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									Volume eighty-NiNe • Number Two • July 2010   Miracle In The Mountains
                                                 Hope is…
                                                        …academic excellence.
    On the cover: Crossnore students proudly pose for a
    picture during the awards program at the academy.

        P.O. Box 249 • 100 DAR Drive
             Crossnore, NC 28616
                (828) 733-4305
         The Crossnore School mission is
         to provide hope and healing in a                                        The 2010 Friend of Children Award was presented to Martha Guy, for
     homelike, residential education setting                     SOUTHERN        her 54 years of service as a dedicated member of the Crossnore board of
                                                                OF COLLEGES      trustees. (Carol Dabbs, Martha Guy and Hugh Fields)
       for children from families in crisis.                    AND SCHOOLS

     Executive Director                  Board of Advocates                                              I N     T H I S     I S S U E
        Dr. Phyllis H. Crain                    Mrs. Gretchen Akers
                                               Mrs. Evelyn Alexander
     Board of Trustees                             Mr. Chris Avery
                                                Mr. David Barnhardt               Circle of Hope ..........................................7
     Mrs. Carol B. Dabbs Chairman          Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnhardt, III
    Mr. David P. Riggins Vice Chairman       Mr. & Mrs. Houston Blount
           Mrs. Sue Anderson             Mrs. Mary Chapman Boyd, co-chair
          Mr. H.W. McKay Belk                   Mrs. Judy Bradshaw
         Mr. John M. Blackburn                Dr. Samuel J. Burrow, III           Wayne Huizenga, Jr. gives graduating
             Mrs. Gail Bunn                  Mrs. Carma Burton, co-chair
       Mr. Bickerton Cardwell, Jr.
        Mr. William B. Cocke, Jr.
                                                 Mrs. D.D. Cardwell               address .....................................................9
                                         Mrs. Lucille “Boots” Carter, co-chair
           Mrs. Diane Combis                   Mr. & Mrs. Steady Cash
            Mrs. Betty R. Cox                   Mrs. Janis Chapman
           Ms. Crickett Crigler           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chapman, III
        Mr. Rush S. Dickson, III
       Mrs. Nancy Shannon Drew
                                                  Mr. Norris Clifton
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cruikshank
                                                                                  Crain Presented National Award.......13
          Mr. Ray W. Edwards                    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dale
           Mr. Hugh A. Fields                  Ms. Martha B. Dosher
         Mr. John L. Fraley, Jr.               Mrs. Mary Liz Francis
            Miss Martha Guy
        Judge Alexander Lyerly
                                                  Mrs. Lucy Greene
                                              Mr. & Mrs. William Grigg
                                                                                  Students Honor
         Mr. John M. McCaskill
          Mrs. Carolyn Moretz
                                          Dr. & Mrs. Claude Hollingsworth
                                                 Mr. William Joyner               Michael and Betty Cox ......................14
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Peter Larkin
            Mr. Robert Moser
                                                   Mrs. Dee Marley
         Mrs. Freda Nicholson
                                            Mr. & Mrs. William Marshall
          Mr. Robert Pittenger
         Mrs. Donna Raymond
         Mr. Phillip P. Vineyard
                                              Mr. & Mrs. John McNeely
                                              Dr. & Mrs. William Mullis           EquinE thErapy hElps Nicole...................15
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Murphy
         Dr. Harry L. Williams                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nance
         Mrs. Marilyn Williams                      Mr. Rusty Page
                                                 Ms. Amyliz Pittenger
         Honorary Trustees                          Mr. Conrad Poe                MeMorial register ............................16, 17
         Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Arthur                   Mr. Robert Quick
     Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnhardt, III                Mrs. Leslie Ramos
           Mrs. Earle Hamrick                 Mr. & Mrs. John Schneider
       Mr. & Mrs. H. Eckess Jones                  Dr. Charles Sloop
           Mr. Petro Kulynych                      Mrs. Carol Snow                Honor gifts ......................................18, 19
                                                Mrs. Shelley Swenson
      Mr. & Mrs. Edward Michener
                                                  Mr. John B. Tallent
            Mr. George Moretz
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Clay Thomas
        Mr. & Mrs. Paul O’Connell
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Tim Timberlake
          Mr. Leonard Williams
                                                    Mrs. Jean Trott
    Mrs. Merry Ann Thompson Wright
          President General, NSDAR
                                                  Mrs. Evelyn Turner
                                               Mrs. Rosemary Villwock                   The “Crossnore Magazine” is            Melynda Martin Pepple
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Wood                 published twice annually for the                  Editor
                                                  Dr. Richard Wrenn                  benefit and information of friends of        Norman Jameson
                                                                                            The Crossnore School.                Writer/Photographer
2   Crossnore news
D ear Friends of Children,
     The past few months, though faced with some        classroom floor as they stepped in primary color
challenges, have been filled with bountiful blessings   paints and did some bird walking around the room.
here on Miracle Mountain, the term our founder aptly    The completion of this dreamed-about facility also
coined for our mountainside campus almost a century     brings to completion Phase III of our Make a Miracle
ago.                                                    Campaign. The amazing success of this $4.4 million
     The severe winter, with its seemingly never-       capital campaign, in the midst of our nation’s “great
ending ice and snowstorms, almost buried our            recession,” is nothing short of a miracle and a
campus in broken limbs and downed trees. After each     testimony to God’s amazing grace!
winter storm, a team of our student workers picked           Completion of one paddock of pasture fencing
up dozens of dump-truck loads of debris to restore      in June made it possible to bring our horses to their
the campus to its beauty, evidence that we do teach a   new mountain home. We have officially launched our
strong work-ethic!                                      equine therapy program with 3 miniatures (Mistletoe,
     One of our tremendous blessings late spring was    Willow and Rock Star) and 2 full-size horses, Maggie
the completion of the Mariam Cannon Hayes Fine          Mae and Goldie. A 10-year old palomino, Remington,
Arts Building -- and just in time for graduation. A     will also join our program in a few weeks. Our
group of students even helped paint the visual arts     program’s aim is to bring about deeper healing for
                                                        the students in our care. Our EAGALA certified
                                                        therapists are already seeing amazing results. It is

                                                                                                                 From the Executive Director
                                                        also heart-warming to know that our horses have
                                                        been rescued from circumstances very much like our
                                                        students in care.
                                                             On a personal note, and in the spirit of
                                                        transparency in leadership, I continue to battle a
                                                        recurrence of stage IV breast cancer with metastasis
                                                        to bone and now also to the liver. In February, I had
                                                        major back surgery to replace a diseased vertebra
                                                        with a titanium cage. This removed a tumor that
                                                        was pressing dangerously into my spinal cord. Two
                                                        protocols of chemotherapy this spring, have failed to
                                                        shrink the tumors in the liver. I have now begun a
                                                        Phase II clinical trial at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
                                                        with a drug that shows great promise for advanced
                                                        cancer patients. Keith and I are blessed with faithful
                                                        prayer partners that believe and claim with us that
                                                        “by His stripes we ARE healed.” Our hope has not
                                                             And as we anticipate the healing that is to come,
                                                        we continue to work with even more passion for
                                                        restored hope and healing of our Crossnore children.
                                                        Thank you for helping us in this great work of
                                                        transforming lives.
                                                                  I believe in miracles!

                                                                      Phyllis H. Crain
                                                                      Psalm 118:17

                                                                                                     Crossnore news             3
              What does Hope
    Sibling groups living
    and learning together
                    Dr. Phyllis Crain,
                   Executive Director

                                 An entire sibling group making
                                         all 4’s on end-of-grade

                                                     state testing!
                                                    Mrs. Rachel Hoilman,
        n school writing projects this spring,                  Principal

    Crossnore Academy students expressed
        their feelings in various areas of
      their lives: difficult times, endurance,
       importance of fathers and what hope                          Finding forever families
       means to them. Excerpts from their                           for our children.
       writings are posted throughout the                                        Marie Russell,
                                                                             Adoption Specialist
     newsletter to help readers understand
         the deep physical and emotional
       trauma many have endured and of
    the hope they find in this place of miracles.

