/
                                                                                  However, you may find a simpler                               router. When bridging, you can enable
                                                                              combination of formats works as well. If                         their built-in firewall to improve network
                                                                              you have QuickTime Pro on Leopard or                             security, ideally in combination with
                                                                              earlier, you may be able to perform this                         the modem/router’s firewall.
                                                                              conversion in Movie Player. Otherwise, take
                                                                              a look at third-party conversion tools such
                                                                              as MovieConverter (from movieconverter-                     A The current version of Retrospect is 8.1,
                                                                     Ultimately,                        although the jury is out on whether it would
                                                                              Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Instant HD                         be much of an improvement. On the other
                     Need a magic bullet                                      (from                    hand, Time Machine isn’t as attractive an
                     From David Hardy                                         magic-bullet-instant-hd) is a powerful jack-                option in Mac OS X Server as it is for client
                     Q Just before the problems with volcanic                 of-all-trades that can perform SD to HD                     users of Snow Leopard. It’s definitely not a
                     dust, I visited Iceland with an old friend               upconversion, too.                                          good way to back up a server completely:
                     and we shot some video. I recorded in                                                                                several system administrators have mooted
                     1080p to AVCHD format, he in standard-                   Time Machine for server?                                    this idea, but there are many problems,
                     definition widescreen in Mpeg-4. I’ve                     From Martin Inchley                                         particularly dealing with running services.
                     converted my clips using Voltaic, and his                Q We’re investigating options for performing                    It has been claimed to be more useful
                     clips into QuickTime DV PAL. However,                    daily backups of networked home folders for                 for networked homes but, again, it has
                     trying to edit them together in iMovie HD                some 40 users of our Intel Xserve. We run                   significant design and implementation issues.
                     is a total disaster: it just swallows all the            Retrospect 6 to a FireWire Tandberg VXA                     For making a daily backup after hours, the
                     free disk space available and takes forever.             Storage Loader, but this is prone to crashes                default hourly backup setting would be quite
                     How can I use my friend’s clips with mine?               and worrying error messages. Could we                       unsuitable, and you would need to use a third-
                                                                              use Time Machine and, if so, how? Is there                  party tool such as TimeMachineEditor (free
                     A The old version of iMovie that you’re using            anything else that you would suggest?                       from
                     seems to be making                                                                                                   to change that to daily.
                     a meal of transcoding       Latest releases of the free TimeMachineEditor are able to run Time Machine at                The best use of Time Machine in server-
                                                 fixed times each day, but this still doesn’t make it ideal for backing up servers.
                     and matching the two                                                                                                 based networks is to back up local home
                     disparate types of                                                                                                   folders over a fast network to capacious
                     movie. It may be trying                                                                                              server storage. To back up part of your server,
                     to convert them into                                                                                                 such as its store of home folders, you would
                     Apple Intermediate                                                                                                   be better off using a backup tool such as Tolis
                     format for editing –                                                                                                 BRU (from However,
                     a format known for                                                                                                   even this has attracted a controversial
                     its ability to swallow                                                                                               following, with some users claiming many
                     incredible amounts                                                                                                   serious issues with it. You might be better off
                     of disk space. This                                                                                                  scripting your own backup routine, possibly
                     may work better in a                                                                                                 using the incremental features of Carbon
                     more recent version                                                                                                  Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.

                                                                                                                                                                         18 June 2010
 Sometimes you can work around error messages
 resulting from running old iTunes on new                   Did you know…
 QuickTime, but it’s better to keep both in kilter.
                                                           Before you start converting or editing
                                                                                                             Who is sharing
                                                           video, work out a common format and               my media files?
