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									Book List: Leadership and Management
Ordered by Title

Title                                                                 Author                            Year
An integrative theory of leadership                                   Chemers, Martin M.                1997
Appraisal, feedback, and development: making performance review       Fletcher, Clive                   2008
Bids, tenders and proposals: winning business through best practice   Lewis, Harold                     2009
Bullying at work: combating offensive behaviour in the workplace      Bbc                               1994
Business process management and the balanced scorecard: using         Smith, Ralph F.                   2007
processes as strategic drivers
Complete leadership: a practical guide for developing your            Bloch, Susan; Whiteley, Philip 2003
leadership talents
Develop your leadership skills: the Sunday Times creating success     Adair, John                       2007
Educational leadership: (Understanding Medical Education)             McKimm, Judy; Swanwick,           2007
Effective leadership development                                      Adair, John                       2006
Employment law                                                        Pitt, Gwyneth                     2007
Essence of leadership                                                 Kakabadse, Andrew;                1999
                                                                      Kakabadse, Nada
Growing your own heroes: the commonsense way to improve               Oliver, John J.                   2006
business performance
Guide to nursing management and leadership                            Marriner-Tomey, Ann               2008
How to grow leaders: the seven key principles of effective            Adair, John Eric                  2005
leadership development
International handbook of public procurement                          Thai, Khi V. (ed.)                2009
Investors in people explained                                         Taylor, Peter; Thackwray, Bob 2001
Jack Welch and the GE way: management insights and leadership :       Slater, Robert                    1999
secrets of the legendary CEO
Job interviews: top answers to tough questions                        Deluca, Matthew; Lees, John       2004
John Adair handbook of management and leadership                      Thomas, Neil                      2004
Leadership: being effective and remaining human                       Gilbert, Peter                    2005
Leadership and teambuilding in primary care                           Mullins, Clare; Constable,        2007
Leadership and the one minute manager                                 Blanchard, K.; Zigarmi, P.;       2000
                                                                      Zigarmi, D.
Leadership development: paths to self-insight and professional        London, Manuel                    2002

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Book List: Leadership and Management
Ordered by Title

Title                                                                Author                            Year
Leadership for dummies                                               Loeb, Marshal; Kindel,            1999
Leadership for nursing and allied health care professions            Bishop, Veronica (ed.)            2009
Leadership in health care                                            Barr, Jill; Dowding, Lesley       2008
Leadership in nursing                                                Tate, Colleen Wedderburn          1999
Leadership without easy answers                                      Heifetz, Roanald A.               1994
Lessons in leadership: meeting the challenges of public services     Milner, Eileen; Joyce, Paul       2005
Management: a sociological introduction                              Grint, Keith                      1995
Managing and leading people                                          Rayner, Charlotte; Adam-          2005
                                                                     Smith, Derek
Managing people in the health service                                Weightman, Jane                   1996
Managing quality                                                     Dale, Barrie G.; Van Der          2007
                                                                     Wiele, Ton; Van Iwaarden,
                                                                     Jos (eds.)
Managing teams for dummies                                           Brounstein, Marty                 2002
Not bosses but leaders: how to lead the way to success               Adair, John                       2006
Organisational behaviour: individuals, groups and organisation       Brooks, Ian                       2005
Organizational behaviour: an introductory text                       Buchanan, David A. ;              2004
                                                                     Huczynski, Andrzej
Organizational culture and leadership                                Schein, Edgar H.                  2004
Partnering for profit                                                                                  1999
Personal effectiveness: a guide to action                            Winstanley, Diana                 2005
Personnel and human resource management                              Cole, Gerald A.                   2002
Placing ladders: harnessing our leadership potential                 Hartly, Julian; Bell, Anthony     2009
Productive reflection at work: learning for changing organizations   Boud, David (ed.)                 2006
Project manager's handbook: applying best practices across global    Cleland, David I.; Ireland,       2007
industries                                                           Lewis R.
Real world project management: beyond conventional wisdom, best      Perrin, Richard                   2008
practices and project methodologies
Reframing organizations: artistry, choice, and leadership            Bolman, Lee G. ; Deal,            2003
                                                                     Terrence E.
Supervisory management                                               Betts, P. W.                      1999

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Book List: Leadership and Management
Ordered by Title

Title                                                                  Author                            Year
The Bass handbook of leadership: theory, research, and managerial      Bass, Bernard M.                  2008
The classic touch: lessons in leadership from Homer to Hemingway       Clemens, John K.; Mayer,          1999
                                                                       Douglas F.
The emotionally intelligent manager: how to develop and use the        Caruso, David R.; Salovey,        2004
four key emotional skills in leadership                                Peter
The empty raincoat: making sense of the future                         Handy, C                          1994
The inspirational leader: how to motivate encourage and achieve        Adair, John                       2005
The leadership challenge                                               Kouzes, James M. ; Posner,        2002
                                                                       Barry Z.
The leadership challenge workbook                                      Kouzes, James M. ; Posner,        2003
                                                                       Barry Z.
The leadership experience                                              Daft, Richard L.                  2008
The power of servant leadership                                        Greenleaf, Robert K.              1998
The seven habits of highly effective people: restoring the character   Covey, Stephen R.                 1992
Theory and practice of leadership                                      Gill, Roger                       2006
Understanding organizations                                            Handy, Charles                    1999
Value-driven project management                                        Harold, Kerzner Ph. D.;           2009
                                                                       Saladis, Frank P.
What executives need to know about project management                  Harold, Kerzner Ph. D.;           2009
                                                                       Saladis, Frank P.; Kerzner,
Why should anyone be led by you?: what it takes to be an authentic     Goffee, Rob; Jones, Gareth        2006
Workplace bullying in the NHS                                          Randle, Jacqueline                2006

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