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   Ingenious design gives kids hours of themed story and (educational) play
Australia (September 20, 2010) " It#s beginning to look a lot like the holidays, everywhere you go.
Take a look at the shelves of your toy store, glistening once again, with hundreds of puzzles, games and
toys aglow! For parents (and grandparents) searching for one perfect toy with value, education,
entertainment and durability, consider an Animal Stacker from Tier Toys$ . Each of the four models is
stacked with tiers of joy! There#s an ark, a place to bark, a red-roofed barn and a sea vessel.

Each of the four Animal Stackers " Pet House, Barn Yard, Sea X-Plorer and Noah#s Ark " features an
ingenious design that is patented. As one blogger aptly described when opening the Ark, there#s % a place
for every animal and every animal in its place.& Tier Toys designed each Animal Stackers as a puzzle
that also offers the play value of an activity set.

Tier Toys has won over a dozen industry awards
since the debut of its Noah's Ark toy last year.
Each ingenious puzzle ark features a whopping
12 layers that carry 44 pieces of themed play
figures " including 2 kangaroos since the
company originated in Western Australia! An
added bonus is an instructional video, a unique
themed story and additional games with every
adventure! When playtime is done, every piece
has a place to be tucked away for another day.

% At first glance, this is just another play set with figures inside,& describes renowned mommy blogger
Go Graham Go. % But upon closer examination, you will see what makes this toy stand out from the rest.
The multi-purpose Ark can be used as a shape sorter, puzzle, storage case, and play set. The molds for
the animals' shapes have been cut out in the different layers and labeled with the appropriate names.&
After her blog review hit the Internet, an incredible 530 comments from other moms chimed in with
praise and the hopes of winning one as a giveaway.

The praises written by mommy bloggers coast to coast agreed this was one toy to highly recommend.

       I, myself, liked the ark because not only does it help with fine motor skills (putting the animals
       back in their slots and stacking the trays), it encourages imagination (once the animals are out,
       my daughter likes acting out the actual Noah's ark story that she learned in Catholic school this
       year) and teaches a bit too (learning about all those different animals on the ark!). And I
       completely agree with the press release - what parent wouldn't like a toy that by its very nature is
       self-cleaning!                                                         -- Did You See That? Blog
         I declare Noah s Ark Set a winner because my 5-year-old LOVES toys with lots of parts. The reason I
         DON T typically love toys with lots of parts is that the pieces get strewn about, lost, and are hard to
         keep track of. With Noah s Ark Set, the clean-up (stacking and sorting) is part of the game, so
         everything is tidily stored. Each set has great appeal for children three and older. Use the play set
         for imaginative play (with lots of great props included right in the set!), or embrace the challenge of
         sorting, stacking, puzzling and storing.         -- Mom Most Traveled Blog

It#s not just moms but toy experts who like this novel stacking concept. In fact, once toy industry experts got
to play with Noah#s Ark, the accolades quickly flooded in:

     • PTPA Media Award                                  •   National Parenting Center Fall 2009 Seal of
     • Great Dad Recommended Seal                            Approval
     • Mr. Dad Seal of Approval                          •   iParenting Media 2009 Outstanding
     • Tillywig Sterling Fun Award                           Products Awards
     • Tillywig Brain Child Award                        •   What The Stuff 4-Star toy review
     • Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the            •   Mom#s Choice Gold Award
       Year Award '09                                    •   The Toy Man Editor's Choice
     • 2009 Parents' Choice Approved Award               •   The Toy Man Award of Excellence
                                                         •   The Toy Man Seal of Approval

In one short year the toymaker saw the inaugural stacker, Noah#s Ark, as an American success story. Tier
Toys quickly launched three new puzzle toys in 2010: Pet House, Barn Yard and Sea X-Plorer. All four Tier
Toys products are available for this holiday season. Consumers will be delighted to discover that each toy
comes with a download that has: a unique themed story; unique themed game; additional games; Match It
(like the well-known card game concentration but with a twist and three levels of difficulty); Jig It (a
traditional jigsaw with drag and drop mouse used to complete the puzzle and a timer to make it more
challenging); Paint It (online coloring for four themed line drawings); plus an instructional video.

                       Animal Stackers Pet House Ages: 3+ $29.99
                       Do they bark or woof? This red-roofed dog house looks like
                       a doggy daycare with fencing, dog cages, feeding dishes,
                       pups of all shapes plus a main dog house. Kids who adore
                       wet noses and wagging tails will easily spend hours
                       imagining taking care of a whole kennel of critters with even
                       a cat, bunny and bird. When playtime is through,
                       every one of the 45 play pieces has a storage nook
                       in one of the 7 stackable layers, making cleanup,
                       literally, a snap. A bonus download is included
                       with the story of % Why Dogs Sniff Tails& and
                       interactive games, including its themed game
                       % Herd It.&

                       Animal Stackers Barn Yard Ages: 3+ $29.99
                       Everyone will be whistling e-i-e-i-o when they open the
                       box and spill out the 54 detailed figures smartly stored in
                       4 layers of tiers. From the rooster on the roof to the red
                       tractor and white fencing, nothing has been forgotten to
                       recreate a down-on-the-farm experience. The red and
                       white barn overlooks horses, sheep, pigs and cows. A
                       bonus download is included with the story of % The
                       Donkey#s Egg,& plus interactive games with its themed
                       game, % Scramble It.&
                        Animal Stackers Sea X-Plorer Ages: 3+ $39.99
                        Tier Toys takes kids on a journey under the sea to explore
                        fish and flora. This red, white and blue boat is actually 8
                        layers of storage space carefully holding 51 detailed
                        figures. Look for starfish, octopus, sharks, shipwrecked
                        items and deep-sea divers exploring the
                        adventurous ocean. The ship hoists a yellow
                        submarine attached by hook and rope for
                        imaginative journeys to the bottom of the sea. A
                        bonus download is included with the story of
                        % Treasure Detectives,& plus interactive games
                        including % Salvage It.&

                       Animal Stackers Noah's Ark $39.99 Ages 3+
                       This fun, educational, and interactive toy is one
                       grownups relish as much as the kids. A total of 44
                       detailed figures, including Noah and his wife, are
                       packed in their own spot among the 12 layers that make
                       up one very cool ark. A free download of the story of
                       % The Ark& allows children to relive the Biblical tale,
                       plus enjoy interactive games including % Animal
                       Rescue.& Ages 3 and up can play with it safely. Ages 6
                       or 7 should be able to assemble it successfully on their
                       own. The Ark expands for unlimited fun and then
                       neatly contracts for storage. Moms will be impressed
                       with the family#s newly acquired tidying-up skills!

For more colorful diagrams of each stacking level and a video, click on their

If play is a child s work, then toys are the tools children use in play is the motto of Tier Toys. Australia-
based Tier Toys began as a great idea for a unique, educational toy for children. Little did creator Mike
Romyn know that coming up with the idea would be the easy part. After 9 long years of market research
and development, with robust Australian and U.S. patents in-hand, his idea finally became a reality.
They created a line of toys known as Stackers, which are ingenious stack and play products that range in
theme from Noah's Ark to a Barn Yard. For more information, log on to

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