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									      Scottsdale • Tucson • Cabo San Lucas
      Las Vegas • Palm Springs • San Diego
2004 Golf Vacation & Lodging Guide


                                      Cabo San Lucas

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                                      Las Vegas

  San Diego
  May 2004!                           Tucson

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                                “My friends and I go on a golf retreat each
                                year. We stayed at Sonoran Suites this year
                                and it was incredible! We can’t wait to visit
                                them again next year.”
                                                                           – Christian Buehler
                                                                               Chicago, Illinois
“Excellent in every area…more than I                       “We highly recommend Sonoran Suites
expected.”                                                 to anyone travelling to Scottsdale.”
                – Sarita L.                                                                – Julia P.
     Indianapolis, Indiana                                                    Norwood, New Jersey

“I was so impressed with                                                     “…The staff was
the attitude, sincerity and                                                  wonderful to work with…
care of the staff.”                                                          extremely helpful…”
               – Mervap F.                                                                – Majorie G.
    Los Angeles, California                                                        Pikesville, Maryland

“We loved the condo.                                                         “…Their little touches
Absolutely first class…”                                                     make the difference…I’m
          – Graham R. W.                                                     sure I’ll be back.”
                   Bermuda                                                                     – Karen F.
                                       TPC Stadium • Scottsdale                 Staten Island, New York

“You always make our visits enjoyable!”                    “Accommodations were excellent…”
                  – Julanna & Frank K.                                               – Susan L.
               Bremerton, Washington                                Manchester, Massachusetts

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    Your Management and Staff

                                                                     SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA
                                                                       Golf Vacation Packages
                        Troon North • Pinnacle

                         Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
                            Luxury Accommodations                                    Resort Style Amenities
K. Lemme / Golf Photo

                             in 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos                              Premium and
                            Guaranteed Tee Times                                      Championship Courses
                             Up To 120 Days                                           Green Fees, Golf Cart & Tax
                            Arizona Souvenir                                         Rental Car
                             Gift Towel

                                                                               Sonoran Golf Packages
                        F   or the true golf afficionado this is the ultimate vacation! Play incredible courses
                            like Grayhawk, TPC Stadium and the legendary Troon North. With over 300
                        days of glorious sunshine you’re guaranteed a vacation that won’t be forgotten.
                                Sonoran One Week Golf Package                          As advertised in:
                            Number of Golfers:     1**      2        3        4+
                           12/20/03–01/17/04      $309     $209    $199       $179
                           01/18/04–04/08/04        319     229      219      189
                                                                                       PREMIUM COURSES
                           04/09/04–05/31/04        249     169      159      139      Choose from all of the Value &
                           06/01/04–09/19/04        169     109          99    89      Championship courses PLUS:
                           09/20/04–10/31/04        249     169      159      139      Biltmore: Adobe &       Pointe Lookout
                           11/01/04–12/19/04        259     179      169      149      Links                   Mountain
                                                                                       Camelback: Resort       Raven South
                              Sonoran 3, 4 & 5 Night Golf Package                      Eagle Mountain          Mountain
                                                                                       Grayhawk*: Talon &      SunRidge
                            Number of Golfers:     1**      2        3        4+                               Canyon
                           12/20/03–01/17/04      $349     $239    $229       $199     Gold Canyon: Dinosaur   Talking Stick: North
                                                                                       Mountain                & South
                           01/18/04–04/08/04        369     249      239      219
                                                                                       Kierland                TPC Stadium*
                           04/09/04–05/31/04        299     199      189      169                              Troon North*:
                                                                                       Las Sendas
                           06/01/04–09/19/04        209     139      119       99                              Monument &
                                                                                       Legend Trail            Pinnacle
                           09/20/04–10/31/04        289     189      179      159      Ocotillo                We-Ko-Pa
                           11/01/04–12/19/04        299     199      189      169      Phoenician              Wildfire:
                                                                                                               Palmer & Faldo
                        NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.                         *Additional Premium Surcharges May Apply
                        ** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
                           Non-Golfer at no additional charge.
                                                                                            Included FR
                        3 Night Package Includes: 1 Premium & 1 Championship Course                     EE with you
                                                                                            Sonoran G               r
                        4 Night Package Includes: 1 Premium & 2 Championship Courses                   olf Packag
                        5 Night Package Includes: 1 Premium & 3 Championship Courses         • Welcome             e:
                                                                                                        Gift Basket
                        7 Night Package Includes: 1 Premium & 4 Championship Courses       • AZ Souve
                                                                                                      nir Golf Tow
                                     Premium Course Upgrades:
                                Peak = $70  Mid = $60   Low = $45

                        Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                                      3
Golf Enthusiast Package
    Rancho Manaña
                                               W          e invite you to test your skills and treat
                                                          yourself to our package for the Golf
                                               Enthusiast. Indulge in an entire day of world-
                                               class golf with a unique fusion of Southwest
                                               desert and picturesque mountain landscapes.
                        Credit: Ken Howie                3 & 4 Night Golf Enthusiast Package
                                                       Number of Golfers:   1**      2        3      4+
CHAMPIONSHIP COURSES                                   12/20/03–01/17/04    $519    $399    $389     $369
Antelope Hills (in     Mountain Shadows                01/18/04–04/08/04     549     439      429     399
Prescott)              Orange Tree
                                                       04/09/04–05/31/04     429     329      319     299
ASU Karsten            Palm Valley
Camelback: Club                                        06/01/04–09/19/04     289     209      189     179
                       Phantom Horse
Club West              Rancho Manaña                   09/20/04–10/31/04     409     309      299     279
Coldwater              Sanctuary                       11/01/04–12/19/04     439     339      329     309
Desert Canyon          Sedona Golf
Dove Valley Ranch      Resort                  NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.
                                               ** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
Estrella Mountain      Starfire                   Non-Golfer at no additional charge.
Ranch                  Stonecreek
Foothills                                      3 Night Package Includes: 2 Premium & 3 Championship Courses
                       StoneRidge (in
Gold Canyon:           Prescott)               4 Night Package Includes: 3 Premium & 4 Championship Courses
Sidewinder             Superstition Springs                     Premium Course Upgrades:
Hillcrest              The Duke                            Peak = $70  Mid = $60   Low = $45
Kokopelli              Tonto Verde: Peaks      As seen in:
Legacy                 & Ranch
                                                                                       FREE with
Legend at Arrowhead    TPC Desert                                            Included           acation:
                                                                                      st Golf V
Longbow                Vistal                                               Enthusia          t Basket
Los Caballeros         Wigwam: Red, Blue                                       • We lcome Gif     Towel
                                                                                        enir Golf
                                                                              • AZ Souv
                       & Gold
McCormick Ranch:
                                                                                        f Logo G olf Balls
Pine & Palm            Whirlwind: Cattail &
                       Devil’s Claw
                                                                             • Sleeve o

Value Golf Package
E   xperience the beauty of Arizona’s unique
    desert golf courses with Sonoran Suites
Value Package, the perfect vacation for the

value minded golfer. Choose from stunning
courses like Longbow, TPC Desert and
Rancho Manaña!

                                                                       Credit: D2 Productions Murphy-Scully
        3, 4 & 5 Night Value Golf Package
     Number of Golfers:     1**       2       3           4+       VALUE COURSES
     12/20/03–01/17/04      $309     $199     $189       $169      ASU Karsten           Legend at Arrowhead
     01/18/04–04/08/04       319      209      199         179     Coldwater             Longbow
                                                                   Club West             Mountain Brook
     04/09/04–05/31/04       269      169      159         129
                                                                   Desert Springs        Orange Tree
     06/01/04–09/19/04       199      119         99        89     Foothills             Palm Valley
     09/20/04–10/31/04       259      159      149         129     Gold Canyon:          Starfire
                                                                   Sidewinder            Stonecreek
     11/01/04–12/19/04       269      169      159         139
                                                                   Granite Falls         Superstition Springs
NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.                             Hill Crest
** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one                               The Duke
                                                                   Kokopelli             TPC Desert
   Non-Golfer at no additional charge.

