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					Annual Report

1060 Howard Street

San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone (415) 252-4788
Fax (415) 552-6267

EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING            Swords to Plowshares’ goal is to alleviate homelessness and suffering within
San Francisco Veteran’s War      the veteran community. Unfortunately, far too many of our nation’s former
Memorial Building                service members live in poverty and without a home-nearly one-third of all
401 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 302
San Francisco, CA 94102          homeless adults are veterans. Many of these veterans suffer isolation and
Phone (415) 558-8870             illness. Our experience shows that with the support of the community, these
Fax (415) 558-9193
                                 veterans can turn their lives around and live again with dignity and hope.
EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING            Swords to Plowshares is one of the few organizations in the country that
1433 Webster Street, Suite 100   provides a full continuum of care to our nation’s former soldiers. From the
Oakland, CA 94612                streets to stability, from housing to education, Swords to Plowshares is there
Phone (510) 891-8773
Fax (510) 891-8775               every step of the way.


The Veterans Academy
1030 Girard Road
San Francisco, CA 94129

Treasure Island Transitional     War causes wounds and suffering that last beyond the battlefield. Swords to
Housing Program
1433F Halibut Court              Plowshares’ mission is to heal the wounds, to restore dignity, hope, and self-
San Francisco, CA 94130
                                 sufficiency to all veterans in need, and to significantly reduce homelessness
Transitional Housing             and poverty among veterans.
Program Annex
27 and 42 DeMontfort Street
San Francisco, CA 94112          Founded in 1974, Swords to Plowshares is a community-based, not-for-profit
                                 organization that provides counseling and case management, employment
                                 and training, housing, and legal assistance to more than 2,100 homeless and
                                 low-income veterans annually in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We
                                 promote and protect the rights of veterans through advocacy, public education,
                                 and partnerships with local, state, and national entities.

                                 Letter from Executive Director and Chairman of the Board . . . . . .                      1
                                 Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2–7

                                 Sources of Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–9

                                 2009 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10–16
Dear Friends,
The staff at Swords to Plowshares and our supporters are deeply committed to providing
comprehensive services to veterans and advocating on behalf of the men and women who
have served our country. Our dedication and expertise are recognized locally and across the
nation. We help veterans and their families not only by providing direct services, but also
by advocating policy improvements at the local, state and national levels.

As troops continue to be deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, government
agencies and the American public have developed a renewed interest in the well-being of
the men and women who have served our country. At Swords, we are committed to helping
veterans break through cultural, educational, psychological and economic barriers that they
often face in their transition to the civilian world.

Despite a suffering economy, Swords continues to expand existing services and provide help
to more than 2,000 veterans each year. In fact, Swords has secured new funding sources to
offer programs specifically designed to meet the needs of returning veterans, particularly
those in need of employment support and vocational training. In addition, Swords continues
to serve Vietnam veterans and the aging veteran population in need of permanent supportive
housing and adequate health care. And for both young and old veterans, Swords works hard
to ensure that they have the veterans benefits they deserve, and their fair share of the available
community support system.                                                                                             1
As we move into the next year we are poised for change and prepared for the challenges
that present themselves. With a new administration committed to eliminating veteran
homelessness in five years, Swords is providing expertise and recommendations on how to
break the cycle of veteran homelessness, and is expanding our supportive housing program for
the chronically homeless and aging population of veterans. We are seeking additional ways to
help younger veterans with counseling, employment placement, job training, and help specifi-
cally for the increasing numbers of women veterans in need. These are just a few examples
of the programs we are providing to veterans of all generations and our goals for the future.

This annual report will provide you with a series of snapshots of Swords to Plowshares at work
and illustrate the dedication of our staff. We are truly grateful to all of our supporters who
have enabled us to positively impact the lives of veterans and help them to restore dignity, hope
and self-sufficiency. We hope you will continue to support Swords so that we can keep helping
veterans turn their lives around.


Paul Cox                                                     Michael Blecker
Chair of the Board                                           Executive Director
U.S. Marine Corps, 1968-1972                                 U.S. Army, 1967-1970

                                                                                                 Annual Report 2009
    & PROGRAM STAFF                        EMPLOYMENT
    Michael Blecker                        Helping veterans find jobs is key to Swords to Plowshares’ mission. Swords helps veterans by
    Executive Director
                                           offering vocational counseling, life-skills and occupational training, resume and interview
    Leon Winston
                                           preparation, and job placement and follow-up. Swords has made significant developments to
    Chief Operating Officer
                                           the Employment and Training Program to better assist the new generation of veterans of Iraq
    John Beem
                                           and Afghanistan focus on building careers. Reintegration to civilian life can be a significant
    Chief Financial Officer
                                           challenge, especially for those who went into the military before establishing civilian lives for
    Wanda Heffernon
    Director of Residential                themselves.
    Programs & Services
                                           In February 2009, Swords opened a new location in downtown Oakland to make employment
    David Talerico                         services more accessible to all veterans living in the East Bay. Since then, Swords has doubled
    Director of Health & Social Services
                                           its staff in the satellite office and has been able to reach out to greater numbers of Operation
    Amy Fairweather                        Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) veterans, representing approximately
    Director of the Iraq Veteran Project
                                           half of the total clientele of the Oakland office. In September, the San Francisco Employment
    Bill Krueger
                                           and Training Department relocated to offices on the third floor of the War Memorial
    Director of Residential Operations
    Dave Lopez
    Director of Employment
    and Training Services
                                           This fiscal year, the Employment and Training program’s accomplishments include:
    Elinor Roberts
    Director of Legal Services                            Helping 250 veterans improve their vocational skills through employment-
                                                          related activities such as job counseling, soft skills workshops and classroom
                                                          training, and placed 175 veterans in jobs.

                                                          Hosting the 1st Annual Veterans Career Fair in September 2008 attended
                                                          by twenty employers and over 150 veterans at the Veterans War Memorial
                                                          Building in San Francisco.

                                                          Redesigning the vocational training model by creating “Career Pathways” to
                                                          meet the needs of post-9/11 veterans. In order to ensure veterans’ access to
                                                          good jobs, we launched a rigorous study of the high-growth, high-wage
                                                          industries in the San Francisco Bay Area including healthcare, transportation
                                                          and the green sector-and in conjunction with local community colleges and
                                                          other vocational training providers, identified or developed short-term
                                                          certificate training programs that can lead to employment.

                                                          Formalizing relationships with Career One-Stop operators in Berkeley,
                                                          Oakland, Hayward and Richmond, where Swords’ staff can meet with
                                                          veterans on-site.

                                                          Expanding its relationship with the State of California Employment
                                                          Development Department’s LVER (Local Veterans Employment
                                                          Representative) Program. Through formalized relationships, Swords offer
                                                          on-site meetings with the EDD Veteran Representative at both of our
                                                          locations. Collaboratively we work one-on-one with veterans to help them
                                                          navigate employment opportunities.

