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					                      October, 2009

                                Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart
What a joy it is to say “Thank You” to a friend or to              It goes:
greet someone with a smile whom you are meeting                               Give thanks with a grateful heart,
for the first time. What a gift from God to see the                             Give thanks to the Holy One,
glimmer in their eyes and the smile come upon their                               Give thanks because He’s given
face as they hear those beautiful words. In my                                      Jesus Christ His Son.
office, I have a picture that is called “Jesus                                And now let the weak say “I am strong,”
Laughing” and I look at it often every day to                                   Let the poor say “I am rich,”
remember how important it is to reflect God’s love                                Because of what the Lord has done for
and His wonderful joy-filled Spirit to all those we                           us.
meet. You see, this is part of the task He gives to                                 Give Thanks, give thanks.
us every day – fill someone’s heart, soul and mind
with kindness and love and He will return this                     As we celebrate Reformation and Thanksgiving
encouragement to you many times over.              A               and enter the new Church year with Advent and
beautiful hymn entitled “Give Thanks with a                        Christmas, may we truly rejoice at the many
Grateful Heart” was added to our new Lutheran                      blessings God has given us all during the past years
Service Book hymnal which explains why this is so                  and enter the new year with great joy and peace!

Pastor Jeff Geisler
LWML Counselor, Indiana District

Do you know someone who is attending one of our synodical colleges or seminaries in preparation for full-time church
work? NOW IS THE TIME for them to apply to receive a $500 scholarship for the 2010-2011 school year. Application
forms are available on line from our Indiana District LWML web site or from Scholarship
Chairman, Kathy Eisenbraun, 3106 16th Street, Columbus, IN 47201. The deadline for the
Applications to be sent to Kathy by March 15, 2010.

NOW IS THE TIME for you to contribute to the Scholarship Fund with either a personal gift, society gift, or zone gift.
Monetary gifts can also be given by using the MEMORIAL cards to remember someone who has passed away or the JOY
card to honor someone when something special has happened to them. All funds are to be sent to our Financial Secretary
Iris Wittman, 10601 N. CR 1200 E, Evanston, IN 47531. With God's blessings, all these gifts add up to more
scholarships for our future church workers.

           From the President ….

Autumn has arrived – at least according to the
calendar and by the time you read this, it will
probably “feel” like it. Children are back in
school. Farmers are harvesting crops.
Communities are celebrating with festivals.
LWML meetings are resuming for those who
take the summer off. The weather is getting
cooler and the trees will soon begin their array
of fall colors. And before long we will be
focusing on things we are thankful for … faith,
family, friends, health, and employment and
much, much more. God blesses us many times
over.                                              The grant of $3,500 for purchase of religious
                                                   teaching material was presented to The Foundation
As God’s children, we also need to remember        for Lutheran Child and Family Services September
those who are struggling in family relationships   25, 2009, in the Lutherwood Chapel at Lutheran
or have health problems or are unemployed.         Child and Family Services in Indianapolis.
Opportunities abound for us to look and find       L-R: Pastor John Kolb, Chaplain, Katie Willman,
someone to help. We are God’s hands and feet       Deaconess Intern, President Ruth Thomas, Vice
in this world. “Whenever you have the              President – Mission Grants, Miriam Neumann
opportunity, we should do good to everyone,
especially to our Christian brothers and
sisters.” (Gal. 6: 10 NLT)

Looking for ideas? Check out the resources at
the LWML store online or in the catalog.
“Planning Made Easy” gives you ideas for two
years of meetings and events. Included are all
new devotions, Bible studies and sketches,
human care ideas, a planning calendar, and
more to make your meetings meaningful, fun
and easy to plan.