                                                           encoding, chosen so as to minimise                From Richard Ellis McCallum
                                                           the number of times that each is                  Q I use a Thecus ComboNas, running a
                                                           converted from one encoding to                    pair of disks under Raid 0, to store all my
                                                           another. Transcoding invariably brings            music, video and photos. It’s connected
                                                           some loss of quality, particularly when           to a Time Capsule using Ethernet and
                                                           used with compact, lossy formats.                 then through my modem/router to the
                                                                                                             Internet. I allow all the wireless Macs
                                                                                                             in the house to access shared folders
Old iPod, new iTunes                                    A The first thing to check is the network             on the Nas, and have its built-in iTunes
From Russell Caplan                                     IP address being used by your Mac in its             server running. Even with everything
Q I tried to import songs from a newly                  Network pane. This must be on the same               else shut down, the Thecus seems to
purchased CD into iTunes 7, which I run on              subnet as the printer, differing only in the         show a lot of hard disk activity. Am I
an iMac G4 for compatibility with my old                last of its four numbers. The IP address             sharing all my media files with intruders,
iPod. To my surprise, I saw an error alert              given in the error message implies that your         who are connecting to my Nas?
saying ‘An error occurred while trying to               network is running DHCP, in which a server
import the file “All I Really Want To Do”.               on the network hands out IP addresses. This          A Networked storage systems like
The current encoder settings for bit rate               can cause problems that can be extremely             this can busy themselves performing
and sample rate aren’t valid for this file’.             difficult to solve, and you may find it easier         housekeeping tasks even when there
I haven’t changed my conversion settings,               to switch to fixed IP addresses, as detailed in       are no users connected. These might
but it works fine on my Intel Mac running                previous Help sections.                              include chugging through the files stored
iTunes 9. Could this be an incompatibility                  You also need to check that your Mac
with QuickTime 7.6?                                     has printer drivers to support those models:
                                                        the list of supported models is at support.
A iTunes is fairly closely linked to QuickTime,, and you have
so updating this may break some features,               the option of those supplied on the Xerox
particularly conversions such as importing              site, or free from Gutenprint, at gimp-print.
audio CDs. However, you’re rightly suspicious 
that using a very old iPod with the current
release of iTunes could be even more of                 WebKit bug ignores fonts
a disaster, even though Apple claims that               From Richard Hallas
version 9.1 is compatible with all models.              Q My website (
    It might be worth testing this out by               suffers from a couple of bugs in Safari and
performing a full sync on your old iMac, and            other applications that use the current
then trying it with your Intel model. If anything       WebKit. Despite writing it in plain XHTML            The first and most fundamental line of defence against intrusion
                                                                                                             is your network’s firewall. Closing access on all ports, as shown
does go wrong, you could then initialise and            and CSS, when it calls for use of the fonts          here, is the safest option with a media server.
restore it from the G4 system. If you decide            Adobe Warnock Pro and Hypatia Sans,
that you want to keep iTunes 7 running for              Safari under Mac OS X 10.6 fails to use              on them to see which have been updated
any reason, you’re probably better freezing             them even though they’re available, but              and re-indexing them, for instance. You
that Mac at the version of QuickTime that               they’re used properly in version 10.5.8.             need to check carefully through the layers
was released with iTunes 7.                             The layering of QuickTime controls is                of security that should be protecting your
                                                        also incorrect, floating them over the                network and media server.
Fix your IP addresses                                   header bar. Is it just me?                               Most critical to security are the
From Gordon Deacon                                                                                           firewall between your network and the
Q I’m struggling to get my Mac to                       A You’re correct in your observations: these         Internet, ideally situated in your modem/
work with my network in the same way                    are bugs that appear to be in the current            router, and your wireless networking
that Windows does. I have networked                     release of WebKit, the support built into            security. Your main firewall should be
monochrome and Xerox colour printers, but               Mac OS X on which Safari is based. Use a             configured to block all incoming traffic on
can’t seem to find any way to access them                browser that’s independent of these parts of         all ports, and you must keep a watchful
from the Mac. Each time I try, I see an error           WebKit, such as Firefox, and you won’t see           eye on its logs. If someone is breaking
reporting that ‘Network host is               these issues. Hopefully, Apple will release          into your network, they’ll leave traces
busy; will retry in 15 seconds’. Is there a             fixes for these in the next update to Mac OS          there, even if the tracks of an expert can
way to get this to work?                                X 10.6 and Safari.                                   be tricky to decipher.
