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									                                              Macomb MSU Extension
                                                4-H Family Notes
                                                 Children, Youth & Family Programs
                                                         September-October 2009

Farewell Marilyn
Our courageous leader, mentor, and friend, Marilyn Rudzinski, will be retiring this
October after almost 40 years of service with Michigan State University Extension
(MSUE). Since 1994, Marilyn has served as Macomb County Extension Director
managing the largest county extension offices in the state of Michigan.
Throughout her career she has been instrumental in securing close to a million
dollars annually in grant funds to support community initiatives that address the
changing needs of our residents.

Marilyn has always believed in building strong partnerships with County
Departments, Board of Commissioners, and other community organizations to
expand the reach of Macomb MSUE services into the community. Marilyn has
been an active member of Leadership Macomb, United Way Community Services
Board and the Macomb County Human Service Coordinating Body. Her endless
dedication and service to our county has been recognized in winning her a
number of awards:

2008    Woman of the Year-presented by Girl Scouts of America
2007    Nominated for Athena Award by Macomb Foundation
2006    Epsilon Sigma Phi Visionary Award
2001    Distinguished Academic Staff Award-highest honor bestowed on an
        employee by the University.                                                             Marilyn E. Rudzinski

Beyond her many professional accomplishments, Marilyn’s success as a leader comes from her always caring deeply about
the people she knows and serves and maintaining high ethical standards in the decisions she made. Knowing Marilyn, she will
still always be connected to Extension and be involved in creating a better community.

Welcome Kristen
                                 We are pleased to welcome Kristen Grifka as our new County Extension Director. Kristen is a
                                 native Michigander with a Masters from the University of Michigan. For the past three years
                                 she worked with our federal partner, the United State Department of Agriculture as a Program
                                 She has been a member of the Cooperative Extension Team, providing national leadership
                                 and grants to programs focusing on rural economic and community development. She has
                                 collaborated with a wide range of programs including 4-H, Financial Security, Natural
                                 Resources, and Rural Development Centers. She also served as a Policy Analyst for the
                                 Farm Credit Administration where she evaluated agricultural policy, gathered stakeholder
                                 input, and assessed program impacts.
                                 As a social worker and program coordinator, Kristen is not a stranger to youth programs. She
                                 has facilitated educational youth groups and developed researched based curricula that have
                                 been used to teach youth about personal responsibility and decision making. We look forward
         Kristen Grifka         to Kristen sharing her many talents and diverse knowledge with Macomb MSU Extension.

             4-H Leader Update                                      Club Officer Training: Save the Date
A 4-H General Leader update will be held at the           Club Officer Training will be on Tuesday, December 1st, 6-8:30 p.m.
VerKuilen Building at 6:15 pm on Thursday Septem-            at the Extension Office. Dinner will be provided. The following
ber 24th. Dinner will be served. General Leaders or a             breakout sessions will follow a short general session:
club representative are required to attend this meet-             ♦ Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Sgts.-at-Arms
ing. A resource binder will be provided for all clubs.            ♦ Secretaries/Clerks
RSVP by September 22nd by calling 586-469-6431.                   ♦ Treasurers and their adult helpers
                                                                  ♦ Historians and Reporters
Club & Committee News
Macomb County Well Represented at State 4-H Awards Assembly
On June 23, 2009 Michigan MSU-Extension saluted the 2009 4-H Regional
Award nominees for their outstanding achievements. One hundred and sixty
4-H'ers were selected to represent the more than 236,000 4-H participants
throughout Michigan. Each nominee was selected on the basis of his or her
accomplishments and each one represents one of the award areas from the
five MSU Extension regions in the state.
The primary goal of Michigan 4-H Youth Development is to help young people
become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. The
nominees have embodied this goal through their community service, leadership
and extensive 4-H project work. The State 4-H Award Nominees announced
at Michigan State University's Wharton Center for Performing Arts, were
chosen through a county and regional selection process that included a review
of their written portfolios. The young people who were gathered there had
participated June 22 & 23 in the 4-H Awards Assembly, which included special
activities and speakers, a review of their awards portfolio and project and
recognition area interviews by Michigan 4-H Selection Committees.
Nominess were Katie Karl, Heather Kitchen, Hannah Mills representing
Northern Macomb 4-H Club for the Group Award for Community Service &
Citizenship. Nominees for Individual Awards were Shelby Motoligin (Poultry),
Crystal Knust (Goats), and Kara Lotan (Goats). Katie and Hannah attend
Armada High School and Heather is a Romeo High School student. Crystal
and Shelby are 2009 Armada High School graduates. Shelby will be attending
Michigan State University in the fall. Kara is a 2009 Romeo High School
graduate. In the fall Kara and Crystal will both be attending Oakland
University. Winning in their category were Shelby Motoligin for poultry and
Kara Lotan for goats. Both winners received a plaque and a CD with the
powerpoint presentation with all the state nominess that was shown at the
beginning of the program. Also they received a $50 certificate to attend an
International 4-H event and $100 cash award donated by the Michigan
4-H Foundation.
Also announced at the State 4-H Awards ceremony were the Pre-college 8th
Grade Scholarships and Mark of Excellence Essay Award winners. Macomb           (Left to right) - State 4-H Awards
County winners of the Pre-college 8th Grade Scholarship to MSU were Melissa     nominees Kara Lotan, Katie Karl, Hannah
Mikolowski and Claire Vestrand. The Mark of Excellence Essay Award winner       Mills, Heather Kitchen, Crystal Knust,
from Macomb County was Alissa Gianferrara.                                      and Shelby Motoligin.       Lotan won
                                                                                the Goats category, Motoligin won the
                                    Photo and article submitted by Kara Lotan   Poultry category.