Looking ahead - Committees and officers are
busy making plans for our district convention
next June. It isn’t too early to mark your
calendar to join other LWMLers at the
Sheraton Hotel in Indianapolis for the 23rd
biennial district convention. The date is June
25-27 and the theme is “Standing at the
Crossroads” with the Bible text from Jer. 6:
16a: “Stand at the crossroads and look…”
Come and Look at the Word, Ask for
discernment, Walk in His Way, and Find rest         President Ruth Thomas presented the mission
for your soul. Look for convention information      grant of $10,000 to Missionary/Vicar Juan Luna
and registration in the January 2010 Good           at St. Paul Lutheran Church (Clifty), Columbus,
News.                                               on September 20, 2009. The grant is to enable
                                                    Vicar Luna’s pastoral education to be completed
Serving Him Together,                               and minister to the Hispanic population in the
               Ruth Thomas                          Seymour and Columbus area.

                                             Grants at Work
                                             Blind Mission Directors
The following story was sent to me with the interim report.

Janice, a first year student, grew up in the ghetto of the Bronx. She lived a hard life. She got out of the ghetto by getting
married as a teenager. When she lost her sight, her husband left her immediately. She turned to drinking. It almost killed
her. Through AA she found the Lord. She was still angry at God for being blind. During the first class, Theology of
Blindness, she heard for the first time that God sees her as important, special, precious. She didn’t think she was special
because no one in her life treats her that way, especially because of her blindness. She left the week-long conference
knowing that she now had a purpose and that God would use her.
Through our mites a blind person from Indiana will also learn that he/she is important, special and precious and that God
has a purpose for him/her.

                                           Ligonier Hispanic Ministry

Many Hispanic people have moved into the Ligonier area in recent years. The Kendallville Circuit has established a
Hispanic ministry that is centered in Trinity Lutheran Church in Ligonier. Pastor Morales, in his interim report, told of
the many ways in which he ministers to these people. By helping them with such things as finding jobs, acting as an
interpreter, conducting ESL classes, and teaching citizenship classes for those who wish to become US citizens he is able
to build a rapport with them and thus open the door to sharing Christ. He uses 3 radio programs to proclaim the Gospel,
distributes CD’s containing Bible Studies, writes articles containing Bible Stories for the newspaper and conducts Bible
Studies in Goshen and Elkhart.

As we can see, Pastor Morales is a very busy man. Our mites help pay for some of the expenses involved in this ministry.

                                            Are You a Missionary?

Are you a missionary? If not, why not? God wants all Christians to be missionaries. That doesn’t mean we all have to
pack our bags and go to another part of the world to preach the Gospel to all people. I have a spiral bound calendar that I
flip the page each day and read a brief message and a Bible passage. The message for today says, “What you do may be
all your neighbor sees of what Christ is like.” The Bible verse from Colossians 4:5 reads, “Be wise in the way you act
toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.” Although our actions alone do not let people know that Christ
died for all to take our sins away, what we do can open or shut the door to any opportunity we do have to witness. A
person who shows the joy he/she has knowing of God’s forgiveness and shares this joy with those around him/her will
make the listener much more willing to hear. That person may even question us about how we can be so content and
happy. The way we handle problems that come our way can be a testimony of the faith that we have that Christ will guide
us through them. On the other hand, if we look like we just lost our best friend and we panic over each problem that
comes our way, people around us won’t believe we have faith in God to help us. How we conduct our lives can bring
about opportunities to be missionaries right in our “neighborhood.” So let’s take heed to what the Bible verse says and
“Be wise in the way we act toward outsiders.”

Miriam Neumann VP-Mission Grants

                                                 Healthy Lifestyles
We are told in Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV) Do not be anxious about anything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and
your minds in Christ Jesus.

Many times situations seem to control us in the fast paced world. Without even being aware of it, we get caught up in
many activities that increase our anxiety. We can easily lose perspective and feel overwhelmed – children as well as
adults. The most important priority in a Christian’s life is to be at peace in Christ’s gracious presence. His presence
comes to us as we hear His voice in the Scriptures, as we recall our baptism, and as we receive the gift of His very body
and blood in the Lord’s Supper. To receive His peace, time is needed - time to receive and to recall His gracious gifts.