                                                                                                                 Your wireless security settings must
 Testing network connectivity is easier if you’ve set    As of Safari 4.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.6.3, sites        be strong too, using WPA2 to computers
 devices to use fixed IP addresses. You can then          calling for fonts available on that Mac may not
 ping each from another to verify their connection.      result in them being properly rendered by WebKit.   with specific MAC addresses only, as
                                                                                                             detailed in Mac Business in this issue
                                                                                                             (see p128). This should effectively block
                                                                                                             any other systems from being able to
                                                                                                             connect, and again you should inspect
                                                                                                             your wireless router’s logs to ensure
                                                                                                             no-one is breaking in. The other logs
                                                                                                             that are worth watching are those of
                                                                                                             your Nas, which should reveal who is
                                                                                                             connecting to its shares.

      18 June 2010


                     Wireless security
                     Throw in a few iPads and unwired laptops into a wireless network and you
                     could easily end up with unwelcome visitors, so how do you minimise risk?
                               nly a couple of years ago, most

                                                                         station, it’s advertising the presence of an         The strength of radio waves is that they
                               commercial and institutional              invisible and ill-defined area within which       normally disseminate quite widely; without
                               computer networks could make              potential intruders could hack their way         this, radio and TV couldn’t have worked.
                     a good case against supporting any form of          into your systems and act as if they were        However, it’s also a great weakness if you
                     wireless connection. With a steady stream           physically connected. Not only that, but         want only certain individuals to be able to use
                     of security breaches, and frequent press            Google, Skyhook Wireless and others who          a radio signal. Military communicators have
                     reports of wifi hacks and vulnerabilities, the       ‘wardrive’ around compiling lists of wireless    tried all sorts of ingenious tricks to lock out
                     simplest answer was no wireless access.             networks will sooner or later add your access    the enemy, encrypting signal content, dancing
                     Now, with the popularity of the iPhone, iPad        points to their databases – hardly a help to     very quickly between different frequencies,
                     and other devices that make good business           their security.                                  and so on, but none has proved invulnerable.
                     use of wifi, such a Luddite defence has                  Wifi-enabled devices have also become         The bottom line is that any networking
                     become untenable. If your network is going          immensely popular. In addition to many           performed using radio transmissions is
                     to move with the times, it needs to support         mobile phones and computers, you can             inherently vulnerable to intrusion.
                     wireless clients.                                   readily purchase cheap devices that can              When you need wireless networking, only
                         Breaking into a wired network without           detect, and even probe and analyse wifi           use it where necessary and site your base
                     having physical access to the premises is           networks. Would-be intruders no longer           stations to minimise signal leakage outside
                     an old and well-understood crime. There             need to be technically knowledgeable or          your premises. Don’t flood your whole street
                     are really only two classes of approach:            well equipped to take on your security           with a full-strength signal blasted out from
                     penetrating the firewall or getting a user to        measures. However, the specialist criminal       high-gain aerials. Remember that wireless
                     run malware, either as a downloaded Trojan          can now break almost all wireless security,      networking relies on low microwave radio
                     or by connecting to a malicious website.            even many configurations that use the more        frequencies, which are essentially line-of-
                     The moment you turn on your first wifi base           secure WPA/WPA2 protocols.                       sight and attenuate rapidly when passing

                      WEP, WPA/WPA2 and AirPort
                      WEP is a worthless deterrent, leaving WPA/         port-based network access control. All good
                      WPA2 as the only serious option. These are         modern access points, including AirPort base
                      available in ‘home’ and ‘enterprise’ variants.     stations, should meet this requirement, thus
                      The former requires a single passphrase that       be controlled from your Radius server. Macs
                      can be used from any connecting computer           have enjoyed support since Mac OS X 10.3,
                      or device, the pre-shared key referred to as       and the iPhone/iPod touch since iPhone OS
                                                                                                                            For secure wireless access for more than a dozen
                      WPA2-PSK. This offers simplicity, but inevitably   2. However, recent improvements to the             computers, the best option is for WPA2 ‘enterprise’,
                      makes it much easier to penetrate. If you          specification have been made to address             but this needs access to a Radius server.
