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                                                                                                                                                                 W'NO. FRIDAY, APRIL II, 2006 5

    Versace Net Falls, Sales Gain
    By AJessandra liar!
    MILAN _   V~rs...,e   "'pOrted 0 drop in   e~rning.,   last year becaose     ofun'p'-",ifi~'<!"",ta,
 as sale' dimbed.
     For the fi..,al y'ur ended Dee. 31. 2007, nel profil fell 32 ""reent to 13 mlllion
 euroo. Or $17.8 million. Chlefex""ollve officer Gianearlo Di ... Id wlthool ex·
 tronrdina")' costs, profila would h~,'e I><-"'n in line with the 19.1 million eoro', or $26.2
 million, In 2006, but he declined to elaborote
     Ope ....ling profilad,...need 18 pereent to 25.1 million em"", or $34.4 million, "'.,... Ibe
 same period while c~sb on lbe balance 'heel toI~led 4.4 million eoroo, or $8 mill inn
     Versace regi't~red .ale, ro,e 1.1 pe",enl to 310.6 million eoro', or $425.8 million,
 I"-'t year.
     "Thl' Ume we released mOre dala concerning Oor resollo becau"" they refi~'Cllhe
 company" K)"owlh and performance," Di Risio 'aid 'The figore. confinn oor ""0_
 Ilomle 'Iabilit)' and the financial eqollibriom reached."
     He add~'" thai 2008 will be a brisk )'ear In flJl1,her de>'eloplng and implemenllng in
 each prodocl categol')', from watche.lo a""e..orie" bolst"""ed that nO new li",n",.
 ~re On lhe hori"'n.
     All dollar figure. ore com'erted at average exchange rate' for Ibe period 10 which
 they refer,
     The company repOrted earning, a. il prepare. next week 10 launeb lhe first dedi·
 caled Vern"" Horne Bag'hlp In Ibe hurt of Milan.
     Ve"",ce CaSll, which .tarted In 199'l wllh 0 few linen••nd porcelain pieces, is now
 a fIlll IIfe'1)'le eoliecUon lhal reconled 2007 sales of 69.5 mi 1110"" lOur<», or $95.3 mil·
 lion. a 12.5 pc!'Cent leap ogain'l the prevlo.... year.
     "We are Ibe luders in Ihe d""lgner home .rena ond w'e"", grown .Igniflconll)' ."..,r
 the p~'1 twn )'urslhanlc:s 10 0 mOre .tre.mlined Image," Di RI'lo said. "Tbe ,Irenglh
 of lhi. divi'lon lie. in tbe fact lbal we don'l oimpl)' .ell IUrnllore Or upholstery, bDl.
 loxe italian Iife'tyle ronrepl"
     Viewed o. ~ robost growtb avenue, Donatella \"""'''' and Di RI'lo h~,.,., ambilloo.
 plan' for lhe borne dlvi.ion.
     The)' will inaogorate Ibe flagship on April 16, 11"0 le"el, spread acro.. 5,100 >quare
 f""'llbal mirror lhe all')' and modem bloeprinl ofVersare's re~dy·to·we~r.tOre•. Di
 RI.lo .aid fotore Versoce Co•• openings ore .lated for New York, Dubol. Bru..els
 and Pari•.
     The while and neutralinlerio" In Milan ore decorated wllb precloo. marble. ond
 crySlals, wbile .i1k jacquards 'hare wall space wllh boney-<:olored bolserie.
     In ••ervice.,)ri,'en mo,-e, intedor designers ond arehilecla will be on hand free of
 ch~rge for eostome" seeking advice when planning 0 re.ldence
     Be,lde. aeling as 0 backdrop to the fUrnltore, linen' and labletop" the ,'enue
 will ,en.'e a, a dynamic art gallery In which )'oong lloll.n orli,ts can exhibit ond
 sell their works, There will be artwork by goe't arti'l Bruno Glane'l. who in lhe
 early S1age, of hi' career work~d with Gianni Versace, developing panel. for
 prints ond .can'es.
     Milan', V""",ee 1I0me ootpOSt i. part ofa S70 million in,,"'tment channeled 10 open
 11 .tOres tbl, year, mainly in China. A .peeiflc figure for Milan wll.S u",,,,ailable.