4   Crossnore news
look like?
Providing scholarships for college.
                            Teresa Huffman,
                      Chief Financial Officer

                                                                         Teaching a
                                                                         positive work
                                                                               Rob Fuldner,
                                                                              Student Work
                                                                           Program Director

Learning to
smile again.
Melynda Pepple,
      Director of
 Public Relations

                                Hope“When Scripture speaks of hope it literally means to
                                    trust in a present and future help that is certain. Our
                                    English word for hope lacks this element of certainty…
                                    Biblical hope is grounded in certainty. The only certain,
Implementing clinical               steady reality when life takes a downward turn is our
treatment for inner                 Father in heaven and the helping work of His Spirit
healing.                            through the guiding principles of His Word. God is full
               Leigh Kadans,        of certainties that provide something solid to hope in.
        Clinical Team Leader                          – Joseph Stowell, The Upside of Down

                                                                                  Crossnore news   5
    Jessica learns to do
    her own laundry.

Hope is…
        …something you have
        when all else is gone. –
                         Age 16

6      Crossnore news
                                                          Circle of Hope takes students
                                                          through their PAIN
                                                          Any racer measures progress by his approach to the finish line.
                                                             How does a child struggling in the back of the pack measure
                                                          success? Are they expected to stumble along until the race finishes and
                                                          crews take down the flags, no matter how close or far they are to the
                                                          finish line?
                                                             At Crossnore School students are guided through specific steps in a
                                                          process they’ve named Circle of Hope. It includes four phases a child
                                                          masters toward healing. Each phase successfully completed gains the
                                                          child privileges and trust.
                                                             The four phases are Safety, Emotional Management, Loss, and
                                                             New students all begin with the safety phase where they learn how
                                                          their actions or those of others threaten their own safety or that of
                                                          others. This “trauma informed” model of care works a child through
                                                          the trauma that has brought him or her into care and helps the child
Sisters Hailey and Kailey attend the Crossnore Academy.   move through it.
                                                             “This system as a part of the Sanctuary Model is basically about
                                                          growth and change,” said Terence Little, one of the lead resident
                                                          counselors charged with implementing the Circle of Hope among all
                                                             As a student demonstrates by his or her actions that he or she
                                                          understands the safety phase, they gain privileges and move to
My case manager has guided me                             emotional management. Children learn to identify their emotional
through my problems step by step.                         triggers and manage them, stepping back from being the constant
                                                          victim of uncontrolled emotions.
My resident counselors also have                             Each phase teaches character, independent thinking, accountability
helped me when I let them know how                        and leadership skills.
hard it is for me because I have a                           With more privileges, trust and freedoms gained after the first two
                                                          phases, students can begin to deal with their loss – maybe of family, of
problem with letting people see the                       innocence, of their life projections.
real me. –Age 15                                             Dealing with their futures is often the hardest phase because as
                                                          students so often say, “Nothing I ever plan works out for me.”
                                                             “Students must work through the pain of the past in order to pursue
                                                          tomorrow,” Little said.

                                                           Terence with Matthias and Samuel
                                                           during the “Classroom Without
                                                           Walls” trip.

          I say “never lose faith
 or hope.” You are never alone,
God is always with you. –Age 14
                                                                                                                Crossnore news       7
    Graduation Day
       …this place actually makes me want to go to college and have a life.
                                                                 –Age 17

           Anthony hugs his
           Aunt Marilyn

           Hope is…                                                               The Crossnore School graduating class of 2010

           Hope is like a drive. It keeps you going like a fire burning
           in your heart. Sometimes it is all you can do to stay
           alive… The Lord is hope to me. – Age 14

    The Fort Chiswell DAR Chapter presented Casey the Rosalie Grizzard Hairston
    Memorial Scholarship for $1,350. (Dr. Crain, Casey, Emily Kausch and Julie

8   Crossnore news
                                                                Wayne Huizenga Jr.

Dr. Crain presents Nicole with the
Allie R. Price Scholar award.

                                     to treasure

                                           Godly man who has access to virtually any luxury
                                           the world could offer told Crossnore Academy’s
                                           graduating class that after 39 years of “running from
                                     the Lord” he “realized no matter what we have on earth,
                                     it’s worthless in the end.”
                                         Speaking at the first graduation ceremony held in the
                                     new Hayes Fine Arts Building, Wayne Huizenga Jr., son
                                     of the founder of Waste Management, Inc.; developer of
                                     Blockbuster Video and past owner of the Miami Dolphins
                                     football team, addressed graduates, families and friends
                                     with calm encouragement to choose their friends wisely and
                                     to seek a wise mentor when they enter the wider world.
                                         He envied the start they’ve received at Crossnore he
                                                  you leave this sanctuary
                                     said, but “when
                                     you will be confronted by a difficult and
                                     changing world. Where will you turn
                                     for truth?”
                                        He told them the world has no moral compass but they
                                     can find direction in the Bible and from godly mentors. He
                                     recognized the difficult life circumstances that brought the
                                     seniors to Crossnore and encouraged them that God “will
                                     redeem our lost years.”
                                        Huizenga, who operates a yacht repair facility in Florida,
                                     told the graduates to “work hard and demonstrate to the
                                     world what a Christ centered life looks like.”

                                       “Work as if God is your boss,” he said.
                                        Huizenga was accompanied by his wife Fonda.
                                        The man whose life personifies success for many defined
                                     success for students as, “building treasure in heaven and
                                     being there for your friends who need you.”
                                        After the ceremony, Huizenga and Fonda lingered during
                                     the reception meeting and encouraging students.

                                                                                     Crossnore news   9
For many Hope is…

                                                   I enjoy going to Crossnore Academy
                                                   because I have a lot of new friends and
                                                   I think it’s the best school. –Age 13.

                                                       Crossnore is an inspiring place, where
                                                       you can learn to trust people. –Age 16

                                                   Hope is a lost soul being brought
                                                   to the Lord. –Age 12

                                                                                  My teacher
                                                                                  makes me
                                                                                  laugh and feel
                                                                                  safe. –Age 15

     Crystal, a Stepping Stones student will     Ms. Elrod works with Anastasia.
     begin her junior year at Gardner Webb
     University this fall majoring in Human
     Services. She has been a Crossnore
     student since she was 11.

   H o p e is…
   …what keeps everything moving. Hope is
   who we are. – Age 16
   No one can take hope away from you.
   When you have been stripped of
   everything else, you can sleep at night
   with hope for whatever it is that you
   believe in. – Age 17

10 Crossnore news
                                                                        I realize now that the things
                                                                          someone does in their past
                                                                            doesn’t mean they’re that
                                                                              same person today.
                                                                                              –Age 14

                                                                               Living at Crossnore is
                                                                              one of the only times
                                                                            I have felt safe…– Age 9

                Here at Crossnore I have found someone who can love
                me as a daughter--Mr. Todd, my resident counselor. I
                love him as if he were my own father and I hope when         Crossnore’s not just a
                I get married he will walk me down the aisle. –Age 14        piece of land, it’s the
                                                                             home of many children
 Crossnore is showing me how to grow                                         who can’t call any other
 up and be more mature. –Age 7                                               place home. –Age 8

The Crossnore School                                                                      Crossnore news 11
                                                                                                        Tiffany practices
                                                                                                       on the new karaoke
                                                                                                       equipment at the

                                                        ” float during
                                the “Let   Freedom Ring
                 are to ride on
  Students prep de in Crossnore.
  the July 4 pa ra

 Around the
                                            Visiting the Kennedy
                                            Center during the
                                            “Classroom Without
                                            Walls” trip.

                                                       Crossnore students show their creativity while
                                                       helping “paint” the new visual arts classroom floor in the
                                                       Hayes Fine Arts Building

12 Crossnore news
                                                                    Crossnore Students comment
                                                                     on why Mr. Loren is 2010

                                                                    of the Year”
     above our

                                                                    “Smart, and fun to be around”
                                                                      “has an awesome personality”
                                                                    “is easy to get along with”
                                                                                          “interacts with us”
                                                                    “makes class interesting”
                                                                                          “is a great teacher”
                                                                    “explains things really well- I can
                                                                    understand him”

                          A Crossnore academy sibling group
                                                                       “will help you even if you are
                          performs their traditional Indian dance
                          during the talent show.
                                                                                     not in his class”
                                                                    “my favorite teacher!”

