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									                                                                                                   The Journal of the
                                                                                   Maine Alliance for Arts Education

                                                      E V E R Y D AY                                                  Fall 2006

Argy Nestor Begins Job
at Maine’s Department of Education                                                                 by Carol Trimble

       years of advocacy about
A fter importance of having a
                                      often what is happening in arts
                                      classrooms is unknown to oth-
                                                                            from the past include playing
                                                                            the piano and being on a square
visual and performing arts posi-      ers. We need to bring this work       dance team that won a state
tion in the Maine Department of       to the forefront and communi-         championship. Both my par-
Education (MDOE), arts educa-         cate more effectively about the       ents are Greek, so I sang in the
tion supporters across the state      good work arts teachers are
are celebrating the hiring of         doing. This will give us the
Argy Nestor for that position.        opportunity to learn from each
A knowledgeable, articulate arts      other.”
education leader, Argy taught
visual art for more than twenty       What is your primary goal as VPA
years at D. R. Gaul Middle
                                      “Currently, my primary goal is to
School in Union, Maine, was
                                      listen to the needs of arts teach-
Maine Teacher of the Year in
                                      ers and work with them to
1995, and is a former MAAE
                                      address those needs. We know
Board member. In late August,
                                      it has been several years since
after just 3 days on the job, Argy
                                      the MDOE had someone repre-
answered these questions
                                      senting the arts. I certainly can’t
posed by MAAE Board mem-
                                      make up for the time lost, but I
bers and the leaders of the orga-
                                      will put 100% of myself into
nizations that comprise the Arts
                                      doing what I believe is right for
are Basic Coalition.                                                        choir and danced Greek at every
                                      visual and performing arts edu-
                                                                            occasion I could. Although my
The Big Questions                     cation in Maine.”
                                                                            formal training is in the visual
What is your vision for arts educa-
tion in Maine?                        How do you plan to manage the         arts, I have been involved in and
“Visual and Performing Arts           challenge of addressing educa-        have a genuine love for dance,
                                      tion in all of the arts, since your   music, and theater. I look for-
teachers throughout the state         background is primarily in visual
do an outstanding job of bring-       art?                                  ward to tapping into the exper-
ing high-quality programs to                                                tise of educators in every disci-
                                      “I am fortunate to have two
students in kindergarten                                                    pline to inform my work. I plan
                                      teenage sons who are very
through grade 12. I envision us                                             to continue and expand on the
                                      involved in music and theater,
working together to advance the                                             arts education advisory commit-
                                      and both are very interested in
quality of education and the                                                tee that the MDOE has formed,
                                      dance. Through their experi-
delivery of instruction in the                                              and I enjoy gathering people
                                      ences, I have learned a great
arts. We, as arts educators, have                                           together to collaborate on
                                      deal and have an enormous
a great deal to be proud of. I                                              ideas.”
                                      appreciation for teachers of
believe the arts are at the heart     dance, music, and theater.
                                                                                                  continued on p. 2
of exemplary education. All too       Some of my favorite memories

