Last Will by nyut545e2


									I, Pam White, being of unsound            I, Cajean Robinson, being of sound        I, Zachary Hole, being of sound
mind and weary body do hereby             mind and body, do hereby claim            mind and body, do hereby leave my
leave mi corozon frances to Jose          punchbuggy infinity on Jessica Kiel,      advanced procrastination skills to my
Casablanca, a French trailer to Evan      a lot of “nice” name-calling and          friends Rico Hans-King and Mat-
Horton, “Vive la France” to Levi          “playful” shoves to Devon Johnson,        thew Morgan, along with my good
Young, “teach ’em up” to Bryan            the ability to make up silly speeches     wishes and hope for all of my friends
Bergstrom, my non-existent discipli-      on the spot to Gasten Warren, and         who I have had the pleasure of shar-
nary skills to Cecilia de Aza Post,       lots of laughs, hugs, and smiles to       ing my high school experiences with.
my birthplace to Harry Seals, ALL         everyone else. In my future, I am         I will always remember the fun I had
tick-tack-toe and Unit tests to Christy   going to the University of West           with my friends along with the years
Poling, my former classroom to            Georgia to major in education.            in band class with Mr. Owens and
Brent Walburn, coffee and solace to       Thanks to Mr. Martin, Senora              Mr. Neidhardt, as I leave to attend
Kitty Cheek, “in the fullness of time”    Murray, Mr. O, Mr. Robbins, and           Georgia State University.
to Juliann Brandes, “we’re outta          Doc. I love you all!
here” to Adrienne Elder.
I, Antonio Perez, being of sound          I, Jessica Samone Brown, being of         I, Ivy Megginson, being of
mind and body, do hereby leave my         sound mind and body, do hereby            (relatively) sound mind and body, do
ability to wait till the last minute to   leave much success and happiness to       hereby bequeath to all present and
do everything and still receive one of    all upcoming freshmen, sophomores,        future chorus students the absolute
the top grades in the class to all the    juniors, and seniors. One thing that I    best time that anyone could have in
slacker students of EC. To Mr. Elder,     would like to say to you is “Don’t be     high school being surrounded by
I thank you for never letting the class   a fool; play it cool if you want to get   your friends, a great teacher, and
forget that how much you hate             out of school.” In the fall, I am going   beautiful music. I leave to you all the
school, in the end, “It’s all about the   to West Georgia Technical College         complete inability to sit still, and to
Paypa!” I plan to attend The Culi-        for cosmetology. After many lessons       Abby and Tori I leave the endless
nary Institute of America in Hyde         to learn and accomplishments, I am        making of copies. I will attend Co-
Park, New York to pursue a career in      going to open my own shop. I would        lombus State University’s school of
culinary arts. A memory that I will       like to thank many of the wonderful       music to pursue a career in choral
stay true to forever is to keep One       teachers at East Coweta because you       conducting. Thank you all, especially
Love in your heart, whether it be a       mean so much to me and you have           Mrs. Weeks, for filling these four
person, thing, or ideal, for it will      taught me more than I will ever           years with wonderful memories that I
define you for the rest of your life.     know. Thanks Mrs. Latasha Wil-            will carry with me for the rest of my
                                          liams, Mrs. Parsell, Mrs. Toni Noles,     life.
                                          and last but not least Mrs. With.

I, Kayla Holwick, being of sound          I, Brittany Keaton, being of sound        I, Jasleen Kaur Bolina, being of
mind and body, do hereby give my          mind and body, do hereby leave my         sound mind and body, do hereby
ability to form ridiculous answers in     trainer’s scissors behind to Mel-Ro       bequeath my half-hearted sarcasm
Academic Bowl to Trey Blanden. To         and Becky. Coach Knott and Coach          and senioritis (where waking up is
Ben Bockenek, I give my Mock Trial        Lovewell– I’ll be back for the Friday     procrastinated) to Heather Rose and
rule knowledge. To the upcoming           night lights. To my football family:      Lauren Boudreau. Chelcee Bryant, I
seniors in Mock Trial, I give the op-     enthusiasm even when you’re on the        leave you my lunches and metabo-
portunity to become lead attorney,        ground. Get back up. You can have         lism. Courtney Matheny will receive
and remember that you have to work        my tolerance, Mrs. Stephens, and my       paperwork to patent chemiosmosis.