    Swords to Plowshares
Homeless veterans with multiple and complicated chronic conditions continue to benefit from
our Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs improving their health and
quality of life, and making changes that return them to dignity and autonomy. Swords has
extensive experience in dealing with veterans that have distinct needs and our approach to
treatment for two largely recognized groups has been met with high success. With our popula-
tion of Vietnam-era veterans aging and facing more intensive physical and psychological
problems, the need for permanent supportive housing is high. Current-era veterans returning
from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life as evidenced
by increased risk of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Swords’ Transitional
Housing Programs can help see them through to a successful reentry with advanced education,
obtain gainful employment, and maximize appropriate benefits.

     With our population of Vietnam-era veterans
                                                                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009
     aging and facing more intensive physical                                                         Paul Cox, Chair
     and psychological problems, the need for                                                         Stephen Plath, Vice Chair
                                                                                                      Peter McCorkell, Secretary
     Permanent Supportive Housing is high.                                                            Gordon P. Erspamer
                                                                                                      Steve Fields
                                                                                                      Rick Houlberg
                                                                                                      Judith B. Kridle
Currently, Swords has nearly 200 homeless veterans on waiting lists for its three housing facili-
                                                                                                      Maceo A. May
ties: Treasure Island Transitional Living Program which includes specialized programs for frail
                                                                                                      Christine Mucker
elderly and chronically mentally ill veterans, DeMontfort Street Transitional Living Program
                                                                                                      Larry Rosenberger
targets veterans with chronic mental illness, and the Veterans Academy provides permanent             Linsay Rousseau
supportive housing in the Presidio for formerly homeless veterans with disabilities.                  Sara Seltzer
In cooperation with the Chinatown Community Development Center, Swords submitted a                    Ian Sharpe
                                                                                                      Mai Kha Shutt
successful proposal to redevelop the city-owned building at 150 Otis Street. With more than
                                                                                                      Stephen Snyder
$2.7 million from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing to begin development, Swords
                                                                                                      Robert Trevorrow
plans to open the new building, Veterans Commons, in 2012 which will provide 76 studio
                                                                                                      Josh Lauman, Board Fellow
apartments for chronically homeless and senior veterans. The facility will provide supportive
services to its residents, including mental health and substance abuse counseling, geriatric          ADVISORY BOARD 2009
healthcare and a variety of social and recreational activities.                                       Mike Cerre
Looking forward, Swords continues to search for funding to increase our transitional housing          John Keker
                                                                                                      Dudley Miller
capacity for both long- and short-term stabilization. We hope to develop capacity to serve the
                                                                                                      William Millichap
growing needs of female veterans and of single veterans with dependent children. To this end,
                                                                                                      Major General J. Michael Myatt
we are seeking to fill this gap in the spectrum of care to incorporate “satellite houses”-smaller
                                                                                                      (USMC Ret.)
group living facilities designed to provide a supportive environment in which current era
                                                                                                      Jon Paulson
veterans can work on readjustment issues while working or attending school, providing them            The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
with assistance in obtaining the life skills and support necessary for a successful transition into   Mark Solit
independent civilian living.                                                                          Townsend Walker
                                                                                                      Roger Walther
                                                                                                      Carol Wilder
                                                                                                               Annual Report 2009
                           Accomplishments                                                   (continued)

                                  This fiscal year, the Housing program’s accomplishments include:

                                      68 once homeless veterans completed the Treasure Island and DeMontfort
                                      Transitional Living Programs out of 148 who participated in the program this
                                      year. Fully 100% of the graduates obtained permanent housing upon leaving the
                                      program and 58% of those entering our program increased their income. The
                                      average completion time range was 9-14 months; 91% of all program partici-
                                      pants retained sobriety during their stay.

                                      150 veterans made their home at the Veterans Academy during the year. The
                                      Veterans Academy houses 102 veterans at any given time during the year.

                                      Many veterans residing at our housing programs participated in computer classes
                                      at the Veterans Academy, which continue to expand to meet the growing skill
                                      level of the veterans. The quarterly graduations continue to be a source of pride
                                      and accomplishment for the participants.

                           The gateway to an array of in-house and community services, Swords to Plowshares’
                           Frontline Drop-in Center, the Health and Social Services Department, is a unique resource
                           that provides crisis intervention, general case management and counseling, substance abuse
                           and mental health counseling, community referrals and advocacy, emergency shelter, transi-
                           tional and permanent housing placement, crisis stabilization, post traumatic stress disorder
                           (PTSD) screening, and general assistance to more than 2,000 homeless and at risk veterans
                           each year. HSS continually modifies its program to serve both the influx of veterans from
                           recent conflicts and the ever expanding population of aging veterans, still the majority of
                           our clients.

                           The Drop-in Center recently created a Participant Advisory Board, providing veterans
                           ranging from those who are still struggling with behavioral health issues and homelessness
                           to those who have found permanent supportive housing or are engaged in treatment, with a
                           forum to give feedback, make suggestions and provide their insights to program staff. Also
                           new is Swords’ ability to provide representative payee services for veterans, which means we
                           can work with them to meet their monthly expenditures so that they do not leave their rent
                           unpaid, for example. This arrangement can help prevent chronic homelessness, destabiliza-
                           tion and hospitalization.

    Swords to Plowshares
This fiscal year, the Health and Social Services program’s accomplishments include:

   120 veterans were provided temporary/emergency housing upon discharge from hospitals, jails,
   prisons and/or residential treatment programs; help with hospital discharges alone saved the
                                                                                                         To donate to Swords to Plowshares,
   hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional hospital days or re-hospitalization.
                                                                                                         please contact the Development
   135 veterans were provided with 2,107 nights of emergency housing-an average of two weeks             Team at:
                                                                                                         1060 Howard Street
   per veteran, plus an additional 23 per night in city shelters for a grand total of 10,502 sheltered
                                                                                                         San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                                                                         Phone: (415) 252-4788
   90 veterans who were either homeless or living in substandard housing were assisted in securing       Fax: (415) 552-6267
   permanent housing and are now stably housed.                                                          E-mail:
   50 veterans living in permanent housing had setbacks that caused them to become delinquent
   in their rent; they were provided with one-time rental assistance to prevent eviction.

   19 veterans secured Social Security Disability income benefits, saving the San Francisco General
   Fund $266,000 for healthcare now billable through MediCal.

   47 veterans were referred for detoxification program services.

   24 elderly veterans (90% of whom are African American) secured transitional housing with
   aggressive outreach by staff who utilized Transitional Care Network funds.

   HSS continually
   modifies its program
   to serve both the influx
   of veterans from recent
   conflicts and the ever
   expanding population of
   aging veterans, still the
   majority of our clients.

