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					NASP/NETC Black History Month Observance ... Naval Education Training Command will be featuring a Black History Month
observance/seminar/luncheon today (Feb. 26), 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Mustin Beach Officers’ Club. The University of North Carolina’s Dr. James Johnson
will speak; “The History of Black Economic Empowerment” is the theme. For tickets/information, call 452-5443 or 452-3766.

        Vol. 74, No. 8                                                     VISIT GOSPORT ONLINE:                                                                            February 26, 2010

NASP named the best galley ashore
Story, photo
by Anne Thrower
Gosport Staff Writer

              hen the Sailors wanted to watch
              sports instead of news on TV dur-
              ing their lunch breaks, the galley
listened. And when Marines wanted a quick
way to get through the food line so they
wouldn’t be late for afternoon classes, the gal-
ley listened to that request too.
   “The food is always good,                  Edward F. Ney Memorial Food
and they always have a good                   Service Award among ashore
variety of food,” said AMAR                   dining facilities. Runner-up was
Liz Sterrett, a Naval Air                     Naval Station Norfolk.
Technical Training Center                        NASP previously won the
(NATTC)        student    from                award in 1999. And the pro-
Pittsburgh. “We come here                     gram was the runner-up in
every day for every meal.”                    2009, behind Norfolk. So the
Sterrett and AMAA Jessica                     friendly competition between
Redd, a NATTC student                             the two bases continues.
from Waldorf, Md.,                                         “We just stepped it
said they especial-                                          up a notch,” said
ly like the moist                                             Paul Poling, the              Rudy Tejada, a DEW Services employee, takes potatoes out an oven at NASP’s Jet Port Café.
meatloaf.                                                    food service offi-             The French “fries” are baked in special ovens and are never deep fat fried. NASP was recently
   Meal preparation                                       cer at NASP. He said              awarded the coveted 2010 Capt. Edward F. Ney Memorial Food Service Award for having the best
and customer service are                              he went into this year’s              galley ashore in the Navy.
two factors that were consid-                    competition with confi-
ered in deciding that Naval Air               dence.                                        istration, sanitation, meal prepa-             put NASP over the top this year               has the added advantage of
Station Pensacola has the best                   It’s hard to know what stood               ration and customer service.                   was the extra effort placed on                having a lot of retired mili-
mess ashore dining facility in                out this year compared to last                    “When you’re one-two, two-                 teamwork among the 200-plus                   tary members working at the
the Navy.                                     year. The inspectors, who are                 one, you could just have some-                 employees this past year.                     galley. Many of the cooks at
   Secretary of the Navy Ray                  sworn to neutrality and privacy,              thing go wrong at the wrong                    “Everything has got to work                   the Jet Port Café, for exam-
Mabus recently announced that                 don’t have to explain why one                 time during the daylong inspec-                together as a team, and they did              ple, were cooks in the
NASP was the first-place win-                 mess wins over another. The                   tion,” Poling said.                            great,” Poling said.
ner of the coveted 2010 Capt.                 inspectors concentrate on admin-                  But he thinks what may have                   Poling believes Pensacola                     See NASP/Ney Award on page 2

                                                Margaret Flowers Civic Award winner announced
                                              By AEAN Brinn Hefron                          none finer anywhere than                     while decreasing disciplinary                 uniform have set the standard
                                              Gosport Staff Writer                          AWO1 Littlefield. He is a true               infractions by 20 percent,”                   for both staff and students.
                                                                                            role model and a winner.”                    Cuilik said.                                     The Margaret Flowers Civic
                                                 AWO1 Jason A. Littlefield                     As an instructor at the Naval                In the last year AWO1                      Award is named for career
                                              is the winner of the 2010                     Aircrew Candidate School,                    Littlefield was responsible for               civil     service     employee
                                              Pensacola Council Navy                        AWO1 Littlefield has had                     coordination of more than                     Margaret Flowers. In addition
                                              League’s Margaret Flowers                     more than 11,000 hours of                    9,000 hours of community                      to having a high caliber of pro-
                                              Civic Award.                                  mishap-free high-risk training               service.                                      fessionalism, the nominee
                                                 In nominating AWO1                         of more than 1,400 Navy and                     Described as being “the                    must also provide a high level
                                              Littlefield, Naval Aviation                   Marine students annually. “His               ideal model of what a first                   of civic achievements.
                                              School Command (NASC)                         hands-on leadership resulted                 class petty officer should be,”                  For a complete listing of the
                                              Commanding Officer Capt.                      in an unprecedented student                  AWO1 Littlefield’s sharp                      Margaret Flowers award nom-
 AWO1 Jason A. Littlefield                    W.P. Cuilik said, “There are                  graduation rate of 92 percent                appearance and impeccable                     inees with photos see page 4.

   2010 NMCRS fund drive starts March 1                                                                                                                 New program allows
  By Gil Chase                                           Marines and Sailors helping each                                                              Sailors to verify medical
  NMCRS Publicity Chairman                               other.
                                                            Last year $400,000 was raised                                                                  readiness online
     With a goal of doing as well or bet-                through the fund drive, up $75,000                                                              Reporting          System              force and ensure our
  ter than last year, the Pensacola Navy-                from the previous year despite the                                                              (MRRS) via BUPERS                      warfighters are medically
  Marine Corps Relief Society launched                   tough economy. “That just shows the                                                             Online (BOL). The IMR                  prepared to meet their
  its annual active-duty fund drive Feb.                 spirit in Pensacola, ” Harden told the                                                          status determines if a                 mission,” said Capt. Tina
  19 at NASP. The campaign will run                      72 officers and senior enlisted from                     By Lt. Cmdr. James R.                  Sailor is medically eligi-             L. Ortiz, NAVMISSA
  through April 16.                                      about 40 local commands who attend-                      Hagen                                  ble to deploy.                         commanding officer. “It’s
     “All the money donated to our soci-                 ed the kickoff breakfast at the Mustin                   NAVMISSA PAO                              “This additional appli-             every Sailor’s responsibil-
  ety is turned around and loaned out to                 Beach Officers’ Club. “We’re hoping                                                             cation within BOL allows               ity to maintain their indi-
  fellow Sailors and Marines,” said                      to meet that or exceed it.”                                 Navy          Medicine              Sailors to ensure that all             vidual medical readiness.
  Mark Harden, director of NMCRS                                                                                  Information       Systems              of their IMR require-                  This tool empowers them
  Pensacola. “It’s just one big cycle of                                       See NMCRS on page 2                Support           Activity             ments are current and see              to keep track of their IMR
                                                                                                                  (NAVMISSA) in San                      what their current IMR                 status and update it as
                                                                                                                  Antonio, Texas, has                    status is,” said Elaine A.             necessary.”
                                                                                                                  developed an on-line pro-              Shorkey, a NAVMISSA                       The new application is
                                                                                                                  gram that will support                 external liaison and proj-             a module that displays
                                                                                                                  every Sailor.                          ect lead.                              information in an easy-
                                                                                                                     NAVMISSA’s         new                 Maintaining accurate                to-follow format that
                                                                                                                  web-based application                  IMR status through                     resembles a report card.
                                                                                                                  allows Sailors for the first           MRRS is a high priority                Sailors can see their
                                                                                                                  time to monitor their                  within Navy Medicine                   physical health assess-
                                                                                                                  Individual        Medical              and directly supports                  ments,          laboratory
                                                                                                                  Readiness (IMR) status                 Navy Medicine’s goal of                results, dental readiness,
                                                                                                                  online.                                a fit and healthy force.               and any medical condi-
                                                                                                                     Sailors can now review                 “The ability for indi-              tions that may prohibit
                                                                                                                  their IMR medical and                  viduals to monitor their               or limit deployment
   Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Director Mark Harden answers                                          dental data from the                   IMR status will help to
   questions at a recent NMCRS fund drive presentation. Photo by Anne Thrower                                     Medical         Readiness              promote a healthy naval                   See NAVMISSA on page 2

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PA G E    2                                                                                                                                          February 26, 2010

