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									Vol. 38, No. 32                                  Friday, August 14, 2009

                   6 AMW UCI results - page 10
An equation for success: Aptitude plus attitude equals altitude
by Col. John Lipinski                                                on-the-job training to help Airmen develop
615th Contingency Response Wing                                      their professional skills, we must also be pre-
                                                                     pared to behave as attitude role models. At-
   TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. —                                   titude is something that only the individual
Aptitude and attitude are both essential attri-                      controls, and a positive attitude is the charac-
butes for success. Aptitude and attitude will                        teristic of an effective leader, despite the chal-
ultimately determine your altitude.                                  lenge or situation. It is a learnable skill just
   It’s a notion I see proven again and again                        like any technical proficiency.
by the members in my organizations and at                               Aviators refer to an attitude indicator to
duty stations throughout our Air Force. A                            determine the position of the aircraft in rela-
proper focus coupled with an ever-expanding                          tion to the horizon. The attitude determines
knowledge of a specific career field is what                         whether the aircraft is vectored to climb or
gives our Airmen the edge in maintaining the                         descend. With proper internal guidance, can
most professional military force in the world                        you effectively motivate yourself to focus your
today.                                                               talents and skills and propel yourself forward
   Aptitude is critical to safely perform tasks                      toward your goals. The flight path vector does
that lead to mission success. Initial training,                      not aim toward excuses but fixes steadily on
learning new skills, and maintaining profi-                          the projected destination.
ciency in your duties is in line with the Air                           We all serve with Airmen who demonstrate
Force “back to basics” approach, but without                         synchronized and balanced aptitude and at-
the right mindset, you cannot effectively em-                        titude. They are the “can-do”, “go-to” people in
ploy your talents. Your attitude can energize                        our organizations. Excellence in all we do is a
or demoralize the people around you. Atti-                           foundation of our core values. In line with this
tudes are extremely contagious. Ask yourself                         value, we consistently train to expand on the
if your attitude is worth catching.                                  skill-sets necessary to perform our missions.
   Just as critical as ensuring the force is                         Why not work on developing our attitudes, as
properly trained and equipped, it is important                       well? Continue to learn and approach each
for leaders to help those around them culti-                         situation with a positive attitude, and you will
vate a positive attitude. Just as we provide                                                                                                                   Col. John Lipinski
                                                                     soon find yourself in an unrestricted climb!

                                                                                                     ACTION LINE

                                The Action Line provides a two-way communication between the 6th Air Mobility Wing
                              commander and the MacDill community. A 24-hour recording service is provided so person-
                              nel may submit questions, concerns or comments. Call the Action Line at 828-INFO (4636)

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                      Publisher: Denise Palmer
                                                                      by the Department of Defense, the Department of the Air             call the MacDill Thunderbolt staff at 828-4586. Email: thunder-
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  government, the Department of Defense, the Department of            may be obtained by calling 259-7455.                                and Libel Manual” and Air Force Instruction 35-101.
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FEATURES: page 4

WWII flyer honored

NEWS: page 5

Fax in your prescriptions

BRIEFS: page 6

News to know

NEWS: page 8

MDG enforcing DoD rules
                                                                                                          Photo by Senior Airman Angela Ruizt

                              New AMXS commander
NEWS/FEATURES: page 10        In a time-honored military tradition signifying assumption of command, 6th Maintenance
                              Group Commander Col. James Howe (left) passes the 6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Wing celebrates UCI rating    guidon, or unit flag, to Lt. Col. Jason Edelblute. Colonel Edelblute assumed command of 6
                              AMXS Tuesday, in Hangar 1. Colonel Edelblute served as the 6th Maintenance Operations
                              Squadron commander from July 2007 to June 2009.

