Sorghum Flour
The Sorghum Solution
Grain Sorghum is one of the oldest known grains originating
in Africa and India where it is commonly used in a variety of
foods. Around the world, sorghum is used in food products
including porridges, breads, cookies, tortillas, and extruded
commercial products. Grain sorghum is a significant crop in
North America due to its tolerance to growing conditions not
suitable for other crops, but has traditionally been overlooked
for food applications.

Color varieties of sorghum range from dark brown to red to
white, with various benefits and flavors associated with each.
ADM’s white sorghum flour has a light color and neutral
flavor. Processed similar to wheat flour, white sorghum flour         Damage from gluten reduces the body’s ability to absorb
has a bland flavor that can be beneficial because it does not         nutrients from food. The only treatment is a strict gluten-
add an unfamiliar or distinctive taste. The whole grain white         free diet. Specially manufactured gluten-free foods, which
sorghum flour can be used to provide nutritional benefits             are labeled as such, are often available to replace wheat flour
associated with whole grains.                                         based products.

Sorghum flours offer a gluten free solution that is more              Wheat gluten can be difficult to avoid because it is found in
economical than specialty starches and competitively priced           many packaged foods, such as soups and sauces, under the
with other flours.                                                    following names: modified starch, hydrolysed/textured
                                                                      vegetable/plant protein, binders, fillers, extenders and malt.
                                                                      ADM sorghum flours are an excellent option to replace wheat
Gluten Free                                                           flour in these applications.
Traditionally a niche market, gluten-free food products have
become a dynamic sector, with annual growth rate of 29%.1
                                                                      Whole Grain
These products are designed for people with intolerance to            The health benefits of whole grains have been extensively
wheat, and specifically for people with coeliac/celiac disease,       studied to the degree that the 2005 Dietary Guidelines
who suffer from a life-long inflammatory condition of the             for Americans report states “Consuming at least 3 ounce-
intestinal tract caused by gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye      equivalents of whole grains per day can reduce the risk of
and barley. In the US, research estimates that 1 in 133 people        coronary heart disease, may help with weight maintenance,
have Celiac disease, and must avoid gluten2.                          and may lower risk for other chronic diseases3.” Whole grains
                                                                      are key ingredients to provide antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and
                                                                      more. Whole grain white sorghum flour can be used to provide
  Gluten Free SorGhum ApplicAtionS                                    these important nutritional components.

 •   Pizza crust                   •  Brownies                        1
                                                                          Euromonitor International. Global Market for
                                                                          Food Intolerance Products. April 2, 2009
 •  Crackers                       •  Muffins                         2
                                                                          Fasano A, Berti I, Gerarduzzi T, et al. Prevalence of celiac
                                                                          disease in at-risk and not-at-risk groups in the United
 •  Cake                           •  Pancakes
                                                                          States. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2003;163(3):268–292.
 •  Cookies                        •  Bread

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                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sorghum Flour

            NutritioNal iNformatioN:                                                                                                        NutritioNal iNformatioN:
            WHite SorgHum flour                                                                                                             WHite WHole graiN SorgHum flour
            Item                                               Per 100g                 Per 30g                                             Item                                               Per 100g                 Per 30g
            Calories                                              348.55                  104.57                                            Calories                                              345.07                  103.52
            Calories from Fat                                      13.26                    3.98                                            Calories from Fat                                     29.00                    8.70
            Total Fat (g)                                          1.47                     0.44                                            Total Fat (g)                                          3.22                    0.97
                 Saturated Fat (g)                                 0.32                     0.10                                                Saturated Fat (g)                                  0.56                    0.17
                 Trans Fatty Acid (g)                               0.0                     0.0                                                 Trans Fatty Acid (g)                                0.0                     0.0
                 Polyunsaturated (g)                               0.71                     0.21                                                Polyunsaturated (g)                                1.69                    0.51
                 Monounsaturated (g)                               0.44                     0.13                                                Monounsaturated (g)                                0.98                    0.29
            Cholesterol (mg)                                        0.0                     0.0                                             Cholesterol (mg)                                        0.0                     0.0
            Sodium (mg)                                            20.00                    6.00                                            Sodium (mg)                                           60.00                    18.00
            Total Carbohydrates (g)                                80.24                   24.07                                            Total Carbohydrates (g)                               77.56                    23.27
                Dietary Fiber (g)                                  7.83                     2.35                                                Dietary Fiber (g)                                 11.46                    3.44
                Soluble Fiber (g)                                  2.33                     0.70                                                Soluble Fiber (g)                                  3.33                    1.00
                Insoluble Fiber (g)                                5.50                     1.65                                                Insoluble Fiber (g)                                8.13                    2.44
                Sugars (g)                                         1.00                     0.30                                                Sugars (g)                                         2.10                    0.63
            Protein (g)                                            9.06                     2.72                                            Protein (g)                                            9.57                    2.87
            Vitamin B2 (mg)                                        1.52                     0.46                                            Vitamin B2 (mg)                                        1.48                    0.44
            Folic Acid (mg)                                        0.18                     0.05                                            Folic Acid (mg)                                        0.27                    0.08
            Calcium (mg)                                           8.50                     2.55                                            Calcium (mg)                                          11.50                    3.45
            Iron (mg)                                              0.40                     0.12                                            Iron (mg)                                              3.60                    1.08
            Moisture (g)                                           9.55                     2.87                                            Moisture (g)                                           9.35                    2.81
            Ash (g)                                                0.47                     0.14                                            Ash (g)                                                1.14                    0.34

          Results tabulated by independent laboratory.                                                                                    Results tabulated by independent laboratory.

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