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									5 Questions
  To Ensure
Job Satisfaction
Do my personal values align with that of
my organization’s?
          This aspect is mostly overlooked while making
          career considerations, usually focused on
          compensation, designation, commute time etc.

          Important to realize that when there’s a conflict in
          values, there are two possibilities
          - you compromise your personal values for your
          - you try to live them in an environment that rejects

          Whichever the case, you will probably be unhappy
Do I have a clear understanding of my
personal and professional priorities?
            Values drive priorities

            Clarify what you value in life

            Your commitments will reflect your priorities

            A job is nothing more than a commitment to
            provide work at a certain quality within a
            time frame
Do I need to optimize my time
management efforts?
             If you don’t like the way your calendar looks
             you only have yourself for help

             Your priorities affect your calendar in two
             - the order in which things first appear
             - the quickness with which they get
               relegated to a latter date

             Right prioritization is the place you need to
             start with
When was the last time I learnt a new
             Growth is the most important aspect in
             ensuring job satisfaction

             The scope for learning is ideally very wide
              - Skills one can keep acquiring to achieve
                growth within organization
              - Skills that contribute to personal growth
                which will add value throughout life

             Growth in this aspect is just as important
How do I see my future within the
company and outside?
            Set aside time regularly for visualization

            You experience a sense of aimlessness if
            you do not know where you will end

            This applies to your day and also your life

            Visualization is done to map yourself and get
            an idea of where you are headed in life and
            in career.
             Thank you!
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