                      Macomb County 4-Hers Compete at State Dog Show
A total of 229 youth from 34 counties participated in the 2009                            Agility:
State 4-H Dog Show at MSU on August 15th. In addition to the      Cody White placed 4th in Beginner A Agility, ages 14&up
following Macomb County winners, Evan Covert was among 13         Jordan Wichman placed 5th in Advanced B Agility
Cloverbuds who participated in the first ever non-competitive
showmanship and obedience classes.                                                        In Rally:
                        Showmanship:                              Allisha Humenny placed 4th in Novice A, Age 12
Nicholas Kwiecinski placed 5th in Novice Age 10                   Bri Bloxom placed 6th in Novice B, Ages 17-19
Nathan Yurik placed 3rd in Open, Age 12
Cody White placed 5th in Novice, Age 16                                             Educational Posters:
                                                                  Caitlyn Pichette placed 1st in Age 12-14
                                                                  Allyssa Pichette placed 1st in Age 15-19
Allisha Humenny placed 2nd in Pre-Novice B, Age 12
Jordan Wichman placed 6th in Pre-Novice B, Age 12
Brittany Bergstrom placed 5th in Novice A, Ages 13-15
                                                                  Macomb County placed 6th.
Jordan Wichman placed 6th in Novice B, Ages 10-13
Renee Kolleth placed 4th in Novice B, Ages 18-19
Club & Committee News (continued)
MacErin Equestrian Centre hosts Tim Scarberry, “Horse Whisperer”
Trust, respect, and confidence are the fundamentals in communicating with your horse according to Tim Scarberry, known
around town as the “Horse Whisperer.” Tim visited MacErin Equestrian Centre on June 20 to share his knowledge of
natural horsemanship. As spectators grew silent, and watched in awe, Tim put into action what he preaches as he rode his
horse, Top Secret, to the top of the trailer, stood on his horse, and cracked a whip. Of course, Top Secret, did exactly
what his leader asked of him – stood quietly and cooperated willingly. The clinic continued by addressing questions and
trailering issues by other horse owners at MacErin.

Tim grew up around horses and began understanding the communication between leader and follower. Signals of
communications are not really whispered, but are obvious to a horse according to Tim. “If the leader is afraid, the follower
is going to be afraid. They have to believe you are a confident leader and trust that you can make decisions for them.”

Traveling and teaching is something Tim enjoys. “This is a blessing and a privilege,” said Tim. You can visit his website at
windwalkertraining.com .

MacErin Equestrian Centre, which is located at 26550 32 Mile Road in Lenox Township, was pleased to host
Tim Scarberry and his team. Boarding, lesson program, upcoming events, and contact information can be viewed
at macerinequestriancentre.com.
                                                                         Submitted by Anita Cipa, 4-H Volunteer

4-H Peer Mentor Program Wins Award
Macomb County 4-H Youth Development, in partnership with the Michigan Community Service Commission and Learn and
Serve America, initiated the 4H Peer Mentoring and Service Learning project in 2006-2009. The 3-year project helps
young people, who serve as mentors, to acquire leadership and communications skills. The program was awarded the
2009 NACO (National Association of Counties) in recognition of an effective and innovative program which contributes to
and enhances county government in the U.S.

