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									                                              Critical Appraisal Summary

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Clinical (Patient) scenario

Sullivan BM. Essential EBP for CAM Study and Practice Guide Critical Appraisal Summary Form 2009
               Search Strategy Evaluation and Selection Rationale
                        Perform a Search using both PubMed and EBSCOhost.
You may start with search engines and compiled evidence websites if you want to focus your questions
 or find background information or database management systems and databases of the biomedical
PICO Question:
   Type your PICO format clinical question here.

Search Engine(s) / Database Management System(s) used / Database(s) Searched:
   Search engine / website: ___________________________
   Database management system / Database: ______________________________
        Entrez Pub Med / PubMed
        EBSCOhost
        Note others (change this prompt)
Key Search Terms (number the revisions)

Limiters Used & Special Techniques Used (Note limits and filters used such as Human, Journal type,
Explode function, peer- review, dates, etc. as well as Truncation, Near, Within, Wildcard, etc)

Full Query (Copy and paste the query here - example: ((knee AND hip AND pain)) and DE "Female")

Search Results (How many results total and estimate the % relevant based on the first page of results)

RSS link to search (Copy and paste the RSS link for the search from the database RSS feature )

Sullivan BM. Essential EBP for CAM Study and Practice Guide Critical Appraisal Summary Form 2009
                                          Critical Appraisal Summary
Bibliographic Citation (citation in Vancouver style format)
     Example (Delete example when appropriate citation is inserted for handout):
     Weinstein JN, Tosteson TD, Lurie JD, Tosteson AN, Hanscom B, Skinner JS, Abdu WA, Hilibrand AS, Boden SD, Deyo RA. Surgical vs
     nonoperative treatment for lumbar disk herniation: the Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT): a randomized trial. JAMA 2006
     Nov 22;296(20):2441-50.

Static link to abstract       (Copy and paste the static link of the article abstract from the PubMed Abstract Plus view or the
EBSCOhost title at the search results view)

     Example (to be deleted when appropriate hyperlink is inserted):

Selection rationale
     Summarize JTASS. Use for Journal Club Presentation.

Type of study:
Study Design:
Strength of Evidence:
Patient Population
    See Critical Appraisal Guide section 3
Intervention / Exposure / Event / Control / Comparison
    See Critical Appraisal Guide section 4

Outcomes / Measurements
    Primary Outcomes                                                         Outcome measures
     See section 5                                                           See section 5
                                                                            
                                                                            
                                                                            
                                                                            

Key Results
    See Critical Appraisal Guide section 7b
Key clinical impact, validity, strengths and limitations of this study
    See Critical Appraisal Guide sections 10, 9, 13a, 13b
    Is this study valid?
    Strengths?

Sullivan BM. Essential EBP for CAM Study and Practice Guide Critical Appraisal Summary Form 2009
    Biases? Flaws? Limitations

Consider and comment:
   What does a quick evaluation of your search results indicate? Are there many relevant papers cited by
     your search? What are the most beneficial databases?
   What is your evaluation of the strength of the evidence presented in the selected paper(s)? Is the evidence
     presented strong, moderately strong, neutral or weak if therapy, prognosis or etiology papers were
   Does the evidence support the intervention, diagnosis procedure or diagnostic tool discussed, the
     hypothesized etiology, etc.?
   Sections 3c-g, 5b-e, 6-8, and section 9 of the Critical Appraisal Guide

Impact statement
    How will this evidence affect or influence your clinical practice?
    Can you make a recommendation using the evidence and your clinical expertise as to the application of this
     particular evidence? (Is the evidence solid enough and is the study strong enough to apply the evidence to
     your patient and practice? Should further research be done for any aspect of the evidence summarized?
     How should it be considered with patient values? Is this evidence practical to implement in light of your
     (future) clinical practice?)

Sullivan BM. Essential EBP for CAM Study and Practice Guide Critical Appraisal Summary Form 2009

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