3 Night Package Includes: 2 Value Courses
4 Night Package Includes: 3 Value Courses
5 Night Package Includes: 4 Value Courses

                  Troon North: Monument Course
                  Tom Weiskopf & Jay Morrish designed, the                     Par: 72
                  Monument Course is consistently ranked number                Yardage: 7028
                  one in Arizona by Golfweek and Golf Magazine. Wide           Rating: 73.3
                  fairways wind through a pristine desert landscape,           Slope: 147
                  ruled by tall saguaros and meandering washes.
                  Rugged mountains can be seen from nearly every

                  Troon North: Pinnacle Course
                  Tom Weiskopf designed, the Pinnacle Course features          Par: 72
                  dramatic terrain with bigger rocks and steeper drops.        Yardage: 7044
                  The course is designed to follow the sharp elevation         Rating: 73.4
                  changes of the land and offers spectacular views of          Slope: 147
                  the surrounding cities and mountains. The 18th hole
                  gives golfers the illusion of teeing off directly into
                  Pinnacle Peak mountain.

                  Grayhawk: Talon
                  David Graham/Gary Panks designed Talon Course                Par: 72
                  has more than 1,000 native desert trees and desert           Yardage: 6973
                  landscaping and features two lakes and water that            Rating: 74.3
                  comes into play on the island green of the 17th              Slope: 141
                  hole and par 5–18th. A stunning five-level waterfall
                  separates the 18th hole from the par 4–10th.

                  Grayhawk: Raptor
                  Tom Fazio designed Raptor Course offers mature desert        Par: 72
                  landscaping with a unique par 3 8th hole named “Aces         Yardage: 7135
                  & Eights,” which features a slightly hidden green and        Rating: 74.1
                  a beautiful view of the McDowell Mountains. The par 4        Slope: 143
                  10th hole features a creek that runs from left to right in
                  front of the green then flows along the right side of the
                  fairway to a large lake near the tee.

                  Ted Robinson designed, Ocotillo offers lush, rolling         Par: 71
                  fairways abundantly sprinkled with mature trees,             Yardage: 6729
                  colorful flower beds, water falls and lakes come             Rating: 70.8
                  into play on nearly every hole. This superb 27–hole          Slope: 131
                  championship course has become one of—if not the
                  finest—upscale daily fee facilities in the country.

                  SunRidge Canyon
                  Keith Foster designed, SunRidge Canyon was created           Par: 71
                  by wind, water, rock and time, following nature’s own        Yardage: 6823
                  course. Like nature, much about SunRidge is straight         Rating: 73.4
                  forward. The fairway and green-side bunkers are in           Slope: 140
                  strategic positions where they force you to consider
                  both the risk and the rewards of executing your next
                  shot. Water comes into play on five holes.

                  We-Ko-Pa Golf Club is a spectacular 7,225-yard               Par: 72
                  18–hole golf course nestled within a dramatic,               Yardage: 7225
                  natural desert setting. Designed by noted golf course        Rating: 72.5
                  architect Scott Miller, We-Ko-Pa yields some of the          Slope: 130
                  most dramatic and “natural” views of the surrounding
                  mountain ranges including the Four Peaks, McDowell
                  Mountains, Red Mountains and the Superstitions.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                       5
    “Thanks for the excellent job you did in
    arranging our Scottsdale golf vacation. We will
    be sure to call you again for our golf trip to
    Tucson this fall.”                  – The Madison Group
                                               Meridian, Iowa

    Las Sendas
    Robert Trent Jones, Jr. designed Las Sendas as a nature    Par: 71
    walk through the desert, attracting you with beauty        Yardage: 6874
    and challenging you with shot options. You can’t wait      Rating: 73.8
    to get back and play it again.                             Slope: 149

    Gold Canyon Ranch
    Ken Cavanaugh designed, the Dinosaur Mountain              Par: 71
    Course takes golfers farther into the high desert          Yardage: 6755
    environment, where a round of golf includes                Rating: 71.0
    magnificent views of the Superstition Mountains.           Slope: 132
    The dramatic tee to green elevation changes are
    breathtaking and the course has been described as
    “24 Karat Gold” by the Arizona Republic.

    Legend Trail
    Legend Trail Golf Club is the first Arizona design         Par: 72
    for acclaimed architect Rees Jones and has been            Yardage: 6845
    described as a challenging and highly memorable golf       Rating: 72.3
    course and was named as Arizona’s 7th best Public          Slope: 135
    Access course in the “Valley of the Sun.”

    The Raven
    Masterfully created by the design team of David            Par: 72
    Graham and Gary Panks, the par 72 Raven blends a           Yardage: 7078
    challenging golf experience with the uniqueness of a       Rating: 73.9
    plush forest setting in the Arizona desert. Here, multi-   Slope: 133
    tiered greens, well placed bunkers, three water features
    and a number of tricky par 3’s combine to create one
    of the most memorable rounds of golf available.

    Rancho Manaña
    Bill Johnson designed and located near the                 Par: 71
    enchanting Tonto National Forest, Rancho Manana            Yardage: 6007
    is the escape to a desert paradise! Refresh your           Rating: 67.8
    spirit with a day of golf in breathtaking views and        Slope: 125
    challenges you won’t forget while enjoying the
    unparalleled surrounding desert.

    Dove Valley Ranch
    Ingeniously designed by renowned golfing architect         Par: 72
    Robert Trent Jones II, the course gently shifts between    Yardage: 7011
    panoramic openness to the intimacy of lush foliage         Rating: 72.7
    along Willow Wash. At every turn, brilliant greens         Slope: 131
    contrast with the desert’s muted palette of ocotillo,
    saguaro, ironwood, palo verde and cholla.

                                                   SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA

  Resort Amenities:
    Large Sparkling Pools                                         Concierge
    Whirlpool Spa                                                 BBQ Grills
    Tennis & Sand                                                 Mountain, Courtyard &
     Volleyball Courts                                              Pool Views
    Complete Fitness Center                                       Business Services

                                                  Sonoran Suites • Scottsdale
Y    ou immediately feel welcome when you
     step from your private entrance into your
beautifully furnished vacation home. Inspired
by the antiques of the Southwestern frontier,
fashionable luxury blends well with the charm
of old Mexico. Each spacious suite features
all the comforts of home combined with the
amenities you would find in a fine hotel.

                 Accommodation Rates
     Number of Nights:                             3–6           7+
 Peak Season
 12/20/03—1/4/04, 2/1/04—3/31/04
       1 Bedroom Suite:                           $199     $169
       2 Bedroom Suite:                            319       289
       3 Bedroom Suite:                            389       319
 Mid Season
 1/5/04—1/31/04, 4/1/04—5/31/04, 10/1/04—12/19/04
       1 Bedroom Suite:                           $169     $139
       2 Bedroom Suite:                            259       239
       3 Bedroom Suite:                            299       259
 Low Season
       1 Bedroom Suite:                           $109       $89
       2 Bedroom Suite:                            129       109
       3 Bedroom Suite:                            149       129
All rates listed are per unit, per night. Tax is not included.
12.07% room tax will apply for stays less than 31 nights.
1.8% room tax will apply for stays 31 nights and longer.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                    7
        “We were very comfortable and the unit was spotless which
        is of utmost importance. We all slept great and enjoyed all
        of your recommendations. We will absolutely recommend
        Sonoran Suites to our friends and family.”
                                                  – Christie Misurelli
                                           Nantucket, Massachusetts

