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									Elements of Drama and Tragedy

Working in pairs and using the Literary Terms Glossary in the backs of the Elements of
Literature text and the dictionary define the following terms. Give examples from any
past literature that you have read for the terms. Leave room for examples from Othello.
1. exposition

1. complication

2. climax

3. falling action/denouement

4. resolution/closure

5. fate

6. soliloquy

7. chaos (dramatically)

8. suffering (dramatically)

9. revenge (dramatically)

11. hero

12. hamartia

13. hubris

14. anagnorisis
Contemporary Othello

In the same groups you choose for reading and analyzing Shakespeare’s Othello,, you
will write a contemporary version of Othello. By now, many of you are familiar with the
movie, O, so you can help explain how the issues can be shown in a modern day dramatic
format. Your play can follow any idea, just keep it appropriate to school (NO drinking,
drugs, excessive violence, sex or profanity). The requirements are listed below:

1. Follow the homework and group classwork listed on the agenda.
2. Although there will be time to start the scripts in class, your group will need to get
together outside of school to complete the project.
3. The play may be live or videotaped. If you are performing live and want to use the
auditorium, let me know ASAP so I can set this up.
4. The play should be 20-25 minutes in length.
5. Be sure to indicate on the script that I will get who wrote which lines. (Hint: it often
works well to let each actor write his/her lines when that person’s part appears.
5. Each person in the group is responsible for one of the following tasks:
            a. Typing and copying the script (1 per group member and 1 for the teacher)
            b. Videotaping (each of you MUST have an acting part, so be sure to plan for
                another person to tape while you are on stage)
            c. Costumes/Props
            d. Printed program (one for each class member)
            e. Directing (this will include any plans for the actors movements on stage
                (blocking), lighting and special effects and making sure the performance is
This does NOT have to be memorized, just make sure that the reading of lines isn’t

1. Script (complete with stage directions and production notes)            100 points
2. Live or Videotaped play                                                 100 points
        a. acting                                                            50 points
        b. Costumes, props, lighting, special effects, blocking              25 points
        c. Polished production                                               25 points

Have fun!!
OTHELLO              Issues Worksheet

Find a minimum of three examples for each of the following:





Which of the above contributed to most to the events and actions in OTHELLO?
Which contributed the least?
OTHELLO               The End Worksheet

Briefly describe each of the following characters, then explain his/her means of death or
concluding situation:

                              IDENTIFICATION                RESOLUTION








OTHELLO               Dignity Worksheet

Define Dignity:
Your Defintion:__________________________________________________________
Dictionary Definition:______________________________________________________

What characteristics must a person exhibit in order for dignity to exist?

Can dignity be learned or are people born with it? Explain

Detail how the following people react to the various accusations about infidelity and what
their reactions reveal about his/her personal dignity:






Define reputation:
Your definition___________________________________________________________
Dictionary Definition______________________________________________________
Does Iago have any dignity? Why/Why not?
Which is more important: dignity or reputation? Explain
OTHELLO                Jealousy Worksheet

For each of the following characters, list what makes the person jealous and what
misconception he/she believes. There may be more than one answer for each.





Is jealousy always a misconception?

Is jealousy contagious? Explain

Is jealousy the root of all evil? Explain

Find and copy Iago’s warning about jealousy in III.iii.

Find and copy Emilia’s and Desdemona’s conversation on whether or not Othello is
jealous in III.iv.

How can people avoid being victims of jealousy?
OTHELLO               Brawls Worksheet
Analyze the following fights. Next, explain which ones could have been avoided or
handled differently and how this could have been accomplished.

                        Apparent Reason     Real Reason            Avoided/Handled
Brabantio vs.

Cassio vs. Montano

Iago vs. Roderigo

Bianca vs. Cassio

Othello vs

List various causes for fights:


When can fights be avoided?

When can’t they?

Does good ever come from a fight? Explain

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