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 Optimization Model on Production Planning for Perishable
    Product of PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo-Pasuruan
   Name                : Paramita Setyaningrum
   ID Number           : 2505 100 095
   Department          : Teknik Industri FTI-ITS
   Supervisor          : Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Pujawan,
                         M. Eng

       Perishable Product is a kindof product which has a very
short lifetime. That is why, in creating production planning, it
must be well considered in deciding the number of production
needs, in order not to be shortages or overstock. PT Nippon
Indosari Corpindo is one of bread producers which runs mass
production in Indonesia, always tries to serve the best service to
its consumers. Problems occurred in PT Sari Roti is an
adaptation of the product needs to be so suitable for its demand
that overstock or shortages happened can be decreased. Hence,
this study tries to create an optimum model development to solve
the problems based on the business condition. The first step of
creating the model is collecting data of demand H-2 and H-1
agent, identifying distribution of existing data, generate data,
distribution data existing test and simulation,deciding adaptation
value towards distributor demands, calculating total cost and
comparing the result for each scenaio. The result of the model is
an adaptation constant towards the demand of H-2 distributor. It
is hoped that the result is able to fulfill the consumer’s demand.

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