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Manitoba Momentum

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					                                              Manitoba Momentum

Fall 2008                                                             A Publication of the CPBI Manitoba Regional Council

What's Inside
                                     Message from the Chair
Message from the Chair
CPBI Manitoba Council for            This is an exciting time to be a member of CPBI!
2008/09                              Our organization has undergone a tremendous amount of
Upcoming Local Events                change over the past year. Great attention has been and will
                                     continue to be paid to unity of purpose, open communication
Welcome 2008 new members             and a free flow of ideas between the regions, good
Why become a member?                 governance, sound risk management of the organization as
                                     a whole, creating a wealth of quality educational and
CPBI Manitoba Golf                   informational programs, and networking opportunities.
Tournament: A FORE-GONE
Success!                             The Manitoba Regional Council has been working diligently to keep up the momentum
                                     created by CPBI nationally. This year's Program Committee has put together a excellent
Membership Committee Update          selection of speakers and topics – please refer to the box below for more information. Our
ICM Credits for Members              Membership Committee is currently working on an opinion survey which will help us
                                     ensure that we understand the needs and preferences of our members and that we are
For More Information                 focusing our efforts on the right things. The members of your CPBI Manitoba Regional
                                     Council remain committed to providing you with a forum for continuous learning,
CPBI Manitoba Council
                                     networking and professional growth.
for 2008/09
                                     I urge you to get involved with CPBI – attend our breakfast sessions or Fundamentals
Kim Siddall, Chair
                                     series, participate in the annual golf tournament or volunteer at one of our events. The key
Manitoba Blue Cross
                                     to our success is having an engaged and committed membership. This is your CPBI…help
Dave Ablett, Golf Co-chair           make it what you want it to be!
Investors Group
Jo-Ann Day, Communications Chair,    I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed their time to help make CPBI a
Aon Consulting                       success. We can't do it without you! Keep up the great work and don't forget to spread
Gale Feindel, Golf Co-chair          the word!
Robert Ripley, Treasurer                                                         Kim Siddall, Chair, CPBI Manitoba Council
Dave Koltek, Fundamentals Chair,    Upcoming Local Events
Manitoba Blue Cross
Donna McPherson, Membership           Breakfast Sessions:
Chair, Great-West Life
Edith Samuels, Program Chair,            January 15, 2009
Mercer                                   Marriage Break-up and the Collaborative Law Process
Dave Tompkins, National Rep.             February 19, 2009
Sun Life                                 The Impact of Mental Illness on the Workplace
Pat Clunie, MTS Allstream
                                         March 19, 2009
Shelley Dear, James Richardson
Allan Foran, Aikins, MacAulay &          Employee Wellness – Building a Business Case
Thorvaldson                              April 23, 2009
Joey Harris, Manitoba Hydro              Economic Outlook & Annual General Meeting
Alice La-Ngo, Manitoba Lotteries
Lori Mark, Aon Consulting             Educational Series:
Ralph Ramore, Manitoba Teachers          Investment Fundamentals – April 2009, series of four sessions
Ron Youngson, Onyx Financial
                                                                                    Manitoba Momentum

                                           CPBI Manitoba Golf Tournament:
 Welcome 2008 new members
 Rayann Buchko, Investors Group
                                           A FORE-GONE Success!
Fall 2008
 Lawrence Eta, HEPP/HEBP                   Amidst a breathtaking mixture of parkland and prairie links, providing one of the most
 Natasha Fletcher, HEPP/HEBP               unique golfing experiences in Manitoba, we were treated to a spectacular sunny day
 Robyn Gray, STRATA Benefits               and a great golf tournament at Bridges Golf Course! All golfers enjoyed an incredible
 Felicia Guzzi, Investors Group            dinner and the entertaining emceeing of Tom and Beau from 99.9 BOB FM.
 Kristy Jenion, Palliser Furniture         We would like to send a big thank you to this year’s sponsors, without whose support
 Tricia Johnston, STRATA Benefits          the tournament could not continue to grow and flourish! It cannot be denied that we are
 Tim Knight, University of Manitoba        a charitable bunch as our 50/50 draw and putting contest generated $790 for the
 Cherie Krentz, Manulife Financial         Rainbow Society.
 Kris Kubin, ENCON Group                   We had such a good time this year that we have already started to plan for our 2009
 Jason Lange, St. Boniface Hospital        tournament. Mark your calendar – next year's tournament will be held June 24, 2009!
 Jason McDonald, United Way                If you have any suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact our tournament
 Nancy Page, Sigurdson, McFadden           organizers: Gale Feindel at or David Ablett at
 Tannis Probetts, Great-West Life We look forward to seeing you at next year's
 Julie-Ann Ruchkall, Sigurdson, McFadden   tournament!
 Scott Stewart, Scotia McLeod
 Joanna Tyrna, HEPP/HEBP                   Membership Committee Update
 Michelle Watts, Group Medical Services
                                           Membership in our region continues to be strong with approximately 200 active
 Tanya Welsh, Standard Life                professionals from the pension, benefits and investment industry in Manitoba. While
 Andrew Yorke, Manitoba Blue Cross         we are proud of our consistently strong membership, we recognize that as our industry
                                           grows and changes so do the needs of our members.
 Why become a member?                      One of the key responsibilities of the Manitoba Regional Council is to ensure that the
     Membership for just $240, plus tax    services provided to our members are meeting their needs for education, networking
     ($35, plus tax for retirees)          and mentoring within our industry. To assist us in fulfilling this objective, we have
     Reduced fees for CPBI educational     developed a membership opinion survey in conjunction with Kaplan Research
     and networking events                 Associates. Next week you will receive the survey which asks for your feedback about
     ICM credits for CPBI members          CPBI, what you find the most valuable about CPBI and what opportunities there are for
                                           us to change and improve. Your responses will be held in strict confidence and a
     Incredible networking opportunities   complete report will be presented to members at one of our 2009 breakfast sessions.
     with approximately 200 Manitoba
     members                               We value your input! We want to hear from you so that we can better serve you now
     Program and educational offerings     and in the future. Your opinion matters and will go a long way to ensuring the
     tailored to the Manitoba market       continued vitality of CPBI. We urge you to take a few minutes to complete your survey.
     Prize draws for session attendees     All survey respondents will be entered into an early Christmas prize draw.
     (discounts) for members
                                           ICM Credits for CPBI Members
                                           Most CPBI sessions qualify for the Insurance Council of Manitoba's (ICM)
 Spread the word!                          Continuing Education credits. When a session is eligible for credit, a Certificate is
 If you know someone who might be          issued at the end of the session to any CPBI member who attended the session, if
 interested in joining CPBI, or if you     requested.
 know someone who is already a
 member but would like to get more
 actively involved, please encourage       For more information about CPBI
 them to contact us.
                                           For more information about CPBI and its programs, please contact Dale Davidson
                                           at (204) 837-5657 or or visit the CPBI website at