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					    VOLUME 13 / ISSUE 1
    WINTER 2011

Cal Park
Now Open!


   in the Rain
      SEE PAGE 8
      PO Box 1115, Fairfax
                                        Volume 13 / Issue 1                                                    WINTER 2011
   CA 94978 • 415-456-3469

                                                                  IN THIS ISSUE
Kim Baenisch, Executive Director
Tom Boss, Membership Director         Bicycling in the            Message from the President ��������������������� 3
Jo Ann Richards,
 Volunteer & Activities Coordinator
Bob Trigg, Administrator
                                      Rain                        Biketoberfest Update����������������������������������� 3
Deb Hubsmith, Advocacy Director       SEE PAGE 16                 Bikers Ball 2010��������������������������������������������� 3
David Hoffman, Director of Planning
Andy Peri, Advocacy & Outreach                                    2011 MCBC Board of
                                                                   Directors Election ��������������������������������������4
Wendi Kallins, Safe Routes to
 Schools Program Director                                         Route 5 ������������������������������������������������������������5
Laura Kelly, Safe Routes to Schools
 Volunteer Liaison                                                ADVOCACY
Peggy Clark, Safe Routes to
 Schools Project Coordinator                                         Bicyclists Lose Major Champion �����������6
Aviva Joseph, Safe Routes to
 Schools Teen Program Coordinator                                    Smart Train & Pathway Update ������������ 8
Gwen Froh, Safe Routes to Schools
 Teen Program Coordinator                                            Cal Park Tunnel Re-Opened �������������������9
Frances E� Barbour, Safe Routes to
 Schools Instructor                                                  Next: The Alto Tunnel ������������������������������9

                                                                     Cal Park Tunnel Opening Day Photos 10
Maureen Gaffney, President                                           Lincoln Ave� Multiuse Pathway
Scott Klimo, Vice President
Ian Roth, Treasurer                                                   Now Open ����������������������������������������������� 12
Don Magdanz, Secretary
                                                                     Paradise Not Lost ������������������������������������ 12
Matt Adams
Jerry Edelbrock                                                   Safe Routes Awarded $2�3 Million in
Terry Graham
Stephen Hesson
                                                                   Infrastructure Grants ������������������������������� 13

                                      Bike Product                Kirk Kicks Dirt with White Hill Middle
Vince O’Brien
Tom Woolley
                                                                   School’s Mountain Bike Club �����������������14
Mark Birnbaum
                                      Reviews SEE PAGES 21 – 23   San Quentin Bike Program ����������������������� 15
Joe Breeze                                                        Bicycling in the Rain ����������������������������������� 16
Tom Hale
Deb Hubsmith                                                      Second Annual Dirt Roll���������������������������20
Jim Jacobsen
Patrick Seidler                                                   BIKE PRODUCT REVIEWS
Julia Violich
                                                                     Brooks B-17 saddle, Part II��������������������� 21
PEDAL PRESS                                                         Travels with Travoy ��������������������������������� 22
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Contributors: Frances Barbour,
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Tom Boss, Gwen Froh, Maureen
Gaffney, David Hoffman, Cheryl                                    MCBC Store �������������������������������������������������24
Longinotti, Andy Peri, Carolyn
Szczepanski, Scott D� Warner
                                      Kirk Kicks Dirt             Join MCBC ����������������������������������������������������24
                                                                   Cover photo by Miguel Farias�
                                      SEE PAGE 14
                                                                  “Always wear your helmet!”

Happy New Year!
We at the Coalition are still abuzz with the best holiday
gift EVER—the Cal Park Tunnel! Many congratulations
and thanks to Deb Hubsmith and innumerable oth-
ers who have worked so hard and for so long on this
amazing piece of infrastructure� I rode to the ceremony
with 50 other cyclists in a long, happy procession from
Wilderness Trail Bikes in Mill Valley, and long lines
of cyclists came from other locations throughout the
County� The Marin County Bicycle Coalition was well
referenced in the several speeches by elected officials,
and our own Advocacy Director shared the stage�
Quoting Deb quoting Margaret Mead, “ ‘Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world� Indeed, it is the only thing that
ever has�’”
Next up: Alto Tunnel!
– Maureen Gaffney, President                                 their enthusiasm for bicycle safety and advocacy� Vinyl
                                                             kept us dancing, and the Broken Drum and Peloton Cel-
                                                             lars kept our thirst quenched� Many thanks to all of the
BIKETOBERFEST UPDATE                                         volunteers and donors who once again made the Ball a
                                                             success for MCBC�
The Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) and
Access4Bikes (A4B) hosted Biketoberfest on Satur-
day, October 16, 2010, in Fairfax� Thousands of people
came out to see beautiful bikes, ride with pioneers and
pros, listen to great music, taste delicious food, and
drink fine beers from Northern California’s best brew-
ers� The event has grown into Marin County’s largest
annual bicycle event�
  Biketoberfest had over 100 exhibitors this year, includ-
ing frame builders, bike shops, cargo bike makers, bike                          RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL
apparel companies, and bike publications� Group rides                                   Our Speciality
were led by Alison Starnes, Marla Streb, Charlie Kelly                                Concrete & Asphalt
and Joe Breeze� A cyclocross race at White Hill School
                                                                                 •	 Driveways               •	 Sidewalks
drew hundreds of local racers to Fairfax�
                                                                                 •	 Patios                  •	 Curbs	&	Gutters
Biketoberfest raised $20,000 for MCBC and A4B� The
                                                                                 •	 Sports	Courts           •	 Stamped	Concrete
funds will support future bicycle projects to expand
Marin’s bicycle network�                                                                     FREE ESTIMATES
  We’d like to thank everyone who came out to support                                        Call Al Dalecio x 2252
bicycle advocacy in Marin County� See you next year!
BIKERS BALL 2010                                                                               Please reference this ad

We’re happy to report that the 2010 Bikers Ball was a                              
smashing success—you helped us raise over $8,000                                     525 Jacoby Street, San Rafael
for the Coalition, and we all had fun doing it! Doug
                                                               Lic� No� 132128

McConnell from Bay Area Backroads was our MC for
the evening, and our live auction has never been such
a hoot� Professional cyclists Lucas Euser and Ted King
were in attendance, sharing stories from the road and

The Board of               The Board Development Committee of the Marin Coun-            The MCBC Board of Directors typically meets bimonthly,
                           ty Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) welcomes candidates for           on the third Monday of each month from 6 to 9 p.m.
 Directors is the          election to our Board of Directors. This is a rare oppor-     Directors attend the bimonthly meetings and are
 governing body            tunity to work with an influential team of community          involved on MCBC committees and other activities
 that provides             leaders and help shape the future of cycling in Marin.        such as fundraising, events, advocacy, share the road,
                             The Board of Directors is the governing body that           and special projects.
 direction and
                           provides direction and oversight for the MCBC’s scope         2011 Election Timeline:
 oversight for the         of activities and is committed to the MCBC mission            »      Friday, February 18: Director Candidate Statements
 MCBC’s scope of           statement: “To promote safe bicycling for everyday                   are due (see directions below).
                           transportation and recreation.”
 activities and is                                                                       »      Month of March: Ballots are sent to members and
                             Our directors have a variety of professional back-                 votes submitted.
 committed to the          grounds, keeping our perspective fresh and balanced.
                                                                                         »      Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 6, from 6:30-
 MCBC mission              All candidates are welcome; however the Board Devel-
                                                                                                8:30 p.m. at the San Rafael Corporate Center’s
                           opment Committee encourages those who would bring
 statement:                                                                                     Tamalpais Room: Each board candidate will have
                           perspective and experience in:
“To promote                                                                                     the opportunity to make a three-minute presenta-
                           »   County government relating to cycling or                         tion. Final votes will be collected and counted, and
 safe bicycling                pedestrian infrastructure                                        winners will be announced at the meeting.
 for everyday              »   Government and contract law                               If you are interested in being a Director Candidate:
 transportation            »   Public works engineering                                  1.       Review the Director Responsibilities @ www.marin
                               Direct marketing
 and recreation.”          »                                                            
                           »   Fundraising                                               2.       Review our Bylaws for more info on how the Board
                           »   Finance                                                            of Directors operates @
                           »   Parents                                                            About/ MCBCBylawsOCT06.pdf.

