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					                    Eighth Street Mennonite Church
We are a Christian community rooted in Anabaptism that welcomes diversity and is
 devoted to worshiping God and to extending God's love to the congregation, to
                          Goshen, and to the world.

                    He has told you, O mortal, what is good:
                    and what does the LORD require of you
                                but to do justice,
                             and to love kindness,
                      and to walk humbly with your God?
                                                                                      Hymn #367 (HWB): For the healing of the nations
                                                                                      Offering and Offertory: Will you let me be your servant
GATHERING                                                                                                                          (HWB 307) Honore
   Prelude: Prelude from Suite No. 5 J.S. Bach                                             (Please sign the registration pad at the end of your pew.)
   Welcome and Announcements                                                           Sharing Joys and Concerns
   Lighting of the Peace Lamp                                                          The Church at Prayer
  *Call to Worship                                                                 SENDING
  *Prayer                                                                            *Hymn of the Month #30 (SS): Arise, your light has come
  *Hymn #7 (HWB): Here, O Lord, your servants gather                                 *Benediction
                                                                                     *Organ Meditation
CONFESSING                                                                            Postlude: Blest are they (SJ 94) Biery
  Responsive Reading: #834 (HWB)
  Hymn #145 (HWB): There’s a wideness in God’s mercy                               *All who are able are invited to stand.
  Scripture Reading: Psalm 31:9-15
  Hymn #346 (HWB): Dona Nobis Pacem                                                                   Worship Leader     -   Jonathan Schrag
  Special Music: Sarabande from Suite No. 1 J.S. Bach                                                         Sermon     -   Myron Schrag
                                                                                                      Children’s Time    -   Eileen Saner
HEARING                                                                                                 Special Music    -   Brook Bennett
   Children’s Time                                                                                       Song Leader     -   Karen Hershberger
   Scripture Reading: Luke 3:4-6                                                                      Organist/Pianist   -   Patricia Oakley
                      Ephesians 2:14
   Sermon: “Resurrection for a Forgotten People”                                   Hymnals used in worship are: HWB: Hymnal: A Worship Book (blue);
                                                                                   SJ: Sing the Journey (green); SS: Sing the Story (purple). The hymnals
                                                                                   are located in the racks in front of you as well as the racks underneath the

                                                                                   Please see an usher if you would like a large print hymnal and bulletin,
                                                                                   hearing device, or assistance using the lift.
Eighth Street Mennonite Church
602 South Eighth Street
Goshen, IN 46526-4019

Kevin D. Farmwald, Pastor
Brenda Sawatzky Paetkau, Pastor

Telephone: 574.533.6720
E-mail addresses:

                                                         January 28, 201
    Pastoral Team…………….…pastors@8thStMennonite.org
    Financial Issues……………...finance@8thStMennonite.org
Birthdays and Anniversaries: January 30 – February 5, 2011             January 30, 2011
 30 Tex Eisenhour                5 Bob Guth                            Greeting us this morning are The Rittenhouse’s. The Rittenhouse
 31 Aaron Johnson                5 Nina Keister                        family consists of – Shawn, father and patriarch is employed with
 31 Jackson King                                                       Renegade/Kibbi as engineer and MS Dynamics database administrator.
                                                                       Shawn’s free time is spent on home projects, anything computer, gaming
Church Calendar this week, January 30 – February 5, 2011               and being preoccupied with family expenditures. The rule breaker of the
   8th Street Hosts Interfaith Hospitality Network                     house, Shawn has a raucous belly laugh (usually in response to his own
   Monday: Adult Baptism Preparation Class, 7:30pm                     jokes). Olivia, mother and domestic drudge is employed with Oaklawn
   Tuesday: Worship Commission, Mtg. Rm, 7:30pm                        where she has been for 16 years (currently as Coordinator of Development).
   Wednesday: Mission & Service Commission, Mtg. Rom, 4:30pm           Free time is spent trying new recipes, reading and watching movies. Her
               Junior Youth, 6:45pm                                    highly proficient organizational skills are misinterpreted by her family as an
                                                                       irritating habit of constantly bossing. She strongly disagrees. You say “to-
                                                                       may-to” I say “Time to move! It’s getting late!” Madison, golden only
Church Calendar next week: February 6 - 12, 2011                       child is a 4th grader at Parkside. She enjoys “playing soccer, basketball,
   Sunday: Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 8:30am                          singing, animals and being a tomboy”. Madison who is almost always in a
           Communion                                                   great mood has 2 speeds - snail’s pace for eating vegetables and putting on
           New Members’ Meal, FH, 12pm                                 PJ’s and overdrive for everything else. Her constant hints to get a family
   Monday: Asperger’s/HFA Parent Support Group, FH, 7pm                dog are politely ignored. The Rittenhouse’s have attended 8th street for
   Tuesday: Muffins on 8th                                             about 15 years.
                10am Juniper Place
                1pm Evergreen                                          W ELCOM E to Eighth Street M ennonite Church! May you experience
                2:30pm Waterford Crossing                              God's presence in this time of worship and fellowship.
            Stewardship Commission, Mtg Rm, 6pm
            Trustees Committee, Mtg. Rm, 7:30pm                        All ages are welcome in this service of worship! If desired, childcare
   Wednesday: Congregational Care Commission, Mtg. Rm, 4:30pm          services are available in the nursery for infants and in the toddler room for
                 Venture Club, 6:30pm                                  children ages 2 to pre-kindergarten (4-5 years old). These rooms are
                 Fellowship Commission, Mtg. Rm, 7:30pm                located at the top of the stairs in the children’s Sunday School wing.
   Thursday: Men’s Luncheon @ Trolley Café, 11:45am
             Women’s Luncheon @ Trolley Café, 11:45am                  Staffing the Nurseries:
                                                                         Today: Worship (Infants) – Tex & Rachel Eisenhour
Last Sunday, January 23                        Attendance: 187                          (Toddlers) – Cathy Beery Berg & Zach Berg
Visitors: Jesse Bontrager; Phil Shenk; Rachel Waltner Goossen, Duane                    S.S. (Infants) – Tim & Jen Nussbaum
Goossen, Elsa Goossen, Topeka, Kansas.                                   Next Sunday: Worship (Infants) – Sarah Rush & Melba Bechtel
                                                                                            (Toddlers) – Lynn Stutzman & Kimberly Lichty Nyce
                                                                                      S.S. (Infants) – Laura Funk & Alice Risser
   JANUARY  23 OFFERING: $7,493.85
       Budget                                         $6,640.60        Front & Back Door Greeters:
       January Giving Box                                578.25         Today: Kate & Will Leichty
       Designated Giving                                 275.00         Next Sunday: David & Haly King
       Year to Date Giving for the Budget            $24,697.14
   Needed for the Budget (year to date)              $24,810.62        Staffing the Sound Booth:
   Balance                                             ($113.48)        Today: Ross Peterson-Veatch
                                                                        Next Sunday: Hesston Lauver
SECOND HOUR:                                                                      The Eighth Street basketball team put in another good effort, losing to
  B1 – Builders: Quarterly Bible Study, Cal Zehr                                  Fairhaven II 67-65. Josh Keister led the way with 39 points, hittan Eighth
  B2 – Koinonia: 8th Street 100 Years ( 2013) Then and Now, Rachel                Street record (9 3-point shots!). David Johnson also had 14 points and
                 Kreider & Joy Lambright Liechty                                  Mark Saner contributed 7 points. The team’s last game was yesterday.
  B3 – Seekers: “Suffering for others”, Mel Friesen
  B4 – Challengers: Just Eating: Practicing our Faith at the Table –              Donations for Harvest of Hope food pantry will be collected in the
                      Jennifer Halteman Schrock                                   church lobby next Sunday and taken to the Lighthouse church that evening
  B6 – Crossroads: Anger: What is it Good For? Absolutely Something:              for distribution on Monday. Please share nonperishable food, hygiene
                           A Psycological Perspective - Paul Yoder                products, and baby supplies with those in need in the Eighth Street
  B7 – Vessels                                                                    community.
  B5 - Sr. High                        Rm #5 - Jr. High
  Rm #4 – Middlers (gr. 3-5 )          Rm #6 - Primary (gr. 1-2)                  “The Dutchersmiths in Concert” providing “clean (and sometimes
  Rm #7 – Early Childhood & Preschool (2-5 yrs)                                   whacky) fun for humans of all ages.” For a great time of music and fun,
                                                                                  come hear Kent Dutchersmith and family at Goshen City Church of the
ANNOUNCEMENTS:                                                                    Brethren, 203 North 5th Street, Goshen. 1st Friday, February 4, concert
There will be a New Member’s Meal, hosted by Congregational Care                  times are 5:30 & 7pm. Cookies and refreshments are included in the low
Commission next Sunday, February 6.                                               price of free admission.

A white square (72x72) tablecloth is missing. If you know if its                  The Bethany Concert Choir is holding a Nelsons Chicken Fundraiser
whereabouts, please contact Emma Zehr or the church office!                       to raise money for ts choir trip on Saturday February 12, 10 am - 2 p.m at
                                                                                  the CVS in downtown Goshen (Main and Madison). Tickets are $5.50 for
The January Giving Box is for 8th Street’s Service Support Fund,                  pre-sold halves, and $6 on site. Tickets are available from choir members.
which is used to support individuals doing service. This includes service not
directory related to 8th Street – like MVS support of church members, or          You’re invited to the 2011 Mennonite Central Committee Great
medical missions, as well as trips/experiences that are directly related to 8th   Lakes annual gathering February 25-26, at Kern Road Mennonite Church
Street – like 8th DS or the youth Puerto Rico Service Trip. The 8th DS group      in South Bend, Indiana. Join fellow MCC supporters from across the region
will leave in less than two weeks for Meridian, Mississippi to volunteer their    as we explore the theme “A table of sharing” in relation to MCC’s work
skills and time under Jubilee Mennonite’s direction. Rickey Schrag just left      around the world. Highlights include a peace and justice hymn sing with
on a medical missions trip to Nicaragua. The Service Support Fund helps           Mary Oyer, a variety of MCC workshops and the chance to hear from Arli
individuals within our congregation offer their services and gifts to others.     Klassen, MCC Executive Director. For more information call the MCC Great
                                                                                  Lakes    Office   at    (574)     534-4133   or    register   online   at
Have you saved the date? This is an invitation from the WM Spring                 greatlakes.mcc.org/annualgathering.
Celebration Committee to all women and girls: Please join us for brunch on
Saturday, March 19 from 10am until noon. We're planning an interesting
program you won't want to miss! More details to follow.

The Goshen College Chorale directed by Assistant Professor of
Music Scott Hochstetler will explore choral settings of the Psalms from
medieval chant through the modern period at the Goshen College Afternoon
Sabbatical on Tuesday, February 8 at 1pm in the Music Center's Sauder
Concert Hall. Composers will include Bourgeois, Monteverdi, Hassler,
Brahms, Bernstein, Ives and more.

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