                      must use it, you should also impose timed          vulnerabilities: look now for compliance with
                      access control according to the MAC address        802.1X-2010 or its earlier working title of      MACSec and DevID. Access points may wrap
                      of the client. This will limit the periods in      802.1af. The most significant changes in          all these up in 802.11i compliance.
                      which your network will be vulnerable to           these are the use of MACSec or 802.1AE                If this sounds a little over the top,
                      techniques such as MAC spoofing.                    data encryption, and 802.1AR Secure Device       consider the consequences of the theft
                          WPA/WPA2 Enterprise is much                    Identity or DevID authenticated devices.         of all and any data transmitted over your
                      more sophisticated than simply limiting                If those standards and acronyms aren’t       wireless network – personal information that
                      connections by the client’s MAC address,           sufficiently confusing, there are many more       you are obliged to safeguard under the Data
                      but requires access to a Radius                    in the clutch of protocols that come with        Protection Act, customer details that could
                      authentication service, either through a local     Enterprise wireless security, such as EAP, the   be sold to a competitor or for identity theft,
                      server or online. Recent systems should be         Extensible Authentication Protocol on which      access keys that would compromise other
                      compliant with IEEE 802.1X, the standard for       802.1X depends, and which is the basis for       databases and servers, and more.

                                                                                                                                                                  18 June 2010
through substantial structures such as metal,
brick and stone. Put a base station near an
external window though, and its signals will
                                                    Radius and IEEE 802.1X access control
spill out until blocked by the next solid wall.     If you already run Mac OS X Server or             Windows hosts, and all WPA Enterprise
     AirPort Extreme base stations and others       have Windows server(s), the simplest way          mode access points, including Apple AirPort
now have transmit power controls, so you            to implement WPA/WPA2 Enterprise is to            Extreme and Express, and models from
can fine-tune their coverage and spillover.          enable and configure the Radius servers            major vendors such as Linksys, D-Link,
Using a signal sniffer or a laptop, walk            provided as standard in those. However,           HP, Cisco and Buffalo. It requires a digital
round the internal areas that need to be            there are times when you may prefer to            security certificate hierarchy that can
reached, checking that signal strengths are         make your access control server a different       either be imported from VeriSign and other
adequate. Then repeat outside, adjusting the        computer from your main servers; if your          certificate providers, or created by Elektron.
configuration and position of base stations          network relies on wireless to connect                 A new and innovative option is
to make external reception difficult at best.        wired segments, you should operate a              the AuthenticateMyWiFi service at
Repeat this when you replace or upgrade             separate Radius server within each wired Provided
wireless access points. Potential intruders will    network rather than relying on the wireless       that your network has a reliable Internet
be most attracted by the biggest signal on          connection to a single server. A standalone       connection, this will deliver a Radius service
the block: make it harder for those in public       Radius server may also be required where          with IEEE 802.1X/PEAP authentication on
areas to find your signal and you’re much less       shared services are distributed peer-to-peer      a volume subscription basis. This could be
likely to attract attention.                        rather than concentrated in a server.             ideal for smaller networks that can’t run
     There are four aspects of wireless                 FOSS products include OpenRadius              their own local Radius server and networks
networking that you need to control if you’re       ( and               distributed across several different sites.
to have a reasonable chance of remaining   and
unhacked: equipment vulnerabilities,                FreeRadius ( and freeradius.         Limit by MAC, the time periods and days during which
                                                                                                       computers and other devices can access your wifi network.
publication of your network’s existence,  , requiring administration         This locks out intruders attempting MAC spoofing.
individual access control and protection of the     through the command line and configuration
content of network traffic.                          files. The commercial Radiator, costing
     All devices that form part of your network     €700 (about £598) upwards from open.