                              Suggestions for achieving a healthy lifestyle:
Stress Relief
     Make time for reflection on Christ’s grace and mercy for yourself, family and friends.
       Devote time for Christ’s voice through daily devotions.
       Manage your time.
       Prioritize your daily tasks by making a “to do” list.
       Break down large tasks into small ones.
       Ask for help from others.
       Do something for someone else.

Appropriate Exercise

       If you are able, begin the habit of walking every day. With time, increase the length and speed of your walk. Get
        permission from your doctor before beginning any exercise program.
       Build a support system – get a walking buddy.

Stress will never be completely removed from our lives; but the daily devotions, prayer and an exercise program along
with eating healthy will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Ellen Fuller
Human Care Chairman

                             …You need to send your mites and other donations to Iris Wittman, Financial Secretary
                             …you need to send email address changes to Deb Sorokin, and Penny
                              …you need to send change of zone officers to Deb Sorokin,, phone 574-533-0019
                              …you can find out lots of information on the Indiana District Website…why not check it out at

                                 BELIEVING the UN-BELIEVABLE
I heard a pastor recently ask “What’s the most difficult thing for non-believers to accept and know about God today?” His
answer: “To believe that GOD is GOOD.” As followers of Christ, we know that God IS good - ALL the time - yet I can
understand how non-believers might think otherwise. We often hear “If God were so GOOD, there wouldn’t be all the
problems in the world today.” Yes, it’s a dark, DARK world we live in today. Look at these statistics:
     Over 18,000 children in the world die every day from hunger.
     1 out of 8 Americans live in a state of poverty, hunger and hardship.
     3.5 million people in the U.S. experience some homelessness each year; approximately 800,000 people are
        homeless on any one given night.
     1 in 4 US teens contract sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) each year.
     Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of young persons aged 15 – 24.
     An estimated 600,000 people in the U.S. will die from cancer in 2009.

And the list goes on! As believers, we trust God in spite of circumstances going on around us. We believe God when He
says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts and neither are your ways my ways”. Isaiah 55:8 (NIV) Here’s another thing
we KNOW: God loved us so much He sent His only Son to do something “unbelievable” – to suffer and die a death He
did NOT deserve so WE could have everlasting life. Jesus came to earth as our example - to SHOW us God’s ways. But
how do we help others believe what WE already know -- that God IS Good.

First, LOVE people where they are and be a reflection of Jesus, who said “Let your LIGHT shine before men so they may
SEE your GOOD DEEDS and praise your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:16 (NIV) So, does that mean our “LIGHT” has to be
a super huge “stadium spot light”? No, we can start by just being a “bare bulb” type of light. You know the kind – nothing
fancy – no shade – just a “bare bulb” that lights a space and gets the job done. We “bring light to the darkness” of this
world when we:

       Give a meal to someone who is hungry
       Donate items we no longer use to others who are in need
       Exhibit kindness by just listening to someone who’s hurting
       Volunteer to serve a meal at a shelter or work at a food pantry

By watching us do the “small stuff”, people will see a reflection of God and YES, by the power of the Holy Spirit, people
WILL come to believe what they once thought “UN-believable” - that God IS good! Now, let’s go out and let OUR “bare
bulb” light shine!

                                                                      Fran Conner - Christian Life Committee (09/09)

                  WANTED: Minutes and/or programs for any Zone event, old or new.
               REMINDER: All minute pages should have a heading: event, date, page number.
                                  THANK YOU in advance,

                                Shirley Frain Gut, Indiana District LWML Historian

    “This is what the Lord says: Stand at the crossroads and look….”
                             Jeremiah 6:16a

                    June 25-27, 2010

                Sheraton Inn & Suites
              8787 Keystone Crossing
               Indianapolis IN 46240

