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                  R E L E A S E D AA T E : S S T U R D A YA YJ, A N U N R Y 2 2 3, , 2 0 0 7
                  R                                                                   2010
your reference point
  for Mendoza Malbec
Malbec was ‘born’ in France, but it is in
Argentina – especially in Mendoza – where the
grape particularly thrives. Mendoza’s high
elevation, dry winters, very moderate summer
rains, low humidity and warm temperatures
are perfect conditions to make wines that now
find a happy place in wine lovers’ pantries.
Though unquestionably fruity and deeply coloured,
Argentine Malbec offers so much more,
including spice and tobacco characteristics,
a velvety texture and enviable structure.
At the cutting edge of Malbec production in
Mendoza are producers like Familia Zuccardi.

Mendoza, Argentina
723478 (D) 750 mL       $ 18.95

TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Malbec Q is a step
up over the Serie A. It offers more depth and com-
plexity, savory flavors, some structure, and a
medium-long finish. It will evolve for 1-2 years but
can be enjoyed now. Score – 90. (Jay Miller,, Aug. 2009)

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The awe-inspiring Andes are
the perfect metaphor for Argentina's
wine industry: the sky's the limit.

      2 VINTAGES
mers                                Argentina’s exciting,
                                    flavourful wines are
                                    soaring in popularity.
 This country’s rapid ascent to its current reputation as a premium wine
 region has been due in no small part to a handful of dedicated and
 passionate vintners. We touch down among the Andes and meet key
 winemakers behind Argentina’s breathtaking climb in quality.

                                                                     VINTAGES 3
                        An irrigation channel runs
                 through the vineyards of Bodega
                    (Spanish for “winery”) Catena
                  Zapata ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT:
                        The winery’s iconic main
                 building, its design inspired by
                    the ancient mayan pyramids in
                Tikal, Guatemala; founder Nicolás
                       Catena and daughter Laura
                           sample older vintages.


Catena Zapata

“Argentina’s greatest
      visionary is
   Nicolás Catena.”
 — Robert Parker Jr.,
    World’s Greatest Wine Estates

Nicolás Catena was named
   Man of the Year 2009 by Decanter,
   for “changing the direction of
   Argentina’s wine industry.” If that
   sounds like a monumental feat—
   it is. After studying and working in
   California, Nicolás returned to
   Argentina in 1983 full of inspiration,
   and resurrected the old-vine
   Malbec planted by his grandfather.
   He began ageing wine in premium
   oak, carefully controlling yields, and
   instituting cutting-edge wine-
   making techniques he’d witnessed
   in his travels. And the final stroke
                                            CATENA CABERNET SAUVIGNON                          CATENA MALBEC 2007
   of genius: since Argentina’s wine        2007                                               Mendoza
   regions were thought to be too           Mendoza
                                                                                               TASTING NOTE: The purple-colored 2007
   hot to yield superior complexity and
                                            TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Cabernet                    Catena Malbec spent 12 months in 35%
   finesse, Nicolás explored vineyard       Sauvignon spent 12 months in 85%                   new French and American oak. The nose
   sites at unheard-of elevations, some     French oak, 30% new, and 15% new                   reveals balsam wood, vanilla, mocha,
                                            American oak. A glass-coating opaque               cassis, and black cherry. Plush on the
   topping 5000 feet. Classic vari-         purple color, it displays an enticing nose         palate, this medium-bodied Malbec
   eties—including the revitalized          of wood smoke, eucalyptus, tobacco,                has layered, spicy flavors, with a touch of
                                            cassis, and black currant. Medium-bodied           tobacco and leather making an appear-
   Malbec—thrived and produced
                                            and elegant, it has intense red and black          ance. Balanced and lengthy, it will evolve
   premium wines unlike anything            fruit flavors, good integration of oak, tannin,    for 2-3 years and offer prime drinking
   previously seen from Argentina.          and acidity, excellent depth, and a                from 2011 to 2019. Score – 91+. (Jay
                                            lengthy, fruit-filled finish. It will evolve for   Miller,,
   The era of premium-quality               2-3 years but can be enjoyed now.                  Aug. 2009)
   Argentine wines had begun; and           Score – 90. (Jay Miller, www.erobert-
   Catena continues to lead the way., Aug. 2009)                             478727 (XD)      750 mL     $ 19.95   2
                                                                                               VINTAGES Essentials Collection
                                            985002 (D)         750 mL      $ 19.95      1
                                                                                                                                 VINTAGES 5
   ALAMOS                                           ALAMOS MALBEC 2008                            ALAMOS TORRONTÉS 2008
   CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                          Mendoza                                       Salta
   Mendoza                                          (The Wines of Catena)                         (The Wines of Catena)
   (The Wines of Catena)
                                                    In a Wine Spectator article (December         TASTING NOTE: Torrontes is the flagship
   TASTING NOTE: A berry-cherry nose                16, 2009), James Laube awarded this           grape variety for dry white wine in
   with soft, supple layers of cassis and black-    wine 90 points, complimenting its “rich-      Argentina. This one, when you lift it to the
   berry on the palate. Full-bodied with            ness, spice and complexity”.                  nose, is a cocktail of mandarin orange
   good acidity, judicious use of oak and sat-                                                    and floral – like a mix of Chenin Blanc and
   isfying flavors. Great value for this quality.   TASTING NOTE: Appearance: Deep ruby-          Gewurztraminer. This ... dry white is
   Score – 88. (Natalie MacLean,                    purple. Nose: floral, black fruit, spice,     highly aromatic – sweet mandarin orange,, June 12, 2009)           pepper, incense. Taste: juicy acidity, soft   lime and honeysuckle. On the palate,
                                                    tannins, blackberry, raspberry, spices;       it’s dry with good, bracing acidity and floral
   467944 (D)        750 mL      $ 13.95   2        sweet fruit, fresh, charming. Score – HHHH    notes trumpeting their dominance. It’s
                                                    (out of 5). (Tony Aspler, www.tonyas -        got vitality and unique dry flavors that will
                                          , July 20, 2009)                      appeal to experienced wine palates.
                                                                                                  The finish is long and tart. (Sandra
                                                    467951 (D)       750 mL     $ 13.95   2       Silfven, The Detroit News, ‘The Wine
                                                                                                  Report’, Sept. 8, 2009)

                                                                                                  081539 (D)        750 mL      $ 13.95   2
                                             the name on
A dizzying view from the foot of a
staircase in Catena’s main reception area.
BELOW: A spectacular subterranean
                                             everybody’s lips
tasting room that offers guests a 360°       The New World has its share
view of a barrel-filled cellar.
                                             of iconic wine regions, including
                                             such big names as Napa,
                                             Barossa and Marlborough. It’s
                                             time to add Mendoza to that
                                             list. Argentina’s most recognized
                                             hotspot is the talk of the
                                             town among oenophiles, and like
                                             all great wine regions, its sub-
                                             regions are starting to distinguish
                                             themselves as unique. Here’s
                                             a taste of what to expect...

                                             Luján de Cuyo
                                             Rich, voluptuous wines with plush
                                             textures and ripe fruit flavours.

                                             Easy-to-enjoy wines with
                                             bright, vibrant fruit and (in reds)
                                             smooth tannins.

                                             Uco Valley
                                             Juicy, elegantly structured
                                             wines with pure fruit and fresh,
                                             lively acidity.

                                                                     VINTAGES 7
    “Winemaking is
a bit of art, innovation,
 technology—all together.”
          —Aurelio Montes
The migratory bird for which
  Kaiken (KAY-ken) is named criss-
  crosses over the Andes between
  Chile and Argentina, much like
  founder/winemaker (and pilot) Aurelio
  Montes. Why spread his wings into
  Argentina? “It was a natural move,”
  he explains. It was also a new
  challenge. Kaiken started in 2002
  with a focus on two grapes:
  Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  Montes’ passion for expressing
  regional character, which made him
  one of Chile’s top winemakers,
  was likewise applied in this new
  frontier. And just as Carmenère                     THE
  shines in Chile, he recognized Malbec’s      PASSIONATE
  great potential in Argentina—where,            BELIEVER
  he says, the wine is like “a marble
  column in terms of structure and
  finesse.” With Montes seeking out
  new vineyard sites from the driver’s
  seat of his Cessna, in terms of new
  discoveries the sky is the limit.

                                   KAIKEN MALBEC 2008                  KAIKEN ULTRA MALBEC                   KAIKEN CABERNET
                                   Mendoza                             2007                                  SAUVIGNON 2007
                                                                       Uco Valley, Mendoza                   Mendoza
                                   TASTING NOTE: This bold
                                   Malbec features attractive aro-     TASTING NOTE: The 2007                This wine earned a Silver
                                   mas of blueberry, black             Malbec Ultra saw 80% of the           Medal at the 2009 Argentina
                                   raspberry, mocha, cinnamon          wine aged in French oak for           Wine Awards.
                                   and sandalwood. It’s dry and        12 months. A saturated purple
                                   medium-full bodied, with ripe       color, it offers up a perfume         TASTING NOTE: Sixty percent
                                   mixed berry fruit and good          of cigar box, violets, mineral,       of Kaiken’s 2007 Cabernet
                                   concentration on the palate. A      and black cherry. It has a            Sauvignon spent 8 months in
                                   lively ribbon of acidity dances     ripe core of spicy fruit, excellent   American oak. Purple-colored,
                                   against a backdrop of smooth,       concentration, succulent              it has a pleasing perfume of
                                   ripe tannins and a creamy tex-      flavors, and a lengthy finish.        cedar, spice box, espresso,
                                   ture, culminating in a lingering    It will evolve for another 1-2        and black currant. Medium- to
                                   finish. An outstanding value and    years and drink well through          full-bodied, smooth-textured,
                                   a great match for a thick juicy     2017. Score – 89. (Jay Miller,        and tasty, it has lots of spicy
                                   steak, or beef fajitas. (VINTAGES,                black fruit, good depth, and
                                   panel, Nov. 2009)                   Aug. 2009)                            a medium-length finish. Drink
           One of Kaiken’s four                                                                              it over the next 4 years.
    underground cellars, which     058339 (D)       750 mL             050849 (D)        750 mL              Score – 87. (Jay Miller,
       holds up to 1500 French
     and American oak barrels.
                                   $ 14.95   1                         $ 19.95    2                ,
     ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: the      VINTAGES Essentials                                                       Aug. 2009)
estate’s main vineyard, bordered   Collection
     by a simple rock wall; the                                                                              143248 (D)      750 mL
Kaiken, for which the winery is
    named, is a goose that can
                                                                                                             $ 14.95   2
 be found throughout Argentina                                                                               On the Cover
                      and Chile.
                                                                                                                                   VINTAGES 9
  The deepest-rooted traditions can be
        the most brilliant sources of renewal.
The Arizu family has some of Argentina’s longest-lived vineyards, with
   the oldest vines dating back 120 years. Even so, this is one family that doesn’t
   shy away from a modern makeover. More than a century after planting vine
   cuttings they’d brought from Europe, the Arizu’s have completely reinvented
   Bodega Luigi Bosca. In recent years they redesigned and expanded their
   winery, and overhauled key technologies. Green is definitely their colour, as
   they’ve proven with eco-initiatives in sustainable agriculture, biodynamics,
   and vineyard biodiversity. This ability to adapt and thrive reflects the core of
   Argentina’s contemporary wine scene, and in this respect Bodega Luigi
   Bosca is a true leader. With a history of popularity among serious wine lovers,
   this bodega is poised to move fashionably into the future.


         Luigi Bosca
                                 LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA                LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA                 LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA
                                 MERLOT 2006                        SYRAH                               PINOT NOIR 2007
                                 Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza             Maipú, Mendoza                      Maipú, Mendoza

                                 This 100% Merlot was sourced       Bodega Luigi Bosca built its        TASTING NOTE: Good dark red.
                                 from vineyards at an elevation     fine international reputation on    Aromas of red plum, raspberry
                                 of 820 metres in Luján de Cuyo.    Malbec, but the winery has          and strawberry complicated by
                                 Aged for eight months in           shown a real flair with such        floral and earthy nuances.
                                 French oak barrels, it’s deep      classic French grape varieties      Suave, spicy red fruit flavors
                                 purple in colour with bright       as Syrah, Pinot Noir and Merlot.    show modest complexity but
                                 aromas of redcurrants, ripe        Both Wine Spectator and             good cut and intensity – not to
                                 plum and toasty vanilla. Dry,      Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate       mention energy – for an
                                 round and weighty, expect this     have praised Bosca’s Reserva        Argentine pinot noir not from
                                 wine to feature loads of ripe      Syrah. Look for lots of black-      Patagonia. Not a fat wine but
                                 fruit, spice and mocha flavours.   berry, bacon, black pepper          supple. Finishes with slightly
                                 It’s very much a crowd-pleaser     and blueberry. It is rich and       dry but light tannins.
                                 that will match nicely to Peking   lush with good balancing tan-       Score – 88. (Stephen Tanzer,
           Postcard perfect:     duck or a peppery steak.           nins. Enjoy it tonight with gour-   International Wine Cellar,
   Luigi Bosca's Los Nobles
   vineyards quietly thrive in
                                                                    met sausages or grilled steaks.     Jan./Feb. 2009)
                                 143289 (D)       750 mL
the foothills of the majestic
     Andes; ABOVE LEFT TO        $ 16.95   2                        143412 (D)       750 mL             143420 (D)      750 mL
RIGHT: the main building of
   the bodega; harvest time.
                                 New at VINTAGES                    $ 14.95   1                         $ 16.95   2
                                                                    New at VINTAGES                     New at VINTAGES

                                                                                                                             VINTAGES 11


Paul Hobbs was charmed by Argentina –
  a sentiment now shared by wine lovers worldwide.
Greatness tends to attract greatness. Paul Hobbs made
   a name for himself as a California-based winemaking consultant,
   lending his expertise to vintners across the globe. Upon visiting
   Argentina he was smitten with the country’s beauty—and winemaking
   potential. He put down Argentine roots and collaborated with
   Nicolás Catena for ten years. Inspired by the exciting changes he
   saw (and indeed was a part of) in Argentina, Hobbs was deter-
   mined to start his own winery. This vision was realized first with
   Paul Hobbs Winery in California, which has produced critically
   acclaimed, highly sought-after wines since its inception. Soon to
   follow was Viña Cobos. It would be difficult to imagine a more
   auspicious debut: the 1999 Cobos Malbec received the highest critical
   scores for any first-release Argentine wine. This one-time outsider
   is here to stay.
      LEFT: Winemaker Paul
      Hobbs; BELOW: poured for
      tasting; just picked.