The 4-H Peer Mentoring program matches high school youth with young students in one-on-one relationships. Through
formal mentor training and support provided by MSUE 4-H staff, mentors develop leadership and communications skills
and commit to community service and civic involvement while helping the mentees.

Highlights of a statewide evaluation conducted by an independent research firm showed that: 100% enjoyed working on
the 4-H peer mentoring activities and felt they had a positive influence on their mentees: 89% indicated that they liked
conducting the activities, liked helping others who were in need, and thought that the mentoring was worthwhile; and
81% of teen mentors rated themselves highly on being persuasive and being thought of by peers and mentees as a
good listener

When asked about the impact of their mentoring experience on themselves, mentors reported that they improved their
communication skills with younger children or they learned how to be patient and responsible. Some mentioned they
learned how to be a role model and how to provide leadership for
younger children while others commented that they learned to be
more open-minded about people with different backgrounds. Several              Sock Puppet Marathon
teens reported that they became more confident and less shy.
                                                                         School Section 4-H Club makes sock
Mentors were also asked about impact of the program on their             puppets for a missionary to take to
mentees. They felt that the experience gave the younger children         Nicaragua. The puppets are handed out
someone to look up to and someone to be there for them. Younger          when the missionary gives them medical
children were more able to talk to teens and develop trust in other      attention. We will be hosting a county wide
people. Some children learned how to deal with inappropriate             community service to reach our goal of
behavioral situations in a more positive way. Several teen mentors       1,000 sock puppets! All 4-H clubs
reported that it gave the younger children an opportunity to participate are welcome! More info to
in fun activities.                                                       come in email or newsletter.