– particularly wireless access points or base, comes with
stations – and all devices that will connect to     source code, but for most Mac networks the
it must be kept fully up to date with firmware       best option is Periodik Labs’ Elektron, priced
and software security patches. Failure to           from $750 (about £525). Visit periodiklabs.
do this could allow intrusion through a             com/elektron for more details.
well-documented hack. Unlike some server                All these third-party servers will install
updates, you can’t afford to leave wireless         equally well on Mac OS X client as on the
security patches until you’ve tested them on        Server edition. Elektron supports Mac and
a non-production system; once released, they
must be applied as soon as possible. A good
example of this was the bug in Apple’s AirPort         If your network is of any size – more
Extreme firmware that allowed incoming              than a dozen systems, for example – or
                                                                                                          In summary
access over IPv6, a serious vulnerability until    handles sensitive information, you need to            ! Few networks can operate the only
patched by the 5.1 update.                         install a Radius server that’s capable of IEEE        completely robust security policy of
     Although it may seem obvious, you don’t       802.1X-2010 access control. Educational               not offering wireless connections.
want a private wireless network to advertise       organisations that wish to support the                ! Unless properly secured, wireless
its existence and name to all and sundry.          eduroam international roaming service have            networks are very easy to break into,
Check that SSID Broadcast is disabled,             to authenticate guests using the 802.1X               allowing intruders access to your most
forcing new joiners to enter the name of           standard; the 2010 specification addresses             sensitive data.
the ‘closed’ network manually before they          known vulnerabilities by encrypting data              ! Design, situate and configure access
try to connect. Although this won’t stop the       between logical ports using MACSec.                   points to minimise spillover into areas
determined intruder, it will slow them down,           Construct unguessable passwords of                that the public has access. If potential
possibly sufficiently to encourage them to go       at least 10 characters in length, using               intruders can’t find a signal, they can’t
and trouble someone else.                          digits and letters of both cases, for access          hack into your network.
     When you’re choosing access control,          to your wireless network and to alter the             ! Disable SSID Broadcast so that
ignore WEP completely. Because it’s now            configuration of each access point. For a              network details aren’t broadcast to
so quick to hack, retailers who charge             mere $35 (about £25), anyone can use the              the public. This will also keep details
credit cards over wireless networks are            WPA Cracker service at to              out of databases compiled by Google,
now forbidden to use WEP. As an absolute           crack weak passwords within 20 minutes or             Skyhook and others.
minimum, use WPA or WPA2, appropriately            less. You’ll still need to check wireless access      ! Ignore WEP, using only WPA/WPA2
enhanced by limiting the systems that can          logs (don’t even consider buying an access            security on all access points.
connect, either using MAC controls or a            point that doesn’t support detailed logging),         ! If possible, set up a Radius server
full-blown wireless security server.               and periodically that users aren’t cheating           and use WPA2 Enterprise to control
     Not all WPA2 implementations are equal,       your security by working illicit point-to-point       access rigorously.
though. While WPA2 ‘home’ isn’t generally as       connections or private access points, for             ! If you can’t run a local Radius
resilient as WPA2 ‘enterprise’, the latter can     example. When no-one requires wireless                server, consider an online service or
use relatively weak extensions such as LEAP        access, out of working hours, cut back the            at least limiting access by day, time
and EAP-FAST, so you need an eye for detail        transmit power or shut down your wireless             and MAC address.
when selecting options. Choosing WPA2 also         access points altogether. Unfortunately,              ! Ensure all wireless passwords are
assures a high standard for encryption of          although Apple’s AirPort Utility is scriptable,       10 characters or longer, with mixed
network traffic, the final aspect of wireless        it doesn’t appear possible to script power            digits and letters of both cases.
networking that you need to control.               changes at present.

                     LAST WORD:
      18 June 2010

                     Apple’s TV times
                     With the iPad’s launch out of the way and Google announcing Google TV,
                     now is the perfect time for Apple to concentrate on its favourite ‘hobby’.

