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					Dear Neighborhoods:
First I want to thank each of you for working with us over the years to
create defensible space by participating in either the FireFree Program
and/or the “Sweat Equity” effort throughout the county.

For 2011 we have a fiscal glitch that we are working hard to resolve.
Without boring you with all the details we have over-achieved with past
grant activities. Our two largest grants come from FEMA and when you
over-achieve with FEMA, it changes the Scope of Work and requires us to
submit a new Scope of Work for approval.

We have completed that task but FEMA has ordered us to suspend all
activities until that Scope of Work is approved, so we are awaiting that
decision. It is our hope to have an answer within the next month so we can
begin scheduling work in our neighborhoods.

Until that time I can make no commitments to "Sweat Equity" projects until
the grant funding we already have is released by FEMA. We had an
ambitious plan to work with 25 areas across the county to assist with
creating defensible space.

I ask for your patience. We will contact you as soon as we have this
resolved. I know that many of you are scheduling homeowner meetings
and working on schedules but at this time we don’t want to build false
expectations. We’ll work with you as soon as we’re able to do so.

Thanks, Joe
Joe Stutler
Deschutes County Forester
(541) 322-7117 office
(541) 388-2719 fax
61150 SE 27th St.