for it. To Mrs. Stefenelli, thank you     “intense” ability to party. I leave all   “Best Friend” Mike Collins: I hope
for getting me started in AP. To Mr.      my coaches, teachers, and mentors         you find all of the writing utensils I
Robbins, I will always remember           with my utmost gratitude; you have        loaned you. To those brave enough
“Oh the Places You Will Go.” I will       inspired me to influence others. Un-      to take AP Biology, I leave the Fri-
always be grateful to Mrs. Elder for      derclassmen, walk with purpose and        day Shenanigans. Many have asked
pushing me to be better. My greatest      hold your head high like you’ve got a     to inherit my brain and super-genius
thanks goes to Mrs. Stephens for all      nosebleed. I plan to attend the Uni-      powers, but I need those for Auburn
you have done in the past three           versity of Georgia in the fall to major   University in the fall to pursue a ca-
years. I plan to attend the University    in education with a focus in creative     reer as an operating room pharma-
of Georgia in the fall and pursue a       and gifted learning at a high school      cist.
degree in International Business.         level.
I, Danielle Alexander, being of          I, Joey Cyr, leave to my sister Mer-     I, Angie Ingram, do hereby leave
sound mind and body, do hereby           anda Cyr my AP US notes. If I can        my learning abilities of not procrasti-
leave my costumes to Echostage. To       find them. To my friend Trevor           nating to finish my course work at
Taleya I leave you with the “High        Bachman I leave my severe case of        the last minute, and also the school
School Memories.” To Mr. Robbins         senioritis and my ability to fail my     parties where we lost our common
I leave my animal cell project. To       senior paper and sleep in class and      sense and danced until our bodies
Doc I leave all my thanks. I plan on     still pass language with an 81 aver-     dripped sweat, to celli cell, a.k.a.
attending college at Columbus State      age. I plan to attend Southern Poly-     Marcellus Parrott. Remember that
University to double major in Thea-      technic State University to study        the sky is the limit so whatever you
tre and dental hygiene. To Katarina      engineering.                             put your mind to will be possible if
and Kayla H., I leave you guys the                                                you just have faith. I will be attend-
memories of us sharing every mo-                                                  ing Gordon College to pursue a ca-
ment with each other.                                                             reer in nursing.
I, Ashley Dawson, being of sound         I, Edith Avila, bequeath my ability      I, Meggan Scott, being of sound
mind and body, leave my awesome          to function with two hours of sleep      mind and body, leave my ability to
organizational skills to Mrs. Kelly      to all of the AP geniuses. I leave       run away from creepers to my beau-
Jackson. I leave Katie Kaminski the      behind all the mistakes of procrasti-    tiful sister, Sarah Scott. I leave Katie
ability to withstand the perversion      nation and take all the positives.       Kaminski, Derrick Perez, Jordan
that comes from the boys at lunch. I     Good Luck. I give a special thanks to    Bailey, Antonio Foles, and my
leave Kristopher Nelson the ability to   Mrs. White, Lewandowski, and Mrs.        lovely clarinets the ability to stay
make perfect poster projects. I will     Elder. You guys have changed my          beautiful, no matter what. I’ll be at-
be attending the University of West      life for the best and you pushed me      tending Georgia Southwestern to
Georgia. I want to thank Mr. Neid-       to the edge. Thank you, for teachers     study psychology. I couldn’t have
hardt and Mr. Owens for showing me       like you will be blessed.                done it without my family, Neid-
that life goes on after something goes                                            hardt, Owens, Mr. Elder, Mrs. With,
wrong. I appreciate that greatly.                                                 Lewie (my lotto ticket buddy), and
Thank you Madame White for being                                                  the lovely Mrs. Stefenelli. Congrats
you. I will really miss you.                                                      to the class of 2010!