The peer mentor program has been replicated in three additional                               Submitted by
school districts: L’Anse Creuse, Utica, and VanDyke. With those             Alissa Gianferrara, President
additions, the 4-H Peer Mentoring and Service-Learning project will             School Section 4-H Club
provide peer mentoring to over 100 youth in Macomb County.
Upcoming Events
Lego Robotics Workshop                        The workshop begins with sign-in on         Etiquette Training
                                              October 24 form 10 -11:30 a.m. and
Are you interested in Lego's and              ends with lunch on October 25. The          The 4-H Youth program is offering an
Robotics? Are you 11 years or older? If       workshop cost is $45 for 4-H volun-         etiquette training program that
you answered yes to these questions           teers and includes four meals, over-        focuses on personal, social and
then you would like the Lego Robotic          night lodging and the $10 resource fee.     dining etiquette. Students will be
workshop. Youth will get an opportunity       Some breakout sessions have an addi-        able to: demonstrate respect for self
to work with the Lego NXT Robotic             tional supply fee. Registrations are        and others; Recognize and value
System where they will design,                due to the county Extension Office by       cultural diversity; Exhibit kind and
program, and build a robot. The work-         5 p.m. on October 9, 2009.                  courteous manners; obtain practical
shop will be mentored by the FIRST                                                        knowledge of good manners and
Robotics Competition Members. The             Macomb 4-H Youth                            social etiquette; and gain increased
clinic will take place September 10, 17,                                                  personal confidence. The program
and 24 from 6-8:30 p.m. at L’Anse             Conservation Council                        will be held in September with the
Creuse North High School in room 136          Interested in protecting your local envi-   date to be announced. For more
(it is located off 21 mile road and           ronment? Teens, ages 13-19, that            information, contact Rachel
Fairchild). The workshop is open to           have an interest in learning about local    Calcaterra at 586-783-8163.
kids age 11 and up in Macomb County.          environmental issues and influencing
Registration is limited to the first 15       public policy are invited to join the
kids. Call now to reserve your spot.          Macomb 4-H Youth Conservation
Call Macomb County 4-H office at              Council (YCC).
586-469-6431 to register.
                                              The purpose of a youth conservation
4-H Crafts, Visual Arts                       council is to give teens the opportunity
                                              to experience a team building process,
and Performing Arts                           gain leadership and life skills, accom-
Workshop                                      plish science-based research of con-
Don't miss this popular 4-H arts work-        servation issues, and provide the
                                              "youth voice" at city, township or
shop at Kettunen Center for adults and
teens (aged 13 years and up January           county government meetings. Partici-
                                                                                             4-H National
1, 2010). The opening          session will   pating in and/or sponsoring environ-
                                              mental community service projects is
                                                                                          Youth Science Day
spark creative thinking in a fun and
unique way on helping youth to use            an additional aspect of the YCC.                  October 7, 2009
their crafts,     photography, clowning,      Please contact Mary Gerstenberger at
dramatic, dance, music and fine arts          586-469-6085, or email ger-                   The second annual 4-H National
skills in starting a small arts business.     ste10@msu.edu for more information.          Youth Science Day will give young
                                                                                           people nationwide the opportunity
Break-out sessions include: Cartoon-          Michigan 4-H Youth                               to join leading scientists in
ing, Mosaic Garden Fish, Fused Glass                                                         experimenting with biofuels to
Jewelry, Basket Making, Dried Gourd           Conservation Council                        discover which ones will lead us to a
Art,      Paper Quilling, Scrapbooking,       Applications for the Michigan 4-H                     sustainable future.
Its All in the Bag (paper bag crafts).        Youth Conservation Council (M4-
Portrait Photography, Clowning, Musi-         HYCC) is October 2. M4-HYCC is a               This experiment explores the
cal Theatre, Magic and More, Set the          personal development, service learning       production of the biofuel ethanol.
Stage (lighting, stage sets, props and        and leadership opportunity for teens        Participants will see how this biofuel
costuming), Exploring Music, Mask             ages 13 to 19 – and the adult advisors.        is produced and build skills in
Making, Landscape          Photography                                                    designing science experiments and
                                              The council researches and helps re-               taking measurements.
& Poetry and Youth Entrepreneurship:
                                              solve environmental issues by work-
Starting a Small Business with
                                              ing with state and local govern-              After the experiment, participants
Your Art.
                                              ment. M4-HYCC advisors and teens              will share data online with fellow
The new "4-H Art Beat!" (The Michigan         attend fall, winter and spring planning       young scientists. Participation is
4-H Arts theme) will be introduced.           workshop/meetings with the teens,             open to 4-H and non-4-H youth.
This will be a fun way to open your 4-H       meet occasionally by conference call
club meetings, Share-the-Fun and              and help prepare the youth for their         National 4-H provides all the tools
other events and activities in your           presentation to Michigan legislative           and resources to conduct the
county. The Performing Arts Showtime!         committees in April. More information       experiment. Find out more and sign
and the Visual Arts Gallery Walk well         and the application can be found at           up online at https://www.4-h.org/
add more excitement to this action            http://web1.msue.msu.edu/cyf/youth/                        NYSD.
packed workshop.                              m4hycc.html.
Fair News
Armada Fair Results
4-H Exhibits Grand Best of Show
On Sunday, August 16th, the Armada Fairgrounds was teeming with 4-hers from around Macomb County getting their
crafts and non-animal projects judged for this year’s Armada Fair. Judges in each department identify Best of Show
awards on approximately a 1 to 10 ratio. The Grand Best of Show winners are then selected for each age group and the
winners are: Senior Division: Crystal Knust, Industrial-Furniture; Intermediate Division: Jonathon Kovalcik, Fine Arts-
Pastels; Junior Division: Kasie Brohl-Folk Arts-Glasswork. Thank you to Nancy Davis, superintendent for Grand Best of
Show for coordinating the judging and working with the press so all youth selected for Best of Show can be recognized for
their awesome display of skills and talents.

4-H Club Displays
The 4-H Clubs did an outstanding job decorating the various barns. Club displays are judged based on their originality,
promotion of 4-H, theme expression, educational value, 4-H club and members identified, and community service (exhibit
building) or care/cleanliness of animals and isles (animal species). The first place winners of the club displays were: Ex-
hibit Building: School Section, Beef: Kids- N- Kritters, Sheep: Good Times, Goats: Northern Macomb, Swine: Ray Com-
munity, Poultry: Alarro, Rabbits: School Section, Saddle Horses: Washington Raiders, Mini Horses: Pirates, Drafts:
Mini, Mighty and All.

2009 4-H Livestock Champions
Chickens-Fryers                                           Goats
  Grand Champion: Christopher Karash                        Grand Champion Single: Alissa Gianferrara
  Reserve Grand Champion: April Wesolowski                  Reserve Grand Champion Single: Megan Senyk
                                                            Grand Champion Pen: Alissa Gianferrara
Chickens-Roasters                                           Reserve Grand Champion Pen: Kara Lotan
  Grand Champion: Melissa Shanteau
  Reserve Grand Champion: Kailynn VanDeWater              Steers:
                                                            Grand Champion: Bradley McNary
Ducks                                                       Reserve Grand Champion: Zachary Montney
  Grand Champion: Jacob VanDeWater
  Reserve Grand Champion: Chris Wesolowski

  Grand Champion: April Wesolowski                                                                      Bradley
  Reserve Grand Champion: Shelby Motoligin                                                              McNary
                                                                                                        and his
Turkeys                                                                                                 Grand
  Grand Champion: April Wesolowski                                                                      Champion
  Reserve Grand Champion: Melissa Wesolowski                                                            steer.