        Argy Nestor                        continued from p. 1

        What kinds of support can arts         and Criticism (Standard D), and       Maine to share ideas and catch
        teachers and administrators            Relationship Among the Arts           up on friendships while enjoying
        expect from MDOE as they work
        to provide good arts education         and with other Disciplines,           the incredible Haystack food.
        for students?                          History, and World Culture            (There is nothing like good food
        “The MDOE has made a com-              (Standard E) to all the disci-        at a gathering!) At Haystack, I
        mitment by reinstating the posi-       plines of the arts. We believe        am reminded of the Japanese
        tion of VPA Specialist. The            this format best represents the       proverb: None of us is as smart
        short- and long-term goals we          shared aspects of arts while,         as all of us. Arts teachers are
        outline will reflect the support       simultaneously, adequately and        often isolated, being the only
        that is required to provide quali-     clearly addressing the unique         arts teacher in a school. It would
        ty arts education for every Maine      performance indicators for each       be beneficial if we could develop
        student.”                              discipline. The MDOE will bring       a spirit of sharing throughout
                                               the proposed VPA standards            the school year. For this to hap-
        Maine Learning Results                 revisions to the Legislature in       pen, I need everyone’s help. I
        Revisions                              January 2007.”                        hope to conduct a survey to
        What is the process and timeline
        for the MLR Revisions?                                                       determine needs of arts educa-
        “During the past year, a panel of      Assessment                            tors. A survey can also give me
                                               What role will you play in the area
        fourteen educators from                of arts assessment?                   a database of names and email
        throughout Maine, MDOE per-            “I will rely on my experience in      addresses that we can use to
        sonnel, and a national consul-         assessment as a veteran of 30         communicate with everyone in
        tant have immersed themselves          years in the classroom. Assess-       the field. This information can
        in reviewing the Visual and            ment has an important role in         be invaluable. We can also use
        Performing Arts (VPA) segment          what we do as educators. Since        it to communicate periodically,
        of the MLR. It has been the            1997 MSAD #40 (the district I         so teachers are informed of
        intent of the MDOE and the             taught in) has been administer-       what is happening at the
        content area panel to build on         ing local assessments. The dis-       MDOE.”
        the existing MLR framework,            trict administration was sup-         Would you consider reminding
        incorporating what we have             portive, providing release time       school administrators of the
        learned about the arts and stu-        and compensated summer work           importance of arts teachers at all
        dent learning since the 1990s to       time to create, pilot, and adopt      grade levels attending confer-
                                                                                     ences, such as the Maine Music
        ensure that Maine’s students are       assessments. They were in place       Education’s Conference and the
        college, career, and citizenship       for grades 3, 6, and 8 in visual      Haystack conference you men-
        ready in the 21st Century. The         arts. We have used our assess-        tioned?“
        proposed revised VPA standards         ment information to improve           “Absolutely! The professional
        differ from the 1996 document          our instruction and alter the         opportunities available to teach-
        significantly. They acknowledge        curriculum.”                          ers of the arts should be includ-
        the unique Disciplinary Literacy                                             ed in yearly plans for every
        (Standard A) and Creation,             Professional Development              teacher. Over the years, my
        Performance and Expression             What can MDOE do to promote           opportunities have been varied
                                               networking among teachers of
        (Standard B) for each of the dis-      the arts?                             and plentiful. They have influ-
        ciplines of the arts, and they list                                          enced not only my teaching
                                               “Over the last 30 years, I have
        these separately for each of the                                             direction and instruction, but
                                               gone to Haystack for the fall
        disciplines: Dance, Music,                                                   also, at times, the school’s direc-
                                               three-day Maine Art Educators
        Theater, and Visual Arts. The                                                tion. When we share what we
                                               conference. Not only is it a stu-
        revised standards continue to                                                learn, everyone benefits, espe-
                                               dio-learning experience, but
        recognize the common applica-                                                cially students.”
                                               also an opportunity to connect
        bility of Creative Problem             with teachers from throughout
        Solving (Standard C), Aesthetics
                                                                                                           continued on p. 4
                                                                                                                       EVERY DAY

Judy Trepal
Success by Design                                                                                                            by Hilary Cline

Judy Trepal is the Creative Director, Agency Principal, and Co-founder of Ethos Marketing &
Design in Westbrook. She is known as someone who will not let anyone get away with telling her
they are not creative. She says she will challenge anyone who does not believe creativity exists with-
in them. In fact, she believes that sometimes we need to put ourselves in a new space to discover our
creativity. She has learned that remaining open and flexible are two essential components for keep-
ing creative thought alive.
Judy received a B.S. in arts edu-            Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA),
cation from University of                    Creativity magazine and
Connecticut and an M.F.A. in                 American Corporate Identity.
graphic design from Tyler                         Judy says, “Life is too short
School of Art, a division of                 to not live in the truth,” an ethos
Temple University. She has                   she began to develop at an early
received numerous national                   age. There were many influential
design awards from organiza-                 people who helped shape Judy’s
tions such as the American                   path. Her creativity was nur-
                                             tured by her mother who stud-
                                             ied painting, ceramics, and lap-