    Notice: NASP smoke
  testing stormwater lines
    NAS Pensacola is conducting a smoke test of its
 stormwater system.
    Work crews will be on base starting March 1 and will
 finish with smoke testing by May 1. A “smoke test” sur-
 vey will assist inspection crews in locating connections
 and defects in the stormwater system.
    The smoke you may see coming from manholes, curb
 inlets or holes in the ground is non-toxic, non-staining,
 has low odor, is white to gray in color and creates no fire
    The smoke should not enter your building unless you
 have defective plumbing. If you discover smoke in your
 building, contact your building manager.
    Important: If there is any individual in your building                                                  ,
                                                                         The Jet Port Café onboard NASP which serves mostly students from the nearby NATTC, is the largest freestand-
 who has respiratory problems and is immobile, notify                    ing galley in the Navy. It serves about 6,500 meals daily. Sailors say they prefer to watch sports rather than news
 Greg Campbell at 452-3131, ext. 3007.                                   on the galley’s TVs during their lunch breaks. Photo by Anne Thrower
                                                                        NASP wins Ney Award from page 1               the base level, there are food stan-        level.
     March 2010 Enlisted Advancement                                                                                  dards that are graded when it                  NASP has been designated a
                                                                        military and understand the high              comes time for the inspections. For         five-star galley in the Southeast
      Exams for PO1/2/3 Candidates                                      standards that the inspectors                 example, the French fries are               region every year since 2002.
    The Education Services Offices of Personnel Support                 require for the award.                        baked not fried. And the menu                  The top five-star programs in
Activity Detachment (PSD) Pensacola will administer the                    Even Dyune Martinez, the food              includes a variety of nutritional           each region then go on to compete
Navy wide enlisted advancement examination at the Mustin                service work inspector at the facil-          items.                                      against other regions to get to the
Beach Officers’ Club aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola                 ity, is a retired culinary specialist            “It’s really healthy, that’s what I      finals. The final inspection in
(NASP) March 4, E-6; March 11, E-5; March 18, E-4; 2010                 chief. “So we all have an idea what           really like about it because I try          September is between the top two
for advancement to petty officer first-third class.                     to shoot for, and we put all those            and stay in shape,” said ATAN               programs. The winners are typical-
    The doors will open at 6 a.m. and will close promptly at 7          experiences together,” he said.               Cody Cox, a NATTC student from              ly announced in February.
a.m. the morning of the exam. All candidates must be in uni-               And the team knows how to                  Dawsonville, Ga. He reads the                  At each stage 25 customers are
form of the day and have their military ID card in order to par-        cook for large numbers of active-             calories and fat information pro-           interviewed randomly and given
ticipate. No cellphones, watches, food, or beverages are per-           duty military. The Jet Port Café —            vided.                                      comment cards to fill out. “That’s
mitted at the testing site.                                             which serves mostly students from                The Sailors say there is no com-         one thing that’s out of our control,”
    For additional information, contact PSD Educational                 the nearby NATTC — is the                     parison to boot camp, usually the           Poling said.
Service Office (ESO) at 452-3617.                                       largest freestanding galley in the            only other Navy food service they              The award is named after Capt.
                                                                        Navy, serving about 6,500 meals               are familiar with. “It’s very clean,”       Ney, who supervised the procure-
                                                                        daily. Most of the meals are at               said AEAA Tabitha Garrett from              ment of food for the Navy during
                T HIS W EEK                                             lunch — about 3,300 — at the 14-              Jonesboro, Ark., who has been at            World War II. “The Ney award is a
                                                                        year-old facility.                            NASP about six months “And all              quality of life program as it affects
      IN       N AVAL H ISTORY                                             It’s hard to find Sailors or               the workers are very polite.”               the health, morale and retention of
                                                                        Marines at the Jet Port Café who                 She also likes the “speed line”          all the Navy Sailors,” said
 Feb. 26                                                                don’t like the place, which serves            for when she’s running late for             Roxanne Hauman, Ney program
 1811 – Congress authorizes first naval hospital.                       everything from Starbucks coffee              class. “So we really never miss a           manager, in a statement congratu-
 1944 – Sue Sophia Dauser, superintendent of the                        to steak and prime rib, the most              meal,” she said.                            lating the winners.
 Navy’s Nurse Corps is first woman in Navy to receive                   popular foods. But the galley also               To receive the award the pro-               The trophy will officially be
 rank of captain.                                                       serves the popular “fast food”                gram has to progress through three          awarded April 17 in Reno, Nev.
                                                                        hamburgers and French fries to the            inspections, starting with the five-           So what’s next? “You can try to
                                                                        mostly young crowd.                           star accreditation in the spring. The       repeat,” Poling said. “That’s prob-
 Feb. 27
                                                                           While the menu is decided at               first inspection is at the regional         ably the hardest thing to do.”
 1942 – Battle of the Java Sea, allied naval force
 attacks Japanese invasion convoy.                                      NMCRS from page 1                                                      Harden also sees the annual drive as a way to pro-
                                                                                                                                            mote NMCRS activities. “This is a great opportunity
 Feb. 28                                                                About $1.75 million in interest-free loans and grants               for Sailors and Marines to learn about what we do and
 1844 – Explosion of Peacemaker, experimental 14-                       were distributed locally last year. That included $300              all the services we can provide to them,” he said. “We
 inch gun, on board USS Princeton.                                      quick-assistance loans to about 2,800 military, Harden              can help them with funds for things like emergency
                                                                        said. Almost 100 percent of the quick-assistance loans              travel, food, rent insurance and other needs.”
 March 1                                                                are repaid.                                                            The NMCRS also uses its funds to assist retirees and
 1942 – U-656 becomes the first German submarine                           “We couldn’t operate without donations from our                  widows. And it participates in the Budget-for-Baby
 of World War II to be sunk by naval air (VP-82).                       Sailors and Marines,” Harden said. “We’re here to                   program that attracts about 40 women each month to
 1954 – First of six detonations, Operation Castle                      serve them because they serve us and our country.”                  learn about budgeting while receiving free clothing and
 nuclear test.                                                             Harden stressed that giving just $5 or $10 a month to            handmade blankets.
                                                                        the campaign would make a big difference. “We’re                       This year’s fund drive coordinator is Capt.
 March 2
                                                                        going to be doing really great if every Sailor and                  Bradley A. Martin, commanding officer of the
 1859 – Launch of Saginaw at Mare Island, first Navy                    Marine on active duty gave us $5 to $10 — that would                Center For Naval Aviation Technical Training
 ship built on West Coast of United States.                             quadruple our fund raising in one year.,” he said.                  (CNATT) at NASP. And the regional assistant coor-
 1973 – Women begin pilot training in U.S. Navy.                           But Harden said NMCRS is looking for something                   dinator is Marine Maj. Chad Swan.
                                                                        more than donations. “We’re looking for 100 percent                    Service members interested in donating should
 March 3                                                                quality contact with all unit personnel onboard our                 contact their local unit representative.
 1871 – Navy Medical Corps established.                                 local bases. As long as we can reach every person on                   For information about receiving help from
 1915 – Office of Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)                       base and give them the opportunity to donate, that’s                NMCRS, call 452-2300 or visit its Web site at
 established.                                                           what we’re hoping for,” Harden said.                      
 1915 – Congress creates federal Naval Reserve.
 Under it Naval Reserve force built up.                                 NAVMISSA from page 1                          not considered at risk to experience a      illness or injury, or they fall into a dental
 1960 – USS Sargo return to Hawaii from Arctic cruise                                                                 dental emergency, thus deployable           class three – considered to be at an
 of 11,000 miles, 6,003 miles under the polar ice.                      ment and post-deployment health assess-       worldwide. A partially ready status         increased risk to experience a dental
                                                                        ments. It also shows when immuniza-           means the Sailor lacks one or more          emergency.
 March 4                                                                tions should be administered and when         immunization, laboratory results or med-        The last category, medical readiness
 1911 – Appropriation of first funds for experiments in                 upcoming assessments should be com-           ical equipment such as a gas mask insert.   indeterminate, applies to Sailors whose
                                                                        pleted.                                       These limitations can be quickly            health status cannot be determined
 naval aviation.
                                                                            A Sailor’s overall IMR status is          resolved and allow the member to            because of missing information such as
 1947 – Operation Highjump, air operations in                           assessed into one of four categories: fully   deploy once corrected.                      lost medical records or an overdue
 Antarctica, ends.                                                      medically ready, partially medically             Not medically ready means the Sailor     assessment.
 Naval historical data excerpted from U.S. Naval History &              ready, not medically ready and medical        has a chronic or prolonged deployment-          Sailors can view their medical readi-
 Heritage Command’s Web site. For complete listings, visit              readiness indeterminate.                      limiting condition and cannot deploy.       ness status on                                       A fully ready status means the Sailor     This status includes Sailors who are hos-   by clicking on the IMR Status link under
                                                                        is current in all medical categories and is   pitalized or convalescing from serious      the BOL Application Menu.

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February 26, 2010                                                                                                                                                        PA G E
                       GOSPORT                               COMMENTARY
Military spouses residency relief act explained further
By Lt. j.g. Brandon Hale          Until recently, this            Translation — If            derstandings that need            wage      income     and        Kristen will pay Virginia
Sargent                        benefit under the SCRA          Seaman Paul’s wife             to be addressed.                  income from services            state income tax on her
JAGC                           did not extend to service       Kristen is also a resident        First, the MSRRA               performed in the non-           two businesses she
                               members’ spouses.               of New York at the time        does not allow a spouse           domiciliary states.             opened while in Norfolk.
   Under the Service              Every time a service         they move to Norfolk,          to pick or choose a state           Thus, if Kristen sells           If you have questions
members Civil Relief           member moved, the               Va., Kristen’s state of        of legal residence.               their Norfolk house or          concerning the MSRRA,
Act (SCRA), a service          spouse’s state of legal         legal residence will be           Second, the MSRRA              rents out their extra           visit a legal assistance
member does not pay            residence would change          New York.                      does not allow a spouse           home in Virginia, she           attorney.
state income tax in the        and the spouse would be            Moreover, if Kristen        to “inherit” or assume a          will be taxed by Virginia          At NASP that number
state where the service        taxed by the state on all       works while in Norfolk,        service member’s domi-            on this income. Also,           is 452-3734.
member is stationed if         income earned in that           she will not be taxed by       cile upon marriage.
that state is not his
domicile (legal state of
                                  For example, when
                                                               Virginia, but will only
                                                               be subject to New York
                                                                                                 There is not a stan-
                                                                                              dard form to be filled            Questions? Just ask at NASP
residence).                    Seaman Paul moved to            state income tax.              out that allows a spouse
   However, the service                                                                                                          By Anne Thrower                 to have the intent to
                               Norfolk, Va., with his             Also, Kristen will not      to change their residen-           Gosport Staff Writer            return and have some
member is taxed on his         wife, she became a              be taxed by Virginia on        cy. Actually, the spouse                                           connection to the state
military income in his         Virginia resident and           automobiles when they          must have lived in the                 For those who want to that the spouse claims.
state of legal residence.      the state of Virginia now       are titled solely in           state, intends to return           know what the                            That connection
In other words, Seaman         taxes her on income             Kristen’s name or joint-       to there and have a tan-           new        Military                   can be a voter regis-
Paul, whose state of res-      earned while living             ly with Seaman Paul.           gible connection to the            S p o u s e s                         tration card or a dri-
idence is New York,            there.                             Keep in mind two            state.                             Residency Relief                      ver’s license, he
does not pay income tax           This law has some-           things: The spouse must           Such connections that           Act means to                          said.
to the state of Virginia       what changed.                   be present with the serv-      need to be established             them are encour-                         “A service mem-
from      his    military         President       Obama        ice member in the non-         are: voter registration,           aged to call the                      ber couldn’t just
income earnings while          signed into law the             domicile state pursuant        driver’s license, pur-             Naval        Legal                     choose a random
                                                                                                                                                      Lt. Evan Ausband
stationed in Norfolk.          Military          Spouses       to military orders; and        chase of residential               Service Central                        state because it’s
Rather Seaman Paul             Residency Relief Act            the state must not be the      property and registra-             Office at NASP, said Lt. good for tax purposes,”
will be taxed based on         (MSRRA)             which       spouse’s domicile (legal       tion or titling of vehi-           Evan M. Ausband, head Ausband said. “That’s the
New York state income          changes some of the             residence).                    cles.                              of the civil department.        reason we like to have
tax rates.                     basic rules of taxation in         This law is effective          Third, MSRAA does                   “It’s a great provision folks come in so we can
   New York does not           regards to military             for tax year 2009 and          not allow a spouse to              because it adds protection talk to them about it.”
tax service members on         spouses.                        eligible spouses may be        recapture an old aban-             to spouses which they              Before the act, some
their military income             The spouse of the            entitled to refunds.           doned domicile unless              didn’t have before,” he spouses had to file multi-
earnings outside the           military member is enti-           For 2010 and the            the spouse physically              said. “But with any of ple state taxes over the
state unless the Sailor is     tled to SCRA protection                                                                           these laws there’s always years.
                                                               future, eligible spouses       returns to the state with
onboard       a     ship.                                                                                                        little nuances.”                   Now they can desig-
                               for the same domicile           need to designate their        the requisite connec-
Furthermore, no matter                                                                                                               The act appears to mir- nate one state to claim for
                               (state of legal residence)      appropriate domicile           tions and intent to                ror the earlier act set up the entire military serv-
where Seaman Paul is           of the military spouse          state by filing new with-      remain there perma-                for military members, ice.
stationed, New York            — if the dependent              holding forms with their       nently.                            Ausband said.                      NLSO lawyers can be
will always remain his         spouse had also previ-          employer.                         Fourth,     the    tax              An important part of reached at 452-3733 or
state of legal residence       ously acquired the same            However, there are          exemption for working              the act is the requirement 452-3734
unless he changes it.          legal domicile.                 some common misun-             spouses only applies to
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PA G E   4                                                                                                                  February 26, 2010

2010 Margaret Flowers Civic Award nominees
 The Military Appreciation Luncheon and Award
Ceremony hosted by The Pensacola Council Navy League
of the United States was held at New World Landing
restaurant Feb. 25.
The Margaret Flowers Civic Award ––
named for career civil service                                    IT1        Eloise                           Over the course                             AG1       April
employee Margaret Flowers –– rec-                              Beeks is an accom-                          of the past year,                           Dampier unselfish-
ognizes the individual who has done                            plished      leader,                        Sgt.          Derek                         ly volunteered 191
the most work for the various and                              instructor      and                         Burleson         has                        hours of her per-
divergent activities and organiza-                             mentor, setting the                         devoted a vast por-                         sonal time to vari-
tions in Escambia and Santa Rosa                               bar by which                                tion of his personal                        ous organizations
counties. The individual may be from                           excellence is meas-                         life to giving back                         in the local com-
                                                               ured.                                       to the community                            munity.
the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air                                                                          in     which      he
Force or Coast Guard. The nominees                               –– Center for                             resides.                                      –– NATTC CO
not only must be the best in civic                             Information                                                                             Capt. Kent Miller
achievements, but they must also be IT1 Eloise B. Beeks        Dominance acting          Sgt. Derek         –– AMS-1 CO           AG1
of the highest caliber of profession-   Center for             CO Cmdr. E.A.             W. Burleson       Maj. L.L. Fowler April R. Dampier
alism in their technical specialities  Information             Hipsle                      Aviation                                   Naval Air
and maintain a recruiter-image Dominance Corry                                           Maintenance                              Technical Training
appearance.                               Station                                         squadron 1                                   Center