I, Emily Stephens, being of sound        I, Alace Bentley, leave to Eddie         I, Miracle Golden, being of sound
mind and body, do hereby leave the       Morris my love to hold onto that         mind and body, do hereby believe
care of my mother, Mrs. Stephens, to     which you already you have a tight       that if there were more teachers like
Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Stefenelli, and       grip. I leave my cheerleading skills     Mrs. Barronton, the graduation rate
Ms. Spradlin. I leave the treasured      to all my girls, Brittany Stewart, Ja-   would be 100%, and attendace would
“Friday Song” to Margaret Kaz-           cee Terell, Morgan Bass, and Mel-        always be perfect because students
mierczak. To Ben Bockenek, I leave       lissa “Mel” Boone. And to my love        couldn’t miss a day of being taught
an ounce of my intelligence. To Mrs.     Olivia Jackson, I leave my               by their favorite teachers like Mrs.
Lowrie, I leave my sarcasm sign for      strength… heaven knows you’ll need       Barronton. She has been such an
future use against Mr. Sewell. I plan    it! I myself plan to attend Georgia      inspirational teacher to me.
to attend Georgia Tech in the fall       Southern University in the fall of       Thanks… and much love!
where I will major in Biology and        2010 to become a journalist. Wish
enjoy being a cheerleader!               me luck!
I, Ryan Collis, leave my “swole” to      I, Jessica “J. Lee” Lee, being of        I, Aksa Anwar, being of sound mind
Jason Eady and Tyler Ridgeway. I,        sound mind and body, do hereby           and body, do hereby leave the drama,
Ryan Collis, leave my four square        graduate. I leave my good wishes to      excitement, and extensive amount of
skills to Kyle Lorow. I, Ryan Collis,    all those who are not. Chris, keep       work, to my sister, Yusra. I plan to
leave my football skills to Nick Gi-     saying your famous line. I plan to       attend Georgia State University. I
rard. I, Ryan Collis, leave all my       attend a college ten graduate again.     would like to thank Mrs. Elder and
inner strength, love, joy, and devo-     Then, I’ll get a job and live my life.   Mr. Robbins for believing in me and
tion to Daniela Velez.                                                            encouraging me to be the best I can
                                                                                  be! Farewell, high school!
I, Carissa Bussie, being of sound          I, Mark ations II, being of sound          I, ancy Patricia Bott, being of
mind and body, do hereby leave             mind and body, do hereby leave             questionably sound mind and body
Nesha “Solo” Edward to thick               Kayla my whole heart. I love you           do hereby leave my absolute awe-
shawty all my partying and late night      best friend. I would like to leave         someness to my cousin, Becca Bott;
cakin lol. To Keshana (thickest in the     what is left of my sanity to Megan         use it wisely. I leave my lameness to
school) Goode I leave my ability to        Hillyer because she is the one who         fill all of the classes Mrs. Williams
accomplish everything in one day.          helped me keep what I have left. To        has for years to come, and my super
And I can’t forget my girl Symone          Katarina I leave my love for acting        fantastic, amazing, unforgettable
Walker (too grown). I leave you the        because I know you are gonna shine         personality to remain at East Coweta
ability to be grown now. Love you          next year! To Joel I leave all the         forever. I plan on attending West
all! I am only a text away (lol). I plan   smiles I never gave because I don’t        Georgia Technical to become a certi-
to attend JSU in the fall to pursue a      like my teeth and his are awesome. I       fied paramedic. Kelli Williams and
career in nursing.                         have loved high school so much and         Jan Melton, I will miss y’all like
                                           will miss it like crazy. I hope you all    crazy! Thanks for EVERYTHING!
                                           love your next year!