Smoke detectors save lives
                             Combat Dining-In rules: sit, eat, declare war
                             Part II of 2
                             by Senior Airman Tania Reid                             3. Thou shall make every effort to meet all
COMMUNITY: page 20           6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs                 guests.
                                                                                     4. Participants will enjoy themselves to the
Events, movies, more            The 6th Air Mobility Wing will be hosting an      fullest extent allowed within military law.
                             Enlisted Combat Dining-In Aug. 21 in Hangar             5. Thou shall be in the appropriate combat at-
                             1 beginning at 6 p.m. All enlisted ranks are in-     tire at all times (ABU, BDU or flight suit. Uni-
                             vited to come out, sit, eat, drink and have a good   forms must be in compliance with AFI 36-2903).
                             time while preparing for battle. Before enter-       Camo paint and bandanas are authorized.
                             ing the battlefield at the ECDI and to prevent          6. Thou shall not take his/her place at the
                             a trip to the Grog Bowl, attendants are advised      table until the President so directs.
                             to pay special attention to the rules of the mess       7. Thou shall participate in all toasts unless
                             and the rules of the Grog Bowl.                      thyself or thy group is honored with a toast.
                                                                                     8. Thou shall ensure that thy cup is always
                             Combat Dining-In Rules of Engagement                 charged when toasting.
                                 1. Thou shall not question the decisions of         9. Thou shall not talk while a toast is being
                             the President (THE PRESIDENT is always               made or when the President or Distinguished
                             right).                                              Guest is addressing the mess.
                                2. Thou shall be present at the social hour          10. Thou shall sit down to eat when the en-
                             before the President’s arrival.                                               See DINING-IN, Page 11
Former Army flyer was part of important WWII history
A pilot on Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s flying staff, was on scene of Japan’s surrender
by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt editor

   With trademark corn-cob straight pipe
clamped in his teeth, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s
profile remains one of the enduring images of
WWII history, and one Capt. JR “Bob” Normile
remembers distinctly as a part of his personal
   Mr. Normile, who will turn 91 Monday, served
with Gen. MacArthur, as an Army Air Corps pi-
lot and member of the general’s flying staff.
   “Those were some times,” said Mr. Normile,
who was at MacDill Saturday to see his son, Mi-
chael promoted to Navy captain at a ceremony
held at the Bayshore Club. Also honored for his
service at the end of the ceremony, Mr. Normile
joked to the crowd that he asked his son if he
thought dad would have been able to achieve the
equivalent rank of Navy captain (colonel) had he
decided to remain in the service after the war.
   “He said I would if I had lived,” Mr. Normile
   He was referring to his five aircraft engine
                                                     (Right) JR “Bob” Normile pins
failures, including one crash landing that easily
                                                     on captain for his son Michael
could have killed him.
   “I flew a lot of different planes,” Mr. Normile   at a ceremony held Saturday at
said in an interview after the ceremony, “but I      the Bayshore Club. The senior
made a mistake when I was in a borrowed mos-         Normile also was honored at the
quito spraying type plane (single-engine L-5)        event, for his service as a cap-
and I let a guy who had just gotten out of a men-    tain in the Army Air Corps dur-
tal institution get in the back seat.”               ing WWII. (Above) A collection of
   They survived the crash on a small island off     Captain Normile’s clippings and
New Guinea, where as luck would have it his old      mementos from WWII chronicles
division, the IL NG33rd was fighting the Japa-       his role as a flyer and member of
nese. Captain Normile’s good fortune helped him      Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s staff.
survive the other flying incidents, which made it
possible to go on and play a role in history, when
he flew General MacArthur from the Philippines                                                                                             Photos by Nick Stubbs
to attend the surrender of Japan. After landing
in Japan, Captain Normile then drove the staff       he recalled. His prayers were answered.             times,” said Mr. Normile. “But even his top of-
car carrying General Krueger, 6th Army com-             Captain Normile ended up flying everything       ficers didn’t get to see him much; that’s just the
mander, and General Jonathan Wainwright, a           from PT-22 Ryan trainers to the C-46, C-47, C-      way he was.”
senior field commander under General MacAr-          54, B-17, B-24s and B-25s. He logged 1244 hours        Despite being at a nerve center of the war in
thur, to the surrender signing.                      of flight time, 79 of those on combat missions in   the Pacific, Mr. Normile said a lot of his time in
   “I’m glad I was part of something so memo-        the Asiatic-Pacific theatre.                        the military was “pretty boring,” which he said
rable,” said Mr. Normile, who is humble about           As a pilot, he got to see a good deal of the     is the nature of being on a flying staff that spent
his military career, but gushes a little when he     world, flying the Pacific Ocean six times.          most of the time on standby.
talks about flying.                                     He recalls General MacArthur as “aloof,” and        “My only regret was that I never got a college
   “I wanted to become a pilot so bad, I chal-       hard to get close to.                               education,” Mr. Normile said. “I would tell any
lenged by religion and said prayers every day,”         “I think I only got to see him up close three    young military person today to get that degree.”
New Service at 6 MDG PharmaCARE Center
Need a prescription? Now you can fax it in
by Lt. Col. Ghitana Oatis
6th Medical Group Pharmacy Flight Commander