                           »   School Administrators                                     3.       Notify Kim Baenisch, MCBC Executive Director, of
                                                                                                  your interest at or 415-456-
                           Directors must be current MCBC members as of March                     3469 x 1#. She will schedule a meeting for you with
                           1, 2011. If you are not yet a member of the MCBC, please               members of the Board Development Committee to
                           join now at                                  further explain the Director’s responsibilities, and
                           MCBC is in its 13th year and is one of the most influential            provide the Candidate Statement instructions.
                           cycling organizations in the nation. MCBC works closely       4.       Submit your Director Candidate Statement by
                           with members of the greater cycling community, gov-                    February 18, 2011.
                           ernmental and intra-governmental organizations, and
  Bike Locally Challenge   other non-profits focused on cycling related activities.      Serving on the MCBC Board of Directors is a reward-
                                                                                         ing way to share your talents to improve bicycling and
      is on Facebook       MCBC is an incorporated non-profit membership orga-
                                                                                         the quality of life in Marin County. We look forward to
                           nization with 11 Directors, each serving a two-year term.
                                                                                         your candidacy.
                           Elections are held each year at an annual membership
                           meeting in April.                                             – MCBC Board Development Committee

                                                                                              Electrical Contractor / C-10 HIC 823538     Electrical / Lighting Design
                                                                                                                                            Residential / Commercial
                                                                                                                                                    Home Integration
                                                                                                                                        Tele / Data Communications
                                                                                                                                                  Renewable Energies
                                                                                                                                                          Fire Systems

                                                                                              DENIS SOLAN
                                                                                              ph 415.497.4248
                                                                                              fax 415.626.1317    

Route 5


          DON’T DRIVE:                                                                               Northgate Shopping Center

          TAKE ROUTE 5!
          Use Marin’s new 10 miles
                                                                                                         Marin Civic Center

                                                                                                   1.25 mile Lincoln Ave. Pathway
          of bicycle and pedestrian                                                                – created predominantly with
                                                                                                     local Measure A funds
          paths between Novato
          and Larkspur.
          s Bicycling locally just got easier
          P Direct route saves travel time
          r New bike lanes and paths
                                                                                                       SAN RAFAEL
              provide safe passage
          R   Provides connections to your                                                                      Transit Center
              favorite destinations
                                                                                                             Cal Park Hill Tunnel
          Let Marin County Bicycle Coalition show you how.                                                   – shorten your bike
                                                                                                               commute by 15 minutes!

              Marin County Bicycle Coalition thanks all of the government agencies that funded,
              designed, constructed and will maintain these important transportation facilities.               LARKSPUR
                                                                                                                  Ferry Terminal


                                                                                                        Photo: Michael Armstrong
           By Carolyn Szczepanski
           Originally published at                 leadership, he told a crowd at the National Bike Summit:
                                                                       “We’re going to convert America from the hydrocarbon
           We weren’t naïve�                                           economy to the carbohydrate economy�”
           Like everyone else in Washington, D�C�, bicycle and           Well, now we’ll have to do it without him, because
           pedestrian advocates expected a Republican surge in         that Tuesday’s political tidal wave sunk his ship� In a
           last week’s midterm elections� We knew a conservative       race decided by a mere 4,000 votes, Oberstar lost the
           Congress would have major implications for the next         election to Republican Chip Cravaak� That defeat in
           federal transportation bill� We were bracing ourselves      Minnesota cast a cloud over the entire nation�
           for new faces and fresh challenges on Capitol Hill�
                                                                         Jonathan Maus, a prominent blogger and editor of
            But nobody expected we’d lose one of our most              BikePortland�org, might have summed it up best� “Ober-
           dependable and powerful champions�                          star’s loss signals the end of an era for America’s bicycle
             “I’m not going to lie,” Andy Clarke, president of the     movement,” he wrote shortly after the results came in�
           League of American Bicyclists wrote on the morning          “[He] was a titan of non-motorized transportation�”
           after the November 2010 election� “I’m depressed�”            Andy Clarke, at the League, outlined the Congress-
             If you don’t live in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional Dis-   man’s key role in a variety of bike-ped victories� “Over
           trict or follow federal transportation policy, you might    the past 20 years, you can trace many of the gains we’ve
           not know the name James Oberstar� He was elected            made straight back to the desk of Jim Oberstar,” Clarke
           to Congress in 1974, and since his very first term he       wrote� “Broad eligibility for transportation funds, the
           served on the House Committee on Transportation             Safe Routes to School Program, state bicycle coordina-
           and Infrastructure�                                         tor positions, the requirement to plan for bicyclists at
             For bike-ped advocates, those committee members           the state and regional level, the non-motorized pilot
           are critical� For three decades, Oberstar pushed to get     projects — all started with him�”
           bicyclists and pedestrians recognized and treated as          Safe Routes to School has become hugely popular,
           “intended users” of our public roads� After the last        directing more than $600 million in federal funding
           wave election in 2006, when Democrats took control          to thousands of schools and communities across the
           of the House, Oberstar became Chairman of the trans-        country to encourage kids to bike and walk� The Non-
           portation committee� A few months after he claimed          Motorized Transportation Pilot Program awarded $25

Bicyclists Lose Major Champion in Midterm Election

Broad eligibility for transportation funds, the Safe Routes to School
Program, state bicycle coordinator positions, the requirement to plan
for bicyclists at the state and regional level, the non-motorized pilot
projects — all started with James Oberstar.
– Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists

million each to four U.S. communities to build infrastruc-      “Through your 36 years of inspired leadership as a
ture, initiate public education campaigns and demon-            Congressman, you reformed the transportation system
strate how bicycling and walking can ease the load on           to make it multi-modal, institutionalized walking and
our heavily trafficked streets.                                 bicycling within state Departments of Transportation,
  Oberstar wasn’t out of bold, new ideas, either.               and ensured that the safety of children on the trip to
                                                                and from school is a priority for transportation planning
  Last year, the Minnesota Democrat released the
                                                                and construction,” Hubsmith wrote within a few hours
House Transportation Committee’s first stab at our
                                                                of Oberstar’s concession. “Thanks to your leadership,                                Thanks to James
nation’s next — and already overdue — federal trans-
                                                                foresight and hard work, many thousands of schools                                   Oberstar’s leadership,
portation bill. The bill roundly criticized our over-reliance
                                                                and communities across the country are now making                                    foresight and hard
on automobiles. It established an Office of Livability,
                                                                it safer for children to walk and bicycle to and from                                work, many thousands
which would study cyclists’ rights and dramatically
                                                                school, and in everyday life.”
expand research on bicycling and walking. The bill also                                                                                              of schools and
gave significant support to the creation of a U.S. Bicycle        Whether or not you ride or walk for transportation in
                                                                                                                                                     communities across the
Route System.                                                   your daily life, Oberstar was fighting to make our streets
                                                                                                                                                     country are now making
                                                                safer for everyone. He was fighting to give us all the
  Unfortunately, we won’t have Oberstar advancing                                                                                                    it safer for children
                                                                freedom to choose how we travel to school and work,
such novel and needed ideas when Congress tackles
                                                                instead of having that decision dictated to us by infra-                             to walk and bicycle
transportation reauthorization next year.
                                                                structure that only accounts for automobiles. And, for                               to and from school,
  In his concession speech, the 18-term Congressman             that, he deserves the gratitude of all Americans. (Hint,                             and in everyday life.
spoke at length about his transportation legacy. And            hint: His email address is
he didn’t just highlight the major bridges and highway
                                                                   At his press conference, Oberstar said he’ll find a way                           – Deb Hubsmith
projects that he supported. He gave equal attention
                                                                to continue his service to the American people, though
and pride to improvements and projects for cyclists
                                                                it won’t be from Capitol Hill. “There will be opportunities
and pedestrians.
                                                                for public service,” he said. “I’ll reflect for awhile and
   “The Lake Walk in Duluth will survive long after my          look for something in the public arena.”
service,” Oberstar said. “People will be walking and bik-
                                                                  Clarke, for one, hopes the Congressman saves room
ing and enjoying a better quality of life… The extension
                                                                in his schedule to take advantage of the fruits of his
of the Sunrise Prairie Trail will link Canada and the Twin
                                                                labors, and cruise the Prairie Sunrise or Paul Bunyan
Cities with a continuous bicycle facility that will be the
                                                                trails he worked so hard to fund and promote.
envy of the nation… The Paul Bunyan Trail, for which I
have great affection, when we first started promoting             “If anyone deserves to enjoy the simple pleasure of a
it had 40,000 users. Last year, it had 650,000 users            bike ride,” Clarke wrote, “it’s Jim Oberstar.”
and was an engine of economic growth and stability.”
  His legacy extends far beyond the borders of Minne-
sota. It’s not just the hundreds of thousands of people
who bike and walk the Paul Bunyan Trail who are flood-
ing his inbox with their gratitude. Oberstar is — and
should be — getting thank-you notes from every corner
of the country.                                                   11101 State Route 1, #B             Black Mountain Cycles cross & road frames
                                                                  Point Reyes Station, CA 94956   Steel road, touring, ‘cross, and adventure bikes
  Deb Hubsmith, the executive director of the Safe                Tel/Fax 415-663-8125                          Salsa, Surly, Bruce Gordon, Soma
Routes to School National Partnership, was among                                    Swobo, Ibex, Ortlieb, Tubus
                                                                              Custom wheels, custom bike builds
the first to write an open letter to Oberstar last week.

