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     Cookie Cupboard
Your Product Sales Team…………………


 Amanda Amspacher, Product Sales Associate         ext. 1225
 South Region, York Service Center

 Brittany Lashinski, Product Sales Associate   ext. 1333 
 North & Northeast Regions, Scranton Service Center

 Carey Miller, Product Sales Associate            ext. 1032
 South Central & West Regions,
 Harrisburg Service Center

 Emily Honafius                                   ext. 1025
 Director of Product Sales & Retail
 Harrisburg Service Center

Location of Cookie Cupboards

Cookie cupboards are
 located throughout      NE
    all 5 regions for   North

   troops to pick-up    South
  additional cookies.   West

Cookies are available
   for pick-up at
 Volunteer Cookie
 Cupboards or the
 Warehouse Cookie

 A list of available
 cupboards will be
      online by
 February 1, 2011.
Types of Cupboards

                             Warehouse Cupboards
                               Open weekdays
                               Open some Saturdays
                               Cases only
                               Agent loads car for you
                               Conveniently located.
Volunteer Cupboards
  Single packages
  Mixed cases
  Full cases
  40+ locations available
  Various Hours
Important Dates to Remember

        February 14-18 Initial Order Delivery
        February 18- Cookie Booths Begin
        February 19- Cookie Cupboards Open
        March 11- Cookie Cupboards Close
Cookie Cupboard Process

  1.   Submit your order to the cupboard or visit a cupboard
  2.   Submit information requested to Cookie Cupboard Manager
  3.   Submit order of Cookies you wish to pickup
  4.   Pull your order
  5.   Count your order
  6.   Sign receipt saying you agree with the amounts picking up
  7.   Load your vehicle
  Note: You are responsible for product once you leave the cupboard
        with the signed receipt of product you have received. Do not
        return later to argue amount of product you received.
Cupboard Required Information
         Volunteers/troops visiting Cookie
        cupboards must know the Password
       and/or have the Cookie Cupboard Card

                                                               3 digit SU
         2011 Cookie Program Service Unit #                     number
                      5 Digit Troop Number required
         Troop # _______________


      Contact your SUCM if you do not have a Cookie Cupboard Card
Cupboard Receipts

 Volunteers picking up
 cookies from a cookie
 cupboard will also need to
 know the following
 information requested on
 the Cookie Pickup Receipt.

 These receipts will help you
 with your troop inventory

 Please Keep these receipts
 and put them in the large
 envelope to hand in with
 your troop sales packet.
Volunteer Cupboards
Available online at by February 1, 2011

 Troops may pick-up cookies at any Volunteer Cookie Cupboard in the Council. They may
 pick-up any of the following quantities of cookies:
            Single package(s)
            Mixed cases
            Full cases of any variety

 Troops may exchange packages or cases of cookies (based on the available inventory). All
 packages or cases brought for exchange must be unopened and in good condition.

 Troops may replace damaged packages or cases of cookies or packages that are short in a
 case of cookies.

  Troops may NOT return cookies.
Warehouse Cupboards
Available online at by February 1, 2011

   Parks Van & Storage located at 1001 S. 14th Street Harrisburg, PA 17104- approximately
   1 mile form the Harrisburg Service Center. When at the warehouse, go to the office
   located on the second floor and Tammy will instruct you on what the next step is.

   Park Centre Carrier located at 245 Commerce St, Bellefonte, PA 16823 is located
   approximately 7 miles from the State College Service Center. When at the warehouse, go
   to the office and they will guide you to the cookies.

   L A Moving and Storage located at 2401 Luzerne Street Scranton, PA 18504
   approximately 10 miles from the Scranton Service Center. When at the warehouse, just
   follow the Cookie signs to get your cookies.

   Jack Treier, Inc. located at 140 Marble Dr. Lancaster, PA 17603 approximately 5 miles
   from the Lancaster Service Center When at the warehouse, volunteers should park their
   vehicles and go in the door marked with a Girl Scout Cookies Sign. Fill out a cookie
   requisition form. Then you will be given instructions and directed to which bay they
   should back the vehicle in to for loading.
Pending Orders
Troops can place a pending order to a cupboard

                                                                Cupboard order
                                                 SU   901   Add Product

 Pending orders will help
  with inventory control.
    Troops can pick up
 pending orders by Thurs.
         or Friday !

How Many Cookies Will Fit in My Car?

Picking-up cookies for a Rally, Delivery, or from a Cookie Cupboard? No problem! Use this guide to
approximate how many cases of cookies will fit in your vehicle. The amounts assume the car will be empty
except for the driver and uses all space except the driver’s seat.

Safety Note: Avoid carrying cookie cases and children in the passenger area of a vehicle at the same time.

Compact car 23
Hatchback car 30
Mid-size sedan 35
Sport utility vehicle 60
Station wagon 75
Mini van (seats in) 75
Pick-up truck (full bed) 100
Cargo van (seats in) 200

Remember cases contain 12 packages of cookies. Cases vary in size (Longer boxes include the Dulce de
Leche, Tagalongs, Samoa)

Thank You!

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