  The pharmacy department has implemented a new service which
began Aug. 3. Civilian providers can now fax prescriptions to the Phar-
maCARE Center at 813-828-0088.
  To ensure proper filling follow these guideline: prescriptions must
be faxed from a doctor’s office, contain the doctor’s printed name, sig-
nature, contact information, drug enforcement agency number and/or
national provider identifier number. All prescriptions must be com-
puter generated or type written and include the patient’s full name,
date of birth, phone number and last four digits of the sponsor’s social
security number. For security reasons: controlled drug medications will
not be accepted by fax,
  These prescriptions will be ready for pick-up at the PharmaCARE
drive-thru 24 hours after being received from the doctor.
  For questions or concerns about this new service, please contact a
staff member at 813-828-2226 or Lt. Col. Ghitana Oatis at 813-827-
   Free Senior                  Enlisted Combat          MacDill Air Force Ball.        Join the
  Friendly Fest                    Dining-In             Scheduled for Sept.12,        Speaker’s
    A senior friendly             An Enlisted Combat     the ball is open to all        Bureau
fest will be held at           Dining In is scheduled    military personnel ac-       The 6th Air Mobil-
the South Community            for Aug. 21 in Hangar     tive and retired in the   ity Wing’s Speaker’s
Center in Sun City,            1. All enlisted ranks     greater Tampa area. If    Bureau is in full swing
Thur., Aug. 27 from 9          are invited to come       you are interested in     and seeking Airmen of
a.m. until 2 p.m. The          out and experience a      joining the ATA visit     all ranks, career fields
South Community                traditional military      http://www.atalink.       and experiences to
Center is located at           dinner. Tickets are $5.   org/index.html or the     sign up for an excit-
1910 Pebble Beach              For more information      Tony Jannus site at       ing opportunity to tell
Dr. Sun City Center.           contact any first ser-    http://www.tonyjan-       the Air Force story.
Admission into the             geant.                    nuschapter.org/de-        The Speaker’s Bureau
senior friendly fest                                     fault.htm .               is an excellent bullet
is free. For directions           MacDill Air               If you are interest-   for performance re-
contact the Sun City              Force Ball             ed in helping with the    ports, as well as a tool
Community Center at              Mark your calen-        event please contact      for Airmen to become
813-633-9500. For all          dars now! The Tony        Lt. Col. Tom Connelly     ambassadors for the
other inquiries, call          Jannus chapter of the     at 828-5910 or e-mail     Air Force and help in
813-653-1988 or visit          Air Lift Tanker As-       Lt. Col Jon Incerpi at    retention and recruit-
w w w. S r M a g a z i n e .   sociation announced       tonyjannuschapter@        ing. If you would like
com.                           that it will host the     tonyjannuschapter.org.    to become a member
                                                                                   or have any questions
                                                                                   or concerns please
                                                                                   contact SrA Latanya
                                                                                   Reid at 828-2215 or
                                                                                   dill.af.mil . Training
                                                                                   is available to those
                                                                                   with limited speaking
                                                                            indicated in the Explanation of       on your other health insurance
6 MDG clinic enforces DoD policy                                            Benefits received from the insur-
                                                                            ance company. This means you
                                                                                                                  identification card.
                                                                                                                     Please have this card with you
                                                                            may pay less out of pocket ex-        when you visit the 6 MDG Clinic.
by Sonia M. Rosario                      The obligation to pay medi-
                                                                            pense when later seeking health       If you are a dependant of an ac-
