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                                                                       American English

American English is simply the best Beatle band tribute story of our time. At the inception of the band, they were voted
number one by thousands of Beatle fans as winners of sound a like contests at Beatlefest® for three consecutive years.
Their demand here and abroad, coupled with their spectacular fan base, anchored them into a professional setting, and
launched them into larger venues and theatres worldwide.

American English has shared the stage with musical headliners such as The Grassroots, The Neville Brothers, Three Dog
Night, The Ides of March, Eric Burdon, The Buckinghams, The Doobie Bros., Badfinger, and many others.

The fantasy lives on with these remarkable musicians who take the music to the highest level possible. American English
is the closest you will ever get to reliving The Beatles. Whether you grew up with the Fab Four or not, this show will be
your window to the past. Witness The Complete Beatles Tribute with American English!

Seeing is believing please feel free to check out the band’s website where you can watch videos of their shows, including:
The Early Years, Sgt. Pepper, and Abbey Rd.

Protective Plastic Advisory! He's taken the concept of food processing
to new heights... Gallagher will shower the audience with humor,
pureed fruit salad and other food groups. Gallagher's trademark
Sledge-O-Matic has helped vault the comedian to a place of adoration
among all his fans who risk going home with melon pulp or lumps of
cottage cheese in their hair just to see his act.

More than flying bits of food, Gallagher’s show incorporates intelligent
social and political commentary as only he can deliver. Add to this a
plethora of oddball props and you have the ingredients of one of the
most calculating performers in the entertainment world.

The food will hit the fans, and they show up Pre-Gallagherized,
wearing raincoats, goggles, sunglasses and umbrellas; the brave and
lucky scoring seats in the Sledge Zone or Death Row. Fans always
get more than their money’s worth, Gallagher gives 110% before and
during every Sledge-O-Matic show, posing for pictures and signing
autographs. Flash photography is allowed and encouraged, he even
sells cameras and ponchos if you forget yours.

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