Towards future greenhouse concepts by RobbiePaul


									     World News
     Towards future greenhouse concepts
     Danish research groups have
     joined to make a large leap for-
     ward in energy saving in the gr-
     eenhouse industry to meet the
     challenges of the global change
     as expressed in the global
     change summit in Copenhagen
     in November 2009.
     Greenhouse horticulture sector
     is under pressure from the huge
     energy expenses. In the last 15
     years researchers, growers and
     industries in Denmark have wor-
     ked together on decreasing the
     energy consumption. Today the
     total energy consumption is 25 %
     lower than 10 years ago with the
     same production. Compared to
     many other countries this is a suc-
     cess, but still the sector’s energy
     consumption needs to be reduced
     significantly. New technological
     solutions and increased under-
     standing of the physiological reac-       Danish Producers of Pot Plants         • Danish research institutes have     demonstration facility covering
     tions of plants will be necessary         (more information about the              made great progress in the          4,000 m² for ongoing testing of
     to achieve energy reduction while         projects and partners is available       area of climate technology in       new technologies. The facility
     maintaining plant quality, to obtain      at www.ghc2017     .com).                recent years and the consortium     is expected to be ready in July
     a sustainable production. This has        • “Intelligent energy handling in        behind “Greenhouse Concept          2009 and will be presented on a
     resulted in a number of larger              greenhouses” focuses on the            2017” comprises leading com-        number of occasions including
     projects in Denmark involving both          energy consumption of one              panies and researchers who          at a workshop and during the
     research and development and                particular greenhouse. Resear-         have the competencies to face       United Nations Climate Change
     with a wide coverage of funding.            chers and technology com-              the challenges of sustainable       Conference in Copenhagen in
     Currently, the horticultural sector,        panies demonstrate together            production. This means that the     December 2009.
     universities, ATS companies                 that it is possible to cut energy      necessary know-how can be           The first results from the projects
     (Authorized Technology Service)             consumption by 60%. This               supported by the consortium         will be presented at a interna-
     and other companies are working             can be done by storing surplus         through targeted research and       tional workshop hosted by the
     together to find solutions that              energy from the greenhouse in          innovation concerning: col-         University of Southern Denmark
     potentially can reduce the energy           a subsoil aquifer and by fitting        lection, storage and recycling      in Odense on October 6 and
     use by more than 50%, thus                  intelligent climate control sy-        of energy, greenhouse curtains       ,
                                                                                                                            7 2009 where researchers,
     meeting the demand for a more               stems. Plants are often grown          with improved light permeability,   consultants and growers from all
     sustainable food and ornamen-               in very static climatic conditions     light emitting diodes for use in    over the world are invited to meet
     tal greenhouse production. In               but in reality they can survive        greenhouses and novel sensors       and exchange knowledge on the
     cooperation with several Danish             and thrive under more fluctua-          for control, regulation and mo-     future of greenhouses. Aarhus
     and foreign partners two projects           ting conditions thereby saving         nitoring of production systems      University’s Faculty of Agricultural
     were started by AgroTech in                 energy. Plant physiologists will       and horticultural production.       Sciences is responsible for the
     2007: “Greenhouse Concept                   carry out research involving         Partners in the two projects in       workshop entitled “Intelligent
     2017” is an innovation consortium           the two main crops grown             different constellations are the      use of Energy in Greenhouses”
     financed by the Danish Agency                by the nursery in question,          three Danish Universities (Århus,     and we invite all to sign in for a
     for Science, Technology and                 Saintpaulia and Euphorbia milii,     Southern Denmark and Copen-           presentation or participation at
     Innovation under the Ministry of            in order to exploit their climate    hagen), seven nurseries and a         the homepage, http://energysym-
     Science; “Intelligent energy hand-          limits in production. “Intelligent   range of national and interna- |||
     ling in greenhouses” is funded by           energy handling in greenhou-         tional companies like Senmatic,       Carl-Otto Ottosen, Dept. of
     Region South Denmark and the                ses” is also based on weather        Phillips and Danfoss and LS           Horticulture, University of Århus,
     European Regional Fund. Both                forecasts, energy prices, energy     Svensson and AgroTech. Hjorteb-       Denmark and Janni Bjerregård
     projects are also supported by the          consumption models, etc.             jerg Greenhouse I/S will erect a      Lund, AgroTech, Denmark

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