                                                                                                                      Annual Report 2009
                           Accomplishments                                                (continued)

6                           IRAQ VETERAN PROJECT
                            Since October 2005, the Iraq Veteran Project (IVP) has identified gaps in services for
                            post-9/11 veterans and their families, and promoted policies and programs for success-
                            ful transition to civilian life with both a policy and a direct service component. Through
                            a triage process, veterans are referred to other service departments at Swords to
                            Plowshares or community resources, as appropriate. Staff also provided referrals and
                            guidance to veterans nationwide who have sought aid outside of Swords’ geographic or
                            program area. IVP staff regularly engages in policy activities, conducting research into
                            the mental health, social, financial and legal needs of new veterans; and publishing
                            materials to educate policy makers, educators, healthcare providers, families, service
                            members, and veterans regarding the stresses of deployment and transition. IVP regu-
                            larly presents findings to stakeholders and have published and presented briefing mate-
                            rials for lawmakers, mental healthcare providers, social workers, interfaith clergy, and
                            are currently working on training materials for first responders.

                            This fiscal year, the Iraq Veteran Project’s accomplishments include:

                               Serving as the hub for the Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (CIAV), a
                               national non-partisan partnership of 52 organizations committed to serving those
                               who serve. IVP staff provides technical support for the CIAV, regularly delivering
                               services, including webinars, newsletters, and maintains the joint CIAV website

                               Hosting the 2nd annual CIAV conference in Washington, D.C. in May, attended
                               by 156 individual service member representatives, veterans, family members, and
                               survivor advocates. The post-conference report, “Moving Forward and Making a
                               Difference,” was distributed to over 2,000 individuals.

                               Delivering more than 80 presentations to a variety of federal, state and local govern-
                               ment agencies, colleges, veteran-related events, veteran service organizations, and
                               job fairs. Through these events the IVP outreached to over 2,000 post-9/11 veterans
                               and established contacts with other service providers.

                               Starting in 2008, Swords created the position of Women Veterans Coordinator in
                               response to the burgeoning number of women service members. With the addition
                               of this position, we have been able to provide direct services and outreach within
                               the Bay Area community and advocate on behalf of the women veteran population
                               at the national level. Consequently, during the last fiscal year, Swords Women
                               Veterans Coordinator, Tia Christopher, spoke before the California State
                               Legislature and United States Senate on issues facing women veterans. Along
                               with advocating before lawmakers, training materials and white papers have been
                               distributed Nationwide, narrowing the gap between our Women Warriors and the
                               communities they come home to.

    Swords to Plowshares
   Hosting the first annual, “SHOUT! Art by Women Veterans,” held during Women’s                                         7
   Military History Week in March 2009 in San Francisco. This event, attended by nearly 350
   people, brought community attention to women veteran’s military experiences showcasing
   the multi-media works of women veteran artists.

   Completing the curriculum for cultural competency training for first responders, police and
   mental health clinicians, with funding from the Zellerbach Foundation. In early 2010, the
   IVP will deliver the first of these trainings to Pacifica and Campbell Police Departments to
   provide the tools police need to work with current era veterans with PTSD and other men-
   tal health issues and ultimately increase their ability to direct veterans toward appropriate
   treatment rather than incarceration.

   Receiving a grant from Blue Shield to support trainings on domestic violence in the veteran
   community. Alliances will be built with agencies well versed in domestic violence service
   provision and develop a curriculum to prevent and address domestic violence appropriately
   in light of underlying mental health issues particular to the veteran community.

The Legal Department at Swords to Plowshares are the leading experts in the nation for VA
benefits law. Swords’ attorneys regularly inform lawyers and advocacy groups all over the coun-
try about military discharge reviews and upgrades and VA law. In addition to providing expert-
ise, Swords also connects veterans to advocacy groups and service providers across the country.
Many of our country’s veterans never apply for or receive the benefits they deserve. These dis-
ability and healthcare benefits are generally awarded for the duration of the veteran’s lifetime.
The application process is very complicated and errors or omissions in the initial application
can jeopardize their chances of obtaining the benefits they have earned.

Swords is one of the few organizations in the country that provides free attorney representa-
tion, case management and advocacy to veterans seeking benefits. Last year, Swords’ legal team
initiated the Veterans Legal Pro Bono Project in order to help more veterans in need of free
legal services. Many local attorneys offered to help veterans in need and generously donate
their time. Currently, the legal staff at Swords are working hard to train these volunteer
lawyers, inform them about the intricacies of VA benefits law, and match them up with veter-
ans who need their help.

This fiscal year, the Legal team’s advocacy efforts resulted in the following accomplishments:

   500 veterans (nearly 200 from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) were provided with free
   legal advice.

   28 veterans were awarded $735,156 in lump-sum retroactive VA benefits, an average of
   $19,260 each.

   28 veterans will also receive recurring benefits averaging more than $19,000 per year.

                                                                                                    Annual Report 2009
                                                   Sources of Income


                             Government                                   $4,392,028                   67.2%
                             Fees                                              517,257                  7.9%
                             Foundations/Corporations                       1,475,137                  22.6%
                             Individual Donations & Events                    124,583                   1.9%
                             Investment Income                                 24,675                   0.4%
                                                                         $6,533,680                   100.0%


                                Housing Services                          $3,212,769                   41.0%
                                Human Services                              722,996                     9.2%
                                Employment                                   857,591                   11.0%
                                Legal                                        544,197                    7.0%
                                Iraq Veteran Project                       1,391,160                   17.8%
                             Administration                                  871,126                   11.1%
                             Fundraising                                    228,644                     2.9%

8                                                                         $7,828,483                  100.0%

                             Net Income                                                          ($1,294,803)
                             Release of Temporarily Restricted Net Assets                            2,217,133
                             Current Year Revenue Restricted to Future Periods                       (727,007)
                             Net Change in Unrestricted Assets from Operations                         195,323
                             City of San Francisco Grant for Capital Improvements                     363,772
                                 at Demontfort Facility
                             Total Change in Assets                                                 $559,095

                       Investment Income 0.4%

                       Donations and Events 1.9%                                         Foundations and Corporations 22.6%

                                                                                                                 Fees 7.9%

                       Government 67.2%

    Swords to Plowshares

                       Fundraising 2.9%
Balance Sheet


                       Current Assets                      $4,486,301
                       Fixed Assets                         3,002,364
    Total Assets                                           $7,488,665


                       Current Liabilities                   $642,919
    Investment Income Long-term Liabilities
                       0.4%                                     9,417
    Total Liabilities
    Donations and Events 1.9%                               Foundations and Corporations 22.6%

    Net Assets                                                                       Fees 7.9%
                       Unrestricted Net Assets             $2,168,061
                       Temporarily Restricted Net Assets    4,620,733

    Total Net Assets
                       Permanently Restricted Net Assets        47,535
    Government 67.2%

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets                       $7,488,665

    Fundraising 2.9%

    Iraq Veteran Project 17.8%
                                                                         Housing Services 41.0%

    Administration 11.1%

    Legal 7.0%
                                                                          Human Services 9.2%

    Employment 11.0%

                                                                                         Annual Report 2009
                                                       2009 Donors

     Thank You! Swords to Plowshares gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following individuals, businesses, foun-
     dations and government entities that supported projects and programs on behalf of homeless and low income veterans
     from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009.