I, Anthony Steve Davila, being of          I, Marissa Greene, being of sound          I, Jacob Demlow, being of sound
sound mind and body, do hereby             mind and body, do hereby leave my          body and mind, do hereby leave my
leave my ability to procrastinate to       ability to finish the senior paper         freshman MASKE!, my uniqueness,
Madame White, the teacher who has          without pulling an all-nighter the         and my ability to be whomever I
helped me with many things in my           night before it’s due to Hunter            want. To Joel I leave my video mak-
life. To Alex Marie Madrid, my love        Woods. To Lauren Ward, I would             ing knowledge. To the future Echos-
for the simple things in life and na-      like to leave my water-color painting      tage officers I leave patience and
ture. To Al Banks and Tanner Rec-          abilities (as long as she promises to      compassion. To Katelyn I leave my
tor, my love for cars and racing. To       let me visit Lola!). To the remaining      understanding and late night conver-
Matt Brown and Tommy Watson,               high school students, I wish the will      sations. I would like to thank Doc
my running abilities and the skills to     to succeed and to make these years         and Mr. O for making the past four
pull “J-turns.” To Chris Smoot, my         great. I would like to thank all of my     years so memorable. I would also
ability to fail every test and some-       teachers for their encouragement. It       like to thank Ms. Wickham and Ms.
how pass the class. To Trevor Bach-        is because of them that I will con-        Williams for being accepting, won-
man, my “skills” in swimming. Last         tinue my education at the University       derful people. To Kendall Trammell
but not least, TJ Kholi and Abby           of Georgia. I especially want to           I leave my “Single Ladies” legacy.
Corser, the ability to remain positive     thank Madame White for making my           To Ili, Micaela, Marilyn, Kat, and
and strong during difficult situations.    transition into East Coweta much           Kayla I leave my love of Lady Gaga.
I plan to attend UGA in the fall to        more bearable than I had anticipated.      I would like to thank all my other
pursue a major in International Busi-                                                 friends and teachers for the support
ness along with a minor in Japanese.                                                  and love in my education. I will con-
                                                                                      tinue my education this fall at Geor-
                                                                                      gia State University.
I, Justin Combs, being of sound            I, Lynnda Wright, being of sound           I, Tyler Hall, rockin’ the class of X,
mind do hereby leave my ability to         mind and body, do hereby leave my          leave my legacy chain to The Irish-
make anyone laugh to my brothers. I        wisdom and creativity along with my        man. Wear it proudly and pass it on.
leave my study habits to all the jun-      writing and test taking ability. Try to    A few teachers stand out in my
iors who are taking AP Literature/         make class time the best and get           memories of this place. Madame
Microeconomics. I plan to attend           plenty of rest even if it’s during class   White, four years in your class have
Georgia Southern University to pur-        that's so you won’t crash. For when        been great. Miss Melton, your teach-
sue a career as a doctor. To Coach         you have to deal with all the senior       ing class helped me realize I want to
Knott, who has influenced my life          hassles all the way till you receive       teach. Finally, Ms. Walker, without
the most, I leave all the good times       your tassel, make the decisions that       your math help, I wouldn’t have
we had together on the sidelines. I        are best for you and then you will         graduated. I just wanna thank every-
will always come back to the games         make it through.                           one who has helped me through
when I can.                                I plan to go to Columbus State to          these four years at ECHS.
                                           major in Biology and become a brain
                                           surgeon. Special thanks to Mr. Elder,
                                           Mrs. Knott, and Mr. Sewell.
I, atalie Robertson, being of              I, Maya Austin, being of sound            I, Morgan Hunnicutt, being of
sound mind and body, do hereby             mind and body, do hereby leave my         sound mind and body, do hereby
bequeath to Melanie Robertson my           leadership skills to Olivia, Brittany,    leave EC with my procrastination for
’88 Ford and a parking space. I also       and Jazmyn as they lead the varsity       others to keep; I no longer want it.
give my school involvement and             basketball cheerleading squad next        I’m leaving with the hope of Barry
opportunities; enjoy it while you can.     year. Good luck to all of you! No         Weaver continuing with his stubborn
To Lauren Grant, my zumba moves            matter what happens, remember to          will to exceed his classes, no matter
(work it girl!) and memories of fun        always have fun, keep your cool, and      how often I call him a dork. I also
times and good conversation; to Al-        do you. My advice to underclassmen        leave with thanks to Mrs. Ratzlaff for
exa Moss and Melanie Robertson,            is to always work hard, never give        encouraging me to never give up. I
my leadership in chorus. Show Mrs.         up, and to never let anyone tell you      am attending the University of West
Weeks some respect! To Taylor              that you can’t do something. I plan to    Georgia to become a kindergarten
Moore, a.k.a. Willis, my AP notes          attend Valdosta State University in       teacher.