  Profiles:                                  idary at the University of Kansas.
                                             She feels that her mother’s pas-
  Arts Education and                         sion and appreciation for art
  the Creative                               encouraged her to honor her
  Economy                                    own creative expression. Judy’s
  This profile of Judy Trepal is the sixth   grandmother was also a tremen-
  in a series by MAAE that collects          dous inspiration in that she
  stories about the connections              received a college degree during
  between arts education and Maine’s         an era when many women were
  Creative Economy. These profiles
                                             not able to pursue higher educa-      room, and she still can visualize
  articulate the ways in which arts
  education brings people to commu-          tion. Even though Judy’s grand-       the batik cloth that she made in
  nities as well as the connections          mother died when Judy was a           one of her classes. It was
  between arts education and creative        child, stories about her life’s       through these experiences that
  businesses and employment. We all          accomplishments remained a            Judy was given the freedom to
  use what we learn from the arts                                                  trust her artistic abilities.
                                             motivating force.
  every day, often without even realiz-
                                                  Judy reminisces that it was      Perhaps this is also where Judy
  ing it. In each issue of this journal,
  MAAE profiles a person who con-            Mrs. Cohen, her art teacher at        first learned that she could be a
  tributes to Maine’s economy by             Cape Elizabeth High School,           leader. She fondly remembers
  using creativity or other skills devel-    who took Judy under her wing.         Mrs. Cohen’s nurturing and
  oped through arts education. We            Judy recalls that Mrs. Cohen          feisty personality, and how Mrs.
  have drawn from throughout
                                             always made her feel welcome;         Cohen just “made you trust that
  Maine’s diverse economy. While
  those profiled may not be working          she often invited her to work on      you could push yourself.” She
  purely as artists, arts education has      art projects after school, and she    also remembers that Mrs.
  contributed in some way to their pro-      invited Judy to be her assistant      Cohen had a distinct way of
  fessional or personal success. If you      teacher during her free periods.      doing things and that she had
  would like to suggest someone to                                                 earnest plans to have Judy take
                                             Judy remembers feeling both
  be profiled (including yourself), email
                                             calm and excited walking down         over her position when she
  artseveryday@adelphia.net .
                                             the hallway to Mrs. Cohen’s art
                                                                                                         continued on p. 7

         Argy Nestor                     continued from p. 2

         Do you plan for any of the MDOE       Chapter 115, part 2 and can be        the expertise of the state’s arts
         workshop funds to be used for         accessed online at the MDOE’s         education organizations (such as
         regional arts workshops?                                                    MAAE, the arts teachers profes-
                                               website: www.maine.gov/sos/           sional organizations, and the arts
         “I envision workshops or confer-
                                               cec/rules/05/chaps05.htm .”           and cultural organizations around
         ences that bring together all the                                           the state) to advance arts educa-
         arts educators in the state. After    Some dance educators are con-         tion?
         speaking with my colleagues at        cerned, wondering if the MDOE         “For several years, I have been a
         the Maine Arts Commission and         has plans to adopt the PRAXIS         member of MAAE and MAEA. I
                                               Performing Arts standard exam
         the Maine Alliance for Arts           for new teachers?                     am aware of the advocacy work
         Education, we agree these can         “Currently, this is not part of the   that is ongoing for professional
         be exciting learning opportuni-       discussions taking place by the       organizations. I have worked
         ties for all participants.”           State Board of Education.             with Paul Faria from the Maine
                                               Testing information can be            Arts Commission on projects,
         Certification                                                               with Jennifer Ryan from LA Arts
         Now that we have certification for    accessed online and is part of
         dance and drama educators,            Chapter 13, testing information.      and with you, Carol, having
         what is the timeline and process      View it at www.maine.gov/sos/         been a board member of the
         for becoming certified?                                                     Maine Alliance for Arts
                                               cec/rules/05/chaps05.htm .”
         “The MDOE will be using the                                                 Education. Working this past
         rules established by the State        Collaborating with                    year on the Learning Results
         Board of Education. These cer-        Organizations                         revisions has been a great
         tification rules are part of          How do you intend to draw upon        opportunity to meet and get to