6th MDG TPC Program Manager           cal care costs applies only to the
                                                                            care through a civilian provider.     tive duty member, retiree or fami-
                                      insurance carrier. The 6 MDG
                                                                               Monies collected under this        ly member of a retiree, you will be
   The Consolidated Omnibus           is entitled the same benefits for
                                                                            program are deposited directly        asked to fill out a DD Form 2569,
Reconciliation Act of 1986 estab-     its health care services that any
                                                                            into the 6 MDG Operations and         Record of Other Health Insurance,
lished the Third Party Collections    other health care provider would
                                                                            Management account. In Fiscal         regardless of whether you have
Program. Under this program,          receive. Your insurance company
                                                                            Year 2008, $4.4 million was col-      other health insurance. The form
Military Medical Treatment Facil-     will pay benefits directly to the 6
                                                                            lected which was 10 percent of the    will be scanned and maintained
ities are mandated to bill health     MDG and you will not be billed or
                                                                            6 MDG Operations and Manage-          in an electronic system. The form
insurance carriers for the cost of    be responsible for any uncollected
                                                                            ment budget.                          must be updated annually unless
medical care provided to active       charges.
                                                                               The $4.4 million was used to       there are changes to your informa-
duty family members, retirees and
                                                                            fund the following: medical staff     tion.
family members who are covered
by other health insurance. The
                                      In most cases, the 6                  contracts ($2,138), non-medi-            The collection of other health
                                                                            cal supplies ($1,618), staff train-   insurance information is a DoD
6th Medical Group Clinic must         MDG is no different than              ing ($325K) and patient travel        requirement. We appreciate your
comply with this law and needs
your help for continued program
                                      civilian health care pro-             ($349K). The ultimate goal is to      assistance in helping the 6 MDG
                                                                            provide enhanced health care ser-     Clinic keep up with changing
success.                              viders who need insur-                vices for you – the patient.          trends and creating a healthcare
   You will be asked if you have
other health insurance at every
                                      ance information at each                 In most cases, the 6 MDG is no     environment we can all be proud of.
point of service when you use ser-    clinic visit.                         different than civilian health care
                                                                            providers who need insurance in-
                                                                                                                     For further assistance with the
                                                                                                                  Third Party Collections Program,
vices at the 6 MDG. If you are cov-
                                                                            formation at each clinic visit. To    please stop by the TPC office lo-
ered by other health insurance or        The benefits for the patient in-
                                                                            collect benefits covered by your      cated in the 2nd floor, room C-281
have a Medicare supplement, we        clude no co pay, deductible or any
                                                                            other health insurance, we must       or call our TPC representatives at
need your insurance information.      patient responsibility charges
                                                                            have the information that appears     827-9150 or 827-9151.
UCI ‘Excellence’
by Airman 1st Class Katherine Holt
6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