                            SMART Train and Pathway Update
                            MCBC continues to work hard to ensure that both the           com/ci_14798798?IADID=Search-www�marinij�com-
                            SMART train system and pathway are built during these         www�marinij�com�
                            economically difficult times� SMART recently reported            The SMART pathway has always been planned to
                            an ever-widening funding gap due to increased costs           parallel the SMART train along the entire SMART route
                            for two major bridges and for seismic retrofit of the         from Larkspur to Cloverdale� As portions of the system
                            Puerto Suello Hill tunnel, combined with reduced sales        are now being “phased” (planned for completion in
                            tax revenues due to the current recession�                    phases), the pathway is also being phased� MCBC
                               To successfully begin operations by 2014, SMART            supports this kind of proportionate phasing and urges
                            has decided to complete the project in phases, with the       proportionate, simultaneous funding and construction
The desire for a north-
                            first phase going from Railroad Square in Santa Rosa to       of the pathway for each rail segment of the project
south pathway to enhance    downtown San Rafael� Even for this segment, there’s a         that is built� The construction should include the Class
local connectivity played   funding shortfall� Estimates of the shortfall range from      I (pathway) and Class II (bike lanes) system that was
a critical role in why      $19 million to $125 million�                                  agreed to in the SMART Measure Q expenditure plan�
SMART’s Measure Q             SMART is working hard with the Counties of Marin              MCBC is committed to continuing to work with
passed in 2008. The dual    and Sonoma, local cities and our local and regional           SMART to raise funds for the train and pathway system�
nature of the project       transportation                                                                                We have already helped
must stay intact.           agencies to find                                                                              write several grants�
                            ways of closing                                                                               We recently alerted
                            this funding gap�                                                                             SMART to the oppor-
                            The Marin County                                                                              tunity for requesting
                            Bicycle Coalition                                                                             Nonmotorized Trans-
                            is being vigilant to                                                                          portation Pilot Program
                            make sure that the                                                                            funds from the County
                            pathway continues to be included as part of the project�      of Marin, and we have encouraged the County to fund
                              The multiuse pathway has been an integral com-              this request�
                            ponent of the SMART project since 1999� The project              MCBC recently released 10 Recommended Princi-
                            has always been identified as the SMART train and             ples for the SMART Train and Pathway� This guidance
                            pathway—a system� The pathway will help people get to         document will help ensure that the SMART pathway
                            stations and it also has the critical function of providing   is designed and built as planned as SMART makes dif-
                            maintenance access for the rail line�                         ficult decisions about how to close its funding gap for
                              The desire for a north-south pathway to enhance             the Initial Operating Segment of the SMART train and
                            local connectivity played a critical role in the passage      pathway� This document can be found at: http://www�
                            of SMART’s Measure Q in 2008� The dual nature of              marinbike�org/Campaigns/SMART/PathwayPrinciples�
                            the project must stay intact� SMART General Manager           shtml�
                            Lillian Hames and MCBC’s Deb Hubsmith expressed a               MCBC will continue to advocate for the pathway
                            continued commitment to the SMART pathway project             system and is supporting SMART at every level possible
                            in this April 2010 Marin IJ editorial: http://www�marinij�    to make this project a success�

                                                                                             Tim P. Cooper, CFP®
                                                                                             Financial Advisor  415.391.6644
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                                                                                                                                    •	 401(k)	plans	for	small	business		
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                                                                                             Securities & investment advisory services offered through
                                                                                             Financial Network Investment Corporation, member SIPC.

       Cal Park                                          Next: The Alto Tunnel
   Tunnel Re-Opened
    After 32 Years!
Thirty-two years ago, the Cal Park Tunnel was
closed� MCBC has been working for the last 12
years (since our inception in 1998) to have this
valuable facility rebuilt and opened� Now it has
finally become a reality� Even before MCBC’s found-
ing—in fact for some 20 years before 1998— local
citizens, such as Jean Starkweather, had been lay-
ing the groundwork for an eventual re-opening of
the tunnel� The tunnel is now open seven days a
week from 5 am until 11 pm� The total length of
the pathway is just over a mile; the tunnel itself is    The Marin County Bicycle Coalition continues to work to get the Alto Tunnel re-opened�
a short 1100 feet� Riding between San Rafael and         Constructed in 1884, the Alto Tunnel is an abandoned railroad tunnel between old-
Larkspur now takes 15 minutes less time if you use       town Corte Madera and Mill Valley (near Edna Maguire School)�
the tunnel route instead of continuing to the end of       With the celebratory opening of the Cal Park Tunnel on December 10th, 2010, MCBC
Anderson Drive and riding down Sir Francis Drake         members are more excited than ever about the Alto Tunnel, which would remove a
Boulevard� It’s faster to ride a bike between the two    final barrier in the North-South Greenway� Opening the Alto Tunnel could be done
towns than to drive in rush-hour traffic�                without harming any of the homes or properties above the tunnel while increasing
  The Cal Park Tunnel was originally constructed         real estate values for homes along the pathway approaches�
in 1884; significant renovations were done in the         As we are already seeing with the Cal Park Tunnel, the Alto Tunnel would be a very
1920s� Originally designed for trains hauling lum-       popular and highly-used multi-modal transportation facility that would benefit all
ber, freight and passengers, it was sealed shut in       Marinites and provide access to homes, schools, shopping areas, places of employ-
1978 after a series of fires and structural collapses�   ment and transit centers�
Today it carries bicyclists and pedestrians between
                                                           The Marin County Bicycle Coalition is supporting taking two important steps over
Larkspur and San Rafael� It is a key component
                                                         the next year to further the Alto Tunnel project� We are requesting that the County
in the North-South Greenway and is also part of
                                                         of Marin allocate Pilot Program funds to conduct a geotechnical study of the Alto
the future SMART (train) corridor with a planned
                                                         Tunnel� No such assessment has been done in nearly 30 years; in 1981 a County of
station just behind the Larkspur Century Theater�
                                                         Marin study determined that the tunnel was in an advanced state of decay, with some
Bicyclists and pedestrians are completely sepa-
                                                         of its redwood supports failing� Shortly thereafter, the tunnel experienced a series of
rated from the future train line by a tunnel within
                                                         collapses near the south portal�
the tunnel� The tunnel includes cell phone access,
security cameras, and emergency access points�             To get proper cost estimates for moving this project forward, it is necessary to
The tunnel can be accessed via a pathway on the          examine the inside of the tunnel (using cameras, or by engineers entering the tunnel),
southbound lane of Anderson Drive in San Rafael,         and assess it’s condition� With this geotechnical assessment completed, contingency
just across from the Office Depot, and just behind       costs (up to 40% for some items) for tunnel restoration could be significantly reduced,
the Larkspur Century Theater in Larkspur (very           thereby reducing the Alto Tunnel’s overall cost estimates�
close to the Marin Airporter)�                             MCBC is also supporting the resolution of property issues above the tunnel� There
  Friday, December 10, 2010, marked a historic           has been some dispute about the current existence of tunnel easements for these
day in Marin County when the Cal Park Tunnel was         properties� Properties above the tunnel held easements during the time the North-
officially opened to a cheering crowd of several         western Pacific train system was operational, but some property owners have argued
hundred cyclists and walkers� After the opening          that the easements, may not still be in effect� For this project to move forward, the
ceremony, which included speeches from elected           status of such easements must be established�
officials, MCBC’s Deb Hubsmith, the Marin County            The Alto Tunnel has long been sought as a critical link for increasing bicycle/pedes-
Department of Public Works, and Caltrans, hun-           trian mode shift between Corte Madera and Mill Valley and represents the jewel in the
dreds of walkers, and then cyclists, got their chance    crown of the North-South Greenway� These next steps will help to move this tunnel
to walk or ride through the tunnel —last used in the     project forward with the hopes that one day soon we will be cutting another ribbon
1970s, by freight trains�                                and holding another celebration for a world-class transportation facility here in Marin�


Top: Marin County Supervisors cut the ribbon� Above: (left to
right) Joe Breeze, Nat Lopes (Hilride), Matt Fritzinger (NICA
President)� Right: North Portal�

Views of the South Portal� Top right: Deb Hubsmith and Patrick Seidler�

Lincoln Avenue Multiuse Pathway Now Open!
                                    It’s taken a little longer than        Rafael is at the corner of Mission and Hetherton� From
                                    we anticipated, but the Lincoln        the top of Lincoln Avenue where it meets Los Ranchitos,
                                    Avenue Pathway is now open!            a crosswalk shows the way to the multiuse path� The
                                    This $12 million pathway project,      Lincoln Avenue Pathway has a lot of great features built
                                    funded by Measure A, is finished�      in for year-round safety: video monitoring cameras at
                                    This segment of Bicycle Route 5        key sections, a path wide enough for regular sweeping
                                    on the North-South Greenway            and maintenance, lighting from beginning to end, and a
                                    connects Terra Linda with down-        centerline stripe to encourage orderly riding and walking�
                                    town San Rafael and includes a           This project was one of MCBC’s first big efforts, and
                                    break-away path to Linden Lane         it has been years in the making� Like the opening of
                                    for community access, as well as       the Cal Park Tunnel, this project represents a signifi-
                                    a mini-tunnel at the top of the hill   cant gap closure in the North-South Greenway� Getting
                                    to allow riders and pedestrians to     the project funded and constructed has been a true
                                    avoid the dangerous freeway on-        multi-agency effort, with work by the Transportation
                                    ramps and off-ramps on Lincoln         Authority of Marin (TAM), Caltrans District 4, and the
                                    Avenue�                                City of San Rafael� The Marin County Bicycle Coalition
                                      The pathway is located               and Transportation Alternatives for Marin along with
                                    between the sound wall separat-        countless citizens in the community fought to keep
                                    ing the future SMART train and         the project moving forward—especially when funding
                                    the newly widened segment of           shortfalls and timelines changed� Our sincere thanks go
                                    Highway 101 between the Lincoln        out to everyone who has worked to conceive of, push
                                    Avenue offramp and the Central         for, fund, construct, and maintain this fabulous addition
                                    San Rafael offramp� Access to          to the Marin County Bicycle System�
                                    the pathway from Central San

              Paradise Not Lost
                                                                           contractor, trying to see if someone from the Marin
                                                                           County Department of Public Works could review the
                                                                           striping plan�
                                                                             A few phone calls and about 20 minutes later, no
                                                                           fewer than four Department of Public Works representa-
                                                                           tives met us at the site� While the painting crews were
                                                                           working on the other aspects of their job (painting the
                                                                           center lines, etc�) MCBC representatives, Joe Breeze,
                                                                           and Public Works crew walked the entire length of the
                                                                           project with a tape measure and a paint can, making
                                                                           adjustments to the lane width wherever possible� The
                                                                           result is several more inches of road surface between
                                                                           the fog line and the edge of the pavement, meaning that
                                                                           cyclists will have the same small margin of safety at the
                                                                           edge of the pavement as before, and that motorists will
             A great example of how a good public-                         be able to better judge where cyclists will likely be riding�
             private partnership can work for all of us                      This is a great example of how a good public-private
             On Monday, November 15th, paint crews were pre-               partnership can work for all of us� The Department of
             paring to place new road striping on Paradise Drive,          Public Works was willing to listen to our concerns—
             from Trestle Glen Drive to very near the Marin Country        even at the very last moment� If you find a road hazard
             Day School (towards Corte Madera)� MCBC received              such as a pothole, gravel, glass, or any other issue that
             word that the white stripes at the edge of the road           could cause a problem for cyclists, MCBC encourages
             (the “fog line”) might be too close to the pavement           you to get in touch with the local Department of Public
             edge for cyclist safety� We arrived at the project to find    Works� You can find a complete list of contacts online
             local cycling legend Joe Breeze talking to the painting       at: http://marinbike�org/Resources/RoadRepair�shtml�

Safe Routes Awarded $2.3 Million in Infrastructure Grants
In September, the Transportation Authority of Marin
(TAM) awarded 12 Safe Routes to School (SR2S) infra-
structure grants to construct sidewalks, add bike paths,
improve crosswalks, calm traffic, and add signs and
pavement markings at or near 20 schools in Marin
County. The $2.3 million in funding is from the county’s
transportation sales tax fund, established by Measure
A. All of the projects were submitted for consideration
by the local cities and towns and the County of Marin,
and were part of approved SR2S plans supported by the
jurisdictions and local SR2S Task Forces.
  Infrastructure awards were granted to the following
jurisdictions and school areas:
                                                              »   	 Lagunitas	and	San	Geronimo	Schools: Install side-       Students test out the new
CORTE MADERA                                                        walk, curb ramps, high-visibility crosswalk, and sig-   crosswalk and sidewalk at Sun
»   	 Lycee	Francais	La	Perouse,	Marin	Country	Day	                 nage at Sir Francis Drake Blvd.                         Valley School. Photo by Peter
      School,	Marin	Montessori	Schools: Construct bike        »   	 Miller	Creek	Middle	School: Construct curb exten-
      path along Paradise Drive between Westward Drive              sions at intersection adjacent to school’s driveway
      and Upland Circle to connect to the existing pathway
                                                              »   	 Strawberry	Point	Elementary	School:	 Construct a
NOVATO                                                              sidewalk with driveway approaches and curb ramps
»   	 Hill	Middle	School: Construct sidewalk, curb and              on Strawberry Drive through the intersection of
      gutter and curb ramps, and additional pavement                Ricardo Lane
      width for bike lanes within Indian Valley Road and      »   	 Tomales	Elementary	School: Construct a sidewalk
      corner of Indian Valley and Hill Road                         to close gap on 1st Street and replace drainage ditch
                                                                    with culvert on John Street
ROSS                                                          »   	 Venetia	Valley	School: Construct sidewalk on south
»   	 Branson	School,	Ross	School: Along Bolinas Ave-               side of North San Pedro Road and provide crosswalk
      nue, construct pedestrian refuge islands, curb exten-         improvements across school’s two driveways
      sions and ramps; install traffic signs and pavement
      markings                                                  The six jurisdictions awarded the grants will soon
                                                              start designing the projects. Construction is expected
SAN ANSELMO                                                   within the next 12 to 24 months, depending upon the
»   	 St.	Anselms,	Wade	Thomas	Elementary	Schools:	           complexity of the individual projects.
      Reconfigure the Red Hill/Greenfield/Hillsdale inter-

