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									        School of Engineering, Short course

        Introduction to
        Flight Simulation
        31 Oct – 4 Nov 2011

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                                                      In conjunction with the
                                                   Royal Aeronautical Society


   Course overview
   Flight simulation technology plays a major role in modern aviation from initial aircraft design through
   development, build, and production and then in training aircrew and ground crew to fly and maintain the
   aircraft. The qualities of the higher levels of flight simulators for training, using realistic crew stations and
   controls, and with sophisticated modelling and cueing, are such that already-experienced airline pilots
   convert to new aircraft types solely through simulator training, the so-called “Zero Flight Time” system that
   has been in use worldwide since 1982. In the civil world, the term “Full Flight Simulator” is used for these
   devices; the military equivalent being the Full Mission Simulator with the addition of simulation of weapons, air
   refuelling and other military features.


   This introductory course, fully international in scope, aims
      • to provide a structured and compact introduction to modern flight simulation technology
      • to describe the application of flight simulators in civil and military training
      • to address non-technical aspects of flight simulation, including regulatory requirements and
        standards, financing and management

   Course lectures are augmented with hands-on sessions on the Cranfield University research flight
   simulator and a visit to a major flight simulator training facility.

   Technology topics
      • flight modelling and data requirements
      • ground handling
      • avionic systems modelling
      • motion systems and visual systems
      • environmental representation including airport and terrain database generation
      • the special demands of rotary wing simulation
      • accident investigation using simulation.

   Human factors topics
     • human visual and motion perception and how visual, motion and sound cues are
       generated and presented
     • instructor operating station design.

   Application topics
     • certification, regulation and standards in civil and military aviation
     • part-task trainers
     • the economics of simulator procurement and operation, and financing methods.
     • specific issues in military simulator procurement and defence simulation applications,
        including simulation interoperability.

Cranfield University Short courses Introduction to Flight Simulation

    The speakers
    Lectures are presented by academic staff of the School of Engineering at Cranfield University; members of
    the Flight Simulation Group, Royal Aeronautical Society; and practising specialists from organisations within
    the flight simulation industry, including:

       • Alteon (Boeing)
       • British Airways
       • CAE Electronics Ltd
       • European Training and Simulation Association
       • Thales Training and Simulation
       • UK Civil Aviation Authority
       • UK Ministry of Defence

    Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the content of the course is as published,
    Cranfield University reserves the right, if necessary, to make changes at any time.

    Who should attend?
    The course is suitable for people from a range of backgrounds working (or planning to work) in the
    simulator industry, for members of national aviation authorities responsible for the effective use of simulators,
    for managers of simulation facilities and other operational staff, for those involved in simulator procurement
    in government agencies or in aviation organisations, and for anyone seeking an overview of modern flight
    simulation. While introducing the key technologies, the course does not deal in detail with the technical

    The number of participants will be limited to ensure beneficial interaction between participants and speakers.
    The course combines presentations and practical hands-on experience through case studies and workshops.

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                                                                                           Course information

Simulation facilities
Most high level flight simulators are used to train pilots and therefore model a specific aircraft type very
accurately. In contrast, an engineering research flight simulator needs to be both generic and reconfigurable
to provide for different aircraft types and associated systems. To support its engineering research flight
simulation activities, the School of Engineering employs the following real-time simulation and visualisation

   • Real-time aircraft simulation using dynamic models in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. This uses a
     desk-top commercial product called “Air-Vehicle Simulation and Visualisation Environment” (AV-SAVE).

   • Real-time part-task pilot training using the Aerosoft Flight Simulator (AFS) for the General Aviation class
     of aircraft.

   • Piloted simulation trials over the full aircraft flight envelope using a two-seat, large civil transport aircraft
     flight deck, the Cranfield Large Flight Simulator (LFS), a reconfigurable engineering research flight

General information

Date                               31 October – 4 November 2011
Course fee                         £2295
Accommodation fee                  £435

Held annually for over twenty-five years, this five-day course will be held at Cranfield University,
and attendance is normally on a full-board basis in Mitchell Hall on the Cranfield campus.

Course Directors
Alastair Cooke BTech, BEng, MSc, PhD, MRAeS, MIMechE, CEng
Senior Lecturer in Flight Dynamics and Flight Test

Barry Tomlinson, BSc(Eng) DIC FRAeS

David Zammit-Mangion, BElecEng(Hons), MSc, PhD
Lecturer in Avionic Systems

T: +44 (0) 1234 754741

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Cranfield, Bedfordshire
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