Educating the Next Generation of Engineers by hcj


									         Educating the Next Generation of Engineers
                     - A Call to Action -
                        David C. Wisler, PhD, NAE
                  GE Aviation (Formerly Aircraft Engines)

        Engineering, more than any other discipline, has transformed people’s
lives for the better. It brings technology to life and nourishes the well-being,
prosperity and growth of a nation. Therefore to remain competitive and be a
world leader, a nation must assure that its engineers are properly educated.
        The advent of marketplace globalization and the continual revitalization
of engineering practice have changed the engineering profession dramatically
over the past 20 years. Unfortunately in too many cases, the process for
educating engineers has not kept pace with these changes.
        This lecture focuses on five essential aspects of engineering education
that must be incorporated into the training of future engineers in order to better
prepare them for the challenges they will face in their jobs. The next generation
of engineering pedagogy must (1) prepare students to have global competency,
(2) train students in teams that work, (3) use open-ended, multi-disciplinary
problems with no one correct answer, (4) have professors with more industry
experience, and (5) instill a compelling need for professional integrity. Each of
these aspects will be discussed in detail.

About the speaker:
       Dr. Wisler has 37 years experience conducting and managing advanced
technology programs at GE Aviation, formerly GE Aircraft Engines. He is
recognized as an international expert in turbomachinery aerodynamics
       Dr. Wisler founded and currently manages GE’s University Strategic
Alliance (USA) Program, whose objective is to develop long-term, teaming
relationships with key universities worldwide to concentrate academic expertise
on solving issues of critical importance to GEA business needs. Tsinghua
University is one of these select universities.
       Dr. Wisler is:
     A member of the US National Academy of Engineering
     A visiting professor of Tsinghua University
     A Sr. vice-president and fellow of the American Society of Mechanical
       Engineers (ASME) and Editor of the ASME Journal of Turbomachinery
     An Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
     Past chair of the Board of Directors of the International Gas Turbine
       Institute (IGTI)
     Winner of two IGTI Gas Turbine Awards for best paper of the year, the
       ASME Aircraft Engine Technology Award and the only three-time winner
       of the ASME Melville Medal.

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