VIÑA COBOS FELINO                              VIÑA COBOS FELINO                              VIÑA COBOS FELINO
MALBEC 2008                                    CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                        CHARDONNAY 2009
Mendoza                                        Mendoza                                        Mendoza

TASTING NOTE: Solid, with medium-              Hot on the heels of the recently released      The fruit for this Chardonnay was hand-
weight black licorice, crushed plum and        2007 comes the 2008 vintage of this            harvested at night from vineyards in the
spice notes that stay nicely focused on        well-crafted Cab. Sourced from high-altitude   Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley sub-
the finish. Drink now. Score – 88. (James      vineyards in both the Luján de Cuyo and        regions of Mendoza. About a quarter of
Molesworth,,             Maipú sub-regions of Mendoza, it’s aged        the wine was barrel aged for 9 months
Aug. 31, 2009)                                 in French and American oak barrels for         while the rest was kept in stainless steel.
                                               8 months. This rich and complex Cab puts       The result is a ripe, round, full-bodied
118067 (XD)      750 mL          $ 19.95   1   its emphasis on pure fruit flavours so         Chardonnay that balances its pear, apple
                                               look for loads of cassis and ripe black-       and tropical fruit flavours with creamy
                                               currant as well as layers of earthy            oak notes. A bold Chard to serve with
                                               minerality, sweet tobacco and coffee notes     steamed lobster or stuffed Cornish
                                               culminating in a lingering finish.             hens in a cream sauce.

                                               132365 (XD)      750 mL     $ 19.95    2       119099 (XD)      750 mL     $ 19.95    2
                                                                                                                               VINTAGES 13
     Familia                             BOUNTIFUL


     Familia Zuccardi attributes their abundant
success to an “ever-present innovative spirit”.
Ask any juggler – it takes plenty of skill to do one thing and
   do it well, but to branch out and do a multitude, without sacrificing
   quality, takes a rare talent indeed. Or better yet, ask José Alberto
   Zuccardi and his son, Sebastián, who apply their golden touch to
   an ever-expanding portfolio of outstanding wines. In just a few short
   decades, Familia Zuccardi has become one of Argentina’s most
   prolific quality producers. They grow a myriad of different grapes –
   including tried-and-true Argentine successes like Malbec, Cabernet
   Sauvignon and Chardonnay, plus lesser-known (from this region)
   Syrah and Tempranillo, and some really obscure examples – allowing
   them to constantly explore new varietals and blends. Throughout
   this freewheeling diversity, their wines share one important thing:
   skilful, sure-handed performance.

LEFT: Familia Zuccardi owner
José Alberto and his son Sebastián.
BELOW: The Zuccardi vineyards,
located in Mendoza’s Uco Valley;
a cork and a calling card.

             ZUCCARDI Q MALBEC                    SANTA JULIA MAGNA                    ZUCCARDI Q                        SANTA JULIA RESERVA
             2007                                 2008                                 TEMPRANILLO 2006                  CHARDONNAY 2008
             Mendoza                              Mendoza                              Mendoza                           Mendoza
                                                  (Familia Zuccardi)                                                     (Familia Zuccardi)
             TASTING NOTE: The 2007                                                    TASTING NOTE: The 2006
             Malbec Q is a step up over the       TASTING NOTE: A blend of             Tempranillo Q was sourced         TASTING NOTE: This is a
             Serie A. It offers more depth        Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon           from an estate vineyard planted   flavourful and vibrant
             and complexity, savory flavors,      and Syrah, the 2008 Magna            in 1974. Purple-colored, it       Chardonnay with a pure fruit
             some structure, and a medi-          displays a cavalcade of aromas:      displays an enticing bouquet of   profile in perfect harmony
             um-long finish. It will evolve for   ripe raspberries, vanilla, pep-      mineral, blackberry, pepper,      with its oak character. The aro-
             1-2 years but can be enjoyed         pery spice, cherries, cinnamon       and espresso. Medium- to full-    mas speak of apple, ripe
             now. Score – 90. (Jay Miller,        and mocha notes all make             bodied, on the palate it is       pear, buttered toast and tropical
   ,               appearances. It’s dry with a         dense, nicely endowed with        fruit. It’s dry, round and full-
             Aug. 2009)                           medium to full body. Flavours        spicy, savory fruit, and          bodied with the ripe fruit, toasty
                                                  of crushed berries, spices and       impeccably balanced. It will      oak and buttery flavours
             723478 (D)          750 mL           smoky oak are balanced by a          evolve for 2-3 years and          kept in line by zippy acidity that
             $ 18.95     1                        good core of acidity and medium      will offer prime drinking from    enliven the palate and make
             Benchmark                            tannins, all leading to a long       2011 to 2018. Score – 90.         the taste buds pop. There’s good
                                                  spicy finish. Pair it with grilled   (Jay Miller, www.erobertpark-     length on the finish, too,
                                                  sage-and-onion sausages.   , Aug. 2009)                making it the complete package.
                                                  (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)                                            Serve with grilled prawns,
                                                                                       973503 (D)      750 mL            crab legs or herbed chicken.
                                                  093799 (XD)       750 mL             $ 18.95   2                       (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)
                                                  $ 14.95    2
                                                  On the Cover                                                           932368 (D)        750 mL
                                                                                                                         $ 13.95   1
                                                                                                                                                VINTAGES 15
251              Reasons
IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO CELEBRATE the 251st birthday of Scotland’s
legendary poet Robbie Burns, why not go the whole nine
yards. Recruit your bagpipe-playing uncle to pipe in the haggis, recite
Burns’ Address to a Haggis, then catch the moments as they fly with
fitting toasts and savoury single-malt sips. Or, if you prefer less
pomp, gather a few friends and simply ‘raise a jar’ to Scotland’s poet
laureate. Kilts are optional.
Whichever road you take this January 25th, VINTAGES will help
you get there with this trio of fine Scotch whiskies.
Connoisseurs Choice, Btld. 2009
(Gordon & MacPhail)
157990    700 mL     $ 89.95

Big, peaty, smoky, traditional
Islay for contemplation.

981084    700 mL     $ 41.95
Great sipping Scotch made
in a round and pleasing style.

091264    750 mL     $ 79.95
Aromas of caramelized
pecans, hazelnuts, heathery
peat and spice cake.


                   VINTAGES 17
                                                                                     Score HHH1/2
                                                                                     (out of 5) TA
                                                                                     OCEANA RIESLING 2007
                                                                                     USA – California
                                                                                     119669 (MD) 750 mL
                                                                                     WAS $15.95
                                                                                     SAVE $3.00
                                                                                     NEW PRICE $12.95

                                                                                     Score HHH1/2
                                                                                     (out of 5) TA
                                                                                     DUCA DI CASTELMONTE
For those with a nose for a deal and an eye for quality,                             GORGO TONDO NERO D’AVOLA/
VINTAGES is throwing the spotlight on a selection of                                 CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006
                                                                                     IGT Sicilia, Italy – Sicily
remarkable wines at reduced prices. Deciding which                                   121111 (XD) 750 mL
ones to add to your collection is up to you!                                         WAS $14.95
                                                                                     SAVE $2.05
Prices are effective now. While supplies last.                                       NEW PRICE $12.90
Products available now in select V INTAGES locations. For specific availability by
store location, please use our Product Search at
   Score HHH1/2                           Score 89 WS                             Score 90 TS                  Score 88 WA
   (out of 5) TA                          ECHEVERRIA FAMILY RESERVA               MARQUEE ARTISAN WINES        KLEINE ZALZE CELLAR SELECTION
   2007                                   Molina, Curicó Valley, Chile            Western Australia            WO Western Cape, South Africa
   Organic Wine, Mendocino,               000737 (XD) 750 mL                      091009 (MD) 750 mL           096255 (D) 750 mL
   USA – California                       WAS $19.95                              WAS $19.95                   WAS $16.95
   104224 (D) 750 mL
                                          SAVE $2.00                              SAVE $2.00                   SAVE $3.00
   WAS $21.95
                                          NEW PRICE $17.95                        NEW PRICE $17.95             NEW PRICE $13.95
   SAVE $4.00
   NEW PRICE $17.95

   Score HHHH                             Score 88 WAL                            Score HHHH                   Score 90 WAL
   (out of 5) TA                          BURMESTER RED DOURO                     (out of 5) WC                ONTAÑÓN CRIANZA 2005
   TOSCOLO CHIANTI CLASSICO               2006                                    SANDEMAN ARMADA RICH         DOCa Rioja, Spain
   2006                                   DOC, Portugal                           CREAM OLOROSO SHERRY         976910 (XD) 750 mL
   DOCG, Italy – Tuscany                  114413 (XD) 750 mL                      Spain                        WAS $16.95
   019521 (XD) 750 mL                     WAS $16.95                              962126 (S) 750 mL
                                                                                                               SAVE $3.00
   WAS $19.95                             SAVE $3.00                              WAS $18.95
                                                                                                               NEW PRICE $13.95
   SAVE $3.10                             NEW PRICE $13.95                        SAVE $3.00
   NEW PRICE $16.85                                                               NEW PRICE $15.95

SCORES   TA: TS: Gord Stimmell, The Toronto Star WA: Wine Access ‘First-In-Line e-Report’
         WAL: WC: WS:

                                                                                            CHARDONNAY 2007
                                                                                            VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake
                                                                                            117572 (XD) 750 mL
                                                                                            $ 21.95 2

                                                                                            LAILEY VINEYARD
                                                                                            MERLOT 2007
                                                                                            VQA Niagara River
                                                                                            591420 (XD) 750 mL
                                                                                            $ 25.00 2

                                                                                            DELAINE VINEYARD
                                                                                            VQA Niagara Peninsula
                                                                                            989269 (XD) 750 mL
                                                                                            $ 22.95 2

                                                                                            For complete tasting notes
                                                                                            see page 23-24.

     Around picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, wines are being crafted that are typical-    Niagara-on-
     ly voluptuous with good structure and balance. The region covers an area that        the-Lake is one
     includes four sub-appellations: Niagara River, Niagara Lakeshore, Four Mile Creek    of Ontario’s
     and St. David’s Bench. Its long, gentle slopes see generous sunshine and its close   most popular
     proximity to both Lake Ontario and the Niagara River moderates temperatures here     tourist destina-
     which is especially important in the early and late stages of the growing season.    tions for its
     The favourable climate combined with the rich tapestry of soil types allow           beauty, history
     wineries to produce compelling interpretations of a variety of wines from            and theatre.
     Chardonnays to Bordeaux-style blends.                                                It’s also the
                                                                                          heart of one
     VINTAGES invites you to discover three fine examples of the Niagara-on-              of Canada’s
     the-Lake style from the acclaimed 2007 vintage: Southbrook’s robust Triomphe         most vital
     Chardonnay, Lailey’s bold and balanced Cabernet/Merlot, and Jackson-Triggs’          wine regions.
     exquisitely structured Delaine Vineyard Cabernet/Merlot.

                      Lush vineyards abound in
                  Niagara-on-the-Lake (“NOTL”
                   for short). BELOW RIGHT TO
                      LEFT: Mapping things out;
                        quaint, inviting streets,
                 just waiting to be discovered;
                           ready when you are.


             Four Mile Creek
                                            ARA RIVE


   St. David’s Bench           ST. DAVIDS


                               NIAGARA FALLS

                           VINTAGES 3

   product notes                                                     SPIRITS
   This is intended as a guideline for you, our customer.            SCOTCH WHISKY
   The index reflects the collective view of our purchasing
   panel. The length of time to cellar wines is a very subjective    CAOL ILA 12 YEARS OLD ISLAY SINGLE
   decision and will depend on individual preferences, cellar        MALT 1997
   temperature, storage conditions etc.                              Connoisseurs Choice, Btld. 2009
                                                                     (Gordon & MacPhail)

   1 to cellaring. Enjoy and drink. There is no benefit
     DRINK NOW:                                                      Caol Ila is Gaelic for the ‘Sound of Islay’, as in
                                                                     the body of water, not music. The distillery
                                                                     overlooks the sound. However, there be music in
   2 maturedOR HOLD:cellaring,enjoyed now,onbut may be
                further by
                           Can be
                                  depending    individual
                                                                     each sip of this fine, vibrant, peaty and smoky
                                                                     malt. This exquisite whisky, from the great
                                                                     independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, is a

   3 be enjoyed now by somecellaring.feel that themay well
                                                                     perfect after-dinner or contemplation malt.
     HOLD: Ideal for further          This wine
                             but we                wine will
                                                                     157990                 700 mL $ 89.95
           develop favourably under ideal cellaring conditions.
                                                                     Robbie Burns
   Perceived dryness/sweetness by tasting evaluation. VINTAGES       ISLE OF ARRAN ROBERT BURNS ARRAN
   scale ranges from Extra Dry to Sweet: XD, D, MD, M, MS, S.        SINGLE MALT
   Please discuss specifics with our Product Consultants or           World Burns Federation
   store staff.                                                      TASTING NOTE: ... Fresh and fruity on the nose
                                                                     in classic Arran style, with toffee apples. Well-
   ALCOHOL CONTENT                                                   rounded and pleasing. Cinnamon and ginger notes
   The alcohol/volume content for any product released by            develop in time. Sweet and honeyed on the palate,
   VINTAGES is available on our website. Visit      medium-bodied, with well-mannered background
   and view the Product Information page by entering the             Sherry lingering into the medium, spicy finish.
   LCBO# into the Product Search field.                               Score – HHH (out of 5). (Gavin D. Smith & Tom
                                                                     Cannavan,, 2008)
   Products in this release may be available to customers in
   limited quantities. Please see store personnel for details.       981084                 700 mL $ 41.95
   Please note prices shown are subject to change without            Robbie Burns
   notice. VINTAGES cannot assume responsibility for typographical
   errors in this catalogue. All prices include PST, GST and
   applicable container deposit.

