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                                 Bodega Benegas -
                   Argentine Wine History in the roots and the bottle

The Benegas family started Trapiche

                                         "History in their roots"

The Benegas family has a long a tradition in the wine history. Tiburcio Benegas, brought the first French grapevines
ever introduced in Argentina and has been dubbed the father of the wine industry in Argentina. In 1883, Tiburcio
bought a vineyard called "El Trapiche", located in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. It was on this land that Tiburcio built the
famous Trapiche winery.

They planted Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay, which were
the base for the famous Broquel, Fond de Cave and Puente Viejo.

At the beginning of the 70's, the family company dissolved and the assets were sold. The Trapiche winery was
demolished, and the vineyards were divided and sold. Pulenta bought the wine brands and Seagrams, the champagne
brands. The only one that remained in the family was BENEGAS, owned at present by Federico Benegas Lynch.

It was in 1998 that Federico resumed his activity as winemaker when he settled on the 40 hectares of Finca Libertad,
part of the old Benegas' family property, where the vineyards are 20 to 80 years old. He started the production of
quality wines, fully convinced that he would achieve the level of excellence of his ancestors.

                                         Finca Libertad Vineyard
The only vineyard site that was not part of the Trapiche sale was the Finca Libertad vineyard site, located along the
banks of the Upper Mendoza River, in the Maipú region, in Mendoza.. The new company who took over the Trapiche
did not want to make quality wines and thus did not buy this vineyard which has some of the oldest vine plantings in
Mendoza. Click here for a map of the region.

Today, their Libertad vineyard has a Cabernet Franc of over 100 years, a Cabernet Sauvignon of 40 to 60 years, a
Sangiovese of 50 years and the most recent vineyard, a strip of land of Merlot of about 20 years. All vines being

Benegas owns 16% of the vineyards along the Mendoza River; only 1 every 1000 hectares is as unique as the terroir
on the upper riverbanks of the Mendoza river, where Finca Libertad is located. Other wineries such as Catena Alta,
Paul Hobbs and Achaval Ferrer have their best vineyards here as well.

Water rights and old vines makes Finca Libertad's fruit so special. No new flood irrigation rights have been given out
in over 50 years. Most new vineyards in Mendoza use well water, not the preferred flood irrigation that Benegas
enjoys. The hot summer days and river cooled nights, provide an excellent climate for the Benegas grapes.

The vines are vertically trellised to increase sunlight exposure, except for Chardonnay (25 years), which is planted on
vine arbors. There, the shade of the leaves themselves refresh the grapes, thus producing a refined aromatic wine.

                                                 The Wines
Benegas Lineage Line

2008 Clara Benegas Chardonnay - Golden yellow with delicate green reflections. Tropical and delicate fruit
aromas. Red apples and pears on the palate. All stainless steel fermentation. $96/cs

2008 Luna Benegas Cabernet Sauvignon - Red-purple colors are clean and brilliant. A very characteristic pepper
arises on the nose followed by hints of sweet red fruit. Very pleasant and refreshing in the mouth. Red fruits appear
and sweet tannins can be discovered. It has a medium-long final finish. Inviting for more. $96/cs

2007 Don Tiburcio Benegas - Unlike the other wines under the Lineage labels, Don Tiburcio is 100% sourced from
the Finca Libertad vineyard. Its a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.
Bright purple color from the malbec ingriedient with a touch of ruby on the rim. Mature red fruits and a touch of
chocolate vanilla on the nose. Intense and fruity on the palate, with soft tannins and an impressive and persistent
finish. 10 months in French oak. $96/cs
2008 Juan Benegas Malbec - Malbec is a high yield grape but Benegas always promotes quality. As a result, you
won't be disappointed with the quality of this wine. Red color with intense violet hints. Expressive red fruits and floral
aromas followed by intense, and long lasting tannins in the mouth. No drying effect on the finish, just soft sweet
tannins! $96/cs

Estate Line

The Estate line is all sourced from the Finca Libertad Vineyard

2008 Benegas Estate Syrah - Some of the best Syrah in Argentina is made by Benegas. Bright and intense violet
color. Plenty of spice on the nose with blackberry, cinnamon, and subtle oak. Intense, with sweet and potent tannins
on the palate. There are flavors of flowers and mature red fruits that are fresh, long and persistent in the mouth.
Made from 30 year old vines. Spends 12 months in French oak. $160/cs

2007 Benegas Estate Sangiovese - This wine shows the innovation, the excellence and the uniqueness of Benegas
wines. With vines over 55 years old it has great personality! Deep and strong red colors, with sweet and fruity
aromas. Intense flavor that evokes raspberry, strawberry, red cherry and ripe berries. Spends 12 months in French
oak. $160/cs

2008 Benegas Estate Malbec - Benegas presents a Malbec that captures the uniqueness of Finca Libertad and what
terroir can evoke in Argentina. Red color with violet reflections that will tend to intensify as years go by. Complex
aromas of cherries and mature blackberries and chocolate. Presents a very good structure and it is persistent in the
mouth. The tannins, like a good bass player, do their job of holding things together while hardly being noticed. Spends
12 months in French oak. $160/cs

Benegas Lynch Line

2006 Benegas Lynch Meritage - An Argentine "Medoc" blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and
Petit Verdot. Benegas' oldest vines are used for this wine. Red ruby color with a purple rim. Black pepper, strawberry,
black fruits, mint, chocolate and toast. Lengthy in the mouth but balanced with great body and sweet tannins. 18
months in French oak. $176/6pk Decanter's Steve Spurrier calls this wine the best new world red to come out in

                                          Truth in the Bottle
Benegas is focused on quality and celebrating its Finca Libertad terroir. They believe that their wines should never be
over oaked, oak should be a background component to the wine. Tannins should be balanced and the finish long. Their
total production is only 30,000 cases. By comparison, Trapiche's production is 5 million cases. We believe that
Benegas offers the true expression of Argentina's potential for fine wines. If Argentina is going to have a designation
of origin, Finca Libertad will be the leader. But don't take my word for it...there are over 2000 wineries in Argentina,
but premium wines with a caliber such as Benegas, that number drops to 10. Click here for a video featuring

"Benegas wines have a strong personality which is the result of a very unique terroir for its quality and the
combination of French and Argentine traditions. Benegas wines are a reflection of Federico Benegas Lynch's passion
and his constant search for excellence." - Michel Rolland

"Bargains abound: some genuinely excellent wines are available for around $20: check out current releases from the
likes of Bodega Benegas". Stephen Tanzer

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