If you need money NOW_ don't wait for your paycheck. Get a Salary by liuhongmei


									If you need money
NOW, don’t wait for
your paycheck.

Get a
Salary Advance Loan
from Old Hickory Credit Union
Don’t get paid until next week? Our Salary Advance Loan Program allows you to get the money now.
If you have Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction with Old Hickory Credit Union, you can apply for a
Salary Advance Loan (SAL). You get the money you need now, and when your paycheck arrives at the
credit union your loan will be paid in full for you automatically.

With a SAL, you can get cash for up to 100% of your anticipated Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction,
(excluding any other loan payments you might have). You can get as little as $100 or as much as $700.

SAL is an affordable alternative to check cashers and payday lenders. And, you’ll keep your accounts
safer because you won’t be giving out your account number to someone you don’t know. Check out
these affordable rates:

Loan Amount           Fee            Loan Amount            Fee             All SAL loans have a
$100.00               $7.50          $450.00                $12.75          10% Annual
$150.00               $8.25          $500.00                $13.50          Percentage Rate.
$200.00               $9.00          $550.00                $14.25          Interest is charged on
                                                                            the loan until it is paid
$250.00               $9.75          $600.00                $15.00          in full, usually by
$300.00               $10.50         $650.00                $15.75          your next payroll.
$350.00               $11.25         $700.00                $16.50
$400.00               $12.00

How do you get enrolled in the SAL program? Visit the branch nearest you for a quick application.
Then, your SAL is ready whenever you need it. Anytime you need access to your cash through SAL,
just stop by any branch location. We’ll get your signature and you’ll be on your way.

If you have questions about SAL, visit the branch nearest you or call
(615) 847-4043.

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