                                                                     THE ISLE OF JURA 16 YEARS OLD JURA
  on the cover                                                       SINGLE MALT
                                                                     Vintage Collection
  Front:                                                             This whisky was awarded a Gold Medal at the
  KAIKEN CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                     International Review of Spirits Awards 2009.
  Mendoza, Argentina (143248, $ 14.95, page 9)
  SANTA JULIA MAGNA 2008                                             TASTING NOTE: Brilliant amber color. Round
  Mendoza, Argentina (093799, $ 14.95, page 15)                      and delicate aromas of caramelized pecans and
                                                                     hazelnuts, heathery peat and spice cake follow
  LA RÉSERVE DU CROUZAU ST. GERVAIS 2007                             through on a soft, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity
  AC Côtes du Rhône-Villages, France                                 medium-to-full body with buttercream, floral
  (142943, $ 14.95, page 33)                                         honey, and sea salt notes. Finishes with a long,
                                                                     evolving fade of spice, nuts, and earth. Excellent.
                                                                     Score – 94. (Tasting panel,,
  McLaren Vale, South Australia (149898, $ 19.95, page 28)
                                                                     April 24, 2009)
  CLASSICO 2005 DOC, Italy (159913, $ 39.95, page 37)                091264                 750 mL $ 79.95
                                                                     Robbie Burns

                                                 DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

FORTIFIED WINE                                               SOUTHBROOK TRIOMPHE CHARDONNAY
                                                             VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake
PORT                                                         TASTING NOTE: The ’07 vintage of the ever-popular
                                                             Triomphe Chardonnay features ultra-ripe apple
FONSECA BIN NO. 27 RESERVE PORT                              and pear aromas along with wood spice and
DOC Douro                                                    cedar notes. It has some definite oomph, with
TASTING NOTE: Dark fruit, black pepper, cinnamon             concentrated ripe tree fruit, cedar and vanilla
and nutmeg on the nose. A core of purple plum                flavours balanced by lively acidity and leading to
and black cherry liqueur. Food matches: angel                a lingering finish. It should be paired with a rich
food cake, baked pears, cheesecake, stilton                  seafood dish now, but will likely improve with two
cheese, almonds. Score – 88. (Natalie MacLean,               years of cellaring time. (V INTAGES panel, Nov. 2009), Jan. 31, 2009)
                                                             117572 (XD)             750 mL $ 21.95       2
156877 (S)              750 mL $ 15.95       2               VQA ON Tour

                                                             STREWN PINOT BLANC 2008
                                                             VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake
ONTARIO                                                      TASTING NOTE: Pinot Blanc is relatively rare
                                                             in Ontario, and, as this 2008 shows, Strewn has
EASTDELL ESTATES RESERVE                                     become the leading force for this grape in the
BARREL FERMENTED                                             province. It is oak aged and features attractive
CHARDONNAY 2007                                              smoky notes underpinned by peach and pear
VQA Niagara Peninsula                                        aromas and flavours. Medium-bodied, it is more
TASTING NOTE: This attractive, soft-textured                 expressive and flavourful than many Pinot Blancs.
Chardonnay from the terrific 2007 vintage offers             A good alternative to Chardonnay, match it to
very good value. The bright golden colour leads to           grilled prawns or other seafoods. (VINTAGES panel,
subtle aromas of ripe pear, melon, stone fruit,              July 2009)
hazelnut and vanilla. It’s dry, fairly weighty with a
round smooth texture and ripe pear, pineapple                522748 (XD)             750 mL $ 13.95       1
and apricot flavours as well as notes of vanilla
and toast, culminating in a medium long buttery
finish. Pair it with seafood pasta in a cream sauce          CANADA – RED WINE
or roasted turkey breast or drumsticks. (V INTAGES
panel, Nov. 2009)
155697 (D)              750 mL $ 17.95       2
                                                             JACKSON-TRIGGS DELAINE VINEYARD
                                                             CABERNET/MERLOT 2007
INNISKILLIN                                                  VQA Niagara Peninsula
COMMEMORATIVE EDITION                                        TASTING NOTE: This showcases its breeding –
VIDAL ICEWINE 2006                                           it’s from one of the top vineyard sites in the
VQA Niagara Peninsula                                         country – and the warm 2007 vintage. Expressive
TASTING NOTE: Featuring an art label by                      aromas of ripe cherry, spice-laden black currant
Gordon Halloran who paints on ice, this Olympic              and toasty notes soar from the glass. Medium
commenorative icewine is quite typical Niagara               weight with good texture, the rich and complex
vidal icewine, now evolved with orange-amber                 flavours persist throughout – succulent ripe
colour and a generous nose of dried apricot,                 dark berry fruit, mocha and pie cherry. It’s well
tangerine, tea and honey. It’s very sweet but                sculpted with deft balance, seamlessly integrated
braced by terrific acidity of the 2006 vintage.              oak and firm tannin underpinning. There are
Mouthwatering orangy finish. Excellent length.               adornments of mint and tobacco on the lengthy
Best 2009 to 2013. Score – 94. (David Lawrason,              finish. Score – HHHH1/2 (out of 5). (Vic, 2009)                                     Harradine,, Dec. 5, 2009)

087775 (S)              375 mL $ 59.95       2               989269 (XD)             750 mL $ 22.95       2
                                                             VQA ON Tour

                                                                      SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 23

             CANADA – RED WINE CONT’D                                FOG HEAD RESERVE
                                                                     CHARDONNAY 2008
                                                                     Monterey County, Highland Series
             ONTARIO                                                 TASTING NOTE: From the brilliant straw colour
                                                                     through all the flavours and aromas, this is a top-
             LAILEY VINEYARD CABERNET/MERLOT                         notch Monterey Chardonnay. Loads of tropical fruit,
             2007                                                    green apple, pear, smoke/toast aromas lead to a
             VQA Niagara River                                       dry, flavourful, impactful palate. A terrific wine for a
             TASTING NOTE: A gorgeous red blend … offering           variety of fish, poultry, vegetarian or pork dishes.
             expressive aromas and rich succulent dark fruit         (V INTAGES panel, Aug. 2009)
             flavour – ripe black currant, tangy pie cherry
             and spiced black plum galore. This is medium            158568 (D)               750 mL $ 19.95         2
             bodied, boldly textured and offers a solid
             underpinning of perceptible tannin. Decant/
             aerate two hours before serving and pair it with
             marinated barbecued flank steak and stuffed
             green peppers. Score – HHHH (out of 5). (Vic
             Harradine,, May 23, 2009)

             591420 (XD)             750 mL $ 25.00       2
             VQA ON Tour

                                                                     MÉNAGE À TROIS WHITE 2008
             LE CLOS JORDANNE LA PETITE COLLINE                      California
             PINOT NOIR 2007                                         (Folie à Deux)
             VQA Niagara Peninsula,                                  Ménage à Trois demonstrates what happens when
             Twenty Mile Bench                                       you put three attractive grapes in one exquisite
             The 2007 vintage of this single-vineyard Pinot          bottle: Chardonnay makes the wine rich and firm;
             is another brilliant achievement for Ontario            Moscato plays the exotic exhibitionist; and Chenin
             Wine Awards Winemaker of the Year (2009),               Blanc contributes the aromatics and crisp refresh-
             Thomas Bachelder.                                       ment. Together, they make the perfect threesome.
                                                                     Try it with a paella.
             TASTING NOTE: A stylish Pinot that’s all about
             expression and finesse. Ruby red with aromatics         665166 (D)               750 mL $ 17.95         1
             that paint a landscape of rustic charms —
             field berries, freshly tilled earth, and floral notes
             abound. Medium-bodied, with ripe, gracile tannins
             and a silky texture. Bachelder’s nod to the classic
             Burgundian style is a success. (Douglas Webster,
             VINTAGES, Nov. 2009)

             033944 (XD)             750 mL $ 40.00       2          USA – RED WINE

             USA – WHITE WINE                                        CALIFORNIA
                                                                     BLACKSTONE WINEMAKER’S SELECT
             CALIFORNIA                                              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
             CAMELOT CHARDONNAY 2007                                 This is a straightforward, crowd-pleasing Cabernet
             California                                              to enjoy with hearty wintertime meals. It’s a
             TASTING NOTE: This is a fantastic value, featuring      robust wine with lots of black fruit aromas and
             classic aromas and flavours of tropical fruit,          flavours, and enough tannic grip to complement
             ripe apple and a touch of butter. Dry, soft and         beef stews, rich meat-based pasta sauces or
             ripe with balancing acidity coming forward on           roast beef.
             the mid-palate. Try it with salmon pot pie. (VINTAGES
             panel, Aug. 2009)                                       714816 (D)               750 mL $ 15.95         1
             060319 (D)              750 mL $ 13.95       1
                                                 DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

California                                                   2007
TASTING NOTE: This Merlot offers a lovely,                   Mendocino/Lake/Napa Counties
rich and fruity nose of ripe cherries along with             Since 2008, Hess Collection wines have been
woody and spicy notes. There’s even a hint                   certified as part of the Napa Green Winery program.
of eucalyptus. On the palate there’s some more               Essentially, the winery must demonstrate an active
woodiness and vanilla under the ripe fruit.                  water and energy conservation, waste reduction,
Tannins and acidity are both high, but well                  and pollution prevention. They are also part of the
balanced. There’s a terrific fresh finish of                 1% For The Earth program, which means 1% of
red berry fruit. Score – HHHH (out of 5). (Alan              their profits are donated to charitable organizations.
McGinty,, Undated)                         Last year’s donations went to the Napa Land Trust.
                                                             It’s not only about doing good deeds; their wines
025304 (D)              750 mL $ 19.95       2               are pretty incredible too. This Cabernet features
                                                             loads of cassis, blackberry, cherry and smoke
                                                             aromas. It is dry, robust and nicely structured. Enjoy
                                                             it with a rare steak, roast beef or lamb.

                                                             025080 (D)              750 mL $ 23.95        2

                                                             SIDURI PINOT NOIR 2008
                                                             Russian River Valley
                                                             Siduri is named for a wise female deity associated
FIVE RIVERS PINOT NOIR 2008                                  with fermentation in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The
California                                                   tiny, artisanal Siduri Winery has a very dedicated
This Pinot from Five Rivers is a consistent                  cult following. They specialize in Pinot Noir,
overachiever, offering terrific value vintage after          sourcing their fruit from several vineyards and
vintage. It features straightforward sweet cherry            different regions in order to create premium-style
fruit with cola notes and hints of spice. Dry and            Pinots to their exacting specifications. Not only do
medium-bodied, it’s a great introduction to                  they use several vineyards within an area, they
the variety and bound to create more lifelong                also use a multitude of Pinot Noir clones. This
Pinotphiles. Try it with veal tenderloin.                    Russian River Valley version is velvety textured
                                                             with raspberry, cherry and spice scents. It’s ready
684514 (D)              750 mL $ 18.95       2               to drink with stuffed veal tenderloin or roast pork.
                                                             It will also reward 2-3 years in a cellar.

                                                             159293 (XD)             750 mL $ 39.95        2

2004                                                         Santa Lucia Highlands
Alexander Valley, Sonoma County                              From the superior 2007 vintage, this wine is made
This wine won a Judges’ Choice Award at the WINE             with fruit from the Pisoni and Garys’ Vineyards.
ACCESS International Value Wine Awards in 2009.
The wine is filled with cassis, black plum, vanilla          TASTING NOTE: Intense, concentrated and full-
and cherry aromas. Dry and fruity, it is surrounded          bodied, with firm yet generous plum, wild berry
by ripe tannins and gentle acidity. Enjoy this award-        and black cherry fruit that’s complex and focused,
winner with grilled lamb steaks.                             ending with a long, persistent finish. Drink
343467 (D)              750 mL $ 17.95 2                     now through 2014. Score – 92. (James Laube,
                                                   , March 31, 2009)

                                                             159301 (XD)             750 mL $ 44.95        2

                                                                      SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 25

             USA – RED WINE CONT’D                                    CHILE – WHITE WINE

             THE SAN FRANCISCO                                        ERRAZURIZ WILD FERMENT
             WINE PRESS SYRAH 2006                                    CHARDONNAY 2008
             Mendocino County                                         Casablanca Valley
             This organically grown Syrah earned a Silver             TASTING NOTE: Rich nose of apple, lime cordial,
             Medal at the 2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine           gentle toast and pear. The wild yeast gives the wine
             Competition. Our Quality Assurance Laboratory            an extra dimension of flavour you won’t generally
             has determined that this wine contains 13 mg/L           find in those using cultivated yeast. As a result, the
             of free sulphur.                                         palate is dry, balanced, racy yet also quite fruity;
                                                                      and yes a touch, well, intriguingly wild. Try with
             TASTING NOTE: ... We can highly recommend                lobster or crab legs. (V INTAGES panel, April 2009)
             the 2006 Syrah, which had a gamey flavor
             and a depth that belied its price. (Blair Campbell,      738393 (D)               750 mL $ 16.95        2
   , April 15, 2009)

             135467 (D)              750 mL $ 17.95        2
             4 Organic Product                                        CHILE – RED WINE

             THE SHOW                                                 SANTA RITA MEDALLA
             CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                  REAL GRAN RESERVA
             California                                               CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
             (Rebel Wine/Bieler-Gott-Scommes                          Maipo Valley
             Productions)                                             TASTING NOTE: Very deep ruby colour, almost
             This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet       pitch black. The intensity carries over to the
             Franc, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot is a show-          palate, where aromas of blackcurrant, black-
             stopper. With its loads of fruit and long finish, this   berry, woodsmoke, smoked meat, mocha/dark
             is a great choice for winter evening shindigs            chocolate and black licorice are all apparent. Dry,
             featuring chili, pasta, pizza or gourmet hamburgers.     well-structured with lots of fruit, oak, refined
             While you’re enjoying this wine, we’re quite sure        tannins and well-handled acidity. Full-bodied with
             you will also be talking about its eye-poppingly         a very long, complex finish. Give this 3-5+ years
             unique label which is a real conversation piece.         in a cellar, or enjoy it tonight with roast beef from
                                                                      a slow cooker alongside some root vegetables.
              140715 (D)             750 mL $ 17.95        1          (V INTAGES panel, Dec. 2009)