                                                                                                           A Commitment to WIN                           Informal Ion obool the Iltlle girl'S out_
                                                                                                           By Da¥Id Moin
                                                                                                                                                         flU, office ,'ioll, ond what he coiled lbe

                                                                                                           I balloons Lawhon .eemed like .h"
                                                                                                             n a ballroom fe.tooned wilh sih'el')'
                                                                                                           table., Charlo
                                                                                                                               above lhe dinner
                                                                                                                                                         cutene .. competition bel....,"" her and
                                                                                                                                                         Gos. bi' dog. "Oh," said Misrohl. the
                                                                                                                                                         lighlbolb flnall)' on, "Yoo're nol the fa·
!                                                                                                          wa, alon he"",lf, dre..ed In a ,'ibnml
                                                                                                           red Donna Karon gown. ond .urmund·
                                                                                                                                                         ther. You'", Jaqol'. bun"".. partner:'
                                                                                                                                                             "Right:' Wehenfeld re,ponded.
!                                                                                                          e<! by friend" colleague., designers          '~ohn I. her other partner, We're both J

•                                                                                                          and relalle ...
                                                                                                               "Irs so wonderful to be In 0 room
                                                                                                                                                         name., we're both Leo< and, if Jaqoi',
                                                                                                                                                         in. bad mood, we both 'ofTer."

!                                                                                                          wllb so many people )'00 know," said              OIbe ... pre,ent Incloded Vera Wang,

                                                                                                           Lawbon, In Style', managing editor,           Charle' Nolan,Jim Gold. Uod. F'.. rgo.
                                                                                                           Jo'l before receh-ing tbe Commil 10           Mark Badgley and Jame' Mi'chka,
                                                                                                           ""In award al the Women in N.... ,. ben·      Chri'tlna John.on, Joseph,

I                                                                   .......   it ......-.: ito H_1Iophip
                                                                                                           "fit. held al Tbe Pierre New York On
                                                                                                           Wednesday nlgbt orher f••hlon 'I.t....
                                                                                                                                                         Robert Borke and So,an Da,'ldsnn,
                                                                                                                                                         who 'aid lhree weelc:s ago .be opened

