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					21st Century Banking
How to successfully exploit the rapid evolution of IT
Presented by Gilles Acogny and Mike Hosking Misys International Banking Systems February 2003

Misys International Banking Systems

Making the move to Java

 The pressures on IT caused by the changing banking market  How Java can help banks address current market pressures  Embracing Thin Client – addressing technology and skills  What can be achieved by the Java evolution?

Misys International Banking Systems

IT in banking today

A diverse mixture of:  Computer languages  Hardware  Interfaces  Home grown and bought applications  Multiple data bases  Operating systems and release levels
The result is a complex, inflexible „bag of bits‟ architecture
Misys International Banking Systems

Market pressures

      

Cost competitiveness Standards Regulations and Government laws – e.g. Patriot Act Drive to improved information sharing Compliance Risk measurability Fair market value

Misys International Banking Systems

How to meet new market conditions

    

Create economies of scale Have fungibility of resources Operate in a single IT environment Reuse expertise Be responsive to market changes

Misys International Banking Systems

Demands facing IT in banking

 Traditional languages + mix of hardware = no integration  Change rapidly  Aim for a single environment  Reduce complexity  Increase flexibility and responsiveness

Misys International Banking Systems

Evolve or die

Evolution means replacing ‘bag of bits’ technology by:  Reusing working business processes  Building ongoing „re-usable‟ features  Discerning between dynamic and „static‟ and wrap the static look to re-build the dynamic

Misys International Banking Systems

The Web is the driver – the choice is Thin Client

 1980‟s – Life was simple – UI, processes and data on one platform  1990‟s – Demand for a richer client led to complexity  2000‟s – Web services provides an evolution toward simplicity and greater flexibility

Allows greater business focus and less time on tough technical issues
Misys International Banking Systems

A snapshot of IT today

Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer

Desktop Windows .Net

Windows .Net

SQL Server

Application Server

MTS (.Net server 2003)

Sun IBM Oracle

Netscape/ Mozilla

Linux HTML JavaScript

Linux UNIX OS/400 S/390

Oracle DB/2


Misys International Banking Systems

The battleground is focused on the client

 Thin Client or Thinner client [Microsoft .Net]  .Net commits you to a Microsoft proprietary environment on the desktop  Linux questions this - reduces desktop costs

Misys International Banking Systems

Can Thin Client be rich enough?

Grey band indicates the “richness” required for Banking systems

Thick Client development Scripting

Richness of interface

Where are we heading
Where are we today Initial expectations

Development effort

Misys International Banking Systems

Thin Client is rich enough

Misys International Banking Systems

Making the move to Java – technology considerations

 Investing the effort  Getting the timing right  Convincing yourself you can evolve a legacy environment  Ensuring the future environment will be robust and scalable

Misys International Banking Systems

Architecture: Key points

 Separation of Presentation, Business & Database Logic  Reuse of Legacy Code  Open Architecture – Variety of Clients  Open Architecture – Variety of Servers  Easy Internationalisation  Easy Customisation

Misys International Banking Systems

High Level J2EE Design

Web Container

Application Container


SOAP rpcrouter (Apache)

SOAP Handler
System Controller Web Handler

Browser Enquiry Table



Control Servlet JSP



Custom Tags

User Session

Business Rule Reference

SQL Server


Servlet JSP Plug in class Stateless Session EJB Stateful Session EJB

Data Services

Workflow Rule


XML Files

Misys International Banking Systems

Making the move to Java – addressing the people impact

 The change from „Traditional‟ to Java has massive impact on your people  Training and mentoring is key  The Midas experience: – A third of people love it – A third of people will go with persuasion – A third of people will leave

Misys International Banking Systems

An example of the front-end today

‘Bag of bits’ architecture Hardware

Home grown applications


Creating a complex, inefficient and unproductive user interface

Bought applications

Operating systems

Multiple databases

Release levels

Misys International Banking Systems

The changes Java evolution can bring

Misys International Banking Systems

Benefits to the bank

     

Reduced complexity More responsiveness Increased consistency Information available to everyone Less costly Web enabled

Misys International Banking Systems

The future

Winners are banks that can adopt new web enabled technology quickly and enable high levels of reuse
Getting it right means:  Economies of scale  Open systems  Reusable components

…and control over your own destiny
Misys International Banking Systems

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