Webmasters did you know that there is a             useful information pertaining to our Indiana
place for you to find newsletters for               District.
webmasters on the LWML site? It is called                         *************
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Women there is also a place for you go find         put the Good News in the LWML Quarterly.
current and past newsletters. It is called          We are issuing electronically or if you
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“The Team Leader”. You can all find your            Indiana District News electronically? If so,
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web special for the month.         There are        drop Deb a line at 16471 CR 20, Goshen IN
hundreds of items at your fingertips.               46528. She will get you added to our lists
                                                    and you will begin receiving the District
            *****************                       Publications.
        Didn’t get to go the LWML national
convention in Portland OR in June? Catch                          *************
some of the highlights on the LWML
website. You can read the newspaper that                   If you have any        questions or
was printed each day and enjoy some of the          comments on        anything    here, please
pictures that were taken from each day.             contact Penny Letterman by    calling 812-
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        As you can see there are lots of
things to find on the website. Take a minute                      *************
and look around….there is lots of
information out there.          Just go to and start “surfin’”.
        There is just as much information out
on the Indiana District LWML website. Go
to and have a look.
You will find forms you need, newsletters
you may have missed and lots of other

                                        The Blessed “Unblessed”
                               Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven,
                            whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin
                          the Lord does not count against him…-Psalm 32:1-2(NIV)

        I grew up in Taiwan, a country of superstitions. People reckon
wealth, success, longevity and fertility as blessings. Those with these
things are the “blessed.” When my cousin married, my aunt arranged for
“blessed” family members to help my cousin get ready for the wedding
ceremony. Baby boys are also considered great blessings, so my aunt
brought in baby boys to sit on or lie down on the couple’s new bed to
make the bed lucky so that the couple would soon have a baby boy.

       I was not considered a “blessed” person because I was born in the
                 Year of the Tiger. Female tigers bring bad luck to newborn babies and so my mom
                 would always remind me not to visit any home with newborn babies. I did not have a big
                 round nose or long fat ear lobes, which symbolize wealth and longevity, so my parents
                 never asked me to pick lottery numbers.

                         At age twenty, I was baptized without my parents or relatives present. Before the
baptism, the church elders asked me, “Why do you want to be baptized?” Suddenly tears filled my eyes and
my brain went blank. I said, “Because I know Jesus loves me!” and then I started to cry. Because of my
crying, the elders proceeded to baptize me without asking any more questions. Other people baptized that
day thought I was “lucky” to not have to answer any more questions from the elders!

       In my culture, I was “unblessed”: wrong gender, wrong birth year and wrong physical attributes. I
was so conditioned by these superstitions permeating my country and family that I even failed to
understand part of the great blessing I received at my Baptism.

        My heart was slow to learn. I only counted the good things that had happened to me as God’s
blessings. Then one day I read Psalm 32:1-2 and I realized how blessed I really am. Even if I fail to grasp
the whole meaning of Baptism; God’s love and promises never fail. Every Sunday morning, when those
beautiful words sound in my ears, “Almighty God in His mercy has given His Son to die for you and for His
sake forgives you all your sins,” my heart rejoices. I am certainly a blessed child of God because all my
sins are forgiven. My culture may be different from yours, but in Christ, we are equally His blessed
                                                                                            Stella Beabout
                                                                   Christian Outreach Committee Member

    The mission of the LWML Indiana District is to assist each woman of the
Indiana District LCMS in strengthening her relationship with the triune God so
she is enabled to use her gifts in mission and service.