     GENERAL LIST                          Leaders $1,000–$4,999                Steven Hirsch                          Michael Hochberg
     Builders $10,000 and up               Albert B. Del Masso                  Tama Adelman                           Mortimer Hartwell
     Adobe Corporate Affairs/Community     Ann L. Vercoutere                    The George & Judy Marcus Family        Pablo R. Stewart
        Relations                          Associated Builders & Contractors      Foundation                           Paul K. Chappell
     California Community Foundation       Bank of America Foundation           The Grey Family Foundation             Phillip Bokovoy
     California Pacific Medical Center        Matching Gifts                    Thomas R. Baruch                       Ralph D. Webb
     Charles & Helen Schwab Family         Bay Cities Produce Co., Inc.         United Way of the Bay Area             Richard Monsoon
        Foundation                         Bob Kaliski                          Wayne Paglieri                         Rochester Area Community
     Courtney Haslett                      Brown Paper Tickets, LLC             Wells Fargo Community Support             Foundation
     Five Bridges Foundation               David Talerico                         Campaign                             Sara Seltzer
     George H. Sandy Foundation            Dodge & Cox                          YIH Family Foundation                  Sean Caplice
     Mental Insight Foundation             Dodge & Cox Matching Gifts                                                  Stephen A. Sherwin
     Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund          Ellen Ron                            Innovators $500–$999                   Steve Hahn
     The Henry Mayo Newhall                Essex Property Trust                 A. Augustin                            Suzanne Baird
        Foundation                         Frederick Hopkins                    All Souls Episcopal Parish in          The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
     The Horace W. Goldsmith               Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse           Berkeley                            The RHE Charitable Foundation
        Foundation                         Gregg Wohl                           Bay Street Helping Hands               Truist Altruism Connected
     The McCormick Foundation              Grosvenor (USA) Ltd.                 Carol Wilder                           United Commerical Bank
     The San Francisco Foundation          Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction      Christine Mucker                       Virginia Fairweather
     The Walther Foundation                   Company                           Community Thrift Store                 Volunteers of America, Bay Area
     The Zellerbach Family Foundation      James J. Clark                       David A. Friedman                      William Drypolcher
     Vanguard Charitable Endowment         Jewish Community Endowment           Eliot Jubelirer
        Program                               Fund                              Elisabeth Boorstein                    Shapers $250–$499
     VanLobenSels/RembeRock                Jim Gervasi                          Frederic J. Filbert                    Alan Pedlar
        Foundation                         John Bergez                          Glaziers Architectural Metal & Glass   Alfred J. Pucci
     Wolf Israel                           John Kennedy                            Workers Union Local 718             Allen P. McKee
                                           John W. Davis                        Glen Yasaki                            Alphonse J. Wu
     Sustainers $5,000–$9,999K             Kaiser Permanente                    Gregory Short                          Alvin Warwas
     AT&T Foundation                       Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez,   Henry Bornstein                        Andrea Danzig
     Disabled American Veterans               Lyons & Farisse                   Henry Der                              ARMAG Corporation
        Charitable Service Trust           Lakeside Foundation                  Hilary Perkins                         Associated Students of Diablo
     Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund        Laura Yockey                         I Do Foundation                           College
     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund         Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc.   James Fleming                          AT&T Employee Giving Program
     Hilltop Group Charitable Foundation   Metroplitan Arts Partnership (CFC    Jennifer Burden                        Band of Angels
     Horizons Foundation                      Campain)                          Jerry W. Mapp                          Barbara Willenborg
     J.W. & H.M Goodman Family             Nancy Bechtle                        Jewish Community Endowment             Bay Area Rapid Transit District
        Charitable Foundation              Nathaniel Bowens                        Fund                                Benton Deanne
     John Cawley                           Pauline J. Kelzer                    John Luikart                           Betty Devalcourt
     Kenneth Olivier                       PG&E                                 John McMahan                           Bonnie Bell
     Larry & Diane Rosenberger             Priscilla Stoyanof-Roche                                                    Bryce Sutherland
     Michael Schall                        Richard Jess                         John P. Roediger                       Carl Arnoult
     The Braddock Foundation               Rick Houlberg                        Judith Kridle                          Carol W. Galloway
                                           Robert Bunje                         Kaiser Permanente Community            Catharina B. Swanstrom
                                           Safeway Foundation                     Giving Campaign                      Charles Bassing
                                           Samuel Thoron                        Kelly Neil                             Chevron’s Humankind Employee
                                           San Francisco Giants                 Lesley Norelli                            Funds
                                           Schwab Charitable Fund               Mai Kha Shutt                          Chop Keenan
                                           Sidney Goodwill                      Marine Corps League                    Craig Middleton

