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Christian Wolf
PhD (Education), RMIT University, Australia
BCompSc(Hons) Digital Media, University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany

Interests and Career Objectives
I recently completed my PhD by Project at RMIT University. The two objectives of my project were
(1) to research how e-learning can be designed to accommodate individual learning preferences
and (2) to investigate the impact of media choice on learners.
I have a strong background in instructional design, course management and learning technologies
and I worked as a face-to-face facilitator at RMIT University. I am excited about creating learning
solutions that motivate and engage the learner. Through my PhD project and my work as an
instructional designer, I have extensive experience in needs analysis, the evaluation and design of
course materials, user-interface and multimedia design. In addition, I have a keen interest in
innovative web technologies and mobile computing platforms. Consequently, I am eager to apply
my expertise in a senior consulting or management role in that embraces my fields of expertise.

Work Experience
 2006/      Contract Work in Education and Learning Technologies
            • Sessional teacher at RMIT University (Competency Unit: Use Business Technology)
              and RMIT TAFE (Advanced Diploma of Multimedia)
            • Reviewer and editor for the International Journal of Learning Technology (IJLT)
            • Customer relationship management, database and survey design (Socom Pty Ltd)

 09/2004-   Instructional Designer (Contract), Online Learning Australia, Melbourne
 and        • Design and quality control of e-learning content and assessment materials in the
 09/2007-     fields healthcare, occupational health & safety, banking, and IT infrastructure
 10/2007    • Integration and design of “meaningful learning interactions” for learning materials
            • Adherence to strict quality standards, language and style guidelines

 1998-      E-learning Course Coordinator and Tele-Tutor (Contract), Institute of Distance
 2004       Education, University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany
            • Coordinator of the courses “Programming in Java” and “Java Advanced”
            • Learning consultant for instructional designers and coordinator for tele-tutors
            • Development and continuing advancement of course and assessment materials
            • Initial two years: supervision and direct tele-tutoring of students

 07/2005-   Tutor for “Web Programming and Digital Media” and “New Ways with ICT”,
 12/2005    RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
 02/2001-   • Facilitated topics included image processing and network programming with Java,
 07/2001      basic computer skills and Internet use, Microsoft Office skills and web design

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1998-         Self-Employed Multimedia Designer, Freiburg, Germany
              • Completed multi-faceted projects as a multimedia designer and web developer

09/1999-      Java Developer, SYSTOR AG, Basel, Switzerland
              • Java programming for mobile computing devices
              • Development of the prototype MicroFunds, a mobile fund trading application

02/1998-      Two Internships, SAP AG, Dep. “Communications Media”, Walldorf, Germany
and           • Project management of the online presence of the SAPPHIRE’98, Madrid, Spain
09/1996-      • Multimedia production and implementation of database-driven web pages
02/1997       • Conception, design and implementation of the SAP online job application form and
                the European SAP online shop
              • Linkage of several web applications with the R/3 System
              • Extensive experience in web design, streaming media and user interface design
              • Non-linear video editing and storyboarding

10/1993-      Alternative National Service in Lieu of Military Service, Hospital of Radiology,
12/1994       Heidelberg, Germany
              • Development and maintenance of graphical and analytical software for biophysical
                calculation of radiation

Skills and Attributes
Attributes     • Strong instructional design skills
               • Extensive expertise in web technologies and user-interface design/evaluation
               • Strong writing and editing skills
               • Dynamic, enthusiastic and creative in approaching new tasks
               • Effective and engaging communication and presentation skills
               • Excellent research and project management skills
               • Able to think critically and problem-solve complex topics
               • Able to rapidly adapt to and apply new technologies
               • Exceptionally structured, systematic and meticulous
               • Excellent interpersonal skills and diplomatic in resolving conflicts

Linguistic     • German: native language
Proficiency    • English: fluent in speech and writing
               • French: conversational

Computer       • Standard-Software: PhotoShop, Flash, Premiere, MS Office (including MS
Skills           Access), MS Project, etc.
               • Internet: Java, Java-Script, JSP, ASP, Visual Basic Script, Dynamic HTML, CSS,
                 Internet Transaction Server (SAP), Streaming Media
               • Programming: Java, C++, Visual Basic, ActionScript, MySQL
               • Operating Systems: Windows, Macintosh, PalmOS, Unix/Linux