 Crain Presented National Award
  Dr. Phyllis H. Crain, Executive Director of The
  Crossnore School was awarded the Catherine
  Hershey Administrator of the Year Award at
  the Coalition for Residential Education (CORE)
  national conference held in Chicago in April.
  This annual award, named for Milton Hershey’s
                       widow, recognizes the most
   “unswerving         outstanding leadership
   devotion to         in residential education
                       programs in the nation. Heidi
   Crossnore”          Goldsmith, Executive Director
                       and Founder of CORE had this
  to say concerning the award, “It is hard to put
  into a few words why Dr. Crain was selected and
  deserves to be named Administrator of the Year,
  but if I have to put in it in a nutshell, in addition to
  her MANY skills and talents in so many areas, and
  her unswerving devotion to Crossnore, it is that
                                                                    Loren Aldridge with
  everything she touches flourishes!”                               student Brittany.

                                                                                                   Crossnore news 13
                                                                                                            Keith and Dr. Crain with Betty and Michael Cox

                                                                  Betty and Michael
                                                                                                            at the annual Crossnore Children’s Golf Classic.

     h onorEd        by    C rossnorE studEnts
     C  rossnore students dedicated their 2010 school annual to
        Michael and Trustee Betty Cox of Blowing Rock for their
     bountiful love, thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness. The
     dedication read, “For more than a decade, they have supported
     Crossnore School faithfully. The gifts they have given have
     touched the lives of so many deserving children and will
     continue to bless those yet to come.”
        The Coxes giving through the years is astonishing. They
     have helped with all major capital projects such as new
     cottage construction, the annual “Classrooms Without Walls”
     experience, furnishing and decorating Meredith Cottage,
     providing scholarships to assist students who want to remain at
     Crossnore when there are no other funding sources, supporting              Executive Director, explains. “They have remembered Crossnore
     the Stepping Stones program, taking the seniors shopping                   School in their estate planning which insures that their love for
     for their college wardrobe and more. Several years ago they                “the least of these” will be shared with future generations of
     established the “Betty Cox Birthday Fund” to make each child’s             Crossnore children. They are truly an amazing couple.”
     birthday special, providing every child on their special day a                The Crossnore students said it best when they wrote, “If a new
     beautiful birthday cake and birthday present. Most recently,               edition of the greatest book ever written were to be published
     when Betty lost her precious mother, she and Michael endowed               today, the story of Michael and Betty Cox and their love for
     the Allie Price Scholarship in her memory which provides a full            Crossnore children would certainly be included among those who
     four-year scholarship to a deserving student. The 2009 recipient           served and cared for others.”
     was Brittany Chapman who began her post-secondary education                   Friends who include our school in their wills become members
     at Mayland Community College and is now transferring to North              of the Martha Guy Society and are honored in perpetuity with an
     Greenville University. She aspires to become a missionary. The             engraved plate on the wall of honor in the Bayles Administration
     2010 recipient is Nicole who will be attending Appalachian State           Building. If you would like to discuss ways to include Crossnore
     University. Her dream is to become a veterinarian.                         in your estate planning, please call Dr. Phyllis Crain, Executive
        “Michael and Betty’s generosity is not only aimed at the                Director or Melynda Pepple, Director of Public Relations-(828)
     Crossnore children and youth of today,” Dr. Phyllis Crain,                 733-4305.

     Past Crossnore Student Comments…
                                                                                                      Residential Education Day
                                                                                 Wa d d e l l W i l s o n

     H   ello, My name is Christy (Ledford) Nordan.
         Many years ago as an adolescent, I lived at The
     Crossnore School. I was the first adolescent sent there
     from a Training School. Although, my experience did
                               not last long, I still remember
                               those days, quite well.
                               Crossnore is an exceptional

                               place for children that are
                               in need of a good, loving
                               environment. Unfortunately,
                               my stay at Crossnore was
                               short. I was full of anger and
                               confusion and continued to
                               runaway due to lack of trust
                               and did so from Crossnore
                               as well as many others but,
                               I have reached a milestone
                               in my life considering the
                               obstacles I have overcome.
     Today, I am a Guardian Ad Litem for Lincoln County,
     in hopes of helping children just as those did for me.
     I wanted to share this story with Crossnore School
     because Crossnore is one of the few places that I
     believe made a difference in my life by treating me
                                                                                   Waddell Wilson, NASCAR Auto Racing Hall of Fame member,
     with dignity and respect and for that I would like to                         past Crossnore student and featured guest speaker for Residential
     thank you and all the staff for making things possible                        Education Day, personally signs his story in Mountains of Hope, which
     for children in need. Keep up the good work!                                  was presented to each Crossnore student after the program. (Waddell
                                                                                   Wilson and Melynda Pepple)

  14 Crossnore news
                                                                      Equine Therapy Helps
                                                                      Find Steps to a
                                                                      Brighter Future
Nicole with Mistletoe.

  N     icole doesn’t even ride the horses, but equine therapy is
        helping her travel through life.
     Nicole, only the second person in her family to graduate
                                                                         When she came out, she was a rebel, determined no one
                                                                      would tell her what to do.
                                                                         She was such a negative influence Crossnore Academy
  from high school, was honored with a full scholarship to            started Saturday classes to accommodate her and those
  college in May after overcoming family dysfunction that             students who were following her bad influence.
  typically cripples a child with any less determination.                Eventually she tired of rebellion and tried cooperation
     Because it seemed none of her plans ever came to pass,           because it was different. But she thought finishing high school
  Nicole was content simply to let life happen to her. But life       was the whole point and she had no plans for college, though
  seems to beat on her family in ways from which people often         she graduated with a 3.8 grade point average, and earned a full
  don’t recover. Family members abused drugs and alcohol, quit        college scholarship.
  school and found trouble like a magnet finds nails. Somehow,           An exercise with horses helped her see the importance
  Nicole says, she could always say, “No.”                            of planning for the future. As she related to the board of
     “I always tried to stay away from drugs,” she said in an         trustees while explaining her senior project, her task was
  interview before graduating from Crossnore Academy in May.          to get her horse to go over an obstacle. Several steps were
  “I saw what they did to my family. They were all in jail for        involved in gaining the horse’s trust, moving the horse toward
  meth labs and abuse.                                                understanding the goal and ultimately, achieving it.
     Born in the U.S., Nicole lived in Mexico from age 3 to 6,
  before returning when her dad died. Three years ago her
  mom abandoned her and her sister Sarah to live with her new          “If I wasn’t here, I would probably have
  husband in El Salvador – the stepdad who abused Nicole and
  Sarah.                                                               been out of school, pregnant and on
      Her seven siblings of various assortments and
  relationships often had no food or shelter. The kids made their      drugs or dead or in jail,”
  own way, often hanging out and eating at friends’ homes.
     School was never a priority; better to hang with friends.
  Nicole was smart, but felt like a misfit in the advanced classes.      Nicole realized that just letting life happen to her without
     When authorities took custody of Nicole, she hated her loss      planning for her future would never gain her the life she had
  of freedom. She had been her own boss because her parents           come to appreciate and desire at Crossnore School.
  were never around.                                                     “It makes you think about the future without someone telling
     Nicole was afraid of nothing. “I don’t think people should       you that you need to think about your future,” Nicole said of
  be afraid of anything or you’ll never know what’s out there,”       the exercise.
  she said. “Where I lived you either stood up for yourself or you       “With my future I had to be more open to possibilities…it
  were afraid and got pushed around. Since I had to take care of      opened my eyes a lot because the furthest goal I’d made to that
  my sister I stood up for us and made sure nobody messed with        time was to graduate high school.”
  us.”                                                                   She will participate in Crossnore’s Stepping Stones
     Nicole took care of Sarah since she was six. They were           program that offers housing, support and supervision
  around domestic abuse all the time, she said. She never             for graduates who continue their education and attend
  realized how dysfunctional her family was because she never         Appalachian State University this fall.
  saw a family any different.                                            Nicole feels Crossnore “rescued” her.
     So it was hard when she came to Crossnore School because            “If I wasn’t here, I would probably have been out of school,
  she went from an unstructured life, to finding rules for            pregnant and on drugs or dead or in jail,” she said of the bleak
  everything. She spent her first two weeks in her room, not          prospects presented by her former life.
  talking to anyone and not eating.                                      Now her smile says she has found hope.