10                                                                                Detachment 597

 Swords to Plowshares
Daniel J. Odishoo        Philip M. Liu                   Brian D. Lee                         George Rossman
Daoro, Zydel & Holland   Presbyterian Women              Brian Wilson                         Gerald P. Dodson
David A. Wolf            Rebecca J. Kurland              Bruce Colman                         Gerhard Hahne
David R. Rawson          Richard Mercouris               Bruce Fisher                         Gertrude Tuxen
David Talerico           Richard Sarro                   Burley A. Daye                       Golden Gate Orchids
Donald Q. Saunders       Richard Silbert                 Camilla Lee                          Harry M. Jones
Douglas Sheft            Rodney McClain                  Camilla Marvel                       Helen Bogner
Dugan Moore              Ronald Vinsant                  Carole Windsor                       Helen Geraghty
Earl Shagley             Sherry L. Williams              Catharina B. Swanstrom               Herbert J. Weiner
Edwin Wilkerson          Simi’s Bazaar                   Charles Wallace                      Herbert Luce
Emily Stone              Sunshine Construction           Charlie B. Liteky                    Holly Millar
Ephraim Luzon            Susan Blais                     Cheryl B. Bibelheimer                Howard L. Billman
Eric Bower               Taylor Bell                     Chris Foley                          Howard Zee
Everett Price            Ted Goad                        Christian P. Erdman                  Irwin Roth
Florence F. Chan         Terry McGuire                   Christopher Lee                      Jack N. Air
George Lula              The San Francisco Foundation    Claire M. Lucas                      James A. Janko
Georgeana K. Roussos     Thomas Meehan                   Clyde J. Nelson                      James Balich
Gerald T. Cruson         Thomas Randlett                 Community Thrift Store               James E. Miner
Gerald Ward              Tim Kochis                      Constance Berg                       James Penrod
Howard L. Billman        Tony Pucci                      Craig Middleton                      James R. Perry
Ian Berke                Townsend Walker                 Dan Fahey                            James T. Chirurg
Ian Sharpe               Tracy Weatherby                 Daniel Drake                         Janet Osterdock
James Bell               United Way California Capital   David G. Thormann                    Jay A. Mitchell
James R. Perry              Region                       David Haigler                        Jay Hooker
Janet A. Marble          Vicki Knirck                    David Hettick                        Jeanne Friedman
Jennifer L. Shoda        W. Philip Johnson               David Mc Mahon                       Jeff Strobel
Jerry W. Mapp            Walter & Elise Haas Fund        Deborah Spencer                      Jennifer Burden
Jessica Burden           William Lynch                   Denis Wade                           Jennifer Chou-Green
Joan Allen                                               Denise Bergez                        Jessica Burden
John Gulick              Members $100–$249               Dennis Tsai                          Jo Policastro
John King                Abigail Wizansky                Donald Duncan                        Joan Eckart
John Loughran            Abraham Aronow                  Donald Q. Saunders                   Joan M. Bernier
Jon W. Paulson           Abraham Ofer                    Donald R. Joseph                     Joanne Hively
Joseph Eno               Adri Boudewyn                   Donald Schulak                       John Boland
Katharine Daniel         Aini Karkiainen                 Douglas R. Thompson                  John Brew
Katherine J. Zinsser     Alan Gould                      Dowd Chelucci                        John C. Telischak
Kathy Salmanowitz        Alan Horn                       Elaine F. Ninokata                   John H. Reves
Kenneth Jesmore          Alan Klonsky                    Elizabeth Engelcke                   John K. Younghein
Leslie Wozniak           Alan W. Zwick                   Elizabeth P. Ford                    John King
Levi Strauss & Co.       Alice Cochran                   Elizabeth R. De Lore                 John Lavorgna
Lin Coonan               Alice G. Ransom                 Ellen B. Egbert                      John M. Nelson
Louis Kern               Aline Sedgmore                  Emily Hall                           John Mertes
Maceo A. May             Alvin Schwarzbach               Fhelica Nafe                         John R. Domingos
Marilyn Bair             Alvin Warwas                    Forum Design, Ltd.                   John Salih
Mary B. Brown            Ann L. Vercoutere               Fox Security & Communication, Inc.   Jon Wactor
Max Gutierrez            Another World Realty            Francis Roche                        Jonathan M. Eldan
Michael Gould            Archibald J. Wilson             Frank Vieira                         Jonathon D. Gray
Michael J. Martin        Azita Mujica                    Fred Parkin                          Joseph A. Garcia
Nancy Bechtle            Barbara Oliver                  Gelfand Partners Architects          Joseph Baron
Nathanial O. Owings      Barbara Schwindt                General Re Corporation               Joseph Crimoli
Neil O’Donnell           Barry Willdorf                  Genevieve S. Fujimoto                Judith Gold
Peggy A. Akers           Bente Brown                     George Elbaum              
Peter Benvenutti         Billie L. Sands                 George Lula                          Karen Meredith
Peter Klabunde           Brian Bonham                    George R. Avery                      Katharine Beckwith
                                                                                              Kathryn Lee
                                                                                                              Annual Report 2009
12     Kenneth Freer
       Kenneth Kendrick
                                        Phillip Pflager
                                        Presidio Riding Club
                                                                             Susan Quinlan                      Anthony Gouletas
                                                                             Ted Goad                           Anthony J. Pagano
       Kristen Hall                     Private Ocean                        Ted Krumland                       Arnold Beyer
       Kristen Kiley                    R. Russell Allbery                   Ted Maniatis                       Art Cereno
       Laura J. Ruffin                  R.V. McCullough                      Terry McGuire                      Arthur Cummings
       Laura Remington                  Rachel Rendel                        The Lawson Roofing Company, Inc.   Arthur Lathan
       Laurie Krashanoff                Ralph Anthenien                      The William & Flora Hewlett        Audrey LePage
       Laurie Mims                      Ralph D. Webb                           Foundation                      Audrey Zavell
       Lawrence Livermore National      Randy Fowler                         Thomas Clogher                     Barbara Attard
          Laboratory                    Raymond La Rocca Insurance           Thomas McCorkell                   Barbara Johnson
       Leigh Davidson                      Agency                            Timothy Blakely                    Barbara Phipps
       Leo Wong                         Rebecca W. Schaller                  Timothy McCormick                  Barbara Powell
       Leonid Yankulin                  Richard Beard                        Tom Eckstrom                       Barrie Grenell
       Levi Strauss Foundation Social   Richard E. McGrath                   Tracy Thompson                     Beatrice A. Arrowsmith
          Benefits Program              Richard H. Akers                     Ulrich S. Storz                    Bernard Meyers
       Lily J. Adams                    Richard Jess                         Universal Protection Services      Bernard Weiner
       Lois W. Green                    Richard Lucas                        Veronica Martin                    Beth McCaffrey
       Louis Kern                       Richard M. Swanson                   Victoria MacDiarmid                Betty Bernstein
       Lydia Ely                        Richard Massey                       Victoria Welsh                     Betty Weiss
       Lynn A. Winkel                   Richard R. Kuhn                      Virginia Craig                     Beverly Tolbert
       Maralyn Stephenson               Richard W. Holly                     W. D. Henry                        Bill Roller
       Marc Kasky                       Rob J. Boudewijn                     Wallace Levin                      Bill Rusher
       Marilyn White                    Rob Steinberg                        Wanda Heffernon                    Billie J. Jaber
       Mark Coby                        Robert D. Dockendorff                Wayne Roberts                      Bob Kaliski
       Marland Townsend                 Robert D. Sanderson                  Wendi Haskell                      Bob Ward
       Marti Downing                    Robert Daoro                         William Bigglestone                Bobby N. Brown
       Mary J. Humphrey                 Robert Dooley                        William E. Manierre                Brain Martin
       Matt Fleumer                     Robert Gallo                         William H. Madison                 Brenda Smith
       Megan Klein                      Robert Gluss                         William J. Maston                  Brooke L. Banks
       Melville Owen                    Robert L. Burd                       William LaBounty                   Bruce Fay
       Michael Bull                     Robert Perkins                       William Rauch                      Bruce McPhee
       Michael Clausser                 Roland Brandel                       William Simmons                    Burton Fong-Torres
       Michael Keischnick               Ron Bitzer                           Yukiko Yamanishi                   C. R. Brundle
       Michael L. Job                   Ron Krausz                           Zoom Cross Media                   C. V. Sickle
       Michael S. Tempesta              Ron Perez                                                               C.J. Kingsley
       Michele Brouqua                  Ronald Dickinson                     Contributors $0–$99                C.P. Valley Builders
       Monte Hartman                    Ronald Vinsant                       Adelle Mitchner                    Carl Braginsky
       Morgan P. Hankins                Russ Whitlark                        Adrienne Jonas                     Carl H. Hammerschmidt
       Nancy McClure                    Sally Broder                         Alan S. Miller                     Carol R. James
       Nora Lee                         Sally Burgess                        Alfred J. Pucci                    Carol Schultz
       Olson Lee                        San Francisco Labor Council          Alfred W. Drumm                    Carole Ryan
       Owen Poole                       Sean Caplice                         Alice Cochran                      Carolina Sternberg
       P.J. Dayacamos                   Shannon Pavlic                       Alice G. Ransom                    Carolyn Kameya
       P.J.C. Lindfords                 Sharon Green                         Alice Gee                          Carter Quinby
       Patricia A. Wintroath            Sherial Heller                       Alice P. Rinehart                  Caryn Anderson
       Patricia C. Major                Simi’s Bazaar                        All-States Stamping &              Catharina B. Swanstrom
       Patricia Dobson                  Solomon Sevy                            Manufacturing Co.               Cecilia McGrath
       Patricia Gribben                 State Of California (Dept of         Alphred R. Springs                 Cecilia Uriarte
       Patricia Kuhi                       Corrections and Rehabilitation)   Alvin Hironaga                     Celeste Parcell
       Paul Glennon                     Stephen B. Bergren                   Andrew M. Cohen                    Charles R. Benedict
       Paul Sussman                     Stephen E. Kirby                     Anita Noennig                      Charlotte Shea
       Pauline J. Kelzer                Stephen Henry                        Ann Leitze                         Charlotte Snider
       Peter Collins                    Steve Gorski                         Ann M. Miller                      Christine Larsen
       Peter W. Van der Naillen         Steve Kohler                         Ann Saltanis                       Christopher P. Valle-Riestra
       Phillip Bokovoy                  Susan D. Frank                       Annie Young