                        Over the past                             Contributing in                             HM1      Pamela                             AM1       Pawel
                     year, Sgt. Shannon                        excess of 130 vol-                          Jenkins      volun-                         Mikolajewski is a
                     Fleming         has                       unteer hours, Staff                         teered more than                            highly dedicated,
                     demonstrated in                           Sgt.          Justin                        430 hours of serv-                          multi-talented and
                     word and deed that                        Gandino-Saddein                             ice      providing                          superbly motivated
                     she is dedicated to                       has given his time                          health screening to                         professional whose
                     the betterment of                         and hard work to                            the Santa Rosa                              leadership     and
                     the       city   of                       various organiza-                           local elementary                            management skills
                     Pensacola and its                         tion in the commu-                          and middle schools                          far exceed the
                     citizens.                                 nity.                                       from October 2005                           requirements of his
                                                                                                           through January                             present rate and
  Sgt. Shannon                        Staff Sgt. Justin                     HM1                                                     AM1 Pawel
                      –– AMS-2 CO                       –– AMS-2 CO                                        2010.                                       position.
   M. Fleming        Maj. D.B. Hickey Gandino-Saddein Maj. D.B. Hickey Pamela A. Jenkins                                          M. Mikolajewski
    Aviation                                   Aviation                                     Naval            –– NHP CO                Naval Air        –– NATTC CO
   Maintenance                                Maintenance                             Hospital Pensacola   Capt. M. Morro         Technical Training Capt. Kent Miller
   squadron 2                                 squadron 2                                                                               Center

                        While maintain-                           A proactive and                             AC2 Frederick             A W R 2
                     ing a rigorous                            forward-thinking                            Rudolph     volun-        Kristopher
                     training schedule,                        leader,       AE2                           teered more than          Sellmeyer’s tire-
                     PR2        William                        Brandie Nicholas                            400 hours to more         less off duty contri-
                     Morgan has shown                          consistently                                than 10 events            bution and volun-
                     superior perform-                         exceeds expecta-                            which raised rela-        teer efforts have
                     ance as the mainte-                       tions and performs                          tions amongst the         had an impact and
                     nance leading petty                       at a level far                              community to an           resulted in the bet-
                     officer and master                        exceeding her peer                          unprecedented             terment of the
                     training specialist.                      group.                                      level.                    Santa Rosa County
                                                                                                                                     environment and
PR2 William S.         ––       Naval         AE2 Brandie        –– NATTC CO            AC2           –– NASP CO AWR2 Kristopher local community.
    Morgan           Survival Training         L. Nicholas     Capt. Kent Miller Frederick Rudolph Capt.   William   S. Sellmeyer
Naval Operational    Institute    OIC           Naval Air                             Naval Air     Reavey             Helicopter       –– HTS-18 CO
Medicine Institute   Capt.        J.M.      Technical Training                    Station Pensacola                Training Squadron Cmdr.          M.T.
                     Andrews                      Center                                                                   18        Murray

                        ABE1        Luke                          Staff        Sgt.                           CTN1 William                               ABH1 Jackie
                     Super’s attention to                      Michele Tapia is an                         Thompson’s exem-                            Velasco is keenly
                     detail, profession-                       active member of                            plary military bear-                        aware that personal
                     alism, confident                          the Pensacola com-                          ing, work ethic and                         involvement and
                     attitude and com-                         munity, dedicating                          technical expertise                         individual commit-
                     mitment to training                       her off duty time to                        provide a com-                              ment are the cor-
                     excellence exem-                          help those in need.                         mendable example                            nerstone of any
                     plify those traits                                                                    for his peers to                            successful organi-
                     highly desired of                          –– AMS-2 CO                                emulate.                                    zation.
                     an instructor.                            Maj. D.B. Hickey
                                                                                                             ––        Navy                              –– NASWF CO
     ABE1          –– NATTC CO                 Staff Sgt.                              CTN1 William        Information             ABH1 Jackie         Capt. Peter Hall
 Luke A. Super Capt. Kent Miller            Michele S. Tapia                            E. Thompson        Operations                R. Velasco
    Naval Air                                   Aviation                               Navy Information    Command      CO            Naval Air
Technical Training                            Maintenance                             Operations Command   Cmdr. F.A. Shaul        Station Whiting
     Center                                    squadron 2                                                                                Field
GOSPORT                 February 26, 2010                                                                                  PA G E   5

      Pensacola Lions Club
‘Outstanding Flight Instructors of 2009’
     The                         The Pensacola Lions Club, chartered in 1928, is a local chapter of an international benev-
  Pensacola                    olent organization. The banquet held Feb. 23 was to honor the Outstanding Flight Instructors
                               of 2009 from local training squadrons and Naval Aviation Schools Command. In addition to
 Lions Club                    sponsoring the Outstanding Flight Instructor awards, the Lions are active locally in providing
  held a ban-                  support for a variety of sight-related programs including the Pensacola Lions Eye Clinic,
 quet for the                  Leader Dogs and Florida Lions Camp for the visually handicapped.
   of 2009
   Feb. 23
at New World                    Marine Capt. Richard Ayers         Marine Maj.           Lt. Anthony Cowart
  Landing.                               HT-28                    Matthew Callan         Naval Aviation Schools

  Lt. Melissa Dillard            Marine Capt. John Doran     Lt. Cmdr. Richard Gourley       Marine Maj.           Marine Maj.
        VT-4                             VT-86                         VT-86                Dennis Hacker          John Kirby
                                                                                             TraWing Six              HT-8

Air Force Maj. Benjamin        Marine Capt. Frank Mackoul        Lt. Sean McCrink           Lt. Ian Morris         Marine Capt.
       Laubacher                      Naval Aviation                   VT-10                     VT-3             Michael Murray
          VT-3                      Schools Command                                                                   VT-86

       Lt. Cmdr.                    Marine Capt. Frank            Lt. Nathan Staff          Marine Maj.           Lt. Jason Wells
    Richard Parrish                    Rhobotham                        VT-2             Gregory Swarthourt             VT-4
      TraWing Six                         VT-10                                                HT-18
PA G E    6                                                                                                                            February 26, 2010

  Whiting Field holds Black History Month celebrations
  Base recognizes contributions of black Americans throughout the country’s history
By Jay Cope                                    Miller, Jackie Robinson and other indi-
NAS Whiting Field PAO                          viduals showed the progress that has
                                               been made through the years. Many of
  The Naval Air Station Whiting                the people were military service per-
                                               sonnel. The fact that so many racial
Field (NASWF) First Class Petty                breakthroughs have been made in the
Officer Association teamed up                  military was not lost on the guest speak-
with the diversity committee Feb.              er.
                                                   “For me, there are two things that
19 to present a Black History                  have integrated our country,” said Tony
Month event for base military                  Henderson, the assistant public defender
and civilian personnel. The cere-              for Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and
                                               Walton counties. “One is the military.
mony highlighted the accom-                    When your life is on the line, you don’t
plishments of Americans of color               care about the color of a person’s skin.
though history as well as recog-               Only the job matters. The second is ath-
                                               letics. In both, you are working together
nized that the journey is not yet              toward a common goal.”
complete.                                          Henderson detailed experiences from
                                                                                              Tony Henderson, assistant public defender for Santa Rosa, Escambia, Okaloosa and
                                               his job and life as he reminded the audi-
   NASWF regularly celebrates ethnic                                                          Walton counties, gave a keynote speech at NASWF’s Black History Month event.
                                               ence that family is the core answer to the
heritage throughout the year. Black            racial tensions of today.                      including his father, retired SHC Arthur       Americans from entertainment, sports,
History Month joins Women’s, Hispanic              After Henderson graduated from             Henderson, the owner of H&H                    political, military and commercial
and Asian Pacific Islander heritage            Marshall University, he returned to            Barbecue who catered the luncheon. The         realms whose contributions were relat-
month celebrations. The events recog-          Santa Rosa County to live. He worked           senior Henderson also introduced his           ed by SH2 Anthony Benson.
nize the contributions these groups have       part time at J.C. Penney and at a packing      son with a few simple stories of his               Henderson admitted that there are
made to the success of the military and        company. He did it for a year that he          youthful football career, college aca-         still obstacles for African-Americans to
the nation. Following the presentation of      called “tough,” before he attended law         demics, and legal career. The kind of          overcome. But like so many other great
colors and the singing of the national         school at Florida State University. He         things any proud father would relate to.       black Americans, success is there if a
anthem, Capt. Pete Hall, NAS Whiting           had a wife and daughter to care for and           It reinforced the theme of family.          person is willing to strive for it.
Field commanding officer, welcomed             parents who took shifts watching the              “Hearing my father speak well of me             “There will likely always be racism is
the guests and referred to the value           child while he attended and finished           makes everything I have done worth-            America,” he said. “But is racism in
gained from the ceremonies.                    school.                                        while,” Henderson said.                        America holding black people back?
   “These events are important,” he said.          “That’s what families do. No matter           Henderson’s path to success wasn’t          No. It is only holding you back if you let
“They serve as an opportunity to get           how good the government structure, no          easy. He had to work hard to achieve a         it. I feel like I am preaching to the choir.
together and share our diversities.”           matter how much money they spend, it           prominent position in life. In many            The people here are the ones who
   Famous African-Americans and their          comes down to one basic thing for suc-         ways that reflected the stories of Henry       already take advantage of the opportu-
accomplishments were displayed on two          cess, and that's family.”                      Blair, Cathay Williams, Henry Ossian           nities our great country provides us. Is
separate screens while the audience                And his family was well represented.       Flipper, Nancy Green, Oscar Micheaux,          our country perfect? No. But it is the
waited for the program to begin. Doris         Several relatives attended the event,          Bill Picket and other respected black          best country in the world.”