                                                                                                                    Crossnore news 15
The MeMorial regisTer
                                                                      Contributions to benefit the children of The Crossnore School in loving memory of a relative or friend, are
                                                                      listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. The name of the donor or donors follows each
                                                                      entry. The Memorial Gifts for the listing were received between January 1, 2010 and June 15, 2010.

   A                                Mr. John Charles Booth
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Booth
                                                                                 Helen Cockerham
                                                                                  Bill & Marilyn Ray                     E                                     Mrs. Houston L. Hawfield
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.
   Mrs. Annie Abbott                Mr. & Mrs. John H. Booth                     Andrew Cook                             Dr. & Mrs. William F. Eckbert         Gustie Hollander Hedrick
    Sandra Carpenter                 Mr. Harry Booth                              Mack & Beth Wright                      Mr. & Mrs. Herman D. Smith, Jr.       L. Ray Hedrick
   Robert L. Adams                  Mr. Robert Borchers                          John K. Cotter                          Juanita & Ralph Emery                 Robert W. Heinz
    Dee & Gus Cain                   Thomas & Sandra Shoemaker                    Joan H. Cotter                          Katie Kinzie                          Virginia B. Heinz
   Terrence A. Allen                Adam Bosse                                    Wilmot & Alice Davis                   Alice Estrada                         Cynthia S. Herrick
    Bill & Marilyn Ray               Virginia Bosse                              Donald E. Cox                            Bill & Marilyn Ray                    Elton A. Herrick, III
   Mr. Danny Anthony                Mr. Henry Bowman                              Michael & Betty Cox                    Sara Ezell                            Jacqueline E. Herrick
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.     Mr. Bruce & Rev. Glynn Bell                 Mr. Pat Craig                            Sally Newcomm                         Elton A. Herrick, III
   Lucy Banner Armistead            James C. Bradford                             Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                 Mrs. Ruth A. Hill
    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Armistead
   Charlie Arnold
                                     Mr. & Mrs. W. Houston Blount
                                    Alma Hedrick Brady
                                                                                 Garland Cregger
                                                                                  Betty & Carl deBrosse
                                                                                                                         F                                      Dr. & Mrs. John R. Ausband
                                                                                                                                                               Gertrude Swaim Hodnett
    Lloyd & Mary Maye                Martha A. Hazel                             William Henry Cullen                    Mr. James D. Fairchild                 Bruce & Glynn Bell
                                                                                  Bob & Becky Carroll                     Robert & Jean F. Kuhns
                                    Miss Mable E. Brady                                                                                                        Victoria “Vicki” Davis Holland
                                                                                                                         Harriet Mayhew Felton
   B                                 Willard & Dot Workman
                                    Mr. Bob Breckenridge
                                                                                  Fred & Marion Cooper
                                                                                  James & June Graham                     Cecelia Young Willard Helping Fund
                                                                                                                                                                Jane H. McCall
                                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Edna Homesley
   Ila A. Bailey                     Tommy & Linda Morgan                        Carley Cunniff                          Donald Ferris                          Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
     Betty B. Stevenson                                                           Marilyn F. Cunniff                      Jean Konopka
                                    Matilda Brock                                                                                                              Allene Hoover
   Kathleen Bailey                   Janet & Gayle Pipkin                                                                Mrs. Lucielle L. Fields                Fort Dobbs Chapter, NSDAR
     Rhett & Karen Cozart
   Clarence Baird
                                    Suzanne Yount Brock                          D                                        Phyllis L. Gale
                                                                                                                         Don “Doc” Fincher
                                                                                                                                                                Linda & Gary Lavinder
                                     Hickory Tavern Chapter, NSDAR                                                                                             Lynn R. Horton
     Eddie & Nancy Crowder                                                       Lovely M. Danner                         Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                    Nancy Mayfield Brooks                         Cynthia Miller                                                                Frances Horton & Children
   Shirley Mason Baker               Ruth & John McCaskill                                                               Lucinda Findley                       Angelita Hovis
     Jim & Carey Jo Elam                                                         Nicole “Nikki” Davis                     Bugler Guillies Society, CAR
                                    Mrs. Nancy Brown                              Jane H. McCall                                                                Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Betty Sue K. Baldwin                                                                                                   Michael & Betty Cox
                                     Bill & Kathie Grigg                                                                  Ray & Sallie Edwards                 Gracie Register Howard
     The Horton Family                                                           Arthur Franklin Dawkins
                                    Potter Maclay Brown, Jr.                      Bill & Nancy Crockford                  Elizabeth Gibson                      Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Graham
   Martin Scott Banner               Donna B. Edmundson                                                                                                        Lee Howard
     Martin Banner                                                               Burley T. Day, III                      Chester Fitz
                                    Mrs. Pat Baker Bryant                         Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Long                 Rich & Janet Williams                 Charlie & Heather Brown
   Dan T. Barker                     Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Graham                                                                                                   Donald Ray Huskey
     Toto & Jane Williamson                                                      Mr. John Day                            Marguerite Todd Jewell Fornes
                                    Rose Daniels Buchanan                         Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.            Joan & Dale Edwards                   Keith & Phyllis Crain
   Margaret Barnhardt                Sue Young
     Jeff & Lee Hatling                                                          Carol J. Dethman                        Betsy W. Foster
   William H. Barnhardt
                                    Judge Martin Budnick
                                     Barbara & Lewis Berman
                                                                                  Pamela J. Dethman                       Rennie Habel                         I
     David Barnhardt                                                             Delmar DeWhitt                          Bernice J. Fowler                     Ryan N. Irving
                                    Harriet Bullock                               Letel, Charlie, Rich & Martha Barber    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Schwartz
   Ben Battle                        Snookie & Joan Robbins                                                                                                     Ashley J. Irving
     Patsy Rendleman                                                             Diane’s Grandmother                     Lelah Owenby Franz                    Mr. Robert Isner
                                    Jennie L. Bumgarner                           Kate Thomas                             Jacqueline Owenby
   Margaret Bauchspies               Whit & Jeanne Loflin                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.
     Edward A. Brewton                                                           Jim Diffley                             Dr. O. J. Freund
                                    Carrie M. Buxton                              Barbara & George Dvorozniak             LeRoy Hinesley Family
   Anne Lloyd Baylor
     Penelope E. Wilhelm
                                     Mary Buxton Pearce
                                                                                 Ron Dodson                                                                    J
   Greg Bebber                                                                    Barbara Walls                          G                                     Glenda Jackson
     Mr. & Mrs. James Putnam        C                                            Ernestine Donahoo
                                                                                                                         Mr. Max Gardner, IV
                                                                                                                                                                Sandra Carpenter
   Skipper Beck                                                                   Joel & Nancy Gottlieb                                                        Robert E. James, Jr.
                                    Bob Cabiniss                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
     Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. Doug Stover                      Mrs. Betty Lou Dorenbusch                                                      Barbara & A. C. Reeves
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Harry Carothers             Helen Woodward Gayle                  Cora J. Johnson
   Vera Louise Beech                Tresa McElrath Capps                                                                   Martha W. Dixon
     Pat & George Douglas                                                         Lenoir Fire Department                                                        Betty Sterling Ray
                                     Patsy Curtis McManaway                       Mary Carson Pease                        Rebecca Kaenzig and Children         Eva M. Sterling
   Edythe Benfield                  Robert Hazel Carpenter                        Francis & Judy Porcher                 Wally Getz
     Joanne Linker                   Blair Fraley Sales Store Staff                                                                                            Mr. Steve “Hambone” Johnson
                                                                                  Elizabeth E. Raby                        Mrs. Barbara Reeves                  Thomas & Sandra Shoemaker
   Maxton V. Bennett                 Gene & Lillian Bradford                      Nancy & David Rankin                   Mrs. Betty Kay Gibbons
     Cornelia P. Wallace             George & Diane Combis                        Rev. & Mrs. John G. Seabrook, Jr.                                            Donna Jones
                                                                                                                           Tommy & Linda Morgan                 Raymond A. Jones, Jr.
   Mr. Jim “Hottle” Bensman          Carolyn M. Jenkins                           Catherine G. Tanner
                                     Clarence & Betty London                                                             Betty Glasgow                         Myra Jones
     Thomas & Sandra Shoemaker                                                   Linda Louise Dotts                        Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Glasgow
                                     Joanne & Jack Newton                         Sam Houston Chapter, NSDAR                                                    Joyce & Chuck Bedingfield
   Jon Michael Bernardo              James D. & Evelyn C. Root                                                           Mrs. Elizabeth Murray Glenn
     Martha M. Bernardo                                                          Mr. Wesley Drawdy                                                             Rowena R. Jones
                                    Neal Chastain                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.          Elsie B. Dyer
   Richard Bilger                                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.           Francis Goare
                                     June Booth
     Jeff & Lee Hatling                                                          Myrta Sherrill Drum                       Nancy Goare Fuller
   Mrs. Sara H. Bissell
                                     Jack & Merlyn Blanton
                                                                                  L. D. Cay
                                                                                  Henry Cullen
                                                                                                                         Stella Hurt Godfrey                   K
     Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Donald L. Godfrey        Brian Kaufman
                                    Matt Clary                                   Frances Dunn
   Mr. John D. Bland                 Jack & Merlyn Blanton                                                               Asher Joseph Goldman                   Jack Kaufman
     Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.                                                  General Edward Hand Chapter, NSDAR       Joan Goldman
                                    Frances Clasen                                                                                                             Ernest Kearns
   Gladys M. Bomer                                                               Nancy A. Dunne                          Mr. William R. Goldthorp               Roger & Alice Hubbard
                                     Mrs. C. Perry Schenk                         James R. Dunne
     Clarissa M. Wolcott                                                                                                   Lindsay & Tom Hayes                 Mrs. Thomas Kendzia, Sr.
                                    John Anthony Cline
   Mrs. Elma Jay Boney               Mrs. Rosalyn H. Greene                                                              Judy Goyette                           Mr. Bruce & Rev. Glynn Bell
     Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Graham                                                                                               Jacquelyn L. Wagner                 VADM T. R. Kinnebrew
                                                                                                                         Mac Green                              Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Brewton
    Students and staff at the Kennedy Space Center during the 2010 “Classrooms                                             Chap & Ann Ragland                  Gary Knight
    Without Walls.”                                                                                                      Isabelle Grundahl                      Pastor & Mrs. Harvey Blume
                                                                                                                           Patricia Reynolds
                                                                                                                         Arveta Gwaltney
                                                                                                                           Robert N. Gwaltney
                                                                                                                                                               Alice Juanita Gurley Lain
                                                                                                                                                                Andy Anderson & Family
                                                                                                                         H                                      Margaret & Arnold Beck
                                                                                                                         Rev. J. K. Hall                        Gene & Donna Bezilla
                                                                                                                          Joe K. Hall, III                      Donna L. Cox
                                                                                                                                                                Jerry & Ronda Farlow
                                                                                                                         J. K. Hall, Jr.                        Jeffrey & Lee Hatling
                                                                                                                          Joe K. Hall, III                      Mary P. Haviland
                                                                                                                         J. K. Hall, Sr.                        Roger & Alice Lain Hubbard
                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Hall, III        Joyce Kanoy
                                                                                                                         Margaret Hall                          Kernersville Wesleyan Church, Fellowship Sunday
                                                                                                                          Calvin F. Hall                          School Class
                                                                                                                         Mrs. Patricia L. Hall                  Robert Lain
                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.           W. F. & Gloria Lawrence
                                                                                                                                                                Doris H. Leraas
                                                                                                                         Margaret Hamilton                      Charles & Joyce L. Nesbit
                                                                                                                          Charlie & Heather Brown               Valerie Pegram
                                                                                                                         Virginia Hardin                        Wesley & Darlyne Phillips
                                                                                                                          Susan Mahon                           Regency Towers Association
                                                                                                                         William P. “Bill” Hartis, Jr.         Mary F. Landon
                                                                                                                          Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.          Mary Burns-Haley

