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									SCIENCE breakfast

swissnex Boston
June 11, 2009
7:30 am to 9:00 am

Consulate of Switzerland
    Swiss National Science Foundation - SNSF

    Established in 1952 as a foundation under private law, the SNSF has the
     autonomy it needs to promote independent scientific research. The SNSF is
     committed to promoting young scientists and works to ensure that scientific
     research in Switzerland has the most favorable conditions for developing
     Switzerland’s leading provider of scientific research funding.
     Federal mandate to support basic research in all disciplines as well as applied
     research in various scientific fields.
     SNSF annually supports approx. 7’000 researchers (5’500 or more of whom are
     aged 35 years or younger).
     The focus of activities: scientific endorsement of projects submitted by
     The best applicants are funded by the SNSF with an annual total amount
     equaling approx. CHF 500 million (~ USD 457 million).

    Please welcome…

           Dieter Imboden
             President of the Research Council

            Danièle Rod Wiesner
             Head of International Cooperation

           Ulrike Landfester
             President Expert Committee for International Cooperation

    Please welcome SNSF Researcher

    Daniel Cuonz

                   Daniel is a SNSF postdoctoral visiting
                   fellow in German and Comparative
                   literature at Yale University. His current
                   research focuses on literary
                   representations of the interrelations
                   between guilt, debt and other forms of
                   obligation. Daniel has taught German
                   literature at the Universities of Zurich
                   and Lausanne. He received his PhD
                   from the University of Lausanne. Daniel
                   holds a Licence dès Lettres in German,
                   English and French Languages and
                   Literature from the University of
                   Lausanne. In 1998/99 he spent a year
                   at the Free University of Berlin,
                   Germany, as an exchange student.
                   Daniel is Swiss.

    Manuela Funke

                    Manuela is a postdoctoral research
                    fellow in respiratory medicine. Her
                    research focuses on understanding the
                    development and treatment of lung
                    Manuela did a fellowship in internal
                    medicine in the University of Lausanne
                    and in respiratory medicine in Berne.

    Florian Kaemfper

                       Florian is a postdoctoral research fellow
                       in the theoretical condensed matter
                       physics group at MIT. His present
                       research concentrates on the field-
                       theoretical description of novel quantum
                       materials but he is also excited about
                       the interesting field of physical biology.
                       Florian received both his PhD and
                       Master degree in theoretical physics
                       from the University of Bern.

    Christoph Keller

                       Christoph is currently a postdoctoral
                       researcher in high energy theoretical
                       physics at Harvard University. He is
                       supported by a fellowship of the SNSF.
                       He is working on mathematical
                       questions in string theory and conformal
                       field theory.
                       Christoph obtained his Ph.D. from ETH
                       Zurich in 2008. During his undergrad he
                       spent a year at the Ecole Normale
                       Superieure in Paris. This fall he will
                       move to Caltech, where he will continue
                       his research in string theory as a Prize

    Keyvan Nicoucar

                      Keyvan is a research fellow in the Jenks
                      Vestibular Physiology Laboratory at
                      Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
                      His research focuses on developing
                      devices to stabilize and test patients
                      who develop severe disabilities from
                      dizziness, and balance difficulties
                      caused by malfunction of the vestibular
                      system within the inner ear.
                      Keyvan received his Doctor of Medicine
                      degree from the University of Geneva.
                      He has received an award from the
                      Swiss Society of Otorhinolaryngology
                      and support from Valeria Rossi di
                      Montelera Foundation and the Swiss
                      Foundation for Grants in Biology and
                      Medicine (SFGBM).
                      Keyvan is Swiss.
     Simon Planzer