and my advanced procrastination. I         the fall to pursue a career in early
also give you more time to hang out        childhood education. I would like to      I, Tiffany Craig, being of sound
with Mel, even though you will             thank Mr. Nigrelli for helping me         mind and body, do hereby leave
never take my place; to Victor             understand chemistry and Mrs. Elder       Garrett Hall the courage to be his
Mendez, good lunch conversations           for teaching me now to REALLY             own person and along with our spot
and the ability to dream big. Shoot        write. Attending EC for four years        out at the bus loading area. I leave
for the stars! I plan to attend the Uni-   has been a great experience, but it’s     Amanda Caldwell morning alertness
versity of Georgia in the fall and         time for me to go. With love, peace,      to stay awake and be the
major in broadcasting or public rela-      and happiness, I say farewell to EC       “spokesman” in seminary. I will be
tions.                                     and hello to adulthood.                   leaving in July for Brigham Young
                                                                                     University in Rexburg, Idaho.
I, JT Perry, being of sound body           I, Cale Foster, being of sound mind       I, Justin Combs, being of sound
and mind, do hereby leave the “lo-         and body, do hereby leave Mrs.            mind do hereby leave my ability to
ma-pa” rock to Cole Bodner. O also         White my aviator glasses for letting      make anyone laugh to my brothers. I
leave my ability to wake up late and       Zakk and I play Top Gun with the          leave my study habits to all the jun-
make it to school on time to Rachel        class headsets. I also leave the tradi-   iors who are taking AP Literature/
Kittle. I would also like to say good      tion of the banana suit at the football   Microeconomics. I plan to attend
luck to the drill team. After I gradu-     games to Lee Brown. My nickname           Georgia Southern University to pur-
ate, I will be going to Marine Corps       of Whale goes to Michael Huges. I         sue a career as a doctor. To Coach
boot camp. I would like to thank           plan to attend Truett-McConnell Col-      Knott, who has influenced my life
Colonel Ingram, MSgt Skinner, and          lege and play baseball while pursu-       the most, I leave all the good times
GySgt Jones. These teachers have           ing a career in education or business.    we had together on the sidelines. I
influenced me every day of high            I would like to thank Mrs. Stephens       will always come back to the games
school and will always be considered       for being a great teacher and making      when I can.
heroes to me. SEMPER FI                    me understand the brighter side of

I, T.J. Kelly, being of sound mind         I, Raquel Offield, leave my ability       I, Ja’lisa Bussie, being of sound
and body, do hereby leave my               to eat food in class without getting      mind and body, do hereby leave my
t-shirts, humor, and way of life with      caught to my junior friend Christina      warm heart and cakin on Friday
Ethan Iannarino. I leave my hacky          Kirkman. I leave my ability to finish     nights to my buttermilk, sister Ke-
sack skills to Jake Mathis. I leave my     homework for a certain class in the       shara Goode. I love you girl. Also, I
awesome hair to Rachel Deryck and          class before it to Marti Hemphill. I      can’t forget about my solo shawty,
my Asian Persuasion to Olivia Flynt.       leave my ability to be awesome to         Nesha Edwards. I leave you my late
The teachers that have impacted me         my little brother Nick. I hope all my     night party days and our breaking
the most are Mrs. Ottavio, Coach           junior friends have a great senior        curfew. Y’all just remember that you
Blair, and all of the Spanish teachers!    year next year. Good luck next year       should always strive for excellence.
I’m glad Blair, Robbins, and               and try to stay out of trouble, Nicky     My plan is to pursue a career as a
Stephens loved my songs! I’m taking        Icky. GO MERCER!!!                        traveling nurse at Albany State Uni-
my singing skills with me!                                                           versity.