16 Crossnore news
Larry Larson                          Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Spencer Norvell        Helen McMillan Rodgers
 Mrs. Kathryn Jackson                 Page Parker                               Anne M. Avera
Shirley Lauder                        Beverly Phillips                          Marilyn & James Dick
 Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Lauder              Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Purdy, Jr.          Barbara & Bob Eldridge
                                      Bill, Barbara & Ricky Redford             Lella B. Felker
Charles J. Leitelt, Sr.               David Steinmiller                         Mr. & Mrs. William P. Wright
 A. C. & Barbara Reeves               Richard & Janet Voltz                    Mrs. Arzie Rogers
Marvin Leto                           Katherine Walsh                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Barbara & George Dvorozniak          Bruce T. Williams
                                      Dennis & Pam Winter                      Louis Langford Rose, Jr.
Sarah Levesque                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. W. Houston Blount
 Oscar D. Levesque                    Robert & Victoria Zabel
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. J. Joslin Chamberlain, Jr.
Joe Lewis                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Glasgow
 Rhett & Karen Cozart
Jerry W. Lile
                                     O                                          Hope & David Riggins
                                     William F. O’Brien
 Gladys Lile
Hon. George Liles
                                      Martha B. O’Brien                        S
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.        Margaret Hilma Garrett Oakley             Lester M. Safriet, Jr.
                                      Riley J. Oakley, Jr.                      Anthony & Lisa Baker
Eustace Sloop Linker
 Yvonne & Daniel Hall                Doris Oddie                                Chad & Kandy Brooks
                                      Haven Lutheran Church Quilting Group      Reid & Barbie Creswell
Ruth Elizabeth “Lib” Sutton Little                                              Max & Amy Dorsey
 David W. Henry                      Mr. Philip M. Owen
                                                                                Curt & BJ Gowdy
                                                                                                                               One of the students’ summer projects is a large organic
                                      Diane Morris                                                                             garden.
Lee Long, Jr.                                                                   Chris & Brandy Graham
 Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Long                                                        Richard & Susan Gregory
Azaleen Lowdermilk                   P                                          Rhett Holden
 Rebecca C. Searcy & Family
Raymond L. Lutgert
                                     Marian D. Packard
                                      Ann Ackerman
                                                                                Wayne & Sherri Matthews
                                                                                Ricky & Lee Pruitt
                                                                                                                            Elizabeth C. Taylor
                                                                                                                             Bob & Kathryn Jackson
 Dennis & Nancy Dougherty             Jack & Martha Packard                    Bill Sain                                    Colonel James Taylor, Jr.                              Mr. Perry N. Walker
 Susan & Walter Hinson                                                          Faye & Ted Brittain                          Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kellum                              Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                     Mrs. Ulma Page
 Mr. & Mrs. J. Lane Latimer, III      Snookie & Joan Robbins                   Dr. Robert B. Salmon                         Patricia Donohoe Telford                               Mr. Tom Waller
 Hope & David Riggins                                                           Gail Salmon                                  Bernie & Meg Thompson                                  Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                     Ernest Reid Parker, Jr.
Steven Andrew Luther                  Preston & Leslie Houston                 Russell A. Salter                            Betty Dorton Thomas                                    John Warren
 LeRoy Hinesley Family                                                          Geraldine S. Lindsey                         Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                           Jean M. Warren
 Mr. & Mrs. H. Dean Millikan         Kathleen Elmore Patterson
                                      Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd W. Bailey               Danny Sawyer                                 Mr. Josiah Thomas, Sr.                                 Carrie Washburn
                                                                                Ken & Mary Esther Faile                      Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Long                                Russ & Myrna Rowe
                                     Kathleen Sullivan Paulson
M                                     Washington Crossing Chapter, NSDAR       Reba J. Schmidt
                                                                                The Family of Vernon & Colleen Lind
                                                                                                                            Timothy Thomas                                         Allen Starrett “Muddy” Waters
                                                                                                                                                                                    Diane Keasler
Franklin Mabrey                      Jan Polisto                                                                             Tommy & Linda Morgan
                                      Temperance Smith Alston Chapter, NSDAR   Jerry Scruggs                                Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Thompson                              David E. Watson
 Joan C. Edwards
                                                                                Ted & Faye Brittain                          Bob C. Thompson                                        Rebecca C. Searcy & Family
Robert C. MacKenzie                  Mrs. John Polites
                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.             Jack Seaman                                  Donald Thompson                                        Peggy Wallace Webbe
 Margaret D. MacKenzie
                                                                                Dick & Jere Schelberg                        Thomas & Sandra Shoemaker                              Eva C. Ferris
Mrs. Kitty Mackie                    Mr. Broadus Poole
                                      Tommy & Linda Morgan                     John Seaman                                  Nancy R. Tiner                                         William L. Welter
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                Helen Taulman                                Alamo Chapter, NSDAR                                   Sherry Welter
Margaret C. Martin                   Mrs. Allie Rhea Price
                                      Michael & Betty Cox                      Marion Reid Sharp                             Bruchez, Goss, Thornton, Meronoff & Hawthorne, P.C.   Robert Wendorf
 Zeno Martin, Jr.
                                                                                Jean S. Sharp                                Eva L. Collins                                         Doris Delfosse
Anna Henderson Matthews              Martha Price
                                                                               Charles Shaw                                  Betty N. DeVries                                      Mrs. Sallie West
 Joanne M. Linker                     William & Mildred Price
                                                                                Cherie Linko                                 Dawn K. Fairchild                                      Nancy & Eddie Crowder
Mable F. Matthews                    Walter Lee Price                                                                        Lynnette R. Faulkner
                                      Meg Duncan                               Mr. William Shields                                                                                 Harriet Katherine Reed Whitaker
 John & Ruth McCaskill                                                                                                       Betty Sue Foy
                                      Lewis & Wilma Williams                    Elizabeth L. Pitney                                                                                 Alfred Moore Chapter, NSDAR
Glenn Mauney                                                                                                                 Mary Rose Hall
                                     Betty Rusmisell Propst                    Howard Shull                                  Marcy Heathman                                        Harriet Whiting
 Mack & Beth Wright
                                      Susan J. Propst                           Phyllis Burgin                               Mary Jane Hirsch                                       Stanley E. Whiting
Robert McCown
                                     Genoese Pyatt                             Margaret Shull                                John & Rita Jones                                     Catherine C. Wicker
 Lucy Garrett
                                      Bennett & Shirley Evans                   David, Sylvia & Sandra Carpenter             Linda Kroeger                                          John & Ruth McCaskill
Gwendolyn H. McIver                                                                                                          Alae Risse Leitch
                                                                               Glenda Sigmon                                                                                       Miss Kristen Wilhelm
 Nancy P. Mangum                                                                                                             Elizabeth C. Livermore
                                                                                Nancy & Donald Bumgarner                                                                            Thomas & Sandra Shoemaker
Mr. Arnold McKinnon
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                     Q                                         Homer & Mildred Singletary
                                                                                                                             Carolyn Matheson Loeffler
                                                                                                                             Kathryn & Chet Robinson
                                                                                                                                                                                   Mr. Horace Vann Williams