  Grand Champion: Ryan Matthews
  Reserve Grand Champion: Tessie Senyk

  Grand Champion-Tessie Senyk
  Reserve Grand Champion-Evan Senyk                       4-H Showmanship
                                                          Beef                              Swine
Supreme Champion Cow: Jessica Pagan                         Junior: Alex Marcath            Junior: Cole Rapp
                                                            Intermediate: Zachary Montney   Intermediate: Jonathan Decker
Swine                                                       Senior: Bradley McNary          Senior: Joshua Eckhout
  Grand Champion Single- Janiece Dominek                    Overall: Bradley McNary         Overall: Jonathan Decker
  Reserve Grand Champion Single-Cole Rapp                 Market Goats
  Grand Champion Pen-Janiece Dominek                        Junior: Tessie Senyk             Rabbits:
  Reserve Grand Champion Pen-Cole Rapp                      Intermediate: Alissa Gianferrara Junior: Sarah Prohaszka
                                                            Senior: Megan Senyk              Intermediate: Hannah Mills
Lambs                                                                                        Senior: Ryan Matthews
  Grand Champion Single-Nick Burton                                                          Best of Show: Chrisotopher Karash
                                                            Junior: Samantha Mott
  Reserve Grand Champion Single-Samantha Mott               Intermediate: Nick Burton
  Grand Champion Pen-Samantha Mott                          Senior: Elizabeth Brockert
  Reserve Grand Champion Pen-Nick Burton                    Overall: Nick Burton
Fair News (continued)
Horses, Horses at the Fair
There were 28 registrations for the 4-H Mini, Light and Draft shows at the 2009 Armada Fair. All youth showed well with
lots of smiles and blue ribbons. Tuesday and Saturday turned out to be fine days for showing the saddle and draft horses
while Thursday became just a little dicey with the weather taking a nasty turn, sending participants, spectators and animals
running for cover. Thankfully the weather broke long enough to finish the mini show under one of the tents. Club barn
displays were judged and the results are: Saddle horses – 1st place Washington Raiders, 2nd place Ray’s Riding Rascals,
3rd place Pirates; Mini Horse – 1st place Pirates, 2nd place Midnight Riders, 3rd place Just for Fun; Draft Horse – 1st place
Mini, Might & All, 2nd place Just for Fun.

On Tuesday, the Klusendorf and the Curious George awards were presented to the two riders meeting the criteria for
those awards. This year the 2009 Klusendorf award was won by Kelsey Pylar and the Curious George award winner was
Kaylynn Amburgey.

Congratulations to everyone on your accomplishments, clubs displays and fine riding and showing at the fair this year!

Random Act of Kindness Initiative
                      This year at the Armada Fair the 4-H Council started a new project called the “Random Act of
                      Kindness Initiative”. Ten active fair participants were given five bracelets each to pass out to 4-H
                      youths who were caught doing an unusual act of kindness. The names of these kind deed doers will
                      then be turned in to the 4-H office and be placed in a drawing to win one of three gift certificates from
                      local businesses. For those of you who were given a bracelet, thank you for spreading your kind
                      spirit. As soon as all the names are turned in, we will notify the three lucky winners.

                                                        Armada Fair Dog Show Results
                                                        Congratulations to all 4-Hers who entered the Dog Show and
                                                        Superintendents Jim Jerse and Rob Kitchen who worked so hard to
                                                        make everything go smoothly. Special kudos to the following winners:

                                                        Dorothy Murmyluk Versatility Award:
                                                          Winner: Elise Komer
                                                          Runner-up: Renee Kolleth

                                                          Best Handler: Renee Kolleth
                                                          Reserve Best Handler: Felice Cook

                                                          High Score Pre-Novice: Jordan Wichman
                                                          Reserve High Score Pre-Novice: Caitlyn Pichette
                                                          High Score Novice: Jordan Wichman
                                                          Reserve High Score Novice: Brittany Bergstrom
                                                          High Score Graduate Novice and Above: Hannah Kwiecinski
                                                          Reserve High Score-Graduate Novice and Above: Brianna Wilkinson