Tax help: NAS Whiting Field VITA kicks off tax season
   Naval Air Station Whiting Field (NASWF) is once             and state tax obligations:                                    ed in Bldg. 1417, room 153. The building is next door to
again offering free tax preparation services through the          The service involves no preparation fees. Commercial       the gym in center of the base, with the chapel on one end
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to              tax preparers may charge more than $140 for the average       and Pen Air Credit Union on the other. Using the north
active duty, dependents, retirees and Reservists on active     electronically filed return. VITA volunteers prepare and      side entrance near Pen Air Credit Union, VITA is the first
duty for more than 30 days. VITA began accepting               file the same returns at no cost to Sailors and dependents.   office on the left-hand side. Tax preparation assistance is
appointments Feb. 1. Through this program, those eligi-           VITA provides faster refunds. Paper returns may take       available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and
ble individuals not only can save hundreds of dollars on       eight or more weeks to process. By using VITA, refunds        offered on an appointment-only basis. Call 665-6120 to
tax preparation fees, but they also get their refund in just   are deposited directly into a Sailor’s bank account an        schedule an appointment.
a couple of weeks.                                             average of two weeks from the date of transmission, even          Before making an appointment, please ensure you
   During the 2009 tax season, Navywide volunteers             from overseas and afloat commands. These rapid refunds        have all of your tax documents. You will need W-2s,
with the VITA program filed nearly 70,000 federal and          greatly reduce the need for refund anticipation loans         1099Rs, and bank documents showing interest/dividends
state tax returns, saving service members and dependents       (short-term loans with added charges and high-interest        earned. You will also be required to provide last year’s
more than $9.7 million in commercial tax preparation           rates).                                                       tax return or copies of your Social Security card (for each
fees. Locally, last year the NAS Whiting Field Tax                VITA volunteers make fewer mistakes than the aver-         member listed on the return), and if the return will be filed
Center filed more than 600 tax returns, with a savings to      age person makes performing the same tax return them-         electronically, a blank check to verify RTN and account
the taxpayers in excess of $63,000. The VITA program is        selves. VITA prepared returns are very accurate – less        number.
a proven winner that improves morale and readiness and         than a 1 percent error rate compared to 15 percent for            “The VITA program is only viable if it is utilized. This
keeps money in Sailors’ pockets. VITA significantly            paper returns.                                                is another one of those good programs that may go away
reduces the effort and cost involved in meeting federal           This year the NAS Whiting Field Tax Center is locat-       if it is not used,” said Bill Brock, VITA coordinator.
February 26, 2010                                                                                                                                       PA G E

Partyline e-mail submissions                  Bloodstripe Club is having a            meats. Donations accepted seven days         dents in the Florida district.
  Submissions for Partyline should         “Bosses’ Night Out” March 4 starting       a week at the facility on S Street in           Volunteers will receive orientation,
be e-mailed to: anne.thrower.ctr           at 3:30 p.m.                               Pensacola 8 a.m.-5 p.m.                      training, uniforms and a schedule to
@navy. mil.                                   For information call 452-6380.             For information call 433-9453, ext.       work a couple days each week during
  Submissions should include the                                                      5.                                           the school year.
organization’s name, the event, what       LINKS sessions for spouses planned                                                         For information contact Amanda
the event is for who benefits from the        Upcoming Lifestyle, Insights,           GSA training conference and expo.            Girsson at 916-3001 or Stanley
event, time, date, location and point of   Networking, Knowledge and Skills             U.S.        General        Services        Lawhead at 934-2629.
contact.                                   (LINKS) sessions for military spouses      Administration is having a conference
                                           will be held at MATSG-21 headquar-         and exposition May 4-6 at the Orange         Embry Riddle registration ongoing
FFSC classes in March                      ters in the CO’s conference room.          County Convention Center in                     Embry      Riddle     Aeronautical
   The following classes will be              LINKS provides information to all       Orlando.                                     University registration for the March
offered at the Fleet and Family            Marines and family members on the            This conference is free for military,      term is going on through March 22.
Support Center in March.                   resources available and methods for        federal, state and local government             Registration will be held Monday
   Parenting Challenging Kids class        meeting the challenges of the military     employees.                                   through Thursday 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and
meets for six weeks starting March 5       lifestyle.                                   For information, schedules or to           Fridays 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in Bldg. 634,
from 10 a.m.-noon.                            Sessions will be March 6 from 8:30      register visit or           Suite 33 on NAS Pensacola, and
   Ombudsman basic training will be        a.m.-3 p.m. and April 13-14 from 8:30      contact Wayne Carter at 232-4140.            Mondays and Wednesdays 9 a.m. - 4
offered March 8-11 from 5-9 p.m.           a.m.-noon.                                                                              p.m. in Bldg. 1417, Room 163 on
Command’s permission must be                  To register contact Debbie Jenkins      Essay contest honoring military              NAS Whiting Field.
granted to attend. To volunteer as an      at or 452-           Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of                For information call 458-1098.
ombudsman contact respective com-          9460, ext. 3012.                           Commerce and Pen Air Federal Credit
mand master chief.                                                                    Union are sponsoring a school essay          VITA is open on NASP
   To register for classes or for infor-   Golf tournament April 23                   writing contest as part of Military             Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
mation call 452-5990.                         The eighth annual D.I. Peterson         Appreciation Month festivities.              (VITA) is now taking appointments.
                                           Golf Tournament, presented by the             The contest is open to all students       Bring all pertinent documents such as
Education fair March 16                    Kiwanis Club of Big Lagoon, will be        from kindergarten to 12th-grade in           W2, 1099 and 1098 forms. Contact
  There will be an education fair at       held April 23.                             Escambia County whether in public,           information is as follows:
the Naval Aviation Technical Training         Activities start at 10:30 a.m. with a   private or home schools.                        • NAS Pensacola: Chief Warrant
Center Mega Building at Chevalier          shotgun start at 1 p.m. and lunch held        There will be 12 winners who will         Officer Gregory Ramsaur: 452-2795,
Hall March 16 from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.          in between.                                receive U.S. savings bonds, with a top or Lt. Eric
  The fair is for active duty, military       For registration and information        prize of $500.                               Gould:     607-2834,      eric.gould@
families, veterans and DoD civilians.      call 501-0650.                                For    essay      guidelines      visit
  Included in the fair will be online                                                   The        • NASC: Ens. Jordan Holt: (256)
and local military friendly schools,       Jazz orchestra at museum Feb. 27           deadline to enter the contest is April 23.   244-0592,
technical training/certification pro-        The Orlando Jazz orchestra will be                                                       • NATTC: Retha Crimbley: 452-
grams, ways to fund education, officer     at the National Naval Aviation             Friday Mass schedule during Lent             4752,; AT1
programs and SMART counseling.             Museum tomorrow (Feb. 27) at 7                Mass will be celebrated along with        Jamie Carver: (805) 509-6082,
                                           p.m., with discounts for active duty.      stations of the cross every Friday of; or AE1 Chad
Upcoming off-duty events on base           Purchase tickets at the museum or call     Lent at 5 p.m. in Our Lady of Loreto         Conner: 287-5737, chad.conner@
  Old Crow’s Nest on Corry Station         453-2389.                                  Chapel followed by soup dinner in the
will be having “Sampling Night”                                                       McKamey Center on NASP.                         • MATSG-21:Nathaniel Thayer:
March 1 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and St.        Wildlife sanctuary needs fish                                                           (817) 658-7655,
Patrick’s Day, March 17, from 6-9            Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest          National seashore volunteers needed             • Corry Station: CTRC David
p.m.                                       Florida needs donation of fish and red       Gulf Islands National Seashore is          Plocharczyk:                452-6803,
  CPO Club will have a “Right-Hand         meat for injured seabirds and eagles.      looking for volunteers to assist with; or
Man Party” March 3 starting at 3:30          The sanctuary accepts fresh, frozen,     curriculum-based educational pro-            CTT2 Alan Ewing: (702) 371-8196,
p.m. The club will be closed April 2.      whole or fileted fish as well as any red   grams for primary and secondary stu-

                                                                                                                      WANT THIS SPOT?
                                                                                                                            Call Simone Sands at
                                                                                                                             433-1166 ext. 21
PA G E   8   February 26, 2010


February 26, 2010                                                                                                                                                     NASP command
                                                                                                                                                                      Sailor commissioned;
                                                                                                                                                                      see page B2

  “The battle of Iwo island has been won ... By their victory, the Third, Fourth and Fifth Marine Divisions and other units of the Fifth Amphibious Corps have made an accounting to their
  country which only history will be able to value fully. Among the Americans who served on Iwo island, uncommon valor was a common virtue.” — Adm. Chester W. Nimitz

 February 1945:
Remembering the fight for
From Naval History & Heritage Command
                                                                                        Iwo Jima
      wo Jima, which means “Sulfur
      Island,” was strategically impor-
      tant as an air base for fighter
escorts supporting long-range bombing
missions against mainland Japan.
   Because of the distance between mainland Japan and
U.S. bases in the Mariana Islands, the capture of Iwo Jima
would provide an emergency landing strip for crippled B-
29s returning from bombing runs. The seizure of Iwo
would allow for sea and air blockades, the ability to con-
duct intensive air bombardment and to destroy the
enemy’s air and naval capabilities.
   To the Japanese leadership, the capture of Iwo Jima
meant the battle for Okinawa, and the invasion of Japan
itself, was not far off.                                        Going ashore: Fourth Division Marines begin an attack from the beach on Iwo Jima, as another boatload of men land
   Initial carrier raids against Iwo Jima began in June         from a landing craft, vehicle, personnel (LCVP), Feb. 19, 1945. Note the burning landing vehicle, tracked (LVT) and the
1944. Prior to the invasion, the eight-square-mile island       men ashore taking cover. U.S. Marine Corps photo
would suffer the longest, most intensive shelling of any
Pacific island during the war. The 7th Air Force, working       sided to allow for the Marine advance, the Japanese               Lt. Gen. Tadamishi Kuribayashi, commander of the
out of the Marianas, supplied the B-24 heavy bombers for        emerged from their fortified underground positions to          ground forces on Iwo Jima, concentrated his energies and
the campaign.                                                   begin a heavy barrage of fire against the invading force.      his forces in the central and northern sections of the island.
   In addition to the air assaults on Iwo, the Marines              The Fourth Marine Division pushed forward against          Miles of interlocking caves, concrete blockhouses and
requested 10 days of pre-invasion naval bombardment.            heavy opposition to take the quarry, a Japanese strong         pillboxes proved to be one of the most impenetrable
Due to other operational commitments and the fact that a        point. The Fifth Marine Division’s 28th Marines had the        defenses encountered by the Marines in the Pacific.
prolonged air assault had been waged on Iwo Jima, Navy          mission of isolating Mount Suribachi. Both tasks were             The Third Marine Division encountered the most heav-
planners authorized only three days of naval bombard-           accomplished that day.                                         ily fortified portion of the island in their move to take
ment. Unfavorable weather conditions would further                  Feb. 20, one day after the landing, the 28th Marines       Airfield No. 2. As with most of the fighting on Iwo Jima,
hamper the effects of naval bombardment. Despite this,          secured the southern end of Iwo and moved to take the          frontal assault was the method used to gain each inch of
planners decided to keep the invasion date and the              summit of Suribachi. By day’s end, one third of the island     ground. By nightfall on March 9, the third division
Marines prepared for the Feb. 19 D-day.                         and Motoyama Airfield No. 1 was controlled by the              reached the island’s northeastern beach, cutting the enemy
   More than 450 ships massed off Iwo as the H-hour             Marines. By Feb. 23, the 28th Marines would reach the          defenses in two.
bombardment pounded the island. Shortly after 9 a.m.,           top of Mount Suribachi and raise the U.S. flag.                   On the left of the Third Marine Division, the Fifth
Marines of the fourth and fifth divisions hit beaches               The Third Marine Division joined the fighting on the       Marine Division pushed up the western coast of Iwo Jima
Green, Red, Yellow and Blue abreast, initially finding lit-     fifth day of the battle. These Marines immediately began       from the central airfield to the island’s northern tip.
tle enemy resistance. Coarse volcanic sand hampered the         the mission of securing the center sector of the island.       Moving to seize and hold the eastern portion of the island,
movement of men and machines as they struggled to               Each division fought hard to gain ground against a deter-      the Fourth Marine Division encountered a “mini banzai”
move up the beach. As the protective naval gunfire sub-         mined Japanese defender.                                       attack from the final members of the Japanese Navy serv-
                                                                                                                               ing on Iwo. This attack resulted in the death of nearly 700
  Two flag raisings: ‘Marines take Mt. Suribachi’                                                                              enemy and ended the centralized resistance of enemy
                                                                                                                               forces in the fourth division’s sector.
     At 8 a.m. Feb. 23 a                                        mental blow against the                                           A proud moment for those who worked so hard to gain
  patrol of 40 men from                                         island's defenders.                                            control of the island was when the first emergency land-
  Third       Platoon,      E                                      Marine Corps photog-                                        ing was made by a B-29 bomber March 4. Repairs were
  Company,           Second                                     rapher Sgt. Lou Lowery                                         made, refueling was completed and the aircraft was off to
  Battalion, 28th Marines,                                      captured this first flag rais-                                 complete its mission.
  led by 1st Lt. Harold G.                                      ing on film just as the                                           Operations entered the final phases March 11; enemy
  Schrier, assembled at the                                     enemy hurled a grenade in                                      resistance was no longer centralized. Individual pockets of
  base of Mount Suribachi.                                      his direction. His camera                                      resistance were taken one by one.
  The platoon’s mission was                                     lens was shattered, but he                                        Finally on March 26, following a banzai attack against
  to take the crater at                                         and his film were safe.                                        troops and air corps personnel near the beaches, the island
  Suribachi’s peak and raise                                       Three hours later anoth-                                    was declared secure. The U.S. Army’s 147th Infantry reg-
  the U.S. flag.                                                er patrol was dispatched to                                    iment assumed ground control of the island April 4, reliev-
     The platoon slowly          The first flag raising. U.S.   raise another, larger flag.      The second flag raising.
                                 Marine Corps photo by                                           Photo by Joe Rosenthal,       ing the largest body of Marines.
  climbed the steep trails to                                   The battle for Iwo Jima is                                        The 36-day assault resulted in more than 26,000
  the summit, but encoun-        Lou Lowery                     encapsulated by this his-        courtesy       National
                                                                                                 Archives                      American casualties, including 6,800 dead. Of the 20,000
  tered no enemy fire. As       which to raise the flag.        toric flag raising atop                                        Japanese defenders, only 1,083 survived. The Marines’
  they reached the top, the        At 10:20 a.m., the flag      Suribachi, which was cap-        earn him many awards          efforts, however, provided a vital link in the U.S. chain of
  patrol members took posi-     was hoisted on a steel pipe     tured on film by                 including the 1945            bomber bases. By war’s end, 2,400 B-29 bombers carry-
  tions around the crater       above the island. This          Associated Press photog-         Pulitzer Prize.               ing 27,000 crewmen made unscheduled landings on the
  watching for pockets of       symbol of victory sent a        rapher Joe Rosenthal. His           Over the years, the flag   island.
  enemy resistance as other     wave of strength to the bat-    photo, seen around the           raising has come to sym-         Twenty-seven Medals of Honor were awarded to
  members of the patrol         tle-weary fighting men          world as a symbol of             bolize the spirit of the      Marines and Sailors, many posthumously, more than were
  looked for something on       below and struck a further      American values, would           Corps to all Marines.         awarded for any other single operation during the war.