                                     Randy Queen                                Bernice H. Tompkins                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.
Evangeline McMahan                                                                                                           Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Search
                                      Nancy & Donald Bumgarner                 Mr. Robert Van Sisk                             Committee                                           Lottie Banks Peeler Williams
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                     Barbara A. Quinn                           Mr. & Mrs. Julius Joslin Chamberlain, Jr.    Lois Salazar                                           Marcelle Williams
Mr. Frank McNabb                      Don Quinn                                Jeanne Gerrodette Skinner                     Nell Scruggs                                          Melva Williams
 Mr. & Mrs. Leon H. Long
                                     Mrs. Ruth Davis Quirk                      Gerrodette MacWhinnie                        Bob & Jennifer Smith                                   Karen & Rhett Cozart
Rita Curran McNamara                  Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.                                                            Hallie Jane Dill Tapp
                                                                               Mr. Jimmy Slice                                                                                     Mrs. Geneva Wilson
 Wanda C. Robinson                                                                                                           Joan S. Taylor
                                                                                Tommy & Linda Morgan                                                                                Tommy & Linda Morgan
Hattie B. Meadows                                                                                                            Three Missions Chapter, NSDAR
 Dr. Lucy Meadows Smarr              R                                         Betsy Smith’s Son
                                                                                Joel & Nancy Gottlieb
                                                                                                                             Marie H. Yochim                                       Hanford Wilson
                                                                                                                                                                                    Charles E. Wilson
Don Miller                                                                                                                   Lynn & Steve Young
                                     Mr. Ernest Rawlins                        H. A. “Jack” Smith                                                                                  Jeanne F. Wilson
 Ken & Mary Esther Faile              Lena R. Brooks                                                                        Mr. Jones Tipton
                                                                                Mrs. Jo Ann Smith                            Barbara C. Sherrill                                    S. Kenneth Wilson
Bert Morrison                        Aubrey Courtney Reeves                    Mr. Robert H. Spilman, Sr.                   Annie Franklin Todarelli                               Martha Ellen Winstead
 James A. Woods                       Tommy Blakney                             Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                 Susan Ferris Rights                                    Brunswick Town Chapter, NSDAR
Jacqueline Williams Morton            Cindy Brooks
                                      Charlotte Seniors Golf Association       Juanita Stewart                              Mr. Lawrence Tomlinson                                 Dixie Lee Woods
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                      Linda & Preston Cole                      Doug & Elizabeth Stover                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                           Rick & Dot Cupp
Greg Motheral                                                                                                                                                                       Lee C. Edwards-Davis
 Marilyn Ray                          Cindy Crumley                            Robbie Stiles                                Clarence Howard Tompkins
                                      Honor Dudley                              Lois A. Stiles                                                                                      Barbara D. DeHart
Becky Murphy                                                                                                                 Bernice Tompkins                                       Eugene M. Eanes
                                      Ellen & Norbert Dusyn                    Graydon “Sonny” Strawser
 Rhett & Karen Cozart                 Bob & Marsha Edwards                                                                  Lucile & Oscar Trent                                    Neata Eanes
                                                                                Ted & Faye Brittain                          Henretta T. Band                                       Green Hill Church of the Brethren
                                      Garmon & Goodman
                                                                               Glenn Stroup                                                                                         Amy Jarich
N                                     Lib Girard
                                      James & Eula Grinstead                    Dan M. Stroup
                                                                                                                            Grace L. Trevitt
                                                                                                                             Mrs. Eleanor L. Zwicker                                Nancy L. Jones
Zaida K. Neal                         Jane W. James                            Steven Stroup                                                                                        Jubal Early Chapter, United Daughters of the
                                                                                                                            Harry B. Trevitt                                          Confederacy
 R. Douglas Neal, Jr.                 Randal & Norma Lesher                     Dan M. Stroup                                Mrs. Eleanor L. Zwicker
                                      Bev & Jerry Malin                                                                                                                             Chris LaPlante
Mr. Clint Newton                                                               Angelica Roystone Sudduth                    Frances Capps Tucker
                                      Donna & John Mayfield                                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Wright
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                   Jane B. Doolittle                            Stephen & Kathy Tucker
                                      Ann O’Hara                                                                                                                                   Bill Wormington
Mary Nichols                                                                   Eva B. Summer                                 W. Carr Tucker
                                      Sandy & John Pegram                                                                                                                           Billy & Sharon Nuckolls
 Rhett & Karen Cozart                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Melba L. Tugman
                                      Wayne & Cindy Proctor
Mr. Burton Noah                                                                Margaret Swann                                Whit & Jeanne Loflin
 Bill & Nanette Denton
                                      Florence Girard Sparks
                                      Evelyn & Gene Stutts                      Marianna M. Whalley                         Thelma Newsome Tuttle                                  Y
Kay Allen Norvell                     Craig & Suzanne Veazey                   Dr. Richard C. Swanson                        Marcia & Michael Anthony                              Mrs. Virginia Liles Yates
 Anonymous Friend                     The Garden Club of Weddington             Charles R. Burbacher, II                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Liles, Jr.
                                                                                Jan Kirkpatrick
 Bob & Wendy Burkhard
 Shirley & Justin Castonguay
                                     Harold D. Reynolds
                                      Doris L. Reynolds                                                                     V                                                      Elizabeth “Blitz” Younts
                                                                                                                                                                                    Alfred Moore Chapter, NSDAR
 Joseph & Rosemary Durocher
 Grace Festa
                                     Joann Reynolds                            T                                            Peter Vanderwerff
                                                                                                                             Joel & Nancy Gottlieb
 Danny & Rene’ Houston
 David Martin
                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                     Betsy Richey
                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Murice C. Talley                  Horace W. Vaughan                                      Z
                                                                                The Talley Bryan Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Latimer, III
 Caroline & Chris McDowell            Fort Steuben Chapter, NSDAR                                                                                                                  Bryant & Bessie Zwicker
                                                                               Frances Paine Tapp                           Vince Vitale                                            Mrs. Eleanor L. Zwicker
 Mr. & Mrs. Heath McLendon           Rev. Joseph Paul Rinehart                  Helen Tapp
 Carolyn & Christopher Meade          Brenda Rinehart                                                                        Gayle & Janet Pipkin                                  Raymond O. Zwicker
 Timothy & Sarah Monnin                                                        Mrs. Reba Tate                                                                                       Mrs. Eleanor L. Zwicker
 David Norvell Co-Workers                                                       Gwendolyn Tate Spuhler
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Crossnore news 17
honor gifTs
                                             Contributions to benefit the children of The Crossnore School in honor of a relative or friend, are listed in alphabetical order by the name
                                             of the honoree. The name of the donor or donors follows each entry. The Honor Gifts for the listing were received between January 1,
                                             2010 and June 15, 2010.