                                                                      275594 (D)               750 mL $ 19.95        2
             ARGENTINA – RED WINE
                                                                      AUSTRALIA – WHITE WINE
             CLOS DE LOS SIETE 2007
             Mendoza                                                  D’ARENBERG THE HERMIT CRAB
             TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Clos de Los Siete, a              VIOGNIER/MARSANNE 2008
             wine made by the peripatetic Michel Rolland,             McLaren Vale/Adelaide Hills,
             remains one of Argentina’s finest values. It is a        South Australia
             blend of 48% Malbec, 28% Merlot, 12% Cabernet            TASTING NOTE: (a 72/28 blend) Light, bright
             Sauvignon, and 12% Syrah. Dark ruby-colored, it          gold. Pungent aromas of tangerine, poached pear
             offers up a fragrant bouquet of mineral, violet, black   and floral honey over a subtle underpinning of
             cherry, and black currants. This leads to a medium-      minerals. Supple, gently sweet orchard fruit and
             to full-bodied wine with both elegance and stuffing.     melon flavors are firmed by a citrus zest quality
             Ripe, intensely flavored, and well-balanced, it will     and pick up an exotic floral note on the back end.
             evolve for 1-2 years but can be enjoyed now and          This juicy, fruit-driven wine will work well with spicy
             over the next 6 years. Score – 90. (Jay Miller,          foods. Score – 89. (Josh Raynolds, International
   , Aug. 2009)                        Wine Cellar, July/Aug. 2009)

              622571 (XD)            750 mL $ 23.95        2          662775 (D)               750 mL $ 17.95        1

                                               DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

STICKS CHARDONNAY/                                         DARK SIDE OF THE MOON SHIRAZ 2008
VIOGNIER 2008                                              Clare Valley, South Australia
Yarra Valley, Victoria                                     (Claymore Wines)
Founder/winemaker Rob ‘Sticks’ Dolan is dedicated          Claymore owner Dr. Anura Nitchingham has a
to producing fresh, fruit-driven wines from the            deep connection to the popular music of the
relatively cool Yarra Valley. In his youth, Dolan          1970s and ’80s from his years living in Liverpool
played professional Aussie Rules football where            and then London, while completing his medical
his six-foot-six frame earned him his nickname.            studies. The Dark Side of the Moon Shiraz pays
After showing his talents as a winemaker with              homage to Pink Floyd and, like the album, it’s a
some of Australia's most illustrious producers,            classic. Full-bodied with layers of concentrated
his sporting nickname seemed a natural choice              black fruit flavours, sweet oak and peppery spice
for his own winery. This mix of 95% Chardonnay             notes, it’s a brooding Shiraz to pair with rack of
and 5% Viognier shows great teamwork as a                  lamb or rare roast beef, or, if you must, pour the
full-bodied, bright, crisp wine with pretty peach,         wine, dim the lights, plug in the lava lamp and
nectarine and citrus fruit aromas and flavours.            put on your headphones.

138297 (D)             750 mL $ 15.95      1               072652 (D)              750 mL $ 25.95        2

                                                           GEMTREE VINEYARDS TADPOLE
                                                           SHIRAZ 2008
YALUMBA Y SERIES                                           McLaren Vale, South Australia
PINOT GRIGIO 2008                                          TASTING NOTE: … A deep coloured, thick
South Australia                                            textured wine with lovely richness and generosity
TASTING NOTE: Has personality and flavour;                 to the fruit, as well as good definition and a bit of
pear and a little citrus, with a strong mineral            meaty savouriness. It’s one of those bottles that gets
component coming through on the palate; good               finished pretty quickly because it has that quality
texture and life on the finish. Drink 2010.                of deliciousness. Really superb effort, and I rated it
Score – 90. (James Halliday, www.winecom-                  as high as 90/100 for its lovely purity and relative, Aug. 2008)                                  complexity that you don’t normally find at this price
                                                           point. Buy some now! Score – 90. (Jamie Goode,
138586 (D)             750 mL $ 15.95      1     , Aug. 26, 2009)

                                                           142034 (D)              750 mL $ 16.95        2

                                                           GREG NORMAN SHIRAZ/CABERNET
D’ARENBERG THE FOOTBOLT SHIRAZ                             2007
2006                                                       Limestone Coast, South Australia
McLaren Vale, South Australia                              TASTING NOTE: Bright, focused and tangy, with a
TASTING NOTE: Lastly, the 2006 The Footbolt                nice ripe feel to the currant and blueberry flavors,
Shiraz (which contains a bit of Grenache) offers           shaded with hints of mineral and tobacco on the
fragrant aromas of wood smoke, game, and                   refined finish. Drink now through 2015. Score – 90.
blueberry. Layered and balanced, it will evolve            (Harvey Steiman,,
for several years and drink well through 2017.             Sept. 30, 2009)
Score – 90+. (Jay Miller,,
Aug. 2008)                                                 586156 (D)              750 mL $ 24.95        2
984021 (XD)            750 mL $ 22.95      2

                                                                    SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 27

             AUSTRALIA – RED WINE CONT’D                              ZONTE’S FOOTSTEP SHIRAZ/VIOGNIER
                                                                      Langhorne Creek, South Australia
             NUGAN ESTATE VISION                                      TASTING NOTE: Smooth in texture and medium-
             CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  bodied, showing bright blackberry and boy-
             South Eastern Australia                                  senberry fruit that’s shaded with hints of apricot
             TASTING NOTE: Vivid ruby. Spicy cherry-vanilla,          and floral notes on the finish. Drink now
             plum and licorice on the nose, with cracked pepper       through 2012. Score – 88. (Harvey Steiman,
             and cocoa nuances building with air. Brighter red, Oct. 15, 2008)
             fruit flavors offer good precision, turning sweeter on
             the long, silky finish. Score – 89. (Josh Raynolds,      072975 (D)              750 mL $ 15.95      2
             International Wine Cellar, Sept./Oct. 2009)

             146472 (D)              750 mL $ 15.95        2

                                                                      NEW ZEALAND – WHITE WINE

                                                                      SAINT CLAIR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009
             PAXTON AAA                                               Marlborough, South Island
             SHIRAZ/GRENACHE 2007                                     Saint Clair Family Estate Marlborough is
             McLaren Vale, South Australia                            celebrating 15 vintages with the release of this
             TASTING NOTE: Light but fresh crimson colour             2009 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
             announces an even fresher and brighter wine on
             the palate, with juicy raspberry notes ex the            TASTING NOTE: This label has shown fine form
             grenache (33%) adding life to the quality shiraz         lately and is a top buy. The 2009 vintage grown
             (67%). Drink [until] 2013. Score – 90. (James            mostly in the lower and central Wairau Valley, was
             Halliday,, Dec. 2008)           handled entirely in tanks. Strong, slightly ‘sweaty
                                                                      armpit’ aromas lead into a fresh, concentrated
             149898 (D)              750 mL $ 19.95        2          wine with pure tropical-fruit flavours, a herbaceous
             On the Back Cover                                        undercurrent, zingy acidity and a dry finish.
                                                                      Score – HHHH1/2 (out of 5). (Michael Cooper’s
                                                                      Buyer’s Guide to New Zealand Wines, 2010)

                                                                      554196 (D)             750 mL $ 16.95       1

                                                                      NEW ZEALAND – RED WINE
             PENMARA RESERVE SHIRAZ 2007
             Orange, New South Wales
             Penmara (Pen derives from the Greek word for             SILENI CELLAR SELECTION
             five; Mara is Aborigine for five fingers or hand)        SYRAH 2007
             came into being when five family-owned vine-             Hawkes Bay, North Island
             yards joined forces in order to gain greater control     TASTING NOTE: Deep dark pinky red. Peppery
             over their own production, winemaking and                and floral scents, a hint of chocolate too. Spicy in
             distribution. They now need a second ‘hand’ as a         the palate, black and white pepper, rose hips, red
             sixth family has joined the group. This wine has         and black fruits, fine-grained meaty tannins and
             been a popular choice since we introduced it in          a long, juicy, savoury spicy finish. Excellent value
             2004. It is a forceful, flavourful, but impeccably       for money. A ring-in to this tasting. (Sue Courtney,
             balanced berry-filled wine that is a fine choice for, June 24, 2009)
             spareribs or rich meat pasta sauces.
                                                                      156521 (D)              750 mL $ 15.95      2
              912782 (XD)            750 mL $ 19.95        2

                                                    DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

SILENI THE TRIANGLE MERLOT 2007                                 LEOPARD’S LEAP SHIRAZ
Hawkes Bay, North Island                                        2007
TASTING NOTE: Ruby. These 2007 merlots from                     WO Western Cape
Hawkes Bay are very good. This one is so fragrant               TASTING NOTE: This Shiraz beautifully illustrates
there is almost a jujube quality to it, but let’s say red       why South Africa has a reputation for creating
roses and red and black plums, with a hint of spice             wines that blend the best of the European and
which is almost confuseable with ripe syrah. Palate             New World wine styles. Blackberry and cassis
is still firm, good plummy flavours, gentle oak, all            dominate, with a fine edge of black pepper filling
in attractive balance and though not a low cropping             in the gaps. Dry with terrific balance between
rate, the wine is more substantial than many from               the fruit, acids and tannin. Neither jammy, nor
Sileni. This is the best Triangle Merlot so far. Cellar         austere, this is an excellent wine for Angus
5 – 12 years. Score – HHHH (out of 5). (Geoff                   beef steaks or slow-cooked roast beef. (VINTAGES
Kelly,, July 2009)                  panel, July 2009)

586081 (D)                750 mL $ 17.95        2               148213 (D)             750 mL $ 12.95      2

                                                                AUSTRIA – WHITE WINE
WO Western Cape                                                 LENZ MOSER PRESTIGE
“SA’s 2009 Sauvignon Blancs are simply                          GRÜNER VELTLINER 2008
splendid. Suddenly all the work that has been                   Niederösterreich
done over the past decade – siting vineyards                    Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) is a large area
correctly, managing yields, moving to screwcap                  that includes the sub-appellations Kremstal,
closures – seems to have come together.”                        Kamptal and Wachau, amongst others. Lenz
(Michael Fridjhon,, Nov. 1,                     Moser’s premium, limited-quantity varietal wines
2009) Mulderbosch has consistently shown a                      are released under the Prestige label. An excellent
very deft hand with the grape, and their 2009                   white wine for your cellar (3-5 years), this fresh,
is no exception. Look for all the hallmarks of                  balanced wine is also a good choice for seafood
both Sancerre and New Zealand in one package.                   stews, grilled salmon or chicken paprika.
Enjoy with grilled prawns or mildly spiced
shrimp dishes.                                                  071233 (XD)            750 mL $ 12.95      2
933424 (XD)              750 mL $ 18.95         1

                                                                FRANCE – WHITE WINE
WO Coastal Region                                               PIERRE SPARR RÉSERVE
TASTING NOTE: Merlot 2006 combines delicacy                     GEWURZTRAMINER 2008
& richness, leafiness & mocha. Savoury dryness                  AC Alsace
points to obliging table companion. 14 months                   TASTING NOTE: (Tank sample) Tighter than the ’07
ageing in French oak. Score – HHH (out of 5).                   and better balanced; with a year of bottle age when
(Irina von Holdt, John Platter South African                    the nose develops this will be a stunning Gewürz.
Wines, 2009)                                                    Score – 91. (Tony Aspler,,
                                                                A Wine Lover’s Diary, March 18, 2009)
607804 (D)               750 mL $ 15.95         2
                                                                747600 (D)             750 mL $ 17.95      1

                                                                        SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 29

             FRANCE – WHITE WINE CONT’D                             LOIRE
                                                                    CHAVET MENETOU-SALON BLANC 2008
             ALSACE                                                 AC
                                                                    This wine won a Gold Medal at the 2009 Concours
             ROBERT KLINGENFUS                                      Général Agricole in Paris.
             RIESLING 2008
             AC Alsace                                              TASTING NOTE: This vibrant wine showcases all
             TASTING NOTE: Very fine Alsatian Riesling with         the crispness, citrus fruit and herbaceous fresh-
             aromas of pear, orange rind, mineral and a hint        cut grass character that characterizes Sauvignon
             of petrol. Quite dry with layers of fruit supported    Blanc from the Loire. This food-friendly white will
             by crisp acids. This is a cellarable version           delight with herbed chicken and seafood dishes.
             (3-5 years or more), but will also work wonderfully    (VINTAGES panel, May 2009)
             tonight with grilled prawns, spicy pad Thai, or
             lemon grass chicken. (VINTAGES panel, May 2009)        525048 (XD)             750 mL $ 18.95        1
             141200 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95       2

             BURGUNDY                                               MAISON DES PRINCES
                                                                    SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008
             DOMAINE DE ROCHEBIN                                    AC Touraine
             CHARDONNAY MÂCON-AZÉ                                   (Donatien Bahuaud)
             2008                                                   Home to some of the region’s best values for classic
             AC                                                     Sauvignon Blanc, the Touraine appellation is still
             TASTING NOTE: This Mâcon-Azé was matured               somewhat of a hidden gem of the Loire Valley. This
             in generally seasoned wood, thus the oak impact        crisp and refreshing version has an interesting mix
             is limited. This wine shows apple and pear fruit,      of vivacious citrus fruit, delicate grassy notes and a
             plus a hint of toastiness which could be from          hint of minerality. Dry, medium-bodied and well-
             the lees contact too. Dry and flavourful, this is      balanced, it’s a lovely choice to serve with scallops
             a quite full-bodied wine with good acidity for         seared in butter or try it with fresh chèvre.
             balance. Enjoy it with grilled chicken breasts in a
             cream sauce. (VINTAGES panel, Aug. 2009)               141168 (XD)             750 mL $ 12.95        1
             156943 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95       2
                                                                    FRANCE – RED WINE