»   	 Bayside	Elementary	School,	Willow	Creek	Acad-
      emy: Make sidewalk and curb ramp improvements
      along Wateree Street; add new school-area traffic
      signage and markings
»   	 Marin	 School,	 New	 Village	 School: Construct
      pedestrian path from Ebbtide Avenue to school
      parking lot and construct pedestrian path from
      Ebbtide Avenue to playing field

»   	 Edna	Maguire	Elementary	School: Construct side-
      walk, including high-visibility crosswalk and curb
      ramps, on north side of Lomita east of Greenfield
      Court to Shell Road

                              Kirk Kicks Dirt with White Hill Middle
                              School’s Mountain Bike Club                                                          By Gwen Froh and Holly Bogin

Cycling is the best form of   Kirk Desmond, a physical education teacher at White           Kirk adds that what inspires him most is seeing kids
                              Hill Middle School, is a Novato native and the coach of       “fired up at the end of every ride�” He is happy when
transportation. It’s fast,
                              the school’s wildly popular Mountain Bike Club� Kirk          they pass him in the halls and ask eagerly about the
healthy and it’s clean.
                              grew up riding his bike to and from school, every day         location of the next ride�
– Kirk Desmond                through 8th grade� He became interested in mountain              Kirk is pleased to see the number of White Hill stu-
                              biking after he finished high school and within a few         dents who ride their bikes to school� “Cycling is the best
                              years found himself training as a professional racer          form of transportation,” he says� “It’s fast, healthy and
                              for the Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) team� He raced           it’s clean�” He credits the popularity of cycling to the
                              with WTB professionally for five years and was able to        unique culture of the area� “Cycling is in their blood,” he
                              travel extensively around the country� “Riding gave me a      says of his students� “It is obvious that there is a family
                              purpose,” he says� “It kept me out of trouble at the time�”   culture here that supports cycling from an early age�”
                                The White Hill Mountain Bike Club was started four          Many of the students that participate in the White Hill
                              years ago by Brian Bruckner, an avid cyclist and father       mountain bike club have been riding to school since
                              of one of its original members� Kirk took it over last        elementary school� It is not a coincidence that many of
                              year after Brian’s first son graduated� He is assisted by     these students were at Manor Elementary School when
                              Burton Eubank, another PE teacher at White Hill and           it piloted the Safe Routes to School program�
                              also an enthusiastic cyclist�                                   What is next for the club? Kirk will continue to take
                                Today the club, one of a select few middle school           the students on rides and inspire them with his own
                              mountain bike clubs in Marin County, has more than 50         passion� His dream is to have a pump track at White
                              members� Once a week, for two-and-a- half hours, the          Hill where the students can practice maneuvers and
                              team can be seen climbing up and gliding down local           improve their skills� A pump track essentially allows
                              trails or fire roads such as those at Tamarancho, Lake        mountain cyclists to ride without pedaling, using their
                              Lagunitas and Loma Alta� Kirk’s goals for the club are        momentum from the descents to navigate the route�
                              straightforward: He wants these students to get exercise      He thinks a PE segment devoted to mountain biking
                              and to have fun� He is also keen to expose them to the        would be a nice idea too�
                              unique natural beauty of Marin� With a broad smile,

More Bikes Needed for the San Quentin-MCBC-Safe Routes Partnership

You might be thinking, “Why would MCBC and Safe               Since its inception in 2008, this “win-win” partnership
Routes want to collaborate with a prison?”                  has developed working bike fleets that Safe Routes uses
  It actually was the prison’s idea, but all participants   for its elementary and middle school programs� It brings
have appreciated the program� San Quentin’s fire            great meaning to the inmates to know that their efforts
department allows select, minimum-security inmates          are being implemented in the community to help the
to operate a small bike-repair shop� They receive dona-     youth� The middle school fleet is actually stored at San
tions of unwanted bikes or bike parts in every imag-        Quentin, along with a supply of helmets� Safe Routes
inable condition� The inmates perform triage: Bikes         Instructor James Sievert received prison gate clearance
that are beyond repair are stripped and the metals are      to allow him to pick up and return the bikes�
recycled; they refurbish the others and donate them           Safe Routes/MCBC Instructor Frances Barbour also
to the community�                                           serves on the San Quentin Citizen’s Advisory Commit-
  San Quentin is not allowed to handle financial transac-   tee, and is the official community liaison for the project�
tions such as the proceeds from the metal they recycle         Safe Routes to Schools is hoping to grow the fleets and
from the junked bikes� Further, they only can collaborate   to offer bikes to Marin needy communities in early 2011�
with government-funded entities, such as Safe Routes to     Towards this effort, Barbour conducted a bike-donation
Schools and MCBC, who conduct education programs            drive as a Green Event for 350�org’s 10-10-10 global
for the Transportation Authority of Marin and Walk/         work party� On October 10, 2010, most of the Marin fire
Bike Marin� MCBC and Safe Routes receive the funds          departments received bikes for the program� Barbour
taken in by the San Quentin shop and use them to buy        also has posted a “Bikes Wanted” ad on Craigslist, and
necessary supplies for the shop, such as cables, hous-      is hoping to see MCBC and Safe Routes families donat-
ing, brake pads, cleaning materials and tools� They also    ing any future eligible bikes to San Quentin� Watch for
provide mechanical training� Matt Adams, Mike’s Bikes       future drives in 2011� Also, ANYONE is welcome to
co-founder and MCBC Board Member, has volunteered           drop off a bike ANYTIME at San Quentin’s West Gate�
the training and has given the materials at cost�           Please contact Frances Barbour (frances@marinbike�
                                                            org) for details�

  How to Donate Unwanted Bikes
  San Quentin State Prison is collecting unwanted           Please bring bikes to San Quentin’s West Gate,
  bikes for their fire station’s bike program, which        near Larkspur Landing on East Sir Francis Drake
  recycles and refurbishes the bikes and donates            Boulevard. Please approach the Gate Guard
  the useful ones to needy communities in Marin             with information that the bikes are intended
  and the Bay Area.                                         for the Fire Department Bike Program. Please
  Bikes with gears (on rear wheel only OK) that             provide contact information to Safe Routes
  have 20” or 24” wheels are especially useful.             ( if you desire a receipt
                                                            (terms and conditions apply).