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 01/2002-      PhD by Project in Education, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
               • Gained extensive experience in instructional design, adaptive user interface design,
                 multimedia learning, quantitative and qualitative data collection, statistical analysis
                 and interpretation of results
               • The project consisted of the construction and evaluation of an adaptive e-learning
                 environment that offered students a choice between multiple media experiences as
                 they progressed through a computer programming course. Findings revealed that
                 having a choice increased learning gain and motivation for less experienced
                 students but it was detrimental for more experienced students. In conclusion it is
                 beneficial to view learning styles as a flexible construct and when planning e-
                 learning environments, students’ prior experience and interest should be

 07/2000-      Master of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media), RMIT University, Melbourne,
 12/2001       Australia
               • Degree was upgraded to PhD level in 2002

 10/1995-      Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Media), University of Applied Sciences,
 02/2000       Furtwangen, Germany
               • Graduated with honours: 1.3 (94 %)
               • Completed research projects on object-oriented programming for mobile devices
                 and three-dimensional graphical user interface design
               • Class representative and member of the students’ council

 08/1998-      Exchange Semester, San Francisco State University, USA
               • Graduated with an average of grade ‘A’ (100%)
               • Developed an online alumni database for the university’s Broadcast & Electronic
                 Communication Arts Department
               • Personally congratulated by the dean and invited to do my Masters

 1984-         Secondary Education, Eppelheim, Germany
               • Graduated with honours: 1.4 (92%) Abitur: university entrance qualification

I received a full scholarship from the German government ( to do my Masters
in Australia. After the upgrade of my project to a PhD, I was awarded a research grant from the
Telematics Course Development Fund Trust ( to complete my work.

Wolf, C. (2007). Construction of an adaptive e-learning environment to address learning styles and an investigation of the
effect of media choice. Doctoral dissertation, RMIT University, Melbourne.
Wolf, C. (2003). iWeaver: Towards ‘learning style’-based e-learning in computer science education. In Proc. Fifth
Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2003), Adelaide, Australia. Conferences in Research and Practice in
Information Technology, 20. Greening, T. and Lister, R., Eds., ACS, 273-279.
Wolf, C. (2002). iWeaver: Towards an interactive web-based adaptive learning environment to address individual learning
styles. In Proc. Interactive Computer Aided Learning Workshop (ICL2002), Villach, Austria.
Wolf, C. (2000). Programming and GUI-design of an XML-based client for the Java K virtual machine of a Palm™
connected organizer. Graduate thesis, University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany.

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Special Interests
 Sports      I am an active outdoors person and enjoy snowboarding, mountain-biking,
             rollerblading, rock-climbing, and kayaking. I have been a committee member of the
             RMIT Outdoors Club for five years and organised many club activities and social
             events. Furthermore, I like playing frisbee, soccer, table-tennis, and volleyball.

 Travel      Whilst living and studying in Europe, I visited almost every European country. In
             1995 I backpacked through Australia for three months. During my semester break
             in 1998 I travelled for further three months through South America and New
             Zealand, followed by a second visit to Australia. Today, I live in Melbourne as a
             permanent resident.

 Scouts      I have been a member of the German Scout Association (DPSG) since 1984. From
             1992 to 1999 I was a troop leader with wood badge education and organised
             numerous large camps and projects. I participated in the World Scout Jamborees in
             the Netherlands (1995), Chile (1998/99), and Thailand (2002/03).

Contacts and Referees
Regarding my work as an instructional designer at Online Learning Australia, please contact:
Thys Herman – Senior Instructional Designer
Collins Hill House – Level 2, 412 Collins St. – Melbourne, VIC 3000 – Australia
phone +61 (0)3 8631 3608 or mobile (0)439 639 572

The best person to ask to about my PhD is my senior supervisor:
Dr. Anthony Owens – Performance Facilitation & Research
LaTrobe University – Bundoora Campus, Education 1, VIC 3086 – Australia
phone +61 (0)3 9479 2486 or mobile (0)418 354 627

If you would like to know more about my work at the Institute of Distance Education in
Furtwangen, Germany, please contact:
Dr. Thomas Jechle – Director of Studies
Fachhochschule Furtwangen – Gerwigstr. 11 – 78120 Furtwangen – Germany
phone +49 (0)7723 920 2670

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