                     Simon is Visiting Researcher at Harvard
                     Law School, Visiting Scholar at the
                     Division on Addictions (Harvard Medical
                     School) and teaches European
                     Economic Law at the University of
                     St.Gallen. In his research on the
                     regulation of gambling, he links medical
                     and psychological findings on addiction
                     to key legal notions.
                     Simon holds a bilingual Master of Law
                     from the University of Fribourg and a
                     post-graduate Master in European Law
                     from the College of Europe (Natolin). He
                     also studied in Montpellier, Tuscaloosa
                     and Macau. He practiced as Attorney at
                     Law and worked as Research Fellow at
                     the University of St.Gallen.
                     Simon is Swiss.
     Gilles Rudaz

                    Gilles is a postdoctoral scholar in the
                    Environmental Policy and Planning
                    Group, Department of Urban Studies
                    and Planning at MIT. Educated as a
                    geographer, his research focuses on the
                    socio-cultural and political “construction”
                    of mountain areas and communities as
                    specific. Gilles holds a PhD and a B.A.
                    in Geography from the University of
                    Geneva, Switzerland, and a Master from
                    the Institute of Alpine Geography,
                    Grenoble, France. Prior to his current
                    position, he was a postdoctoral scholar
                    in the Department of Geography at the
                    University of California Berkeley.

     Markus Schmuck

                      Markus is a postdoctoral research fellow
                      by the SNSF in chemical
                      engineering/mathematics at the MIT. His
                      research focuses on mathematical
                      modeling of capacitive charging on
                      porous electrodes in supercapacitors
                      which have applications in electric
                      vehicles respectively in desalination
                      devices. Markus received his PhD in
                      Mathematics in 2008 after being two
                      years at ETH and one year at the
                      University of Tübingen. In 2005, he
                      obtained his Diploma in Mathematics
                      from the ETH Zürich.
                      Markus is Swiss.

     Sebastian Schnorf

                         Sebastian is a postdoctoral research
                         fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.
                         His doctoral thesis focused on aspects
                         of innovation diffusion, social networks
                         and mobile communication.
                         Sebastian has interests in a broad set of
                         questions related to social and cultural
                         Sebastian holds a PhD and a Master's
                         degree in communication theory and
                         research from the University of Zurich,
                         Switzerland. He also studied in London
                         and graduated from the University of Art
                         and Design in Basel, Switzerland. Prior
                         to his stay in the US, he was an analyst
                         and project leader in telecommunication

     Nadja Tajouri

                     Nadja Tajouri is a research fellow at
                     the Massachusetts Eye and Ear
                     Infirmary (MEEI) in Neuro-
                     ophthalmology and a Postdoctoral
                     Fellow at Schepens Eye Research
                     Institute (SERI). She trained in Neuro-
                     ophthalmology , after having worked
                     in Neuropathology as well as
                     Neurosurgery at the Geneva
                     University Hospitals.
                     Nadja grew up in Zurich and studied
                     at University of Fribourg and Geneva.
                     Prior to her stay at Harvard University,
                     she was "cheffe de clinique" in Neuro-
                     ophthalmology in the Neuroscience
                     department of the Geneva University

     Maria Trottmann

                       Maria is a PhD candidate in health
                       economics. Her main fields are risk
                       adjustment in health insurance and
                       prospective provider payment.
                       Currently, she is working with Professor
                       Randall Ellis at Boston University.
                       Maria has earned her licentiate in
                       economics at the University of Zurich.

     Nurten Saydam

                     Nurten is a research fellow at the
                     Genetics and Complex Diseases
                     Department in Harvard School of Public
                     Health since 2006. Her current research
                     is focused on oxidative DNA damage
                     repair. Nurten has completed her PhD
                     studies at University of Zurich, where
                     she was a postdoctoral fellow supported
                     by the SNSF Marie-Heim Vögtlin grants
                     for three years. She then moved to the
                     States to continue with her research at
                     the Harvard School of Public Health.
                     Her current research has been also
                     supported by the SNSF grants for
                     advanced researches.
                     Nurten is Turkish.