Bicycling in the Rain: Are you prepared?
by Scott D� Warner, MCBC Member

                                                                                       rode away� And finally there’s my work colleague Mur-
                                                                                       ray, who happened to have cycled to work a few hours
                                                                                       before I saw him in the elevator� He commented, “with
                                                                                       the rain, you really have to ride defensively� That is the
                                                                                       most important thing�”
                                                                                         I’ve heard someone say that the worst part of cycling
                                                                                       in the rain is thinking about cycling in the rain! Cycling is
                                                                                       about being in nature, and rain is one of nature’s most
                                                                                       valuable gifts� No matter what drives you to strap on
                                                                                       your shoes, don your helmet, and straddle your thin-
                                                                                       wheeled machine if nature opens her faucet in the sky,
                                                                                       one principle should be the guiding consideration for
                                                                                       everyone: safety� Whether rain is only threatening or
                                                                                       whether you’re already pleading to the skies to stop
                                                                                       the downpour, being prepared to handle the conditions
                                                                                       makes the difference between comfort and misery� It
                                                                                       could turn your ride into something exhilarating, and
                                                                                       most importantly, it will keep you safe to ride again�
                                                                                       The following are a few items to be aware of for rainy
                                                                                       winter riding in the Bay Area�
                                                                                         Helmet – You’ve heard it before: “As you ride in rain
                                                                                       or shine, your helmet is your life line�” No other words
                                                                                       matter� Get over it, wear it! For the rain, a helmet that
                                                                                       is light and reflective is a safe bet� Just make sure the
                           Rain� A necessity; a nemesis� For cyclists, rain (and       helmet fits correctly and is rated to current safety stan-
Cycling is about being     all inclement weather for that matter) means differ-        dards� You might add a rain cover over the helmet or over
in nature, and rain is     ent things depending on your cycling focus� For the         your head� I have found that a rainproof head covering
one of nature’s most       bicycle commuter, rain can be a nuisance (“gotta put        makes for a much more comfortable and warm ride —it
valuable gifts.            those fenders on”) that provides just another adventure     keeps me from getting a totally soaked noggin�
                           on the way to work, perhaps making you wonder if               Clothing. Many articles have been written for cycling
                           the laptop in your pannier really is wrapped in enough      magazines, blogs and other e-spaces on the subject of
                           plastic� For the racer, slick roads may be an equalizer     cycling clothing for rainy conditions� Check out the many
                           and could have dramatic impact on race strategy� For        internet and bike store picks and reviews, and don’t be
                           the recreational rider, rain may be a perfect excuse to     shy about asking lots of questions before buying� It’s
                           stay indoors and drink hot cocoa while reading the last     important to try on your clothing before you purchase
                           20 days of Dilbert strips�                                  it� Keep in mind that you may be wearing thicker under-
                              Some love to cycle in the rain—this writer included�     garments or layers in the colder winter conditions, so
                           They’ll say, “It’s exhilarating to feel the rain on your    your outer gear needs to have room to accommodate
                           face and hear the hydro-whoosh beneath your tires,”         more fabric underneath� Bicycling Magazine has a fun
                           or, “It makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again riding     little website where you can plug in different weather
                           through puddles on my Schwinn Stingray�” For others,        conditions and get recommendations on clothing to
                           including my friend Susan, it’s a non-starter: “I just      consider� Check it out at http://www�bicycling�com/
                           won’t ride�” Marty, another riding buddy, says he finds
                                                                                          BIKERS BALL 2010
                           “peace” and “freedom” while riding a rain-slicked street�      The Marin THE Bicycle Coalition is heading back
                                                                                       GENERALLY,CountyFOLLOWING ITEMS ARE GOOD
                           “Something about the sound of the tires on the wet             to Servino in Tiburon on Saturday, November 13, to
                                                                                       FOR WET-WEATHER RIDING:
                           pavement,” Marty adds� Then there’s Linda, who says            celebrate another successful year of making Marin’s
                                                                                       »    Waterproof cycling of a lot more fun. Stay tuned
                                                                                          rides safer and a heckjacket – with reflective stripes.
                           it’s just about being prepared� She adds that during a
                                                                                            Light weight for light rain music you’ll rides; heavy
                                                                                          for details regarding whoseand everydaybe dancing
                           recent rain-soaked weekend in Petaluma, her husband
                                                                                            duty for heavy-duty commuters� the block, and
                                                                                          to, what fabulous auction items are on Pack the light-
                           and his friends simply slapped on their fenders and
                                                                                            weight jacket on might be in there’s
                                                                                          what special guests days when store. a threat of rain

Bicycling in the Rain continued
    or a chill in the air� Consider breathability� A breath-
    able jacket may make sense, or you may just need
    a strong, protective, waterproof outer layer� If that
    outer layer has good air flow in areas less prone to
    direct hits of rain or water (such as underarm mesh
    areas), it can provide good comfort�
»   Waterproof or quick-drying shorts, and/or water-
    proof cycling pants. Try them on, particularly the
    waterproof pants� They need to move with you—
    check that knee flexibility—and be long enough so
    they don’t ride up your leg while you ride� I used to
    ride the rain in just shorts, and I still mostly do� I find
    it makes for a quicker change to work clothes after
    a rainy commute� But on colder, rainier days, the
    waterproof pants can really make your ride comfort-
»   Waterproof shoe covers. These little dandies not
    only keep your feet dry and warm, they also protect
    your cycling shoes from the weather� They can be
    tricky to fit depending on your cycling shoes� Make
    sure you have your shoes with you when you try on
                                                                                                                              Photo by Dottie�
    a pair�
                                                                  on the road and your brake pads against your rims dur-
»   Gloves. I like the long-finger ones for riding in the
                                                                  ing braking — is substantially reduced� You must take
    rain, to keep my hands dry and fingers warm� Make
                                                                  greater caution and know that small mistakes can lead
    sure you have that extra pair with you in case of rain�
                                                                  to big problems if you ride too fast, ride over metal or    You must take greater
»   Goggles. Consider getting a pair of clear goggles or          smooth paint, hit big dips, or come to traffic stops with   caution and know that
    cycling glasses for reduced light conditions� Fogging         too much speed and too little braking ability� Remind       small mistakes can lead
    up may be more likely if you are pedaling hard, heat-         yourself of those YouTube videos of vehicles sliding into   to big problems if you ride
    ing up, and the air is cool� Some drops of defogger or        intersections during a snowstorm—and try to avoid           too fast, ride over metal or
    a little soap on the inside can help (just as for diving      being the next YouTube accident sensation! Rain doesn’t
                                                                                                                              smooth paint, hit big dips,
    goggles)� Some goggles or glasses have vents that             mean you can’t ride fast in safe spots, but it does mean
                                                                                                                              or come to traffic stops
    cut down on fogging�                                          that you must be greatly aware of the road surface, the
                                                                                                                              with too much speed and
»   Covers for your panniers, rucksacks, backpacks                distance to the next stop, downhill grades, curves, and
                                                                  other elements where wet conditions increase hazards�
                                                                                                                              too little braking ability.
    and other carrying gear. It’s not much fun to change
    from wet clothes to wet clothes after your ride to            Hydroplaning is a real phenomenon and has the same
    work or school� There’s also something not fun about          impact on bicycle tires as on automobile tires� You are
    finding your laptop computer full of water� You can           cycling on a layer of water, not on the pavement�
    purchase outer protective covers, or you can fabri-
    cate a make-shift cover from plastic garbage bags in          The Bike
    an emergency� Several companies make all-weather              Some bikes undergo a complete transformation during
    panniers and backpacks designed to keep the rain              the preparation for rain� Remember those giant fan-tails
    out� As a bike commuter, you may want to keep a               of water when we used to ride our Stingrays through
    set of dry clothes at work� If the rain begins while          puddles? Well, they’re not such a great thing if you’re
    you’re at work and you don’t have a good way to               commuting to work� Fenders, mudguards or “mudders”
    keep your laptop dry during your commute home,                as I’ve heard them called, dramatically increase the
    either don’t take it home or wrap it securely in plastic      comfort of wet-weather riding by keeping those sprays
    so it cannot get wet�                                         of water off your back� If fenders don’t work for you,
                                                                  other alternatives including racks (solid or covered)
Physics Happens                                                   can block the spray�
Water is both the universal solvent and the universal               As noted above, water will drastically reduce the fric-
lubricant� Dirt rises to the surface, oil “floats” on the         tion that your tires have for the road and your brakes
water, and friction—the key force that keeps your tires           have for your rims� Slightly under-inflated tires give