 Swords to Plowshares
Clifford Fortner
Clifford Vaida
                                Eric Schackelford
                                Eric Schwartz
                                                     James F. Pultz         Ken Freeman
                                                     James Faris            Kent Barnes
Clyde Stone                     Erika Bruce          James J. Carlson       Kris Padgett
Crystal Rivers                  Erlinda Cruz         James Kennedy          Kym Valdez
Dan Cozzi                       Ernest Cockrell      James R. Dykes         Larry Luitjens
Dan Fahey                       Evelyn Glaubman      James Yakas            Laura Paoletti
Daniel Drath                    Evelyn Rogers        Jana Hael              Lawrence Garvey
Daniel J. Odishoo               Everett Price        Jane Neufeld           Lawrence Klenow
Daniel P. Zach                  Forrest Burns        Janet Walsh            Lawrence Livingston
Daniel Polk                     Francine Allen       Janice Schulman        Lee Bertolone
Daniel Saltman                  Frank Vieira         Jarmila Vrana          Lee Peterson
Daniel Tucker                   Frank Wang           Jeanne Klems           Lee Townsend
Danielle Goldman                Fred Rhian           Jelane McGrew          Leo Joslin
Darlene Marshall                Fulpro Corporation   Jennie Wong            Leon Winston
David Blair                     G. Fred Grometer     Jenny Groat            Leonard A. Valentino
David Gast                      Gabrielle Thormann   Jerrie Baeta           Leonard Kaplan
David Zeltser                   Gail Clark           Jerry Yarbrough        Les Hausrath
Dennis Singer                   Gail Riley           Jessica Tipton         Lewis Engel
Diane Piagneri                  Gary Duran-Forbes    Joan Almeida           Linda Bedini
Diane Trevino                   Genaveve Piraino     Joan Shelley           Linda Lustig
Dolores Rodriguez               Geneva Randall       Joanne Jagoda          Linda Ng
Don Larson                      George Carty         Joe Lavigne            Linsay A. Rousseau Burnett
Don Wilhelm                     George Farber        John C. Telischak      Lois Peterson
Donald Andrews                  Georgetta Beck       John Dougherty         Loreena O’Brien
Donald Bagnall                  Georgia Sveen        John Doyle             Lorie Topinka
Donald Beyer                    Gilbert B. Melese    John E. Clinton        Lorraine Fiorino
Donald J. Craig                 Giovanna Masnada     John Figone            Lorraine Papierniak
Donald Martin                   Glenn Cohen          John Hancock           Lou Segale
Donald McNamara                 Gordon J. Huseby     John J. Kiernan        Louis Delgrave
Donald Wallach                  Grace Rogers-Smith   John J. Wallace        Louis Hiken
Donald Williams                 Greg Yarbrough       John Lemmo             Louise Baker
Donna Collier                   Guido & Joey, Inc.   John L’Heureux         Lucile King
Dorothy Adams                   H. Cutright          John Luckett           Lynn N. McLaren
Dorothy Dawson                  Hali Hammer          John Sulzbach          Lynne Dotson
Doug Johnson                    Harold Feinberg      John Surinchak         M. Louise Takeuchi
Doug Wright                     Harry Sheehan        Joseph DiStefano       Madeline Oden
Douglas R. Thompson             Heather Thomson      Joseph Eno             Madelyn R. Hodges
Douglas Twitchell               Helen L. Palmer      Joseph Stokes          Maralyn Stephenson
Edith Piltch                    Henry P. Lynch       Joseph Tognoli         Margaret McDonald
Edith Plotinsky                 Herbert J. Weiner    Joyce Walton           Marilyn Cargill
Edmond Madion                   Herman Bracey        Juantia Ghalamkar      Marilyn Norleen
Edna A. Leonard                 Holly Friden         Julia Avramides        Marilyn Rodgers
Edward J. Dierauf               Irene Brown          Julie Landres          Mark Connor
Edward Langthorn                Irina Liskovich      Karen Smith            Mark Wilson
Edward Weingold                 Isabelle Arabian     Katherine Castro       Marlen Sanchez
Eileen Barry                    Jack Belden          Katherine J. Zinsser   Marlene Brown
Eleanor Russell                 Jack Cole            Katherine Sprouse      Marlys Jungroth
Elizabeth Gard                  Jack F. Ermer        Katherine Triest       Martha Stiles
Elizabeth Lucas                 Jack Olson           Katherine Trow         Martin Binion
Ellen E. Eshelby                Jackie Davids        Katherine Wong         Marvice Cruz
Embassy Suites SFO-Burlingame   James C. Young       Kathleen Dopheide      Mary C. Fought
Emmerson Chambers               James Chang          Kathleen Hamill        Mary Jane Genco
Eric C. Brazil                  James D. Bolton      Kathryn Santana        Mary Stallings
Eric Farber                     James Dennett        Kathy Nerud            Mary Turn
Eric J. Norman                  James Derbin

