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deirdre crowley biography
                    For over a decade, Deirdre Crowley has been
                    providing innovative graphic facilitation, graphic
                    recording and communication design services to
                    clients throughout North America, Europe, Africa
                    and Latin America.
Ms. Crowley has been at the forefront in       Peace Corps in Jamaica where she worked
promoting the field of graphic facilitation    as a volunteer coordinator and a trainer for
and in establishing the use of communication   health sector volunteers.
design techniques in corporations, non-
profits and government agencies. She has       Ms. Crowley’s consulting practice, Crowley
worked internationally with a broad range      and Company, is based in Washington, DC
                                               where she provides graphic facilitation,
of clients that includes Microsoft, Hewlett
                                               training and communication design services        1225 Maryland Avenue, NE
Packard, the National Institutes for Health,
                                               for clients around the world. Ms. Crowley is        Washington, DC 20002
the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and
                                               a senior associate consultant for The Grove
the President’s Cancer Panel.                  Consultants International, she is a founding        Phone: 202-388-9249
                                               partner of Strategy Arts, a Philadelphia-           Mobile: 202-270-5774
Ms. Crowley holds a BA in Education            based strategy-consulting firm, and she is
and English from Providence College in                                                        e-Mail:
                                               an associate staff member of the Center for
Providence, Rhode Island (USA). She            Evidence-Based Education in Princeton,          Website:
spent four years with the United States        New Jersey.
          Graphic recordinG The role of The recorder
                            The role of the graphic
                            recorder is to capture
                            the essential content in a
                            meeting using both words
                            and images in a manner
                            that supports group par-
                            ticipation and allows for
                            new perspectives. Graphic
                           recording also provides
a visual record of the process - a group memory - for
attendees and a communication tool to support                                                           Live Chart
the sharing of meeting results with others in print
or on-line.

It is the responsibility of the recorder to stay true to
the intention of each speaker, and to capture content
accurately. For this reason, participants are encouraged
to share ownership of the charts as they are created by
voicing corrections and additions in real time or dur-
ing the breaks. Any edits are happily integrated.

                                                                                                               Live Chart Civicus

          other services
workshops                                                                team-buildinG retreats
                                  Learn graphic recording!                                        Encourage big picture think-
                                  We have simple, tried and true                                  ing within your organization!
                                  methodologies for helping your                                  In partnership with Goose-
                                  team to build their own skills as                               works Consulting, Crowley &
                                  visual practitioners through two-                               Co. provides customized staff
                                  to-three day programs. Visual tools                             retreats that offer a highly ef-
                                  will transform your organization’s                              fective and unique combination
                                  big picture thinking capabilities                               of teambuilding, strategy and
                                  and provide creative approaches                                 visual tools to address specific
                                  to problem solving.                                             client needs.

facilitation                                                             desiGn
                                  Give every participant a voice!                                 Get your message across!
                                  Crowley & Co. provides expert                                   We have over 15 years of
                                  meeting facilitation specializing in                            experience in tackling the most
                                  strategic planning, visioning and                               complicated concepts and
                                                                                                  communicating them in sim-
                                  brainstorming sessions. Together
                                                                                                  ple yet powerful graphic for-
                                  with you, we will create an
                                                                                                  mats that are targeted to your
                                  innovative agenda incorporating                                 specific audiences resulting
                                  our unique, highly interactive                                  in significant strategic shifts,
                                  approach.                                                       increased funding and stake-
                                                                                                  holder buy-in.

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