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					                  Hornby High School
                     Newsletter No 1, Term 4                       October 2009

Principal’s Message
Kia ora koutou. Talofa. Kia Orana. Malo e lelei. Bula.
Fakaalofa atu.

Warm greetings to the Hornby High School community.

We reflect on the recent tsunami which affected Samoa and
Tonga so severely. Our thoughts and sympathy are with our
families who suffered the terrible sadness of losing rela-
tives, or who had property destroyed. Our mufti day for the
tsunami appeal raised a record amount of money. The NZ Ministry of Education is
liaising with the Samoan and Tongan authorities about where money donated by NZ
schools can be best spent.

School is a very busy place at present as senior students have their final classes be-
fore NCEA assessment begins, Yrs 9 and 10 prepare for junior exams, and we plan
for the end of year celebrations.

NCEA exams begin Monday 16 November, the day after Show Weekend. The key
message for parents is that the last days before exams are intensely valuable and
great learning gains can be made if the remaining time is used logically.

Know the exam timetable, both parent and student.
When are the exams? What day? Morning or afternoon?
Plan the final study timetable accordingly.
What subjects are the first exams? Which subjects require the most time and effort?
How much time is there between exams?
Use past exam papers for study. These are available on the NZQA website: go to study aids - past papers & sample answers, and subject-specific
Ask teachers about specific learning points of difficulty that arise.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Gary Player, US golfer.
Nga mihi nui

Richard Edmundson
                           End of Year Arrangements for Seniors
 This is a busy time of year as seniors complete their internal assessment and prepare for
  external exams. Here is a summary of events covering the period up to the start of the
                                        NCEA exams.

                 Senior Reports
                                                       Senior Learning Support Awards Cere-
 Senior reports will be posted home during the                           mony
   week starting 2nd November. We hope that
  sending the reports as early as possible will         Senior students in the Learning Support
 provide some focus for an extra effort to com-         Department will have an Awards Cere-
plete internals and prepare for external exams.        mony on Wednesday 11 November begin-
Friday 6th November is the final day to get inter-          ning at 12 noon in the Library.
nal assessment work completed. The following
week, which is the last week for seniors, is used
  to check and confirm all the internal results.              Signing Out – Wednesday
                                                                      11 November
               Leavers’ Assembly                          Students who are leaving school will
All senior students will be released from school        sign out during period 5 on Wednesday
on Thursday 12th November following the Leav-            11 November. Students, including jun-
  ers’ Assembly in the morning. Students who            iors, who will be returning next year will
have external exams will be given final instruc-         be released from school at the end of
 tions at this time also. NCEA exams begin on                 morning lessons at 1.00pm.
              Monday 16 November.

                Senior Prizegiving
  A very warm welcome is extended to all parents                    Leavers’ Dinner
  and family to attend the Senior Prizegiving to be     The senior students Leavers’ Dinner will
 held on Wednesday 11th November in the Audito-          be held on Thursday 5th November at
 rium. Please be seated by 7.15pm for the 7.30pm
                                                        the Hornby Working Men’s Club, begin-
   start. Family of Year 13 students and prize win-
 ners are invited to supper in the staffroom follow-     ning at 6.30pm. For more information
                   ing the ceremony.                      contact Sue Richardson, the Year 13

                                              Junior Exams
     Year 9 and 10 students will have examinations and assessments in most of their
     subjects beginning Tuesday 17th November. It is never too soon to begin revising
                                 each topic in all subjects!

                     Teacher Only Day – Monday 16 November
    Monday 16th November is a Teacher Only Day. This is to allow teachers to work on
     the revised New Zealand curriculum. NCEA exams will, of course, continue as
                                       Deans’ Reports
Year 9
I hope you all had a restful break over the long weekend. We are now in the last term as Year 9s, it’s all
exciting and scary at the same time. Option choices have been handed in, and we are currently putting
together class option lists.
Congratulations to Larissa Banks, Landie Blair, Geena Davis, Logan Dickie, Brooke Palmer, and Shan-
non Pope. These students have 100% for Skills for Learning for the year. There are 34 students over
Junior exams for English, Maths, Social Studies and Science, are on the week following Show Week-
end. Students are encouraged to revise their work as class placements are influenced by how well they
do in the junior exams.
Uniform issues—a number of girls have begun wearing canvas black shoes or ballet type shoes. These
are not regulation uniform. I will be contacting parents over the next week of those students who are still
wearing incorrect shoes.
Have a nice break over Show Weekend.                Mrs Merrin, phone 349 5396, extension 826