                                             Suite Amenities
                                             •   Private Patios & Balcony
                                             •   2 Cable TV’s & VCR or DVD
                                             •   Telephone & Voicemail
                                             •   Fully Equipped Kitchen
                                             •   Complete Housewares
                                             •   Refrigerator/Freezer/
                                                 Ice Maker
                                             •   Dishwasher
                                             •   Microwave
                                             •   Coffee Maker
                                             •   Blender
                                             •   Range/Oven
             1 Bedroom Suite                 •   Washer & Dryer
              • 980 sq. ft.                  •   Bed & Bath Linens
              • Spacious Living & Dining     •   Ceiling Fans
                Rooms                        •   Iron & Ironing Board
              • Fully-Equipped Kitchen       •   Fireplaces (in most units)
              • Washer & Dryer               •   Hairdryers
              • Choice of 1 King-size or 2
                Twin Beds                    Amenities Available at
              • Large Walk-in Closet         Additional Cost
              • 1 Full Bath                  •   Cribs
                                             •   High Chairs
             2 Bedroom Suite                 •   Car Seats
                                             •   Strollers
              • 1200 sq. ft.
                                             •   Roll-Away Beds
              • Spacious Living & Dining
                                             •   Maid Service
                                             •   High Speed Internet
              • Fully-Equipped Kitchen
                                             •   Expanded Cable
              • Washer & Dryer
                                             •   Grocery Services
              • Choice of 1 King-size or 2
                                             •   Gift Baskets
                Twin Beds in Each Bedroom
              • Large Walk-in Closet
                                             Car Rentals
              • 2 Full Baths
                                             • Please Inquire
             3 Bedroom Suite
              • 1400 sq. ft.
              • Spacious Living & Dining
              • Fully-Equipped Kitchen
              • Washer & Dryer
              • Choice of 1 King-size or 2
                Twin Beds in Each Bedroom
              • Large Walk-in Closet
              • 2 Full Baths

                                                                TUCSON, ARIZONA
                                                               Golf Vacation Packages
Vistoso Golf Club

     Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
       Luxury Accommodations                                        Resort Style Amenities
        in 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos                                  Premier Golf Courses
       Guaranteed Tee Times                                         Green Fees, Golf Cart
        Up To 120 Days                                                and Tax
       Rental Car

                                                                    Tucson Golf Packages
I    magine distinctive heritage blended with accessible natural wonders
     and you may find yourself playing golf in Tucson, Arizona.

               Tucson Desert Golf Package                             See us in:
       Number of Golfers:      1**       2        3        4+
      11/01/03–12/19/03        $289     $199     $189      $169
      12/20/03–01/17/04         339      239      229      199
      01/18/04–04/08/04         359      259      249      219
      04/09/04–05/31/04         289      199      189      159        TUCSON DESERT COURSES
      06/01/04–09/19/04         199      129      119          99     Choose from all of the Value
      09/20/04–12/19/04         289      199      189      169        Package courses PLUS:
    Choice of 3 nights/2 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds, 5 nights/         Arizona National*     The Links at
    4 rounds, 7 nights/6 rounds.                                      Del Lago              Continental Ranch
                                                                      El Conquistador:      Omni Tucson National*
                Tucson Value Golf Package                             Conquistador Course   Starr Pass
                                                                      El Conquistador:      Ventana Canyon:
       Number of Golfers:      1**       2        3        4+         Cañada Course         Mountain Course*
      11/01/03–12/19/03        $259     $169     $159      $139       The Gallery*          Ventana Canyon:
                                                                      Heritage Highlands    Canyon Course*
      12/20/03–01/17/04         299      189      179      159
      01/18/04–04/08/04         309      199      189      169
      04/09/04–05/31/04         259      169      159      129
                                                                      TUCSON VALUE COURSES
                                                                      Choose from any of the following courses:
      06/01/04–09/19/04         189      119          99       89
                                                                      Del Lago              El Conquistador:
      09/20/04–12/19/04         259      169      159      139
                                                                      El Conquistador:      Cañada Course
    Choice of 3 nights/2 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds.                   Conquistador Course   Heritage Highlands
                                                                                            The Pines (formerly
                                                                                            The Links at
**     One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
                                                                                            Continental Ranch)
       Non-Golfer at no additional charge.
*      Premium surcharges for these courses may apply.
       Rental Car upgrades are available at additional cost.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                                          9
        “We only had time to play two of the courses
        recommended by Sonoran Suites. They were so
        great that we’ll be back next year.”
                                                           – Lane McIntosh
                                                                    Washington D.C.

        The Golf Club at Vistoso
        The Sonoran desert plays host to stately saguaros,           Par: 72
        beautiful desert flora and spectacular mountain views        Yardage: 6932
        at Tucson’s premiere public golf course: The Golf Club       Rating: 72.1
        at Vistoso! Every hole is a “postcard!”                      Slope: 147

        Ventana Canyon: Mountain Course
        Winding through mystical canyons and arroyos are             Par: 72
        Tom Fazio’s two 18–hole championship courses. The            Yardage: 6926
        most photographed hole west of the Mississippi,              Rating: 72.7
        the Mountain #3, plays over 107 yards of cactus              Slope: 146
        and canyons…and the tee offers a breathtaking
        panoramic view that stretches for a hundred miles
        south across the Sonoran Desert into Mexico.

        Ventana Canyon: Canyon Course
        The Lodge at Ventana Canyon, is a lushly secluded            Par: 72
        hideaway with 36 challenging holes of championship           Yardage: 6926
        golf. Surrounded by 600 acres of extraordinary natural       Rating: 74.2
        beauty, The Lodge is rated by Condé Nast Traveler as one     Slope: 146
        of America’s top five golf resorts. Tom Fazio’s two 18-
        hole Ventana Canyon courses have won Golf Magazine’s
        Gold Medal and Links Magazine’s Best of Golf Award.

        Heritage Highlands
        Designed by Arthur Hills, Heritage Highlands Golf Course     Par: 72
        is nestled at the base of the scenic Tortolita Mountains,    Yardage: 6904
        lies in lush emerald green contrast to the surrounding       Rating: 72.5
        desert. The vistas from every Heritage Highlands vantage     Slope: 136
        point, are an incomparable panorama of the Tortolita,
        Catalina, Rincon, Tucson and Santa Rita Mountains, as
        well as the Tucson cityscape below.

        The Gallery
        Designed by award-winning architect John Fought and          Par: 72
        British Open Champion Tom Lehman, The Gallery is             Yardage: 7435
        Tucson’s first private club in thirty years. Breathtaking    Rating: 74.0
        views sweep in every direction. Deep bunkers and             Slope: 142
        natural rock outcroppings interrupt lush fairways. Rated
        “Arizona’s Best New Private Course,” The Gallery was
        also nominated Golf Digest’s “Best Course Of 1999.”

        Omni Tucson National
        Designed by Robert Bruce Harris and nestled in the           Par: 73
        Santa Catalina Mountains, the Omni Tucson National           Yardage: 7138
        has three nine-hole courses: Orange, Gold and Green.         Rating: 74.6
        The Orange and Gold Course combination is where              Slope: 140
        the professionals play. The Green Course features steep
        elevation changes and some unusual uphill/downhill
        shot opportunities not typically found in Tucson.

                        OUR GUESTS ARE THE BEST!
                 “Wow! That is all we can say about your course
                 selection for our trip to Tucson. Every course was in
                 excellent condition and the service was fantastic.”
                                                                          – Steve Chang
                                                                    San Francisco, California

                  Starr Pass
                  Starr Pass has established itself as the premier desert golf   Par: 71
                  course in the Tucson area. The Robert Cupp designed            Yardage: 6910
                  golf course winds through valleys and arroyos and              Rating: 74.6
                  meanders among the bluffs of the Tucson Mountains.             Slope: 139
                  Strict attention was paid to disrupting the natural
                  surroundings as little as possible, and the finished product
                  is the Southwest’s most inviting desert golf experience.

                  El Conquistador: Conquistador Course
                  Designed by Greg Nash, the recently renovated                  Par: 71
                  Conquistador Course is simply spectacular with                 Yardage: 6801
                  multiple elevated tees, fairways cut through rugged            Rating: 72.7
                  desert terrain and across deep ravines, clustered              Slope: 130
                  sand traps and water hazards, towering cactus, and
                  double-tiered greens. The reshaped fairways and
                  greens create an exceptionally playable course.

                  El Conquistador: Cañada Course
                  Designed by Greg Nash, the Cañada Course retains               Par: 72
                  the charm and challenge of high-desert golf popular            Yardage: 6910
                  for over a decade. The natural terrain comes into play         Rating: 74.6
                  as the fairways wind through ravines and arroyos. The          Slope: 139
                  characteristic challenge of the Cañada Course is in the
                  proper club selection, as many of the holes feature
                  elevation changes from the tee to green.