          Attention Arts Teachers:
                                                                                     know some of the music, the-
                                                                                     ater, and dance educators in
                                                                                     Maine. I look forward to learn-
          New Fellowship Available!                                                  ing more about the professional
                                                                                     organizations I have not been
          MAAE and the Maine Community Foundation are launching the                  involved with in the past. I
          Maine Arts Teachers Fellowship Program (MATF) to support the               believe professional arts organi-
          artistic development of arts teachers in Maine schools. Through            zations all have similar missions
          MATF, each fellow will design an individualized course of study            and collaborating with these
          that will provide both immersion in their own creative work and            organizations will only strength-
          the opportunity to interact with other professional artists in             en arts education.”
          their fields.
               Selected fellows will receive up to $4,000 each, with a com-          How can the members of the
          plementary grant of $1,000 to the fellows’ schools to support              organizations of the Arts are
                                                                                     Basic Coalition (MAAE, Maine Art
          post-fellowship activities. The fellowship award may be used to            Education Association, Maine
          defray the costs of tuition and other fees, room and board, trav-          Music Educators Association,
          el, purchase of materials and/or equipment for personal art-               Dance Education in Maine
                                                                                     Schools, Maine Drama Council,
          making, childcare, and other relevant expenses.                            and VSA arts of Maine) help you
               The program will support up to eight fellows annually, begin-         to strengthen public awareness of
          ning in the 2006-2007 school year. The fellows will be selected            the importance of arts education?
          through a competitive process. By November 17, 2006, potential             “Working together, communicat-
          applicants must contact the Maine Alliance for Arts Education at           ing, and collaborating with a
          667-7707 or cbudney@maineartseducation.org to discuss their                common goal.”
          fellowship ideas. Those who meet the initial criteria will receive
          an application form and an invitation to apply. Final applica-             Argy Nestor is the Visual and Performing
          tions are due February 2, 2007                                             Arts consultant for the Maine Department
               For more information on deadlines and eligibility, visit              of Education. She can be reached at
                                                                                     argy.nestor@maine.gov and 624-6825.
          MAAE’s new website: www.maineartseducation.org.
                                                                                                         EVERY DAY

Call for Arts Education Award
W e need your help. MAAE is looking forworld
  and schools in Maine’s arts education
                                        people          education, exemplified talent and professionalism
                                                        as an artist or arts advocate, and/or been an inspi-
who deserve special recognition. Please let us          ration to students, teachers, and the community.
know about that dedicated person whose passion Bill Bonyun was a life-long arts educator and folk
for arts education is making a difference in your       singer whose memory lives on in this award and
school or community. We also want to know about in the many people he touched with his talent and
schools deserving recognition because of the edu- personality.
cation they provide in all of the arts for all of their      The Creative Ticket School of Excellence
students.                                               Award is presented to schools for their outstand-
     MAAE’s annual awards honor those special           ing achievement in arts education. The Maine
individuals and schools providing outstanding           Alliance for Arts Education presents this award in
work in support of arts education and contributing collaboration with the national Kennedy Center
to quality arts education programs that encourage Alliance for Arts Education Network.
and strengthen educational excellence.                       These awards will be presented in March
     The Outstanding Advocate for Arts Education 2007, at a special MAAE ceremony during the Arts
Award will be given to a school administrator who Education Advocacy Day in the Hall of Flags at the
has shown outstanding leadership and support of State House in Augusta.
the arts, established exemplary or innovative arts
education programs, and/or promoted the impor- The 2006 MAAE Awards were presented to:
tance of arts in the education of every child.          • Nelson Monteith: auditorium director, Reach
     The Bill Bonyun Award will be given to an          Performing Arts Center, Deer Isle, Outstanding
artist, parent, community member, or teacher who Advocate for Arts Education Award
is making a positive impact on arts education           • Martin Steingesser: poet, performer, visiting
through significant contributions to the arts in our artist-teacher, Portland, Bill Bonyun Award
schools. This honoree will have shown outstand- • Mt. Desert Island High School, Sally Leighton,
ing commitment and dedicated service in arts            Principal, Mt. Desert, Creative Ticket School of