                                                                    CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE 2006
             LA CHABLISIENNE SAUVIGNON BLANC                        AC Saint-Julien, 4e Cru
             SAINT-BRIS 2008                                        TASTING NOTE: A property that seems to be
             AC                                                     awakening, this St.-Julien leans toward more of
             The Saint-Bris appellation is unique in Burgundy       a Margaux style. The attractive earthy, floral, red
             as it features the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Impress      currant, and raspberry notes are impressively
             your guests with this tidbit and with this tasty       intense and complex in the aromatics. This dark
             Burgundian Savvy. David Schildknecht, writing on       ruby/purple-tinged wine displays elegance,
             Jancis Robinson’s website, stated in May 2004:         finesse, and a beautiful mouthfeel in a restrained,
             “the best growers farming this appellation ...         moderately intense, but still classic style with
             render among the most fascinating and delicious        sweet tannins. Tobacco, cedar, earth, and red
             Sauvignons on the planet.” Try it with a ratatouille   and black fruits are prominent in both the aromas
             or grilled white fish with a lemon-dill sauce.         and the flavors. This wine can be drunk now
                                                                    or cellared for 15-20 years. Score – 90. (Robert
              641753 (XD)            750 mL $ 14.95      1          Parker Jr.,, Feb. 2009)

                                                                    564286 (XD)             750 mL $ 65.00        2
                                                                    564294 (XD)             750 mL $ 65.00        2
                                                   DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                    CHÂTEAU D’ISSAN 2006
AC Saint-Julien, 4e Cru                                        AC Margaux, 3e Cru
TASTING NOTE: By no means comparable to their                  TASTING NOTE: Now consistently one of the great
sensational 2005 or 2003, but still an outstanding             wines of the appellation, d’Issan has produced a
wine, this singular St.-Julien always possesses notes          dense purple-colored wine with a beautiful set of
of spring flowers, boysenberries, black currants,              aromatics offering a smorgasbord of aromas such
and graphite. The complex aromatics are followed               as perfumed flowers, incense, graphite, licorice,
by a medium-bodied, classic Bordeaux displaying a              blueberry, and black currant. The wine is seam-
deep ruby/purple color as well as moderately high              lessly constructed, like a fine dress from a haute
tannin. It needs 3-5 years of bottle age, and should           couture house. With fabulous concentration of fruit,
last for two decades or more. Score – 90+. (Robert             the ethereal elegance and sublime character of
Parker Jr.,, Feb. 2009)                  this wine make it seem to almost float across the
                                                               palate with substantial flavor penetration and laser-
564591 (XD)              750 mL    $ 79.00     3               like focus. This is a gorgeous example of 2006
564617 (XD)              750 mL    $ 79.00     3               that can be drunk in 3-4 years or cellared for over
564625 (XD)              750 mL    $ 79.00     3               two decades. Good value. Score – 94. (Robert
564633 (XD)              750 mL    $ 79.00     3               Parker Jr.,, Feb. 2009)
564641 (XD)              750 mL    $ 79.00     3
                                                               564401 (XD)             750 mL $ 68.00       3
                                                               564427 (XD)             750 mL $ 68.00       3
AC Saint-Estèphe, 3e Cru
Robert Parker Jr. awarded this wine 91 points,                 CHÂTEAU GRAND FERRAND
calling it “an elegant, classic effort”. (www.erobert-         2006, Feb. 2009)                                         AC Bordeaux Supérieur
                                                               This wine won a Gold Medal at the 2008 Concours
TASTING NOTE: Focused and fresh, with violet                   de Bordeaux.
and blackberry aromas and vanilla undertones.
Full-bodied, with very pretty berry fruit character,           TASTING NOTE: Mostly Merlot (80%), with
fine tannins and a long, caressing finish. Refined.            Cabernet Sauvignon in support, this refined wine
Best after 2014. Score – 92. (James Suckling,                  features aromas of cherry, plum, tobacco leaf, March 31, 2009)                         and redcurrant. Dry, with ample fruit surrounded
                                                               by moderate tannins. A good bet for a value
563890 (XD)             750 mL $ 85.00         3               addition to your cellar (2-4 years), or enjoy it
563916 (XD)             750 mL $ 85.00         3               tonight, decanted, with grilled lamb and brussel
564153 (XD)             750 mL $ 85.00         3               sprouts au gratin. (VINTAGES panel, May 2009)

                                                               138693 (XD)             750 mL $ 14.95       2

AC Pauillac, 5e Cru
TASTING NOTE: This impressive Pauillac is
performing even better from bottle than it did from            CHÂTEAU PUYGUERAUD 2006
barrel. Made by the staff at Mouton Rothschild, it             AC Bordeaux Côtes de Francs
is a blend of 64% Cabernet Sauvignon, and the rest             TASTING NOTE: (a blend of 70% merlot, 25%
Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A dense ruby/purple                 cabernet franc and 5% malbec) Good deep red.
color is followed by a bouquet of grilled meats, subtle        Very ripe aromas of black cherry and chocolate.
herbs, coffee, black currants, and a hint of camphor.          Suave, juicy and sweet, with lovely palate presence
The sweetness of the tannins, full-bodied mouthfeel,           and inner-mouth aromatic character. Tannins are
and stunning length, all in gorgeous symmetry,                 ripe and sweet. This Cotes de Francs outperformer
suggest this is one of the finest d’Armailhacs                 would do well in a flight of Saint-Emilions.
yet made. Moreover, it is still reasonably priced              Score – 87-89. (Stephen Tanzer, International
by the standards of this region. Anticipated                   Wine Cellar, May/June 2007)
maturity: now-2025. Score – 91. (Robert Parker Jr.,, Feb. 2009)                              563155 (D)              750 mL $ 22.00       2
563924 (XD)              750 mL $ 55.00        2
563973 (XD)              750 mL $ 55.00        2
                                                                        SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 31

             FRANCE – RED WINE CONT’D                                BEAUJOLAIS
                                                                     CHÂTEAU DE RAOUSSET
             BORDEAUX                                                MORGON 2007
             CHÂTEAU SAINT-NICOLAS 2006                              This wine earned a Silver Medal at the annual
             AC Premières Côtes de Bordeaux                          Concours des Grands Vins de France 2009 held
             A Gold Medal winner at the 2008 Concours de             in Mâcon.
             Bordeaux – Vins d’Aquitaine.
                                                                     TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the French) The
             TASTING NOTE: This is principally Merlot, and           tasting panel liked the expressive nose with notes
             the aromas and flavours ably bear that out. Cherry,     of plum flesh. A fresh, structured Morgon but not
             plum, oak and berries dominate. Dry and rather          overly tannic because everything is blended. The
             lush with supple tannins for balance. This medium-      finish is nice and round. Score – HH (out of 4).
             bodied wine will please both admirers of the            (, Jan. 2009)
             European or New World style of wine. Enjoy it
             with roast beef or veal tenderloin. (VINTAGES           156935 (D)             750 mL $ 15.95      1
             panel, May 2009)

             138602 (XD)             750 mL $ 18.95       2          MIDI
                                                                     CHÂTEAU DONA BAISSAS
             CHÂTEAU SOCIANDO-MALLET 2006                            PER DONA 2007
             AC Haut-Médoc                                           AC Côtes du Roussillon-Villages
             (Jean-Gautreau)                                         This wine won a Silver Medal at Concours Mondial
             TASTING NOTE: Classic aromas of black currants,         de Bruxelles 2009.
             graphite, powdered wet rocks, and earthy under-
             tones compete with the intense black currant            TASTING NOTE: Deep ruby red. Intriguing and
             fruit present in this structured, medium to full-       concentrated aromas of black fruit, dried herbs
             bodied, concentrated 2006. Always an over-              and anise spice. On the palate, the wine is
             achiever, Sociando Mallet is built for 20-30 years      medium-full-bodied, lush and velvety, showcasing
             of longevity. The elegant, powerful, but backward       ripe black fruit flavours and a host of spices.
             2006 requires patience. Anticipated maturity:           Black pepper and licorice notes surface on the
             2012-2025. Score – 90. (Robert Parker Jr.,              pure, lengthy finish. A very tasty wine to enjoy
   , Feb. 2009)                       with lamb stew, or richer vegetarian dishes with
                                                                     sautéed mushrooms. (VINTAGES panel, July 2009)
             563007 (XD)             750 mL $ 65.00       3
             563031 (XD)             750 mL $ 65.00       3          151365 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95      2

                                                                     CHÂTEAU LA BOUSCADE
             CLOS DU MARQUIS 2006                                    OLD VINE CARIGNAN 2007
             AC Saint-Julien                                         AC Minervois
             TASTING NOTE: Offers violet and blackberry on the       TASTING NOTE: Deep black colour. Powerful
             nose, with tar. Full-bodied, with velvety tannins and   fragrance of plums and cassis.Firm structure yet
             a fruity, minerally aftertaste. Long and silky. Very    a creamy mouth feel with notes of black cherries,
             serious for the vintage. Best after 2013. Score – 92.   vanilla and sweet spices. Score – Silver (Best in
             (James Suckling,,                 Class). (Tasting panel, International Wine & Spirit
             March 31, 2009)                                         Competition, 2009)

              564740 (XD)            750 mL $ 65.00       3          078758 (XD)            750 mL $ 18.95      2

                                                 DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

PECH MATELLES MARSELAN 2008                                  GERMANY – WHITE WINE
Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhône
(Celliers du Languedoc)
And now for something completely different;                  PFALZ
Marselan is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon
and Grenache and was first bred in 1961. Now                 LINGENFELDER BIRD LABEL RIESLING
this grape is winning admirers including winemaker           2007
Gilles Louvet, founder of Celliers du Languedoc,             QbA
who is at the vanguard of organic winemaking in              TASTING NOTE: The most famous (and the first)
France. His version is a dry, medium- to full-bodied         of the Vineyard Creatures series it shows bright,
red featuring ripe black fruit, cherry, marzipan and         juicy white fruits and minerals. It has a lovely,
toasty oak flavours supported by medium tannins              gently rounded texture with silky apple and citrus
and leading to a medium-long dry finish. Our                 flavours and a mouth-watering finish. (Daenna
Quality Assurance Laboratory has determined that             Van Mulligen,, July 31, 2008)
this wine contains 21 mg/L of free sulphur.
                                                             568634 (MD)            750 mL $ 14.95       1
148684 (XD)             750 mL $ 12.95       1
4 Organic Product

RHÔNE                                                        RHEINHESSEN
ST. GERVAIS 2007                                             2008
AC Côtes du Rhône-Villages                                   QmP, Nierstein Pettenthal
(Les Vignobles Foncalieu)                                    TASTING NOTE: The Balbach Estate is Fritz
The 2007 vintage was sensational for the Rhône,              Hasselbach’s (you know, of Gunderloch fame)
resulting in amazing wines from the Côtes du                 other winery. Here he creates some equally exciting
Rhône-Villages appellations. Sourced from selected           Rieslings. In this case, it features aromas of ripe
vineyard parcels near the village of St. Gervais,            peach, citrus, mineral and a touch of petrol. Just
this robust, full-bodied wine is packed with ripe            off-dry with an ideal balance between the fruit
berry fruit flavours, peppery spice, licorice and            and acid. A great sipper or enjoy it with a variety
toasty oak notes. A brilliant winter-warmer to pair          of simply cooked seafood (spicy or not). (VINTAGES
with roast lamb or beef dishes.                              panel, July 2009)

142943 (XD)             750 mL $ 14.95       2               148825 (MD)            750 mL $ 16.95       2
On the Back Cover

                                                             GREECE – WHITE WINE
AC Fronton
AC Fronton is the new name for the former AC                 NASIAKOS MANTINIA 2008
Côtes du Frontonnais. Château Bellevue la Forêt,             AOC
considered by the Oxford Companion to Wine to be             Moschofilero is a distinctly aromatic grey-skinned
one of the finest producers in the region, makes             grape native to the AOC region of Mantinia. Its
this rich, ripe wine by blending together Négrette           crisp character and beautiful floral aroma of
(unique to the area), Syrah, Gamay, Cabernet                 roses and violets, with hints of spices, makes for
Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.                                an excellent aperitif wine.

TASTING NOTE: Other successes in 2006 include                TASTING NOTE: ... I am also a real fan of the fresh,
Bellevue la Forêt (the largest individual estate in          flavory Mantinia Nasiakos 2008 made from the
Fronton with around 115 hectares of vines, and               aromatic Moschofilero grape grown near Tripoli in
with winemaking of a consistently high standard)             the center of the Peloponese ... (Serena Sutcliffe,
– perfumed, fruity and soft. (Helen Savage,                  MW, Quarterly Review of Wines, Autumn 2009), 2007)
                                                             143032 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95       1
198085 (XD)             750 mL $ 12.95       2
                                                                      SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 33

             GREECE – RED WINE                                      PUGLIA
                                                                    SURANI PIETRARICCIA FIANO
             TSANTALI METOXI                                        2008
             CHROMITSA 2007                                         IGT Salento
             Agioritikos Regional Wine,                             TASTING NOTE: Fiano is a strongly flavoured
             Cabernet Sauvignon/Limnio                              variety normally associated with Campania.
             TASTING NOTE: Dense and gamey, this ripe               Puglia is seeing an upswing in plantings, resulting
             cabernet sauvignon gets a lift from the green          in exciting wines, such as this. Filled with ripe
             peppercorn spice of the tannin and a splash of         apple, melon and sweet herb aromas, this dry,
             wild red fruit flavor from limnio (15 percent of the   fruity and crisp wine is a good companion for
             blend). Pour it with venison steaks. Score – 88.       many richer fish and seafood dishes. The finish
             (Wine & Spirits, Aug. 2009)                            is long and enticing. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)

             143107 (XD)             750 mL $ 16.95       2         159582 (XD)            750 mL $ 16.95       2