Photo: Francis Bourgouin

                              Bicycling in the Rain continued                               or their wipers are working poorly� Give yourself plenty
                                                                                            of space, go slowly around corners, and pay particular
You want to be highly         you a slightly flatter tire surface and thus grab more of     attention in areas of traffic, street parking, residential
visible, particularly in      the road; clean rims will allow your pads to work better      areas with driveways, and blind corners or curves� Hear-
                              under wet conditions than rims full of road grime and         ing is also compromised because of the “hydro-swoosh”
darker, rainy, cloudy
                              oil� A key is to anticipate your braking and stopping         that we like so much—it muffles other sounds such as
conditions. If your
                              well ahead of your destination� Stop pedaling early and       traffic, bike bells, and shouts of “watch out!”
commute happens in
                              coast with the occasional light brake pressure rather
early morning and late                                                                      Lighting
                              than trying to stop on a dime (an effort that may not
afternoon or evening,                                                                       Even for daytime riding in rain, good lighting on your
                              be successful in wet conditions)�
good enhanced lighting                                                                      bike and your person is highly recommended� You want
(front and rear) is a must.   The Road                                                      to be highly visible, particularly in darker, rainy, cloudy
                              We’ve already mentioned the new creation that rain            conditions� If your commute happens in early morning
                              and water make of a dry road surface� But a wet road          and late afternoon or evening, good enhanced lighting
                              undertakes other transformations too� One, water is a         (front and rear) is a must� There are many options from
                              terrific cloaking device� Potholes, cracks, rough surfaces,   low cost to highly elaborate (and expensive)� Check out
                              all seem to fade from sight under wet conditions� And         the many reviews� Good reflective materials, both on
                              then, when the bright sun breaks through the clouds to        your bike and on your clothing, are also very important�
                              shine on that wet, black surface, the lyric “blinded by       Tires with reflective strips will make your bike especially
                              the light” comes to mind� The key is be aware, stay in        visible when headlights shine on it� Lighting or reflection
                              control� No hands-free riding!                                on your helmet is also effective – consider that the level
                                                                                            of your head is not far from the level of the driver’s eyes
                              Vision and Hearing                                            coming up from behind you�
                               If your eyes are being pelted by rain, or you are watching
                              dancing droplets on your goggles, your vision is stressed     Speed and Braking, Turns and Grades
                              and reduced� Light rain is a nuisance; heavy rain reduces     Again, safe cycling in the rain requires awareness of
                              visibility substantially� Keep in mind that others on the     how your body and machine are affected by physics�
                              road, including car and truck drivers, pedestrians, and       Greater caution and awareness, slower speeds, coasting
                              other cyclists, also are working with impaired conditions�    and early braking ahead of turns and stops, and extreme
                              Rain reduces drivers’ vision substantially, and their view    caution and slower speeds on downhill grades will give
                              can be severely impaired if their windows are fogged          your brain a workout during your rainy weather ride� But

                                                             Photo by Chuck Rogers,
                                                             Amgen Tour of California�

Bicycling in the Rain continued
it’s that power of your gray matter that will keep you
safe and comfortable for that next ride� I am not saying
that fear should rule your ride—a calm ride is a happy
ride—but you should be more “up” in your awareness
of conditions and surroundings�                              Donning proper gear,
                                                             staying aware, keeping
Bike Care
                                                             safe, and riding with
Clean before, dry off after� Two simple steps will keep
                                                             respect for others on
your bike happy and your investment well cared for�
                                                             the road or trail are
A few minutes to towel off your machine can keep it
                                                             primary responsibilities
in good shape, removing dirt and keeping water from
lingering in crevices where it could lead to damage� Lube    for all cyclists.
the chain after lots of rain riding—that will keep it well
set for your next rides� Check key components, such
as brakes, frequently to make sure they are functioning
well; adjust them or get repairs as needed�

In Conclusion
In many respects, cycling in the rain is no different from
warm-and-dry-weather cycling� Donning proper gear,
staying aware, keeping safe, and riding with respect for
others on the road or trail are primary responsibilities
for all cyclists� But when it’s wet out, when you get
home after your rainy and safe ride, you’ll have an extra
reward� Whether you partake of that mug of chicken
noodle soup with a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, a
triple non-fat latte, a cup of cinnamon or peppermint tea,
or if you just plop on the couch to watch the 4th quarter
of a ‘Niners game with a pint in hand – you’ll likely be
feeling much better than if you had not ridden at all!



            Photo by Wayne Shen�

  Fundraising minimum
  of $125 includes:                Sunday, February 6, 2011, 10:00 a.m.
  »   Pre-ride hot drinks,         The Marin County Bicycle Coalition and the NorCal High School Cycling League are pleased
      snacks, and a BBQ            to present the 2nd Annual Dirt Roll, a benefit ride to ensure that kids have safe roads and
                                   great trails� Proceeds from the Dirt Roll will go towards the ongoing advocacy work being
                                   conducted by both organizations�
  »   Raffle with great prizes
                                     The Dirt Roll will offer both recreational and competitive cyclists the opportunity to par-
  »   Grand prize for the          ticipate in a fun and well organized event� The Dirt Roll will start at the San Geronimo Golf
      rider who raises the         Course in Fairfax, California on the morning of the Super Bowl� You can join the supported
                                   mountain bike, or road bike, ride through the famous Camp Tamarancho or the bucolic
      most money
                                   backroads of Marin County� After the ride, head back to the San Geronimo Golf Course for
  »   Saddle time with             a BBQ, with local beverages, new friends and the big game!
      special celebrity guest
                                     Adult participants will be required to raise a minimum of $125 to join the fundraising
      Todd Wells                   event, youth participants will be required to raise a minimum of $75� The sky’s the limit, so
                                   reach out to all your passionate cycling friends and family! Your contribution will include
  Register today @
                                   food and drink, a sweet Dirt Roll t-shirt, a chance to win prizes and a few other surprises�
                                   Of course, you are also supporting two great Bay Area cycling organizations!

REVIEW: Brooks B-17 saddle, Part II by Tom Boss
Comfort discovered: the magic of Mink Oil
This is part two of a series documenting a 12-month
experiment to see if Brooks Saddles become comfort-
able over time�
  After I’d spent many hours on a brand new Brooks B-17
saddle over the first three-month period, it appeared
that the break-in process was going to take a while� The
saddle had started to become a bit more comfortable,
but it was still pretty stiff�
   Just days after publishing my first article, I received
an email from a seasoned Brooks user� He suggested
that I douse the saddle with a thick coat of Mink Oil� I
had heard about this break-in solution, but avoided it
because Brooks strongly discourages the use of any
product other than Brooks Proofide leather dressing�
They warn that using oil on the saddle will destroy the
integrity of the leather� My advisor made it clear that
                                                               off my bike for the winter� This led to an interesting
it was a one-time deal� He said use it once and your
saddle becomes plush� Use it twice and your saddle
becomes mush�                                                    I put my previous saddle, a WTB Rocket V, back on
                                                               my bike� The Rocket V fits me well and has lots of pad-       TO BE CONTINUED…
   I found a bottle of Mink Oil and used a piece of foam
                                                               ding to make it comfortable� It even comes in a retro
to wipe a thick coat on the top side of the brown leather                                                                    Watch the MCBC
                                                               brown color, which simulates the look of the Brooks� It
saddle� I left the oil on the saddle overnight, as advised                                                                   Facebook page for
                                                               only took two rides for me to discover that the Brooks
by the Brooks connoisseur� The next day I went into the                                                                      updates on my Brooks
                                                               had been much more comfortable that I had realized�
garage to wipe off the excess and discovered that it had                                                                     B-17 experience, and
                                                               While the Rocket V was comfortable at the beginning of
all soaked into the leather� Mission accomplished! It
                                                               my rides, it left my butt feeling sore after an hour or so,   look for my next report
was clear right away that the oil had done the job� The
                                                               something I had not been experiencing with the Brooks�        in the spring issue of
leather had become softer, but still held its shape� Now
                                                               So now it’s clear to me that the Brooks is comfortable        the Pedal Press.
it was time to put in some good miles on the saddle to
                                                               after all� The Brooks is back on my bike and will remain
help it form to my butt�
                                                               there throughout the winter� In the next issue of Pedal
  After just a few rides the winter rains came and I           Press: Find out if the saddle survives the winter (and
had to figure out how to protect the saddle from water,        the Mink Oil)�
which can damage its finish� Brooks makes a rain cover
for their saddle� I couldn’t find one at a local bike shop,
so I headed into San Francisco� First stop was Box Dog
Bikes in the Mission� There I learned that Rivendell
also made a saddle cover and that it was a little more
durable� Unfortunately Box Dog was out of both� Next
stop was Mission Bicycle on Valencia� Very cool store
with Brooks saddles for sale, but no rain covers� The hip-
ster behind the counter didn’t even know they existed�
Last stop was Pedal Revolution over on 21st Street� They
had both the Brooks and Rivendall covers, and I went
with the Rivendell� I’ve since discovered that Randi Jo
Fabrications [http://www�randijofab�com/] also makes
a rain cover, which covers the bottom of the saddle as
well as the top�
  I started riding in the rain with a rear fender to protect
the underside of the saddle, and the rain cover pro-
tecting the topside� Conditions started to get muddy,
though, and I decided it might be wise to take the saddle