                                                          High Score Beginner: Jamie Penzien
                                                          Reserve High Score Beginner: Elise Komer
 Elise Komer was presented the Dorothy Murmyluk           High Score Intermediate: Kaylee McKenna
 Versatility Award at the 2009 Armada Fair.               Reserve High Score Intermediate: Allisha Humenny
 Pictured, left to right, are Dorothy Murmyluk, Elise     High Score Advanced: Heather Martin
 Komer, and Komer’s dog, Mazy.                            Reserve High Score Advanced: Heather Martin
Fair News (continued)
2009 4-H King and Queen Crowned

Front row, l. to r. Randy Iadipaolo, Daniel Cooper, Jonathan Kovalcik, Troy Wilkinson Back row, l. to r. Elizabeth Kutchey, Brianna
Wilkinson, Kara Lotan, Crystal Knust, Haley Waterstraat, Elizabeth Brockert, Brianna Bloxsom, Jenna Balabuch, Haley Chartier,
Katherine Landis.

Leading the court of four King candidates and ten Queen candidates, Troy Wilkinson from K-9 & Kompany and Kara Lotan
from Energy Extreme were crowned 4-H King and Queen during the Armada Fair opening ceremonies on Tuesday, August
18, 2009.

All candidates completed an application and were interviewed by a panel of judges. In addition, to score a maximum
of three additional points towards their total, candidates were able to campaign during the two days prior to the start of
the fair.

Thank you to this year’s King and Queen Superintendents, Christine Bingham and Jenna Lotan for their hard work in
making this a special event for all. Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s King and Queen Contest and for
being positive role models and strong representatives of 4-H.

          2009 4-H Court
          King: Troy Wilkinson, K-9 & Kompany                               Hayley Chartier, Ray Community
          Queen: Kara Lotan, Energy Extreme                                 Daniel Cooper, Mini, Mighty and All
          1st runner up: Jonathan Kovalcik, Ray Community                   Elizabeth Kutchey, Romeo Rough Riders
          1st runner up: Elizabeth Brockert, Northern Macomb                Katherine Landis, A Little Tacky
          2nd runner up: Randy Iadipaolo, Northern Macomb County            Haley Waterstraat, Clever Clovers
          2nd runner up: Crystal Knust, Ambassador Club                     Brianna Wilkinson, K-9 & Kompany
          Jenna Balabuch, Rays Riding Rascals
          Brianna Bloxsom, Macomb County Future Entrepreneurs
Fair News (continued)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
Wow! A very big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this year’s fair such a successful event. Even before
the tents were up and the fair grounds ready, 4-H volunteers, parents and youth, and in some cases, the neighbors
dragged along to help, were hard at work getting Barn #2 ready for clubs and 4-H’ers. The barn was cleaned, things
repaired, signs hung, risers moved, glass cases cleaned and tables covered. In past years, Denise Lotan has done a fine
job getting the 4-H exhibit space ready for the incoming projects and club displays along with the help of Nancy Davis.
Thank you to Denise and her family for taking the lead and doing this extremely large job for so many years. This year,
Denise turned those exhibit barn set up reins over to Karie Richardson. Karie, along with her family, Denise Lotan, Nancy
Davis and other volunteers did the set up for Barn #2, no small task. It was a mighty big job and a round of applause and
thanks to all of you for doing so much.

Sunday judging day at the fairgrounds ran very smoothly with time for everyone able to eat a leisurely lunch, set up the
judges at their tables for judging, and to answer any questions that arose during the day. The superintendents, teen clerks
and judges did a fine job of moving everyone through the judging tent in a timely manner and shuttling all the projects to
the exhibit building and making it a great experience for the youth who were showing off their talents. In Barn #2, a host of
volunteers, led by Becky Harris, helped put ribbons on incoming projects, place them on the risers and arrange the exhibit
space in an eye-catching way. Thanks to all of you who spent time in the barn on Sunday getting the projects put into
place. Thank you to Jan Mueller for being our lead for Sunday Judging at the Fairgrounds and to Becky Harris, along with
Denise, for taking the lead with the incoming projects!

When fair was over, 4-H’ers and families began to line up to begin taking their items home from the exhibit building. There
were many 4-H’ers and volunteers who stayed in the barn to help families locate their items in a timely way as well as a lot
of folks who stayed or came back to help with the tear down of Barn #2. There were many people who helped move all the
risers, saw-horses, plywood and glass cases (thankfully most of those being on wheels), sweeping up the barn as we went
along. To all of you there on Sunday night, big thanks for making that job go as quickly as it did.