Word Search ‘Uncommon valor’                                        Gosling Games                                                            Jokes & Groaners
  U R     K   X     O   M   S   A   J   U   Z    A   C    Q     M                                                                  Why the English language is hard to learn
  D A     Y   O     X   K   U   Z   P   P   Y    X   T    A     F            Color Me ‘Old Glory’                              1) The bandage was wound around the wound.
  K O     F   H     T   B   C   O   H   V   E    M   E    O     W                                                              2) The farm was used to produce produce.
  K U     M   Y     H   T   E   V   R   C   U    M   R    R     E                                                              3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.
                                                                                                                               4) We must polish the Polish furniture.
  N A     H   A     W   W   R   X   N   D   B    T   H    A     X                                                              5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.
  T S     H   M     R   I   O   A   A   K   C    R   W    P     H                                                              6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.
  X G     L   D     B   I   R   K   V   O   H    I   R    H     Q                                                              7) He thought it was time to present the present.
                                                                                                                               8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
  B Q     S   B     W   B   N   D   O   Y   H    B   O    B     C                                                              9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
  G V     O   A     M   F   A   E   J   A   L    U   U    Z     G                                                              10) I did not object to the object.
  W N     F   E     V   A   K   T   S   B   Y    T   F    A     Q                                                              11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.
                                                                                                                               12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.
  W O     M   L     B   R   O   N   O   H   V    E   L    X     T                                                              13) They were too close to the door to close it.
  U E     D   F     M   G   I   I   J   A   A    F   Y    B     T                                                              14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.
  R O     Q   H     K   T   W   J   X   F   N    W   O    A     Z                                                              15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.
                                                                                                                               16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.
  O W     A   I     R   F   O   R   C   E   J    J   Z    X     N                                                              17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.
  F V     K   A     C   J   N   Y   C   J   P    N   S    N     L                                                              18) After a number of injections my jaw got number.
         AIRFORCE                           MARINES                                                                            19) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.
           ARMY                               NAVY
                                                                                                                               20) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.
              DAY                       REMEMBRANCE                                                                            And why is it that writers write, but fingers don’t fing, grocers
            FLAG                            RIBBON                                                                             don’t groce and hammers don’t ham? If a vegetarian eats veg-
          HONOR                             TRIBUTE                                                                            etables, what does a humanitarian eat?

                               GOSPORT                                                                                                                                           February 26, 2010

NASP command Sailor commissioned
By AEAN Brinn Hefron
Gosport Staff Writer

          ns. Liliana Balcazar, formerly PS2
          Balcazar, was commissioned Feb.
          11 in a ceremony held in the NAS
Pensacola       command        headquarters.
Balcazar, with four years in the Navy, has
wanted to be a Medical Service Corps offi-
cer ever since she joined the Navy.
                                                                                                     (Above) CTM2 Elizabeth Gay (left)
  Not being a U.S. citizen, the only                     Last November, she started search-          receives a silver dollar from Ens.
immediate solution for the Colombia                   ing to see if she had been reconsid-           Liliana Balcazar – the traditional
native was to join as an enlisted Sailor              ered for the commissioning program.            exchange for the delivery of a first
instead of as an officer. She joined her              “I pretty much gave up,” Balcazar              salute to a new officer (right).
husband in the enlisted ranks of the                  said, and began negotiating for orders         Photos by IT1 Roy Daniels
United States Navy. Being a college                   with the detailer for her next duty sta-
graduate, she envisioned herself mak-                 tion.
ing the best of her education by                         The detailer said that she couldn’t            In April Balcazar will be going to                myself that I could do it, despite
becoming an officer.                                  receive orders until the official              the Officer Development School in                    everything I was up against,”
  After becoming a citizen and mak-                   NavAdmin came out saying she had               Newport, R.I., and will then be sta-                 Balcazar said.“If you work toward
ing rank of E-5 she applied for the                   not been selected for the commission-          tioned at the naval hospital in Guam                 your goals, anything is possible. This
direct-commissioning program.                         ing program. Not even a week later             as a health care administrator.                      isn’t about being saluted or being
Again, she found out she wasn’t eligi-                Balcazar found out she had been                   “My favorite part of becoming an                  called ma’am, it’s about the achieve-
ble, but that didn’t stop her.                        selected for the program.                      officer is that I was able to prove to               ment that I have made.”

     NATTC’s Chendea and Nicholas
     selected as Senior/Junior SoQ
Story, photo
AZC (AW/SW) Owen Brown

          vionics           Training
          Department’s AE1(AW)
          Andrei Chendea and
AE2(AW/SW) Brandie Nicholas
were recently recognized as the
Senior and Junior Sailors of the
Quarter (SoQ), respectively, for the                                 Capt. Kent Miller (left) presents to AE1(AW) Andrei Chendea his award for being selected NATTC’s 2009 Senior Sailor
                                                                     of the 4th Quarter; AE2(AW/SW) Brandie Nicholas (far right) was selected as NATTC’s 2009 Junior Sailor of the 4th
Fourth Quarter of 2009.                                              Quarter.

   “Driven to succeed by self-motivation and a strong                Officer of NATTC, Capt. Kent Miller, told Sailors and               tion. Petty Officers Nicholas and Chendea were select-
sense of purpose in the Navy and local community are                 officers at the awards ceremony. “Sailor of the Quarter             ed as a result of their superb leadership skills and com-
just a few of the shared common attributes of Petty                  competition at NATTC is always fierce as we have so                 mitment to provide the finest levels of aviation techni-
Officers Nicholas and Chendea,” Commanding                           many great Sailors who are deserving of the recogni-                cal training to our Navy and Marine Corps students.”