I, Melissa Kawai, being of sound         I, Adrienne Elder, being of soon-to-     I, Rachael Copeland, being of
mind and body, do hereby bequeath:       be-relaxed mind and body, do hereby      sound mind and body, do hereby
to Margaret Kazmierczak, my AP           bequeath, upon my departure from         bequeath the best summer ever to
Biology notes; I hope they help you      ECHS, the following items to said        Margaret Kazmierczak, William Sta-
more than they helped me. Taylor         persons: My vast collection of liter-    nier, Kendall Trammell, and Ben
Mercer, Lauren Ward, and Emily           ary classics (with a couple of trash     Bockenek. To Melanie Robertson I
Thompson, I leave you with nothing       novel thrown in) to my English de-       leave the perseverance to get through
but my love! To Savannah Pelletier, I    partment friends and co-workers,         two more years. To Derek Foulks, I
leave my crown (you know what I          whom I will miss dearly. I leave         leave you the ability to laugh no mat-
mean). Hunter Woods, never stop          many hours of grading AP essays/         ter what the circumstance. Mr. Rob-
being a goober, it suites you. Charles   10-page term papers and writing          bins, you will always be my STAR.
Henson, keep on rockin’! I will be       college/ scholarship recommenda-         Mrs. Elder, you have changed my
attending Georgia Southern Univer-       tions to Micki Byrnes. My dearly         life more than you will ever know.
sity and be an active member of the      beloved (and CLEAN) room and my          Mrs. Bennett, thank you for keeping
“chair,” I mean, Air Force National      treasured English friends I leave in     my senioritis in check. To the ladies
Guard. I am double majoring in in-       good hands with Randy Robbins. To        in Guidance, I would never have
ternational affairs and a language and   Chris Sewell, I leave my whips and       made it without you. Dr. Waggoner,
minoring in photography. After two       chains (not the fun kind) for obtain-    thank you for being a loyal leader of
years at Southern, I plan to transfer    ing senior dues and other outstanding    the high school of champions. I will
to Auburn University and continue        debts. I leave only one more year for    be attending Georgia Tech in the fall
my studies there. Mrs. Bennett, you      my good buddy, David Ingram. To          as a President’s Scholar to study fi-
intimidated me and taught me to          Cynthia Bennett, I leave my cell         nance.
never sleep in or skip class. You        phone number, which she better use
were one of the best teachers I’ve       to keep in touch. I’m not leaving
ever had and you can be sure you’ll      anything for Pam White because
be getting an email from me that you     she’ll be sitting with me on the
can read to your classes next year.      beach. For all my students of this
Mr. Robbins, I leave you with our        year and years gone by, I leave my
secret high five, may it live on for-    love for you wherever you may go
ever! Mr. Carson, stay golden! To        and take memories of you forever
future graduates of East Coweta,         with me. Thank you ECHS for mak-
study hard (especially if you have       ing my life complete!
AP Biology) and enjoy your time in
high school. These are the fastest
four years of your life and there is
plenty more to come!
I, Rachel Furbee, being of sound         I, Sara Kennedy, being of sound          I, Sarah Adams, leave my ability to
mind and body, do hereby leave next      mind and body, do hereby leave           procrastinate and leadership abilities
year’s yearbook staff with the re-       Daniela Velez and Shari Taylor to        to my cousin, Scarlett Holt. You
sponsibility of creating the yearbook.   stay strong in their relationship with   never realize how fast your life will
To next year’s Editor-in-Chief, I        God, to keep their heads high and to     pass you by. High school is a big
leave the important task of being        be strong leaders, to share the word,    slap in the face, but it’s worth it. I
Mrs. Garcia’s faithful “sidekick.” I     and to be incredible role models as      plan to attend the University of West
would like to say a special thanks to    the beautiful women of God they          Georgia to pursue a career in educa-
Mrs. Garcia for choosing to take on      are! Psalm 16:8 “I have set the Lard     tion. I’d like to thank Mr. Storey for
the huge responsibility of creating      always before me. Because He is at       being an amazing teacher. Remem-
the yearbook. Her dedication to cre-     my right hand, I will not be shaken.”    ber, never convince yourself of
ate a beautiful book has clearly be-     I plan to attend Atlanta City            something your heart denies.
come reality, and I appreciate the       Church’s “City Interns” in the fall to
work she has done to make this           pursue a career in the ministry.
year’s book a success. I am looking
forward to attending Georgia College
and State University in the fall of

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