                  Arizona National
                  One of the most spectacular courses in the Southwest,          Par: 71
                  panoramic vistas include mountains, forest of giant cacti      Yardage: 6776
                  and the rare beauty of nine natural springs. Designed          Rating: 72.4
                  by Robert Trent Jones Jr., its diverse layout will throw       Slope: 146
                  enough tough decisions and classic golf-in-the-desert
                  challenges to test the very limits of your ability. Yet, it
                  has the flexibility to do so without ever becoming unfair.

                  The Pines (formerly The Links at Continental Ranch)
                  The Pines has been designed to look, feel, and play            Par: 72
                  like true links courses of Scotland. Wide, undulating          Yardage: 6854
                  fairways accentuated by tall stands of native grasses          Rating: 71.8
                  give the course an authentic Scottish look and feel, and       Slope: 122
                  also make par achievable. The Pines offers golfers the
                  experience of challenging their skills in the heart of the
                  Sonoran Desert!

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                     11

 Resort Amenities:
      Large Sparkling Pools                            Mountain Views
      Whirlpool Spa                                    BBQ Grills
      Complete Fitness Center                          Business Services

Sonoran Suites • Tucson
Y    our vacation accommodations provide an
     exceptional array of amenities and luxuries
that you would expect of a full-service resort. You
will also experience the additional convenience
of one, two and three bedroom condo–style villas
offering spacious floor plans and more custom
features than a traditional resort hotel room.
                                                                 Accommodation Rates
Suite Amenities                                                Number of Nights:       3-6       7+
• Private Patios & Balcony                                Peak Season
• 2 Cable TV’s & VCR or
                                                          12/20/03–01/04/04, 02/01/04–03/31/04
• Telephone & Voicemail                                         1 Bedroom Suite:      $199       $169
• Fully Equipped Kitchen                                        2 Bedroom Suite:        319        289
• Complete Housewares
• Refrigerator/Freezer/                                         3 Bedroom Suite:        389        319
  Ice Maker                    Nearby Attractions         Mid Season 01/05/04–01/31/04,
• Dishwasher                   Desert Jeep Tours          04/01/04–05/31/04, 10/01/04–12/19/04
• Microwave
                               Hiking                           1 Bedroom Suite:      $169       $139
• Coffee Maker
• Blender                      Biosphere
                                                                2 Bedroom Suite:        259        239
• Range/Oven                   Old Town Artisans
• Washer & Dryer               Sabino Canyon                    3 Bedroom Suite:        299        259
• Bed & Bath Linens            Pima Air/Space Museum      Low Season
• Ceiling Fans                                            06/01/04–09/30/04
                               Arizona–Sonora Desert
• Iron & Ironing Board         Museum
• Fireplaces (in most units)                                    1 Bedroom Suite:      $109       $ 89
                               San Xavier Mission
• Hairdryers                                                    2 Bedroom Suite:        129        109
                                                                3 Bedroom Suite:        149        129

                                                         All rates listed are per unt, per night. Tax is
                                                         not included. 10.5% room tax will apply for
                                                         all stays.

                                        CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO
                                             Golf Vacation Packages
Raven at Cabo San Lucas

 Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
    Luxury Villa Accommodations                             Resort Amenities
    Guaranteed Tee Times                                    Premier Golf Courses
     Up to 120 Days                                          Green Fees, Golf Cart, Tax

                                                             Cabo Golf Packages
L   os Cabos is where the desert meets the ocean making it one of the most
    beautiful places on earth. The temperate climate makes trips to Los Cabos
perfect any time of the year. Play full days of golf on world class courses then
bask in the sun while enjoying exotic tropical drinks at the resorts luxurious
pool. When the sun goes down the Nightlife begins and keeps going until its
time to play golf again!
       Cabo Relax One Week Golf Package                       CABO SAN LUCAS PREMIUM COURSES
    Number of Golfers:     1*       2        3       4+       Cabo Del Sol (Troon     Raven at Cabo San
                                                              Golf): Ocean            Lucas
   01/01/04–06/14/04       $359    $289     $269    $259
                                                              Cabo Del Sol (Troon     El Dorado
   06/15/04–10/14/04        249     199      179      169     Golf): Desert           Palmilla
   10/15/04–12/31/04        339     279      259      249     Cabo Real
 NOTE: Package includes 7 nights accommodations and
 5 rounds of premium golf from any of our Cabo San
 Lucas Courses.                                               CAR RENTALS
                                                              At an additional fee.
           Cabo Golf Weekend Getaway
    Number of Golfers:     1*       2        3       4+
   01/01/04–06/14/04       $369    $299     $279    $269
   06/15/04–10/14/04        259     209      189      179
   10/15/04–12/31/04        349     289      269      259
 NOTE: Includes 4 nights/3 rounds or 3 nights/2 rounds.
 Choose from Raven at Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Del Sol and
 Cabo Real.
* One Golfer rates are per night only and may include one
  Non-Golfer at no charge.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                              13
         “We have golfed over the world including Pebble Beach,
         St. Andrews and Bali Hai. The desert courses Cabo has to
         offer are simply magnificent. If you haven’t tried them you
         haven’t been golfing.”
                                                      – Lionel McCay
                                                    London, England

        Cabo Del Sol (Troon Golf)
        Cabo del Sol, the “Pebble Beach of Baja,” is Jack         Par: 72
        Nicklaus’s second signature course in Los Cabos. The      Yardage: 7037
        course stretches along one mile of pristine coastline     Rating: 74.1
        and mixes dramatic desert, mountain, and ocean            Slope: 137
        views. Jack Nicklaus refers to holes 16, 17, and 18 as,
        “The finest three finishing holes in all of golf.” The
        course is rated among the top 100 courses in the
        world by Golf Magazine.

        Cabo Real
        Cabo Real is a Robert Trent Jones II classically          Par: 72
        designed, 18-hole championship golf course                Yardage: 6988
        overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Low handicap golfers       Rating: 74.1
        will find the sand traps and obstacles somewhat           Slope: 140
        difficult but playable. The first six holes wind high
        up onto the mountainside, then the course plunges
        down to sea level with incredible views of the
        surrounding mountains and of the sea.

        El Dorado
        El Dorado is the newest Jack Nicklaus designed 18-        Par: 72
        hole ocean course in Los Cabos. This magnificent          Yardage: 7050
        course, built from rugged desert terrain, features six    Rating: 74.1
        ocean front holes and four lakes. Carved out of some      Slope: 140
        of the most difficult terrain in Los Cabos, this new
        course will ignite a golfer’s passion for both the game
        and Cabo as a world class golf destination!

        The Palmilla Golf Club is Latin America’s first Jack      Par: 72
        Nicklaus Signature course. This course offers 27 holes    Yardage: 6939
        with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez as it winds   Rating: 74.3
        through desert mountain terrain. 5 sets of tee boxes      Slope: 144
        ensure golfers, from beginners to professionals, an
        exciting game. The signature hole is a 440 yard, par 4,
        which requires a long drive across two desert arroyos.

        Raven at Cabo San Lucas
        The Raven is an 18-hole Pete Dye designed                 Par: 72
        championship course with spectacular ocean views.         Yardage: 7220
        It flows gently through groves of Palo Blanco trees       Rating: 75.4
        and Cardon Cactus, accented by lush expanses of           Slope: 138
        sprawling fairways and seven sparkling lakes. The
        course has five tee boxes for each hole and a 620-
        yard seventh hole—double dogleg around a lake—
        said to be the longest in Mexico!