                                        Indiana District LWML
                                            Mission Grants

                                          2008-2010 Biennium - $117,500

                                                               Grant Total Disbursed      Balance

American Bible Society                                          $1,000.00    $1,000.00       PAID
CTS Food Co-op                                                  10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
Worship for Shut-Ins                                            10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
Cambodia Battambang School & Outreach                           10,000.00            ** Withdrawn
Lutheran Disability Outreach                                    10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
Lutherwood Spiritual Growth Program                              3,500.00     3,500.00       PAID
Kentuckiana Zone Prison Ministry                                 1,000.00     1,000.00       PAID
Hands of Mercy Training Center                                  10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
Word & Sacrament Outreach -So. Central IN                       10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
Blind Mission Outreach Directors                                 4,500.00     2,000.00 2,500.00
Ligonier Hispanic Ministry                                       9,000.00     9,000.00       PAID
LDM - Missionary Intern Matching Grant                          10,000.00    10,000.00       PAID
IN Dist Guatemala Trip                                           8,000.00    *6,000.00       PAID
LCMS World Relief - Deaconess MMEs to ELC - Latvia               9,000.00                 9,000.00
Missions and Outreach - Ellettesville, IN                        9,999.00      7373.30     2625.70
St. John's Church and Preschool Improvements                     1,501.00 ***10,000.00       PAID
                                                               117,500.00    99,873.30 14,125.70

       $2,500 has also been sent to the Indiana District Flood Relief fund

       *Only $6000 of the $8000 was needed for the trip to Guatemala. The grant stated that any unneeded funds be
        returned to mites. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors voted to add the remaining $2000 to St.
        John’s Church and Pre-school grant.
      **The grant for Cambodia Battembang School and Outreach was withdrawn because Pastor Charles and Jeanette
        Groth are returning to the United States.
     ***Since the $10,000 was withdrawn from Cambodia, the Executive Committee voted to grant St. John's Church
        and Preschool Improvements an additional $6,499. The remaining $3,501 from the Cambodian grant will be
        placed with the available mites for the next biennium.

                            Note: Total disbursements will be $113,999 when fully paid.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in submitting a Grant Proposal
for the 2010 convention, please have them contact me. I can e-mail them the
forms which must be returned to me by Jan. 15, 2010.

Contact:          Edie Norris, Public Relations Director          LWML Office
                  Lutheran Women’s Missionary League              PO Box 411993
                  3915 64th Ave Ct NW                             St. Louis, MO 63141-1993
                  Gig Harbor, WA 98335                            (800) 252-LWML (5965)
                  (253) 973-1498                        

2010 Pocket Diary Available from LWML

Just in time for fall Lutheran Women in Mission gatherings and holiday stocking stuffers, the 2010 LWML Pocket Diary
is now available by contacting the LWML office at 800.253.LWML (5965) or through the Web site at

This valuable tool for your purse or pocket includes many convenient features that will be of benefit including:

          A place to record daily prayer requests and God’s response to them;
          Reminders to be Together in Prayer for the LWML every Monday at noon;
          Scripture readings for Sundays and Festivals to help enrich preparation for corporate worship;
          Mission Grants list for 2009-2011, as well as prayers for these vital missions that spread the Good News
           of Jesus around the world;
          Contact information for the members of the LWML Executive Committee;
          Projected LWML meeting dates - 2010 district convention dates and them;
          and much more to help keep informed about the work of the LWML.

The LWML Pocket Diary is only $2.50, or 10 for $2.00 each. A limited number are available with a purple
vinyl cover for $3.50. This “must have” LWML tool, with its many valuable resources, will assist any busy
woman in keeping track of the important details that daily life brings.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod. For over 65 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ,
encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global

               New Archivist-Historian Takes Helm for LWML

           LWML news releases are archived at under News link

September 11, 2009

Barbara Huggins, of Glendale, Missouri, has been appointed the Archivist-Historian of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary
League. Barbara, who has worked for many years at the Concordia Historical Institute (CHI), takes the preservation of
church history seriously. Having served for several years beside Gladys Grovender, LWML Archivist-Historian Emeritus,
Barbara shared, “There are times when working on the preservation of LWML materials that Gladys and I almost finish
each other sentences.”

Being involved in the work of the LWML since 1967, Barbara looks forward to continuing the important task of
preserving the materials sent to CHI, where the official archives of Lutheran Women in Mission are housed.

