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									                  Durango Educational Alliance
                  for Multicultural Achievement

          The Mona Garibay and Mallory Gonzales
                  Memorial Scholarship

The Mona Garibay and Mallory Gonzales Memorial Scholarships are awarded in
the amount of $1,000 each, to be paid in two equal installments during the fall
and spring semesters.

Past scholarship recipients are eligible and encouraged to reapply and will be
competing with all other applicants. Recipients of each scholarship will be
notified on April 18th.

Following are the scholarship requirements:
    Applicant must be a:
           o graduate of Durango High School or
           o successfully completed the GED program through the Durango
              Adult Education Center or
           o received a Certificate of Completion from Durango High School
    An ethnic minority
    Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in current educational program
      (high school or college)
    Be accepted to or attending an accredited two or four year
      college/university, or vocational school
    Provide evidence of commitment to family, neighborhood or community
      (i.e. participation in school, clubs, church, family activities etc.)
    Be available for a personal interview the week of April 7th
    Be available Saturday, May 3, 2008 to formally receive the scholarship
      letter at Del Alma’s annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Preference will be given to:
    Low-income students
    Those who have participated in a Del Alma program for at least one year
    Students who displayed an appreciation and evidence of working to
      promote respect and appreciate of diversity in their community, family or
            Mona Garibay and Mallory Gonzales
            Memorial Scholarship Application Form

Occupations: Include


Home Phone:_______________________ Cell: __________________________

email address: _____________________________________________________

Name of college/university/ trade school planning to attend:


Have you been formally accepted?       ( ) YES (    ) Not Yet (pending)

Are you currently attending a college/university or trade school? ( )Yes ( )No

      If yes, what year: _________________

Cumulative G.P.A for the past year: __________

What scholarships have you received: _____________________________________


What other scholarships have you applied for: ______________________________



 The Mona Garibay and Mallory Gonzales Memorial Scholarships are sponsored by
      the Durango Educational Alliance for Multicultural Achievement
 Our mission is: to promote cultural awareness and educational excellence for
                            multicultural youth.
Please provide the following information by March 31, 2008:

      Completed Memorial Scholarship Application form
      At least one letter of recommendation. The letter should provide:
          o evidence of your commitment to community, neighborhood
              and/or family
          o must be written by a non-relative and
          o address your motivation and commitment to higher education.
      High school or current transcripts
      Letter of acceptance from college/university or vocational school
      A 500 minimum word personal essay (typed and double spaced)
       addressing the following:
          o Background /description about yourself
          o What you have accomplished academically
          o What are your educational/career goals
          o What have you accomplished or participated in that promotes
              diversity and/or your culture within your community, family or
              school i.e. volunteer experience, church etc..

Scholarship finalist may be asked to provide documents that demonstrate student’s
financial need.

Completed application forms should be mailed to:
           Del Alma
           Attention: Scholarship Committee
           PO Box 4445
           Durango, CO 81302

For additional questions contact LeeAnn Vallejos at 382-9693

            All applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2008.
            Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

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