                                                                                            Annual Report 2009
     Mathias Hall             Ray LaRocca              Stacey A. Howard                    In Honor of
     Maureen Blumenthal       Raymond Bolanos          Stephanie Carwin
     Maurice Indig            Rebecca Gebhart                                              All those who served
                                                       Stephanie Gardner
     Mavis Vejar              Regina Panzarino-Dimig                                       All veterans
                                                       Stephen J. Langham
     Max C. Kirkeberg         Regina Sneed                                                 Bill, Mary Jane, Jillian, & Shane
                                                       Stephen M. Snyder
     Merrill Collett          Remia Adams                                                     Oravsky
                                                       Steve Chase
     Mervyn I. Silberberg     Renette Robillard                                            Charlene C. Cruz Kelty
                                                       Steve Merlo
     Michael Blumenthal       Richard A. Gale                                              Charles E. Atwell
                                                       Steven D. Weigert
     Michael Canales          Richard Dalby                                                Craig Reeder
                                                       Steven Hibshman
     Michael Garza            Richard Goldsmith                                            Iraq Veterans
                                                       Steven Hicks
     Michael Gillespie        Richard Kittler                                              John Presley
                                                       Sue C. Dirksen
     Michael Jengo            Richard Olive                                                Jon & Dianne Paulson
                                                       Susan Williams
     Michael L. Job           Richard R. Bliss                                             Kathleen M. Hansen
                                                       Ted V. Jacobsen
     Michael Macia            Richard Shalla                                               Leslie David MacNiven, USMC
                                                       Terence Young
     Michaelyn J. Jenkins     Richard Silbert                                              Lois Chestnut
                                                       Teresa Friend
     Michelle Cooley          Rick Tellez                                                  Madeline Burnell
                                                       Terrence G. O’Hara
     Mikyung Kim              Rita Howe                                                    Monica McRae
                                                       Terrence Sullivan
     Miriam F. Hodge          Robert Brown                                                 My mother, Georgia
                                                       Terrence Wilson
     Nancy Crowne             Robert Butterfield                                           Our Son, Paris Morgan
                                                       The Bay Architects
     Nancy Hoehenrieder       Robert Gronke                                                Paul Cox
                                                       Timothy Haggerty
     Nancy Hume               Robert J. Rosenthal                                          Peggy Tuxan Akers
                                                       Timothy Reed
     Nancy Nadel              Robert L. Wenz                                               Peter & Mary Klabunde
                                                       Timothy Schwartz
     Nancy Silva              Robert Lieber                                                Richard Smith
                                                       Todd Duncan
     Nancy Zink               Robert May                                                   Robert Franklin
                                                       Todd Saunders
     Nigel Roberts            Robert R. Maschmeyer                                         Sr. Mary Kieffer, O.P.
                                                       Tom Viola
     Norma Santos             Robert Stemme                                                Sydney & Kate
                                                       Valerie Moritz
     Pamela Herlich           Roberta Gumz                                                 Terry Smith
                                                       Verna Tam
     Patricia Chandler        Roberta McKinney                                             Tony & Lois Wollenman.
                                                       Victoria Vasey
     Patricia Chinn-Gambale   Rodney Chan                                                  U.S .Coast Guard Vets
                                                       Victorine Acosta
     Patricia Houghtby        Rodney McClain           Vincent J. Bruno
     Patricia M. Greene       Roger Leone                                                  In Memory of
                                                       Violet Shinn
     Patricia Pearson         Roger O. Walther         Virginia Contento                   Anthony Chase, Capt. USMC
     Patricia Wilkinson       Ronald B. Zucker         Virginia Kelly                      Benjamin Tollefson
     Paul Brady               Ronald Clazie            Walt Von Hauffe                     Beverly Zellweger
     Paul C. Roberts          Ronald Cruz              Walter L. Whitfield                 Bill, Denisey & Kim
     Paul Curthoys            Ronald Gaddini           Warlito Toralba                     Brent Haick
     Paul Elliott             Ronald McCord            Wei Young                           Charles Kremer
     Paul Landwehr            Rosario Contreras        Wendy Brown                         Claire Verdin
     Paul Liebenberg          Roy Louison              William Berreyesa                   Clarence Cretan, WWII Veteran
     Paul Roth                Roy Rose                 William C. Bradshaw                 Clint Jennings
     Paul Schmidt             Sandra Kelly             William F. Fairbanks                Col. Hariard R. Johnson
     Paul Terry               Sandra M. Ryan           William LaBounty                    Colonel Ted Weiman
     Paul Van Houten          Scott Graff              William Peacock                     Dan Deaver, WWII Veteran
     Paul Widess              Scott Mason              William Reichert                    Dan Dever
     Pearl Lee                Sharon M. McCool         Winnie Gallagher                    Daniel McCarthy Mann
     Philip T. Durfee         Sherry Barto             United Way of Greater Los Angeles   Daniel Ota
     Philip Walters           Shirley Hoffman                                              David Duann
     Phillis Ayer             Shirley J. Costello                                          Denny R. Kriebel
     Phyllis Hancock          Shoshanah Dobry
     Ralph Bunje              Sia Wesson
     Ralph Valdes             Sonia Loir