News Release Cont.

October 1-3, 2009, the newly appointed Mrs. Huggins will be busy at the 30th Biennial Conference on Archives and
History to be held on the campus of Concordia Seminary in St Louis, Missouri. The conference provides training and
support for the district archivists of both The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary
League, as well as for others interested in the work of archives and church history. A tour of the new CHI Museum
housed at the LCMS International Center will be a part of the conference program.

Married to Rev. Marvin Huggins, CHI interim director, Barbara said, “Appreciation for preserving church history and
artifacts just naturally became a part of my life as we worked together over the years on preservation projects.”

LWML President Janice Wendorf expressed gratitude for the many years of faithful service given by retiring Archivist-
Historian, Peggi Lawrence of Eureka, California. Peggi served the LWML as Archivist-Historian from 1993-2009.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod. For over 65 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ,
encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global

September 24, 2009

Flooding in Georgia Brings Response from LWML

Recent flooding in Georgia has prompted LWML members to send monetary
donations to assist those affected by the disaster. Donations may be made directly
to the LWML Disaster Relief Fund through the Web site Click on
the Giving link on the left side of the home page and follow the directions for making a
donation. Under Donation Type scroll down and select Disaster Relief Fund. Donations also can be made by calling the
LWML Office at 1.800.252.LWML (5965) or by mail to:

P.O. Box 411993
St. Louis MO 63141-1993

“Lutheran Women in Mission continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones in the flooding in Georgia. May God
grant strength, encouragement, and assurance of His presence as the people of that area cope with the impact of this
natural disaster and begin the massive clean-up,” said LWML President Janice Wendorf.

The LWML Web site also includes important information on how to prepare a Disaster Survival Kit. To access the
materials click on Human Care on the left side of the home page, then select Human Care Ideas on the right hand side

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod. For over 65 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ,
encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global

LWML news releases are archived at under News link

                                      Indiana District Officers
President                              Appointed Officers                  Scholarship Chairman
Ruth Thomas                                                                Kathy Eisenbraun
12713 North River Grove Ct.            Christian Life Chairman             3106 16th Street
Columbus, IN 47203                     Caroline Kindsvatter                Columbus, IN 47201
812-764-5816                           5206 Willowhurst Drive              812-372-7083,                   Fort Wayne, IN 46835
                                       260-485-5995                        Structure Chairman
Vice President - Spiritual Resource               Edith Mossner
Department                                                                 776 Wilson Terrace Court
Sue Pflughoeft                         Christian Outreach Chairman         Carmel, IN 46032-1776
PO Box 578                             Michele Yamanaka                    317-571-1802
Demotte, IN 46310                      4336 Charter Lane         
219-987-3399                           Fort Wayne, IN 46815            260-424-5070                        Parliamentarian
                                                 Bonnie Hazen
Vice President - Mission Grants                                            426 West Whitley Street
Miriam Neumann                         Human Care Chairman                 Churubusco, IN 46723-2109
8710 Winding Ridge Road                Mary Ellen Fuller                   260-693-3724
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Goshen, IN 46526                       10473 S. State Road 9
574-537-8440,                                               Roster Coordinator
                                       Pendleton, IN 46064                 Deb Sorokin
                                       765-778-7654                        16471 CR 20
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Pam Wickizer                                                               Goshen, IN 46528
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Osgood, IN 47037                       Becky Thibodeau
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                                       Penny Letterman
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Barbara Hamm                           Boonville IN 47601
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                                       Mary Prill
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Counselors                             Lafayette, IN 47904                 Webservant
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15496 S 900 W                                                              2605 Stonybrook Lane
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219-733-9475                           Shirley Gut                         317-575-0615                         21 Fleet Parkway          
                                       Culver, IN 46511-1214
Rev Jeff Geisler                       574-842-3927,
3705 S Anthony Blvd
Ft Wayne, IN 46806