             HUNGARY – WHITE WINE                                   TRENTINO
                                                                    BOLLINI PINOT GRIGIO 2008
             LAKE VELENCE OAK AGED                                  DOC Trentino
             CHARDONNAY 2007                                        ‘Natura & Passione’ have been Neil and Maria
             Etyek-Budai Borvidék, Velencei Körzet                  Empson’s guiding principles since the creation of
             TASTING NOTE: The label may say oak aged but           the ‘Bollini’ line of wines in 1979. The Empsons
             the wine is quite fruit-forward. Aromas of ripe        continue to strive to find the ultimate expression
             red apple and pear dominate, with just hints of        of the best fruit from the most suitable vineyards.
             nutmeg, cinnamon and toast. The wine is                They ‘intrude’ into the winemaking process as
             medium-bodied (leaning toward full) with bright        little as possible to ensure the finished wine is a
             apple and pear flavours and just the faintest          true reflection of the place where it was grown,
             touches of oak. The bright acidity gives the wine      and lower-than-regulated yields guarantee it has
             a clean, refreshing quality and the length is          more flavour. This fresh, versatile, citrus- and
             fairly impressive. Good value to pair with seafood     melon-scented wine would complement a grilled
             pasta in a cream sauce, or grilled herbed chicken.     prawn dish or a selection of hors d’oeuvres.
             (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)
                                                                    951319 (XD)            750 mL $ 16.95       1
             145243 (D)              750 mL $ 10.95       1

             ITALY – WHITE WINE
             PIEDMONT                                               SALVIANO ORVIETO CLASSICO
                                                                    SUPERIORE 2008
             CERRINO BRÎCH MENU                                     DOC
             MOSCATO D’ASTI 2008                                    TASTING NOTE: An impressive Orvieto (generally,
             DOCG                                                   a blend of mostly Trebbiano Toscano with 15 to
             TASTING NOTE: Pretty award-winning Moscato             25% Verdello, and dollops of Grechetto, Canaiolo
             d’Asti with aromas of peach, ripe apple, pear          Drupeggio, and/or Malvasia) with aromas of
             and apricot. Medium in sweetness with excellent        spice, ripe pear, apple and mineral tones. Dry,
             fruit replays and a fine core of acidity to bring      light and fresh, this is an ideal wine to enjoy with
             balance. This moderately fizzy, low-alcohol wine       steamed mussels or clams. For exquisite results,
             is an excellent choice for after-dinner sipping, or    pour a dash in the pot when you’re cooking them
             serve it with freshly cut, unsweetened pineapple.      up. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)
             (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)
                                                                    714188 (XD)            750 mL $ 13.95       1
             159822 (M)              750 mL $ 13.95       1

                                                DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

ITALY – RED WINE                                            VIGNE & VINI ZINFANDEL
                                                            PRIMITIVO DEL SALENTO 2006
ABRUZZO                                                     TASTING NOTE: It’s a Zinfandel! It’s a Primitivo!
                                                            Wait a minute, it’s both. Southern Italy’s Primitivo
UMANI RONCHI MONTIPAGANO                                    grape has been gaining much-deserved admiration
MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO                                     with the revelation that it is genetically identical
2007                                                        to California’s Zinfandel. This delicious example
DOCG, Made with Organic Grapes                              features fresh floral, sweet cherry, cassis, black-
Our Quality Assurance Laboratory has determined             berry, blueberry and grapey aromas and flavours.
that this organic product contains 6 mg/L of                It’s dry, medium-bodied with moderate tannins
free sulphur.                                               balancing the sweet fruit flavours. Quite refined
                                                            and well-balanced with a medium-long finish.
TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the French) A                (VINTAGES panel, April 2009)
beautiful dark montepulciano with pretty flavors of
crushed fruit and no overt wood. Displays chewy,            136002 (XD)            750 mL $ 14.95       2
fine fruit, full body and plenty of strength. (Marc
André Gagnon,, May 1, 2009)

134585 (XD)            750 mL $ 11.95       2
4   Organic Product

                                                            BARONE RICASOLI ROCCA GUICCIARDA
VIA COLLINA DOLCETTO                                        CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2006
DI DIANO D’ALBA 2008                                        DOCG
DOC                                                         TASTING NOTE: Plum and berry aromas, with hints
(Cantina Terre Del Barolo)                                  of fresh herbs. Full-bodied, with focused, beautiful
A Silver Medal winner at the 2009 International             fruit and silky, polished tannins. Long and refined.
Wine Challenge in London.                                   Best from 2010 through 2014. Score – 90. (James
                                                            Suckling,, Oct. 15, 2009)
TASTING NOTE: Complex, aromatic nose with a
fresh yet firm structure. Elegant and stylish, with         943613 (XD)            750 mL $ 24.95       2
a juicy palate and a lovely scented finish. (Judges
panel, International Wine Challenge, 2009)

159459 (D)             750 mL $ 14.95       2

IGT Salento Rosso                                           CAPOSALDO CHIANTI 2008
Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2006 International            DOCG
Wine Challenge.                                             TASTING NOTE: A wonderful, quaffable, ready-
                                                            to-drink Chianti for evening sipping or alongside
TASTING NOTE: Rich and opulent but with a                   lighter meat or pasta dishes. Pleasant berry,
rugged personality, you can taste the heat of               cherry and earth aromas and flavours on display
southern Italy. A 50/50 blend of Negroamaro and             here. Dry and fruity, with nice crispness and ripe
Primitivo, it is crammed with dark, brambly fruits          tannins for balance. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)
and earthy character. The palate is truly mouth-
filling with a slightly gamey edge, and the toasty          159616 (XD)            750 mL $ 13.95       1
oak brings a touch of vanilla. Up to 5 years.
Score – HHHH (out of 5). (Decanter, Nov. 2007)

084046 (XD)            750 mL $ 19.95       2

                                                                     SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 35

             ITALY – RED WINE CONT’D                                 DUE TORRI RIPASSO
                                                                     VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE
             TUSCANY                                                 DOC
                                                                     TASTING NOTE: Concentrated, richly coloured
             RUFFINO LODOLA NUOVA VINO NOBILE                        Ripasso with aromas of plum, fig, cranberry and
             DI MONTEPULCIANO 2006                                   cherry. Dry with ripe fruit, moderate tannins
             DOCG                                                    and a lush finish all working in harmony with
             TASTING NOTE: An impressive Sangiovese-                 one another. Delicious example of this popular
             based wine with dark chocolate, raspberry, spice        style of wine. Try it with grilled lamb chops, meat-
             and smoked meat aromas. Dry with lots of fruit          based lasagna or wild rice risotto. (VINTAGES panel,
             surrounded by a good, firm tannic grip. The             Sept. 2009)
             finish is long and balanced. This is a great value-
             priced wine to add to your cellar. It will gracefully   159400 (D)               750 mL $ 16.95        2
             mature 3-5+ years. If you wish to enjoy it tonight,     Arrive in Style
             decant it two hours in advance and bring on the
             rare meat dishes. (VINTAGES panel, Aug. 2009)

             332411 (XD)             750 mL $ 23.95       2

                                                                     MASI BROLO DI CAMPOFIORIN 2006
                                                                     IGT Rosso del Veronese
             RUFFINO SANTEDAME                                       TASTING NOTE: Masi’s 2006 Campofiorin reveals
             CHIANTI CLASSICO 2007                                   a soft, floral expression of red fruits framed by silky
             DOCG                                                    tannins. This medium-bodied, restrained wine
             TASTING NOTE: Good complex earthy and black             offers lovely balance. Campofiorin is essentially a
             fruit driven nose. Very slick mouthful with a chunky    Valpolicella made in the ripasso style which
             blackcurrant finish. Modern and well executed           involves a secondary fermentation on the skins
             chocolatey wine. Score – Silver Medal. (Judges          and stems of the estate’s Amarone. Anticipated
             panel, Decanter World Wine Awards, 2009)                maturity: 2009-2012. Score – 88. (Antonio Galloni,
                                                           , Aug. 2009)
             523076 (XD)             750 mL $ 19.95       2
                                                                     976092 (D)               750 mL $ 24.95        2

                                                                     MONTE ZOVO SA’ SOLIN RIPASSO
             ALLEGRINI VALPOLICELLA 2008                             VALPOLICELLA 2007
             DOC                                                     DOC
             Allegrini is one of Veneto’s most respected, family-    TASTING NOTE: Good fruity nose with lots of cherry
             owned estates. Over the years, the winery has           and plum fruit plus pepper and spice. Smooth,
             collected Gambero Rosso’s highest rating of Three       fuller bodied and rich on the palate, it’s quite tannic
             Glasses a remarkable twenty times. Here they            but there’s lots of plum and cherry fruit. Burnt
             have crafted a delicious, medium-bodied blend of        wood notes add depth and there’s a great, lingering
             Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara that’s bursting        finish. Good Value. Score – 88. (Alan McGinty,
             with ripe red cherry, plum and hints of wild herbs., Aug. 15, 2009)
             Crisp and well-balanced, it’s a delight to enjoy
             with antipasti or pasta with a simple tomato sauce.     650713 (D)               750 mL $ 17.95        2
              560094 (XD)            750 mL $ 14.95       1

                                                DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

VILLA GIRARDI AMARONE                                       QUINTA DO CÔTTO 2007
DELLA VALPOLICELLA                                          DOC Douro
CLASSICO 2005                                               From one of the modern pioneers of dry Douro
DOC                                                         reds, this wine presses into service the same
Made using Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and                 grapes used for Port. From a top vintage, the
Molinara, this wine uses grapes that are first fully        2007 Quinta do Côtto exhibits aromas of cherry,
dried on mats before being pressed and then                 blackcurrant, spice, coffee and smoked meat.
aged for 3 years in Slovenian oak barrels. The              It is rounding out nicely now, with enough tannin
resulting wine is filled with aromas and flavours           to reward another 2-4 years in a cellar. Or enjoy
of black plum, sweet cherry, vanilla, dried meat            it tonight with rich meat dishes.
and dark chocolate. This dry, intense wine is
an excellent match for rich meat dishes. It’s also          950584 (XD)           750 mL $ 16.95      2
great after a hearty meal with dark chocolate
(at least 70% cacao) or cheese and almonds
drizzled with truffle honey.

159913 (D)              750 mL $ 39.95      2
On the Back Cover


AZUL PORTUGAL                                               QUINTA DO INFANTADO RED 2007
VINHO TINTO 2007                                            DOC Douro
DOC Palmela                                                 TASTING NOTE: Plummy damson fruit with fine
(Casa Ermelinda Freitas)                                    tannins and spice on the nose. Smoky palate
Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2009 International          with silken tannins and good refreshing acidity,
Wine Challenge in London.                                   making this a solidly enjoyable drop. Score –
                                                            Gold Medal. (Judges panel, International Wine
TASTING NOTE: Castelão, Touriga Nacional,                   Challenge, 2009)
Cabernet Sauvignon. A soft herbal nose, with
wonderful spicy plummy fruit, an intense rounded            095158 (XD)           750 mL $ 23.95      2
palate, and excellent length. (Judges panel,
International Wine Challenge, 2009)

146167 (XD)            750 mL $ 12.95       2

                                                            SÃO MIGUEL DAS MISSÕES
                                                            RESERVA 2008
MARQUÊS DOS VALES                                           Vinho Regional Alentejano
SELECTA 2007                                                (Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas)
Vinho Regional Algarve                                      A Bronze Medal winner at the 2009 International
(Quinta dos Vales)                                          Wine Challenge in London, a truly impressive
TASTING NOTE: Aged in French oak for 12 months,             feat given the fact that it's one of the world’s
this blend of Perquita, Touriga Nacional and                largest wine competitions.
Alicante Bouschet intrigues with aromas of smoke,
red berries, pomegranate, peppery spices and tar.           TASTING NOTE: This award-winning wine is a
It’s dry, medium-bodied and impeccably balanced             blend of Touriga Nacional, Aragónez and Alicante
with ripe red fruit flavours and spicy notes leading        Bouschet. It is generous with plentiful raspberry,
to a long, dry finish. A solid effort to pair with          blackcurrant, sweet oak and plum. Dry, big and
traditonal Portuguese barbecue chicken. (VINTAGES           fruity with mid-palate tannins bringing balance.
panel, July 2009)                                           Enjoy with braised beef or lamb dishes. (VINTAGES
                                                            panel, Aug. 2009)
148502 (XD)            750 mL $ 18.95       2
                                                            155796 (XD)           750 mL $ 15.95      2

                                                                    SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 37

             PORTUGAL – RED WINE CONT’D                                 SPAIN – RED WINE

             SÃO MIGUEL DOS                                             BODEGAS RUCONIA
             DESCOBRIDORES COLHEITA                                     REY DON GARCIA
             SELECCIONADA 2007                                          EL DE NAJERA CRIANZA 2005
             Vinho Regional Alentejano                                  DOCa Rioja
             (Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas)                           TASTING NOTE: Excellent example of a more
             TASTING NOTE: This blend of local grapes                   mature Crianza, featuring aromas of cherry, dried
             Aragónes (a.k.a. Tempranillo), Touriga Nacional and        fruit, vanilla and sweet oak spice. Dry and fruity,
             Trincadeira is an easy-drinking crowd-pleaser. The         this wine’s tannins have softened out considerably
             nose shows notes of earth, chocolate, ripe dark fruit      making this wine very approachable. A fine
             and red berries. It’s dry, medium-bodied and well-         wine for a rich lamb stew or roast beef. (VINTAGES
             balanced with a medium-length fruity finish. Try it        panel, July 2009)
             with grilled pork tenderloin or baby back ribs with
             rich sauce. (VINTAGES panel, July 2009)                    148528 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95       1
             146092 (XD)              750 mL $ 13.95         2

             SLOVENIA – WHITE WINE
                                                                        EL COTO DE RIOJA COTO DE IMAZ
             PTUJSKA KLET PULLUS                                        RESERVA 2004
             YELLOW MUSCAT 2008                                         DOCa Rioja
             Stajerska                                                  TASTING NOTE: This light and frisky tempranillo
             Muscat is a specialty of the Ptujska Klet winery           is styled like a fine pinot noir, with fragrant
             in Slovenia. Their vineyard sites were carefully           rose petal scents and tension to its lasting red
             chosen to ensure that the grapes achieve optimum           fruit. The tannins are present but not heavy,
             ripeness, vintage after vintage. After fermentation,       so the wine leaves a clean impression. For
             the producers mature the wines on their lees in            roast fish in a red wine sauce. Score – 91.
             stainless steel tanks. This method retains the             (, Dec. 2008)
             bright fruitiness for which the grape is known, while
             the lees contact adds layers of complexity.                023762 (D)             750 mL $ 21.95       2
             Match this off-dry wine with spicy eastern European
             dishes or Asian cuisine.