                                             None of this would have been possible without all of you. So, with that all
  Burton Wins Klusendorf                     being said, any takers for next year?!?

                                             Project Clover Thank You
                                             The first year of Project Clover was a huge success. We were able to raise
                                             $4,575.00 in monetary donations and our clubs annual candy bar sale. At
                                             the livestock auction on Friday of the Armada Fair we were able to purchase
                                             a steer, 2 lambs, 1 1/2 pigs and 5 pens of poultry at the silent auction. The
                                             meat and poultry from the auction sale will be donated to local food pantries
                                             in Armada, Romeo, Capac, and Richmond. We owe a special thanks to
                                             C-Roy's Meat Processing in Yale for donating the processing. At this time we
                                             would like to thank all the companies, organizations, and families for their
                                             generous donations.

                                             Richmond Rotary Club                         Thee Office Pub & Cookery
                                             C-Roys Inc.                                  Dennis Brohl
                                             Allenton Tavern                              Ray & Marilyn Brohl
                                             Armada Township Firefighters Association     DeHondt Electric
                                             Pradko, Gallagher, and Slanec family         Eastern Michigan Kenworth
                                             Denistry                                     Bishop Schoenherr Assembly of
                                             Al Serra Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac       Knights of Columbus
                                             Belle River Golf course                      CES electric LLC.
                                             Berville Lioness                             K / E electric supply
                                             North Center Farm Supply                     Youngers Irish Tavern
                                             Rhein family                                 Party Maniacs
                                             Wes-Pro Fleet Services, Inc.                 Armada Lions
                                             Dr. Peter Keller, DDS, M.S., P.C.
Nicholas Burton of Good Times 4-H Club was   Capac McDonalds
awarded the 2009 Klusendorf Livestock        Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market               Thank you once again from the
Award.                                       Blakes Orchard and Cider Mill                Alarro 4-H Club.
Notes from the 4-H Office
Annual Summary Financial Statements and Inventory Forms Due November 1
Annual Summary Financial Statement and 4-H Club Inventory forms were mailed to leaders in August. These forms should
be returned no later than November 1st to the County Extension office. MSU Extension is federally required to have these
forms on file for each 4-H group upon the completion of each program year, even if your group doesn’t handle money or
have an inventory.

Club Enrollment Packets, New Manual
Club enrollment packets were either distributed to leaders at the Armada Fair or mailed directly. Leaders may have noticed
that the packets are much lighter this year. That’s because the supplemental materials normally in the packets will be
included in a new 4-H club manual. The manual will be available to each club at 4-H Leader Update on September 24th.

The meeting will be held at the VerKuilen Building at 6:15 p.m. If you did not receive an enrollment packet for your club,
please contact the 4-H office to request one.

4-H Club Enrollment Meetings
Leaders should RSVP for and bring all club enrollment forms to one of the scheduled enrollment meetings. They are:

Wolcott Mill      Armada High School Cafeteria                  Camp Rotary                          MSU Extension
October 14        October 22                                    29 Mile Road, Ray Twp.               21885 Dunham Rd., Clinton Twp.
5-7 p.m.          4-8 p.m.                                      4-6:30 p.m.                          9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Larger clubs should allow for one hour. Smaller clubs take approximately one-half hour. Please call 586-469-6431 to RSVP.

2009 County Awards Information
                      In the past, you have received the packet of information concerning 4-H County Awards at the beginning
                      of September. This year, the information will be part of the 4-H Club Manual that will be distributed at
                      the Leader Update on September 24th. Applications are due to the 4-H office on November 16th.
                      Judging will take place on November 19th. The County Awards banquet will be held on Thursday,
                      January 28, 2010.

                      This is an excellent opportunity to recognize members and volunteers for their outstanding efforts,
                      and all General Leaders are asked to encourage their members to participate. It also gives members
                      experience in filling out forms and gathering information that would be helpful in applying for
                      State Awards. (Please note: youth do not have to win at the County level to participate in State
                      Awards Program.)

A workshop has not been scheduled to assist members due to lack of demand over the last couple of years. Karen Hakim
will provide individual or small group help for anyone requesting it.

If you would like to be part of the judging team or if you have any questions concerning the County Awards process, please
contact Karen Hakim at (586) 469-6431.