                                  CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO

                            Sonoran Suites • Cabo San Lucas
C   ome to the serenity of old colonial Mexico and relax in your own Spanish
    hacienda. Follow the antique brick walkways through graceful arches
and royal palms, and admire the handmade wrought iron grill work and the
massive beams and pillars.
SUITES & RESORT AMENITIES                                   Accommodation Rates
Private Patios              Churchill’s Cigar Bar    Peak Season
Balconies                   2 Sparkling Pools        12/16/03–05/31/04, 10/01/04–12/15/04
Air Conditioning            Whirlpool Spas                                    Studio:        $199
Fully Equipped Kitchen in   Natural Water Slide                    1 Bedroom Suite:           259
most units                  Pro Shop
Television                                                 1 Bedroom Luxury Suite:            299
                            Driving Range
Massage on request          Golf Lessons                           2 Bedroom Suite:           399
Concierge Services          Taxi Service             Low Season
Poolside Cantina            Shuttles to Downtown     06/01/04–09/30/04
Bogie’s Restaurant          Complimentary Parking                             Studio:        $149
                                                                   1 Bedroom Suite:           199
                                                           1 Bedroom Luxury Suite:            239
                                                                   2 Bedroom Suite:           299
                                                        Rates listed are per Suite, per night.
                                                    Studio: 1 BR/1 BA, Kitchenette, 1 king or 2
                                                    doubles, sleeps 2.
                                                    1 Bedroom Suite: 1 BR/1 BA, living room,
                                                    Kitchenette, 1 king & 1 sofa sleeper, sleeps 4.
                                                    1 Bedroom Luxury Suite: 1 BR/2 BA, living
                                                    room, full kitchen, 1 king & 1 sofa sleeper,
                                                    sleeps 4.
                                                    2 Bedroom Suite: 2BR/3 BA, living room,
                                                    full kitchen, 2 king & 1 sofa sleeper, sleeps 6.
                                                    Suite rates are subject to change without
                                                    notice. The additional room tax is 10%.
                                                     The Resort has its own water
                                                     purification system that runs
                                                         through all the taps.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                         15
Golf Vacation Packages
Bali Hai

     Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
      Luxury Accommodations                                      Resort Style Amenities
       in 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos                                Premier Golf Courses
      Guaranteed Tee Times                                       Green Fees, Golf Cart
       Up To 120 Days                                              and Tax
      Rental Car

Royal Flush Golf Package
T    his is one city that is truly an experience
     with all the endless choices. With so
many options you are bound to be relishing
                                                                    Paiute Snow

in something new everyday. Golf, gourmet
dining, themed casinos, endless shows, and
great weather. When can we book you in?

                                                                   ROYAL FLUSH COURSES
                                                                   Badlands              Rio Secco*
                                                                   Bali Hai*             Royal Links*
                                                                   Desert Pines          Stallion: Secretariat
                                                                   Dragon RIdge          Stallion: Man O’ War
                                                                   Paiute: Wolf          The Falls*
                                                                   Reflection Bay*       TPC Canyon*
                                                                   Revere at Anthem:
                                                                   Lexington & Concord
                                                                   * Additional surcharges may apply during
               Royal Flush Golf Package                              high season and special events.
      Number of Golfers:     1**      2        3       4+
     12/20/03–05/20/04       $389    $289    $279     $259
     05/21/04–06/30/04        319     229      219         199
     07/01/04–08/31/04        279     199      189         169
     09/01/04–12/19/04        359     269      259         239
      NOTE: Includes choice of Royal Flush Courses only.

Royal Flush Golf Package includes: 5 nights/4 rounds, or 4
nights/3 rounds, or 3 nights/2 rounds.
Rates are per golfer, per night.
**    One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
      Non-Golfer at no additional charge.

                                                         Full House Golf Package
 Angel Park: Palm
                                                 C     hallenging courses and beautiful
                                                       scenery await your arrival in Las Vegas.
                                                 You’ll enjoy a wide selection of some of
                                                 the finest courses Las Vegas has to offer
                                                 including Bali Hai, Pauite and TPC Canyons.
                                                 At night you can enjoy the thrill of a city
                                                 that never sleeps!

                                                                 Full House Golf Package
                                                       Number of Golfers:     1**       2        3        4+
                                                       12/20/03–05/20/04     $349      $249     $239     $219
                                                       05/21/04–06/30/04       279      189      179       159
                                                       07/01/04–08/31/04       259      179      169       149
                                                       09/01/04–12/19/04       319      229      219       199

                                                 3 Night Package Includes: 1 Royal Flush and 1 Flush Course.
                                                 4 Night Package Includes: 1 Royal Flush and 2 Flush Courses.
                                                 5 Night Package Includes: 2 Royal Flush and 2 Flush Courses.
                                                 NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.
                                                 ** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
                                                    Non-Golfer at no additional charge.

                                                As advertised in:

                                                                    Flush Golf Package
Y   ou’ll be flushed with excitement over the
    great rates on our Flush Golf Package! It
makes golfing on a budget easier than ever

before. Plus, our concierge and regally ap-
pointed accommodations will make you feel
right at home. We’ll even give you a full size
rental car at no additional charge!
                                                                    FLUSH COURSES
                   Flush Golf Package                               Angel Park: Mountain    Paiute: Sun Mtn.
     Number of Golfers:      1**       2         3        4+        Angel Park: Palm        Red Rock CC
    12/20/03–05/20/04        $329     $229     $219      $189       Desert Inn              Siena
                                                                    Las Vegas National      SilverStone
    05/21/04–06/30/04         259      169       159       149
                                                                    Legacy                  Stallion: Citation
    07/01/04–08/31/04         249      159       149       139      Painted Desert          Tuscany
    09/01/04–12/19/04         299      209       199       179      Paiute: Snow Mtn.       Wildhorse

Flush Golf Package includes:
5 nights/4 rounds, or 4 nights/3 rounds, or 3 nights/2 rounds.                        Don’t
                                                                              Gamble On
NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.                                                    Your Golf
** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one                   Vacation…
                                                                                       Call Sonora
   Non-Golfer at no additional charge.                                           Suites Toda       n

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                                         17
LAS VEGAS • Golf Courses

                         Angel Park: Palm and Mountain
                         The “World’s most complete golf experience,”


                         designed by Arnold Palmer, Angel Park offers          Course:
                         36 holes of championship golf (Mountain &                Par:      70       72
                         Palm Courses), lighted 12-hole Cloud Nine            Yardage:      6525     6722
                         Short Course & 18-hole putting course.                Rating:      70.9     72.4
                                                                                Slope:      129      128

                         The Badlands lives up to its name as one of the             Par: 72
                         most challenging golf adventures in Las Vegas. The          Yardage: 6926
                         Badlands’ holes wind and weave through the natural          Rating: 72.1
                         desert washes of the northwest desert, forcing golfers      Slope: 133
                         to hit accurate golf shots throughout the round. As
Credit: D2 Productions   course designer Johnny Miller says, “The Badlands is
                         an E-ticket ride at Disneyland.”

                         Bali Hai
                         Designed by Brian Curley and Lee Schmidt, and               Par: 71
                         located right on the Vegas Strip, Bali Hai is a tropical    Yardage: 7002
                         golf paradise. The course is highlighted by seven acres     Rating: 73.0
                         of water features, including an island green, a total of    Slope: 130
                         4,000 trees, including 2,500 stands of towering palms
                         and 100,000 tropical plants and flowers.

                         Desert Pines
                         Designed by Dye Designs International, and located          Par: 71
                         just 15 minutes from the Strip in downtown Las Vegas,       Yardage: 6810
                         4,000 pine trees and white sand bunkers, Desert Pines       Rating: 70.4
                         offers a “country club for a day” experience for visiting   Slope: 130
                         golfers desiring first-class treatment.

                         The Legacy features 18 holes of golf by Arthur Hills,       Par: 72
                         including numerous bunkers, rolling mounds, large           Yardage: 7233
                         greens and multiple-level fairways. It is a true links      Rating: 74.9
                         design that provides a complete golf experience for         Slope: 136
                         players of all levels. Outcroppings of native desert
                         landscaping decorate areas between many of the holes.