   The results are in. The 6th Air Mobility Wing received an “Ex-
cellent” rating from the Air Mobility Command inspector general.
Of all the units in the wing, 19 exceeded the standards. The wing’s
performances revealed 11 processes worthy of submission to the
Crosstells and Best Practices. The wing also earned 25 team and
35 individual awards.
   “This was an absolutely phenomenal performance by the entire
team,” said Col. Larry Martin, 6th Air Mobility Wing commander.
   During the Emergency Management Inspection conducted on
Aug. 6, the wing responded to a series of simulated attacks on the
installation. For this, the wing also received an Excellent rating.
   “I give my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire wing
and TFI partners for their hard work and dedication…it truly
paid off,” said Colonel Martin.

                                                                                                                                          Photo by Airman First Class Rylan Albright

                                                                                       First responders act quickly on scene of a simulated explosion here Aug. 6.
                                                                                       The simulation was conducted as part of the Unit Compliance Inspection
                                                                                       that will evaluate MacDill’s common core compliance areas as mandated by
                                                                                       law ensuring the health and performance of each unit.

                                         Photo by Airman First Class Rylan Albright                                                             Photo by Master Sgt. Mark Borosch

Senior Airman Matthew Clendaniel, 6th Security Forces inves-                          Mr. Vince Clark and Mr. Sean Shillato, 6th Civil Engineer Squadron firefight-
tigator, gathers information of an incident during an exercise                        ers, apply self aid and buddy care to an injured Airman during the Emergency
Aug. 6. The handing of the simulated emergency was evaluated                          Management Inspection to test first responders and wing procedures during
by Unit Compliance Inspection personnel.                                              an incident.
                                                                                                                                               Courtesy graphic

From Page 3

tire table returns from the line. Do not prop elbows on the table when          and head table to leave.
eating.                                                                           21. Thou shall not be admitted with water balloons.
   11. Thou shall be permitted to “arm” thyself with water weapons.               22. Thou shall not throw food or any other projectiles with thy hand
   12. Thou shall initiate combat when ever alarm red is declared and           and shall not aim thy water munitions at thy targets’ head at anytime.
prepare to defend your “combat area”.                                             22. THOU SHALL ENJOY THYSELF TO THY FULLEST!!!!!
   13. Thou shall cease all combat as soon as alarm black is declared.
   14. If a member of the mess calls for a “halt fire”, respect their wishes.   Grog Bowl Rules of Engagement (ROE)
   15. Thou shall request the permission of the President to be excused            Persons being directed to the grog bowl will:
from any portion of the Combat Dining-In. Protocol overrides all calls of          1. Without talking, proceed directly to the grog bowl.
nature.                                                                            2. Station thyself in front of the grog bowl facing the head table.
   16. Thou shall not be late for dinner. Should a member be late for              3. Salute the President of the Mess.
dinner, he or she must go to the President, offer his/her apologies and            4. Pour thyself a full cup of grog; about face, raise cup and state “To
request permission to take a seat.                                              the Mess.”
   17. Thou shall express approval by tapping thy silverware on the ta-            5. Drink the contents of the cup without removing [the cup] from thy
ble. Clapping of the hands will not be tolerated.                               lips.
   18. Thou shall keep toasts and comments within the limits of good               6. Show the cup to be empty by turning it upside down over thy head.
taste and mutual respect. Degrading or insulting remarks will be                   7. About face; replace cup; about face again; salute the President of
frowned upon by the membership. However, good natured needling is               the Mess; return to thy seat.
encouraged.                                                                        Omission of any of the above steps will demand a repetition of the
   19. Thou shall not rise to applaud particularly witty, sarcastic or rel-     entire procedure.
evant toasts unless following the example of the President.                        For more information about the ECDI or how to get tickets contact
   20. When the mess adjourns, thou shall rise and wait for the President       any first sergeant.
Smoke detectors help save lives
by Staff Sgt. Stephen Pina                          Why do smoke detectors fail? Most often they
6th Civil Engineer Squadron fire prevention         fail because of missing, dead or disconnected
                                                    batteries. Smoke detectors should be installed
   Smoke detectors are an easy way to assure        on every level of your residence with additional
your safety and that of your family. Sure, some-    units installed in each bedroom. If you have any
times when you are cooking or showering your        questions concerning the installation of smoke
smoke detectors inadvertently go off and send       detectors contact the MacDill Fire Department
you rushing to shut them down, but a properly       Prevention Section at 828-4236.
functioning smoke detector can alert occupants
to a fire during its early stages of development.    Simple steps to keep your Smoke
   The MacDill Fire Department recommends            Detector working properly:
that you check and clean your Smoke Detector
monthly to assure that it is working properly. If
                                                     • Test your detector weekly
your smoke detector(s) are hard wired, install
a battery operated unit as a backup. Remem-          • Clean off the dust
ber that the electric type smoke detectors will      • Replace the battery every six months
not operate during power outages unless your         • If you recently moved into a new house/
building has an emergency generator. Recent          apartment, replace all of the batteries in the
findings show that smoke detectors were not          smoke detectors.
present or did not operate correctly in 42% of       • Replace any damaged detectors
residential fatal fires. In three of every 10 re-
                                                     • Manufacture’s recommend that you replace
ported fires in homes equipped with smoke de-
tectors, the devices did not work.                   the entire smoke detectors about every 8-to-
   Households with non-working smoke alarms          10 years
now outnumber those with no smoke detectors.
SeaScapes Beach Club
  Live Entertainment at the
Tiki Hut from 6-9 pm