Year 10
Term 4 has started with a flurry of enquries as to whether options for next year can be changed. At the
moment this is not a pressing concern, however, classes for next year in Year 11 are being finalised
and students do need to bear this in mind as this term progresses. Whilst every endeavour is made to
accommodate what students would like to study next year unfortunately there are always cases where
due to clashes with other subjects, or the class is just too small to run, that we have to advise students
that they are required to make another choice. Should this occur to students in your family please feel
free to contact me with any concerns that you may have.
The new school uniform will be coming in next year. This will not affect students already at Hornby High
who will continue to wear the existing school uniform.
If you have any concerns or wish to contact me for any reason please feel free to do so.
Mr JG Handley-Packham, 349 5396, extension 828.

Years 12/13
The fourth term is racing by as per usual. Can I entreat you to encourage your children to study regu-
larly in readiness for their external exams. Make sure you know when these exams are, as every year
someone sleeps through and misses one, where a friendly reminder and wake up call would have saved
the day. At this stage of the year some students show signs of giving up. My opinion is that it is never
too late and teachers here are offering after school study groups and any help that is required. I am
hopeful that the results will be as good as last year, if not better!
I hope to see as many Year 13 parents as possible at the Leavers’ Dinner on 5 November. You should
have all received a letter about this. Replies and payment are needed by October 30. Also it would be
good to see you at the final prize giving on 11 November.
To the Year 12 parents, I am hoping to see many of your children back here next year. Getting their op-
tion choices out of them has not been easy. They were due in last term and some are still undecided. It
is frightening for many as they feel they are making a lifetime choice. Be aware that in this day and age
they will retrain many times and that this first career will be a starting point only for many. If you have
any concerns please contact me.
Best wishes for these last few weeks of term. I know having a student in the house who is under pres-
sure is not easy! Mrs Richardson, 349 5396, ext 856
                        HHS New School Uniform
  Pictured are Reubin Caldwell, Andrea Penafiel, Cameron Lemon and Samantha
   Wheeler wearing the new uniform. This uniform is compulsory for Year 9s in
  2010. Year’s 10 to 12 can continue to wear their existing uniform but are also
able to wear items from the new uniform as their old uniform wears out. The uni-
 form is available from Direct Uniform Suppliers (DUS), details are enclosed with
                                  this newsletter.

                                            First Foundation Scholarship

                                          Nathan Banks in Year 12 has been
                                           awarded a prestigious First Foun-
                                             dation Scholarship through the
                                          generosity of PGG Wrightson. The
                                          scholarship provides Nathan with a
                                           part-time job, a mentor and finan-
                                           cial support for his university fees
                                                     for three years.
Lost Property                                                             Changes of Details
We accumulate vast amounts of lost property over the             Please keep the school informed of
course of the year, most of which is never claimed.
Please encourage your child to look through the lost prop-       any changes of address, phone num-
erty bins if they are missing items of clothing.                bers etc. It is important to have the
All clothing not claimed at the end of the year will be given    most up to date information in case
to the opportunity shops.                                                 of emergencies.

  Winter Sports Report
  It was a very successful winter season for Hornby High School. We had a total of 11 teams com-
  peting in the Wednesday competitions, of those 11 teams, 8 made it into the semi-finals of their re-
  spective grades, with 6 of them then progressing to the final. An outstanding effort. We hope to
  continue this success with our summer sports teams.
  Winners - Senior Boys’ Badminton, Girls’ Badminton, Open Boys’ Basketball.
  Finalists - Rugby League, Indoor Cricket, Junior Boys’ Badminton.
  Semi-Finalists - Junior Boys’ Basketball, Senior Netball.
  Thanks to all involved in the various sports this year,
  Please Note We still have a number of sports uniforms to be returned from Touch, League and
  Basketball to the extent that we are struggling to kit out our Term 4 teams. Please talk with your
  son/daughter and get these back to me as soon as possible.
  Jamie MacGregor, Sports Co-ordinator

       It is helpful if the school is informed on the day of any absence. If we have occa-
       sion to ring you regarding your child’s absence please be aware that the Ministry of
       Education requires us to ask for a valid explanation for non-attendance at school.