                         Paiute: Sun, Snow and Wolf
                         Designed by Pete Dye, these three course


                         are most spectacular! Offering a golf           Course:
                         experience like no other in a beautiful            Par:     72     72       72
                         surrounding of stunning island green and       Yardage:     7146   7112     7586
                         signature holes, Paiute brings a dramatic
                                                                         Rating:     73.9   73.3     73.6
                         golf adventure to life.
                                                                          Slope:     125    130      127

“Our Las Vegas golf vacation was a dream come true!
The combination of our beautiful condo and the scenic
golf courses was more than we ever expected.”
                         – Ethel & George Franklin
                              Pembrook Pines, Florida

                  Reflection Bay
                  Reflection Bay is the first of three resort courses           Par: 72
                  planned for Lake Las Vegas Resort and the second Jack         Yardage: 7261
                  Nicklaus–designed masterpiece for this international          Rating: 74.8
                  destination. The golf course offers multiple tees to          Slope: 138
                  accommodate all levels of play, five holes played
                  directly on 1.5 miles of shoreline and five additional
                  holes highlighted by major water features.

                  Revere at Anthem: Lexington and Concord
                  Designed by PGA legend Billy Casper and architect

                  Greg Nash, the Revere at Anthem is located at Del       Course:
                  Webb’s Sun City, and just 15 minutes from the Las          Par: 72           72
                  Vegas Strip. Built in a desert canyon, the lush course
                                                                         Yardage: 7143         7034
                  features countless natural elevation changes and
                  beautiful views of the Las Vegas skyline. Every hole    Rating: 73.6         72.8
                  has a dramatic combination of golf and scenery.          Slope: 139          126

                  Rio Secco
                  Rolling across 240 acres of some of the most                  Par: 72
                  breathtaking scenery in the world and seated over 800         Yardage: 7332
                  feet above Las Vegas, the golf course was designed by         Rating: 73.6
                  Rees Jones, one of the top golf architects in the world.      Slope: 127
                  Panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley and the desert
                  mountain landscape provide a golf experience for the
                  senses and a formidable test of skill at all levels.

                  Royal Links
                  Designed by Dye Designs, Royal Links was built to honor       Par: 72
                  the rich history and tradition of golf. This links–style      Yardage: 7029
                  course features holes inspired by the British Open rotation   Rating: 73.7
                  courses, such as the “Road Hole” from St. Andrews.            Slope: 135
                  The “Postage Stamp” is modeled after Royal Troon in
                  Scotland. Royal Liverpool, Prestwick, and Royal Birkdale
                  also provided inspiration for this unique golf course.

                  Stallion Mountain
                  Designed by Jeff Brauer & PGA Senior


                  Tour Player Jim Colbert, each course—


                  Secretariat, Man O’ War and Citation—is              Par:     72     72      72
                  a distinctively different championship           Yardage:     6849   6676    7223
                  golf course offering something for players
                                                                    Rating:     71.7   70.7    73.6
                  of every ability.
                                                                     Slope:     119    113     127

                  TPC at the Canyons
                  Designed by Senior PGA Tour player Raymond Floyd              Par: 71
                  and PGA Tour Design Services, architect, Bobby                Yardage: 7063
                  Weed, the 18-hole championship layout features                Rating: 73.0
                  a multitude of trees, elevation changes and steep             Slope: 131
                  ravines. This resort daily–fee course is best described
                  as desert elegance. Play where the Senior PGA Tour
                  has played when in Las Vegas.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                           19

  Resort Amenities:
        Large Sparkling Pools                                 Sun Tanning Booth
        Whirlpool Spas                                        BBQ Grills
        On Site Massage Therapist                             Complete Fitness Center
        Concierge                                             Business Services

Sonoran Suites • Las Vegas
S    onoran Suites Las Vegas is conveniently
     located just 7 minutes from “The
Strip” and a short distance from the finest
collection of world class golf courses. Our
spacious and homey 1, 2 & 3 bedroom
condos offer an affordable alternative to the
hustle and bustle of casino properties.

                 Accommodation Rates                               SUITE AMENITIES
                      Weeknights:     Mon–Thu          Fri–Sun     Private Patios & Balcony
 Peak Season                                                       2 Cable TV’s, VCR or DVD Player
 12/20/03–05/20/04                                                 Telephone & Voicemail
                 1 Bedroom Suite:         $159           $199      Complete Housewares
                                                                   Refrigerator/Freezer with Ice Maker
                 2 Bedroom Suite:           249           299
                 3 Bedroom Suite:           319           379
 Mid Season                                                        Coffee Maker
                 1 Bedroom Suite:         $139            169      Range/Oven
                 2 Bedroom Suite:           209           239      Washer & Dryer
                 3 Bedroom Suite:           259           299      Bed & Bath Linens
 Holidays, Super Bowl Weekend (Thu–Sun), and                       Iron & Ironing Board
 March Madness Weeks                                               Hairdryers
                1 Bedroom Suites:         $219           $219      Fireplaces (in most units)
                2 Bedroom Suites:           329           329
                3 Bedroom Suites:           439           439

All rates listed are per night and are subject to change without
notice. Tax is not included. The additional room tax is 9%.

                                      PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA
                                            Golf Vacation Packages
PGA West Nicklaus

 Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
    Luxury Accommodations                                     Resort Style Amenities
     in 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos                               Guaranteed Tee Times
    Premium & Value Golf Courses                               Up To 120 Days
    Rental Car                                                Green Fees, Golf Cart & Tax

                                                              Desert Golf Packages
A     mongst a wide variety of breathtaking golf courses, Palm Desert also boasts
      a tremendous variety of restaurants, entertainment and cultural activities for
those moments off the course. Come and enjoy your stay with Sonoran Suites!
          Desert Premium Golf Package                           DESERT PREMIUM COURSES
    Number of Golfers:     1**       2        3       4+        Desert Willow:       Westin Mission Hills:
                                                                Firecliff            Pete Dye Resort
   10/01/03–12/19/03       $339     $239     $229    $209       Desert Willow:       Westin Mission
   12/20/03–03/31/04        389      279      269      239      Mountain View        Hills: Gary Player
                                                                Marriott’s Shadow    Signature
   04/01/04–05/31/04        359      249      239      219      Ridge                Desert Falls
   06/01/04–09/30/04        219      149      139      119      Marriott’s Desert    La Quinta Dunes*
                                                                Springs: Valley      La Quinta Mountain*
   10/01/04–12/19/04        349      249      239      219
                                                                Marriott’s Desert    PGA West Nicklaus*
  Choice of 7 nights/6 rounds, 6 nights/5 rounds, 5 nights/     Springs: Palm
                                                                                     PGA West Norman*
  4 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds, 3 nights, 2 rounds.              Landmark: North
                                                                                     PGA West Stadium*
                                                                Landmark: South
             Desert Value Golf Package
                                                                *Additional Premium Surcharges May Apply
    Number of Golfers:     1**       2        3       4+
   10/01/03–12/19/03       $269     $169     $159    $139       DESERT VALUE COURSES
   12/20/03–03/31/04        309      199      189      159      Indian Springs       Tahquitz Creek:
                                                                Cimarron: Long       Legend
   04/01/04–05/31/04        289      179      169      149
                                                                Cimarron: Short      Indian Palms
   06/01/04–09/30/04        199      119      109       89
                                                                Desert Dunes         Mountain Vista
   10/01/04–12/19/04        279      179      169      149                           Mesquite CC
                                                                Tahquitz Creek:
 Choice of 7 nights/6 rounds, 6 nights/5 rounds, 5 nights/      Resort               Mission Lakes
 4 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds, 3 nights, 2 rounds.
NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.
** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
   Non-Golfer at no additional charge.

                    As advertised in:

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                               21
PALM SPRINGS • Golf Courses
                     PGA West: Nicklaus
                     No golf course designer can quite capture the same        Par: 72
                     combination of challenge, beauty, and drama as            Yardage: 7204
                     Jack Nicklaus. Every hole on this demanding course        Rating: 74.7
                     requires its own unique strategy; especially the 561      Slope: 150
                     yard, par 5 15th, which culminates with a shallow
                     and well-bunkered island green.

                     PGA West: Stadium
                     There may be no greater challenge in the game of          Par: 72
                     golf than the PGA WEST TPC® Stadium Golf® Course,         Yardage: 7266
                     designed by Pete Dye and ranked in The 100 Greatest       Rating: 75.9
                     Courses in the U.S. by Golf Magazine. Revered for its     Slope: 150
                     brash beauty and intriguing design, nine of the holes
                     have water very much in play, and almost every hole
                     displays Pete Dye’s tremendous bunkering.

