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									                     CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT CONTRACT

General Process:
-Call the DIGS store at 215-482-1820

-Or email your photo(s), along with measurements and a description, to Erika,

-If you should need assistance in taking the photograph & measurements, we can help
(depending upon how far away) for a small fee.

Pricing & Review:
Merchandise can be assessed either in person or by photograph. After a thorough
examination, Owner - Trish Gorman relies on her 26 years of experience as an Interior
Designer to determine a fair market value. Once a price is determined and an approval
from the consignor is made we can then offer the merchandise for sale.

-If there is room in store to showcase your merchandise, we will do so and can assist with
the delivery arrangements for a fee (see below).
-If there is no room to showcase your merchandise, we will feature a photo in-store and
on our website.

Commission is based upon the price of the item:

Price          Payout
$0 - $100      50%
$100 - $500    40%
$500 +         33%

Store Sales:
-We will keep items for 6 months where they will be subject to periodic price reductions
at our discretion.
-If the item hasn’t sold in the 6 month time period, you can either pick up your item or we
will, without notice, dispose, donate or reduce the item to a lower price at our sole
DIGS Consignment Agreement Continued…

Pick Up & Delivery:

-If an item is large, we suggest bringing in or emailing a photograph for an approximate
price. If we have room for your item and it needs to be picked up, we can arrange this for
a service charge of approximately $75 if it is local and higher amounts depending how far

-DIGS website
-Manayunk Development Corporation: hosts events yearly, promotional email blasts,
mailings to MDC business partners and affiliates, web presence
-DIGS and PGA mailings within the Interior Design community
-Email blasts to the Interior Design community & ASID members
-DIGS quarterly promotions
-Marketing postcards

Consigner                     Date                  DIGS                          Date

I hereby affirm that I have read and understand these policies. I warrant I have complete
title to the merchandise left on consignment and agree to hold DIGS without liable for
any damages, which may occur due to lack of clear title. In addition, I understand DIGS
assumes no responsibility of loss or damage to my merchandise by fire, theft or any other

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