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									The Most Common PS3 Problems and How to Fix Them

Summary: When buying a PS3, you should know that there are some common PS3 problems
that it faces such as overheating, freezing, and the like. It should be remembered that you
should not open your PS3 unless you really know what you are doing. If it is really irreparable,
just get in touch with Sony Tech.

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) has made its mark, as probably the best PlayStation yet, but there are a
number of PS3 problems that you may face once you become an owner of this renowned
gaming console. This isn’t really meant to turn a potential buyer away from the product; rather,
this should serve as a mere troubleshooting guide on the common PS3 problems, and how to
safely and easily fix them.

For starters, it should be remembered that if you are having or facing any trouble with your
current PS3, do not open it UNLESS you know what you are doing exactly. This should be kept in
mind because once you open your PS3 the warranty becomes immediately void. This warranty
is valid for a year from the date stated in the hard copy receipt, so you might want to keep it in
order for you to have your PS3 repaired for free. But if you don’t have the receipt or it’s been
past a year, then you can try to either repair the PS3 yourself, or contact Sony’s tech support

In a nutshell, the five most common PS3 problems are: (1) it can’t read games or movies that
are in blu-ray format, sometimes DVDs or CDs. There is also a lot of chopping and freezing, and
sometimes it just simply won’t work. (2) No audio or video is coming out, and the video is
distorted. Most of the time the users experiencing this problem face the Yellow Light of Death.
(3) Freezing of the XMB bar or the Menu bar. (4) Overheating of the system. (5) Sometimes, the
PS3 problems involve no power, three beeps, or blinking lights.

If your PS3 is unable to read discs, then you are probably experiencing a Sony defect. You may
try cleaning the lens of your PS3 with a DVD or a Laser CD. Don’t worry because it won’t
damage the laser. If you are experiencing PS3 problems that involve the video, the first thing
you should do is reset the manual display by holding down the power button upon starting the
PlayStation, until you hear two beeps.

A lot of PS3 problems involve menu freezing and failure to load the menu bar. In the event of
this, just go to the Settings, and select System Restore. If this won’t work, then the best way is
to remove the hard drive and insert it into a different PS3. Don’t worry; it won’t damage the
game console.

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