                     PGA West: Norman
                     This newest course at PGA WEST designed by Greg           Par: 72
                     Norman lies in a seabed 40-feet below sea level           Yardage: 7156
                     surrounded by an immense crescent of terra-cotta          Rating: 75.1
                     mountains. The course teems with purple, white and        Slope: 139
                     yellow wildflowers, while the mix of tall and short
                     native grasses produce different shades of green
                     running almost to silver.

                     La Quinta: Mountain
                     The Mountain Course is famous for its unique design       Par: 72
                     and visually stunning setting. This golfer’s paradise     Yardage: 6756
                     is literally carved into the Santa Rosa Mountains,        Rating: 74.1
                     demanding accurate, strategic play while providing        Slope: 140
                     the ultimate in breathtaking views. Pete Dye’s skillful
                     design is ranked among Golf Magazine’s “Top 100
                     Courses You Can Play” in the United States.

                     La Qunita: Dunes
                     The Pete Dye designed Dunes Course provides               Par: 72
                     a relaxing round of golf surrounded by dramatic           Yardage: 6747
                     landscapes. Out of the traditional Scottish mold,         Rating: 73.1
                     this links style course favors accuracy from the tee      Slope: 137
                     allowing access to its well-guarded greens. The Dunes
                     Course is, “One of the Toughest 18 holes in the U.S.”
                     –PGA of America.

                     Desert Willow: Firecliff and Mountain View
                     Welcome to Desert Willow Golf Resort, one of

                     the finest public access golf facilities constructed

                     anywhere in recent years. Designed by Golf Course
                                                                               Par: 72       72
                     Architect of the Year Michael Hurzdan, Dana Frye and
                     PGA Professional, John Cook, Desert Willow’s two 18- Yardage: 7056      6913
                     hole Championship courses, Firecliff and Mountain      Rating: 74.1     73.4
Credit: Kirk Owens
Photography          View, offer a challenging yet rewarding experience for  Slope: 138      129
                     golfers of all levels.
                     Landmark: North and South
                     Landmark Golf Club is a 36-hole golfers paradise


                     featuring two challenging, picturesque championship     Course:
                     golf courses set within the quiet serenity of 440 acres
                                                                                Par: 72      72
                     of desert terrain. Designed by experienced PGA TOUR
                     professionals to promote the spirit and competition of Yardage: 7123    7229
                     the game, Landmark Golf Club successfully melds the     Rating: 74.3    75.1
                     traditions of golf with the power of the land.           Slope: 135     136

                                                PALM SPRINGS • Golf Courses
                  Westin Mission Hills: Signature and Resort
                  The Gary Player Signature Course is highlighted
                  by rolling fairways, waterfalls, streams, lakes, and


                  a forest of trees and shrubs. Over 20 acres of lakes       Par:   72      70
                  bring water into play on 11 holes. The Resort          Yardage:   7082    6706
                  Course, designed by Pete Dye, offers spectacular
                                                                          Rating:   73.9    73.5
                  mountains vistas, target fairways, elevated greens,
                  pot bunkers and a number of lakes.                       Slope:   134     137

                  Cimarrón Golf Resort features two world-class layouts       Par: 71
                  designed by John Fought. Cimarrón, named after              Yardage: 6858
                  the vibrant purple flower, also means “wild and             Rating: 72.4
                  untamed.” Cimarrón strives against the cookie-              Slope: 123
                  cutter and condo-lined course characteristics that are
                  predominant in Palm Springs golf.

                  Tahquitz Creek: Legend and Resort
                  The Legend course is a traditional layout that has


                  been a Palm Springs favorite for years! 6,600 yards

                  of tree lined fairways have been recently renovated     Par: 71           72
                  with the addition of over 40 challenging new
                                                                      Yardage: 6776         6705
                  bunkers. The Resort course is a desert links style
                                                                       Rating: 71.9         71.8
                  course with rolling terrain, wonderful waterscapes
                  and tremendous mountain views!                        Slope: 120          125

                  Indian Springs
                  Indian Springs is a 6,741 yard challenging — yet            Par: 72
                  friendly — layout with 360° panoramic views of the          Yardage: 6741
                  Santa Rosa and Chocolate Mountains, 8 lakes, streams        Rating: 72.1
                  and 2 dramtic waterfalls. All combined with friendly        Slope: 126
                  country club service, Indian Springs is now rated in
                  the Top 5 Courses Open to the Public in the desert by
                  Desert Golf Magazine.

                  Marriott’s Shadow Ridge
                  Set against the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped        Par: 71
                  Santa Rosa Mountains, Nick Faldo’s vast international       Yardage: 6923
                  experience and passion for strategic design and detail      Rating: 73.2
                  are clearly in evidence at Marriott’s Shadow Ridge.         Slope: 132
                  Nick Faldo, winner of six Major championships and the
                  all time leading Ryder Cup point scorer has focused his
                  passion on his first design in the United States.

                  Marriott’s Desert Springs
                  You’ll hit it off beautifully at Desert Springs’ two


                  exceptional 18-hole championship courses, set

                  against the towering backdrop of the Santa                 Par:   72      72
                  Rosa Mountains. Both the Palm and Valley               Yardage:   6761    6627
                  courses were designed by acclaimed architect            Rating:   72.1    71.5
                  Ted Robinson, “King of Waterscapes.”
                                                                           Slope:   130     127

                  Desert Falls
                  Desert Falls is what many consider to be one of the         Par: 72
                  best golf courses in the desert. Designed by Ronald         Yardage: 7017
                  Fream, the 7,000 yard link style Par 72 course              Rating: 73.7
                  features superb Tifdwarf greens and 5 tee placements        Slope: 132
                  on every hole. Playing Desert Falls is challenging
                  yet rewarding—that’s what makes this course so

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                       23

  Resort Amenities:
        Large Sparkling Pools                                    Concierge
        Whirlpool Spas                                           BBQ Grills
        Putting Green                                            Mountain, Courtyard
        Complete Fitness Center                                   and Pool Views
        Business Services

Palm Springs • Sonoran Suites
C    entrally located in the heart of Palm Desert,
     Sonoran Suites at Canterra offers you
extraordinary luxury and comfort. With two
resort-style pools, a spa, putting green and
scenic mountain views, you will find complete
relaxation. Our spacious and beautifully
appointed one, two and three bedroom vacation
condos include private patios and balconies to
make your home away from home even more
enjoyable. Come and enjoy your stay with
Sonoran Suites!
                 Accommodation Rates
            Weeknights:                     Mon–Thu      Fri–Sun
Peak Season
      1 Bedroom Suite:                           $169       $199
      2 Bedroom Suite:                            269        299
      3 Bedroom Suite:                            319        349
Mid Season
11/01/03–12/19/03, 10/01/04–12/19/04
      1 Bedroom Suite:                           $139       $169
      2 Bedroom Suite:                            219        249
      3 Bedroom Suite:                            269        299
Low Season
      1 Bedroom Suite:                            $89        $99
      2 Bedroom Suite:                            109        129
      3 Bedroom Suite:                            139        159

All rates listed are per unit, per night. Tax is not included.
11.5% room tax will apply for all stays.

                                                    SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA
       May 2004
                                                       Golf Vacation Packages

 Included in Your Golf Vacation Package:
    Luxury Accommodations                                               Resort Style Amenities
     in 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos                                         Premier Golf Courses
    Guaranteed Tee Times                                                Rental Car
     Up To 120 Days                                                      Green Fees, Golf Cart & Tax

                                                          San Diego Golf Packages
              San Diego Premium Package
     Number of Golfers:        1**        2         3         4+
    05/15/04–10/31/04          $339      $229      $219       $189
    11/01/04–12/19/04           319       209       199         179
 Choice of 3 nights/2 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds, 5 nights/4 rounds,
 6 nights/5 rounds, 7 nights/6 rounds.
                                                                          SAN DIEGO GOLF COURSES
                San Diego Value Package
     Number of Golfers:        1**        2         3         4+          Torrey Pines           Carmel Mountain
                                                                          Four Seasons: Aviara   Ranch
    05/15/04–10/31/04          $299      $179      $169       $139                               Auld
    11/01/04–12/19/04           269       159       149         129       Steele Canyon          Pala Mesa
 Choice of 3 nights/2 rounds, 4 nights/3 rounds, 5 nights/4 rounds,       Riverwalk              Carlton Oaks
 6 nights/5 rounds, 7 nights/6 rounds.                                    Meadows Del Mar        San Luis Rey Downs
NOTE: Rates are per golfer, per night.                                    Barona Creek           Singing Hills
** One Golfer Rates are per night only and may include one
   Non-Golfer at no additional charge.                                    Additional Premium Surcharges May Apply.