                                                       For nomination forms and more information,
 Poetry Out Loud                                       please visit http://www.maineartseducation.org/
 Riva Dumont,                                          awards.html
 student of Berit                                          Nominations must be completed and post-
 Freeling at Erskine                                   marked by January 10, 2007, for the Outstanding
 Academy, met                                          Advocate and Bill Bonyun awards and January 15,
 Senator Olympia                                       2007, for the Creative Ticket award.
 Snowe during the                                          Nominate someone you know who deserves
 Poetry Out Loud                                       our recognition!
 National Finals in
 Washington, D.C.
 this spring. Dumont finished in the top 12 of the
 national poetry recitation contest created by the
 National Endow-ment for the Arts and the Poetry         Visit MAAE’s new website for up-to-date informa-
 Foundation. The Maine Alliance for Arts Education
 and the Maine Arts Commission administered the
                                                         tion on arts education programs, grants, advocacy
 program in Maine.                                       resources, and more!
         EVERY DAY

                    Wine, Cheese & Chocolate at
                    Baldacci’s Restaurant
                    by Hilary B. Cline

                    M AAE’s second annual Wine,
                      Cheese & Chocolate
                    Extravaganza fundraiser was a
                    big hit among arts education
                    advocates in Bangor on May 7th.
                    Baldacci’s Restaurant was
                    packed with enthusiastic guests
                    who were delighted by the
                    opportunity to taste wonderful
                    wines, cheeses and chocolates,
                    all while supporting arts educa-
                    tion for Maine students and
                    schools. Governor John Baldacci
                    and First Lady Karen Baldacci,        Arts education supporters chat with Governor Baldacci at last year's Wine, Cheese, and
                    both strong advocates for arts        Chocolate Extravaganza

                                                          education, hosted the event at                toast the Maine Alliance for Arts
    “Bravo! This really is a wonderful event. I           their family restaurant and were              Education for its hard work. He
    think we made some money, plus we were                pleased to serve Maine pro-                   spoke about arts education hav-
    inspired by the diversity of people: the 91 year-     duced products.                               ing measurable impact on chil-
    old woman who still has 25 harp students, plays            The restaurant was decorat-              dren’s test performances and
    'gigs' regularly, and promotes dark chocolate         ed with local students’ colorful              about how nurturing this cre-
    and wine as her key to reaching 100; the young        artwork. Music was provided by                ative spirit is imperative for a
    couple from Maine who are making delicious            Caleb Sweet and Zach Bence,                   strong creative economy. John
    chocolates with Winterport Wine; the lady from        two Bangor High School seniors,               Rohman, CEO of WBRC
    Peru living in Lubec who needed some form of          who performed a guitar and bass               Architects & Engineers and Chair
    employment, so she took out 8 ‘beautiful books’       jazz duet. Guests mingled                     of the Maine Arts Commission,
    from the library and started making chocolates;       around the tasting stations                   stressed that cultivating creative
    the woman from Mongolia who talked about her          savoring flavors of apple and                 minds through arts education is
    herd of 100 goats while we tasted the most deli-      pear wines, ginger and cayenne                not only essential for a vibrant
    cious cheese; the two talented young men who          flavored chocolates, cranberry                economy but that it also needs
    masterfully set the mood of the evening with          and rosemary goat cheese, and                 to be a top priority for all.
    their smooth jazz tones from guitar and bass ....     plum and walnut bonbons.                           MAAE Chair Rich Abramson
    and that, of course, is only a sample of the inter-   Chocolates, cheeses and wines                 and Executive Director Carol
    esting people at this event. Governor John            were provided by Monica’s                     Trimble thanked Governor
    Baldacci was the first to arrive and the last to      Chocolates, Dean’s Sweets, B.                 Baldacci and First Lady Baldacci
    leave .... running the vacuum, wiping the tables,     Potter Wine Chocolates, Bartlett              for helping to make this year’s
    stacking the glasses, and eloquently speaking to      Estate Wines, Blacksmith                      fundraising event possible and
    the importance of the arts in Maine schools as        Winery, Winterport Winery,                    expressed gratitude to all in
    part of the 'main menu' of our children's educa-      Sunset Acres, Seal Cove, and                  attendance for supporting their
    tion...not dessert, not a side dish.... the meat      Hahn’s End Cheese.                            important work in strengthening
    and potatoes to make our kids strong of heart              During the event, arts educa-            arts education for all Maine stu-
    and creative of spirit. Great day. Thanks to all.”    tion supporters listened to                   dents.
    — Jayne Lello, Sebec,                                 Governor Baldacci speak elo-                       Abramson also thanked
    former MAAE Board Member                              quently about the importance of               WBRC Architects & Engineers,
                                                          the arts in Maine schools and                 Time Warner Cable, Bangor
                                                                                                                 EVERY DAY