REVIEW: Travels with Travoy By Cheryl Longinotti
                A cargo trailer that delivers!
                                                                               nance issues. But I soon discovered their value. The
                                                                               trailer tracked and handled the uneven pavement of the
                                                                               city streets quite well as I rode to the Ferry Building for
                                                                                my return to Marin. I rolled onto the ferry, unhitched
                                                                                      the trailer and folded it down so I could keep it
                                                                                           by my side during the Bay crossing.
                                                                                                  A week later I packed a few things
                                                                                                into the Travoy to spend an overnight
                                                                                                  in San Jose. The Travoy is designed for
                                                                                                   a maximum 60-pound load, so I had
                                                                                                    a lot of capacity if I wished to load
                                                                                                    myself down. As I packed my laptop
                                                                                                    I suddenly felt grateful that the tires
                                                                                                    would cushion its ride. The first leg
                                                                                                   of my journey was by Golden Gate
                                                                                                  Transit bus. I loaded my bike onto the
                                                                                                 bus rack, removed the carrying bag and
                                                                                                folded down the Travoy. The bus driver
                                                                                               reminded me that my baggage had to be
                                                                                              smaller than an airplane carry-on bag. No
                                                                                            problem! I pressed the quick-release but-
                                                                                          tons over the trailer’s axle and removed its
                For me, cycling is another word for freedom, and the           wheels. Getting the bike and trailer onto CalTrain was
                more trips I take by bike, the more free I feel. So, months    just as easy, and riding over grades in San Jose gave me
                ago, I started shopping for a cargo bike, a bike that          confidence in handling the Travoy on downhills.
                would allow me to transport ’most anything anywhere. I
                                                                                 On my trip home, I got caught in the first fierce rain
                found many fine choices, but I couldn’t figure out where
                                                                               of the season. A dedicated rainfly for the Travoy runs
                I’d store another bike. Then word reached me through
                                                                               $39 so I had foregone that accessory. I placed the Tote
                the blogosphere that Burley’s Travoy Trailer had won a
                                                                               bag into a large garbage bag, made some small holes in
                2010 Eurobike Gold Award for design. After a look at
                                                                               the plastic and attached the bags to the trailer. With a
                a few videos on YouTube, I was smitten. My local bike
                                                                               second bag lining the inside, all of my baggage includ-
                shop could get it in later in the week, but I could go to
                                                                               ing my laptop stayed snug and dry – much drier than
                its San Francisco location and pick it up right away. So
                                                                               I myself ended up.
                I headed to the city to make my purchase.
                                                                                  The Travoy was proving its worth so I ordered a second
                   Why was the Travoy Trailer such a clear choice for
                                                                               hitch for another bike. That bike, a folder, has less real
                me? By folding into a mere 21 x 18 x 8 inches, it easily
                                                                               estate on the seat post for the hitch; also, I wanted to
                fits into a hall closet. It’s sturdy and lightweight and can
                                                                               have the rear rack available for a trunk pack. This made
                double as a hand truck. The hitching mechanism on the
                                                                               installation a bit trickier, but in the end all I needed to
                seat post lets me take the trailer off the bike quickly. I
                                                                               do was remove a blinky and set the trailer hitch high
                can go to the library, cafe or wherever else and bring
                                                                               enough to clear the rear rack. Sources tell me that Burley
                the trailer and its valuable cargo inside at each stop. At
                                                                               is developing an alternate hitch that does not interfere
                the grocery store, it serves as my shopping cart. The
                                                                               with a rear rack or child carrier.
                Travoy comes with a single Tote bag (almost 2100 cubic
                inches by my measurement) and two straps for hold-               Overall, could I manage with panniers instead? On
                ing cargo in place. The trailer has space for a second         many days, yes, but with panniers I couldn’t transport a
                bag; Burley offers two styles as accessories: Market,          26-pound package in an ungainly box. I’ve accomplished
                which has expandable sides, and Transit, which has a           that errand quite nicely with the Travoy. The Travoy is
                computer sleeve.                                               a bit pricey at $289 MSRP but, as they say, freedom
                  At the bike store I was a bit chagrined to realize that      has its costs.
                the 12-inch trailer wheels have pneumatic tires. I sup-          The only benefit the author will receive from this
                posed that those would save weight but add mainte-             review is to see more cyclists on the road.

REVIEW: DZR SPD Shoes By Tom Boss
Click-in with these stylish urban bicycle sneakers
Biketoberfest continues to grow each year. In the early     This makes them comfortable
days it had only about 10 to 12 exhibitors. In 2010 there   to walk in, and there’s still
were more than 100, including DZR urban cycling shoes.      enough stiffness for around-
  DZR is based in the Bay Area and is focused on the        town riding, though I wouldn’t
growing niche market of urban bicyclists. I almost pur-     choose them for a Cyclocross
chased a pair at Biketoberfest, but got sidetracked and     race. The cleats are recessed
didn’t make it back to their booth. Lucky for me, DZR       pretty well, but you still hear the
sent MCBC a pair of Strasse shoes, the very pair I’d been   cleat clack as you walk, espe-
looking at. The DZR website calls the Strasse “a mix of     cially on hard surfaces such as
full grain leather and a classic herringbone fabric, that   tile. It’s nowhere near as bad as
hearkens to an early time of pocket watches and Fedo-       regular cycling shoes, nor have
ras.” I’m not sure about the pocket watch and fedora, but   I noticed any markings on the
they are great-looking shoes and they fit my feet well.     floor made by the cleats. I do
                                                            find it a little harder to lock into
  What makes these shoes so useful to cyclists is that
                                                            my cleats with these shoes, but
fact that they are SPD compatible, which means you
                                                            it’s something you get used to.
can mount cleats to the bottom of the shoes and snap
them into your clipless pedals. As soon as the shoes          The DZR shoes are so comfortable and stylish that
arrived I mounted cleats to the soles and started to ride   you might want to buy them as regular sneakers. But
in them and wear them off the bike as well.                 you always have the option to attach your cleats and
                                                            ride in shoes that you can keep wearing when you get
  The shoes have stiffer soles than regular sneakers, but
                                                            to your destination.
they are not as stiff as a road- or mountain-bike shoe.

Win a Chris King 1-1/8" NoThreadSet Headset!
Answer these three questions correctly and enter a drawing for a Chris King 1-1/8" NoThreadSet Headset. Valued at
$129, the NoThreadSet™ features aluminum cups, bearing cap, and stemcap built around the company’s renowned
stainless steel sealed bearings.

1. Where did the Lincoln Avenue Pathway’s
   primary funding come from?                                                                                        CALENDAR OF
2. Which ex-senator has probably done more than                                                                      EVENTS
   any other to advance bicycle use in the US?
3. Where can you drop off your unwanted bike to
   support a great cause?




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City                                                        or email your answers to The
                                                            drawing will be held on April 6. Thanks to Chris King
State     Zip                                               for contributing our Pedal Press contest prize.

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