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Scrapebox is an amazing application that I use almost every day to automate my online marketing chores. But there is one caveat-

in order to get GOOD results you need GOOD proxies.

Yes, Scrapebox has inbuilt proxy scraper that can harvest and health-check thousands of free proxies from public sources but hundreds/thousands of
other Scrapebox users are doing the same thing so those proxies get abused a LOT. Public proxies are OK for some tasks (i.e – url harvesting, PR
check) but public proxies aren’t a good idea for extensive keyword research, commenting, trackbacks posting – they are slow and unreliable, you get
10-15% success rate oppose to private proxies (watch this video to see it yourself), plus they get blocked fast by Akismet and Google.

Free or Paid Proxies
I have tried hundreds of public proxy lists, you can find them all over the web, but the results were very poor – 10%-15% success rate. You will need a
constant supply of free public proxies to use inside Scrapebox, as these proxies die within days or hours of creation and are heavily abused by other
users; be prepared lose a LOT of keyword data, links and url’s because of “connection problems”.

Transparent, Distorting or Anonymous Proxies
There are many different proxy anonymity classifications in the Internet. The simplest way is to divide all proxies into two parts. First part of proxies are
completely anonymous i.e. they hide all your private information. All other proxies are non-anonymous as they may reveal part of it.
Roughly speaking there are three levels of anonymity:

Transparent Proxies
Transparent proxy servers do not hide your IP address. They do provide anyone with your real IP address and do not hide any information about you
and your activity.
Actually they just retransmit information between your computer and server without modifying it in any way to keep your privacy. Besides that, they let
anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server. Transparent proxy servers can be used for all kinds of Web-services just to speed up data

Distorting Proxies
Distorting proxy servers hide your IP address or modify it in some way to prevent target server know about it. They may provide or may hide
information about you and your activity. Besides that, they let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server.
Distorting proxy servers can be used for all kinds of Web-services to speed up data transfers and to keep your privacy. But they specifically tell target
server that you are using proxy server.

Anonymous Proxies
Anonymous proxy servers hide your IP address. They do not provide anyone with your IP address and effectively hide any information about you and
your activity. Besides that, they do NOT even let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server.
Anonymous proxy servers can be used for all kinds of needs, such as automated social bookmarking, scraping, pinging, surfing, Web-Mail, web-chat
rooms, FTP archives, etc. to speed up connection and keep privacy as well.

If you want to successfully use Scrapebox as one of your marketing tools for extensive research and link building you need to be using ANONYMOUS

Private or Shared Proxies
Shared means that more than one user may be using the same proxy IP addresses at the same time; Private means that proxy IP address is only
used by you.
I have purchased several shared proxy packages but there were FIVE PROBLEMS:

Majority of proxy providers do not allow mass automation tools like Scrapebox or Xrumer (see this thread on Warrior Forum);
Some of the lists were so similar to each other (all IP’s from the same city or region), that I really wasn’t looking very unique to Google, Yahoo or Bing;
Minimum order was too high (100 IP’s – I don’t need 100 IP’s, I need 10-20 MAX);
Typically shared proxies get abused by all sorts of users and a lot of big sites are blocking their entire range of IP addresses;
If someone else you’re sharing proxy with get banned you get banned too.
Affordable Private High-Speed Proxies

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i'm working as a Internet Marketer from 2007, i'm also selling Scrapebox Auto Approve Lists on my official site.


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