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Huong Hai Junk Cruise Facts

The Huong Hai junk could bring to you a wonderful night in Halong bay with luxury and
antique accommodations with perfect services proved by the crew. Spending time on the
junk, you’ll not only savor a unique feeling in a world of wonder but also enjoy various
of such interesting activities as: watching Vietnamese folk music performance, going
fishing on the bay at night, kayaking, learning Vietnamese cuisine.
This cruise boat is operated by Huong Hai Junk Company in cooperation with First
Choice Travel.

At the moment, there are 2 junk types: Deluxe Huong Hai & Standard Class Huong Hai

Sales contact

Company: First Choice
Mobile: (+84) 982278908


1. Standard Junk: small cabin without AC

Style: old Europe model, in operation since 2001
Size: 33.5 m * 6.3 m
Number of bed rooms: 07
Cabin size: 6m2
Cabin equipment: 2 single beds, 2 fans, private bath-room with hot water, shower
Install: Mobile phone, VHF system

2. Deluxe Junk: bigger, newer cabin with AC

Style: traditional Chinese-styled model/ Traditional Vietnam Court model, in operation
since 2003
Size: 25.5m * 6.7 m
Number of bed rooms: from 5 to 7 cabins up to the boat name. Totally, there are 7 Deluxe
boats: Huong Hai 01, Huong Hai 16, Huong Hai 17, Huong Hai 25- 27- 34, Huong Hai

Dining room: 60 m2
                                                          First Choice Co., Ltd
                                                            Cruises & Boat Services

Play ground: 20 m2
Install: mobile phone, VHF system
Electric generator: 27 KVA
Cabin equipment: 2 single beds, 2 fans, air-conditioner, private bath room with shower,
hot water
Cabin size: from 7m2 to 8.8 m2
Sundeck: available at Huong Hai 16

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