                                               Judy Trepal Success by Design
                                               continued from p. 3

                                               retired. Judy maintained a relationship with Mrs. Cohen after
                                               high school and visited her every year while in college.
                                                    Towards the end of college, Judy realized that she had a choice
                                               to make about her career. She found herself questioning if she
                                               should continue on her path to become an art educator or school
                                               administrator. Her college graphic design teacher encouraged her
                                               to get a M.F.A. and pursue graphic design as a career. Judy
                                               returned to Maine where she became the Director of Design at
                                               ImageSet, Inc., an integrated, digital graphic communications
Wine and chocolate makers set up tasting
stations at this year's event (at Baldacci's
Restaurant).                                        Six years ago, Judy and the former CEO of ImageSet bought
                                               the design branch of the company and transformed it into Ethos
Metro Magazine, Cyr Bus Lines,                 Marketing and Design. Judy now works with a team of designers
and Miller Drug for their gener-               and creative writers providing a wide range of marketing and cre-
ous support as this year’s Wine,               ative services. Utilizing an eight-step strategic process, Ethos
Cheese and Chocolate business                  works to distill for their clients, through brand development and
sponsors.                                      strategic marketing, how to best communicate their core truth. At
     Governor Baldacci closed                  Ethos, integrity, creativity, and clarity of thought drives results and
the event by announcing the                    is the formula for success. As Ethos’ Co-founder and Creative
winners of a silent auction.                   Director, Judy is an example of a woman who was encouraged to
Items auctioned included tickets               discover her core truth through creative exploration.
to the Bangor Symphony                              Judy explains that as a Creative Director she is always giving
Orchestra, Maine Center for the                constructive criticism. She attributes the ability to give and
Arts, Penobscot Theater, and the               receive constructive criticism to her arts education background.
Maine Discovery Museum, along                  She also feels that her arts education taught her to apply self-dis-
with other gifts. Mrs. Baldacci                cipline in her work. While not an art teacher as originally planned,
was pleased to have won                        Judy promotes the use of arts education to teach other subjects.
Bouquet, a piece of fiber art creat-           She also feels that art can help students overcome obstacles in
ed by Eric Eminger. Others won                 learning. According to Judy, learning to express oneself is at the
such diverse items as an auto-                 root of solving all problems.
graphed book by Stephen King;
a basket of chocolate-dipped
strawberries, oranges, and bis-
cotti from Sonya’s Monster
                                                                  The arts must be at the core of
Berries; and beautifully designed                                every Maine student’s education.
pillow by Jessica Keteyian of                              The arts and creativity are at the core of Maine life.
Cozy Deluxe. Every guest was                               The arts prepare students for school, work, and life.
given a painted ceramic decora-
tion made by Linda Phillips’ stu-                            The arts strengthen the learning environment.
dents at Maranacook Middle                         The Maine Alliance for Arts Education is Maine’s only statewide organization
School.                                                      that works to strengthen education in all of the arts.
     MAAE’s Board and staff are                            We need your support to ensure that every Maine student
already looking forward to next                                   experiences the benefits of arts education.
year’s fundraiser and agree that
wine, cheese, and chocolate