 Swords to Plowshares
Doug Warner                          2009 Veterans Day                    Friend $500                         California Academy of Sciences
Eduardo Del Rosario                  Dinner Sponsors                      Armando Vasquez                     California Shakespeare Theatre
Edvins E. Beitiks                                                         Bank of America Foundation          California State Railroad Museum
Fred Hopins Sr.                      Champion $20,000
                                                                             Matching Gifts                   Carol Engelbrecht
Gilbert Wasserman                    Comcast Cable
                                                                          Carol Wilder                        Celeste Parcell
Goodbody                             Larry & Diane Rosenberger
                                                                          Capt. Vincent & Christine Mucker    Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards &
Gus Boisits                          Mark Solit
                                                                          Citiland Investment Corporation        Winery
Guy Meyer                            The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
                                                                          Craig A. Severance                  Charles M. Schulz Museum
Harvey Jolliff                                                            Earl Shagley                        Cheryl Burke Dance Center
Douglas Perry                        Benefactor $10,000
                                                                          Gordon Erspamer                     Chez Panisse Restaurant & Cafe
Clinton Jennings                     Keker & Van Nest LLP
                                                                          James Fleming                       City Car Share
J. Hughes                            John & Tina Keker
                                                                          John Lavorgna                       Club Nautique Sailing
Jack McClosky                        Snyder, Miller & Orton LLP
                                                                          Joseph Eno                          Cole Hardware
James Arrow Wulfekuhler              Stephen M. Snyder
                                                                          Judith Kridle                       Constance Berg
James G. Contos, WWII Veteran        William Millichap
                                                                          Kay Kimpton Walker                  Costco
James Geanet, Korean War Veteran                                          Kris Padgett                        Crocker Museum of Art
Jeffery Bryan Trujillo               Patron $5000
                                                                          Michael J. Agoglia                  Dianne Paulson
Jesus Contreras                      Newcastle Partners
                                                                          Phillip Bokovoy                     di Pietro Todd Salon
Joann Absiojar                       Paradise Vineyards
                                                                          Richard A. Gale                     DoubleTree Hotel - Sacramento
Joanne & Andrew McGowan              Patricia Hughes
                                                                          Rick Houlberg                       Dr. Allan A. Konce
John J. Ferrari, U.S. Navy           Schwab Charitable Fund
                                                                          Robert Duffy                        Dr. & Mrs. William Clark
John J. Prentice                     Wells Fargo & Company
                                                                 Foundation           Dugan Moore
John Presley                         Zephyr Real Estate
                                                                          Scott Fink                          Earl Shagley & Carren Shagley
Kerlin R. Farwey, WWII Veteran                                            Stephen A. Sherwin                  Ehrhardt Estates Winery
Lawrence J. Baltezore Sr.            Advocate $2500
                                                                          Susan Blais                         Essential Spirits Alambic Distillery
Lee Childress                        Ian Berke Real Estate
                                                                          Timothy Murray                      Exploratorium
Lt. Col. Benjamin Mortara            John & Cynthia Fry Gunn
                                                                          Townsend Walker                     Ferrari-Carano Vineyeard & Winery
Lt. Col. Stewart L. Brown            Jon & Dianne Paulson
                                                                                                              Float Floatation Center
Margo McRice                         Paul Cox & Margo Schueler
                                                                                                              Foreign Cinema
Marie Kremer                         Peter W. Van der Naillen & Bridget
                                                                          2009 Veterans Day Dinner            Funky Door Yoga
Mary W. Kelly                           A. Flanagan
                                                                          Auction Donors                      Gallery of Jewels
Merle Beetley                        Plath & Company
                                                                                                              Gaslamp Plaza Suites
Mike McCain                          Ralph & Rosalie Webb                 Alana’s Café
                                                                                                              Goat Hill Pizza
Alice Schliz                                                              American Conservatory Theater
                                                                                                              Golden Gate Fields
Nathan Riley                         Pillar $1500                         Anita Noennig Paper Conservation,
                                                                                                              Grand Hyatt San Francisco
Norman D. Wild                       Alain Pinel Realtors                    Inc.
                                                                                                              Guittard Chocolate Company
Paddy Shields                        Judith Kridle                        Aqua Salon
                                                                                                              Hafner Vineyard
Peter Deaver                         Nancy Pelosi                         Aquarium of the Bay
                                                                                                              Harbin Hot Springs
Rabbi Alan Lew                       Progress Foundation                  Asian Art Museum
                                                                                                              Hearst Castle & National
Ralph S. Kavasch, WWII Veteran       Robert Trevorrow                     Bay Area Discovery Musuem
                                                                                                                 Geographic Theater
Richard Penry                        Roger O. Walther                     Beach Blanket Babylon
                                                                                                              Hennessey House Bed & Breakfast
S.T Runyon                                                                Berkeley Repertory Theatre
                                                                                                              Hog Island Oyster Company
Sgt. Issac Lawson, KIA in Iraq                                            Bill’s Place
                                                                                                              Incredible Adventures San Francisco
Tim Sullivan                                                              Bimbo’s 365 Club
                                                                                                              Ingrid Wheeler
Victor Hipkiss, Captain, U.S. Army                                        Birch Aquarium
                                                                                                              Isabel Koopman
                                                                          Bi-Rite Market
                                                                                                              Justin Vineyards & Winery
                                                                          Blackhawk Automotive Museum
                                                                                                              Katherine J. Zinsser
                                                                          Blue Waters Kayaking
                                                                                                              Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen
                                                                          Build-A-Bear Workshop
                                                                          Burlingame Pilates Studio

                                                                                                                                Annual Report 2009
       Kathryn Lee                      Museum of Craft & Folk Art           San Francisco Fish Company            The Living Desert
       Kathy & Floyd Turnquist          Nancy Rhodes                         San Francisco Giants                  The Marsh
       Kay Fisher                       Neldam’s Danish Bakery               San Francisco Museum of Modern        The Pelican Inn
       Kenwood Vineyards                Oakland Athletics                       Art                                The Ramp Restaurant
       Kimpton Hotel Group              Oakland Raiders                      San Francisco Opera                   The Wax Museum of San Francisco
       Kirkwood Mountain & Ski Resort   Oregon Shakespeare Fesitval          San Francisco Zoological Society      Thirsty Bear Brewing Company
       Korbel Champagne Cellars         Pamela Priest Naeve                  San Jose Sharks                       Tickle Pink Inn
       Kris Jensen                      Paradise View Wines                  Sandbar & Grill                       Tim Teichgraeber
       Landmark Theatres                Patricia Wernet                      Santa Anita Park, Los Angeles Turf    Union Street Goldsmith
       Lawrence Hall of Science         Peet’s Coffee & Tea                     Club, Inc.                         United States Senator Barbara Boxer
       Le Colonial Restaurant           Peppermill Reno                      Sara Seltzer                          University of California Athletic Ticket
       Lincoln Theater Napa Valley      Pet Food Express                     Scandia Family Fun Center                Office
       Lindsay Wildlife Museum          Pier 39                              SeaWorld Adventure Park               Valley of the Moon
       Little River Inn                 PlumpJack Management Group           See’s Candies                         Wag Hotels
       Liz Wright                       Poggio                               Shari Vernon                          Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society
       Lucasfilm Ltd.                   Postrio Restaurant                   Sherial Heller                        Whole Foods Market
       Lynn Armstrong Winkel            Purple Lady Productions              Southwest Airlines                    Winchester Mystery House
       Mackenzie Design Studio          Rachel Rendel                        St. George Spirits                    Yoga Tree
       Magic Theatre                    Rainbow Grocery                      Stevinson Ranch Golf Club             Yoshi’s San Francisco
       Marin Brewing Company            Ravenswood Winery                    Sugar Bowl
       Marin Symphony                   Richard A. Gale & Luisiana Gale      Sunset Day Spa
       Marin Theater Company            Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum   Sunteez All Day Spa & Tan
       Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel   Riviera Hotel & Casino               Susan Blais
       Mel’s Drive In                   Robert Lent Photography              Susan Frank in memory of Phil
       Mission Cliffs                   Rosenblum Cellars                       Frank
       Mission Inn

                                        Ruben Roine                          Susan Stompe
       MoMo’s                           San Francisco 49ers                  Tad Foster
       Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant    San Francisco Ballet                 Townsend Walker
       Mr. & Mrs. Ken Jesmore           San Francisco Conservatory of        The Huntington Library, Art
       Mr. & Mrs. Graham Archer            Flowers                              Collections, & Botanical Gardens

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