          NASP Community Outreach: volunteers
         needed for upcoming and ongoing events
  From SH2(SW) Lester D. Louisville                    Road, Pensacola. For information contact      sports, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball,         Thursday.
  NASP Community Outreach Manager                      Community Outreach at 452-3100 ext 1241.      tennis and volleyball. Volunteers ages 15              For information contact Community
                                                          Youth mentor needed                        and younger are welcome but must be                 Outreach at 452-3100, ext. 1241.
     2010 Orange Beach Soccer Shootout                    Children’s Home Society of Florida is      accompanied by a parent or an adult vol-               Young Marines of Pensacola
     Perdido Bay is reaching out for volunteers        looking for volunteers to help mentor         unteer.                                                The Young Marines is a youth educa-
  to participate in the 2010 Orange Beach              youth ages 14-21. Just one hour a week           To sign up as a coach contact                    tion and service program for boys and
  Soccer Shootout March 20 and 21.                     can make a huge impact on young people’s      Community Outreach, at 452-3100, ext.               girls, ages 8 through completion of high
  Organizers are looking for 20 volunteers to          lives.                                        1241. For screening contact new Special             school. The Young Marines promotes the
  work as field marshals and referees for both            For information call Rachel Wade at        Olympics director Dondie Roper 435-                 mental, moral and physical development
  scheduled days for this event. T-shirts, food        266-2715 or email      2999. For more information visit                    of its members. The program focuses on
  and drinks will be provided to the participat-          The Pensacola Boy’s Base                                         character building, leadership and pro-
  ing volunteers. Physical training gear is               Located on NAS/Corry Station, the             Hospice of the Emerald Coast                     motes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The
  authorized. This event is to benefit local and       Pensacola Boy’s Base is in need of men-          Hospice of the Emerald Coast is look-            Young Marines is the focal point for the
  regional youth athletes and to enjoy a great         tors for juvenile offenders ages 14-18.       ing for volunteers who are interested in            U.S. Marine Corps’ Youth Drug Demand
  weekend outdoors. The locations for this             There are 28 residents who spend, at min-     bringing a little light into the life of the eld-   Reduction efforts. Adult staff members are
  event are being held at the Seth Simpson             imum, six months in the facility for reha-    erly, do office work, crafts; comfort               not required to be Marines. For more infor-
  Field at Bailey Middle School, 4110 Bauer            bilitation. If you would be willing to com-   bereaved family members and yard work.              mation visit: or
  Road, Pensacola, and at the Orange Beach             mit, at a minimum, one hour per week to       Volunteers will need to attend a three-hour
  Sportsplex, 4389 William Silvers Parkway,            be a mentor and positive role model for a     training session. Hospice will provide a            cola.
  Orange Beach, Ala.                                   troubled youth, contact Neil Stier at 453-    client that is relatively close to your resi-          Contact Capt. Kenneth Morrow at 452-
     For more information, contact                     7490.                                         dence. Hospice has clients in Pensacola,            9463 or email: Kenneth.morrow
  Community Outreach at 452-3100, ext. 1241.              Special Olympics                           Navarre, Milton, Cantonment and Gulf      
     FCATS proctors needed                                Volunteers, your help is greatly needed.   Breeze. Call 474-7288, ext. 113.                       Learn to Read of Northwest Florida
     Warrington Middle School is seeking 50               Description:      Special      Olympics       Neighbors Helping Neighbors                         Learn to Read of Northwest Florida is a
  volunteers to assist during the FCATS test.          Escambia and Santa Rosa is actively seek-        The Myrtle Grove Baptist Church Food             non-profit adult literacy program in
  Volunteers will be needed to walk around the         ing volunteer coaches, assistant coaches      Pantry is a volunteer program that helps            Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.
  testing site and ensure that rules are being fol-    and helpers for their 2009 calendar year.     neighbors in need. There will be a box in           Prospective volunteers will be educated on
  lowed. This event will take place March 9-10         No experience is necessary, but a screen-     Community Outreach for this food drive.             tutoring and various other rewarding
  between the hours of 3:15-5 p.m.. Wear uni-          ing process is required for all volunteers.   Feel free to drop off any nonperishable             opportunities. To reserve a place or receive
  form of the day.                                     Sports include aquatics, track and field,     food to Bldg. 624, Room 235, between the            more information, call 432-4347 or email
     The location is 450 S. Old Corry Field            basketball, bocce, bowling, equestrian        hours of 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through    
GOSPORT                          February 26, 2010                                                                                                                           PA G E   B3
LaDRs give Sailors a leg up on achieving goals
By Ens. Peter Lee                                of these resources together and makes            chief of the boat or command master chief,      cover all the prerequisites needed for
Naval Education and Training Public Affairs      them easily accessible for Sailors.”             you have the responsibility to counsel and      upcoming job availabilities, but more
                                                    The LaDR serves not only the individ-         mentor Sailors of all rates. The LaDRs          importantly guarantees my current state of
   In support of Sailors’ personal and pro-      ual Sailor, but their supervisors and men-       give leaders, who may be of a different         mission readiness is always at its peak,”
fessional goals, several Navy ratings have       tors as well.                                    rate, an opportunity to review what is          said Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1st
recently had Learning and Development               “As leaders, I can’t think of a better tool   important for the individual Sailor so they     Class (AW/SW) Richard Beach, a crew-
Roadmaps (LaDR) uploaded to Navy                 for our chief petty offi-                                            are better armed to help    man aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz
Knowledge Online (NKO) and as of Feb.            cers to use as they men-                                             that Sailor achieve their   (CVN 68). “Because of LaDRs, I know
18, 57 are available to help guide Sailors       tor young Sailors,” said                                             career goals.”              that not only can I support the Maritime
up the ladder of success.                        Master Chief Petty                                                      “LaDRs give chief        Strategy with confidence but also that I am
   The LaDR (pronounced ladder) is a             Officer of the Navy                                                  petty officers and super-   the most wellrounded Sailor I can be.”
comprehensive career guide for enlisted          (SS/SW) Rick West.                                                   visors references to help      The LaDRs are readily accessible on
Sailors listing learning and development         “The Learning and                                                    develop our Sailors to      NKO under the career management tab.
objectives, including milestones for com-        Development                                                          reach their personal and    The intent is to have all the LaDRs avail-
pletion at various points in their career.       Roadmaps give us a written guide that            professional goals,” said Chief Navy            able by April 2010.
The LaDR does not necessarily create new         takes the guesswork out of what each             Counselor Jeff Ingram. “It also refreshes          “LaDRs can be used to understand dif-
programs but rather creates a simplified         Sailor needs to succeed, in each rating. The     us on the new career development changes        ferent rates and what billets, schools and
and streamlined checklist for Sailors to         LaDR is an invaluable tool as we prepare         in the Navy, which is critical to the           programs Sailors need for their careers,”
view what is recommended and required            our Sailors for success from day one,            advancement and development of our              said Tom Smith, NETC Enlisted Learning
of them for advancement.                         teaching them to be brilliant on the basics.”    Sailors.” According to Ingram, if he had        and Development coordinator.         “It is
    “There are a number of opportunities            Supervisors can track, encourage and          one thing he could tell other chief petty       important for senior enlisted to mentor
and resources to help Sailors along their        guide career development of their Sailors        officers about LaDR it would be to use          their Sailors in order for the Sailors to
career paths,” said Naval Education and          by using the LaDRs.                              them regularly as resources to educate          reach career milestones. As a result of this
Training Command Force Master Chief                 “There is no doubt the LaDRs are a            Sailors.                                        mentorship, Sailors will not only be suc-
(SS) John Snyder. “The LaDRs bring all           leadership tool,” added Snyder. “As a               “The use of the LaDR ensures that I          cessful, our Navy will be successful.”

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                                                                                                                 Call Simone Sands at 433-1166 ext. 21
                                                           OFF DUTY

                              GOSPORT                                                                                                                    February 26, 2010

      WORSHIP                               Expo offers thousands in giveaways                                                                      February Liberty
                                            By Anne Thrower                                                              Institute, Big Kahunas
During Lent, Feb. 19-March 26, the
                                            Gosport Staff Writer                                                         and the Georgia            The Liberty Program events
Friday Mass with Stations of the                                                                                                                    target young, unaccompa-
Cross will be held at 5 p.m. at                                                                                          Aquarium.
NASP, followed by soup and salad               Active-duty, retired                                                         Military-related vis-   nied active-duty military.
in the McKamey Center.                      military and defense                                                         itors are encouraged       Events are at the main
                                            workers have a chance                                                        to bring their identifi-   Liberty Center in the
NAS Pensacola                                                                                                                                       Portside Entertainment
Protestant                                  to win $8,000 in give-                                                       cations as many ven-
Sunday                                      aways at this year’s                                                         dors offer military dis-   Complex at NASP unless
• 8 a.m., Communion Service**               Information, Tickets                                                         count coupons at their     specifically stated to be at
• 10:15 a.m. Worship Service*               & Travel (ITT) Travel                                                        tables                     Corry Station. For addi-
• 6 p.m. Contemporary Service**                                                                                                                     tional information, call
Tuesday                                     Expo on March 5.                                                                The annual expo
                                               The expo, at the                                                          has typically attracted    452-2372 or visit their Web
• 9 a.m., Women’s Bible Study***
Wednesday                                   National        Naval                                                        between 50 and 75          site at www.naspensacola.
• 5:30 p.m. Fellowship Dinner               Aviation     Museum                                                          vendors in the past.
• 6 p.m. Bible Study***
                                            from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. is                                                          But Gist said she’s
Roman Catholic                                                        Visitors from a previous ITT Travel Expo look
Saturday                                    free and open to the      through the information vendors have to offer.     expecting at least 40
• 3:45 p.m. Sacrament of Penance****        public.                                                                      vendors from cruise        26
                                                                      More than 40 vendors are scheduled to attend
• 4:30 p.m. Mass*                              But the door prizes                                                       lines, tourism bureaus,    Liberty — Ice
                                                                      this year’s expo at the National Naval Aviation
Sunday                                      — including 10 two-       Museum on March 5.                                 hotels and entertain-      Flyers hockey
• 8:30 a.m. Mass*                                                                                                                                   game, $7, leaves
Monday and Thursday                         night stays at hotels     and Department of        and tickets to popular    ment, leisure and
• Noon Mass****                             and resorts in New        Defense workers, said    attractions such as Sea   sporting attractions       NASP at 6 p.m. and
Corry Station                               Orleans, Panama City      Amber Gist, the ITT      World,           Busch    this year.                 Corry at 6:15 p.m.
Protestant                                  and Orlando — will        manager at NASP.         Gardens,      Colonial       For information,
Sunday                                                                                                                                              27
• 9 a.m. Adult Bible Study (chapel con-
                                            be limited to active        Other giveaways        Williamsburg,             call the ITT office at
                                            duty, retired military    include gift baskets     Audubon         Nature    452-6354.                  Liberty — Hypnotic
ference room)
• 9 a.m. Chapel Choir (sanctuary)                                                                                                                   comedian at
• 10 a.m. Worship Service                                                                                                                           Portside, free
• 11:30 a.m. Fellowship                                                                                                                             admission, 7 p.m.
• 7:30 p.m. Praise and Worship                                                                  Looking for a few good wrestlers . . .
Thursday                                                                                        Navy wrestling tryouts are now underway at
• 5:30 p.m., Bible Study and dinner (fel-                                                       NASP’s Portside gym. (left) Oner Bekir (in
lowship hall)                                                                                   red) and David Garcia spar during a recent          Liberty — Tandem
Roman Catholic                                                                                  tryout for the all-Navy team. Tryouts for           skydiving, $140;
Sunday                                                                                                                                              leaves NASP at 8
• Noon Mass                                                                                     active duty, college-experienced wrestlers
Tuesday                                                                                         are going on from 8:30-11 a.m. and 2:30-5           a.m. and 11 a.m.
• 11 a.m. Mass (small chapel)                                                                   p.m., Monday-Friday, and 8:30-10 a.m. The           and Corry at 8:15
Latter Day Saints                                                                               best wrestlers from NASP will go on to com-         a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
Sunday                                                                                          pete in the Armed Forces Championship in
• 10:30 a.m.**
Wednesday                                                                                       North Carolina, March 18-22. The winners of
• 7-8:30 p.m., Bible Study (Corry)                                                              that competition will compete in Finland in         Check out the
                                                                                                August. Those interested in trying out should       Liberty Facebook
*Naval Aviation Memorial                                                                        call Coach Rob Hermann at 434-8172 or e-            site at MWR
Chapel                                                                                          mail him at Photo by          Liberty-Pensacola,
**All Faiths Chapel
***J.B. McKamey Center                                                                          Anne Thrower                                        FL
****Lady of Loreto Chapel
February 26, 2010                                                                                                                         PA G E


    Movies and show times for Portside Cinema
                          FRIDAY Leap Year (PG) 5; The Spy Next Door (PG) 5:15; The Book of Eli (R) 7, 9:30; Legion (R) 7:15, 9:15

                      SATURDAY Leap Year (PG) noon; The Spy Next Door (PG) 12:15; Nine (PG13) 2; The Lovely Bones (PG13) 2:15; The Book of Eli (R)
                                     4:30, 7; Legion (R) 5; Daybreakers (R) 7:15; Sherlock Holmes (PG13) 9:15; Youth in Revolt (R) 9:30

                         SUNDAY The Spy Next Door (PG) noon; Leap Year (PG) 12:15; Sherlock Holmes (PG13) 2:15; Daybreakers (R) 2:30; The Book of Eli
                                     (R) 4:45, 7:15; Up in the Air (R) 5; Legion (R) 7:30

                        MONDAY Closed

                        TUESDAY Leap Year (PG) 5; Daybreakers (R) 5:15; The Book of Eli (R) 7:15; Legion (R) 7:30

                    WEDNESDAY The Lovely Bones (PG13) 4:45; The Spy Next Door (PG) 5; Up in the Air (R) 7:15; Youth in Revolt (R) 7:30

                      THURSDAY Leap Year (PG) 5; Daybreakers (R) 5:15; The Book of Eli (R) 7:15; Legion (R) 7:30

