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									The Basic Guide to YLOD and PlayStation Repair

Summary: There are some YLOD and PlayStation 3 repair options available to the avid gamer.
The PS3 can be sent for repairs to Sony or you can do it yourself by using a guide.

If you want to know about YLOD and PlayStation 3 repair options then keep reading. Many
customers have complained about the “Yellow Light of Death”. It is a common error which is
seen in many PS3 models. There is nothing worse than having your brand new PS3 suddenly
giving errors and messing up your gaming. If you want to know ways to solve these errors, then
here’s how:

The first thing you need to do when undertaking YLOD and PlayStation 3 repair is to follow a
few simple steps:

   1.    Allow your PlayStation 3 to cool by turning it off, unplugging it and leaving it for about
         20 minutes. Then turn it on again and see if it works.
   2.    Check all your PlayStation 3 cables. Make sure they are all plugged in properly.
   3.    Unplug the hard drive and take it out. Then plug it back in again and see if the PS3 starts
If all the above measures fail, then it is time for some drastic steps to be taken for YLOD and
PlayStation 3 repair. You have two options available to you. You can either send you
PlayStation 3 to Sony to get it repaired. Or you can do the repair it yourself with the help of a

If you want YLOD and PlayStation repair to be done by Sony, then it will cost about $150. And
Sony will need about 4 to 6 weeks to do the necessary repairs. They might also wipe out your
hard drive, so you risk losing all your saved games, your music and your videos. The good news
is after repairs Sony will give you an extended 3 months warranty. And since the repairs will be
done by experts, your PS3 will be returned good as new. No matter how serious the issue is,
you can be sure that the technicians at Sony will be able to solve it. If you have a valid warranty,
then having YLOD and PlayStation 3 repair done by Sony may be the best option.
However, if your warranty has expired, and you don’t have the money to pay Sony for a repair,
then don’t worry. You can do YLOD and PlayStation 3 repair yourself. All you need is a guide
which will cost only around $50. The guide will give you step by step instructions on how to do
the repair. Now that you know all the ways, consider your options carefully before sending your
PS3 for repair.

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