   A                                            Mr. John M. Blackburn
                                                 Nina M. Braswell
   Randy & Dana Abernathy                        Keith & Phyllis Crain
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                 Jayne McNeil
                                                 Marcye I. Ollis
   Alexandriana Chapter, NSDAR
    Elizabeth Gibson                            Linda Blanton
                                                 Lynn & Sutton McCallie
    Brenda Oaks                                 Blowing Rock Country Club Staff
                                                 Mr. Thomas T. & Dr. Edwina Shealy
   Denny & Ellen Anderson
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Steve & Lynn Bowen
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Sue Smith Anderson
    Doris Dowdy                                 Mrs. Margaretta Hartness Brinn
                                                 Gail Brinn Wilkins
   Vance Apple
    Robert G. Apple                             Danny & Tracy Brown
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Bob & Caryl Austell
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Margaret Davis Bryant
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                Mrs. Jane Bullock
   B                                             Elaine Percival
   Dr. & Mrs. Horace Baker                      Jerry & Melanie Burgin
    Jane Shingleton                              Henry E. Perrou
   Jerry & Laura Baker                          Mrs. Carma Burton
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                 Jane Shingleton
   Mrs. Harriett Long Bannon                    Brooke Butcher
    Nancy Y. Lipe                                Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR
   Denise Barnes
    Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR      C                                         Students work with a Disney cartoonist in a class at Disney World during the annual
   Dr. Elizabeth Barnes
                                                Lucille & Jim Cantey, Jr.                 “Classroom Without Walls” experience.
    Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Bill & Eleanor Barron
                                                Bip & Catherine Ann Carstarphen                                                 Tad & Cecelia Dickson                          Patricia Goldman
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                          Tom & Barbara Cole
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                   Mojave Chapter, DAR Board Members
   Battle of Charlotte Chapter, NSDAR                                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                John & Boots Carter                                                             Anthony Dillard                                Mel Gomez
    Elizabeth Gibson                                                                      George & Diane Combis
                                                 Jane Shingleton                                                                 Terri Sobel                                    Martha M. Barber
   Mrs. Margaret Baucom                                                                    Keith & Phyllis Crain
                                                Caswell Nash Chapter, NSDAR                                                     Layton Dowless                                 Cassie Green
    Nancy Y. Lipe                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Cousins
                                                 Elizabeth Gibson                                                                Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR         Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Harper & Brenda Beall                                                                   Janis G. Chapman
                                                Sharon Caudle                                                                   Mrs. Nancy Shannon Drew                        Alan Griffin
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                          Michael & Betty Cox
                                                 Ray Caudle                                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Julian Shannon Drew                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Josephine & John Beall                                                                  Keith & Phyllis Crain
                                                Judge Robert F. Chapman                                                          Thomas & Sheila Drew                          Kathie Grigg
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                          Stephen J. Cox
                                                 Mary Chapman                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Drew, III                  Alan & Maureen Maguire
   Becky & Jim Beam, III                                                                   Michael & Betty Cox
                                                Judge & Mrs. Robert F. Chapman                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Alexander R. Kehayes               Martha Guy
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                          Keith & Phyllis Crain
                                                 Janis G. Chapman                                                                                                               Keith & Phyllis Crain
   Lola & James L. Beam, Jr.                                                               Steve & Lynn Young
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                Catherine Chestnutt
                                                 Dale & Lou Turske                        Dr. Phyllis H. Crain
                                                                                           Lloyd B. & Charlotte H. Baldwin
                                                                                                                                E                                               Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Michael & Linda Beam
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                Cole Chiumento
                                                 Nancy & Tom Little
                                                                                           John G. Brasington, Sr.
                                                                                           Sarah H. Byne
                                                                                                                                Pearl I. Early
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Kerr                     H
   Sheila Beatty
                                                Mr. Tommy Cloninger                        Caswell Nash Chapter, NSDAR          Ray & Sallie Edwards                           Mike & Lynn Haley
    Gladys Lile
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.              Frances & George Crutchfield          Keith & Phyllis Crain                          Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
   Claudia Belk                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. James W. Eyler
                                                Barbara Cochrane                                                                Sallie Edwards                                 Mrs. Jane Joyner Hampton
    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                           Clifford S. & Janet A. Foster
                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                    Mildred Edwards                                Archibald Bulloch Chapter, NSDAR
   Lewis & Barbara Berman                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. George C. Francisco, IV
                                                Jack & Barbara Coffey                      Kenneth & Hazel Horne                Tom & Ann Efird                                Charlene B. Hamrick
    Saul Barton
                                                 Don & Gail Minor                          Mrs. Sherry Lackey                    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                   C. Rush Hamrick, Jr.
    Wendy Hacker & Michael O’Donnell
                                                                                           Ginger McBride                       Eliza Lucas Pinckney Chapter,                  Rufus Alexander Hardison
                                                                                           Tom & Susan McHugh                   SCDAR                                           Grandmother Gail Wilkins
                                                                                           Phyllis A. Mengel                     Patricia Sayko                                Gail Hayden
                                                                                           Lucille G. Sebren                    Martha Combs “Tut” Elkins                       Gladys Pickens
                                                   Brittany packs for                      Katy & Raleigh Shoemaker              Isabel & Bill Stuebe                          Nancy Hemmrich
                                                   the beach trip, her                     Julia & Harper Thayer                Enoch Crosby Chapter, NSDAR                     Colonel Hardy Murfree Chapter, NSDAR
                                                   cottage’s vacation                      Bernice H. Tompkins                   Marilyn Cole Greene
                                                                                           Marianna Whalley                                                                    Marlin & Wendy Hershey
                                                   to “Crossnore by                        Rich & Janet Williams                                                                Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                   the Sea” located                        Julia Tappan Wood                    F                                              Jimmy & Rosemary Hewitt
                                                   on Ocean Isle.                          W. Steve Wright
                                                                                                                                Ken & Mary Esther Faile
                                                                                                                                                                                Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                          Fred Crawford                                                                        Tonya Hill
                                                                                                                                 W. Frank & Emily Simpson                       Allison McLean
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                Family & Friends                               Martha Hilton
                                                                                          Jon Crosmer
                                                                                                                                 David                                          Margaret Steward
                                                                                           Dale & Lou Turske
                                                                                                                                 Sandra Carpenter
                                                                                          Crossnore Academy Graduates            Sylvia Norton                                 Ben, Kate & Eleanor Hodge
                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. William D. McRoy, Jr.                                                     Mrs. Lois McIver Winstead
                                                                                                                                Phyllis Fenske
                                                                                          Greg & Jennifer Currie                 Black Mountain Foothills Chapter, NSDAR       Dr. Samuel M. Holton
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.          Barbara & Josef Metzger                        Lucy Smyre
                                                                                                                                Mary Anna Fowler                               Mrs. Hazel J. Horne
                                                                                          D                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                   Phyllis & Keith Crain
                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. J. V. Huffman, Sr.
                                                                                                                                Gary & Kim Franceschi
                                                                                          Carol Biggers Dabbs                    Keith & Phyllis Crain                          Lewis & Linda Hollar
                                                                                           Sara H. Byne                                                                        Jared Hunike
                                                                                           Keith & Phyllis Crain                Sandra Franz
                                                                                                                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                   Dale & Lou Turske
                                                                                           Jacquleine Brown Miller
                                                                                          Nancy Dale                            Harvey W. Freeman
                                                                                           Laura Dale Powell                     Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                  I
                                                                                          Bobbie & Claude Davis                 Jim & Peggy Freeman
                                                                                                                                 Tami Freeman                                  Tripp Isenhour
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                         Jerry Osborne
                                                                                          Jeff & Lucinda Davis                  Dr. William C. Friday
                                                                                                                                 UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                          Jim Davis
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.         G                                              Carolyn & Ilisa Jenkins
                                                                                          Boozie Dellinger                                                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                Garcilaso de la Vega Chapter,
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.         NSDAR                                          Eugenia & Kent Jenkins, Jr.
                                                                                          Lewis Dellinger                        Rosemary Villwock                              Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.         Phyllis Godwin                                 Gail Jenkins
                                                                                          Linda & Lew Dellinger, Jr.             Meg & Edward Boyles                            Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.