             108480 (MD)              750 mL $ 14.95         1

             SPAIN – WHITE WINE
                                                                        ÈTIM NEGRE 2007
             REAL SITIO DE VENTOSILLA PRADO                             DO Montsant
             REY VERDEJO 2008                                           (Agricola Falset-Marçà)
             DO Rueda                                                   TASTING NOTE: This Rhône-inspired, easy-
             TASTING NOTE: A fine example of a grape Jancis             drinking blend of Syrah, Garnacha (Grenache) and
             Robinson calls “characterful” and the “Rueda               Carignan is deep ruby in colour with attractive
             region’s pride and joy” (Oxford Companion to               aromas of smoke, black cherry, cassis, tea leaf
             Wine, 2006). It's filled with floral, ripe pear, apricot   and spicy pepper. It’s dry and full-bodied with a
             and sweet herbs aromas. Dry and fruity with a              creamy texture, loads of mixed berry flavours as
             very lively acidity bringing pristine balance to this      well as hints of leather and spice. Bright acidity
             pretty wine. If you match it with mildly spiced            keeps the wine quite lively and the juicy finish is
             seafood or enlist it as a charming palate-refresher,       memorable. (VINTAGES panel, July 2009)
             you cannot go wrong. (VINTAGES panel, July 2009)
                                                                        146019 (XD)            750 mL $ 14.95       2
             146001 (XD)              750 mL $ 13.95         1

                                                            DISCOVER OUR LATEST • JANUARY 23, 2010

            PAGOS DEL REY BAJOZ                                                            PIEDRAS DE SAN PEDRO
            CRIANZA 2004                                                                   LOCULTO CRIANZA 2005
            DO Toro                                                                        DO Ribera del Duero
            This Crianza won a Silver Medal at the 2009                                    This Crianza won Gold at the 2008 Mundus Vini
            Premium Select Wine Challenge, a well-respected                                International Wine Show in Germany.
            international wine competition held each year
            in Germany.                                                                    TASTING NOTE: The award was well-justified
                                                                                           based upon our tasting. A bright, flavourful, juicy
            TASTING NOTE: This is 100% Tinta de Toro                                       and balanced wine, featuring aromas of sweet
            (a.k.a. Tempranillo) hand-picked from vines with                               raspberry, blackcurrant, cedar and mint. Dry with
            an average age of 50 years old. The nose is bright                             good intensity and structure. Neither overdone
            and attractive with sweet strawberry, red cherry,                              nor underripe. Try this mocha-finishing wine with
            rhubarb and toasty oak aromas. Dry with a                                      lamb chops and mint sauce. (VINTAGES panel,
            creamy texture and good weight, featuring juicy                                July 2006)
            flavours of tangy berries, grapes, licorice and
            vanilla bean leading to a medium-long creamy                                   147926 (XD)                    750 mL $ 18.95             2
            finish. Serve this tasty wine with hearty winter
            stews, pasta with grilled spicy sausage, or roasted
            chicken. (VINTAGES panel, July 2009)

            146035 (XD)            750 mL $ 15.95       2

       VINTAGES coming soon…
           VINTAGES hosts many exciting special                   Union Des Grands Crus De Bordeaux
         events throughout the year, ranging                      Tasting Event
           from small structured tastings and                     Sunday, January 24, 2010
       intimate winemakers’ dinners to large-                     Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto
                    scale pre-release tastings.                   Walk-around Tasting 4:00pm - 7:00pm
                                                                  $75 per person
                                                                  Bordeaux Meets Burgundy
                                                                  Tasting Event
                                                                  Thursday, March 18, 2010
                                                                  Le Méridien King Edward, Toronto
                                                                  Walk-around Tasting 6:30pm to 9:00pm
                                                                  $75 per person

                                                                  Don’t miss out, order your tickets today.
                                                                  Call 416-365-5767 or 1-800-266-4764
                                                                  Monday – Saturday 9 am to 6 pm
                                                                  Visit for more info or sign up for the VINTAGES Latest email bulletin to
                                                                  receive advance notice on events and special offers.
                                                                  Due to printing lead time, we cannot guarantee tickets will be available. All ticket sales
                                                                  are final. Wines poured at these events will be measured and some wines may run out.

                                                                                                       SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 39

                                                                                            ( perfect
  T    he holidays are over, the weather is frightful:
   it’s time to hunker down with a few good friends and defy the
   long Canadian winter. Some hearty fare is in order and with it
   a bottle of good red wine – something rich and mellow but also
   sophisticated. VINTAGES buyers search the world to find such treas-
   ures at exceptionally friendly prices. Because friends, merriment
   and good food and wine are the best winter antidote we know.

 VINTAGES             D I S C O V E R O U R L AT E S T

       Not all products available at all stores. To find a VINTAGES location near you, visit or call us at
               416-365-5767 or toll-free at 1-800-266-4764. Prices are subject to change without notice.
These big fruity reds
            warm up winter get-togethers
         at a very friendly price!


a real mouthful
Lodi, USA – California
678698 750 mL $15
A California treasure, packed
with fruit and charm.

easy to love
AC Côtes du Rhône-Villages,
France – Rhône
998716 750 mL $15
Juicy, smooth and perfect
for lamb stew.

                                     ADVERTISING FEATURE

Arcadian Court, 401 Bay Street
Champagne Reception: 6:00 pm                                                Join VINTAGES for
Tasting: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
                                                                        a fun and interactive evening
$55 per person                                                                of wine discovery.
Order your tickets today.
Call 416.365.5767 or 1.800.266.4764                                               Learn how to taste wine
Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
                                                                        Sample different wines from around the world
                                                                             Explore food and wine pairings…
Wines poured at this event will be measured and some wines
may run out. Due to printing lead time, we cannot guarantee tickets                   and much more!
will be available. All ticket sales are final.

                                                                                        NICHE FINDS
                                                                                        NOT AVAILABLE
                                                                                        IN STORE.
                                                                                        Hundreds of wines and spirits
                                                                                        you won’t find anywhere else are
                                                                                        now closer than ever courtesy of
                                                                                        VINTAGES Online Exclusives. Your
                                                                                        next great find is waiting for you

                                                                                        New selection January 27, 2010

            PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                     JANUARY 23, 2010

            SCOTCH WHISKY         n 157990   CAOL ILA 12 YEARS OLD ISLAY SINGLE MALT 1997 (700 mL)           Page 22      $ 89.95
                                  n 981084   ISLE OF ARRAN ROBERT BURNS ARRAN SINGLE MALT (700 mL)           Page 22      $ 41.95
                                  n 091264   THE ISLE OF JURA 16 YEARS OLD JURA SINGLE MALT                  Page 22      $ 79.95
            FORTIFIED WINE
            PORT                  n 156877   FONSECA BIN NO. 27 RESERVE PORT (Portugal)                      Page 23      $ 15.95
            WHITE WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO      n 155697   EASTDELL ESTATES RESERVE BARREL FERMENTED CHARDONNAY 2007       Page 23      $ 17.95
                                  n 087775   INNISKILLIN COMMEMORATIVE EDITION VIDAL ICEWINE 2006 (375 mL)   Page 23      $ 59.95
                                  n 117572   SOUTHBROOK TRIOMPHE CHARDONNAY 2007                             Page 23      $ 21.95
                                  n 522748   STREWN PINOT BLANC 2008                                         Page 23      $ 13.95
            USA – CALIFORNIA      n 060319   CAMELOT CHARDONNAY 2007                                         Page 24      $ 13.95
                                  n 158568   FOG HEAD RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2008                                Page 24      $ 19.95
                                  n 665166   MÉNAGE À TROIS WHITE 2008                                       Page 24      $ 17.95
            ARGENTINA             n 081539   ALAMOS TORRONTÉS 2008                                           Page 6       $ 13.95
                                  n 932368   SANTA JULIA RESERVA CHARDONNAY 2008                             Page 15      $ 13.95
                                  n 119099   VIÑA COBOS FELINO CHARDONNAY 2009                               Page 13      $ 19.95
            CHILE                 n 738393   ERRAZURIZ WILD FERMENT CHARDONNAY 2008                          Page 26      $ 16.95
            AUSTRALIA             n 662775   D’ARENBERG THE HERMIT CRAB VIOGNIER/MARSANNE 2008               Page 26      $ 17.95
                                  n 138297   STICKS CHARDONNAY/VIOGNIER 2008                                 Page 27      $ 15.95
                                  n 138586   YALUMBA Y SERIES PINOT GRIGIO 2008                              Page 27      $ 15.95
            NEW ZEALAND           n 554196   SAINT CLAIR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                Page 28      $ 16.95
            SOUTH AFRICA          n 933424   MULDERBOSCH SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                Page 29      $ 18.95
            AUSTRIA               n 071233   LENZ MOSER PRESTIGE GRÜNER VELTLINER 2008                       Page 29      $ 12.95
            FRANCE – ALSACE       n 747600   PIERRE SPARR RÉSERVE GEWURZTRAMINER 2008                        Page 29      $ 17.95
                                  n 141200   ROBERT KLINGENFUS RIESLING 2008                                 Page 30      $ 15.95
            FRANCE – BURGUNDY     n 156943   DOMAINE DE ROCHEBIN CHARDONNAY MÂCON-AZÉ 2008                   Page 30      $ 15.95
                                  n 641753   LA CHABLISIENNE SAUVIGNON BLANC SAINT-BRIS 2008                 Page 30      $ 14.95
            FRANCE – LOIRE        n 525048   CHAVET MENETOU-SALON BLANC 2008                                 Page 30      $ 18.95
                                  n 141168   MAISON DES PRINCES SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008                         Page 30      $ 12.95
            GERMANY – PFALZ       n 568634   LINGENFELDER BIRD LABEL RIESLING 2007                           Page 33      $ 14.95
            GERMANY – RHEINHESSEN n 148825   BALBACH ESTATE RIESLING KABINETT 2008                           Page 33      $ 16.95
            GREECE                n 143032   NASIAKOS MANTINIA 2008                                          Page 33      $ 15.95
            HUNGARY               n 145243   LAKE VELENCE OAK AGED CHARDONNAY 2007                           Page 34      $ 10.95
            ITALY – PIEDMONT      n 159822   CERRINO BRÎCH MENU MOSCATO D’ASTI 2008                          Page 34      $ 13.95
            ITALY – PUGLIA        n 159582   SURANI PIETRARICCIA FIANO 2008                                  Page 34      $ 16.95
            ITALY – TRENTINO      n 951319   BOLLINI PINOT GRIGIO 2008                                       Page 34      $ 16.95
            ITALY – UMBRIA        n 714188   SALVIANO ORVIETO CLASSICO SUPERIORE 2008                        Page 34      $ 13.95
            SLOVENIA              n 108480   PTUJSKA KLET PULLUS YELLOW MUSCAT 2008                          Page 38      $ 14.95
            SPAIN                 n 146001   REAL SITIO DE VENTOSILLA PRADO REY VERDEJO 2008                 Page 38      $ 13.95
            RED WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO      n 989269   JACKSON-TRIGGS DELAINE VINEYARD CABERNET/MERLOT 2007            Page 23      $ 22.95
                                  n 591420   LAILEY VINEYARD CABERNET/MERLOT 2007                            Page 24      $ 25.00
                                  n 033944   LE CLOS JORDANNE LA PETITE COLLINE PINOT NOIR 2007              Page 24      $ 40.00
            USA – CALIFORNIA      n 714816   BLACKSTONE WINEMAKER’S SELECT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007           Page 24      $ 15.95
                                  n 025304   CHATEAU ST. JEAN MERLOT 2006                                    Page 25      $ 19.95
                                  n 684514   FIVE RIVERS PINOT NOIR 2008                                     Page 25      $ 18.95
                                  n 343467   GEYSER PEAK CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2004                             Page 25      $ 17.95
                                  n 025080   HESS SELECT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                             Page 25      $ 23.95
                                  n 159293   SIDURI PINOT NOIR 2008                                          Page 25      $ 39.95
                                  n 159301   SIDURI PINOT NOIR 2007                                          Page 25      $ 44.95
                                  n 135467   THE SAN FRANCISCO WINE PRESS SYRAH 2006                         Page 26      $ 17.95
                                  n 140715   THE SHOW CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                Page 26      $ 17.95
            ARGENTINA             n 467944   ALAMOS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  Page 6       $ 13.95
                                  n 467951   ALAMOS MALBEC 2008                                              Page 6       $ 13.95
                                  n 985002   CATENA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                  Page 5       $ 19.95
                                  n 478727   CATENA MALBEC 2007                                              Page 5       $ 19.95
                                  n 622571   CLOS DE LOS SIETE 2007                                          Page 26      $ 23.95
                                  n 143248   KAIKEN CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                  Page 9       $ 14.95
                                  n 058339   KAIKEN MALBEC 2008                                              Page 9       $ 14.95
                                  n 050849   KAIKEN ULTRA MALBEC 2007                                        Page 9       $ 19.95
                                  n 143289   LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA MERLOT 2006                                 Page 11      $ 16.95
                                  n 143420   LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA PINOT NOIR 2007                             Page 11      $ 16.95
                                  n 143412   LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA SYRAH                                       Page 11      $ 14.95
tear here

                                  n 093799   SANTA JULIA MAGNA 2008                                          Page 15      $ 14.95
                                  n 132365   VIÑA COBOS FELINO CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                       Page 13      $ 19.95
                                                                                            SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010 VINTAGES 43
PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                           JANUARY 23, 2010

