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					                                VISION CARE BENEFITS

Vision Care is included as part of your Wyse Advertising benefit package. This coverage is
provided at no charge to those employees and their family members currently enrolled in one
of our Medical plans.

Spectera’s vision care plan offers both In-Network and Out-of-Network benefit levels.

When using a network provider, enrolled participants and covered dependents are eligible for
the following:

        Examination:       $10 co-pay, then 100% paid once every 24 months.
                           A network optometrist or ophthalmologist will provide a
                           comprehensive vision exam.

             Materials:    $25 co-pay, then 100% paid up to $130 once every 24 months for
                           lenses and frames. The co-pay applies to the entire purchase, not
                           the lens and frame individually.

             OR but not both

                           $25 co-pay, then 100% paid up to $105 once every 24 months for
                           contact lenses.

Refractive Eye Surgery: Spectera participants receive access to discounted refractive eye
                        surgery benefits from several provider locations.

If you choose a non-network provider, Spectera will reimburse you for covered expenses
based on a predetermined schedule. Call 1-800-638-3120 for more information concerning
your out-of-network allowances.

Provider Locator: Spectera has over 10,000 providers nationwide. With Spectera you are
able to choose from participating optometrists, ophthalmologists, and retail chain providers.
To locate a provider near you, call the Provider Locator Service at 1.800.839.3242 or visit
Spectera’s web site and provider locator at

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