18 Crossnore news
Jesus Christ                                  Rachel T. Millikan
 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Blackwell, Jr.           Neal E. Millikan                            Good friends enjoy the chocolate
Ross Johnson                                  Josh Millsaps                                fountain at the prom.
   Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Johnson                      Pat Millwood
 Janis G. Chapman                              Bethany Baptist Church
Mrs. Huntie Jokinen                           Jane Milner
 Victoria Miller Talley Colebank Foundation    Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Josepha Higuera Livermore Chapter,            Miracle on the Mountain Cast
NSDAR                                          Leon & Ramona Baker
 Nancy B. Alexander                           Carolyn Moretz
                                               Margaret Campbell
K                                              Nancy Matheson
                                              George & Carolyn Moretz
Joshua Kaegi                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Campbell, Jr.
 Dale & Lou Turske                             Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Elaine Kaufman                                 Mr. & Mrs. Drew Moretz
 Jack Kaufman                                  Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Shoaf
Cantey Kellher                                John & Kenny Mulvey
 Carolyn Lee                                   Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Duke & Dot Kimbrell                           Robbie & Glenda Mungo
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                  Ken & Mary Esther Faile
Patricia Kullenberg
 Helene J. Graham                             N
                                              Walter Nance
L                                              William & Penny Nance
Lady Washington Chapter, NSDAR                Mr. & Mrs. Jack Norwood
 Beth E. Leney                                 Covenant Class, Millbrook Baptist Church   Maurice Robertson
                                                                                           Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR
                                                                                                                                    Bob & Maggie Stout
                                                                                                                                     Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                    W
Mara T. Lindsay
                                                                                          Jocelyn & Louis Rose                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Charles Waldner
 Mrs. Elmer Lindsay
Mrs. Rita Linker
                                              O                                            Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                    Rab & Nita Summers
                                                                                                                                     Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                      Jane Shingleton
 Spencer, Emma & Janet Pickel                 Jerry O’Conner                              Royal Oak Chapter, NSDAR                                                                   Wayne & Martha Wall
“Ruffie” Frances Lipscomb
                                               Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                              Ann Oppenheimer
                                                                                           Betty B. Tate
                                                                                                                                    T                                                  Thomas & Nina Wall
                                                                                                                                                                                     Stella Jefferson Walters
 Laura Powell
Rufus Lloyd
                                               Alamo Chapter, NSDAR
                                              John & Pamela Oys
                                                                                          S                                         Casey Talley
                                                                                                                                     Carolyn Talley
                                                                                                                                                                                       Carol Howerton
                                                                                                                                                                                     Andy & Pam Warlick
 Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR
                                               Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.               Ms. Bonnie Sanford                        Melissa Tatum                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Lower Cape Fear NCSAR Honor                                                                Bruce & Rev. Glynn Bell                   Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR
Guard                                                                                                                                                                                Martin Waters, Jr.
                                                                                          Mike & Beverly Santora
 Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR       P                                            Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                    Walter H. Tedder
                                                                                                                                     Carol T. Lewis
                                                                                                                                                                                       Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Penny West
Mrs. Gale Lucas
 Emagene M. Griffin                           Billy Ray Pait                              Emily Sarratt                             Temperance Smith Alston Chapter,                   Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
                                               Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR      Dale & Lou Turske                        NSDAR                                            Mr. & Mrs. Bob White
                                              Mr. Martin Pannell                          Paul & Mary Kay Scarborough                Beverly J. Shebs                                  Ida B. Fischer
M                                              Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Bumgarner              Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.             Louise Davis Thompson                            Frances “Memaw” White
                                              Rick & Janie Peak                           Caroline Schmitt                           Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                      Gwendolyn C. Elliott
MacDougall Children &
Grandchildren                                  Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Mary Clifford Boyd                       Brad Touma                                         Graham White
 Robert & Catherine MacDougall                Jeff & Mary Claudia Pilon                   Sannas Shawvan                             The Marc & Mattye Silverman Family Foundation   Irene Wolnski
Aldean Crain Manwaring                         Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Norma Sedlack                            Olen Travis                                        Ruthanne A. Baird
 Keith & Phyllis Crain                        Robert & Suzie Pittenger                    Julia & Wayne Shovelin                     Donald & Nancy Bumgarner                        David & Meghan Woltz
Deborah Marsh                                  Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                                Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR       Eric & Crystal Propst
                                               Harry & Joleen Propst
                                                                                          Bunny & Horace Smith
                                                                                           Joan & Dale Edwards
                                                                                                                                    U                                                Jere & Barbara Woltz
                                                                                                                                                                                       Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
Robert L. Martin
 Sara S. Burleson                                                                         Linda Smith                               Vera Stroup Ulmer                                John & Sloane Woltz
                                              Travis Propst                                                                          Bernice S. Lake
Elizabeth Rose Matthew                         Harry & Joleen Propst                       Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR                                                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Eileen J. Morgan                                                                         Paula Smith                                                                                James Alvin Woods
Lynn & Jim McCallie                           R                                            Linda Gayle Elam Johnson                 V                                                  Amy Jarich
 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Terry Smith                    Donna & Todd Vickers                             Mack & Beth Wright
Ruth & John McCaskill                         David & Hope Riggins                         Jane Shingleton                           Harry & Joleen Propst                             Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Carolyn M. Owen                               Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.               Lillian Davis Snow                                                                         Robert Wright
                                                                                                                                    Megan Vickers
Frances Young McCurry                         Hope Riggins                                 Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.              Harry & Joleen Propst                             Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Ruth B. Peake                                 Barbara Riggins                            Teddy Solomon                                                                              Steve Wright
                                                                                                                                    Flip & Sandra Vineyard
Michael McDuffie                              Mr. J. Ring                                  Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.              Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.                      Guyann & John L. Fraley, Jr.
 Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR        James & Kristin Herges                     Miss Chesnee Stewart
                                                                                           Jack & Merilyn S. Blanton

                                                                                                                                                                                        This chandelier hangs
                                                                                                                                                                                        in the lobby in the new
                                                                                                                                                                                        Hayes Fine Arts Building.

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                                                                                 non-Profit org.
                                                                                  asheville, nC
                                                                                  U.s. Postage
                                                                                 PerMit no. 175

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                     Crossnore, NC 28616
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Calendar of Events

                     July 29, 30, 31
                     Miracle on the Mountain
                     Outdoor Drama-Sloop Amphitheater

                     Crossnore, NC

                     August 2, 2010
                     13th Annual Taste of the Finest
                     Grandfather Golf & Country Club
                     Linville, NC                                Today!
                     September 7, 2010
                                                                (828) 733-4305

                     Fashion Show & Luncheon
                     Beech Mountain, NC

                     September 20, 2010
                     Crossnore Ladies’ Golf Invitational
                     Linville Ridge Golf Club
                     Linville, NC

                     October 10, 2010
                     National NSDAR Schools Bus Tour
                     Crossnore, NC

                     May 19, 2011
                     13th Annual Crossnore Children’s
                     Golf Classic
                     Linville Golf Club, Linville, NC
                     Sponsored by Rinehart Wealth Management

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