                                                                                               .•:..-      ment for the e"enlng, "If. a lillie bold      the Creatl,-e De,lgn Studio ,howroom
!~~~~~~~~~::~~===~':.~-:::-:-::.:.:"':..'                           pIontoopo. _ _,                        and. lot h~ppy."
                                                                                                               She recounled to lhe crowd of 600 a
                                                                                                           ,isit to WIN'. Jennie A Clarke Residence
                                                                                                                                                         in Ihe SI~rrell·Lehlgh Boilding on
                                                                                                                                                         Manhattan', We,l Side,
                                                                                                                                                             Kri'lin Chenoweth sang. nlu'in~
                                                                                                           In upper Manhattan thai       "'rve,   300    "'ndlUon of'Till There Wa, Yoo" from
    Counterfeit Goods Seized in Raids                                                                      homele.. famllieo. "[ wOS .truck by \he
                                                                                                           Incredible amoonl ofworlc tbal gets done
                                                                                                           on a da)'·lo.,)")' ba,1s aod )'ea",l<>·yeor
                                                                                                                                                         "Tbe Man." "If. my fa"orile mo·
                                                                                                                                                         ,Ical." .oid the Tony .word winner,
    By Ross1Uc:ker                                                                                                                                           In add Ilion, the Peler J"nnings ?ri""
                                                                                                           basis Thafn lesson I<> all oflh"'" .t n.e     for e...y writing by children in WIN
                                          iM'                                                                                                  hou,ing wos owonl~'" to An~""'" who
    ANew \'ork Stale Polke and Soffolk Coont)' of"olmlnoled lbree eommerclol long
      n elght·month coonterfeiting
      hland loeolions Tbursd".l', y'lelding a tro,'e apparel
                                                               in raid. on foor
                                                           Pollc~                                 loe~·
                                                                                                           Pk'rTe. Mony ofo' in this room can learn
                                                                                                           olInot ,trategy.od gelling resolts."
                                                                                                               Among the aodience wa' SOU Fifth
                                                                                                                                                         wrote on friend'hip. Iyana,. WIN c1i_
                                                                                                                                                         enl, ga"" her story of despair, bope ond
 lin"" ond One residence and start~'<! eonfl",atln~ whal private Im'e'tlgato" in,'ol,'ed                   Avenue chalnnan and chief executl,-e          lriompb, "Now. we're so happy If' our
 In lhe c .... ""lImated will bo more lban $150,000 In fake me",handl.e. Police did not                    officer Stephen L Sadove, wbo wo.             Own h"",e, My daogbler h'" her Own
 return coil' for cOmmenl.                                                                                 psyched abool ringing the c1o<ing boll        ,pa"". We can go Into our OW" refrige ... ·
    A ....areboo.e at 195 Cenl",,1 ,\venue in Fanningdale, N,Y.. wo' a prima")' faeillly,                  00 Ihe New York Stock Exchange the            lor, ~Iy plan i' to keep m""ing forward."
 hoosing fake' bo~rlng the labol' of Nlke, Chanel. Coach, Prada, Gucci. Borberry, Dior.                    next d"l'. Woold he ha,'e preferred the           Ticket 'ales r.l.ed more than $1.4
 FA H~rd)', True Religion, Laco'te, The Nortb Fa"" Bah)' Phat. BalbingApe, Polo and                        opening bell' "If II'S a good day, then       million for WIN, wbicb help. New
 TifTany, amongOlh"rs                                                                                      I'm happy."                                   York City borne Ie.. women and their
    Kevin Doogherty, pre,ldenl of private i",'e.ligaUons nrm Coonter·Tuh                                      John Var""to.    w.'   gearing op for      famille' with hoo,lng, job training, do_
 Investl~allons Inc" whleb wa' im'oh'ed in the probe, ••id ~I lea'i $150,000 In Nike                       o kickoff e,'enl Thorsdoy for hi. new         m~'lic vlolene" sen.'ice., .leohol .nd
 product hod been onco,'ered. Allboogh finding name. such ... Nike, Goeci and Polo                         .lore on the .ite oflhe former CBGB'•.        'obsl.nce abuse lrealmenl ond child
 are commonplace doring raid'. Dougherty .aid this wa' One of the fir>! In lhe area                        o VHI Sa"e the Mu.ic benefll, wilh            core, Another $150,000 or SO was rol_
 lh~1 bad torn~'<! up a ,Ignifleanl amOont of Ed Hanly·branded opparel                                     Joan Jell, Ian Hunler .nd, "11'0        On lhe .pol, wilb 0 balloon de,lgn.t·
    This I' th" thlnl major in the New York Cily a",a wilbln lhe I..t lwo monlhs                    .lartln~ at II and going 10 wbene,'er."       ing each $100 donation. Liz Clolborne
 In Febroary, M".l'Dr Michael Bloomberg'. Office of Special Enforcement ond the                                As gue.ts table,bopped bel ween           Inc. bought the mo,l ~3OO bolloon' In
 Police Departmenl l'lIided a ""11",,Uon ofChlnalown buildings occupying a cit)' block                     ""orse•• Juon Wei'enfeld meande,,-'"          all. Karen Harvey. of Ka",n lIaney
 tbal wa' oper~tlng as a virtual moll for coonlerf~11 goods, More Ihan $1 million in                       10 Isaac Mizrahi'. table ond inlrodoce<!      COllJ;olling Groop, eommitt~'" to malch·
 fake ac""..ori". and fta~.. nces wa••el,ed .nd Ihe boildln~ wa' .bollered                                 himself a, Joqul Livldlnl', partner,          ing every dollar donated dorlng lhe
    La,t week, an NYPD raid of a wa",hou,e In Qoeens re'olled in wbat Dougherty                            Misrahl inqoired obool her daoghler,          dinner op 10 $25.000. AI,o, in absentia,
 .ald w., likely on" of lhe large.t .ingle-Iocatlon boSla in bl'lo"), Mo..... tban 15,000                  Colliopt', 10 which Welsenfeld re'pOnd·       M"l'or Michael Bloomberg proclaimed
 handbag." 7~,OOO pairs of Nike .hoe, and 10,000 Balhlng Ape two·piece jogging .uits                       ed wllbool .kipping ~ beal, offering          April 9 Women In Need day.
 wece confl"'al~'<!, requiring 14 lractor lrailers 10 haol it 011 ~W"-Y,