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					November Dinner Menu                 Desserts £4.95
Albert Hotel 01779 472391            Mars Bar Chocolate Pot
Melon and Winterberry Cocktail       Bread and Butter Pudding with
£4.95                                Pecans and Bourbon Custard

North Atlantic Prawn Platter £5.25   Strawberry and Champagne
                                     Meringue Roulade

Mozzarella Fritters with Salsa       Zesty Lemon Cheese Cake
Sauce £4.75
                                     Selection of Cheese and Biscuits
Breaded Prawns with a Creamy         £5.25
Thai Sauce £5.25
Smoked Sausage Caesar Salad          Coffee with Home Made Fudge
£4.95                                £1.75

Parsnip and Apple Soup £2.75

               +++                   Wines £17.75
                                     Do you enjoy a good wine? Do you
Mains                                know a little bit about wines and
Sea Bass on a Bed of Crushed         would like to know a little more?
Potato £10.25                        Every month in conjunction with
                                     R+I Neish we will introduce you to
Supreme of Chicken stuffed with      four wines for you to enjoy.
Brie and a Cranberry Sauce £9.95     1.Vina Chocolan Carmenere 2007 -
Fillet of Pork with a Lime and       This Carmenère offers tremendous
Honey Jus £9.95                      black fruit flavours with subtle oak
                                     treatment and ample body and well
Smoked Sausage Caesar salad          balanced acidity. A great example
£8.95                                of Chilean wine making
                                     2. Chalten Malbec 2007 –
Chick Pea and Sweet Potato Curry     Argentina
with Rice Poppadom and Naan          Aroma of black cherry and spice
Bread                                with flavours of rich plum &
£8.95                                blackberry

Supreme of Chicken Maryland with     3.Chancet Rocks Sauvignon Blanc
Bacon, Sausage and Sweetcorn         2009 Marlborough New Zealand
£10.25                               The foothills of the Andes in
                                     Argentina is where these grapes
                                     are grown producing a refreshing
West End Butcher Sirloin Steak       dry wine with aromas of passion
£14.95 with a Peppered Blue          fruit, lemon & vanilla.
Cheese Sauce (2.95 extra)
                                     4.Deakin Estate Chardonnay Pinot
                                     Grigio 2009 –Victoria Australia
                                     A low concentration of surmaturo
                                     grape gives the wine tropical notes
                                     but aromas of apple & pineapple &
juicy lemon. A zippy wine with easy

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