          Chatham Islands Fresh Fish Sale
          Loretta Lanauze is one of 16 students travelling to Japan in July 2010. As a fund-
          raiser for this trip the Lanauze family is offering families the chance to buy Blue
          Cod at a very good price thus supporting costs for this trip.
          Boneless Blue Cod Fillets $150 per 5kg
          Smoked Blue Cod Fillets, vacuum packed, $10 per kg
          Prepaid (cash only payments) as fish has to be ordered.
          Any enquiries or information for orders, please call Melody or Loretta on 344 3125.
          Thank you for supporting this fundraiser.
Our junior Theatre Sports Team,
Landie Blair, Ethyn Kennedy, Na-
than Clive, Bradley Palmer, Emma
Moffet and Daniel Harker partici-
pated in the Court Theatre Junior
Theatre Sports Competition re-
As those who attended Arts Eve-
ning last term know this is a very
imaginative and lively team. They
competed against five other
schools over three rounds and
gave very funny and energetic
performances. This is the first time
we have had a junior team in the
competition. The team trained
hard and enjoyed performing so
we can look forward to seeing them on stage often over the next four years.

                                                             On the first Friday of the
                                                            term the school held a mufti
                                                            day and collection in support
                                                            of the relief effort for the
                                                              Pacific Tsunami. Our stu-
                                                             dents were extremely gen-
                                                              erous and over $700 was
                                                            raised. Pictured are many of
                                                             the teachers who got into
                                                                the spirit of the day.
Terry, Leon & Chrystal with Martin Crump               Martin Crump, the son of Barry
                                                       Crump, came to speak to HHS
                                                       students as part of the 50th an-
                                                       niversary celebration of his fa-
                                                          ther’s book “A Good Keen
                                                         He spoke of his experiences
                                                        with his father and told some
                                                        great stories as well as giving
                                                       a few thoughts on what makes
                                                        a good story. “Captivating” is
                                                       one of the adjectives a student
                                                        used to describe Martin’s talk.
                                                       Martin spoke for nearly an hour
                                                        and certainly has his father’s
                                                              gift of storytelling.

                                            Chrystal Capstick-Boult won a copy of
                                            Barry Crump’s 50th anniversary book
                                            and Terry Just and Leon Rutene each
                                            won $50 gift vouchers from Swanndri.
                                           HHS is very grateful to Swanndri and to
                                           Barrington Paper Plus for their generous

       Mr Aitken introduces Martin Crump
     Upcoming Events for Newsletter
     Mon          2 Nov            Senior reports posted this week
     Thurs        5 Nov            Leavers’ Dinner at the Hornby Working Men’s Club
     Fri          6 Nov            Final day for completion of internally assessed work
     Mon          9 Nov            Checking internally assessed results.
     Wed          11 Nov           Senior Prize Giving at 7.30pm
     Thurs        12 Nov           Leavers’ Assembly and final instructions for external exams
                                    Seniors dismissed by 11am
     Fri          13 Nov           Show Weekend Holiday
     Mon          16 Nov           NCEA Exams begin.
     Mon          16 Nov           Teacher only Day
     Tues         17 Nov           Junior Exam Week begins
     Thurs        19 Nov           PPTA Paid Union Meeting in the afternoon

Eating to Win…..your EXAMS
The right foods and fluids are essential to maximise performance in sports. The same is true with mental perform-
ance. Eating well will help concentration, clear thinking and the ability to perform to the best of ability in exams.
The following information may be helpful in making wise food and drink decisions prior to and during exams. It will
help you   EAT TO WIN!                                                   Poor Diet = Poor Performance
                                                                         Good Diet = Good Performance
   Goals in sitting exams:
           to think clearly
                                                                        Things that may prevent us achieving
           to remember what we have studied                             these goals:
           to feel calm and positive                                          getting too stressed
           to perform to the best of our ability                              not eating breakfast
                                                                              too much junk food
                                                                              not drinking enough water
   Things that will help us to achieve
                                                                              staying up too late
   these goals:
                                                                              not getting enough sleep
           sufficient study
                                                                              too much caffeine
           sufficient sleep
           food and drink that enables our
           body to work optimally                                             alcohol/drugs

           sufficient relaxation and leisure
           time                                                        Leading up to exams
           supportive friends and family                    Eat a balanced diet with sufficient kilojoules
           planning of the lead-up time                     and nutrients to meet your needs
           drink plenty of water                            Drink plenty of water
           exercise regularly                               Exercise regularly
                                                            Take plenty of breaks
  Sue Parkes                                                KEEP STRESS LEVELS DOWN!
  HOD Home Economics

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