                              Welcome to Maderas, a Johnny Miller and Robert Muir                 Par: 72
                              Graves masterpiece. Maderas offers beauty, challenge,               Yardage: 6840
                              and thrilling shots as it winds through the cliffs,                 Rating: 74.1
                              rock outcroppings, creeks, and forests of the inland                Slope: 140
                              hill country of north San Diego. Three lakes, five
                              waterfalls, and over forty acres of lush foliage provide
                              Maderas with twelve months of natural color.

                              Steele Canyon
                              Steele Canyon’s three distinct nine-hole courses were               Par: 71
                              designed by Gary Player—a designer who embodies                     Yardage: 6923
                              the intregrity, values, passion and traditions of the               Rating: 73.2
                              game. The course’s natural beauty will reward you                   Slope: 132
                              with an exceptional golfing experience. Steele Canyon
                              is one of the few San Diego golf courses honored by
                              Golf Digest with its prestigious four star rating.

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                                         25
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA                                                          Opening
Accommodations                                                                May 200

  Resort Amenities:
         Large Sparkling Pools                                     Concierge
         Whirlpool Spas                                            BBQ Grills
         Business Services                                         Mountain, Courtyard &
         Complete Fitness Center                                    Pool Views

San Diego • Sonoran Suites
“Comfortable Living…Beautiful
Beaches…Convenient Location…”
San Diego provides a desirable
atmosphere and picturesque setting,
as well as many amenities sought after
by the most demanding individuals.
You’ll love the relaxing ambiance that is
complimented by our details….
                  Accommodation Rates
             Weeknights:                  Mon–Thu         Fri–Sun
 Peak Season & Holidays
         1 Bedroom Suite:                      $169         $199
         2 Bedroom Suite:                        249             279
         3 Bedroom Suite:                        319             349
 Mid Season
         1 Bedroom Suite:                      $139         $169
         2 Bedroom Suite:                        219             249
         3 Bedroom Suite:                        269             299
All rates listed are per unit, per night. Tax is not included.
10% room tax will apply for all stays.
Minimum stay: 3 nights.

Make Your Reservation Today!
Call Toll-Free: 1-888-786-7848

BUSINESS HOURS: Sonoran Suites Headquarters business            of cancellation. Golf/Activity cancellations must be made
hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM local time on weekdays and          within 72 hours in advance to avoid charge. The Guest
10 AM to 5 PM local time on weekends. The office will be        will be responsible for non-cancelable reservations, please
closed on major holidays.                                       inquire. Stays less than (3) nights are non-cancelable. The
                                                                total amount is due in full with confirmed reservation.
CHECK-IN: Check-in is at 3 PM. Upon availability Guest
may check-in earlier. Please call to inquire. Check-in time     EARLY DEPARTURES & LATE ARRIVALS: There will be
in Cabo San Lucas is at 4 PM. Guests must call office to        no refund for Guests leaving prior to scheduled departure
receive their room information when staying in Las Vegas,       date, or for arriving after scheduled check-in date.
Tucson, and Palm Springs as Guests check into their suite
                                                                TRAVELERS INSURANCE: Sonoran Suites encourages the
via lockbox.
                                                                use of Travelers Insurance for all reservations. Please call a
LATE CHECK-IN: Scottsdale arrivals after business               Sonoran Suites representative for details.
hours or on major Holidays when the office is closed
                                                                MAID SERVICE: Weekly maid service is provided for
are considered late check-ins. Please contact a Sonoran
                                                                Guests staying a minimum of seven (7) nights, discounted
Suites representative for late arrival information seven (7)
                                                                rates excluded. Daily maid service is available for an
days prior to your scheduled arrival. Arrivals at Las Vegas,
                                                                additional charge. Please contact a Sonoran Suites
Tucson, and Palm Springs require Guests to call prior to
                                                                representative for details.
arrival for room information, as there are no check-in
facilities on those properties.                                 UNIT GUARANTEES: Sonoran Suites will make every
                                                                attempt to accommodate specific units, levels, properties,
CHECK-OUT: Check-out is at 10:00 AM. Outstanding
                                                                and views although not guaranteed. Based upon
incidentals will be charged to the Guest credit card on file.
                                                                availability, guarantees may be obtained for an additional
LATE CHECK-OUT: Late Check-outs will be charged: After          charge.
12:00 PM = 1/ 2 Day Rate. After 2:00 PM = Full Day Rate.
                                                                NO SMOKING & NO PETS: For the comfort of all future
RESERVATION FEE: A $25 reservation fee will be added to         guests, Sonoran Suites does not permit smoking or pets
all Golf Package reservations.                                  in units (smoking is permitted on the balconies & patios
                                                                will all doors and windows securely closed to prevent any
DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit is required upon reservation. The        smoke from entering the suite). In case of non-compliance,
remaining balance is due 3 days prior to check-in, except       Sonoran Suites will assess a $250 cleaning fee on Guest
at our Scottsdale locations, in which, balance is due at time   credit card.
of check-in.
                                                                CUSTOM BED TYPES: Any combination of two twins
METHOD OF PAYMENT: We accept VISA, MasterCard,                  or one king-size bed is available for each bedroom at all
American Express, Diners Club, and Discover. Travelers,
                                                                locations, with the exception of Cabo San Lucas. Advanced
Cashiers and Personal Checks are also accepted. Each            notice of 72 hours is required.
reservation may utilize a maximum of four (4) credit cards.
Groups of 12 or more or reservations in the amount of           GENERAL INFORMATION: A la Carte golf tee times,
$10,000 or more require payment by check only (personal         scheduled activities and rental car arrangements are subject
or cashiers check).                                             to a 10% service fee. Guest at return pays tax, insurance
                                                                and gas on rental cars directly to rental agency.
RETURNED CHECKS: A $40 fee will be collected on any
returned check. Future payments will require cash or credit     REFUNDS: Any refunds are subject to individual golf course
card.                                                           and adventure operator policies, including inclement
refundable if cancellation or date change is made 31 or         GOLF OR ACTIVITY RESERVATIONS: The Guest is
more days prior to scheduled arrival. Deposits are non-         responsible to advise Sonoran Suites of choice of golf
refundable if cancellation or date change is made 30 days       course or activity (and any specific request). Golf group
or less prior to arrival, however the portion of deposit        reservations (in most cases 12 or more golfers) are subject
forfeited will be refunded in the event the unit can be         to a separate contract or surcharge with participating golf
re-rented. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before         course, which binds the Guest to that contract. Please
scheduled arrival date are obligated to payment in full. A      contact a Sonoran Suites representative for further details
processing fee of $35 will be applied to each reservation       and applicable golf courses.
cancelled. Changes for golf, scheduled activities and
                                                                World Headquarters
rental car reservations must be made through Sonoran
                                                                Sonoran Suites, L.L.C.
Suites. A $10 service charge will be assessed for any tee
                                                                5335 E. Shea Boulevard, Suite 1120
time or activity change/cancellation, which has already
                                                                Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
been scheduled by Sonoran Suites. For golf groups of
                                                                Telephone: 1.480.607.6665 • Fax: 1.480.607.6669
12 or more the service charge will be $25 per change/
cancellation. Certain golf green fees, deposits for scheduled
activities and service fees are non-refundable in the event

Toll Free 1-888-786-7848                                                                                                   27
Westin Mission Hills Resort, Palm Springs
Westin Mission Hills Resort, Palm Springs

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       Las Vegas • Palm Springs • San Diego
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