                        TICKETS Adults $3, children ages 6-11 $1.50, children younger than 6 free

                                                                                            Check it out!
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Motor                                    Merchandise Employment                                                         Real Estate
 Merchandise             Real Estate             Motor                  Motor                Motor                 Motor               Motor                 Motor                 Misc
    Articles for     View Bayou Texar           Honda      Accord      Acura 3.2 CL—       Honda Insight—        Ford Expedition—    Honda     Odyssey     Honda Ridgeline—       Infinity FX35—
        sale         East        Pensacola      LX—2000 4 door,        2001 Low miles,     2010    Only 800      2007 XLT, 4WD,      E X L — 2 0 0 8       2008 RTL, navi,        2004     Loaded,
New, queen size,     Heights, 4BR/2.5BA,        nice   car      #      leather        #    miles, Honda cert,    loaded          #   Leather, Only 15K     leather, Honda cert,   leather        #
pillowtop      with  brick, CH/A, all           TYA025944 $6,593       T1A037435 $8,991    100K warranty #       S 7 L A 9 0 9 3 2   miles # P8B031431     100K warranty #        T 4 X 11 0 0 6 7
                                                                                           TA S 0 11 5 5 9       $16,993 Pensacola   $28,992 Pensacola     P 8 H 5 0 7 5 7 7      $18,991 Pensacola
warranty.      $185  appliances, laminate       Pensacola Honda        Pensacola Honda     $21,991 Pensacola     Honda 1-800-753-
850-471-0330         floors,    no     pets,    1-800-753-8272         1-800-753-8272                                                Honda 1-800-753-      $29,992 Pensacola      Honda 1-800-753-
                                                                                           Honda 1-800-753-      8272                8272                  Honda 1-800-753-       8272
                     smokers $975/month                                                    8272                                                            8272
Living Room Set 444-9185                        Honda      Accord      Mazda Protégé—                            Jeep Patriot—2008  Mazda B2300—
Rich Brown Leather                              E X L — 2 0 0 3        2003 Moon roof,     Honda Civic EX—       Loaded          #
                                                                                           2006     Auto, one                       1996 Nice, cheap       Honda Pilot—2008
Sofa $450, Loveseat       Homes for             Leather         #      low miles       #                         TD796491 $14,991
                             Sale                                                          owner, Honda cert,                       truck            #     Leather, Honda cert,
$450, chair $350 or                             T3A027816 $9,991       T31164557 $6,991                          Pensacola Honda
                                                                                           100K warranty #       1-800-753-8272     TTTM39835              100K warranty #
all for $1,000. 850- For sale: Beach            Pensacola Honda        Pensacola Honda     P 6 L 0 6 9 6 4 5                        $3,991 Pensacola       T 8 B 0 1 7 7 7 4
471-0330             Colony. 3 Bedroom          1-800-753-8272         1-800-753-8272      $15,994 Pensacola     Jeep Wrangler— Honda 1-800-753-           $23,993 Pensacola
                     3 Bath, 10 miles                                                      Honda 1-800-753-      2007       Sahara, 8272                   Honda 1-800-753-
Plush Microfiber from NAS. By                   Toyota Camry—          Volvo     Wagon— 8272                     unlimited        #                        8272
Sofa & Loveseat In Owner $560,000.              2009 Loaded #          2001       Leather,
                                                                       loaded # T12108350 Honda
                                                                                                                 T 7 L 2 0 4 0 5 2 Ford          Sport                             Put your
crates, retails for 9 8 5 - 7 7 8 - 9 6 2 6 .   T 9 U 8 8 1 3 0 5                                        Civic   $20,991 Pensacola Track—2002 low          Honda Element—
                                                                       $7,991 Pensacola H y b r i d — 2 0 0 5    Honda 1-800-753- miles              #     2008 SC, Honda
$1,199. Sacrifice shiloh42@bellsouth            $16,993 Pensacola      Honda 1-800-753- Low miles, Honda
$500. 850-255-3050 .net                         Honda                                                            8272               T2UC88092 $8,992       cert, 100K warranty
                                                                       8272                cert, 100K warranty                      Pensacola Honda                 S8L009030
                         Motor                  1-800-753-8272                             #        T5S020704    Nissan Murano— 1-800-753-8272
                                                                                                                                                           $22,991 Pensacola
New            King                                                    Mazda      Miata— $11,991 Pensacola       2006 Super clean,
                                                                       2001 S model, only Honda 1-800-753-                                                 Honda 1-800-753-
Pillowtop Set In          Autos for             VW Jetta—2000                                                    low miles        # Mazda      MPV—        8272
                            Sale                                       69K # T10207269 8272
plastic.    Delivery                            GLS, leather, roof #                                             P 6 W 4 0 5 1 5 6 2002 Nice, cheap
                                                                       $9,991 Pensacola
available.     $230 97 Mazda B-2300             TYM055711              Honda 1-800-753- Trucks, SUV’s
                                                                                                                 $18,992 Pensacola van # T20312035
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850-255-3050         Pick-Up    Regular         $6,992 Pensacola       8272                      and Vans                                                  E X L — 2 0 0 7
                     cab, AC/standard 5         Honda                                                            8272               Honda 1-800-753-       Leather, Honda cert,
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Full Size Mattress spd., new tires, runs        1-800-753-8272         Honda Accord— 2007 Low miles #                               8272                   100K warranty #
                                                                       2004 EXL, leather, P7H519185 $18,992      Toyota Tacoma—
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with      Foundation excellent. $2,995
                                                                       clean # T4A007918 Pensacola Honda 1-      2002 Ext cab #
                                                                                                                                                           $25,991 Pensacola
Still factory sealed OBO 850-293-1117           Infinity G35—2006
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$125 850-471-0330                               Moon roof, loaded      Honda 1-800-753-                          $18,591 Pensacola 2000     Only 49K       Honda 1-800-753-
                     Toyota Avalon—             #       T6M703728      8272                                      Honda 1-800-753- miles # TYE329081        8272
   Real Estate       2005 XLS, loaded #                                                    Jeep Patriot—2008     8272               $8,991 Pensacola
                                                $21,991 Pensacola
                     T 5 U 0 1 0 4 3 2          Honda
                                                                       Buick Regal—2001 loaded
                                                                                                                                    Honda 1-800-753-       Honda         CRV       433-1166
     Homes for       $17,991 Pensacola                                 GS, only 81K miles T 8 D 6 3 6 2 2 0      Honda     Odyssey 8272                    E X L — 2 0 0 7
         rent                                   1-800-753-8272                                                                                             Leather, Honda cert,
                     Honda 1-800-753-                                  # T11138198 $6,992 $15,992 Pensacola      EX—2001        One
                                                                                                                 owner            # Ford Expedition—       100K warranty #
For Lease Beach 8272                     Toyota Camry—                 Pensacola Honda     Honda 1-800-753-      T1H506428 $6,991 2006         Limited,    T 7 C 0 3 6 4 8 9
Colony 3 bedroom 3
                       VW Passat—2005 2007       LE, V6,
                                                                       1-800-753-8272      8272                  Pensacola Honda    leather          #     $21,593 Pensacola
                                                                                                                                                                                     ext. 29
bath. 10 miles from                                                                                              1-800-753-8272
                       TDI, low miles # loaded           #             Honda Civic LX—     Ford Edge—2008                           T 6 L A 2 3 0 4 2      Honda 1-800-753-
NAS. 1 year lease.     T5E076004 $13,991 T 7 U 5 0 2 3 5 5             2006 Honda cert,    AWD, loaded, one                         $20,991 Pensacola      8272
$2,100 per month                         $15,991 Pensacola             100K warranty #                           Honda     Odyssey Honda 1-800-753-
                       Pensacola Honda                                                     owner           #
plus electric. $900                                                    P 6 L 0 3 0 0 0 3                         EX—2002 Power 8272
damage      deposit.
                       1-800-753-8272    Honda 1-800-753-
                                         8272                          $14,592 Pensacola
                                                                                           T 8 B A 3 7 6 2 1
                                                                                           $21,592 Pensacola
                                                                                                                 doors, loaded    #                              Your ad
                                                                                                                 T2B016649 $8,991
985-778-9626.                                                          Honda 1-800-753-
                                                                                           Honda 1-800-753-
                                                                                           8272                  Pensacola Honda       Your ad here!              here!

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GOSPORT                               February 26, 2010                                                                                                                                                            PA G E     B7
                                                                          Ads placed by the Military community