Surf’s Edge Club
   Drive by Pizza every Friday
from 4-6 pm

  Bayshore Club
  Crunch & Munch All-U-Can-
Eat Buffet from 11 am-1:30 pm

Surf’s Edge Club
  Drive by Pizza every Wednes-
day from 11 am-1:30 pm

Arts & Crafts Center
   How to Make Your Own Bee-
hive – Thursday, Aug. 20 begin-
ning at 10 am. Our beekeeping
                                     Governor visits
                                                                                                                                       Photo by Senior Airman Angela Ruiz
expert, Gary Vancleef, will dem-
onstrate how to build a beehive      Airman 1st Class Cody Ottinger, 6th Maintenance Squadron crew chief, briefs Florida Governor Charlie
from a 1”x12” and 8”x10” boards.     Crist, on the KC-135 inspection process during his tour of MacDill Air Force Base, Aug. 7. Airman Ot-
The completed beehive will be        tinger explained the ongoing process of improvement initiatives the 6th Maintenance Squadron has
raffled off to class participants.   implemented to streamline the inspection while ensuring the 50-year-old aircraft are safe and efficient
                                     on every mission.
Boomer’s Bar and Grill
  Bingo Extravaganza every
Thursday at Boomer’s Bar and
Grill beginning at 5:30 pm
                                     CHAPEL SCHEDULE
                                      Protestant services                                           Catholic services
                                      Sunday - 9 a.m., Traditional Service                          Saturday - Mass, 5:30 p.m.
                                      10:30 a.m., Religious Education, Noon, Gospel Service         Sunday - Mass, 10:30 a.m.
                                      Tuesday -Noon, Promise Keepers                                Monday to Thursday: Mass, 12:10 p.m.
                                      Wednesday - 10:30 a.m., Women of the Chapel                   Saturday - Sacrament of Reconciliation, 4:30 p.m., (or by ap-
                                      Thursday - 11:30 a.m., Officers’ Christian Fellowship         pointment)
                                      For more information regarding the Chapel or Chapel servic-   Jewish and Islamic services
                                      es, call 828-3621.                                            Call 828-3621 for information

                                     AT THE MOVIES                                             $4 for adults / $2 for children 828-2780

                                     Friday - 7 p.m.                         Saturday - 3 p.m.                      Saturday - 7 p.m.
                                       Transformers: Re-                        Transformers: Re-                   Public Enemies (R)
                                     venge of The Fallen                     venge of the Fallen
                                     (PG-13)                                 (PG-13)

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