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					                           Research Analyst – OCDT9966A
                                      Supplemental Questions
   •   Attach your response to the following question(s).
   •   Use a separate sheet of paper. Keep your answers to no more than 2 pages.
   •   If there are several parts to this/these question(s), answer each part separately.
   •   Number your answers to correspond with each question.

Qualified applicants whose background most closely matches the needs of the position will be invited
to interview.

   1. Describe your knowledge and experience collecting, processing and analyzing research data.
         a. What tools have you used for data collection and processing?
         b. What tools have you used to prepare tables, charts and graphs?
         c. What specific training and experience do you have conducting statistical analysis and using
             statistical computing packages?

   2. Describe your knowledge and experience in developing and writing technical reports. Please be
      specific regarding:
         a. the length and complexity of the report documents you have prepared,
         b. your training and experience using Microsoft Word, and
         c. your experience in formatting tables, charts, photos and other graphic elements in reports.

   3. Discuss your ability to relate complex, technical concepts in easy to understand terms verbally and in
      writing. Please provide an example where you utilized this skill.