     Anita Wolfer
                    Anita is a research fellow at the
                    Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer
                    Center which is affiliated with Harvard
                    Medical School and the Broad Institute.
                    Anita received a prospective researcher
                    fellowship, followed by funds from the
                    Emma Muschamp Foundation and
                    finally an advanced researcher
                    fellowship from the SNSF.
                    Anita grew up in Winterthur and spent a
                    year as AFS exchange student in the
                    US. She studied medicine in Fribourg
                    and received her PhD from Univeristy of
                    Anita aims to return to Switzerland next
                    summer to start her own transnational
                    research lab.

     Moritz Wyler von Ballmoos

                                 Since 2008 Moritz is a postdoctoral
                                 research fellow in surgery at Harvard
                                 Medical School in the department of
                                 cardiac surgery at Children’s Hospital
                                 Boston and the department of
                                 epidemiology at Harvard School of
                                 Public Health. His research interests are
                                 in epidemiology and molecular
                                 mechanisms of cardiovascular health
                                 and disease. Moritz presented his
                                 research work at multiple national and
                                 international meetings and is recipient of
                                 several awards.
                                 Moritz holds a doctorate in medicine
                                 from University of Bern upon completion
                                 of internships at Harvard Medical School
                                 and Humboldt University.

     Participants SNSF Breakfast; June 11, 2009
     First name Last name           Affiliation                                                               Mail
     Caroline    Pot Kreis          Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital            
     Diane       Williams           MIT Alum, Entrepreneur (mobile education)                       
     Christian   Dittrich           Harvard Medical School, M. Kirby Center for Neurobiology        
     Christina   Scheel             MIT, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research                
     David       Dorn               University of St.Gallen                                         
     Nicole      Joller             Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital            
     Christoph   Dumelin
     Moshe       Pritsker           Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital         
     Paolo       Grigis             Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysic                      
     Nils        Rettby             Harvard Medical School / MGH, Center for Biomedical Imaging     
     Pascal      Zinn               Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute            
     Elvira      Ivanova-Nicocuar
     Phillippe   Cudre-Mauroux      MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory     
     Gregor      Neuert             MIT                                                                       gneuert@MIT.EDU
     Dean        Glettig            Tufts University, Department of Biomedical Engineering          
     Nicolai     Berhard            Tufts University, Department of Biomedical Engineering
     David L.    Kaplan             Tufts University, Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering
     Fabien      Sorin              MIT, Research Laboratory of Electronics                                   sorin@MIT.EDU
     Jennifer    Furstenau          MIT, Masonry Research Group                                               jfursten@MIT.EDU
     Dimitar     Pachov             Brandeis, Martin Fisher School of Physics                       
     Valentina   Dimitrova                                                                          
     Elena       Kvochko            University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Isenberg School of Management
     Christina   Rominger                                                                           
     Eveline     Geiser             MIT, Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences                             egeiser@MIT.EDU
     Christine   Thurmond           Harvard Medical School, Administrative Director, Division on Addictions
     Julien      Grossrieder                                                                        
     Joelle      Becker             Visiting Researcher Harvard Law School                          

     SNSF Researchers; June 11, 2009
     First name Last name    Affiliation                                               Mail
     Anita       Wolfer      Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital
     Simon       Planzer     Harvard Law School                              
     Funke       Manuela     Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital
     Keyvan      Nicoucar    Harvard Medical School, Eye and Ear Infirmary   
                 Wyler von                                                             Moritz.WylervonBallmoos@childrens.harva
     Moritz      Ballmoos    Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital Boston
     Maria       Trottmann   Boston University, Department of Economics      
     Sebastian   Schnorf     Harvard Kennedy School of Government            
     Markus      Schmuck     MIT, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics                 schmuck@MIT.EDU
     Nadja       Tajouri     Harvard Medical School, Schepens Eye Research Institute
     Nurten      Saydam      Harvard School of Public Health                 
     Florian     Kaempfer    MIT, Department of Physics                                fkampfer@MIT.EDU
     Gilles      Rudaz       MIT, Department of Urban Studies and Planning   
     Daniel      Cunoz       Yale, Department of German                      
     Christoph   Keller      Harvard University, Department of Physics       


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