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									                                           Blending Seminar

                                  The Art & Experience of Blending

                                       Instructions and Set Up

         Please read all the instructions before scheduling your seminar

Number of Participants
Each seminar kit will supply up to 12 participants, including the instructor. However, we
recommend planning for 10. This allows for extra materials and wine. Please check your
materials as soon as they arrive.

Materials included in seminar kit:
   1 bottle Magnificat. 750mL
   1 bottle each of the five blending component wines, 5 x 750mL
   12 pipettes
   12 tasting mats
   12 booklets, “Magnificat, the Art & Experience of Blending”
   12 trial blend sheets

Steps to a Successful Blending Experience

Well Before the Seminar, at Least Several Days
In advance, arrange to have the following ready at the seminar venue, in addition to The Art
& Experience of Blending Kit:
Per Table:
     1 water pitcher
     1 basket of water crackers or plain white bread
     1 opaque “dump bucket”, such as a metal pitcher
Per Place Setting:
     8 wine glasses per person, including seminar leader
     1 water glass
     1 paper or opaque plastic cup for spitting wine
     1 pencil

Review the blending booklet, trial blend sheets and tasting mat. Familiarize yourself with the
pipette and its use, especially measurement.

Day of the Seminar
Bring with you to the venue:
     Blending kits, including wine, pipettes, booklets and trial blend sheet.
     Corkscrew
     Large format bottle of Franciscan Estate, for display only
     Tech sheets or vintage notes for current vintage of Magnificat (1 per person)

Arrive at the venue early. Plan on 45 minutes to set up for 12 people plus an additional 20
minutes for each additional 12 people. Pre-taste each component for cork taint.
When pouring, each component bottle should supply 12 glasses with about 2 oz (60mL) of
wine. Be sure that each setting has the items noted above plus the tasting sheet, and blending
seminar booklet and a trial blend sheet.

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Seminar Presentation

(Avoid referencing the Magnificat tech sheet until the end of the tasting. We do not want to influence
their blending preferences. You may want to distribute it after the blending experience.)

       Introduction and welcome. Thank the account and acknowledge any special guests.

       Describe the purpose: to create their own red wine, expressing their personal style, with the five
        lots of luxury wine provided.

       Provide background and history on the art of blending, making these three points:
           o Red Wines Blends. Many of the great wines of the world are blends, particularly those
                based on the traditional Bordeaux varietals, and sometimes called Meritage* wines in the
                United States.
           o The Art of Blending. Blending is an artistic, personal expression of the winemaker.
                Selecting from as few as two to as many as hundreds of lots requires a keen sense of style,
                harmony and patience.
           o Franciscan Estate’s Blending Story and Expertise. Franciscan Estate was one of the first
                Napa Valley wines to craft a Red Wine blend helped create and legalize the Meritage
                category. The Oakville Estate vineyard was planted to the five Bordeaux varietals and the
                winery set up to ferment and blend hundreds of lots. Franciscan Estate’s Magnificat is
                one of the most recognized and acclaimed blends today. Refer to the booklet to tell the
                story of Magnificat.
           o Reference Pages 2 and 3 of the booklet for more information.

       Begin the experience of blending on Page 4 by describing the materials.
            o Five glasses of component wines. Each contains one of the classic Bordeaux varietals.
            o Empty glasses for the trial blends
            o Glass of Magnificat: Franciscan Estate’s signature blend.
            o Trial blend sheets: for recording your blend and any notes.
            o Pipette: used for blending (see chart below for volume conversions **). Demonstrate how
                to use it:
                     Use the pipette like a straw, inhaling and then using finger/thumb to seal and
                         release the wine. The target blend (100%) should be about 50mL or a little less
                         than 2 ounces.
                     Drawing wine up to the 5 or 5mL mark = 10% of the blend,
                     Drawing wine up to the 0 or 10mL mark = 20% of the blend, etc.

       Describe the leading characteristics of each varietal. Remind everyone that these wines are barrel
        samples and have not seen the extended aging in wood that the normal blend would. Aging
        softens the wines texture. See also Page 5.

         Cabernet Sauvignon     Black fruits, structure, tannins for age-worthiness.
         Merlot                 Red cherries. Fleshy, round texture that can enrich the mid
         Cabernet Franc         Color, spice, enhances the front palate.
         Malbec                 Structure. Rich, jammy red & black fruits.
         Petit Verdot           Highly aromatic with summer fruits (strawberry, raspberry,

       Begin blending! Use the suggestions on Page 4 as needed. Participants may make two or more
        trial blends, depending on the number of participants. Ask participants to mark down the amount
        they use of each component, so that they can track their own preferences. Walk around and assist

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        the group. Explain that they are not trying to duplicate Magnificat, but instead are making a
        blend that they enjoy. Encourage them to talk about and taste each other’s blends.

       Take question and provide answers.

       Taste the current vintage of Magnificat and reveal the blend. Reference the Magnificat Fact Sheet
        at this time.

       After the event thank the account and staff!

Questions on The Art & Experience of Blending? Call the Franciscan Estate marketing
manager with comments and concerns.

* Meritage

To be called a Meritage the winery must be a member of the Meritage Association and the wine blend
must be made of at least two (2) Bordeaux varietals, including:

                              For a Red Meritage       For a White Meritage
                              Cabernet Sauvignon         Sauvignon Blanc
                                    Merlot                   Semillon
                                Cabernet Franc            Sauvignon Vert
                                 Petit Verdot
                                  St. Macaire
                                 Gros Verdot

** Volume Conversions

                          Glass Pour                          Glasses of Wine /
                             (oz)              mL                  Bottle
                               1                30                   25
                              2                 59                   13
                              3                 89                    8
                              4                118                    6
                              5                148                    5
                              6                178                    4

The desired blend volume is 50mL. This allows enough wine for all 10-12 participants to compose two (2)
trial blends. It is also an easy number to use when calculating blend composition percentages.

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