                                                                    MILITARY MARKETPLACE
★ Motor ★ Merchandise ★ Employment ★ Real Estate ★ and more

                                To place a FREE Military Marketplace classified ad
                                                                   433-1166 Ext. 29
      Bulletin              Merchandise                     Motors                    Motors                      Motors                       Motors            Real Estate               Real Estate            Real Estate
Church Rummage            Taxidermy          full     Wood chipper/Leaf      2000         Chevy            2008         Kawasaki            Misc. Motors      3/1.5 Near Base           One        bedroom      NE              PNS
Sale Early Bird Fri.      shoulder mount perfect      mulcher 1 year old     Camaro 86K miles,             Concours             with                          Dishwasher, fridge,       cottage, Pensacola      4br/2ba/2cg
Feb. 26 5-7 pm            8 point whitetail buck      $580 601-679-2410      3.8L V6, stainless            T h r o t l e m e i s t e r,   R.V. For Salem fenced, shed, no pets          Heights, 3103 E.        2000+SF house, lg
$5/family. Sat. Feb.      in velvet. Beautiful        or 850-346-2072 or     steel      exhaust,           handlebar           riser,     Camper 5th Wheel, 6322 Louisville Ave.        Brainerd $600/mo.       fenced lot, pool,
27 7 am-until ?           work $60 454-9486           850-316-6255           chrome       wheels           footpeg lowering               29 feet, big slide- $625/month 944-6575       Call 912-222-5449       fireplace, lg shed
Pleasant      Grove                                                          $4,500    850-492-            kit, front fender              out, 2002, bought                                                     $172,000 obo 850-
Baptist      Church       W a s h e r / D r y e r,    New Pool Table 9 3813                                extender, and Cee-             new, hitch included 2/3           Huge        2.5-3 BR for Rent 478-9419
9301 Gulf Beach           Whirlpool, Washer           ft, Italian slate bed,                               Bailey windshield,             $9,500 OBO 455- Townhome Minutes              Near            Bases
Hwy. Sale supports        $250, Dryer $100 or         carved oak, leather 2001         Corvette            only 8,500 miles.              6781 lv message     from          NAS.        Refrigerator, W/D, New                Home
preservation of Live      both for $300. 850-         pockets, new, still in Convertible Black 6           Silver. Garage kept,                               Fireplace, wet bar,       furnished            or 3BR/2BA.        Zero
Oak trees.                449-6928 after 3:30         box $2,500 w/ cue Spd Black Leather                  never dropped, no              Yamaha       Zuma three         walk-in       unfurnished, water costs to close.
                                                      sticks, balls & 37,700 Mi Gorgeous                   dings or scratches,            Scooter 49 cc, 882 c l o s e t s .            and           garbage 100%VA. Own for
Private      Voice,       R e f r i g e r a t o r,    access.     601-316- Ride! $21,500 neg               like new. 850-572-             miles, black w/ red $1,300/month Info:        included, $625/mo less than renting.
Beginning Piano, &        Whirlpool black, 18 cu      6255 or 601-679- Joe 529-5352                        1546 or 251-946-               blaze,        sharp 787-406-1844              $ 4 0 0 / d e p . Erik 393-1709.
Music       Theory        ft, like new $250/obo.      2410                                                 2654. $8,500                   looking, like new                             Negotiable. No pets,
lessons. (650) 279-       850-449-6928 after                                 2005 Honda Civic                                             condition $1,600 Bagdad-1/1 Home              no smoking 572- For Sale Gulf
0     3     6     5       3:30                        PA Speakers 2 Pro Hybrid. A whopping                 2003        Harley             384-7348            for rent trash, gas,      0706                    Breeze 4-5BR/3BA
www.stephaniehurst                                    Carvin       #PM15s 40 MPGs. Excellent               D a v i d s o n                                    smoke/fire/sec sys,                               3,100 sf, granny flat,          16” Dell monitor                 with covers $250 condition. Must sell.               Electraglide                      Real Estate      washer/dryer                   Roommate           Jacuzzi,      weight
                     (black) $45. 850-554-            850-304-6448           $7,500. 380-3861              S t a n d a r d .                                  included. $525 mth                                room, lg pool, estab.
Will     pick    up 1646                                                                                   Detachable    tour                 Homes for       850-313-1300              Home To Share Flowering hedges,
unwanted mowers                                       Trombone     King        2008 Honda Civic            pack and service                                                             Near Corry, private lg oaks, 25 min to
for free; and repair 22” Rims Only. 5 lug,            606 with case and        Coupe DX w/ navi,           manual included.     Bagdad 1/1 Home               3/3    Gulf     front     bed, bath, living area, Whiting/ 20 min
riding      mowers $800 OBO 780-6500                  mouth piece $145         4,870 miles, loaded!        37,500 mi. $9,000    for rent Trash, gas,          Penthouse, Perdido        no smoking $500 NAS                 $279,000
phone 776-9051                                        850-304-6448             Leather, heated front       negotiable.   607-   smoke/fire/sec sys,           Key,     completely       utilities + cable 601-679-2410             or
                     Like new Simplicity                                       seats, moon roof,           0667                 washer/dryer                  furnished, incl. util.,   included 456-1996 850-346-2072             or
Huge Rummage S-24 canister vacuum,                    Trombone 3 valve,        tinted windows &                                 included. $525/mo.            Will work with per                                850-316-6255
Sale Sat. March 6th has power nozzle                  silver finish, with      much more. No               2003 Honda CBR 313-1300                            diem 492-7807             Housemate Wanted
7am-1pm        West carpet         cleaner,           case and mouth           dents or dings.             600 RR Power                                                                 4BR/3BA           Gulf
Florida High School attachments & extra               piece $115 850-          Garaged            &        c o m m a n d e r , Near NAS 3/2                   Perdido          Key      Breeze home on
Parking Lot on bags. $150. Excellent                  304-6448                 nonsmoker. Asking           USBIII, scorpion Duplex,          kitchen          Condo 1BR, weekly         quiet     cul-de-sac.
Wymart Street        condition. 2 yrs old.                                     $18,700. Serious            slip on, 520 quick equipt—C.H.&A,                  & yearly leases           Pool, privacy fence.
                     Top of the line; was             Digital Recorder         buyers only call            accel. Conversion, quiet area, no pets             a v a i l a b l e ,       $600/month + half
  Merchandise $499 new. Call 251-                     FOSTEX             MR-8  377-2790                    powerz cage, pilot $700 + deposit 455-             c o m p l e t e l y       util. 207-9361
                     946-2654 or 850-572-             Multi track $165                                     powers       $4,350 6781 leave message             furnished, utilities
      Wanted         1546. Must sell.                 850-304-6448                2005 CTS 4 door,         OBO 850-304-6448                                   included, free Wi-    Housemate Wanted             Place Your
                                                                                  fully loaded, good                            For Rent 3BR                  F i / i n t e r n e t 3,200 sf 4BR/4BA
Wanted Want to            Band Shoes Good             Musician’s Padded cond. Price $20,700                2001 HD FXDXT Farm house, all                      $800/month 941-       Large       furnished
buy wood burning          condition,       sizes      Case 32x18x7 never 251-962 or 776-                   10,000 miles, wind appliances, closed              4248 for additional   room, 7 miles to
heating stove. Call       M6.5/W8, M5.5/W7            used $75 850-304- 7052                               screen, road pegs, double         garage,          details               Naval         Station.
850-456-2989              $5 Flute marching arm       6448                                                 engine guard, cargo approx. 3 acres,                                     $400/month + 1/3              Ad in the
                          liar. $2 457-2656                                       Lumber; cherry,          rack, back rest, hardwood floors,                  NE Pensacola Exec util. $250 dep. Call
Wanted to Buy                                         T K - L o a d e r black                    walnut,   cordura saddle bags, fireplace, min. 1 yr          Pool          Home. Bruce 485-0500
Dishwasher, under         Musical Instruments         Motorcycle Loading Cyprus, cedar &                   custom paint and lease, $900/mo +                  3225sqft. 4BR/3BA,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Homes for
counter; late model       Saxophone,        alto,     System If you must hickory. Swing, 5                 seat $9,485 850- $900 dep. OBO,                    2car gar. 4550 La             sale
refrigerator-freezer,     advanced model w/           haul a bike, this is ft. New, Cyprus or              492-3813             M a g n o l i a               Jolla. Must see! Call
mini 18 cf w/ ice         case. Well maintained,      the way to do it. Fits treated pine. $100                                 Springs/Foley                 540-318-6244          3/2 Mobile Home.              Classified
m a k e r                 sounds great. Good 6-       any truck or trailer 944-9859                        2005 Yamaha R1 Schools 251-490-                                          Near NAS. Info/pics
claramoore25@yah          college $1,500 457-         w/ 6 1/2 ft or longer                                chrome wheels, new 8179                            Lillian, Alabama at          www.americu 477-1923           2656                        bed.        1        man Birdhouse, Martin,          back tire, excellent                               3BR/1.5BA, Brick s a v e . w e b s . c o m             ads for
                                                      operation, 950 lb. 10 apartments $35.                cond. 5,000 miles Attention Flight                 home for rent. $49,000 $5000dn
Wanted: Vendors           Computer Armoire            capacity. See it at Bluebird house $5.               $6,900 call (850) Students Perdido                 Fenced yard, 2 $500mo 423-913-                       Military
for Body, Mind,           Like new. Included: 10 Dog house, 3.5 ft                   316-0927             Key        Furnished          blocks from water 1287
Spirit Health Expo.       year old computer,          $1,000 572-0042             wide, 2 ft deep, 2.5                          Condo 1BR, all                access, new kitchen
April        24-25,       monitor and speakers                                    ft tall, new $50 944-    Motor       Scooter utilities included,            $700/month, deposit Lillian, Alabama,               Personnel
Interstate     Fair       $25 251-988-8869            Sofa, 7 ft. 2 years 9859                             2008 Piaggio, new, indoor/outdoor pool,            and credit check 3BR/2BA Garage
grounds, 941-4321                                     old. W/ coffee table,                                excellent condition, weight         room,          251-962-4022          and carport. 3 Large
For more info.            Compact      Fridge         rattan chair w/                 Trucks, Vans
                                                                                          & SUVs
                                                                                                           incl. Windshield, Jacuzzi,        military                               all fenced lots.                are free.
CircleofLifeExpo.c        Good Condition Call         cushion,         oriental                            storage box, helmet d i s c o u n t ,              Newer brick home Fireplace and two
om                        454-9794                    lamp $400 453- 2007                          Jeep    & safety jacket, $795/month 850-                   in Seaglades North. screened porches.
                                                      0921 or 776-8066            Wrangler Sahara          1,900         miles, 418-1031 or 850-              3BR/2BA. 2.5 mi 251-961-1642 / 850-                      Call
    Articles for          For Sale Dining table                                   for sale. Silver soft-   e x c e l l e n t 418-2951                         from NAS back 382-7620
                          $125; End tables (2)        Cedar computer top. 37,800 miles;                    transportation                                     gate, 2 car garage,
Noritake China 4          $75; Swivel chair           desk $80; Ethan asking $19,900. Call                 $1,600 492-2679      Perdido Bay Golf              fenced yard. Call House For Sale
place      setting        (bamboo) $40; Couch         Allen, long dining 360-320-3895                                           Club       3BR/2BA            492-9271              Waterfront, 100 ft on
Fitzgerald design         and chair $150. Please      table w/ 2 leaf, seats                               2004 H/D Fatboy, townhouse, close to                                     Intercoastal,     140            ext. 29
$400 OBO 944-             call 261-0700               8 people, no chairs 91 Ford F150 XLT,                low miles, smoky beaches and NAS                   2 Bedroom cottage deep, watch dolphins
9182                                                  $60;            Karaoke regular cab, 79K             gold, garage kept, $850 Call 341-                  on Heron Bayou— play on a covered
                            Charbroil Grill 4         machine w/ 13’ TV original                  miles,   never laid down, 8210                              dock, 2 car garage, front porch and deck                or go
Minolta 35 camera burner, w/ side burner              1 year old $150; garage                      kept,   many          extras                               washer,        dryer, 3BR/1BA, lots of
for sale 7 different & tank $195 479-                 Dinette table w/ 2 excellent running                 $12,500 OBO 944- Lillian 3BR/2BA                   fridge,        stove, storage, high and dry,         online at
lens, Kalimar 800- 3345                               bar stools, 1 year old condition, $5,700             9182                 Clubhouse w/ pool,            dep and $1,075/mo 3         stories    with
1200 mm lens Other                                    $120. 453-0921 or 626-5900                                                pier on Perdido Bay,          972-496-0961          elevator $480,000
extras $400 944- 3 piece beautiful                    776-8066                                             95       Kawasaki tennis courts, 2 car                                   251-961-1642       
9182                        coffee table set.                                     2005 Pontiac Aztek       Vulcan 800cc 9,211 garage w/ workshop              Warrington-
                            Wrought iron & glass            Motors                4dr SUV AWD, with        miles $3,500. Great $900/month 251-                2BR/1.5BA,         lg 3 B / 1 . 5 B A
Ipod Touch, 2nd $125 969-9905                                                     62,203 miles great       condition, must see 269-9990 or 850-               kitchen,        deck, Townhouse FSBO
generation,                                                Autos For              c o n d i t i o n ,      418-0293             452-6289                      private drive, close 2mi from NAS back
8GB,Wifi, agenda, Patio Set 3 piece                            Sale               AM/FM/CD keyless                                                            to bases $600/mo gate. No association
music,         charger, wrought iron & glass                                      entry, etc. 850-378-         Classified ad                Your ad here!     850-572-0706          fee. $85K Call 850-
excellent condition. table & 2 chairs $60             08 Honda Civic 0332                                                                                                           380-5672
$160                neg. 969-9905                     Coupe EX Lw/Nav
m.miuccini@yahoo.                                     Super low miles 2008 Grey Dodge
com                         Pair of 5 watt, 8 ohms,   4.9k               miles, Charger, with Hemi
                            Magnavox speakers         G a r a g e d / n o n - Engine,              GPS,
JVC 30GB Everio $12 Milton 623-0628                   s m o k e r / l o a d e d ! Installed Personal
Camcorder Charger,                                    $17.9k call 377- Sound System, and
strap, hand grip, Lazy-boy ‘L’ shaped                 2790                        much more. 207-
excellent condition. sectional,                very                               3399
Used twice. $280 comfortable and in                   1979 Corvette, 350
n e g . m . m i u c c i n i great shape $395 obo      A u t o m a t i c 97 Ford F150 long                  850-478-9419              Transmission, New bed, 5 spd, rebuilt
                                                      Stainless           Steel engine, after market
Dell XPS M1330       French provincial                Breaks, Edlebrock rims, super clean,
13.3\” laptop, 300   couch & matching                 Intake, Edlebrock blue 850-983-2428
GB, 2.4 MHZ,         chair. Hard wood trim            Carburator,
Microsoft Office,    surround & legs,                 Distributer. $8,500             Motorcycles
web cam, excellent   tufted fabric in                 OBO Call (850)261-
condition. $1,400    excellent condition              0045 for further 2009                      Honda
neg. 910-546-5897    $1,200 for set. Oak              info.                       Silverwing 600CC
                     wood corner china                                            scooter. Less than
Anchor retrieval cabinet $200 492-                    1990 Buick Reatta 600 miles. Like new
buoy or mooring 4378                                  Limited         Edition, except for minor
buoy. 24” inflatable                                  second owner, 97K scratch on right
plastic $20 Call Canoe           17     ft,           miles, automatic, side. Will email pic
454-9486             fiberglass, square               air, power windows. upon                  request.
                     end for outboard                 Asking $7,500. Call $7500.00. Call 850-
Penn 7500 SS Reel motor, 2 seats,                     484-0928 or 698- 572-1546 or 251-
and 10 foot surf rod excellent condition              1752               Leave 946-2654.
$75 454-9486.        $350 626-5900                    message.
PA G E   B8   February 26, 2010

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