                            Macomb County 4-H Staff                                                                           MSU is an
Kristen Grifka, County Extension Director   Karen Hakim, 4-H Program Assistant                                                action,
Marilyn E. Rudzinski, CED Emeritus          Roberta Busquaert, 4-H Secretary                                                  e q u a l
Kathy Jamieson, 4-H Youth Agent             Jan Gwozdz, 4-H Mentor Coordinator
                                                                                                                              e mpl oyer.
Tina Fleming, 4-H Youth Educator            Rachel Calcaterra, 4-H Youth Educator        Michigan State University Extension programs
Anne Crotser, 4-H Youth Educator            Marcia Bloomfield, 4-H Mentor Prg. Secretary and materials are open to all without regard
                                                                                         to race, color, national origin, gender, gender
                                                                                         identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability,
MSU Extension - Macomb County, 21885 Dunham Road, Suite 12, Clinton Twp., MI 48036
                                                                                         political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital
                    Telephone: (586) 469-6431     Fax: (586) 469-6948
                                                                                         status, family status or veteran status. The
                         E-mail: Macomb.4h@macombcountymi.gov
                                                                                         4-H name and emblem are protected under
                       Web: http://macombcountymi.gov/msuextension
                                                                                         18 USC 707.
        Macomb County 4-H Calendar of Events - September 2009
       Sunday                        Monday                        Tuesday                   Wednesday                   Thursday                   Friday           Saturday
                                                                                        1                    2                                 3             4                        5
                                                           4-H enrollment begins for

                                                           Canine Good Citizen
                                                           Evaluation, Camp Rotary,
                                                           2-8 p.m.

                          6                           7                                 8                     9                              10         11                           12
                                                                                                                     Lego Robotics Workshop
                                                                                                                      (part 1 of 3), 6-8:30 p.m.,
                                                                                                                   L’Anse Creuse High School

                          13                          14                           15                        16                              17          18                          19
      4-H Shooting Sports                                                                                            Lego Robotics Workshop                        4-H Shooting Sports
         Archery Instructor                                                                                           (part 1 of 3), 6-8:30 p.m.,                    Archery Instructor
 Workshop, Adams-Butzel                                                                                            L’Anse Creuse High School                        Workshop, Adams-
        Recreation Center,                                                                                                                 North                     Butzel Recreation
 Detroit, September 19-20                                                                                                                                               Center, Detroit,
                                                                                                                                                                      September 19-20

                          20                          21                           22                        23                              24         25                           26
                                                                                                                     Lego Robotics Workshop                          Ambassador Club,
                                                                                                                      (part 1 of 3), 6-8:30 p.m.,                     Cappuchin Soup
                                                                                                                   L’Anse Creuse High School                                 Kitchen

                                                                                                                           4-H Leader Update,
                                                                                                                  VerKuilen Building, 6:15 p.m.

                          27                          28
                                Mini-Draft Mtg., 6 p.m.;
                                   Light Horse, 7 p.m.,

                                   4-H Livestock Sale
                                 Committee Meeting &
                                   Check Distribution,
                                               7 p.m.

            Macomb County 4-H Calendar of Events - October 2009
     Sunday                       Monday                     Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                    Friday                 Saturday

                                                                                                                                  1                      2                            3

                     4                            5                           6                         7                          8                     9                           10
                                                                                        4-H National Youth
                                                                                             Science Day

                    11                           12                         13                        14                         15                     16                          17
                                                                                       4-H Club Enrollment                                                       4-H Clothing & Textiles
                                                                                          Meeting, Wolcott                                                                   Workshop,
                                                                                            Farm, 5-7 p.m.                                                         October 17-18. 2009,
                                                                                                                                                                       Kettunen Center

                    18                           19                         20                        21                         22                     23                           24
4-H Clothing & Textiles                                    4-H Youth Council &                                 4-H Club Enrollment                               4-H Crafts, Visual Arts
    Workshop, October                                            Subcommittee                                Meeting, Armada High                                    & Performing Arts
 17-18. 2009, Kettunen                                     Meetings, VerKuilen                                School Cafeteria, 4-8                                          Workshop,
                Center                                       Building, 6:15 p.m.                                              p.m.                                October 24-25, 2009,
                                                                                                                                                                      Kettunen Center

                    25                          26                          27                        28                         29                     30                           31
4-H Crafts, Visual Arts     4-H Club Enrolllment
    & Performing Arts      Meeting, Camp Rotary,
            Workshop,                 4-6:30 p.m.
 October 24-25, 2009,
     Kettunen Center                Horse Program
                               Committee Meeting,
                               7 p.m., Camp Rotary

                                4-H Livestock Sale
                                 Annual Elections,
                                            7 p.m.

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