                                                                        New! Click and donate here
                                                  Please use the attached envelope to send your donation to MAAE.
make the perfect recipe for
attracting fellow arts education
advocates.                                                           www.maineartseducation.org/donation.html
           EVERY DAY

                                                                                                 Maine Alliance for Arts Education
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                                                                                                              Susan Potters, Education Director

                                                                                                           Caroline Budney, Special Projects Director
                                                                                                                  Melissa Hunibell, VISTA

                                                                                                               Board of Directors

                                                                                                           First Lady Karen Baldacci, Honorary

                                                                                                               Rich Abramson, Chair, Arundel
                                                                                                           Elizabeth Watson, Vice-Chair, Portland
                                                                                                               Lucy Rioux, Secretary, Gardiner
                 THE                                                                                       Kathleen Leggett, Treasurer, Washburn

                                                                                                                     Rick Ash, Rockport
                                                                                                                Campbell Badger, Portland

                                                                   2 0 0 7
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                                                                                                                   Carmel Collins, Naples
                                                                                                                 Kathy Deupree, Camden
                                                                                                              Michael Edgecomb, Spruce Head
           MAAE’s annual                                                                                           Joan Hamann, Greene

           Arts Education Advocacy Day                                                                            Linda McCann, Winslow
                                                                                                                  Linda Phillips, Readfield
                                                                                                                Hannah Pingree, N. Haven
           celebration in the State Capitol will be on March 7, 2007.                                                   Advisory
                                                                                                             Paul Faria, Maine Arts Commission
           Plan to join fellow arts education supporters for the festivities in Augusta.                        Barney Hallowell, N. Haven
                                                                                                                 Kathy Hounsell, Augusta
                                                                                                                  John Jenkins, Lewiston
                                                                                                                 Holly Labbe, Harrisonburg
                                                                                                                  Leila Percy, Phippsburg
                                                                                                                  John Rohman, Bangor
                                                                                                            Argy Nestor, Maine Dept. of Education

       Nominate Arts Teachers for
          Teacher of the Year                                                                                       EVERY DAY
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    Celebrate the good work that Maine’s outstand-                                                                 Fall 2006

    ing arts teachers are doing by nominating them for Maine State                                  Editors: Carol Trimble, Holly Labbe,
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    single out an individual as the best teacher in Maine, but rather honors one teacher       (207) 667-7707 • artseveryday@adelphia.net
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                      the Core
    Put Arts atmember of MAAE?
    http://www.maine.gov/education/it/guidance/toy/toy.htm                                  To encourage and strengthen educational excellence in
                                                                                            visual art, music, theater, dance, and writing in all Maine
                                                                                            schools and communities.

                                                                                            The Maine Alliance for Arts Education is a member of the Kennedy
                                                                                            Center Alliance for Arts Education Network, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                            Funding for a portion of MAAE activities is provided by the John F.
                                                                                            Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

    Are you a current                                                                       MAAE is funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts
    If you haven’t yet renewed for 2006-07, or if you’ve been meaning to join but haven’t   Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National
                                                                                            Endowment for the Arts.
    gotten around to it, go to www.maineartseducation.org/images/memberform.pdf .
                                                                                            The contents of this journal were developed under a grant from the
    We need your support to put arts at the core of education for all Maine students.       U.S. Department of Education. However, these contents do not nec-
                                                                                            essarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you
                                                                                            should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

    Maine Alliance for Arts Education
    P.O. Box 872
    Augusta, ME 04332-0872


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