ARGENTINA                n 118067   VIÑA COBOS FELINO MALBEC 2008                                      Page 13         $ 19.95
                         n 723478   ZUCCARDI Q MALBEC 2007                                             Page 15         $ 18.95
                         n 973503   ZUCCARDI Q TEMPRANILLO 2006                                        Page 15         $ 18.95
CHILE                    n 275594   SANTA RITA MEDALLA REAL GRAN RESERVA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007       Page 26         $ 19.95
AUSTRALIA                n 984021   D’ARENBERG THE FOOTBOLT SHIRAZ 2006                                Page 27         $ 22.95
                         n 072652   DARK SIDE OF THE MOON SHIRAZ 2008                                  Page 27         $ 25.95
                         n 142034   GEMTREE VINEYARDS TADPOLE SHIRAZ 2008                              Page 27         $ 16.95
                         n 586156   GREG NORMAN SHIRAZ/CABERNET 2007                                   Page 27         $ 24.95
                         n 146472   NUGAN ESTATE VISION CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                        Page 28         $ 15.95
                         n 149898   PAXTON AAA SHIRAZ/GRENACHE 2007                                    Page 28         $ 19.95
                         n 912782   PENMARA RESERVE SHIRAZ 2007                                        Page 28         $ 19.95
                         n 072975   ZONTE’S FOOTSTEP SHIRAZ/VIOGNIER 2007                              Page 28         $ 15.95
NEW ZEALAND              n 156521   SILENI CELLAR SELECTION SYRAH 2007                                 Page 28         $ 15.95
                         n 586081   SILENI THE TRIANGLE MERLOT 2007                                    Page 29         $ 17.95
SOUTH AFRICA             n 607804   GRAHAM BECK MERLOT 2006                                            Page 29         $ 15.95
                         n 148213   LEOPARD’S LEAP SHIRAZ 2007                                         Page 29         $ 12.95
FRANCE – BORDEAUX        n 564286   CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE 2006                                           Page 30         $ 65.00
                         n 564294   CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE 2006                                           Page 30         $ 65.00
                         n 564591   CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                        Page 31         $ 79.00
                         n 564617   CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                        Page 31         $ 79.00
                         n 564625   CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                        Page 31         $ 79.00
                         n 564633   CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                        Page 31         $ 79.00
                         n 564641   CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU 2006                                        Page 31         $ 79.00
                         n 563890   CHÂTEAU CALON-SÉGUR 2006                                           Page 31         $ 85.00
                         n 563916   CHÂTEAU CALON-SÉGUR 2006                                           Page 31         $ 85.00
                         n 564153   CHÂTEAU CALON-SÉGUR 2006                                           Page 31         $ 85.00
                         n 563924   CHÂTEAU D’ARMAILHAC 2006                                           Page 31         $ 55.00
                         n 563973   CHÂTEAU D’ARMAILHAC 2006                                           Page 31         $ 55.00
                         n 564401   CHÂTEAU D’ISSAN 2006                                               Page 31         $ 68.00
                         n 564427   CHÂTEAU D’ISSAN 2006                                               Page 31         $ 68.00
                         n 138693   CHÂTEAU GRAND FERRAND 2006                                         Page 31         $ 14.95
                         n 563155   CHÂTEAU PUYGUERAUD 2006                                            Page 31         $ 22.00
                         n 138602   CHÂTEAU SAINT-NICOLAS 2006                                         Page 32         $ 18.95
                         n 563007   CHÂTEAU SOCIANDO-MALLET 2006                                       Page 32         $ 65.00
                         n 563031   CHÂTEAU SOCIANDO-MALLET 2006                                       Page 32         $ 65.00
                         n 564740   CLOS DU MARQUIS 2006                                               Page 32         $ 65.00
FRANCE – BEAUJOLAIS      n 156935   CHÂTEAU DE RAOUSSET MORGON 2007                                    Page 32         $ 15.95
FRANCE – MIDI            n 151365   CHÂTEAU DONA BAISSAS PER DONA 2007                                 Page 32         $ 15.95
                         n 078758   CHÂTEAU LA BOUSCADE OLD VINE CARIGNAN 2007                         Page 32         $ 18.95
                         n 148684   PECH MATELLES MARSELAN 2008                                        Page 33         $ 12.95
FRANCE – RHÔNE           n 142943   LA RÉSERVE DU CROUZAU ST. GERVAIS 2007                             Page 33         $ 14.95
FRANCE – SOUTHWEST       n 198085   CHÂTEAU BELLEVUE LA FORÊT 2006                                     Page 33         $ 12.95
GREECE                   n 143107   TSANTALI METOXI CHROMITSA 2007                                     Page 34         $ 16.95
ITALY – ABRUZZO          n 134585   UMANI RONCHI MONTIPAGANO MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2007              Page 35         $ 11.95
ITALY – PIEDMONT         n 159459   VIA COLLINA DOLCETTO DI DIANO D’ALBA 2008                          Page 35         $ 14.95
ITALY – PUGLIA           n 084046   APOLLONIO VALLE CUPA 2001                                          Page 35         $ 19.95
                         n 136002   VIGNE & VINI ZINFANDEL PRIMITIVO DEL SALENTO 2006                  Page 35         $ 14.95
                         n 159616   CAPOSALDO CHIANTI 2008                                             Page 35         $ 13.95
                         n 332411   RUFFINO LODOLA NUOVA VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO 2006             Page 36         $ 23.95
                         n 523076   RUFFINO SANTEDAME CHIANTI CLASSICO 2007                            Page 36         $ 19.95
ITALY – VENETO           n 560094   ALLEGRINI VALPOLICELLA 2008                                        Page 36         $ 14.95
                         n 159400   DUE TORRI RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE 2007                      Page 36         $ 16.95
                         n 976092   MASI BROLO DI CAMPOFIORIN 2006                                     Page 36         $ 24.95
                         n 650713   MONTE ZOVO SA’ SOLIN RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA 2007                     Page 36         $ 17.95
                         n 159913   VILLA GIRARDI AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO 2005             Page 37         $ 39.95
PORTUGAL                 n 146167   AZUL PORTUGAL VINHO TINTO 2007                                     Page 37         $ 12.95
                         n 148502   MARQUÊS DOS VALES SELECTA 2007                                     Page 37         $ 18.95
                         n 950584   QUINTA DO CÔTTO 2007                                               Page 37         $ 16.95
                         n 095158   QUINTA DO INFANTADO RED 2007                                       Page 37         $ 23.95
                         n 155796   SÃO MIGUEL DAS MISSÕES RESERVA 2008                                Page 37         $ 15.95
                         n 146092   SÃO MIGUEL DOS DESCOBRIDORES COLHEITA SELECCIONADA 2007            Page 38         $ 13.95
SPAIN                    n 148528   BODEGAS RUCONIA REY DON GARCIA EL DE NAJERA CRIANZA 2005           Page 38         $ 15.95
                         n 023762   EL COTO DE RIOJA COTO DE IMAZ RESERVA 2004                         Page 38         $ 21.95
                         n 146019   ÈTIM NEGRE 2007                                                    Page 38         $ 14.95
                                                                                                                                  tear here

                         n 146035   PAGOS DEL REY BAJOZ CRIANZA 2004                                   Page 39         $ 15.95
                         n 147926   PIEDRAS DE SAN PEDRO LOCULTO CRIANZA 2005                          Page 39         $ 18.95

44 VINTAGES SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2010                                         All bottles are 750 mL unless otherwise specified.
                                                   JANUARY 15 TO 31, 2010

                                  WHEN GOLD MEETS COLD
                                For three weekends in January, the Niagara Region is
                                transformed into a wintry weekend wonderland, celebrating
                                    Ontario’s cherished Icewines. Join the celebration!

                                                XEROX ICEWINE GALA
                                          JANUARY 15, 2010 | 8PM TO 11PM
                                          FORMAL ATTIRE | $175 PER TICKET
                                       A spectacular evening of Niagara cuisine, live
                                entertainment and more than 25 of Ontario’s premier VQA
                                                   wines and Icewines.

                                                     DISCOVERY PASSES
                                           JANUARY 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 & 31, 2010
                                                      JUST $30 PER PASS
                                      The Discovery Pass is your passport to six wineries in
                                      the Niagara Region to enjoy wine and food pairings
                                                    throughout the festival.


a red carpet                                                                          Our Cuvée Weekend Experience begins with
                                                                                      the red-carpet black-tie optional Gala on
celebration of excellence                                                             Friday night where Niagara’s culinary stars
                                                                                      share the spotlight with our Ontario wine
in ontario winemaking                                                                 celebrities. This spectacular Gala is hosted by
                                                                                      Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls,
                                                                                      Ontario. Often called the ‘Oscars’ of the
february 19 to february 21 2010                                                       Ontario wine industry, the evening celebrates
                                                                                      the Cuvée Award winners – exceptional wines
GALA   •   AWARDS      •   EN ROUTE
                                                                                      selected by the winemakers themselves.

                                                                                      The celebration continues at the wineries
                                                                                      during Cuvée en Route, with unique
Gala Culinary Host
                                                                                      flights and individual tastings selected by
                                                                                      the winemakers.
Gala Hosting Sponsor

                                                                                      Visit for schedules, tickets
                                                                                      and accommodation information or call

                                                                                      proceeds to Niagara Community Foundation
This is just a partial list of the more than 300 VINTAGES locations in Ontario. For the complete list of VINTAGES locations, please visit: For more information, please contact VINTAGES Sales Centre: Toronto Area 416-365-5767 or
outside Toronto, toll-free 1-800-266-4764.
1 = Stores that Offer between 50 and 800 of VINTAGES Products 11 = Stores that Offer between 801 and 1,700 of VINTAGES Products
111 = Stores that Offer between 1,701 and 2,000+ of VINTAGES Products ISD = Stores that offer VINTAGES In-Store Discovery products
                                                                                                                  Store 15
ANCASTER                              KINGSTON                              OTTAWA – KANATA                       232 Dupont Street
Store 21                              Store 40                              Store 556
737 Golf Links Road                   34 Barrack Street                     24 – 300 Earl Grey Drive
                                                                                                                  416-922-7066            11
                                                                                                                  Store 164
Meadowlands Centre                    613-549-5092           11             613-592-1849            11            147 Laird Avenue
905-304-9608             11           Store 154
                                                                            OTTAWA – MANOTICK                     416-425-6282            11
                                      1089 Midland Avenue
AURORA                                                                      Store 521                             Store 217
Store 311
                                      613-384-2299           1              1154 Currier Street                   Queen’s Quay,
14824 Yonge St.                       KITCHENER                             613-692-2503            1             2 Cooper Street
905-727-9722             1            Store 544                             OTTAWA – NEPEAN
                                                                                                                  416-864-6777            111    ISD
                                      1005 Ottawa Street North                                                    Store 333
BARRIE                                                                      Store 412                             First Canadian Place
                                      Stanley Park Plaza                    543 West Hunt Club Rd.
Store 187                                                                                                         Lower Concourse
534 Bayfield Street
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BRAMPTON                              Store 631
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545 Steeles Ave. E.                   905-864-7030           1              1899 Brock Rd.                        TORONTO – NORTH YORK
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BRANTFORD                             Store 371
                                      930 Southdown Road
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                                      2458 Dundas Street West
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Store 566
3365 Fairview Street
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Store 573                             Sherwood Forrest Mall                 SAULT STE. MARIE                      Store 360
2000 Appleby Line                     905-823-4524           111   ISD      Store 359                             675 Wilson Avenue
905-336-6200             11           OAKVILLE
                                                                            150 Churchill Boulevard               416-636-5349            1
                                                                            Churchill Plaza                       Store 452
Store 31
                                      Store 148
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Delrex Market Centre                  Store 437                             Store 407                             Store 198 – NEW
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                                      905-827-5072           11             705-522-8000            1             416-282-2034            11
                                      Store 445
Store 102 – NEW                       251 Oak Walk Dr.                      TECUMSEH                              WATERLOO
150 Sharpe Street East                                                      Store 278                             Store 417
705-687-2641             11
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Store 83
56 Main Street East                   613-789-5226           111   ISD      Store 5                               WOODBRIDGE
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613-632-2121             11           OTTAWA – GLOUCESTER                   416-691-9758            11            7850 Weston Road
HUNTSVILLE                            Store 443                             Store 10                              905-851-2500            11    ISD
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     GRAFFIGNA GRAND RESERVE                                             HENRY OF PELHAM RESERVE                                  ZIRKOVA
     CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006                                             BACO NOIR (V)                                            PREMIUM VODKA
     Pedernal Valley, San Juan, Argentina                                VQA Ontario, Canada                                      Ukraine
     060202 (XD) 750 mL $ 17.95                                          461699 (XD) 750 mL $ 24.95                               (Zolotonosha Distillery Zlatogor)
     10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles                                    8 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles                          602201 750 mL $ 23.65
                                                                                                                                  10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles
                                                                         HENRY OF PELHAM
                                                                         SAUVIGNON BLANC (V)
                                                                         VQA Niagara Peninsula, Canada – Ontario
                                                                         430546 (XD) 750 mL $ 14.95
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     January 4 – January 31, 2010

     BARON-FUENTÉ GRAND MILLÉSIME                                        OJAI THOMPSON VINEYARD SYRAH 2004                        WOLF BLASS GOLD LABEL
     BRUT CHAMPAGNE 1996                                                 Santa Barbara County, USA – California                   CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
     AC, France – Champagne                                              (Helen and Adam Tolmach)                                 Coonawarra, South Australia
     155119 (XD) 750 mL $ 54.95                                          104307 (D) 750 mL $ 58.95                                606939 (XD) 750 mL $ 27.95
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  in style
with the class president
        When it comes to popularity
        contests, Ripasso wines are the
        hands-down favourite. Luckily,
        Veneto’s winemakers are not letting
        all the adoration go to their heads.
        They remain focused on what made
        Ripasso a household name: dis-
        tinctive, flavourful, exquisitely
        balanced wines with personality
        to burn. In other words, the
        perfect go-to red for occasions big
        and small. Due Torri’s Ripasso
        gets our vote.

        DOC, Veneto, Italy
        159400 (D) 750 mL        $ 16.95

        TASTING NOTE: Concentrated, richly
        coloured Ripasso with aromas of plum,
        fig, cranberry and cherry. Dry with ripe
        fruit, moderate tannins and a lush finish
        all working in harmony with one another.
        Delicious example of this much-admired
        style of wine. Try it with grilled lamb
        chops, meat-based lasagna or wild rice
        risotto. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)

        923599    $ 1.95
 55 Lake Shore Blvd. East
     Toronto, Ontario
        M5E 1A4                                                                       3096149

 Telephone 416-365-5767
 Toll-free 1-800-266-4764

                                        Catalogue No. 428
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