Postal Ballot

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					Postal Ballot
                                                           Postal Ballot Papers have to be
 Service voters, other than those who opt for
                                                           sent to all service electors, whose
proxy voting (CSVs);
                                                           names are in last part of electoral
Special voters;
                                                           roll, provided they have not opted
The wives of persons referred to in clauses (a)
                                                           for proxy voting
and (b) above;
Electors subjected to preventive – detention;
Voters on election duty; and
Notified voters;

 POSTAL BALLOT PAPERS – (For Assembly Election- PINK)
 Every postal ballot paper shall have a counterfoil attached to it. (Ordinarily exceed 15
 ems. (6 ems are equal to 1 inch approximately).
  A black border of 1 cm at the top of the counterfoil;
  A black border of 1cm at the top of the counterfoil;

 On the top of the front face of the ballot papers, the particulars of the constituency and
 the election shall be printed.
  For General Election to the Legislative Assembly Postal Ballot Paper(on pink paper)
               “11-Almora AC/2011 Gen.
                    Postal Ballot Paper”
  Preparation    24 Hrs    Preparation of   24 Hrs     Dispatch of
   of Form 7                Ballot Paper                   PB

Signature of the Returning           Forms-
Officer                              12- Application for Postal
Two time- One will appear in         Ballot
full and other in such a manner      13 A- Declaration by Elector
that part of the signature           13B- Address Cover
appear in counterfoil portion        13C- Address Cover
and part in ballot paper side.       13D- Instructions for guidance
                                     of Electors
  Issue of PB to the Polling Staffs, Police and other categories

appointme              Provided Form 12 for applying for postal ballot paper
 nt letter

                        Submit duly filled in Form 12 by PP
                            Appointment letter and also the EPIC issued to him or a
  1st Day                  copy of any official identity card
  Training                  Preliminary scrutiny for correction
                        Receiving arrangement of Form 12.
                       Adequate Form 12 in Training Venue.

                       Processing by RO to issue Postal Ballot Paper

                      Cover containing PB to Polling Personnel
                          Obtaining his sign in the register
                          Verified through EPIC or any other photo ID as well as
                         appointment order.
2nd Day               “PB Facilitation Centre”
Training                  Govt. officer, as is authorized under law to attest Form 13A.
                          Record his vote on postal ballot
                          Drop it in a duly locked and sealed “drop box” pertaining to
                         his AC