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					    "Nurturing resonant relationships in all things"

                                 INDEX OF EVENTS

                                 July 29th, Thursday 7:30 PM
                                 GMN presents:
                                 Baraka Moon in concert
                                 San Francisco
                                 A Natural Resonance Concert

                                 Save the Date!
                                 HangHang Trio
                                 August 21st, Friday, 7:30 PM
                                 A Natural Resonance Concert
                                 Emeryville, CA

                                 Alan Tower hosting Didgeridoo Workshops
                                 for beginners and a Master Class for advanced

                Baraka Moon
Transcendent Sufi Trance Grooves with Didge and Drums
July 29th, Thursday
UCSF Conference Center
500 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco
(If driving: Enter lot under big clock tower and come up to J street level)


$15 in advance, $20 at the door

Get your ticket here!

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    Tea will be served before the performance and during intermission.

Baraka Moon:
Sukhawat Ali Khan - Vocals, Harmonium.

Stephen Kent - Didjeridu, Percussion, Bass

Geoffrey Gordon - Multi Ethnic Drums, Percussion, Vocals.

"Baraka" is the Sufi word for "blessing". BARAKA MOON, founded on the night of an eclipse of the
Full Moon in 2008 is a trio featuring virtuoso musicians from 3 distinct cultures and parts of the
world - The USA, Pakistan and Great Britain-
- playing original music with roots based in Qawaali Sufi Trance Songs, Indian, Middle Eastern and
African Drums and Percussion and the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo all mixed together in one
gloriously expressive and positive whole that transcends boundaries and unites us all in our
common humanity!
LEAP into the fire of this Magic Music! SEASON your soul, OPEN your heart, DANCE, SING and
absorb the PASSION of an emerging UNIVERSAL and ECSTATIC SOUND full of LOVE and RESPECT
for ALL peoples of the world!
Sample their divine sounds on MySpace:
                   Save the Date!

            HAnghaNG Trio

                                                          August 21st, Saturday

                                                          7:30- 9:30 PM

                                                          Kosin Loft Space
                                                          Besler Building,
                                                          4053 Harlan Street
                                                          Emeryville, CA

                                                          $15 advance,
                                                          $20 at the door

                                                          Get tickets here!
                                                          Seating will be limited
                                                          at this venue, so it's
                                                          recommended to
                                                          reserve a space early.

Bass Clarient composer and improvisational virtuoso,
Cornelius Boots plays with
the deft rhythmic nuances of master drummer
percussionist Aharon Wheels Bolsta
inside the music of Alan Tower – compositions for Hang.
Guest artist Roman Kosins.

The Hang has captured the hearts of people and musicians
around the world in a short 9 ½ years. It’s like the sound
of love.

Alan focuses on pulling the deepest resonances out of the
metal and combines notes of three Hanghang together for
a wider harmonic palette.

      Learn to Play the Didgeridoo!
   Alan Tower is hosting didgeridoo workshops for
beginning and a master class for advanced students at
             his studio in San Francisco
 This ancient instrument is played around the world for its
 rich resonance, rhythmic potential and for meditation and
                  now as a cure for snoring
                     and sleep apnea!

                                                              Workshops will be held
                                                              on Sundays, at Alan's
                                                              studio in San Francisco
                                                              and dates will be
                                                              arranged once 3-5
                                                              participants have

                                                               Beginner workshops
Beginners and advanced beginners will start with              will be approximately 3
learning good tone production and then move to cycle          hours in length.
breathing and how to access different sounds. Alan has        Loaner Didges are
developed ways to jumpstart beginners more quickly into       available for those who
playing musicially.                                           do not yet have one.

Loaner didges are available for those who have not yet
gotten one. Help is available in choosing an appropriate      To Register, contact Alan
model for purchase.                                           Tower at atower@
Didgeridoo as an effective sleep aid                          with Sunday dates in
A recently published study in the British Journal of Medicine August you are
has shown playing the didgeridoo to be an effective cure      available.
for snoring and sleep apnea. Playing the didge both
strengthens the internal muscles of the throat and allows
them to relax at night. Below are links to the article, and a
four minute news clip on this amazing discovery.
                                                               Master Classes are
British Journal of Medicine
                                                              approximately 4 hours
                                                              in length and will be
Sleep Apnea Story on youtube
                                                              held in San Francisco
                                                              and Fairfax.
  Trumpet and Vocal Master Class                              The cost is $75
for Intermediate and Advanced players
                                                              Contact Alan with your
This workshop will take didge players to a new level of       availability for Sunday
musicanship. Alan has developed a new tool (The Sound         dates in August and the
Egg) to faciliate "pitch recognition". This skill can help    class will be scheduled
dramatically improve trumpeting and vocals. Pitched notes     at a time that works for
in the pipe add texture, resonance and beauty to didge        everyone.
music. You will learn the clockface method of physically
accessing trumpets. Methods for layered bounced breath        atower@
may also be covered.                                

Shared participant performances and group play will be
part of the day. You'll also get to try amazing new
Carbon-Agave didges from South Africa!

 About Alan Tower:

Alan was introduced to the didge in Maui in 1998. He
began intensive study with master players from around the
world resulting in three Didge CD's. "The Eternal
Presence," recorded in a tunnel, has been called a
landmark effort. Audio samples and review quotes from
listners and players around the world can be seen at

"Alan is a profoundly skilled teacher who facilitates ones
learning from the inside out." - Paul McNees, student.
                                  GMN Resonant Community Activites
           If you feel a resonance with our intention/mission and your work has music as a core
           part of its artform, we offer you help with promoting your creativity. We are building
           this free GMN community site on Ning. Until then, please send the following to
  to be considered for inclusion in this area of our
           Newsletter. Depending on amount of info we may need to edit or postpone publication.
           + A 20 word or less sentence about how your work connects with ours and vice versa.
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                              presenting music and experiences of resonance for transforming life


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