                         t’s official: the iPad is every bit as             The next version, however, will have to     And so, while Apple TV may well evolve into
                         successful as even the most bullish          do more than just run YouTube videos and         some form of IP TV, it will continue to rely on
                         commentators had predicted. Two million      content from the iTunes Store and locally        iTunes and the iTunes Store as the primary
                     sales in just 60 days for a device that’s not    connected computers if it’s to compete with      delivery mechanism, and on Apple products,
                     only a brand-new product, but creates a          Google TV. It will need to be able to function   such as the Time Capsule to provide storage.
                     whole new market is, by anybody’s standards,     as a means of browsing and searching the         It will be criticised for being closed, where
                     pretty remarkable.                               web for video content and allowing it to         Google TV is open, and for being expensive
                         To put those figures in context, the          be played back on a television. Google’s         and having limited content. But Apple is well
                     original iPhone took 74 days to sell one         vision, based on its experience in web           used to dealing with those sort of criticisms
                     million units. And Apple currently sells just    search, is that Google TV will be a means        and the iPad shows that they don’t matter a
                     shy of one million Macs per month. Analyst       of navigating video content on the web, a        jot when it comes to sales.
                     predictions of 1.5 million sales by the end      kind of on-demand, always-on video player
                     of June now look very conservative.              that can source and play almost any video
                         According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the       clip, movie or programme you can think
                     company has been working on the iPad for         of. Imagine Virgin, Sky or BT’s on-demand
                     several years, so now that it’s shipping, what   video services, but with every piece of
                     next for the Cupertino company?                  moving footage you’ve ever seen or wanted
                         Apple occupies a very healthy, if small,     to see available immediately. That’s the
                     share of the desktop and laptop computer         kind of scale on which Apple, if it wanted
                     market, a growing                                                         to compete, would
                     chunk of the                                                              need to operate.
                     smartphone space,             ‘Imagine Virgin, Sky or BT’s                    Even if it
                     and has created                                                           persuades web
                     a completely new              on-demand video services, but               developers and
                     sector with the iPad.         with every piece of moving                  content owners to
                     Is there anything left                                                    switch to HTML5
                     for it to conquer?
                                                   footage you’ve ever seen or wanted for delivering video,
                         Well, yes, actually,      to see available immediately’               and thus overcomes
                     there is. And to find                                                      the problem of not
                     out what, we need                                                         supporting Flash,
                     look no further than the company’s favourite     Apple would have other obstacles to navigate
                     ‘hobby’, Apple TV. That little silver box has    in order to take on Google. Most significant
                     been shipping in modest numbers for three        would be the business model.
                     years and has had precious little attention           Currently, Apple makes a healthy profit
                     from either customers or its manufacturer.       on the hardware, and sells downloads and
                         That could be about to change, though.       rentals through the iTunes Store. In order
                     Now that Google has thrown down the              to grow the platform, however, it would
                     gauntlet with Google TV – an Android-based       need to cut the cost of hardware and broaden
                     platform that will run on set-top boxes          the range of content.
                     or televisions, and enable you to watch               That may mean, for example, striking a
                     streaming video from the web in your living      deal with the BBC to provide a version of the
                     room – Apple may feel inclined to respond.       iPlayer that allows you to view programmes
                     And with the iPad launch out of the way, it’s    online and download them to Apple TV. But if
                     in a great position to make its move.            it really planned on standing toe-to-toe with
                         All the pieces are already in place:         Google, that wouldn’t be enough. It would
                     the iTunes Store, super-efficient H.264           need to build an interface and a back end
                     encoding, and the Apple TV hardware and          capable of indexing video content all over
                     branding. While Google TV, like the Android      the web and presenting it to viewers in a
                     smartphones, is an open system that will run     coherent, easy-to-navigate fashion. Until
                     on hardware from multiple manufacturers,         now, it has relied on a combination of iTunes
                     and supports both Flash and HTML5 video,         and YouTube, both excellent at organising
                     Apple TV will follow the same closed model       and presenting content, to do that job.
                     as the rest of the company’s products. Both           None of that sounds like the company        Kenny Hemphill has been at MacUser since
                     the hardware and the software are made           into which Apple has evolved. That company       the week Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs
                     by Apple, and you can bet, barring some          is about controlling the user experience.        returned to the company, and the Internet was
                     quantum leap in Flash’s performance, it won’t    It’s about creating a walled garden where        something that ran on one Mac in a cupboard
                     run Flash video any time soon.                   nothing it considers undesirable can enter.      in the corner of the MacUser office.

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